Brannon Honda
300 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35235, United States
Review №1

Sales people are the best. So nice and friendly. They speak and catch up at every oil change visit.However, service staff is slow, not friendly. It took over 2 and a half hours for an oil change and tire rotation. I arrived at 8:30 am. The waiting area was busy, now it’s empty and I’m still waiting!!!!At least I gave 2 stars.

Review №2

I have been coming here for service on my Honda Civic for year and a half now. I have not occurred any major problems other than slow staff, but recently my car has been having issues with the steering system. I brought it in for a scheduled appointment at 8:30 AM, and by 4:15 PM they finally got back with me. They said the diagnostic report indicated that the issues were bad struts and the right side CV axle. Once repaired, they said they would use the diagnostic charge as credit for repairs done on the car. Since then, I have replaced the struts and brought it back for them to change the CV axle. While they changed the CV axle, I was informed that their hourly labor rate had increased, so the final total was equal to what it would have been with the original cost of labor without the credit. Then, I was guaranteed the car had been taken for a test drive and the issue was fixed. I travel for work, so I left for a business trip the next day. I was not even 20 minutes into the trip before I heard the same noise again. The service manager, Jeff, was also no help. I poured countless dollars into parts that possibly did not need repairing when I could have taken my car to a noncommercial mechanic and had the right thing fixed immediately for half the cost.Remember, service technicians make commission. The more they can charge you, the more they will because they will receive a larger commission. I have trusted the service department at Brannon Honda since I purchased my car, but after this incident, I will never bring my business here again.

Review №3

Not a great experience.All started in July when I got multiple dashboard indicators for service. Took the car to be evaluated and nothing was found to need repair or worked on. Within a couple weeks I started getting a weird grinding noise upon startup. Took the car back in and an issue was found that needed $1,900 worth of repairs (luckily my warranty was still in date at the time). After almost a week in shop due to waiting for parts, I was told the car was ready for pickup.Upon pickup I was charged for an oil change that I asked not to be serviced. I decided not to argue it after mentioning to the cashier I had asked for the oil change not to be completed upon the original drop off of the vehicle (I had asked for this service to completed at drop off but asked the technician to not provide the service after learning the timetable and needing the car)I got in my car, started the engine, and immediately heard the same grinding noise I had when I dropped off the car the first time. I went back inside and explained the issue to staff. My service tech was gone for the day and I was told by another employee that “they don’t touch each other’s service calls” and I could either leave the vehicle or drop off again in the morning. I decided to take the vehicle home as I cannot afford to keep leaving my vehicle in the shop, nor do I trust the work that is being completed on the vehicle. I also checked my oil when I got home (as my oil level on the dashboard was not reset) and upon checking the level, I don’t even think the oil was serviced.I was contacted by a guest services representative where she asked about my experience. I explained the issues to her and she informed me she would submit my concerns to the general manager.For any Honda Maintenance service in the Birmingham area I would consider other shops in the area. I have concern for the work being completed on my vehicle and cannot afford the time waiting for and dropping off the vehicle.

Review №4

Best car buying experience ever! There was no pressure; I did not feel rushed at all. My salesman, Phil Reese, was professional and very patient with me. Everyone I encountered during the process employed professionalism. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who is in the market for a new or used car. He is the best!!!

Review №5

I bought my car a couple months ago. A week after I got it I was stranded and I finally got someone to jump me off and few days later it does it again. So I call Honda in Decatur AL cause they said any Honda can do it. So they tell me to call Brannon cause they couldn’t find my information(like they couldn’t look it up or call Brannon themselves). So I call Brannon and they wouldn’t ever answer a phone or call me back. I left multiple voice messages. So I finally received my warranty stuff in the mail so I call up there to Decatur and make my appointment and now it’s the battery and they won’t replace it cause it’s past the 30 day warranty. Since they couldn’t look up my info in Decatur and Brannon would never answer the phone which made it run past the 30 days. So now I’m responsible for replacing a battery that was no good when they sold me the car. Would never recommend this place to nobody

Review №6

Can you give a -1 or more stars?? When I leased my new Honda Accord in 2018, I would have given a 5 star review due to the process being seamless, quick, and easy. However, when it came time to close out my lease in August 2021 my experience with Brannon Honda became a nightmare!! I bought my car from Brannon Honda and then waited for them to send the payoff check to Honda Financial....waited and waited. Their inefficiency to send a check caused Honda Financial to contact me daily demanding payment and ultimately effected my credit score because the payoff was not sent for over 45 days!!! Honda Financial even sent a letter threatening to repossess the car since they had not received a payoff this point I had already made my first car payment to my bank for the payoff amount on my car. Brannon Honda may act like sending an $18,000 check is no big deal but it was to me and I will NEVER do business with them again!!!

Review №7

When I took the vehicle in for repair, and paid for the repair, I expected it to be repaired. I was charged for the repairs but it is not fixed. If you charge for a service, it should be provided. Also, your service supervisor, Jeff Martin, was arrogant and dismissed my concern. The damage to my vehicle was done by debris I hit on the roadway and not a curb. But no matter what the cause, I paid for it to be fixed and it wasnt. I will let everyone I know who is contemplating purchasing a vehicle, having repairs done, or having service done know the deceptive practices and unfriendly service I have received. Brandon Honda is the LAST place to go.We recently had some minor body work done at Brannon Honda. The vehicle appeared to be fixed but the bumper kept separating from the fender. This repair was done at Brannon Honda and all parts were supplied by them. I took it in for service today and brought this problem to the attention of the service technician. He showed me a clip was missing, which apparently was not put on when the vehicle was originally repaired by them. I was told by the service manager, Jeff Martin, they would not fix it even though they charged me several hundred dollars just a short time ago to repair the damage. He was not helpful and it was obvious he did not care about the customer. This kind of treatment was not what I expected from Brannon Honda but apparently this is what they have become. I will never take a vehicle in for repair, service, and will certainly never buy another vehicle from this dealership.

Review №8

Brannon Honda makes getting a new car so easy! Just got my 2022 Civic Sport & couldn’t be happier! The staff is fantastic, especially my salesman, Charlie. I will never buy a car from anywhere else!

Review №9

I have had very good service with them over the last five years. Rarely has something been unsatisfactory. They are also a very friendly bunch … but not in an aggravating way.

Review №10

This dealership is one that truly cares about the customer experience. From initial contact to driving off the lot Chris and the Brannon Honda team focused on the needs and interests of my family. An experiece like the one we had is hard to find on many car lots. Brannon Honda is characterized by placing little to no pressure on the customer and a full throttle focus on the customer experience. I highly recommend this dealership! Thank you to Brannon Honda and Chris Crenshaw!!

Review №11

This was the absolute best car buying experience!! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and the place was spotless. I was nervous about the whole process, but Brannon Honda made it easy for me to understand my financing options and made me feel 100% comfortable. All of my future vehicle purchases will be here. Highly recommend. A+++

Review №12

We had a wonderful experience here. Everyone we talked to was kind and helpful, especially our salesman Brian! He worked super hard to find the right vehicle for us with a payment we were satisfied with, and so far we’re really happy with our purchase. The buying process was also relatively quick and painless compared to other vehicles I’ve purchased.

Review №13

We just purchased our third Honda from Kevin Malone. I told him a few months ago I was looking for a used Ridgeline. Last Tuesday he called and told me a gentleman had just traded one in. It is now sitting in the driveway with the HRV and the Civic Si. If anyone I know is looking for a vehicle I always tell them to go see Kevin and buy a Honda. Kevin always goes the extra mile.

Review №14

The service center was absolutely amazing! I was traveling with my three toddlers through Alabama, from North Carolina, when my car broke down on the side of a very busy interstate. I called multiple other service shops and was told by at least 6 others that they couldnt even look at my car for 3-4 days. Shane at Brannon Honda gave me the number for the towing company they use and sent a courtesy vehicle to pick us up. It was in the 30s outside and we had no power in our car! He came to the waiting room and got our information before our car even arrived and updated us multiple times on the status. He arranged for us transportation to a hotel if needed and even ended up figuring out the issue within 2 hours, even though they were busy. The other workers in the service center gave us coloring books and toys/a movie, plus snacks and drinks to keep my little ones occupied as well. Shane went above and beyond to figure out what was wrong with my vehicle and was extremely professional and helpful. And the price was amazing as well. I dont have any experience with the sales center, but I DEFINITELY recommend the service center for any car repairs. The staff and service was better than anywhere else Ive ever taken my car.

Review №15

We were very pleased with the process of purchasing our 2020 CR-V EX at Brannon Honda. Tina Hawkins was always quick to respond to our online questions and it was a pleasure to meet her in person. Our sales person, Maurice Williams, is one of the most personable, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable sales people we’ve dealt with over the many years we’ve had purchasing cars. We feel good about our deal and we think we have the perfect car for us. We’re hoping to take some great road trips in it in 2021!

Review №16

Worst experience of my life! They are crooks and will take advantage of anyone and everyone! I came to them for diagnostic, they couldnt find what was wrong with it (shaking over 50 mph) wrote up a list worth over $5,000 in repairs, none of which was wrong with it (struts - took it to local shop after to fix) they didnt know what was wrong with it, knowing I drove from NY they took advantage told me i needed everything including drive shaft done (which I told them was done a year prior which you could even tell) but said well we have to start from the front and work our way to the back refused to let me leave unless I signed a liability waiver as they tried scaring me saying its extremely unsafe to drive off the lot, mind you I just drove 14 hrs from NY down there to visit family. What shameful disgusting people to do that to others in times of need. Ive never been so outraged! Run away as fast from them as you can!!!!!

Review №17

The service department (Shane) is absolutely wonderful. my daughter and I and three toddlers broke down today in Birmingham Alabama on the side of the interstate. These men gave us the name of their towing company and sent a courtesy van after all of us. We get to the place and the courtesy van driver gives all the kids coloring books, sticky fingers, snacks and water. The service dept was wonderful, charged us low prices, completed the work and went way above and beyond to help us out today. They were definitely an answer to our prayers .

Review №18

I had been a fan of Brannon for a number of years. I have bought 2 cars from them. Last year, they tried to low-ball my mother when attempting to trade in her immaculate Mercedes SUV. They offered $1k when the Honda dealership in Huntsville offered $5k. Needless to say, she made the trade and purchased her new Honda there.At a separate time, I went to them to sell my Honda. Again, they gave me a low-ball offer. It was insulting. To make matters worse, the manager test drove it and left the vents on full blast, things were open, and NOT left how he found it. Have some manners, dude! I went somewhere else and sold it for $2k more. See ya, Brannon. You wont see me again.

Review №19

I purchased a 2021 Civic Type R through Brannon Honda and had an excellent experience! I am a car enthusiast through and through and I have purchased cars in every way imaginable. I generally have not have good experiences with dealerships but I am so happy to say that Brannon Honda was the exact opposite. I felt from every level that my requests were listened to, my time was valuable, and I was worthy of their business. I was in contact with close to 15 dealers when trying to purchase a new Civic Type R and none of them provided this experience. They all wanted to play ridiculous games with price markups, vague information, etc. Tina provided truthful responses to every question I asked and worked hard to make sure I got her business.I cant stress enough, Tina and Maurice actually listened to what I said/asked related to the car, financing, and my appointment. These are unbelievably rare things in my experience. I cant recommend Brannon enough for anyone searching for a Civic Type R or any other Honda. I hope to own my CTR for years to come, and thankfully I got off to a great start from my experience at Brannon.

Review №20

I highly recommend Chris if you go to Brannon Honda. I am a first time buyer, and Chris made the car buying process so much easier for me. He was caring and honest, which I truly appreciate. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable. Same goes for Perry in financing! I’m a big fan of Perry as well. I felt so at ease working with him, and I feel that he made true recommendations based on my situation. Go to Brannon Honda!!

Review №21

I felt treated like a good customer,I’m enjoying my new vehicle.It’s a great driving Honda. I still feel disappointed my car note is to high even though I told the salesman & manager I wanted a certain price monthly payments.

Review №22

I took a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid in for inspection, and while there played around with the idea of them taking it for a newer model. Little did I know Mr. Bryant Blanchard would take care of my needs. He turned my small joke into a huge reality. He set me and my wife down, we etched out a plan and after a few hours I drove away in a 2019 Honda Accord. He worked very hard to help me and get me a fair and just price. One of the most peaceful car salesmen I’ve ever encouraged and extremely trustworthy. I definitely approve Brannon Honda. #AskForBryantBlanchard

Review №23

After a good friend of mine highly recommended Brannon Honda because of their purchase of 2 new cars there, in Jan. 2021, we purchased a pre-owned vehicle at Brannon Honda (Eli was our sales person). We were impressed with many aspects of our sales experience, like Elis attentiveness to our phone call and having the exact car ready for us to take for a drive upon our arrival! Also, the great customer service we experienced through the used car manager, Eli, and Chris Coker (service) was incredible. Brannon stands behind their cars and their reputation. Brannon treats their customers (and vehicles) with honor and the best of care!

Review №24

Wow, Brian Moore was AMAZING!! Great customer service. He was responsive, helpful and wrapped up our deal quickly and efficiently. I am loving my new 2020 CR-V touring edition. One of my best car buying experiences ever. Thank you Brannon Honda and thank you Brian Moore!!

Review №25

Amazing customer service. Wonder safe. Easy buying experience. Thanks Brian and Deandrea Moorer

Review №26

Generally there are 2 distinct activities in life that I really do not like participating in...buying / selling houses & cars. I do not like having to haggle for a good deal! However, my recent purchase of my new 2020 Honda Accord Sport was a fantastic stress-free experience from start to finish at Brannon Honda from everyone involved including Patrick Brannon, Charlie Riley (Sales Consultant) & Mike Robbins (Sales Manager). They worked diligently with me to provide the exact car that I wanted (a red one)...even though it was not initially on their lot! It was very refreshing that they offered me a very fair price for this vehicle without me having to haggle with them back & forth. I am looking forward to a long term relationship with Brannon Honda and certainly will be purchasing additional vehicles from them in the near future. I highly recommend you making Brannon Honda YOUR dealership of choice!

Review №27

They have always treated me well when I have gone to get my car maintenance done. Just bought a car from them and had a great experience! Phillip was awesome! Really enjoyed working with someone I felt I could hang out and talk with! Jeff W. was super professional and very considerate of my family! Incredible guy! We interacted with several other people who were also very friendly and nice. A lady brought my son a little gift bag. He absolutely loved it! I would highly recommend this dealership for car servicing and purchases. You can’t go wrong with this dealership!

Review №28

Just picked up my 2020 Fit and couldnt be happier. Tina was super helpful getting me set up for a test drive and Brian made the buying process simple and completely pressure free. Im thoroughly impressed with the entire experience buying from Brannon and their amazing team.

Review №29

This is my second Honda to purchase from Brannon Honda. I now own a 2020 Accord Touring and I love it! The folks at Brannon are amazing. Tawanna was very helpful and so pleasant to work with! Brian, my salesman, and was very knowledgeable and super friendly! Management got me the price range I was looking for and the finance department made everything so easy! I HIGHLY recommend Brannon Honda for your next new vehicle!!!!

Review №30

My husband and I went down to Brannon in Roebuck to find a new car. Our 2013 CRV was in good shape, but we wanted a new one, so as we drove in, a sales rep,named Elton Bowen,was there out front. He was very friendly, gave us time to look around at what we thought we wanted. He brought cars from another parking area for us to try out. He knew the cars and was helpful in telling us about all the electronic aspects of the car. Anything we asked, he had the answer. He was very knowledgeable. We were there most of the day. Elton helped us with pricing and payments, encouraging us to decide on the car that was best fit for us! The finance guy, Donavon, was wonderful and patient, he guided us,to something that, along with our trade in, fit our budget, so we could drive away in our new CRV! Thanks so much, this is our third car from Brannon,(all these guys are amazing!) we have only had to worry about routine maintenance on our vehicles but the service department is dependable and straight forward, u can count on everyone at Brannon! They are like family! Thanks everyone! Pat and Sheri K.

Review №31

Great buying experience except it took 4 hours to purchase. Great salesman, Comer, but paperwork took forever. Longest I have ever waited to give someone money.

Review №32

I took my car in for an oil change and to have the tires rotated and balanced. The next day I needed something out of the glovebox and realized it was barely latched and the handle to open it was was not functioning. Someone in the service department broke my glovebox and didnt fix it. Im sure it happened when they removed the cabin filter.**Im updating and revising this review to say that they have had two people contact me to offer to do whatever necessary to make it right. I just wish whoever did it had let someone know on Saturday when it happened and fixed it, so I wouldnt have to figure out how to get the car back up there.***They fixed it and gave me a card for a free oil change in the future.

Review №33

We spent FOUR hours in here just to be told I’d need a co-signer. I told them from the moment we got in there what I wanted to put down and what my credit score was, I wanted an SUV, etc. They said I would have to have a co-signer or put more money down after we’d been there about three hours. I wanted to purchase a CR-V. They suggested picking out a cheaper car to try and get financed and brought out an Accord. Not a lower model CR-V or the HR-V. An Accord. That had a terrible interior and so low to the ground you’d need a knee replacement before you paid the car off. At first I really liked our salesperson. Then I noticed she kept staring at my tattoos. We went in dressed casually and I honestly believe they made up their minds about us because they let us leave the lot. They didn’t try and make a suggestion they thought I’d like. I honestly believe they brought that Accord out so we’d leave. As a salesperson you don’t let people leave without exhausting all options. I had to have a new car and I had money to spend and they let me leave. That’s either poor sales skills or a lack of interest in selling to me. End of story, I went to another dealership and bought a new car yesterday that was financed through one of the companies that they said turned me down and in the same price range. And honestly I’m glad y’all were so awful because I love my new car more than I liked the CR-V and my payments are $100 less. So for that, thanks!

Review №34

I had a purchase pending with a sales rep, awaiting damages to be repaired and the vehicle I had applied for credit to purchase was sold. I had applied for the credit prior to the individual who purchased.

Review №35

My salesperson Ms.Lee was fantastic. No pressure. I walked out of there in a couple hours with a brand spanking new civic.

Review №36

Kevin Malone at Brannon Honda was awesome to work with. He made the entire process of purchasing a new car super smooth and was extremely cooperative and professional in every aspect. I would highly recommend both Brannon Honda and Kevin to anyone looking to purchase a car.

Review №37

Ginger Sims is not only the only person to approach me, but she is one of the sweetest people at Brannon Honda in Roebuck. She helped me get out of a leased car and into a purchase. She made sure me and my children had everything we needed in a vehicle, she helped me move all of our things after a full day of paperwork and back and forth at the closing of business.I will send anyone I know looking for a new Honda to Ginger Sims at Brannon Honda in Roebuck!

Review №38

The reason for the one star is because my first time even talking to the dealership on the phone and asked to be transferred to service, the receptionist Crystal transferred me over to service, I guess no one answered in service and it bounced back to her once I explained that I was calling and your transferred me she hung up in my face. If this is how they treat people then count me out.

Review №39

Had a great experience at Brannon Honda purchasing our new Odyssey. Charlie (our salesman) was super knowledgeable and helpful. Enjoyed Tina’s customer service leading up to our visit as well. Would definitely recommend purchasing a new or used vehicle here.

Review №40

This was the easiest buying experience I have ever had! Our salespeople, Tina and Charlie were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. This is my 3rd Honda I have purchased from Brannon Honda. I highly recommend visiting them for your future car or SUV!

Review №41

The people are nice; the place is clean. I know because Ive been back for service numerous times with a Honda Civic I bought new in 2014. I bought a nice car, but the battery drains all the time and I need reliable transportation. The car has 15,000 total miles and it has had 4 batteries. Their solution is to keep bringing it in for service or sell it back to the dealership at their awful black book prices. I even bought the extended warranty that has turned out to be no help! I wouldnt recommend Brannon Honda mainly because they cant find the problem or fix my car.****** Amy and Sean from Brannon called today to try to figure out a solution. I appreciate their zeal. They want me to bring it in and drive another loaner - and probably put a fifth battery in the car. This would mean the car will have had an average of one battery every 3,000 miles Ive driven it. I dont want a car that has gone through so many batteries! They did offer me close to blue book value as a trade in, but at the end of the day, that would mean Ive taken too great a financial hit on a Civic I have driven so few miles. Also every time I took it in, the service people tried to make me feel it was my fault - I dont appreciate that. I will never use them again and I think Im going to write a letter to Mr. Brannon over in Vestavia about how his sons are doing business.

Review №42

Kevin Malone and Perry Willie both both went above and beyond to make sure we had a great car and got our payment that we could afford! These two men, did everything they could to help us! Thank you PERRY WILLIE and KEVIN MALONE!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Review №43

I was so aggrevated after leaving Tameron Honda and walked in the door at Brannon Honda 30 minutes before closing. Gloria and the staff here was Awesome. I was able to get the exact car I wanted and left feeling great about my purchase price. The staff was polite, unaggressive, and made me feel welcomed the entire time. Thanks for a Great experience!!

Review №44

It was the best day. I had little expectations and walked away in my dream car. The experience was phenomenal. I am a customer for life, why go anywhere else!

Review №45

I just purchased my 3rd Honda from Brannon Honda, and I cannot see myself ever going to another dealership. I had my Civic for 10 years, and just traded it in for an Accord. Working with Brian was an absolute joy. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and easy to talk to. Never pushy or overbearing. We were able to joke around and I just felt he made the process a lot more enjoyable, which of course I appreciated because buying a new car can be SO stressful.I first contacted Brannon Honda via email, and discussed the car I wanted with Lisa. She was excellent as well, always able to answer my questions and got back with me quickly. I couldn’t recommend this place place more. I love my new car so much!

Review №46

Great service purchased a car for our daughter.Everyone was so pleasant.

Review №47

The people were so nice and so willing to help. Made me proud to be part of the Honda family. Also they fixed my radio n made my day.

Review №48

Great service yet again, went in for some battery issues (wasnt keeping a charge). Dropped my civic off and waited. they checked my battery, starter and alternator. The battery was leaking acid on the top and they replaced it immediately and got me on my way!

Review №49

After battling the local dealership where I purchased my vehicle in December over needed repairs, I went to Brannon. Their service center staff is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They were able to diagnose and repair my vehicle in just two days. The other dealership couldn’t figure it out after two weeks! Chris W, Kelvin A, Norman W, and James B are exceptional team members and I am now a Brannon customer for life!

Review №50

I bought my 2019 Honda Accord EX-L from Brannon. My sales rep was Terrance Thompson. He sat me down and asked me what features I was looking for and what I couldnt do without. Of course, I couldnt do without leather and a sunroof. Terrance talked to me about the features of the Accord Sport and the Accord EX-L. I test drove the EX-L and immediately fell in love. It had everything I wanted, plus extra. There are not enough words to describe Terrance as to how wonderful he is. He showed me everything on the car and how it worked and I felt comfortable using the features. Brannon is seriously the place to go if you want to feel respected and not pushed into buying a car. The finance managers are extremely nice and very professional. Also, ask for Terrance. Hes the absolute best!!

Review №51

My visit to Brannon Honda was nothing short of amazing, after visiting different dealerships and getting the run around I called Brannon Honda and after just one conversation with the Sales Manager, I felt comfortable and at ease that I decided to pay them a visit. From begging to the end everyone that I came in contact with was thoughtful, helpful and willing to listen to the wants that I desired in my next vehicle. Mike Jacks and Maurice Williams were the answer to my prayers Saturday and I was Blessed to drive away in a Brand New Honda Civic.

Review №52

Terrence was great. Super friendly and answered all the questions that I asked. The overall experience was great! Would definitely recommend Brannon Honda and salesman Terrence Thompson to others looking for a new Honda

Review №53

Awesome customer service. All I needed was an extra key made but the staff treated me as if I were buying a brand new top line Accord. Thanks fellas for making my feel important for such a petty request.

Review №54

The parts department gets 5 stars. I have enjoyed a long relationship with them and they always have provided good service and competent advise.Three years ago the service department replaced the Hondas starter battery. We are boon dock campers ( no hookups) that has taught me a good bit about the care and operation of 12 volt marine batteries. Three months ago we returned to the service department to make a warranty claim because I knew the battery was going bad. The vehicle had sat for 6 days and had to be jumped off. The battery was surface charging. Brannons service department said that the battery was good.Recently, on the first day of our vacation, Sunday at 5 AM, we had to jump start the vehicle. Drove 400 miles to North Carolina. For the next 2 days we drove around which kept the battery charged. On the third day it wouldnt start. Fortunately we had a portable Honda generator with us used to charge the campers batteries.We called Brannons service department. The full warranty was about to expire and it would cost about 90.00 if we waited til we got home. The only choice was to find a dealer close to where we were.We called a Honda dealer up there. In 45 minutes they had us in and out. The service technician said the battery read good but predicted it would be dead in 20 minutes because the CCAs were dropping. It was dead 8 minutes later. They replaced the battery under warranty. The battery was replaced with a larger battery because that is what the specs called for.The worst time to have car troubles is while on vacation hundreds of miles away from home. Why is it the N.C. dealer could tell the battery was surface charging but Brannon couldnt?

Review №55

First time using Brannon Honda for an oil change. Everyone was very nice. The wait was not too bad. Great first experience using the service department. Will definitely continue to bring my car here for future maintenance. Would definitely recommend to anyone that wants good service!!!!

Review №56

Never a bad experience at brannon honda, go see Charlie Riley for all your new and used car needs. One of the best in the business!

Review №57

Excellent service. Friendly and professional employees. Nicest shuttle ride ever. Thank you Mr. Richard!I highly recommend Brannon if you want service that doesnt make you feel like a number.

Review №58

Let me say that Charlie, our sales associate and Mike, back in the office...were extremely professional and courteous! My daughter ended up purchasing a new 2019 Civic from them and she could not be been happier! Old dad was only there to help her learn a little bit about it.I would recommend Brannon Honda to anyone.

Review №59

I purchased a used vehicle from here. Sidney Mashburn in the used car sales department was the best salesman I couldve asked for. He was very polite and answered questions that I had forgotten to even ask. Had a little hang up getting my insurance figured out, in the meantime Sidney was very patient and great at making conversation, which really helped ease my nerves.Drove over an hour and a half to get there, and it was more than worth the drive. This was my first time purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, and I will definitely be going back next time!

Review №60

Always good service people are always nice

Review №61

Salespeople are okay. They show you what they want you to see instead of showing you whats available and allowing you to choose. I witnessed an older couple walk out after they felt like the salesperson was being over aggressive and not listening to there needs.

Review №62

Still waiting, its been 2+ hours, no updates.

Review №63

I have purchased my last three Honda Accords from Brannon. Charlie Riley in new car sales has always helped us. Each time we called ahead to let him know we were interested in a new Accord, he had most of the fine tape finished before we even walked in the dealership. After test driving and deciding to purchase, we just signed a few papers and we were on our way. It never took more than an hour to complete a transaction on any of our past car purchases. I will continue to buy from this dealership because it’s so easy!

Review №64

Best experience that me and my wife have ever had purchasing a new vehicle, everyone was so friendly and truly cared. Getting oil and service done since purchase have been easy also. They all treat you like family here. Thank you Brannon Honda Team

Review №65

I had a great experience I recommend every buyer of a used car or new car to go specific to Sidney Mashburn he’s one of the greatest sales and leasing representatives I’ve ever met. Thank you so much Sidney!!!!

Review №66

On 09/18/19 we traded in our 2016 Pilot for a new 2019 and our salesman was Sidney Mashburn.Sidney was the hardest working salesman we have ever had the pleasure of working with. He went above and beyond to make the deal happen and got us exactly what we wanted for the price we wanted. He was professional and courteous and we hope that we can work with him the next time we decide to buy or trade a vehicle.

Review №67

I had the best buying experience buying from Terrence Thompson. He is very knowledgeable of thee inventory and takes his time to ensure all your questions are answered. He works hard to give you the best price without all the haggling. I will be back to Terrence and Brannon for any future Honda purchases.

Review №68

2018 Honda CRV. The salesman, Charlie Riley, went above and beyond to make the whole process easy as possible. Extremely helpful, pleasant to work with. He made the experience of car buying fun. Would definitely buy from him again.

Review №69

I have been a consultant for over 600 car dealerships over the last 25 years. I have had the privilege of working directly with the owners of Brannon Honda for nearly 15 years now. Unlike some dealers, they genuinely care for their customers and it shows in every conversation we’ve ever had. Their core beliefs show in their “do the right thing” attitude when it comes to customers and employees. That said, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or service a vehicle in the Birmingham area.

Review №70

My mother had her honda serviced due to an oil leak. She took her car in for repair after the initial repair failed. Brannon advised her they did not see a leak. She took her vehicle to two other techs and was advised there was indeed a leak. The other servicers were able to locate the exact same leak without my mother telling them where the original leak began. Once she had the service repaired, she went back to Brannon for reimbursement. They would not honor the warranty she was provided.

Review №71

Brannon has excellent customer service and truly stands behind their cars. I have owned 7 Hondas, and bought 2 from Brannon. Excellent experience from the sales team to the service department to the owners. You cant go wrong with Brannon.

Review №72

2012 Honda Pilot. Charlie Riley is the best! He is honest, straight forward and made the car buying process such a breeze. Will always do business with him!

Review №73

This is the last purchase I will ever make at this dealer. I purchased a 2018 CRV, and around 6,000 miles and told them I had noise on the passenger side, replaced a window seal and didn’t fix the problem. About 10,000 miles took it back and was told it was a door seal, still didn’t fix problem. I mentioned it several times after that and was ignored. Finally took it back around 23,000 miles and was told it was tires. Well contacted Honda and was told to take it to another dealer and they also, said it was tires. Well apparently the tires are cheap and are out of warranty per district manager and Honda will do nothing about the problem. Well Brandon Honda wanted to sell me a new set of tires for $1100.00 that I can get at Sam’s for $900.00. I blame Brannon Honda for not doing a correct diagnosis of the tires in the first place. Al Ryan

Review №74

I have visited 3 Honda dealerships when I was looking for our new car. Brannon might not have the best coffee or furniture, but their prices were way below other dealerships. All together with my trade in and total price, it was an astonishing 10k less than other local dealer. Dont let center point location scare you, its nice and save, and most importantly you can get great price.

Review №75

Just bought a brand new Civic from them. The whole process with Brannon was very easy and they were extremely helpful and upfront about pricing. I don’t live in Birmingham, but they had the vehicle delivered to me free of charge. Hope to do business with them again

Review №76

Bryant my sales guy was just rude and a bit confrontational. When I told him I wanted to think about the purchase, he replied with “I don’t understand why people come on a Saturday knowing we expect you to buy. I would rather spent my time with someone who was serious.” It was all extremely high pressure, and the time spent with him made me regret the whole experience. I advise you to shop another dealer, or a be sure you get a less entitled salesperson.

Review №77

This was my first time buying a car and I couldnt have asked for a better experience! Everyone was so patient with me asking tons of questions. They gave me an INCREDIBLE deal on my car too!Thank you Sarah for suggesting this place to me!!!!

Review №78

Customer service was wonderful and I loved making my reservation online! Shout out to Chris Willoughby for taking such great care of me, Ill be back for sure!

Review №79

3/24/2014Sales team is outstanding! Service Department has to be the worst ever! Took my car in for first oil change and tire rotation on 2/27/2014 (note I was the last service of the day). Also note, the sales pitch of extended mileage before oil change will be changed and you will be told that you need to get oil changed every 5000 miles rather than according to Hondas recommendation of 15% oil life remaining. In less than 30 days after tire rotation all 4 rotors were warped, but pads were in good shape (8000 MM). Service manager said it could be related to overheating, over cooling, or over torquing lug nuts. Problem didnt start until tires were rotated. They only wanted to resurface (turn) the rotors and not replace pads. Would never admit that it was there fault. After speaking with American Honda, I finally am getting the rotors replaced and new pads. BUT...the workmanship doesnt carry any further warranty. Imagine that from what is suppose to be a reputable dealer and certified HONDA service center. This will be my first and last experience with Brannon Honda.

Review №80

We were traveling through and needed an alternator. The staff was efficient, courteous, and extended their time to get us back on the road. Well done!

Review №81

Very courteous and professional folks, got the job done thoroughly. Not unreasonably priced and gave some discounts . Recommended

Review №82

My almost 21 year old daughter just bought her very 1st car...a 2018 Honda Civic LX. Charles Riley and the wonderful staff there really took care of her. They are phenomenal! Brannon Honda and all the good people that work there are very dear and close to my heart for lots of reasons. They are good people and put a huge smile on my daughters face! They made everything easy.

Review №83

Ive bought multiple vehicles for personal and business use from Brannon Honda and have always had a great experience with both the sales and service staff. The car sales process can sometimes take much longer than is necessary but at Brannon Honda the sales process was easy and swift. When I have take my car into get serviced(which is usually only for oil changes and recommended mileage services) the service dept. is helpful and courteous. They also give me a ride back to my office and bring me back to pickup my car when it is ready. Id definitely recommend Brannon Honda for new and used car buying.

Review №84

Amy Miller is an awesome employee at Brannon! She has taken care of our needs twice! Great person to communicate with! We have purchased 2 cars at Brannon and customer service is is their top priority!

Review №85

Best dealership I have ever been to. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Made buying a new car a very pleasant and simple experience.

Review №86

We absolutely love the friendly service that we have received! My daughter bought a car back in November with no pressure!! My husband bought a car a few weeks ago and we were so happy that Chris made the process so smooth!! Thank you so much!!!

Review №87

In March of 2013, I came to your dealership to purchase a Honda Civic for my daughter as she headed off to college. I sat with one of your salesmen and found the perfect one for her, a fully loaded 2010 Civic. It had everything my daughter had asked for in her first car – tinted windows, sunroof, mag rims, premium sound, and more. I was completely happy to have found just what she wanted and couldn’t wait to pay for it.I had my own financing secured for the car, so I left to go to my bank and pick up the check. In the meantime, I asked my salesman to call me when the car was ready for pickup. When he called, I immediately headed that way. However, upon arrival, I realized I didn’t see the car anywhere. At first the salesman walked the lot with me to “help me look for it”. Eventually, though, he let go of the game and admitted that he was directed by his manager to sell the car while I was gone.I can’t tell you how upset I was to hear this. My daughter was leaving for school in two days and I was standing there being told that the car I had finally decided on had intentionally been sold from under me! I had to get her a vehicle that day, so I went ahead and purchased my number two choice for her; however, I told the salesman that day that I would never purchase a vehicle from Brannon Honda again.Now, I sit here looking at this trade in voucher your office has the audacity to send to me and can’t believe it. Prior to this incident, my family has purchased four vehicles from Brannon Honda because we thought the dealership to be trustworthy. Now, however, we know that to not be the case. I can’t do business with an entity that will treat its customers the way I was treated.

Review №88

I came here twice. First for oil change and transmission flush and the second time for some recalls. Mr. Patrick was very professional to me and helping. Highly recommend this place for car repairs and service.

Review №89

Mike and the team gave us their best price up front with no double talk or games. Sales staff was friendly and knowledgable; plus, they provided significantly better financing terms than we had with our bank. Thanks Brannon Honda!

Review №90

What a great experience!!! Kevin made the purchasing process very easy. We had a price negotiated before we even walked in the door.. Once we arrived, Kevin had everything ready for us and took the time to go over and demo every part of the car.. To follow Tim in finance was very friendly and diligent in getting the paperwork completed in a timely manner. This experience has made me a customer for life....

Review №91

Nice, knowledgeable people. Taking good care of my sick Honda! Yay, Brannon!!

Review №92

Poor sales staff. We were given much better offers from multiple other dealers. We gave Brannon an opportunity to match the other offers because they are more convenient; we were told we didnt understand what the other dealers were offering and that the other dealers were lying and we would be crying to them soon. We bought the same car from a different dealer for a better price. If you work next door to Brannon, drive to the next dealer and you will be glad you did!

Review №93

I love my Honda best car I ever had!!! Service is always quick & fast even the courtesy van lol.... Staff very helpful too. I would recommend Brannon Honda to anyone

Review №94

I called with an engine emergency during my cross country trip. I was forwarded to 3 different people and the last person I was forwarded to didn’t answer and gave me a voicemail. I left a message and asked them to call me back ASAP so I could bring my car in in the morning. No one called back so I called again and was assured by the front desk the next person would pick up the phone and help me. I was forwarded and no one answered AGAIN so I left ANOTHER message to call me back so I could come in in the morning as I had a 10 hour trip to do that day. NO ONE CALLED ME BACK EVER not even the next morning!

Review №95

My wife had to take my daughters car in for service. I called ahead of time to set everything up, and spoke to Mr Gary Nichols. From that point on he took care of everything. He is very professional and a joy to speak with over the phone. He kept me up to date every step of the process. Thank you Gary....

Review №96

Great sales staff, ask for Wesley! He was very knowledgeable and kind and did his best to get us the very best deal! Thank you!

Review №97

I bought a new pilot from here. They promised me a medical kit and I have yet to receive it after six months. The salesman won’t return my call now that they have made their sale and every time I call I just keep getting deferred or voice mails. Disappointed in overall customer service. The manager Gary was awesome to deal with for the actual negotiations.

Review №98

Last week was my first (new) car buying experience, and I must say it was a fantastic one! Bryant, Joey, Ben, and Patrick were all SO helpful and informative through every single step. I went in expecting to just browse, and walked out with a beautiful Accord (and not because they were pushy - solely because they are selling a great product and were NOT pushy). I would recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to buy a new (or used) car! Thanks again guys!

Review №99

Could not have imagined a better car buying experience. As a single female I felt very comfortable with everyone that I worked with. I have also used the Service Department numerous times, because I drive so much, and have loved everyone there too! I will definitely continue to use them and would highly recommend others do the same!

Review №100

Great staff. Kevin in sales along with Amy and Todd made the experience painless and got down straight to the numbers. Lifetime power train warranty and 1st year of maintenance free. Spent 3 hours at another dealer on price negotiations and had it here negotiated in less than 5 minutes.

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