Jim Burke Hyundai
1424 5th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Review №1

James Caborn is absolutely amazing. From the first hello to the signing of my documents; he showed nothing but care, concern and made me feel important as a customer.. Give this man a raise, a trophy and a Big Christmas Bonus .. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. This is The Best Dealership In Town... I got just what I wanted.

Review №2

The service team goes out of their way to give excellent customer service. They are the best! Thank you so much to the Hyundai service department!

Review №3

We worked with Glenn, who was very helpful and eager to please. Even in todays market conditions they were willing to work on the price to be competitive and earn our business. We ultimately did not buy the car from them (purchased from another dealership), but Glenn and Jim Burke were better to deal with than the vast majority of the 15 or so other dealerships that I communicated with over two days of research, offers, and negotiating. Most others would not budge (on price), leaning on current market conditions. Kudos to Jim Burke Hyundai and to Glenn for working with us and for doing a nice job for their customers. I would not hesitate to shop here again, and will do so in the future. I cant say that for many other dealerships I spoke to during this process.

Review №4

The service advisor; Eddie Hicks, who helped me wasvery friendly and personable. However, I was just there to get a new battery put in my car. I had called in advance and had gotten the price (which was $50 lower than the Hyundai dealership across town), so I decided to give Jim Burke service a try. Unfortunately the wait time was just as long as I had experienced across town for a similar service; several hours.Yes, they were busy, but they told me the earlier I came the better it would be. That wasn’t true.I waited much longer than people who came in after me. And the total cost? $467! For a battery! And it only has a 3 year warranty on it! (Which is about how long the one I had in it lasted). Plus they wanted to doa 30,000 mile checkup on my car; for $649! That’s why I only had the initial one done by Hyundai; they charged me a ridiculous price to check some cables basically.The oil change places do all that stuff for free; tell you what filters to change, when you need tires, etc. Hyundai has seen the last of me. Do I like my car? I love it! But even if I could afford to pay their outrageous parts and service prices, I wouldn’t! Letthem find some other sucker🤨

Review №5

Great detail work on my vehicle its looking brand new again it didnt take them long to complete the repairs and great job in breaking down the process and getting me back into my Hyundai. Thanks

Review №6

Eddie the service representative was very professional and courteous. He walked me through what was needed. Especially my confusion which he promptly explained with respect to an elderly person such as me.

Review №7

AJ was so nice working me in when I didn’t have an appointment! I will remember that! Bert found the part I needed. Both men were great! Thank you so much!

Review №8

Easy and great experience. It did take 5+ hours to complete my purchase which was a little tedious. Glad we asked if there was time for us to go to lunch while we waited for the car to be cleaned because we got there at 1pm and didnt get the keys to leave until 6pm. And thats with going in knowing what I wanted and only test driving 1 car for 10 minutes. Since I went in knowing what I wanted, I cant speak on the sales persons car expertise. I did like their special Jim Burke perks that come with the purchase of the car.

Review №9

Salesman (Joshua) was excellent. No pressure, showed every car we wanted to look at, was very courteous. Have already recommended him and Jim Burke to others.

Review №10

Great staff! They made everything easy & I will definitely be using them in the future!

Review №11

I was well pleased with the service that I received from Jim Burke! Mr. Eddie was very kind and professional. My car was attended to in a timely manner and I received a detailed report of the services that I needed. Thanks for the awesome service.

Review №12

Update, just bought 2 more cars from them this week. Everyone is still awesome and easy to work with! Special thanks to Robert Bell and I believe Tiffany was the financial person! They have definitely earned my families business!This was honestly the best experience I have had with a dealership.First, like most dealerships you get a warm greeting and all the pleasantries of being a potential buyer. This is where my experience usually changes. Usually after the salesperson talks to me, and I tell them my wants then start the negotiations it all changes. This did not happen at all. The sales people Adrienne and Chris were friendly and helpful. They seemed to genuinely care. The financial personal Timberley was very warm and tried to relate to my country roots. There was another lady there that helped me and got the car I wanted and worked out the financial part. I unfortunately forgot her name. She was awesome as well and got me exactly what I wanted!Thank you all and please keep up the great work!

Review №13

DISHONEST and extremely disinterested in customer service. Brought in my car to have some recall work done. After ten days, we are no closer to that work happening but they did try to sell me on THOUSANDS of dollars of unnecessary repair and maintenance work (all of which I had completed elsewhere just two months ago). They are completely unresponsive and unhelpful, and totally dishonest. Twice tried to resolve the matter with Rusty, the service manager (on Sep 27 2021 and again today, Oct 7, 2021) but he refuses to respond or reply. Dont make the mistake I made -- stay away.

Review №14

They have always been great. But, today they went above and beyond to repair my car quickly!!

Review №15

Since I had my car Ive been taking it straight to the Hyundai dealer they get what you need and it does it in a good amount of time thank you so much for being with me these years with my favorite car

Review №16

Overall, my experience at this location was mediocre at best. First, I was told that it would take 48 hours before the technician could even look at my vehicle and additional time on top of that to actually fix the issue. In addition, the service advisor did not fully explain to me the flat $150 fee that is charged regardless of service even though I asked for an explanation. Also, the sales technician repeatedly asked me to add on additional services even after I told him that I did not want these services. Finally, upon receiving my vehicle after the simple issue was fixed, I discovered my car console to have been completely dumped out into my passenger seat, even though there was nothing relevant to the dealership or technician inside of the console. This was not necessary in order to fix the vehicle. The only reason I am giving this review 3 stars is because my vehicle was ready ahead of schedule.

Review №17

Very quick with returning my vehicle after installing needed fuses because of a recall.

Review №18

Brian Christopher is AWESOME…so easy to work with, I would recommend him to anyone!

Review №19

Always a great experience with the service department. Jordan is amazing so personable.

Review №20

Horrible experience. It took 12 days to get my car back and it broke down with the exact same issue I brought it in for.. less than 4 miles from the dealership. So, then I had it towed to Tameron Hyundai. Tameron Hyundai had it repaired in 48 hours and its been running great ever since

Review №21

The Service Dept. staff at Jim Burke Hyundai is always perfessional, and attentive to my customer concerns. The cashiers are friendly also.

Review №22

Everyone was extremely nice. I could not have asked for more nor a better deal . Thanks so much for your kindness and thanks so much Jim Burke and Hyundai what a pleasure working with you.

Review №23

Wonderful love the sale man. He was very helpful. Nathan Merchant a around applause to you, And thank you for help my family in these difficult times.

Review №24

Service was great got car back a week earlier thanks Jim Burke

Review №25

I assume everything was done correctly, oil change and tire rotation. I arrived at 3:06 for my 3:00 appointment. ( I did say I would be there by 3:15 when I scheduled). It was 5:04 when I left. That was a long time to service my vehicle, especially when having an appointment.

Review №26

Do not recommend this place. The wait time is much longer than what was communicated initially and there isnt a proper documentation of the services performed. I was charged for a tire rotation and this wasnt check marked on the completed services sheet. The response from the service staff was the technician has done it but doesnt know why its not check marked as completed. Doesnt provide me confidence to believe if any of the other services was even done.

Review №27

Great customer service. Thanks Mr. Eddie Hicks. God bless.

Review №28

As always, prompt and courteous service, no surprises and minimal wait time.

Review №29

Eddie is a great service technician and always seeks to provide quality service and care for your vehicle.

Review №30

Great Experience and smooth process with the help of Dee Brown!

Review №31

I totally am satisfied with the car & the service I received.

Review №32

Typically I get good service from Jim Burke but not this time. They made promises they didn’t keep and the service took much longer than they initially told me. Was without a car for two days. Said they would have the part overnighted however it didn’t show up until the second day.

Review №33

I have not actually had my service done yet, so the review is premature.The website scheduling is abysmal, so I had to call to schedule with a sweet young lady who was colosally incompetent.Now I get a survey on how my service was, and it is not even done.Yall need to work on your customer service!

Review №34

Wonderful personalized service received on Saturday, May 29th.Broke down on highway on Friday night. Spoke with A J Allen in the service department and was told if I got the car there early on Saturday they would do everything possible to get me back on the road to Texas. A J was there on Saturday morning and was able to diagnose and fix the issue. He kept me updated throughout the morning and had me back up and running by 11:00.

Review №35

Great service! Brian was helpful with getting my car’s routine maintenance back on track and making sure that everything in my car was functioning properly.

Review №36

We visited the dealership on Saturday. I was very uncomfortable with the fact that none of the sales staff were wearing masks, especially inside on the sales floor. We also felt like we were being pressured (I do understand that is part of the process) to make a decision as the salesperson we were working with and another salesperson continued to discuss that someone else was about to come in to the look at the same car and had already put money down in front of us. This happened several times and seemed like a fabricated situation to put pressure on us to make a decision on the car. We also just wanted to talk numbers on the car and were quickly being asked for our social security numbers without any discussion of the price of the vehicle or discussion of offers available - this is when we decided we did not want to continue the conversation. We had every intention of purchasing a car but left because of the overall lack of professionalism. I would also add when we decided to leave no one seemed to try and stop us or seemed to really care.

Review №37

Tanya(manager) was as phenomenal as you can for. Once I provided my information she went to work on finding me the best deal possible. Kept me in the loop on every step taken.

Review №38

Thanks to the People At Jimburke and Most definitely a HUGE THANKS TO The Hyundai Manager and Team For helping me Get in my First car ❤️ You should definitely stop here before losing hope, They help any situation.

Review №39

Very couteous and were willing to haggle.The new car clean-up dept needs a higher standard.

Review №40

The salesman that helped me and my husband went far and beyond helping us, he was awesome, I love my new car. ☺️❤️❤️☺️❤️❤️☺️❤️❤️☺️❤️❤️

Review №41

The service was fast & the staff were nice!

Review №42

No problem Eddie as been great

Review №43

The staff was very friendly and willing to help.

Review №44

Its located at the center of Birmingham city, where easy to access. They understand what the problem of your car and what to do to improve the condition regular basis. Their service reservation website is convenient keeping record.

Review №45

Quick. Clean. Friendly.

Review №46

Just a heads up if you’re buying a car the oil change for life is only if you get an oil change on or before the miles they have set because I didn’t know :) which is weird because a different Hyundai dealership did my oil change for completely free.

Review №47

The service staff are excellent. I am disappointed with the suggested maintenance packages which are exorbitant. They should just stick with the owners manual maintenance schedule.6/22 No one can tell me why my car is burning oil or why the oil light didnt come on when the oil was low. This is concerning.

Review №48

They listen and I just love their service

Review №49

Very professional and quick

Review №50

I recently had to replace my windshield and I am so please with the service at Jim Burke. The technician did excellent work and also changed my oil without me even asking. The service at this location is always great and Ill remain a loyal customer.

Review №51

Great friendly service!! Jordan smith and Toni vines both worked with me through 3 visits. They both took time and patience working with me and getting me the best deal for what I had to offer.. I highly recommend both of these salesmen if you go to Jim Burke used car lot in north Birmingham. I was also checked up on and greeted by several other employees through out the visits. Overall great experience!!

Review №52

My Husband and I bought our first Hyundai (Sonata) at Jim Burke in 2010. We are still enjoying this car and the sales experience was GREAT and we recommended them to friends and family.In 2017 we bought a new Accent. Again everything was Great and we shared this experience as well.We returned in 2018 ams bought an Elantra. The Elantra recently brokedown. Out of warranty of course. We had it towed to Jim Burke and we received a call that my car needed an engine. The cost of $7500.00.I thought since we bought 3 new cars that maybe we could get a deal on this service.INSTEAD we were told there was a $150.00 for checking the car out. This was not diacussed when we called and dropped the car off. Nothing like being kicked while you are down. I did some research and found there have been problems with the Engines in the ElantrI am verys sossapointes with the company I thought was so HRgreat and can no longer recxpmend the company and I will also tell anyone that will losten about thisbjorrivlw expeI qill tell anyone who qill liisten about this horrible experience!My typing is not so grear because of broken hand and arm.

Review №53

Go see Brandon Montgomery! He will get you right with what you need! Thank you sir!

Review №54

The whole team was wonderful but special mention for my salesman Antonio Gillespie and the Finance manager Melvin. Speedy and professional service with a smile and no games. Everyone was so friendly!! Got a wonderful deal and reasonable monthly payments!!! I recommend them highly!!!

Review №55

Erica Holmes and Tanya Shelby made my experience at Jim Burke Hyundai best ever in my life. This was my first new car and my experience was overwhelme by the love and kindness and hard work that Shelby and Holmes put in to make it happen.

Review №56

The service was good and fast

Review №57

Always get things in writing with Jim Burke..turnover rate is ridiculous. You never know who you are speaking with. Sales person and manager who made Promises of detailing my vehicle when purchased and reimbursement to the hyundai customer who recommended me, were all lies..when I called to follow up there were no longer there. The new manager had no clue and lied to me as well. I called to follow up..he was no longer there. Poor service, inaccurate quotes, and nothing but lip service given (telling me what they thought I needed to hear).

Review №58

Erica Holmes and the entire Jim Burke car purchasing experience was outstanding. I will definitely be back

Review №59

Our experience with Jim Burke Hyundai was a very positive and pleasant one. Our sales representative, Larry Greenhill, went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase. His efforts were not in vain. I am very pleased with my 2020 Tucson Sport.

Review №60

I can honestly say my experience was great! My salesman, Dennis Johnson was absolutely AMAZING! He is very knowledgeable, courteous, attentive, patient, honest. If you are looking for a car without all the hassle, Jim Burke Hyundai is where you want go. The staff is great. Great deals, great cars, great people! They really care! I am a customer for life!

Review №61

I went to Jim Burke Hyundai recently and received excellent service. The service technician was very nice and polite. He advised me of a recall that was on my car and explained what it was for and how they would fix it. I got three services for my car(which included the recall) and was out in 1 hour. I didn’t even have an appointment!!! The customer waiting area was comfortable and check out was easy and quick. I would highly recommend the service department to anyone needing great work on their automobile and good customer service.

Review №62

Jordan Cook continuously goes out of his way to ensure that my service visits are done quickly, in the most cost efficient manner. Servicing my car can be a challenge as I am currently traveling outside of AL weeks at a time. Whenever its time for the vehicles next servicing, help is only a p[hone call away. Jordan demonstrates unwavering attention to details and customer service, which is why I bring my 2016 Hyundai Sonata Sport to Jordan in Birmingham versus having it serviced in Atlanta or other possible locations. Why? Because in my opinion, he cares about his customers and their satisfaction with Jim Burkes service and his own professional service as well. Thank you Jordan for all you do!

Review №63

I purchased a new Sonata and everyone at Jim Burke was so helpful & nice. My salesperson Alexis was so knowledgeably and was not pushy at all. The General Manager Tanya worked really hard on getting me approved for the vehicle and was very detailed and explained everything to me and kept me informed through the whole process

Review №64

The service center was excellent. From the time i got there until I had left the customer service was one of the best i had visited to date. The only complaint i had was grease was left on my driver seat and on the driver door liner. I wished the mechanic had paid as much attention as the service center or possibly protected the seat.

Review №65

I had a great experience at this dealership, everyone was really friendly and willing to help. The best thing was I drove away in a new car! Big thanks to everyone who helped! I definitely recommend!

Review №66

Eddie is the best!

Review №67

The associates at Jim Burke Hyundai all were welcoming and kind. In particular I would like to acknowledge my dealer Andrew Briggins who made sure I was comfortable and that I got what I wanted. He was very thorough and very knowledgeable about the inventory at hand and unknowingly persuasive when introducing me to the 2020 Hyundai Sonata SEL. I absolutely love my car and I am proud of my choice. Thank you Andrew and Jim Burke Hyundai for my sweet sweet ride!

Review №68

Always outstanding service! Jordan and everyone on the service team is always very helpful and believe in making sure youre a satisfied customer!

Review №69


Review №70

Service was good.

Review №71

I just purchased a car from Hyundai and i had the best experience Ive had in a long time. My sales rep was Ashley and she is a very polite and respectful salesman. She helped me with everything that i needed and then some. Very knowledgeable about the product and very informative as well. Probably one of the best sales reps Ive had the pleasure of dealing with. If you are interested in buying a Hyundai from Jim Burke. Ask for Ashley she wont disappoint.

Review №72

The staff were wonderful and extremely professional. They updated me when needed, took time to explain the automotive issue and the repair used to update the vehicle. Another impressive detail I noted was the multiple transporters who checked to see if the customers had a need for transportation. I’ve been highly impressed by the service provided and I will definitely return .

Review №73

Jessie was the best car salesman I have ever encountered. Adrienne was not my salesperson but she was very hospitable, friendly and thorough! I would definitely recommend either of them to anyone needing a vehicle !!

Review №74

Purchased a 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe’ through Brandon Blagg. He was excellent from the beginning to the end. He made the process easy. He explained and demonstrated things to us in a way that most others might have not. Although the sale was important, to him he showed just as much concern about driving away in something that we wouldn’t regret. The atmosphere was nice and welcoming. Not boring at all. The staff was friendly too. In the end Brandon wouldn’t stop until the last tire received its shine. Thanks a bunch!

Review №75

I have had a great experience with Eddie Hicks as my service advisor. I always feel like I am being dealt with honestly.

Review №76

Took my car in for a check engine light that was on for a month. The light was off by the time I took it in of course but Jim Burke found the problem and fixed it. Location is so close and convenient to my job so made it easy to drop off and pick up. Will definitely be going to them again for any service for my car! They were fantastic!

Review №77

I was thrilled with the short wait time. I always ask for Eddie and once again he provided superior customer service. As an example, it was raining and he pulled my car inside so I wouldn’t get wet when leaving. Super great guy!!

Review №78

Good people GREAT product!

Review №79

My experience with Jim Burke Body Shop was a pleasant one - from the initial phone call, through the claim/repair process, and finally to pick-up. At the front desk, Ashley handled my reception with the utmost courtesy and customer service. Josh, the assistant manager was equally professional and the one who handled my claim and kept me up to date on the status and dealt with the insurance company on my behalf. Finally, on pick-up, I found my car waiting for me, freshly cleaned - inside and out. The body shop is a Hyundai preferred repair center and I would recommend them to my fellow Hyundai drivers.

Review №80

Time expected to be finished was what they told me. Unfortunately,they could not complete all the repairs today. I really think that they needed to wait until they could repair all things at the same time.

Review №81

The service associates are always professional and courteous. They advise on service needed to your car, giving details of the service and the expected cost. The cost factor is important, because quite frankly, money doesnt grow on trees. They also give you an estimation on the length of time involved in completing the setvice. Most of them remember you if you have had repeat business with Jim Burke.The cashier at the Hyundai service area is always very friendly and helpful. She is an asset to the department.

Review №82

Jim Burke is by far the best Hyundai dealer in Birmingham they found problems that the other dealers could not find. One thing I was a little disappointed in though was not detecting a massive hole in my air intake on the first visit, which seems like it should have been easily detected it was only discovered when I brought the car back the next day because it still wasn’t running right but they went out of their way to helpful our service writer Eddie Hicks was a class act and seemed like he genuinely cared

Review №83

I had a very wonderful experience at the Hyundai service department. Eddie Hicks, the service representative was very knowledgeable and helpful during my visit. Questions were answered without hesitation and he didn’t try to rush me off. Eddie was also helpful getting me an Uber to my friends house . After getting to my friends house and getting a bite to eat my car was ready to be picked up. Fast service. Thanks again for taking care of my car. I will be back for an oil change in a few months.Alexis Morton

Review №84

I had a really awesome experience at Jim Burke Hyundai. I was referred by a close friend of the family to go in visit Alexis and Tanya. These ladies lets my family and I know that they had our best interest at heart.The service was quick and smooth. I truly thank Jim Burke and staff for our 2019 Elantra Value.

Review №85

Completely satisfied! I would 100% buy another car from Jim Burke. Their selection is great and the Sales and Finance teams were excellent to work with. They were understanding and able to work with our situation and got us exactly what we wanted.

Review №86

I was very pleased with the service that I received from everyone at Jim Burkes All my questions were answered promptly! Im enjoying my new 2020 Hyundai Palisade! I love it!

Review №87

I recently purchase a Santa Fe Sport turbo from Jim Burke Hyundai... Brian Christopher, my salesman, made my buying experience very pleasant... he efficiently located the car I wanted, gave me a great out the door price on the vehicle and then spent several hours explaining/answering any questions I might have on my car... was definitely impressed with the service I received... I would highly recommend Jim Burke, as well as Brian Christopher, to anyone interested in buying a new car... 👍

Review №88

My experience from the start was very respectful treatment from all the team at Jim Burke specially from Clearance thanks to all you guys and for the cups of coffee during the deal thanks to be so kind with me even when my English it was not perfect you deal with and gave me a good attention to all my request God Bless You All Guys and thank you Kendra for your help and beautiful Smile all the time

Review №89

I am always impressed with this dealership. The quality of service is unmatched by other shops or dealers. They are always friendly, professional and they value my time. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

Review №90

Eddie Hicks is very nice and very up to date on the details of our Hyundai. Has been very helpful during recalls.Also pleasant and friendly when car needs serviced.

Review №91

Service writer recommended I get a transmission flush on 2/17/20. I had a transmission flush done on 1/27/20. Same auto shop same service writer.

Review №92

Had a really good experience. My sales rep Brian Christopher was very helpful without being pushy. He listened to what I wanted and did everything to make sure I was satisfied. The entire experience was very pleasant. After the sale was completed he sat in the car with me to go over everything and told me if I had any questions to give him a call and he would be more than happy to help. By the time I left I thought of him as a friend and not just a sales rep. I was very impressed with the lease experience. Had never done this before but it was not at all scary or stressful. I have always had a high opinion of the dealership and this has confirmed my opinion. Love the car and expect to be doing business with this rep and dealership for a long time.

Review №93

Great customer service. Excellent and fast service. Would recommend to everyone. They made us feel extremely confortable. The waiting room and restrooms were in excellent condition. Awesome awesome awesome job guys.

Review №94

Brian Christopher is absolutely fantastic to deal with. His outstanding attitude and extensive knowledge of the vehicles makes every car buying experience a great one. Brian goes above and beyond making every buyer feel comfortable and at ease with their purchase from Jim Burke. Brian always returns calls in a prompt manner and no question is too small to answer. Once again thank you Brian I love my purchases.

Review №95

It’s was fast and easy and that’s not something I’m use to with car buying. The sales rep Kera took her time to make sure I was not just getting a car I liked but also a car i could truly afford. Jim Burke has earned me as a forever customer!

Review №96

Every time I’ve ever been to this dealership it’s been a wonderful experience. We bought our car there and then have always gotten the oil changed/service there since they do the free oil changes for life and it’s always great! Highly recommend!

Review №97

Chris Thomas and the finance manager were great! I know God sent them to me. They are the best! Thank you!

Review №98

I am enjoying my little gas saver.

Review №99

Good workmanship but the place is rather crowded and hectic. They need more space and the ability to put fine touches like cleaning to a job after completion considering the quotes are a bit pricey.

Review №100

I have been doing business with this dealership for over twenty five years. The Hyundai dealership at Jim Burke is the best when it comes to respect, courtesy and understanding the customers need and successfully meeting them. Great people and great to do business with.

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