Serra Nissan
1500 Center Point Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35215, United States
Review №1

I went in for a oil change tire rotation and I was having problem starting sometime so they told me I needed a car battery they put a battery in that for me and at the end they told me to have a great day can I see it thank you.

Review №2

It was pleasant as always Amanda is great at what she do made my appointment I arrived service was fast and friendly as usual.

Review №3

I will never go back to Serra Nissan. Staff had the worst attitude. I was told if I didnt have an appointment it would be several hours before the could inspect my breaks. I work a 8 to 5 job and unable to have my vehicle serviced during the week. Called my husband and he told me to go to Serra Toyota. They were friendly, professional and could service my vehicle.

Review №4

My experience was Great! All Customer Service Staff greeted me with a smile.

Review №5

I paid $3355.71 to have two door handles, my air condenser, my gear shifter and my catalytic converter replaced/repaired. When I came to get my car, my check engine light was still on and my glove compartment door was broken. I had to leave it and it was determined I needed an 02 sensor. After one day they called, I went back. My glove compartment door was still broken, both of my caps on my air filters were missing. My dashboard under my steering wheel had not been screwed back on. The mechanic was upset because he was being made to fix things that were not broken at first. In their attempt to remove my dashboard to fix my gear shifter they broke other things and tried to give me back my car twice without fixing those things. If my husband would not have come with me the second time, I do not know what may have happened. I definitely would not have noticed the caps missing on my airlines. They attempted to give me 4 free oil changes. Who would trust to bring their car back here. Sad indictment for a dealer, I would have done better going to a shade tree.

Review №6

Great service as always when I visit Serra Nissan for all my Armada needs.

Review №7

It was great. Was in and out in less than an hour.

Review №8

If I could give this place a 0, I would. They have no respect for their customers that have been getting their vehicles serviced there for over 12 years. My wife had an appointment for 8am so she took her suv there the night before. When she called the next day by noon, they gave her the run around so we drove to the dealership. When we got there we found out her vehicle was parked outside and had never been touched. The female in the service department then told her even though she did have an appointment, it was put on the back burner for the customers that was waiting on their vehicles so she got her truck and left. She have been a customer there since 2006. Where is Kali. She never lied to us nor had she ever taken customers over a vehicle left over night

Review №9

I dont blame the people in the maintenance area, they were always helpful when I could actually get them on the phone, but often times, Id call and be passed between different call centers over and over for 20 minutes before even being able to get an update on my cars status. And the update was usually maybe in 2-3 days or next week. Thats fine, I know parts are scarce and have to be shipped and theres a backlog, etc. but if Im unable to reliably call and get a status update on my vehicle, thats frustrating. I shouldnt be transferred three times and have to explain to the same person three times why Im calling. Get a better system.

Review №10

I was told I needed a new transmission just because the light came on stating the transmission fluid was low. When I questioned it I was told the transmission was fine and that the accelerator pedal needed to be replaced instead.

Review №11

Shakira the agent at Serra Nissan was very polite, cooperative and informed (she’s funny too)! Shakira made my first car buying experience less stressful. I got a great deal and a great car!Thanks for everything!

Review №12

Oil change, tire rotation, and diagnostic test. Mechanic confirmed what I thought was an issue wasnt as issue at all. I appreciate his professionalism and honestly so very much.

Review №13

Every time I’m at the service department my service writer exceeds my expectations. He’s very attentive, knowledgeable and kind . He’s upfront and honest but objective and hopeful at the same time. He definitely should be rewarded for his work !

Review №14

Staff was fantastic and kept us up to date the whole time on the progress of the work being done!! Love everyone at Serra Nissan

Review №15

Worst experience ever (Service Department). Took 3 weeks after multiple calls speaking with a lady who obviously didnt have a clue as to what she was doing. I finally asked Do yall not want to repair my vehicle because it certainly sounds like you dont. Its really sad because I have used the service department several times in the past. Will not waste my time again.

Review №16

I bought a car from Serra Nissan in May. This month I discovered a noise each time I stopped. When I took the car back to Serra Nissan, they installed new front brakes at no cost to me. The technician was courteous, and informative.

Review №17

My experience was amazing they got me in and out.

Review №18

I was greeted by a service adviser and told her I had an appointment for oil change and tire rotation. She said I had a few infront of me but they get on my car very soon. they did and I out of the dealer in a little over an hour. I was even surprised if a free oil change and rotation. This was provided by Maxine which she promised me but it was so long ago. I had totally forgotten but they didnt. thank you Serra Nissan

Review №19

Matt is always helpful and welcoming. Every employee you encounter makes sure to greet you.

Review №20

Service people as very nice and kind...took good care of me and my car...good place to be when things go wrong with your car...want to buy a Rogue soon.

Review №21

The staff was and always is courteous. I had a little wait but the waiting area was comfortable and clean. Ive never been disappointed with my service.

Review №22

Tommie Gosha has excellent customer service and he went above & beyond to help me get the vehicle I wanted!!! I am so pleased to have done business with you guys!!

Review №23

I did not have a great experience... I felt pressured and because I really wanted the expedition I took a price I didnt want... they saw the tire was low and told me they put air in it... come to find out it was a nail in the tire and which they knew and let me drive off on a unsafe tire... on top of that Ive had the vehicle only 5 months and now the air does not work and the breaks just went out... for them to be a big dealership I would think their used vehicles would be in better shape... I purchased a 04 Mercedes from a buy here pay here and that vehicle was in way better shape and I havent had any major problems out of it in over 4 years.

Review №24

Angel was the best! He spent all day showing me all my options! He was so patient answering any questions and addressing any of my concerns! I left the dealership feeling like I was not taken advantage of (this is my first car). Buying a car has always seemed like such a hard and impossible task, but with Angel it was one of tge easiest things I have done!

Review №25

I received a call today from the service manger reguarding a issue i had a few days ago. The customer service was excellent she had me taken care of within a few hours, and that i really appreciated. Nissian will continue to be my dealership choice.

Review №26

I dropped my car off for an inspection. The inspection was done, but when I went to pick my car up, the door was unlocked. When I opened the door, all the items in my center console was all over the car, bags that I had stuff in was dumped out, a pair of shoes was missing and some other items. While I do not believe anyone from the dealership stole anything, I do believe my car being unlocked allowed for someone to rummage through it. I’m disappointed in how my car was taken care of.

Review №27

Angel and Devin were wonderful. They worked hard to be sure that I got the vehicle I wanted, and I couldnt be happier about the whole experience. Love my new Rogue Sport!

Review №28

The mechanic in centerpoint, al was not friendly at all, my guess he dont like black Americans, sad because I dont see color I work with white for years and they were best of friends, I would give them a kidney, thanks

Review №29

They was nice,understanding what I need as a customer, they did everything they promised

Review №30

Great experience, my needs were met above and beyond my expectations.

Review №31

Great experience. I was pleased with the attentiveness and service quality.

Review №32

Serra Nissan in Centerpoint is the best place to get your car serviced and our get a new car they are always so amazing to me..

Review №33

My experiences thus far have been wonderful.

Review №34

Great service got a good deal

Review №35

I received excellent customer service.

Review №36

My dude Theo was super awesome with helping me buy a new car. I would recommend that you ask for him.

Review №37

Everyone was friendly and the service was fast. I highly recommend them.

Review №38

I arrived at my scheduled appointment time. My truck was immediately taken into the shop. My service work was completed on time. They also found I had a bad battery and replaced it for me under warranty. I am very satisfied with the work.

Review №39

It was wonderful best people to work with get the job done and fast experience was great

Review №40

I was very happy when I left there in my new car. I wasnt expecting to leave there with one. Thank you all so much for helping me!!!

Review №41

My Nissan Rogue was in for servicing. I had them change oil, rotate tires, and change wiper blades. They gave discounts on tire change and oil change. They inspected the car and gave recommendations on what the car needed and I selected what I wanted to get done. The staff was friendly and work was done in a timely manner.

Review №42

Went over a week ago with my aunt as she was looking for a new SUV. She specifically told Ricardo that she liked Nissan and prefers one bigger than the one that she currently has. He showed her everything but what she asked for. And THEN had her park the vehicle down the hill at the VW lot and expected me to push my 8 month old baby in his stroller UP the hill back to the Nissan dealership. He wasnt very considerate and clearly didnt want to make a sale. He told her that hed call her the next day when he was able to get the vehicle that she wants.... If he called, so did Daffy Duck. Just go through Carmax or Carvana. At least theyll actually sell you what you want.

Review №43

Car salesman name is Cody! He was amazing and got me a great deal! I’m so excited to drive my new Nissan Altima!

Review №44

I come to change my oil here and let me say I enjoy being here. I’m in the waiting area with a coffee and a snack and its very calm

Review №45

We had a wonderful experience at Serra! We came in Saturday evening just to look around and Sebastian and Ron helped us. Ron was waiting outside for us when we pulled in because we had called ahead. We told them what we were looking for and they asked us what they could do for us to buy a car that night. We got a fantastic deal on a 2021 VW Tiguan, which is exactly what we wanted. Jon the manager was so willing to work with and negotiate with us and we are so excited about our brand new car! We didnt get the papers signed until 10pm, and all the guys stayed late to make sure we were happy and satisfied. They were great!!! 10/10 recommend!

Review №46

Great sales guy, good sales manager glad we were able to make a deal.

Review №47

My dealer was very patient with me, and accommodating when it came to my first experience in purchasing a car and very green credit experience. He answered all of my questions, was very fair at pricing, and was kind during the entire process.

Review №48

I definitely liked the customer service and the help provided

Review №49

The staff is professional and friendly! Great service!

Review №50

I had an oil change and tire rotation done at Serra. I received very professional service and was very pleased with the quality of service I performed.

Review №51

I didnt get to go in person to the dealership place due to no transportation. I was browsing online on their website seen a Durango that i wouldnt mind having for my family so they can get back and forth to the doctor. No where on the price did it say cash only and they emailed me and told me to fill out the form n email it back to run my credit...i felt like its false advertising why would u need to run my credit if its not a financed vehicle.. I have been to Alot of dealerships with high down payments and high prices...i thought that my troubles would be over..i would of felt better if i got some decent answers but other than that that was my only issues im just disappointed

Review №52

5 months of waiting on my wifes car to be fixed and it is still in the shop at Volkswagen. They have told us 4 different times it was gonna be ready by a certain date and when that date comes there is another reason as to why it isn’t finished. Now when my wife calls off her number they will not answer but if she calls off a number they don’t know they will pick up. She’s also been hung up on. This is unacceptable!

Review №53

Serra Nissan always goes the extra mile with great service.

Review №54

The service was amazing! Super thankful to Angel Borja for helping us find the exact vehicle for us!! He helped us find the best price and always did it with a smile! Super charismatic and would definitely recommend him for your next purchase!!

Review №55

Just dont waste your time. The three employees at this dealership that I have delt with are at best unprofessional. They have deceitful and unsavory business practices.

Review №56

They never called me back after I told them no to paying 2k down for a car for 500 per month.. Nah homie that dog wont hunt

Review №57

Me and my wife had a wonderful experience here. After shopping around a few other dealerships and being almost bullied and not getting full in depth explanations of everything. Dealerships not honering deals that we had found on the internet or once we get there, sitting down, they tack on thousands of dollars of hidden fees. We came to Serra Nissan. We were welcomed by a friendly sales person. His name, Angel Borja. Right off the bat, before he wanted to try and sell us a car we talked. Not about cars but personally. After that, thats when he had asked about kinds of vehicles we were looking for. From being super polite and professional to putting himself at a standpoint of not just a sale person, but a genuinely nice guy. We initial went there with intentions of getting a Pathfinder. Which he was 100 percent on board showing it to us. All the features, test driving, the works. After telling him our needs and budget he suggested the Rouge. Which not only fit our budget better, but was loaded with better accessories and safety features. With our 2 year old daughter in mind and our thoughts of family expansion , this was the car for us, no doubt. After Angel came back to us with an offer. It only about 5 minutes of talking and making a counter offer to him for us to come to an agreement. This was by far the best experience me and my wife have had with a car salesmen. I will be recommending any of my friends or family to the dealership and to Angel specifically for his kind friendly but professonal attitude. 10 out of 10!! Thanks Angel!!

Review №58

Sales Team dont listen to the information given by the potential customer..

Review №59

My mother purchased a 2021 WV with 7miles on it. In less than 24 hours the check engine light was on. She took the car back to the dealership where she was informed that she would NOT be provide a loaner car while they fixed hers. She got the car back after 2 days. Then within 24 hours the light was back on. She took it back to the dealership and again was informed they would not provide a loaner. After several hours or arguments and phone calling they agree to loan her a 2014 car. After having the car for a day they are still unaware of what was wrong with it but insisted that she return the loaner by midday on the second day. They are still unaware of what the issue is!!! DONT BUY A CAR FROM THIS PLACE!!! They don’t care about your business!!!!***update****The dealership did fix the car. Mrs. Eydie was extremely helpful. She is the ONLY reason the review was updated and I feel she pushed to get my mother the service she deserved. Thank you eydie.

Review №60

I always receive the best service from the team at Serra Nissan. I bought our Armada Platinum from them last year and have been a dedicated customer ever since. Wonderful people who go above and beyond to provide excellent service!

Review №61

Went to Serra Nissan for an oil/filter change, at the time recommended by the service advisor. I waited 1.5 hours. After an hour the service advisor apologized for the wait. He assured me they were about to pull it in for the service. After another half hour the car still hadnt been moved. I drove off after an hour and a half wait. I went to another Nissan dealer, got the oil and filter changed. They rotated the tires and washed the car in less than an hour.

Review №62

Liked very much! Really good dealership, highly recommend! all from the store are polite and the products are of quality! Ill be back to buy cars on the spot! look for Ricardo or Angel!

Review №63

Sara was very friendly and helpful.The only reason I said probably not, is because Im too old to buy another car.

Review №64

Friendly & helpful staff

Review №65

Pleasant and fast.

Review №66

My husband and I would like to Thank our sales professional Anthony A. for his hospitality, patience, and excellent customer service. Also, Thankyou Curtis L. in finance. This was a truly awesome car buying experience.

Review №67

Angel was great at finding my new truck. He found what I wanted and was very patient. Thanks for all the help. Dueces!

Review №68

Thanks to Cameron, I wrecked my car on Friday and needed a new car. They worked with me and got me in another car. Mortimer was nice and explained all the financial stuff great to me. I will be back!!

Review №69

Mr. Angel Borga is very helpful and the service is good I will comeback to buy another car with them.

Review №70

I had service done. I was very pleased

Review №71

Very good experience. Salesman was very knowledgeable and polite. I can say if I ever need another car I will call this salesman Xavier. Thank you so much for helping me.

Review №72

It was a very good experience, didn’t except to walk away in something new. Would’ve loved to view other cars before making final decision. But I am over and beyond happy with the Nissan Kicks I have.

Review №73

Great, long-lasting cars; good salespeople that don’t make you feel pressured to buy a certain thing. The finance options could be a little bit better, but they are definitely willing to work with you.Shoutout to Jessie for being awesome!

Review №74

The incoming/pickup service team was great. When I returned to pick up my car, the cashier stated she could not give me a receipt. She was not friendly and did not make any effort to provide a receipt.

Review №75

Great place I take my car here for service all the time the staff is cool, and the work they do is good

Review №76

Great Dealership. Angel Borja is the best he was very patient with me and work extremely hard to get me in my brand new car. I’m extremely happy and look forward to working with him again!!!

Review №77

I had a wonderful experience with these guy’s, Angel Borja and Jessie. Trust me I don’t like going to car lot but I always have a wonderful experience here. Even when I bring my car to get it serviced they are prompt and courteous very clean and friendly.

Review №78

Angel Borja was awesome to work with. He was very kind and patient. He truly wants to help people. I would recommend his business to anyone. He wasn’t pushy and just wanted to make sure I was going to be happy with the vehicle I would get. Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work. I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Review №79

Excellent People, Excellent Work!

Review №80

The sales department is great! They helped me when nobody else could but service isnt the best. Have to wait too long.

Review №81

Theo was great help! He was very helpful and informative. Theo was very respectful in questions regarding any of the issues we came across. Christina helped me from the phone ask a lot of important questions so I made sure I knew exactly what my financing was. Thank you so much, guys!

Review №82

My experience at Serra Nissan was nice. The service department was helpful. They make sure your car is serviced.

Review №83

Angel really took care of me! He was knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable in my purchase. If youre looking for a new car I highly recommend Angel Borja!

Review №84

Amazing experience! Angel was very pleasant and made the process as easy as it could be. I feel like he really took care of me and got me into the car of my dreams in the same day with no down payment. Couldn’t ask for more!

Review №85

Mortimer and Cameron was amazing. They never pressured me and they worked with me. Definitely would be telling people to come here. I didnt think I would have gotten approved but they definitely worked with me. Saved me from a lot of stress. Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it.

Review №86

I can say that mr Angel Borja is awesome at his job!!!! I recommend if u looking for an dependable car and great experience go see this brother

Review №87

Fast and convenient. Just what I need when you work nights and like to get things done early in the morning.

Review №88

Our experience with Serra Nissan has been a bit rough to say the least. It took months to get the extra key after buying our vehicle. Then, when said vehicle had an issue and we had it taken to Serra (via the Nissan Roadside Assistance service, which was a whole horror story in itself), it took a week before our vehicle was even looked at. During this process, when trying to phone and check on the progress of the situation, most of our calls were dropped once they passed the reception desk as well.

Review №89

We traveled a long way from home to purchase from Serra Nissan and were not disappointed. Everyone we encountered was courteous and respectful. Jessie was AMAZING! Would definitely make the trip to purchase from them again!

Review №90

I would like to thank your Nissan associates Mr Matt and Mrs Maxcine for their excellent service Ive always received when I bring my vehicle in for any issues. They are truly an asset to your company. Excellent customer service.Thank youMs Margaret Kidd

Review №91

Very helpful and get me in the vehicle that I wanted.

Review №92

I was helped by Theo (theodoric) Todd today and he helped me get my first car! Great guy! 10 out of 10 would see this guy again 👍

Review №93

Jessie was so awesome and efficient with getting us our car! She showed the utmost professionalism and catered to our every need! If you’re looking for a vehicle and want a stress free experience; go see Jessie Gladys at Nissan!

Review №94

I would NEVER refer ANYONE to Serra Nissa in Center Point. The salesperson wouldnt let me test drive, or tell me the price of the car I was looking at because I wouldnt let them run my credit. A salesperson from Volkswagen came over saw that I was leaving, and went to offered to let me drive the car (FIRST SIGN) to leave. I went to another dealership, but I just want the Maxima. So I ended up buying the car from them. After I signed the paperwork they said we only have one key, and the other key would come in within days. So I called, and so by several times NO KEY. I assuming the pandemic was causing the delay. But anyway it been about 6 month I go by there again, and the tell me by it being a used car they would have a key, and if it came in from the time if the purchase to now the key was discarded. So you tell me Ive wasted my time come back and forward the salesperson no longer works there and I get to buy another key. But the paperwork says I have 2 keys!!!! Theyre just trying to make a sale, and tell you ANYTHING! Poor CUSTOMER SERVICE I would not buy a bag of chips from Serra Nissan in Center Point.

Review №95

What a fantastic experience. We got a wonderful used car for a great price. Elizabeth Davis did a great job helping us get our car. I highly recommend you go see her soon!

Review №96

Angel Borja was very helpful, kind, and diligent with his service. Worked hard to get a great deal for us which we did! 5 out of 5 stars

Review №97

Jessie is an extremely knowledgeable, friendly, patient salesperson. She took her time and made sure that my husband and I left with the vehicles that accommodated our needs as well wants. I highly recommend that when you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle, you go to Serra Nissan and ask for Jessie Bender-Gladys, she’s top notch.

Review №98

Angel Borja was amazing and very helpful. This is the third vehicle we have purchased from Serra Nissan. We are always treated great and will return for our 4th vehicle.

Review №99

Great dealership! The salespeople are the best. They dont pressure you, yet they care about getting you the best deal on the car you want. They made the 2 hour drive from Georgia worth while. Will come back the next time I want to buy a car

Review №100

Great service. Angel Borja was our rep. And he got us in a new car thanks Angel !👼

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