Tameron Honda
1675 Montgomery Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35216, United States
Review №1

I tried to purchase a vehicle from this dealership yesterday; due to circumstances surrounding my current vehicle, I needed to handle as much as I could via telephone so that I could walk into the dealership after getting a ride and sign the papers to drive away. Tameron was unwilling to do any sort of preemptive work over the phone. They lost the sale to Freeway Honda, who did everything I asked and even offered to come pick me up so the Mrs. wouldnt have to do it. This was, at one time, one of the best Honda dealerships in Birmingham - that is no longer the case.

Review №2

Went to look at cars that fit our budget (cash customers). One car that we specifically liked, but 22 total in the range we wanted.Salesman asked if we were looking for anything in particular. We told him the Pathfinder my wife wanted to look at. He responded that we didnt want that car because they had transmission issues (granted the dealership felt comfortable listing the car, but apparently his opinion was more important). We told him our price range. He showed us two cars. We asked about the specific car we drove to see (not the Pathfinder) and were told it didnt pass inspection even though the car was listed on the website with pictures. Asked if any other cars in our range were available and were told no just the two. When I questioned why the website showed 22 vehicles, we were told they didnt pass inspection (told with an attitude as well).Left the lit, sent an email about the specific car, was told YES it was available and when would we like to set up a test drive.Instead we drive to another lot and purchased.a car there. In an out in an hour (test drive, paperwork, swipe debit card).I am sure Tameron has great sales people, but based on my experience they also have lying dishonest sales people that exemplify why people distrust car sales people. Good luck if you choose to shop there. Hopefully you will be luckier than we were.

Review №3

I’ve only had experience with the service dept. and I love it! The service is great! I’ve never had problems getting a quick appt. Shuttle service is provided. There is a playroom for children. There are several comfortable waiting areas with WiFi and plenty of reading material. Snacks and drinks are provided. If you arrive in the morning, Honda has breakfast and if you are there waiting in the afternoon, there is lunch. I never felt like I had to wait an excessive amount of time. You are assigned a representative and that person stays in contact with you. On several occasions Damon was my contact person and he was wonderful; friendly, polite and very thorough. He was patient and answered all of my questions. When he was uncertain he found out the answer. He kept me informed and he even followed up after I left. This is the first dealership where I didn’t mind bringing my vehicle in and waiting for service. Amazingly, I feel their prices are reasonable. I give Montgomery Rd. Tameron Honda 100 +. Thank you guys!

Review №4

Standard car salesman tactics. Youre always best off if you can walk in the door with your own financing. If they finance it for you theyre going to make more money from you. The salesman are wonderful its the closing manager you have to be wary of and the warranty is double the price compared to credit Union financing warranties. I dont recommend the servicing department.

Review №5

Excellent service!!!! Went in to get an oil change and possible buy a middle console part, in which I thought was broken. They were able to look at it and fix it without me having to buy another part. Great coffee. They also had chick-fill-a and Jimmy John’s as complimentary snacks while we waited.

Review №6

I had a great experience going to Tameron for the first time, I was greeted as soon as I walked through the door by Keldrin Palmer, he was always super friendly and not pushy or demanding at all.He answered all our questions and concerns and even though I didn’t make a purchase that day I went, I will definitely go back to Keldrin next time I consider buying a car.If you’re in the market for a new vehicle Keldrin will make sure you’re satisfied with your purchasing experience. 10/10

Review №7

I bought my 2022 Civic on Saturday and I couldn’t be happier with my experience! Jarvis was my salesman and he was absolutely wonderful. He answered all of my questions and I felt like he was very knowledgeable about the cars. Jay, the finance guy, was also awesome to work with. I appreciated him walking me through the warranties and putting in the effort to make things as easy as possible at the dmv. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new car.

Review №8

Purchased new CRV. The salesman and financing officer were exceptional! Willie did an excellent job explaining all about the cars features and helped us get the car at the price point we were comfortable with. The financing officer made the closing deal easy and didnt pressure us into purchasing anything we didnt want to.Overall, exceptional service and representatives. Will definitely be using them from now on for purchases!

Review №9

I bought a car from Tameron Honda and recently took it back for repairs after an accident. It was an insurance claim dropped of Saturday 09/25/2021. I contacted them on yesterday and was told by a young lady that the car was ready to come get it. Well I took off work early and drove over 30 miles to get my vehicle. When I got there I was informed by the same young lady that they hadnt heard from the insurance company. First she swore she didnt say it was ready then she said she made a mistake. Then a young man intervened and was extremely rude and made me feel so disrespected. Im a Quality Manager and a Veteran of the armed forces and theres two things I know. That is horrible customer service and disrespect. I will retrieve my vehicle from there and never return there again!

Review №10

Purchasing a used car here was straightforward and pleasant. Our salesperson, Jarvis, wasnt pushy at all and didnt try to sell us anything we didnt ask for. He was very informative about the car we were interested in and let us take it for a short test drive.We noticed the back windshield wiper was broken off on our first visit, and Jarvis not only made sure the car went through their routine safety inspection before selling it to us (and good thing since they ended up replacing the radiator!), but they even replaced that broken windshield wiper without us asking! To top everything off, Jarvis offered to deliver the car to us since we live in a different city.I really appreciated the customer service we received here. If they have the type of car youre interested in, I recommend buying from here.

Review №11

Buyer beware. Purchased a used car for my daughter with an agreement (I watched the salesman write it up) to perform a simple bumper repair. Post-purchase call to bring it to get it done never came. First text to my salesman generated a “I’ll double check on that”. After not hearing back, I sent a follow-up text asking for an update - crickets. Checking my purchase paperwork, I see the “we owe” document isn’t there. It was a simple fix to perform, but it seems dealership apparently chose to perform a disappearing paperwork magic trick. Way to go Tameron. For the savings on a repair, you have permanently lost a customer.

Review №12

Definitely look for better pricing at other dealerships, Freeway Honda had price cheaper on website, Tameron was willing to match. Reason for 2 stars is follow up service. I came in and signed paperwork to cancel extended warranty with Gabby in March of 2020, called repeatedly however it was never canceled. Yes it was my mistake not keeping a copy. Now September of 2021 I signed paperwork with Seth again. Asked for copy to request cancellation and a business card. Seth said he didn’t have business cards and would only write 1st name on the paper he gave me.Poor after sale service.

Review №13

My Son is looking for a used vehicle at a certain price. He found one on line at Tameron Honda in Birmingham. When he called about it the woman who answered the phone was nice but a little vague about taking the vehicle to get it checked out. He asked if he could bring it to Tuscaloosa and get his friend who is a mechanic to check it out and she said no, that we could bring the mechanic up there, but the man has a job and doesnt have time to go up there. Well, we drove all the way from Tuscaloosa up there and they didnt even have the vehicle on the lot!!!!! She misled him and knew we were going to see the vehicle and drive it. Then the manager brought other offers that was way out of his price range. They are liars and very misleading. They said the vehicle wont be on the lot for 4 months. What?????? I asked the manager why didnt she tell him before we drove all the way up there and he lied and said she didnt know. Well, if she didnt know how did she know everything else about it? My question is, if they lie about having the vehicle on lot, what else are they going to lie about. I cant even give them one star, but the system wont let me leave a review without one.

Review №14

Went to repair my car. Gave my car in the evening (day 1) and I was promised to get back the car next day morning (day 2). Till the day 2 afternoon they had not fixed my car. After so many calls and follow up they gave my car on 3rd day evening. No apology from any one. Probably would not go again.

Review №15

Sherrie and the team are great! They are quick and explain their services well! This is the only place I fully trust to care for my Honda (and me).

Review №16

I brought my Honda into Tameron for a recall. The work was done quickly enough and everyone I dealt with was polite and professional. The waiting room was clean and will stocked. The shuttle service was great. So, that was a great experience.But, they gave me an estimate for the regular maintenance work I needed. I called around to compare prices and Tamerons was really high. Like a third higher for brake service for instance. I also thought that their estimated trade in value for my car was low.

Review №17

This was my first time getting my car service here. I went in to have my battery and wiper blades replaced. From the moment I pulled into the service dept I was greeted and assisted. I think his name was Tony ( African American) was really nice and answered all questions concerning warranty on my vehicle. The only negative thing was that I had to wait 1 hr for a battery and wiper change, but other than that the service was great.Based on my experience today I would recommend them for service.

Review №18

Not having to interact with dealerships very often you tend to forget they are merely professional con men. My salesman was great. The people above him, trash. This place is no different than any other stealership out there.

Review №19

Service rep was very cordial. Transmission fluid change went faster than I thought it would. I was in and out in very short time.

Review №20

Salesman Keldrin was a pleasure to work with when I purchased another Toyota. This time a Sienna. Top notch guy, highly recommended!

Review №21

Montana showed great customer service and very helpful. Service team was great. I had a problem with my ignition system, they got my car in and fixed in just a couple hours. Thank you all!

Review №22

This is our second time to purchase a vehicle from Tameron Honda. The first purchase I had no problems. This purchase I was sold a car that has problems they should’ve seen in an initial inspection. The wheel was popping while I turned the wheel and it was very obvious. I immediately called the next day and they picked it up, took it to the shop, and had it fixing it for the next 10 days. The whole time it was there I was told it would be the next day. They fixed what THEY thought was the problem, and decided to “do me a favor” and fix the open recall. Something that should’ve also been done before it was put on the lot. Once I got it home, it almost immediately began doing the same popping noise again. I called them and told them I was frustrated because I’ve only had the car 3-4 days since I bought it a month ago and it’s still messed up. They basically told me the only thing they can do is refer me to the Chrysler dealer and sent me the mechanics name. They won’t even entertain the idea of swapping this car for a different car on the lot that is safe! Nice people, bad business. Unfortunately I have to get an attorney involved.

Review №23

Bad experience. I went in for civic ex 2022. The website says dont pay msrp 25400. But when i went there. The msrp was makred up by 4k plus taxes. Making on road price more than 6k above msrp. This is ridiculous. Even the manager did not behave in a professional manner. I understand that chip shortage is going on. But this does not mean you call in customers to the dealership promising to lower the price and end up giving just $300 price cut. Atleast give correct information on your website.

Review №24

I called the service department to get a 10,000 mile service on my car. I was told by the representative that I did not need an appointment. I also spoke with the body shop to get an estimate for a repair. They did not have me scheduled for my appointment.Which comes first???? I have always made appointments when going to Tameron.I was told by the body shop (lady) on Friday 7/23/21 that they were so busy that they must have just forgotten to write my name on the schedule.I rescheduled my appointment for next week with the body shop and they set my appointment up. When I called to reschedule my service appointment I was told that no appointment was necessary.I am a very busy person and want to know when my appointments are so I dont waste my day! Very Unprofessional Employees.

Review №25

It was great! I mean...okay, don’t get me wrong. I went to get my oil changed, but I was told there would be a 3 hour wait. Well, that’s a little long for me today! So I scratched that plan. But, what made my visit as valuable as it was, was a worker there by the name of Brandon told me that I could have the oil changed in Tuscaloosa, where I live, and that I could have the Honda dealership (Tameron) take care of the other jobs they do at the same time. So it wasn’t a complete loss! 🙂

Review №26

Service writer Brandon was a huge help getting my tires aired up and resetting my radio. Was just passing thru but everyone I spoke to was very friendly and could tell they had positive vibes in front and back of house.

Review №27

Great place to buy a car professional and helpful employees made buying a vehicle a snap.

Review №28

They had a car advertised on line for a great price. I checked on the availability and was told it was available and they would love to have me come by. When I stopped by I was told they had just gotten the and hadnt done the safety check or even serviced the car. They were more then happy to show me another car. The ones they showed me was more then 3 times the price of the original car. If they lie about the availability and condition of a car then I wouldnt trust them by buying one they say is in good condition.

Review №29

The service was very good sales person needs to be more knowledgeable about the Vehicle details.

Review №30

This is the first time I have given a business five stars! I took my car for my transmission to be serviced this morning. I was in and out within an hour! While I waited I had coffee, donuts, and even chicken biscuits. My service technician kept me informed by phone. Tracy is the only female technician and she understood my needs. There are two waiting areas. One room has two TVs; and the other room has tables where you can work and/or eat while you wait. Walking through the showroom is always fun! The service department is exceptional and if you want to buy a Honda ask for Chris Grimsly!! He will take care of you!

Review №31

Arthur Tillman (sales) was WONDERFUL! He helped us so much in the two days we were there looking for a perfect fit for our family of eight. If you go ASK FOR ARTHUR and tell him NIKKI FOSTER sent you!!

Review №32

Nice place to shop if youre looking for a vehicle. They go above and beyond to please.

Review №33

I brought my car in after just purchasing from another car dealership. The engine light came on a few hours after I bought it. My husband found an extended warranty for it so I gave it a shot. Sherry in the service department at Tameron was incredible! She immediately pulled up all the info and had the service team on it. She also found a few more things that needed to be done and had my car good as new in just a few hours. I would def recommend Sherry at Tameron!

Review №34

The actual service to your car is adequate; the service reps, however, are less than pleasant. I went in to get an oil change and it was taking a bit longer than expected and my service rep (a round white man with the last name Lee) asked me if it was cutting into my “shopping time.” For a brief moment I considered telling him that it was cutting into my “talking to his manager about his smart mouth time” but I chose to remain civil. If you’re a woman with less than all the time in the world to wait on a simple car service, do not accept Mr. Lee as your service rep. Allow me to illustrate his appearance so you do not experience the same unpleasantness as I did. White male, short, round, light brown, almost reddish, beard (which, I am assuming, is to hide his unbecoming features), tragically square black spectacles, last name is Lee. He gave a truly unforgettable performance featuring both sexism and an unsightly presence.

Review №35

We bought a used Honda Odyssey and had an excellent experience. Erique (sales person), Billy (sales manager), and Damon (service department) went above and beyond to get us exactly what we wanted with a very fair price. Will probably buy a Honda for our next car just to be able to rely on this team again.

Review №36

Every time my elderly neighbors go in they are talked into trading a perfectly good 2 yr old car in for new one! Shame on you for exploiting the elderly.

Review №37

Excellent service and support from all positions in the Tameron Honda team. From Sales to Finance, to Customer Care. This is on par with a luxury marque like BMW or Lexus. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend the Tameron team to anyone even remotely considering a new or used vehicle. Keith and Mr. Johnson are excellent people to deal with.

Review №38

This a great dealership to work with. Their service department took the necessary steps to stay safe and provided details on how they are working to keep you safe during your visit. Sherri was extremely thorough in her explanation of services needed and very timely in response to any questions and communication. I could feel a significant difference in my vehicles performance after the services were performed. I will gladly continue service with Tameron Honda.

Review №39

Tameron always takes good care of my 2012 Odyssey! They have the nicest waiting area and snacks to keep my toddler occupied while we wait. Thanks for great service year after year!

Review №40

So very pleased with my new car!! I absolutely love it! Your salesman John Pippen was very helpful and did everything he could to make sure it was the perfect one for me! 10/10 highly recommend due to quality of my visit and the customer service! 😊😅P.S. I tried to add a picture of my car but it wouldn’t let me!😕

Review №41

Honestly, the way they are communicating and the way they trying to work with you is amazing.Thank you Brandon and Tyler for your help and working hard with me to fit my budget.Respect how hard you work in Tameron Honda Hoover branch

Review №42

Hands down one of the worst Car buying experiences for me.Dealing with an un-ethical sales manager and sales person makes forA BAD day for anyone trying to Buy a used Honda Accord.Our deal had been agreed upon the week before. (was paying FULL price for the accord)My Wife & I was coming in on Monday 8/2 to complete the sale and pick up the car.Only to find that our car had been allowed to be sold to another individual Sat. 7/31.No calls were made to inform us that the car was sold prior to our arrival Monday 8/2.

Review №43

The service provided by Tameron Honda on April 19, 2021 was excellent. It was prompt, competent and well done. Sherrie Frady was helpful, attentive and very courteous. My 2007 Honda Accord now drives like a new car. I will certainly return when needed.

Review №44

Walt has been amazing with helping me when my van needs maintenance. His communication is fantastic about anything & he always explains in detail what is going on! He is a 10 STAR!!

Review №45

Brooklin(correct spelling) Roper, was a super sales girl. I was excited by her young energy, she felt like a close friend helping Madison to not feel so nervous. She gave Madison a wonderfully, unforgettable first car dealership experience. The in-house paperwork and financing part was lengthy but worth it in the end. Janifer (also correct spelling 😂).

Review №46

Haha they don’t care about the KBB value which is called Kelly Blue Book. You will pay for the vehicle plus their incentives. Simply their prices are way above the market price.Don’t even think about tradings because they will get your car for free.

Review №47

Im so thankful for my new 2021 Honda Accord!! A special thank you to my awesome salesman John Pippen. He gave exceptional customer service and was dedicated to assisting me with finding exactly what I wanted. All of the staff I encountered was great!!

Review №48

File:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/cc/12/401FBE00-C339-4465-B6BF-C5767B69A91E/123_1.jpegI am so PROUD of my son Jonathan. He graduated with his BS degree and as a gift to himself, he went a bought a Honda CIvic from Erika Stephens @ Tameron. His first BIG purchase that he did on his own. Erika walked him through it all with such ease and professionalism.I am so grateful to Erika for taking such great care of my boy!!

Review №49

Went there on a call out day at work and promised my boss it would take max 2 hrs. I was 2nd in line from 7:30 they opened at 8:00 on a Saturday. When I pulled up to my service associate he asked how many miles and I told him 75k, I specifically told him I needed a oil change the car had a b1 code on it but I can do without tire rotation. At 11:30 when I couldnt wait no more I inquired whats going on. He then informed me it was a big service because its a 75 -165k service. I asked how long it takes to do a oil chg. Long story short when I got my car the cost was $375 I was now getting hot because Im missing 4hrs of overtime and you are charging me all this money for a oil CHG when I inquired what I was paying for., They didnt do a rotation but was charging for it, at this point I didnt want to miss another hour so I paid they deducted $25 which was kind of an insult and promised a free oil CHG next time NEVER will I go there. I missed out on some money and was overcharged. Never again tameron..

Review №50

Bought a used car a month later having problems. It was as is so we’re basically screwed. I understand it was as is but you spend 14000 and go to the dealership you would think you would get a decent car.

Review №51

Sellers are a little over aggressive. I saw an older couple walk out because of the sales person. We didnt get to walk the lot to view the available inventory in our price range. Salespeople here are trained to get a car and pull it around front for your viewing. If they have a car I want to view I would go back to look at the car, but if I havent made up my mind on what I want this would not be my choice of dealership to visit. Hope this helps someone.

Review №52

Brook Roper at Tameron Honda is the best ever! She is an exceptional salesperson with great product knowledge. Please stop and see her at the Hoover store! You will be glad you did!

Review №53

Tracy was wonderful when I went to get an oil change! She was very personable and made sure everything went smoothly during my visit. Tameron Honda is great! Despite being busy, they make the experience comfortable and quick as possible. Theyll definitely see me for my next oil change.

Review №54

My sales rep was Brooklin and she did such an amazing job at selling us a car! Thank you so much to Tameron Honda for such a great experience and great employees! Very much recommend whoever is looking for a car to suggest Tameron Honda in Hoover AL.

Review №55

Miguel Garrard was a wonderful sales person.

Review №56

Went for an oil change, tire rotation and asked them to check rear tire that had lost 7 pounds of air over a 2 week period. They discovered a nail in the side wall but still rotated tires, they don’t have tires in stock or deal with tires in general, so I would have to go elsewhere. Ok, but they still rotated the tires and then they weren’t exactly sure which one had the nail?! Additionally, he came out with this whole list of charges regarding flushing transmission fluid, brake fluid, several other fluids. This car has only 40,000 miles on it and my original Honda dealer who maintained my car never had this huge list of things to do. I feel like they were trying nickel and dime me.

Review №57

Thanks Brooklin for helping us close the deal on our mew (to us) Sequoia. We are enjoying its smooth ride and spacious interior. We can’t wait to go on a nice long road trip with the family.

Review №58

I called and made reservations on 7/24/2021 on a 2014 Ford Explorer.The price on the Internet was $15,700 with a line thru it meaning that it would be cheaper than Internet price.I offered cash price of $15,500 out the door, even went to $16,000 the courteous salesman took it to the Sales Manager and he said with tax and Doc. and other pricing OUT THE DOOR PRICE was $17,000. WOW, I was shocked. My tax in my county is 2%, say 400.00, where did the other $1,000.00 come from, then I was told I could not pick up vehicle until the following Wednesday. If the car is for sale it should have already been thru the detail dept.I was sorely Disappointed with the Sales Manager not willing to work thru deal. Dont go in expecting to get any better deal...

Review №59

Highly recommend Tameron Honda!! We worked with Doug and he was wonderful! Very personable and professional! Would definitely encourage anyone to choose this place for their next car!

Review №60

We brought our 2016 Civic to have a check-up and also some minor repair work done. Brad was our advisor and made the process very simple. He was informing us when anything changed or to advise us as to when work would be completed. We left very satisfied, and would recommend them to anyone. No one else will service our vehicles. Great Job Tameron Honda Service Department.

Review №61

Even though I didnt end up buying a car here, I wanted to leave this review because of how impressed I was with the service I received from Jarvid. He was very informative and kind. I might just come back here and look at cars again in the future just because of this experience.

Review №62

I would recommend Tameron Honda to anyone. I had the best sales representative. Courtney was outstanding he went over and beyond to get me what I wanted. He was very patient with me. He was exceptional. He told me when I first arrived that he would make sure to take care of me. He does an outstanding job. If you want outstanding customer service and people that will work with you . Go to Tameron Honda. When you go ask for Courtney Richardson!!

Review №63

Wow ! Mr. Reggie Walker was such the perfect salesman . He was so patient with me over the last few weeks with my hesitancy in coming into the dealership because of past experiences! He treated me like a human being and not just a car commission check ! He was really knowledgeable and went the extra mile . If you’re in town - there is no other salesman to go see but Reggie Walker himself ! Really nice knowledgeable young fellow . Thanks for finding me and my children the perfect car !

Review №64

Great experience. Very friendly and professional. The waiting lounge is quite comfortable and large enough to effectively maintain social distancing. Checking out was painless. Very easy, in and out. Tameron makes it easy!

Review №65

We had the best experience at a dealership we have ever had. Doug, our salesman was authentic, funny, very knowledgeable about the vehicle & very considerate to my needs. Seth, the finance guy, went above and beyond for us with all we wanted & needed. I WILL recommend Tameron to all my friends & family. Doug Ledlow was our salesman.

Review №66

Just wanted to look at a Honda Pilot and compare to other 3rd row SUV’s. Had us fill out trade paperwork and then informed us that they are not allowed to sell to anyone residing outside of Alabama and contiguous states. Maybe a Honda thing? I’ve bought Ram’s and Chevy’s all over the country. Then we asked if our son could look at the interior of one of the civic type r’s in the showroom. There were 3. Was told that one of the salesman had all of the showroom keys and he’s out of town. I’d like to see the guy walking around with 10 key fobs in his pockets. Rudeness a lot of times comes back to bite you.

Review №67

I always heard that getting service done at the dealer was foolish because it was overpriced, so when my wife told me about Tameron I was resistant. This was now my fourth time dealing with the service department at Tameron, and each time has been wonderful. They are cheaper than the drive up places; they never try to upsell me; and I like that my Honda is getting worked on by someone I trust. This time, when they offered to rotate my tires, I accepted, but when I got my bill, they hadnt done it. It turned out my tires didnt need it, so they saved me money and my tires by not doing it! They have made a customer for life!

Review №68

Jarvid was our salesman, he was wonderful he showed us the cars we said we were interested in . When I picked the one I wanted he made sure it had the features that I was looking for. I have to admit that I was a stubborn customer I knew just what I wanted and what I was willing to pay for it. Jarvis worked it all out and in the end I got just what I went there for. This is the third vehicle I have purchased new from Tameron Honda.Thank you all at Honda.Carolyn Lamont

Review №69

The work atmosphere was very pleasant. The service technician was efficient and explained everything in detail. I will be back

Review №70

I thought this was a dealership of quality integrity and professionalism. However, I learn differently today. My husband and I encourage our daughter to purchase here only to find out that the price of the vehicle was increased during the transaction from $13,741 to -$15,000. The explanation given were the bank fees caused it. On top of that my daughter gave this dealership $3000.00 cash and that amount was not being deducted from the price of the vehicle. When she told them she no longer wanted to make the purchase they refused to give her $3000.00 back!! Alleging that they couldn’t get into the safe. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DEALERSHIP! Please do your research and know how to transact the purchase of a vehicle before you set yourself loose to the wolves.

Review №71

Sherrie at Tameron Honda is absolutely amazing, patient, and extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend asking for her when serving your vehicle!

Review №72

My thanks to Walt and his team of technicians for the time they spent inspecting my 2014 Honda CRV. That was my first time to visit Tameron Honda and Walt and his team restored my confidence in Honda, Honda trained technicians, and, most importantly, my CRV. Tameron showed their integrity by not taking advantage of my automobile ignorance and suggesting unneeded services. In the end they assured me that my 7+ year old CRV is in great condition but just getting some of the normal aging sounds. So, what could have been an expensive visit only cost $16.80. Thanks Tameron!

Review №73

Coming here was a experience, I traded in my hatchback and lifted truck. the salesman was friendly and knowledgeable including the managers and other staff. What I didnt care for was the long exhuastive paperwork and long back and forth negotiations on an Ridgeline I purchased. At the end it was worth it, Im happy I got the truck I wanted

Review №74

Maybe 1 out of 10 people wearing masks. The salesperson we were with upon asking him to wear one, wore it under his nose. And then told us he had gotten it but didnt really get sick.

Review №75

Tameron provides excellent service. I could not be happier with the service and the awesome personal attention. 5 stars!

Review №76

Salesman was great and got us the deal we wanted. However, it took way to long from beginning to end to complete the purchase. I should never have to spend 7 hours at a dealership to buy a car, when that car is identified within the first 45 minutes of my arrival.

Review №77

It took a while to get it all ready, but we were really pleased with the used Chevy Traverse we got, they have a young lady named Brooklin Roper who went above and beyond to make it happen and such a people person, even under her mask, you could tell she wanted us to be pleased with our purchase, showing us all the features and just making it a pleasant purchase, thank you Brooklyn Roper😊 Well, we had a problem with the Chevy Traverse, but Billy resolved it promptly for us, they really made us feel good about our purchase and forgot to mention Willie who also helped us with our purchase, very friendly and they all make up a great dealership.

Review №78

I’m overwhelmed by the service and appreciation given to customers here. The service manger Phillip was very nice and Tony Williams in service was very professional and was very honest about what type of service I needed. I own a Ford and a Lexus, but after the service I received today I’m only buying Honda’s from this point on from Tameron Honda.

Review №79

Sherrie at Tameron Honda is absolutely amazing, patient, and extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend to ask for Sherrie when serving your vehicle!

Review №80

Doug, Billy & Collin are awesome employees at this place! My purchase/car buying process was simple and everything went extremely smooth! Definitely reccomend going and seeing these guys! If could give em more stars I would!

Review №81

They are friendly but they are not your friend. My one star rating is based off a lack of integrity and truthfulness. They will even quote Bible verses to build trust. Do not trust them. They will tell you one thing and then repeatedly not follow through. I asked for an itemized out the door price. That request was repeatedly ignored. I purchased a 2021 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition on February 13th. The mirror was damaged by the transporter and had to be ordered. After signing all my paperwork I requested a copy of what I signed. I was told that I could not get a copy until the vehicle was delivered to me. While I waited it seemed very odd that no paperwork was provided and requested at least tentative copies be emailed to me. After some reluctance I was sent scanned versions by the finance person. They were virtually unreadable due the fact that they would not print any larger than a quarter the size of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. A week later the vehicle was delivered but it came with no paperwork. On inquiry, I was told that the paperwork would be delivered when the tag application was processed. On April the 5th, the tag showed up but still no documentation. When I asked yet again for a copy of my documents I was told that the poorly scanned copies that would not print full size were my copies. I explained that they were unacceptable and asked for actual hard copies be sent to me. I was told they would go out the next day. It is now June 16th and still no paperwork from the dealer! I can get a receipt for a hamburger off the dollar menu but can’t get “my” documents on a $47,000.00 vehicle. They are no longer responding to my request for my documents. They are friendly but they are NOT YOUR FRIEND!This dealership will also add frivolous “optional” paint treatments that are in fact mandatory. When I told them that I didn’t want it I was told “we put that on all our cars”. The internet price I was quoted was $41,439.00. What did I pay? $46131.00! What did that extra $4692.00 go toward?“Polyshield” protection package (that I didn’t want), door edge guards, splash guards, all weather floor mats, and a folding bed cover. We were charged well above Honda list prices for the accessories and then some. Then they added a $799.50 doc fee for a total of $5491.50 in dealer added items. Even if you subtract a generous $2000.00 for the splash guards, mats and folding cover that I wanted, there is still a difference of $3491.50 of smoke and mirrors. Yes, I paid the money because by that point a simple business transaction had turned into a hostage situation. This was totally unnecessary as I knew I was going to have to pay a premium for this model. I was on the verge of having a serious diabetic issue and needed to eat. I told them that I needed to leave and come back because of my diabetes but nothing was going to get my keys back. I knew I was paying a premium which makes their lack of integrity that much more insulting as a customer. Learn from my mistakes.

Review №82

Honestly, very good experience buying a used car. Was not pressured. Fantastic customer service.

Review №83

So disappointed in this dealership. We inquired on a Sunday night about a vehicle on the website and was contacted Monday morning to schedule a test drive. We went around 9:30 am and they could not find the key!! Then they called us back same day and said they had a key and we returned within 1.5 hours of that call and when we arrived they were selling same vehicle to another customer. Buyer Beware. Not sure if they are dishonest or incompetent. Just be honest and don’t encourage me to drive down to the dealership if the vehicle is not available. :(

Review №84

I saw a nice suv online i was very interested in. They sent me a personalized video (calling me by name) talking about the vehicle and explaining the features and everything which was very cool. I decided to go there for a test drive and ended up test driving a few other vehicles while I was there, but was stuck on the vehicle I went for originally. It was a used suv and they was dead set on their over priced price, not willing to drop at all. I told them multiple times I was not ready to purchase that day because I needed to get some stuff in order on my end but the salesman was very pushy. I was going to use my vehicle as part of the down payment so they did the evaluation and got the amount it was worth. We talked numbers to see what the monthly payments would be and they told me the way they ran my credit score would only have 1 hard inquiry instead of multiple inquiries so it wouldn’t hurt my score too bad. Wrong! I have 7 hard inquiries from them! Next thing I know, they’re bringing in their binder of paperwork for me to sign to get the title in my name and purchase the suv and taking my vehicle back even tho I kept on and on that I was not ready to sign papers that day. The whole point of this review is to let people know how pushy the salesman were. Even after I told them I was no longer interested, they blew my phone up for 2-3 weeks with calls, texts, and emails. They even called my job trying to talk to me. . They are the reason car salesmen have the bad reputation they have. I ended up going to a different dealership a week later, getting a way better suv for less, paying them in full in cash and haven’t regretted it!

Review №85

Service department is excellent. They are respectful to their customers and provide very good customer service. I have been here fee times and they never tried to over charge me or sell me a service that I do not need.

Review №86

Nothing to it. Drive in take a seat and wait for them to do their best work. Ill be back frrdfrfuu r

Review №87

Needed to get extra keys made for a Honda, I called to get keys ordered. They said they would call when keys were in. Never called. I called again and they had to reorder because keys they had ordered were used for other people. Made an appt and was told it would take about 15 min to do keys. When we arrived they asked if I was dropping off or staying for keys to be made that should have been my first clue. It took over an hour and for most of that time we had to listen to a salesperson try to convince an older person to buy a car. It was such a slimy sales pitch, They were not listening to what they was saying but just trying to convince them to spend money. It was everything that is wrong with sales people. Over an hour later the service associate who we told we were waiting for the keys called us as if we werent at the honda place waiting. We went immediately to the checkout desk and he is no where to be found. Nothing about our time at Tameron Honda makes me want to ever go back and we wont.

Review №88

The sweetest people to ever help purchase anything. Huge thank you to Vincent and Gabby for being so helpful.

Review №89

Great place to buy excellent showroom people made process quick and easyWith no harassment.

Review №90

Alece Belden was my sales person and she did an excellent job! I highly recommend her. She receives 5 stars from me!Russ Crouch

Review №91

Rude staff. Went to purchase our 2020 Honda and sat down to speak with one of the salesman- he repeatedly said not to waste his time if we are just shopping around...how else are you supposed to buy a car if you’re not exploring options?!! Went to Freeway Honda the same day and purchased the exact car.Please be polite and patience with your customers and not make them feel like as if they are “wasting “ your time when it’s your job and you are getting paid to sell cars....

Review №92

I recently purchased a Honda CRV at Tameron Honda with Sales Consultant Collin Shaw. It was was truly a pleasant experience. He was very patient with all my questions and made sure I left happy!

Review №93

Omg thank you thank you. I had a good car b4 I went there but somehow the car did not suit me. So brooklin and gabby took care of what I need for a car and payments. Everything was professional, courtesy and will do everything possible to get u best deal for ur financial needs. They are about the people more than the dollar. Thanks again and roll tide lol. Btw the whole experience only too maybe 2 and half hours thats including getting gas and transferring and items from ur trade in to the new one once again thx tameron. No problems here. Yes im real and review is real. 6/5/2021.

Review №94

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Tameron Honda, Christopher Powell especially. He was very kind, helpful and worked hard to put me in the automobile that best fit my needs. Actually, everyone there that I came in contact with took the best care of me. No one was pushy at all. I felt as though they all really cared about doing what was right for me. Im looking forward to doing business with Tameron Honda for years to come. Again, thanks to you all, especially, Christopher Powell.Sincerely,Christy C.

Review №95

Tameron Honda was a disappointment to myself and my family. They lacked professionalism and courtesy that should be shown to anyone that makes a major purchase. I have to stress the lack of knowledge that the manager conveyed during our interaction. During several phone conversations we were given false and misleading information which in turn led to a stressful and depressing buying experience. In the future, I would hope that Tameron Honda would rectify these issues. To all who hope to purchase from Tameron Honda - please be diligent in your research and verify all information through someone other than the manager prior to purchase.

Review №96

I spent yesterday with my family and teenage daughter buying my teenage daughter’s first car .We had shopped for almost 2 months and never felt as if we found the perfect car until we stopped at Tameron Honda Hoover. We had such a good experience. Our Sales Representative, Brandon was outstanding. He patiently spent his day with us answering our questions and providing us with information regarding our purchase. He was genuine, knowledgeable and very patient. In the end we all won . She was overjoyed when we left , my family and I felt extremely confident in our purchase. I can’t say enough good things about Brandon and our experience at Tameron Honda Hoover . Thank you guys so much !!!

Review №97

Tamron Honda provides excellent service. I could not be happier with the service and the awesome personal attention. I want to thank Brook Hoper you where great.

Review №98

Really enjoyed buying a car from here. We had a small issue initially with one of the salesman but Jeff Lennex (General Manager) and Jarvis Capers (Sales person) resolved our issue and helped us find a car in 2hours for a better deal. Will go back to them for my next car.

Review №99

Great dealership, sales consultants, and finance managers! I love my car from Tameron Honda!

Review №100

Rare (customer first) service experience. I’ve been driving Honda’s and servicing with different dealers my entire life. Tracy was by far the best service consultant I have EVER worked with. My 04 Civic had a blown head gasket. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Having an older vehicle that was in need of significant engine repairs was one of the more difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. Spend the money getting it fixed, or cut my losses and purchase a different vehicle. Tracy basically held my hand through the entire process. She explained everything in detail, and things she didn’t have the answer to, she went and found out. I never once felt like I was being sold something or fed a line of nonsense. She even went and spoke to the shop foreman and explained to him my situation. He decided it would be best to to do a full once over of the vehicle before we went forward with the repairs. With their guidance, I decided to go through with the repairs and couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. The civic is running great and I’m not stuck with a car payment. I would highly recommend this shop and when you go in ask for Tracy.

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