Review β„–1

Really enjoyed my impromptu visit after a phone conversation with Helyn. She was absolutely fantastic. I had all kinds of questions and requests that she patiently answered. She showed me every line of furniture that I had found on line and gladly worked with me to see what lines worked together well. She could relate to the husband/wife dilemma of liking different styles: one contemporary and the other traditional. I shared her suggestions with the better half and he sent me back for more of Helyns insight. Once again tonight I was not disappointed! Go see Helyn! Shell take great care of you! Thanks for everything!πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

Review β„–2

First time buying from Ashley and it was a terrible experiment. Delivery was on time and as expected, but the delivery team is terrible. First, throughout the whole process they try to rush it and get our of there as quickly as possible. When they arrive, didnt even bother to take their shoe off, my whole Condo is Carpet. One of them even gave me a glance when I ask them to do so. Didnt bother to check if my items is correct or inspect it for any damage before or after. Just want me to sign it quickly when they are done so they can quickly get out of there. After they left, few corners of my dining table have chip and cosmetic damaged on it. I try to call their Customer Services but its useless. They never pickup their phone! waited an hour two until I just gave up. I paid a premium deliver price and a warranty for a sofa set and a dining table that cost me over $1,800. I will never do business with Ashley again. May as well not paid for the Warranty or the premium delivery services because it is useless.

Review β„–3

I had very worst experience with them . I spent me thousand of dollars which I wasted. When they sell the thing then they trying to be very nice And kind . But when people waste their money then if something wrong with their furniture , they ignore the people . When we bought the furniture they said delivery will be on the time . Delivery came but their driver he didn’t deliver that day . He made excuse that your doors are small . Furniture can’t go inside and said if u want delivery , take the responsibility and do the sign paperwork . We already had insurance when we bought the furniture. Even my husband told him he can help them if they need help . They didn’t agree . After 15 min they were calling again and again and saying we are ready to deliver then we refused that . After that the same day we went Ashley . We explained everything to manager Ronny and told them just Cancel the order we will buy from other store . He convinced us and he told us he will come at my home to delivery day . Within 2 days they came again . This time they had different driver coz I told him I donot want same driver . They bring my 1 king bed frame , 2 queen . In that delivery one queen they didnot assemble coz they bring wrong things . They bring king size parts . Again we went to store and told them . Again the manager said he already order the parts .within few days we can get that . But the front desk said nobody order anything may be they forget .I shocked to hear her , how anybody can this much careless . We didn’t get our credit card we were asking about that then one of their front desk said if u have problem go out from the store and discuss there . He was very rude . Now come on the second delivery . I called them to confirm the delivery they said it’s not under ur name then we cancel the order .and the most worst part is customer care . The call goes to any other state then they connect to this branch with one to two hours .and we bought their tempur mattress it was also very bad we asked for return then said call to them directly. If they are not responsible for any other product why they sell .am still waiting for my money . Didn’t get yet . If they do mistakes they should except that Than argue with the people . I wish I can give them big zeros .but unfortunately it doesn’t. Coz they didn’t deserve any star.

Review β„–4

We bought a considerable amount of furniture (mattress, sectional couch, dining table + chairs, bed frame, adjustable bed base, dresser and a night stand) from this store around Memorial Day weekend. Also we bought furniture protection on almost all the items. Probably the only good thing in this was our salesperson - Tony (Anthony Pinto).Most of the furniture got delivered one months to 3 months later, after repeated calls, which is an issue raised by other reviews too so I wont go much into that.We totally regret our mattress and bed purchase from here.We raised an issue with the adjustable base height which never got resolved and we are thinking of purchasing our own legs.Two months of using and our mattress started showing the following concerns -* it started dipping in various places* it showed a visible linear bump in the middle which made it difficult to sleep.* the springs in one section make noise when someone sits on it* our new born has flipped on the mattress couple of times when someone sits or gets up from the other end - a big safety concern for us.Our mattress is a high end mattress and we totally did not expect these issues to occur so early and this indicated the mattress was defective.We reached out to Ashley about the mattress within 90 days and learnt that they typically do not offer a comfort guarantee/exchange, which is typically offered by most mattress firms. Point to be noted here is that we had purchased mattress protection as well. They offered to get the mattress reviewed by their technicians.*Their technician visited and confirmed that the mattress had issues and deemed it defective after his analysis*. The customer service agreed to that they could exchange it with mattress of the same kind.Given that the mattress turned out to be defective so soon and primarily the safety concern regarding our newborn, we were not comfortable with getting the same mattress product in exchange and rather wanted to reselect a different mattress. We visited the store about the concerns and they acknowledged the issues. They however told us that they couldnt help us but would ask customer service to reach out us for allowing a mattress reselection option or getting store credits instead of the exchange.After waiting infintely for the customer service, we called them (going through their endless loops of calls) to sadly learn that they cannot help us and they informed that the store manager needs to reach out to regional manager for requesting the store credits or reselecting another mattress.We were about to visit the store again, when the store representative reached out to us and said that they cannot offer store credits or reselection. We specifically asked if they reached out to regional manager as told by customer service but she ambiguously answered that they had raised the issue with management. I asked her to confirm if they with regional manager when I received a call from the store manager. The store manager claimed that the customer service was wrong in telling us that the store manager could help with this.Be ready to be tossed from one department to another with Ashley with no help whatsoever!The store manager repeated the typical lines that they are sorry that we are facing the issue and that they understand our concern of safety issue but they cannot help much here. We asked him if we could visit the store as we have been going back and forth from store to customer care. He rudely and harshly replied that that wouldnt change anything.Tired by this back and forth over a month, I asked him to share his email address so that I could have his response over email. The moment I was ready to write down his email, he disconnected the phone stating that he wasnt able to hear me! :(After this pathetic experience with the store management and customer care, I have been vehemently asking my friends to take their business elsewhere.

Review β„–5

Bad customer service.Due to covid continue to have shipping delays in a bed 6 months after ordering. Every week get a call to tell me the new delivery date will be two weeks again. 5th or 6th time this has happened. Definitely do not recommend Ashley

Review β„–6

The store associates were great and very helpful. Delivery is awful. We ordered a couch to be delivered today. They emailed us when they were here. Did not call our phones or on the intercom, we went downstairs well within the 15 minute window with no truck in sight. When we called to see what was going on we were told there was nothing they could do and itll be delivered Monday now. I am very unhappy especially with the price of everything Id expect better service.

Review β„–7

This store has the worst service. Never buy from this store. They will offer you good to be true deals but will have headaches later on.We have purchased several items last March 2021 and got delivered late May 2021. One of the items purchased was damaged upon delivery. We had to call the damaged items for replacement and after sometime, my wife was told to bring the item back to their store where we purchased as there were stocks available to replace it. As soon as we got there, store staff told us that there was no available stock and that they need to order this and have it delivered to our addressed. After another series of follow ups, we were told the replacement was in transit. After receiving the delivery, we found out the item delivered was the wrong one. We were told to keep the wrong items without charge probably to keep us from doing follow ups and close the case. We did not accept this and pursued to get the correct item delivered. Again after a series of follow ups, we were told it will be delivered within August 2021. August 2021 past and we did another follow up and now they told us that the shipment will be delay and estimate delivery date will November 2021. This is the type of strategy this store is doing. They thought we would be good with the wrong items delivered which we didnt.Hey Ashley management, why dont you do something about this? This is very bad service!

Review β„–8

Very nice product very reasonable prices but very slow and delivery

Review β„–9

This has been without a doubt the worst purchase we have ever made! We understand that COVID has been causing all sorts of delays, but the lack of communication and professionalism has been staggering.We purchased a sectional around the beginning of July from a very nice salesperson, who then checked on delivery dates and set us up for a delivery on August 1st. As the date approached and we hadn’t heard anything, we contacted you and found out that our delivery date had been pushed back two weeks, then another two weeks. At no point did they contact us to tell us about these changes.The worst (so far…) came when we were on the phone with one of their representatives to check on what was to be the new delivery date. We asked them why they kept pushing the date back when our salesperson had checked availability and timing when we purchased the sectional. That representative told us directly that our salesperson lied to us to make a sale and that there was no way that they could have stuck to that schedule. What?!? We can understand problems with shipping happening during this time, but to not only not communicate those issues to us, but to tell us that we were swindled by a dishonest salesperson is pretty enraging (And it seems like we are not the only reviewer to have been told this).That was about a month ago. They still have our money, and we don’t have our sectional or any communication from anyone on when it might be coming. Now when we call the store , we just get a recording with a new delivery date. Is it too much to communicate with someone who has given you more than $1000 of our hard earned money? We want our couch!

Review β„–10

If I could give ZERO STARS, I would! We purchased living room and bedroom furniture on August 1st. The store manager Kumar that we dealt with was great , very nice. They quoted us 6 weeks for delivery. We have been asking for updates and have been told different dates. My husband goes down yesterday and talks to the night manager who was a complete JERK, and now we are told we won’t get our order until DECEMBER. How in the actual heck can you go from 6 weeks to 18+ weeks???? And they have zero empathy. There is absolutely no recourse - other than cancelling. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Do NOT, I repeat - DO NOT buy from Ashley. Run fast.

Review β„–11

This is a good place to get affordable furniture, there are great discounts. We got our bed sets with good finance plan. We highly recommend this store.

Review β„–12

We were provided an estimated delivery date of 4-6 weeks. I called to check on the status of our order and was provided an estimated delivery of up to 3 months from our date of purchase with some items being delivered end of December. I get the feeling that dishonest delivery estimates are being provided to make sales.Also, while the call center employees are professional, every time I call to check the status of my order, I get different information. This is making things very difficult in terms of scheduling when I will be able to be at my residence for delivery. I recommend shopping elsewhere for furniture needs.I will update my review upon receipt of items ordered.

Review β„–13

Albert is super helpful and friendly, I and my wife didnt know which was the best option, he helped us selected a couple of furniture within our budget, we discussed a long time, finally chose one. Well tell all our friends to find him when they look for any furniture.

Review β„–14

HelloDo not buy from Ashley HomeStore. There service is really bad. If you talk to the customer service, they gave you false information. I believe that company is totally fraud. If you want to waste your money, you are more than welcome to buy from them.I love to give them zero but we dont have zero star.Thanks

Review β„–15

I purchased a sectional sleeper sofa and at first I loved it but we are only a family of two and it doesn’t hold up as well as I had hoped. I also purchased the warranty which was a huge waste of money. They will not come out for a stain removal unless it’s the only spot on the piece of furniture. I was also informed that it’s a one time spot removal. Over all regretting my purchase. It was not the quality I was looking for and the warranty service is garbage.

Review β„–16

It was wonderful experience with the sale person, Tony, Pitino. He approached to me in the beginning with nice manner. I save a lot of money by his recommendation. He treated us with kindness and gentleness, explaining different options. He is truly the best sale person I ever seen before. Thanks. Tony.

Review β„–17

I had the wrong order delivered to me. I ordereded 2 of the same accent chairs and got one that was the correct style but someone elses name and address on it (not even nearby) and the other chair was totally different (again, my name nowhere on it). I tried to catch the delivery guys with no luck. Called to open a case within 10 mins and here I am weeks later still trying to get someone to resolve this for me. Ive called, Ive emailed, Ive done the online chat bot multiple times. In fact I just did it again now and was transferred to 4 different departments and had to restate the issue every single time even though I gave them a case to reference. I declined the last transfer to a new team because I couldnt take it any longer. The screenshots I took of our conversations are ridiculous. Dont order from Ashley!! Customer service stinks and now Im out several hundred dollars because they already charged me for these chairs that arent even mine and I still need to go buy different matching chairs somewhere else. Good luck! I will never order here again.

Review β„–18

Ordered our furniture and mattresses in May. Gave them two months to get things together, understanding that covid causes a delay on everything. We called and they said they wouldnt have our stuff ready til November. We just cancelled our order. Why have it on display, without an out of stock tag, or a warning that its a slow shipping piece?

Review β„–19

We recently bought furniture from them and was assured delivery would be 6-8 weeks. Prior to coming to Ashley we had gone to a competitors store and found the same product but 3-4 months delivery. Ashley did price match but again 6-8 week delivery sealed the deal.8/22 we check in on the order in the store and was assured 9/15 product would be delivered. 9/8 I call the customer service number waited 45 mins only to find out 1 of the few items we ordered was on time and the rest would be backordered to October and November. Went to the store that night and was told yea they should t ha e promised that…. Great service to get the order but terrible service after. If you use them know delivery expectations won’t be met

Review β„–20

Tiana was so helpful and all the staff was friendly, responsive and checked on us.

Review β„–21

My wife and I were very exited to buy our Dining table and living room set here. Tony one of the most respectful and best sales person I have encountered made us feel at home. While wondering off apart from him a different sales person approach us while we were sitting/picturing our selfs in our home and made us get up so she can show a different customer the couch. Unfortunately my wife and kids felt very disrespected we decided to take our business somewhere else. Tony deserves a pay raise for sure!

Review β„–22

If I could give this joke of an establishment less than 1 star I would. They assured me that they had the item I wanted in stock and had me come in to purchase it. 20 mins after I walked out their warehouse called and informed me that it would be over a month before they had in stock. After having the phone rung for 40 mins I went online to cancel my order and they told me I have to come in for a refund, this place is a complete waste of time. Do yourself a favor and avoid it at all costs, literally it will cost you time and energy only to end up empty handed.

Review β„–23

I had very good experience in this store, the sales, Helyn and the store manager, Jemari, were really helpful, we got our dining set here and we were happy with them. Thank you, both.

Review β„–24

Ricky was a great salesman! Showed us what we were looking for and helped us make a decision! Thank you Ricky!!!

Review β„–25

This is a wonderful and beautiful place to get your beautiful and affordable furniture. The staffs are super helpful and there are discounts to make it easy on your budget. We got our dining set, living room set and tables at a good price and good finance plan. I recommend this place.

Review β„–26

Ashley used to be our primary location to purchase furniture. However, we could not close a deal with this business on several occasions due to production deficiency or unsuccessful price negotiations. We tried this business again and met Kay Mansaray, apparently Ashleys new sales associate. Not only was Kay friendly and cordial, but she also exhibited a thorough knowledge of goods and products. Moreover, we found her a professional who presented fantastic customer service by fulfilling the customers expectations. Eventually, we could clinch a deal with Ashley for a dining set!Although we had a bitter experience with their delivery team, I am going to rate this business with four stars that all goes to their sales team.

Review β„–27

We went to try out some couches, we said as much to Russ but all he heard was we need a couch pretty quickly and he practically chased us around the store as we chased our toddler. He also kept pulling down his mask to talk to us. He didnt give us a second alone to try out couches and just kind of lingered around us the whole time. We ended up just leaving, I dont want to feel like Im being hunted while Im trying to shop. It was really obvious that he was looking at the price of each couch we sat on. The whole experience was annoying. We went to Mor furniture and had a much better experience with the sales reps.

Review β„–28

I can understand the pandemic causing delays. What I can’t understand is being told my product will be delivered July 3rd so I don’t book anything. Then I get the call oh it will be July 24 th. Again I don’t book anything on this summer weekend. Then I get the call it will be August 10th. A full 16 weeks since I paid cash for my furniture and I still have nothing to show for it but multiple blown summer weekends. Yes the phones are set up so you can’t call the store, you have to figure out what the magic number is.

Review β„–29

ANSWER THE FLIPPING PHONE!Local store wont pick up, and call center I keep getting transferred back to ultimately cancelled my call after 45 minutes wait.烦死了!Also, salesperson completely misrepresented the delivery charges by more than half what they came out to be until we all but completed the purchase. Not coming back here except to straighten out a double charge they put on my card.

Review β„–30

Covid slowed down my order big time but when I’ve dealt with the customer service they have been so helpful in getting my item to me as quick as possible. Very kind and helpful staff.

Review β„–31

If I could give zero stars I would! Purchased a sectional on 5/1 and as of today I STILL have not received it. I was originally told it was delayed due to back order. I then continued to receive SEVERAL delivery confirmation texts, emails and LIVE PERSON phone calls confirming delivery and then another call 2 days before expected delivery that its even further delayed. This has happened to me 4 separate times now. First scheduled me for 7/13 and then followed up saying it was early and would deliver 7/10. They cancelled and told me it was now going to be 7/29 and they JUST NOW cancelled me again saying it wont be delivered until 8/9. When I contacted customer service asking that it will for sure be here 8/9 they told me they didnt actually know when the order will be delivered and to not take any of the delivery confirmations serious. W...T...F...if you actually want to receive furniture you purchased DO NOT buy from here

Review β„–32

We were looking for a sectional and after looking at 8 different furniture stores we finally found the perfect one and the BEST salesperson to help us with our purchase. Albert was SUPERB from start to finish! Ashley HomeStore had such a great selection of furniture and availability that we decided to also get a new bedroom set! We can’t wait to get everything set up. Thank you!

Review β„–33

Please do not ever go here. You will never see your order. They dont follow through. They dont care about the customer and its just a terrible place all around.

Review β„–34

My husband and I bought a couch tonight from Shwan Saber and had a great experience!! He was very patient and showed us lots of great options. My husband (whos not easily impressed) really enjoyed the experience, and were so happy to have found the perfect couch- within our budget, and a sleeper. Also was cheaper then if we ordered everything online. Will definitely be back.

Review β„–35

Ordered a chair and ottoman around thanksgiving. Soonest delivery is march 1They called today via auto robot to confirm delivery. They have the address wrong even though we have double checked and corrected the address when we have called to check on the orderAdditionally. We paid for the item in the store during a holiday blow out I think it was the Black Friday sale. They said it was half off but they charged us more then half off. I mentioned something was wrong at check out. The sales rep said I would have to take it up with the manager because he could not override the system. After waiting 20-40min and the rest of our friends already checking out with their orders we were told we could call the manager later on a less busy day to get the price adjusted.When I called back and checked the website the item was in fact less. The manager has yet to give me the refund after months of asking.Next, now time for delivery. I have called a couple times to explain our property is very large and not to rely on GPS we have tons of land and it will say the house is on the left side of the road not the right. Also we have 3-4 driveways so which driveway to take as the safest for service trucks with the least switch back curves for driveway safety to get to our mountain top. The operator said their is nothing they can do. That the driver is supposed to call before arrival. I asked she make delivery notes to give the driver warning. She said she can try but it won’t be attached to the shipping instructions. For Goodness sakes company get your customer service together better.She said the driver will attempt to call but the home is Zoned forestry on a mountain top so the cell signal cuts in and out. I asked for a specific delivery time so my husband can wait for the truck and have them follow him up the mountain. They can not secure a time. She said we were 5th delivery for the day.So irritated. Watch when the furniture comes it’s the wrong color or something.

Review β„–36

They charged me more than Ashleys online store. When i went for price match, the manager, bald white dude was so rude. He discarded the receipt they gave to me during order. Instead, for price match he pulled out a receipt with higher prices and didnt even consider my receipt which they gave me during placing the order. He didnt even listen to me and ask me to cancel the order. Such a BAD experience.

Review β„–37

Had amazing service! Even in the midst of all the covid precautions and having to clean /distance and all. I just had back surgery, can barely walk and needed a recliner. They took great care of my wife and I and we were able to find something thats not only in budget but also nicer then I thought wed find!

Review β„–38

Helen is a really good to work with if youre shopping for furniture.

Review β„–39

Im 34 years old, THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE I EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!Ive never written a review in my life, but this experience was so poor, I had to let the world know.When we visited the showroom, the person selling us the couch tried to sell couch for several hundred dollars more than what was listed. He argued with us about price until we threatened to leave store and then he noticed the β€œprice mistake”. The sales person spoke such poor English, we had to ask for another sales person but he begged us to not do so so we didn’t.We purchased our couch on May 8th and they told us β€œ6-8 weeks for delivery”. The date we were ultimately told was July 5th delivery date. On July 3rd we called them to see what time they were going to drop off couch, and they said β€œyoure delivery has been moved to July 29th, and August 4th for all the pieces” They didnt warn us beforehand at all. We took July 5th off work to be there but they didnt care. While speaking to them on July 3rd they didnt help at all. They didnt care I missed work. They didnt care we had already waited 2 months. NOTHING.Fast forward to today, July 25th. We called to see when our couch and or chair will arrive on July 29thAugust 4th delivery date and ONCE AGAIN! THEY CHANGED DELIVERY DATE WITHOUT TELLING US. Now our delivery date is AUGUST 18TH!When speaking to customer service via chat, their own representative told me the showroom sales people lie to customers. Tell them it’ll be 6-8 weeks delivery time KNOWING FULL WELL IT WONT BE. I have screenshot of conversation for anyone who wants to see.Every interaction Ive had with customer services has BEEN DREADFUL! Theyve been rude and havent given a damn about how much we spent and how long we’ve waited. We called on a weekend. They said someone would get back to me Monday. Ofcourse no one called me. My wife has footage of me waiting on hold to speak to someone and then someone picking up, not saying anything, and hanging up.DONT SHOP HERE! it’d be better to build your own bamboo couch with leaves for padding than to support this crooked deceitful organization of thieves.

Review β„–40

We bought $12000 worth of furniture here. We haggled to get online prices. They have jacked up the prices in the store. Doesn’t matter it is 50% or 60% the final price will be the same. We haven’t received all of our furniture yet, we ordered early November. We received our couch after months of waiting and that too was defective and they are going to send the technician after 2 months. They have changed the delivery millions of times without even letting us know. We have gone to the store multiple times to ask regarding the delivery and they give diff dates every time. They have wasted so much of our time and money. It is not worth it. I would not recommend buying anything from here. They have given us the worst experience shopping for furniture.

Review β„–41

Sales staff are pleasant and arent too pushy, but its the customer support and furniture protection packages that have given us the most difficulty. If you pay for the extra 5-year plan on a couch, and need it replaced, they will deliver a new one but you will still be on the hook for getting rid of the old couch, which is not free in Washington to throw away. Moreover, we spent a total of 12+ hours on the phone with Ashley and the vendor company until they told us they werent going to take away the old couch. The new couch still cost us less than if we had not paid for the extra protection, but the experience was poor.

Review β„–42

We ended up buying a couch here because we found one we liked. It was a decent price even after the sales person added a protection plan we didnt ask for. No one asked if we needed help and we had to ask for help twice to be able to buy what we wanted. All the other stores (macy, jr, etc) greeted and helped us right away. 2 stars lost on bad customer service. The additional compliant is the layout. Everything is super mixed up and makes you travel the whole store. I perfer having the one item I seek all in the same area?

Review β„–43

This very bad experience with Tukwila branch.Very Bad customer service .No phone pick up- I received big scratch on the mildly of the tables sets. And delay the other orders as wellI could not even contact to escalate my issue and frustration

Review β„–44

I purchase my furniture on June 15 and knowing that there would probably be a wait of a month because of Covid 19 but didnt except the non-communication from them. I try to use their delivery website and it tells me that I dont have an order. I try talking to a rep and you even wait 15 minutes or more or you get hung up on.

Review β„–45

Waste of time, we were waiting for our furniture to be delivered for over 3 months, they have rescheduled our delivery date for 4 times, until we decided that its enough for us and we cancelled our order. Would give it less than one star if I could. Tolal disappointed...

Review β„–46

Bought a $3000 bedroom set in October. Still haven’t received it. They call every couple weeks and change the delivery date. This last time they didn’t even call. Was suppose to get it on Jan 28 but when it no showed I had to call them and they informed me they changed the date to Feb 19 without informing me. At this point I’m pretty sure I just got robbed by a furniture store.I tried to ask for a refund and the lady refused to help me.I will never shop here again*also don’t get excited for their sales. There is no difference in final price between their 30% sale and their 50% sale.I was waiting for a big sale to buy the set I wanted and it turns out that once they did their big 50% off sale, they simply jacked the price of the set I wanted up to 6k (it was previously 4500) We have filed a complaint with the State AG regarding false advertising.DO NOT SHOP HERE, IT IS A SCAM!

Review β„–47

This location is now closed and will become hobby lobby. Ashleys moved next door to PetSmart

Review β„–48


Review β„–49

Sales agent are dishonest. I bought martress and a table. They said they will deliver my mattress after 2 weeks, and my table after a month. I understand its covid, but when i know that the mattress is at the warehouse and they just don’t want to deliver it because they want to wait for my table. Im looking for 2 months before we get our order delivered. This tukwila store does not have a direct line, only customer service that can’t really help you. Never going to buy at ashley again.

Review β„–50

Ordered a table in-store for delivery in the beginning of December 2020. Delayed delivery 4 times. Finally received my delivery today March 2, 2021, just to have been delivered a DEFECTIVE product. I have had it with Ashley Furniture. I call the Phoenix office and ask about options. They said I could visit the store I bought it at and receive a refund. I make the trip to the store and an employee there tells me I cannot get a refund. My only option, from the employees at the store, is to wait for the warehouse to call me to schedule a day for me to physically drive out there to get it looked at by a technician.In summary, Ashley Furniture has the worst delivery process and after waiting 4 months for this table, I get delivered a defective one that I’m stuck with and cannot get refunded. Even though I got it today. Absolutely frustrating.

Review β„–51

Had a good experience in the store. Cheap furniture and pretty good customer service. We found a couch during the fall sale and couldnt believe the price. Hopefully the shipping and delivery will be smooth sailing but no complaints so far. The only reason I dropped a star is because it took about an hour to make our purchase after we had made the selection. I dont know why it took so long.

Review β„–52

I Love Ashleys furniture!! Great selection of everything,but i believe they should let someone know when their furniture will be delayed again and again! I went in on the 6th of February was hoping i would have furniture by mothers day atleast,but i am still waiting changed delivery 3 times well now 4 times now delivery is changed to the 20th,i understand its the pandemic but this is the longest i have ever waited for furniture really!!!! And its ridiculous!! Make you wanna say forget it,but i already waited this long!!

Review β„–53

We order a Sofa-loveseat and a table and 2 small tables in Dec 2020. Our delivery was delayed 4 time. We got sofas in January and we got tables yesterday in March, after 4 months. There is a manufacturing defect as the tables measurements were incorrect. It could have been easily fixed by handyman by they refused to provide that as the order was shipped directly to our home instead from the warehouse. We dont want to replace it, as it will take even more time. And we will surely not get the refund too. We have to fix it now, on our own maybe.

Review β„–54

If I could put a zero I would ! This store NEVER answers the phone for customer service. Every time I call, I wait on hold and nobody answers then it asked me to rate the quality of the call when nobody even answered the phone to begin with !

Review β„–55

Amber and her Sales Manager were great! Thanks Ladies! Hopefully the delivery comes when its scheduled to show up. πŸ˜‰**7/17/21: Wasnt expecting the gift card, but thank you! Picked it up today! LUV my leather couch!**

Review β„–56

The most beautiful experience. The guy was respectful and really helpful

Review β„–57

12/24 Still waiting on a couch set that was ordered in August. They have pushed out the delivery window three times now. You can’t get a hold of anyone because they never pick up their phone.I think all the other negative reviews on here do a good job summing up this store. The place is a scam. If for some reason you still end up going here, use a credit card so you can do a chargeback.

Review β„–58

Worst customer service I have ever received. Ordered furniture here four months ago. They delivered half of a matching set, and rescheduled the other half. Some of the product they DID deliver came damaged and they wont do anything about it. I still havent received my furniture. They promise to call back, but never do, they have rescheduled my delivery at least six times already, about half of those, they dont call me to reschedule, they just dont show up and I have to call to find out why. The same is true for the repair tech theyre sending to look at the product that was delivered damaged. The staff both here at this store and at their customer service headquarters DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY! And now Im stuck with an expensive, mismatched set of furniture and they still wont help me get the other part of my order. The manager Jamari and his office manager Megan are not helpful, and just try to give small (5%) discounts to say sorry without actually trying to help. Useless.

Review β„–59

So many options!!! Lots of couches and different styles we went to 4 other furniture stores before here and found more that we liked here than all the other places combined and the prices were low! Love the 5 year protection plan and the low pressure. Sara helped us and was great!!! We love our new couch. Paying for deliver is worth it, so convenient!

Review β„–60

We went there last year November before Thanksgiving a sales person told us if we open an account Ashley/Synchrony credit card we will get $400 Visa card rebate after the last of my furniture delivered. Its been 8 months now we havent receive that Visa card, I called the lady who help us that day she told me to call Synchrony credit card so I did but they told me they dont know what Im talking about rebate. I call the salesperson and told me she ask her manager. Until now we havent heard from her or the manager.

Review β„–61

Items purchased were never delivered as agreed on. For 5 months we waited patiently. They cancelled without notifications. They even had the audacity to let us know that if rescheduling was going to be on our part that we will need to pay. So, yeah, I don’t recommend this furniture company at all.

Review β„–62

Dont like the way their store is laid out and their prices are hi for what theyre selling. Also their staff was not very friendly for communicative dont see myself ever buying anyting there

Review β„–63

Do not buy from this company! They cannot fulfil their order and will hold your money for months promising it will be just another few weeks, but does not happen. We ordered a leather sofa set in August 2020 and was promised it would be delivered in 4-6 weeks. That date goes by and very little updates from the company. Mode over 8 calls to their Customer Service center and delivery keeps getting pushed back further and further. I met with the Manager at this store in February 2021 to get an update or refund, and they said for sure it would be delivered March 19th based on the code they saw in the system so we decided to stay the course. Here is is 3/18/21 so 7 months later and no sofa and still saying back ordered and now delivery date is pushed back to April 2021 for a sale in August 2020. That sofa set is still for sale in their sales floor even though they cannot fulfil the order. I guess I will get a refund and go to another company and will notify the WA State Attorney General. We have bought quite a bit of furniture from this store over the years, but never again.

Review β„–64

Diondra was EXCELLENT. She was patience through the decision making process. I appreciate that! I would refer friends and family to Ashley and to Diondra.

Review β„–65

The customer service is totally a disaster. We got the damaged sofa on delivery day. No one took care of our request. The office manager is really tough to state that she is 100% sure that the sofa could not be returned.

Review β„–66

We have purchased furniture back in the beginning of August and the company hasnt sent our furniture to us until now and we are still missing most of our furniture. They are making us pay for basically nothing which I think is ridiculous. We have been trying to call about the shipments but keep giving us different dates not to mention they havent even tried to call us about the status of our purchase. I am very disappointed with this store and the customer service they provided us which really was little to nothing. They have no problem taking our money though lol. I suggest to save your money and heartache and go to another furniture store.

Review β„–67

Overpriced low quality furniture.

Review β„–68

GO ELSEWHERE!!! This is by far the worst furniture buying experience I’ve ever had and the customer service here is the worst I’ve ever experienced. You are on hold for upward of an hour only to be put on hold again for another 30+ minutes to speak to someone else. My delivery has been rescheduled THREE TIMES and I have been waiting for my furniture for two months, and looking at other comments regarding this store, I see Im not alone. Covid is not an excuse to have furniture assembled in time when youve had over two months to get it completed. This is not only unprofessional, indicative of poor management, and bad for business but it is stressful. There seems to be no one willing to answer phones and no appropriate option to speak with a person. It’s a nightmare. DO NOT SHOP HERE. There is no reason furniture shopping or furniture delivery experiences should be so abysmal. Your customers deserve far better than this.

Review β„–69

The worst furniture buying experience I’ve ever had. The only helpful person was Deirdre at the desk. Customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. You can’t get a hold of anybody. Between my 2 deliveries they have been scheduled and rescheduled like 8 times. This is so unprofessional. The furniture quality is the worst. I have had my couch for less than a month and it’s already sagging and pilling. I have called and called and called customer service. There is no one answering phones and no appropriate option to speak with a person. It’s a nightmare. Take your business elsewhere. There is no reason furniture shopping and delivery should be so stressful.

Review β„–70

I regret going anywhere near this store!I ordered a desk for my daughter in August. I was quoted 4-6 weeks. A few days shy of the 6 week deadline I got a rushed voicemail after 9pm explaining that my order was delayed. I immediately called back but β€œcustomer service was closed”The next day I called back and was told I would get the desk mid to late November at the earliest. I asked to cancel and was told I would get a refund to the same card in 7-10 business days.The next day I get a voice mail from Megan who wanted to confirm that I am canceling. I call back but am routed to the customer service line. I am once again quoted 7-10 business days.That didn’t happen of course so I called back. Calling the store number routes you to the customer service line almost every time. This is where the worst customer service happens!! I was told the order was canceled and that I have to talk to the main store about my refund. Of course I can’t reach them and always get customer service. After several transfers β€œJaz” says she will open a case for a manager to call me first thing in the morning. You know what happens next...Of course I receive no phone call from a supervisor. I give it a few days to calm myself down and call back. Two days straight I am hung up on promptly at closing time.I decide maybe email is the best way to go about this. I now have sent multiple emails to every Ashley email I can find without resolution.Now this has been weeks of not having being refunded. I live an hour away from the store so driving in is a hassle.After calling the store number 10 times in one day I get the local store and talk to Megan. I give her my information and she tells me she has no record of a cancellation. THE WOMAN WHO CALLED ME ABOUT CANCELLING MY ORDER HAS NO RECORD OF IT!! She tells me if I want a refund I have to come in the store. 2 hours of my day after already being inconvenienced! Megan then explains that she can reach out to operations and β€œget back with me” well guess what...I never heard from her of course. So today I harass the local store number again and get Megan. She said β€œoh yea, they haven’t gotten back with me” I’ll call you when they do.”I fully believe I have been scammed. Making my daughter a desk from scratch would have been less of a headache. Just avoid it at all costs. It’s not worth the headache.

Review β„–71

I had a very bad experience at this location. My fiancΓ© and I found a couch we liked and were told that it would be in the warehouse within a week or two and delivered in 4-6 weeks due to delivery issues during Covid. I asked if we could pick it up from their warehouse and I was told yes that is allowed. We thought everything sounded good, so ended up selecting a set of furniture and putting half down, financing the other half with their in house financing -Acceptance Now. Two weeks pass and I call up to see if my order is ready in the warehouse and I’m told that the couch we ordered isn’t even in production at the moment and would unlikely get it till sometime in 2021. (This was in September). I go to the store to get a refund and find the the policy is no returns once you sign... well after a bit of talking they agreed to cancel my agreement and issue my money back (minus the set up fee). They want to put it back on the same card I paid with, but I just lost my card a few days prior to this. I ended up agreeing to them issuing a check. They told me It will take two weeks to come in. Yesterday was the two week mark and so I go back to Ashley and am told that it could be another 30-45 days before I get my money back. I call the corporate line and end up having a district manager tell me there is nothing he can do.... anyways, i am at a loss for what to do except wait... I put $1500 down over a month ago and still I have no furniture. I highly recommend not going to Ashley, but if you do you need be aware that you will get the run around and your furniture will take forever to come.

Review β„–72

As a whole this store is a pain in the a. No deliveries on time, unable to satisfy customers No one bothers and cares BUTDi is one Manager who has the perfect attitude and cares for her clients. She is a real asset to Ashley furniture store. I was surprised when I heard back from her where she went above and beyond to get to the details about my frustration on delivery and she assured me that she will handle it going forward and that I can be assured that she would be personally looking into the problems I was facing. Before this the sales person and some other male manager was only lip service. They were to call me but after I paid the money they dont have time to call back but Di took her time off to resolve my issues.If not for Di, I would not have taken a return step into this ugly and unfriendly store. Di you changed the tone of this store and I wish you stay there forever . I salute you Di and others should learn from you

Review β„–73

Purchased a couch here! Staff was very nice and not too pushy. The buying process was surprisingly streamlined and easy and they had updated technology to make things easier. The staff was also knowledgeable about the product and financing services they offered. They were also willing to give us all the details. Delivery was on the pricey side, but delivery guys came, unpacked, and put together our couch.

Review β„–74

Giant furniture store with a great selection in various price points. They even have a large selection of heavily discounted floor models for various items. I bought a floor model end table here last weekend and just took advantage of their Easter sale/moving sale and bought a couch today. Daniel helped me out and did a great job! Beautiful store and friendly staff.

Review β„–75

I purchased a piece of wall art at the Ashley Home Store in Tukwila. The sales associate was inexperienced and it took him an hour to process the transaction. The store was going to ship the item to my address in Olympia. Later a manager called and said the item could not be shipped since it was from a third party vendor. I requested a refund to my credit card. I was then told that I would have to come back into the store to process a refund, that their policy was to not do credit refunds over the phone. It was a 60 mile each way drive to get my refund. This store has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Review β„–76

I’ll start with the one positive, the staff was super friendly and helpful in store when making a purchase. That’s where that ends. After making the purchase there was no care. I was told I’d get a follow up call with delivery date after a couple days after the purchase. Waited a week and then reached out to them. Their response was 4-6 weeks it should be delivered. But they said they’d follow up with a specific date. Still no call. I finally called customer support for a robot to tell me my date, only for them to call and say the order was delayed another 2 weeks. From what I have read in reviews, I’m not the only one who gets ignored after the store receives payment.

Review β„–77

The worst experience Ive ever had with them. Beautiful bedroom set. No mattress. Order placed March 21. Waiting since April 17. In store today only to find out order had been deleted by an employee for unknown reason. Their solution: We pick up mattress from their warehouse, pay for another delivery from an outside vendor, or wait again for another delivery from their warehouse.

Review β„–78

Will never go to Ashley! I had very bad experience dealing with both on site agents as well as customer service. They never ever answer calls and are terrible at providing proper customer service. They delayed our furniture by 2 months and then did not remove the hold on my credit card even after delivery.I was literally getting charged twice the amount. When I called them to remove the hold, they kept on shuttling me between agents and one of the agents asked me to physically go to the store for just a credit card hold removal! ( I live an hour and a half away).This is unacceptable and very rude. Don’t get their credit cards, it’s a huge rip off and your credit score is going get a big hit.

Review β„–79

Now I can understand why lawsuits are so common in US. I’d made purchase worth 9k from the store and one of our purchase item was getting picked by 3rd party. Store manager was intervening in my conversation with pick up person so I told him that I’m talking directly to pick up person and not you. And store manager (named Jemari I think) asked me and family to go out of the store and canceled our purchases πŸ˜€if owner is reading the review then you don’t need my advice. If manager’s ego is resulting in losing sales (& it was a hard sale of $9000 which he refunded just to satisfy his ego) then trust me one way or another you will be out of business soon!! Sorry for the harsh review here.If we don’t get sincere apologies from the store management we will consider legal options so he doesn’t repeat this behavior ever again with any other customer in his life.

Review β„–80

I will give it 5 Star but there was little bit more stuff there then I tought

Review β„–81

Stay away! The worst online customer service in history of customer service. If you want to wait over 6 months for furniture to come in and keep getting the run around then this is your place! Im still waiting for 2 chairs for over 7 months. They keep sending them to the wrong address over and over, and Ive spent over 15 hours on the phone just to get lied to everytime. I will never buy from them and we spent over $4000 with this insult to a company. To top it off I still dont have my chairs. This is the worst furniture company on earth! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review β„–82

Awful full customer service

Review β„–83

For my order I received four separate phone calls about different items that would not be delivered on the promised day. One phone call was the morning of delivery that a critical piece of a bed was not available.Their answer was for me to take another day off work at their convenience to accept delivery.One item arrived damaged. They offered to mail a replacement - letting me know it would be 7-10 days until they even bothered to put it into the mail.The installers failed to install anti-tipping restraints on the dressers. Installers claimed that installing drawer handles was not part of installation. Installers wanted me to sign documents on a phone without being able to read what I was signing.For the missing bed piece I was promised that they would come Saturday morning with the piece and to assemble the bed. They no-showed. Apparently nobody bothered to turn their promise into a scheduled delivery.I regret every purchase I have ever made from Ashley.

Review β„–84

The manager Pat was super friendly and helpful!

Review β„–85

UPDATE: Save yourself the trouble and stress. They wont do anything once the purchase is made. GOOGLE SHOULD ALLOW ZERO STARS, EVEN NEGATIVE. Do not buy from here unless you have ample time to deal with the worst customer service.Terrible products and customer service. First time buying experience. I bought a whole living room set sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. The ottoman cushion is all compressed leaning to one side. I bought their 5 year insurance what a waste of money I have reached out to customer service 4 times with no decent response at all. They just want pictures of the products but never respond back. They originally sent a tech out on my initial complaint. Who did nothing but tell me how to properly use the ottoman. Cant beleive spent so much money and event bought insurance and still receive this terrible customer service.

Review β„–86

Far better and more inventory in this Ashely than and other nearest location, plenty of people to help you and guide you for properly select your furniture

Review β„–87

Our experience at Ashley Furniture when purchasing a sofa was an excellent one. Our salesman was Peter Altman and he made it such good one. He was So helpful. You are lucky to have him representing you. He is Very fun and easy to work with. . He explained things about the sofa we were interested in, gave us time to look around, kept checking on us to see if we needed anything, and then when we were ready to buy the sofa he was right there again to help. We are going to come back to look at other pieces of furniture and hope we get Peter again. Thanks, Pam and Harvey Bush

Review β„–88

My husband and I came in to look at specific couch that I saw on the website. As soon as I came in Tony was there to greet me and had the couch in stock to show me that I saw. It was an amazing experience to shop at Ashley furniture. It was very easy and quick and all my questions were answered. I will be shopping there again in the future. Thank you Tony, cant wait for our new couches.Marina

Review β„–89

Ive been trying to contact the store for four days now and no one will answer the phone the store is open but I cant get a hold of a single person about my delivery and when I call the company number they tell me they cant answer any questions that I have to talk to the local store so by far this is been my worst experience yet.

Review β„–90

Went back three times and explored all my options. Enjoyed every moment. Helpful signage with dimensions and pricing. My sale assistant did everything possible to meet my needs and get the best pricing! He even suggested a few items that brought it all together. Look forward to my new living space. Thank you

Review β„–91

Nice, friendly staff. Approached us from the get go with a run down of how the store worked, the current deal going on, and then let us explore without hovering. Appreciated being able to look around and find what we wanted without the pressure of making the sale that you get at some places.

Review β„–92

I just bought a sofa and chaise from Russ at Ashley Furniture. What a cool guy! We had a nice chat, and I appreciated his honesty during my sale. My husband and I cycle through new furniture often bc I like changing our decor often. Russ has earned himself a loyal customer. Thank you!

Review β„–93

This is the second time we’ve shopped at Ashley Furniture, but this time we furnished an entire home. Peyton was so great to us! He moved multiple items so we could see things next to each other, he helped us get the best deal (online/store pricing) and best of all he sent our order to the store closest to our home so they could help. This process was super smooth and we can’t wait to see everything put in our home.

Review β„–94

Although the sale didn’t work out this time, I know I’ll be back and look for Melissa. She was so kind and patient with me despite my indecisiveness and the fact my husband and I couldn’t agree on anything lol!Thank you Melissa! We’ll be back!

Review β„–95

Management at this place will take your money and smile in your face then provide you no help this is for you Jabari..... Megan is shady as well I aaked he for the Corp# she gave me a # to the store. I called the store to ask questions regarding a refund every # option they gave me rang busy note I was just in the store maybe 3 customers inside the rest were employees the only # option that was not busy was when you called the store to make a payment and or buy new furniture guess who picks up Good ol Meghan paid 1600 dollars. Waited almost 3 months they didnt even deliver it the day they scheduled. And they just dont care after they get your cash out of site out of mind

Review β„–96

Terrible delivery attempt experience. If these are who Ashley HomeStore chooses to represent them then I’d stay far, far away. No need to deal with unprofessional, rude, incredibly frustrating jokers.

Review β„–97

Sydni was EXCELLENT! The customer service is impeccable! I felt like I had a personal shopper who truly assisted me in searching for my items. Even the store manager, Heidi, was extremely helpful! There were so many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) employees, which also enhanced my shopping experience. Representation is so important and valuable in aiding the customer experience and increasing the rate of returning for additional purchases. The quality of the items is incredible by the nature of the brand and the employee team, especially Sydni, were incredible!

Review β„–98

Was looking to purchase a new dining table for my home and glad that I stopped here. It was difficult to choose a table being that there were so many options of beautiful tables. The young lady that helped me was very informative and help me narrow down my choice. Ill be back for a new bed soon.

Review β„–99

Staff was friendly & helpful when we purchased furniture. Then weve had nothing but issues with delivery. Every day for 5 days i get a call of a delivery change. Then i was told my items would be delivered but only one came, i wasnt told my other items that are high priority are going to be delayed for 2 more weeks! We placed a order mid July! Whats sad is that i talked to a manager and asked her to give me a call back and she never did. Im not mad so much about delivery because i expected that but to not communicate is not ok! Plus i had to call and get told my order is delayed. Call your customers, otherwise you wont have any!

Review β„–100

Good and friendly staff.I had the privilege of being attended to by the man with the shortest ponytail in America!, and my shopping was very fruitful.I ended up getting myself the best bedroom set at the best price!Thanks Russ for the shopping experience.Eunice and Sylvia

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