Review №1

Huge place with tons of well themed rooms. Quality product, very friendly welcoming staff. They also have some unique pieces of arts that has limited edition. It os more like high end furniture, compare to the quality price is t too expensive either. They leather felt really nice, and I’ve been to different furniture stores to compare. Some of the bedroom set ups were so nice I wish that set up by the windows was my room. It gives you very quiet environment so I could concentrate and think about how I wanted to set up my room. Also got some great idea from the room set up here. I was here for kids desk, they didn’t have too much selection of kids desk. Overall I definitely recommend checking this place out.

Review №2

Very well organized with supremely helpful staff. Furniture wait times are a lot shorter than other places in the area.

Review №3

Contemporary modern furniture, practical and comfortable. Cozy, chic and elegant is not easy to achieve, but Room & Board managed to accomplish it! We bought a few pieces over the years from Roam & Board, chairs, rugs, decorating pillows, lamps, and are satisfied with the quality, beauty and comfort of the things we got. Prices run a little high but sometimes they have sales, floor sale items are always a great deal! Looking forward to buying more beautiful pieces for the house as we like to upgrade now and then.

Review №4

We’ve bought a bookcase, coffee table, and living room rug from Room and Board.What really stands out is their excellent white glove delivery. We’ve purchased furniture from West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and Room and Board. Of the three stores, the delivery people are by far the best at Room and Board. We never have to remind the guys to take their shoes off when they deliver items. They’re efficient and respectful of my home. The items are delivered in perfect condition. They show up when they say they will, are careful and do not cause damage to my home.We also received good service from the Design Department when selecting a living room rug.Room and Board is more expensive than Crate and Barrel and West Elm but their products are higher quality and you receive better service.

Review №5

Great and helpful staff. Good products. Everything is manufactured in the US.

Review №6

I dont really get this place. I prefer crate and barrel. Both places are over priced although their furniture is made in USA. At least your not playing 10k for a couch made on the other side of the Pacific like at RH.

Review №7

Beautiful, comfortable furniture, including beds, night stands, chairs, couches, sheets, duvets, pillows, blankets and rugs. Small rooms with many lights, lamps, artwork, frames, shelves, all beautifully accessorized.One could spend an hour or more enjoying and or envisioning the spaces in your place of residence being brought to new life.

Review №8

Better than cb2! Sorry. Bad joke. But, also true.

Review №9

I was discriminated against and not allowed into this store. I was told that the thickness of my mask was not sufficient. It was no different than anyone elses in the store. This store apparently set some arbitrary standard beyond the government imposed mandate. I will never shop here again.

Review №10

Nice store, the staff members were not to inviting. I asked about sale items and I was referred to on floor items. Meaning some items posted on their website arent available. This location is not small child friendly, the staff was watching my child. He was well behaved while walking throughout the entire store. Time for a staff meeting to be called.

Review №11

OMG! Best couch buying experience ever! If you are at the University Village Store ask for Donna D she was so accommodating and helpful. Helped me with a design plan and answered my million questions. Great experience all around!

Review №12

Tom Shortliffe provided outstanding customer service to us - before, during and after the sale. Absolutely blown away by how attentive and pro active he was during these difficult times.

Review №13

Nice selection of products

Review №14

Great furniture, and people to help you!

Review №15

My partner and I could not be more pleased about our experience with Donna for a design consult. This is a complimentary service offered by Room and Board and it was hugely beneficial. We were feeling somewhat frustrated and overwhelmed with our space and left feeling excited and in great spirits about the wonderful pieces she helped us choose (without any pressure; just simple, honest, professional and enlightening feedback and advice.) She was the missing piece to us completing our home and we are so grateful!

Review №16

When you walk I to this store you are immediately aware that there are lots of possibilities. We were looking for a ceiling light and found more than one we liked. We had lots of useful assistance from The staff and when we made our choice it was easy to check out and arrange for delivery. The drlivery was perfect, actually ahead of the promised date.The prices were reasonable and the quality was good. And there were a lot of other items that will Bring us back.

Review №17

It seems every time I visit here, I leave inspired by the newest, beautiful trends. I find most things aesthetically pleasing and somewhat masculine in style, which I prefer. The flow of walking through the store is much different from other large retailers, as at Room & Board you do not feel you’re herded in a set path through the store like cattle, unable to see the products in an open, realistic & livable space. My only issue is that I like most everything I see and it won’t all fit in my home.

Review №18

Fantastic selection of contemporary furniture. Quality made and USA. Very good customer service.

Review №19

I love R&B furniture. My recent purchase, this quartz table is just beautiful. Delivery was on time and super polite. The base had a little scratch and was promptly replaced by the store. Very satisfied.

Review №20

Attention!!! I bought two 50% off pillows, thinking I was doing a good business. I thought the big discount was because the pillows were the last ones (floor sample). But to my surprise, when I opened the cover, I noticed that they were manufactured in 2012 and 2013. 7 years ago! It is absurd to sell such old pillows to customers. Mites living for 7 years.

Review №21

Really pretty furniture that I cant afford

Review №22

Great Customer ServiceWe bought some beautiful leather chairs. After 5 months, they did not wear well. I worked with Chelsey the manager at Seattle store. She was excellent. We returned the chairs and received full credit. We would shop at Room & Board again.

Review №23

These guys are top notch. I was shopping for a new sofa and went into mutliple furniture stores in University Village. This is the only one that the floor reps bothered to ask what I was looking for and how they could help. They definitely get my business.

Review №24

Very nice furniture, but extremely expensive.

Review №25

Exceptional customer service, quality for the price and satisfaction guarantee. Beautiful, simple designs that look contemporary but will wear nicely for 20 years. Also, the vast majority of these pieces are made in America. Not cheap, but worth it!

Review №26

High quality furniture, amazing return policy. The showroom and service at this store is exceptional. Purchased three couches here and am eagerly waiting for delivery.

Review №27

High quality furniture and decor, outstanding showroom. The associates here are very helpful in a non-obtrusive way. Love that they host local events here.

Review №28

I bought an Architecture bed back in 2012 in Los Angeles. Two of the end caps on the feet broke. I called the Room and Board here where I live now, explained what happened, they looked up the purchase, and immediately UPSd me 2 new feet at no charge. Great customer service and Ive never even visited the store!

Review №29

Highly recommended! Love our new sectional, love the color, love the comfort, love the price, and love the service we received.

Review №30

Its not so stand out at first glance from so many furniture stores in University Village, but you will definitely love it after looking into details. Customer service is good as well.

Review №31

Very nice store with a great selection of products.

Review №32

Love this store! I wish we would get one in Louisville!

Review №33

Lots of well pretty well made contemporary furniture to choose from.

Review №34

I would never buy anything from here... but its very inspiring :) Ill go to IKEA

Review №35

Overpriced chinsty trash. Avoid at all costs.

Review №36

I always want to like things here, but I dont. Senselessly pricey.

Review №37

Amazing furniture store

Review №38

Fantastic customer service.

Review №39

Great store, helpful staff, quality products

Review №40

Wish I knew this place existed before buying my couch elsewhere.

Review №41

Oh my god, what is the smell that permeates that store.

Review №42

Bedrooms was good

Review №43

Beautiful furniture

Review №44


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