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I ordered a backpack on August 3rd. I paid in full for my purchase at that time. The email I received about the backpack being shipped stated delivery dates of Aug. 19-23. I thought this was exceptionally lengthy, but was wanted it monogrammed. Today is the 23rd of August and my backpack says it is still being prepared for shipping. I called their customer service to see what was happening. The woman I spoke with stated that they had already given the bag to UPS and that it had nothing to do with them. She was of no help. A few hours after speaking with her I received a notification from my bank saying that Pottery Barn charged my card a second time for the bag. So I have now paid double the price for a bag I do not have. I logged on to see if the shipping info had been updated only to see the bag I was told was already at a shipping facility was back ordered and will not be arriving until the middle of January!!! So they lied about my delivery and double charged me. Do not waste your time and money on any of their products! They do not value honesty or their customers!

Review №2

This is the Worst place to buy furniture from. Horrible experience and until now not resolved. Amount of time spending over the phone is more than 5 hours. Everyone gives you a different answer. Customer service phone number most of the times breaking up. Scheduling department never answering. Read all the reviews before me. I’m going through all of these. go buy form a cheap store and you can get things done or at least get right answer. Horrible system which is not updated properly. So frustrating and no body cares. Go somewhere else and buy furniture from.

Review №3

No hardware. no resolution. no customer service help. After having to pay for the white glove delivery service on 2 custom ordered beds (my boys share a room), one bed came without hardware. After calling every week for 3 weeks after delivery, they repeatedly said hardware is not in stock and only ships with a custom order. No pictures of the hardware nor instructions (customer service cant even find who the manufacturer is or what hardware it needs) if we tried to purchase at a Home Depot and assemble ourselves. I am so unhappy with this experience and feel nothing has been handled professionally. I sit on customer service waiting for a supervisor over 45min each time I call. This company is supposed to be better than this!!

Review №4

Typical Pottery Barn. Some cute stuff, some goofy stuff, a lot of it pretty spendy.

Review №5

Delivery confirmation times are completely inaccurate and disappointing. No updates along the way. Still waiting for Christmas presents I ordered.. Update ,Its been 2 and a 1/2 months Im still waiting for my furniture I cant get an answer or update from anyone. I should have read the reviews before shopping here. Buy elsewhere.

Review №6

Do not order from them. It has been nothing but a headache since I ordered, no one knows where the pieces are, or when they will be coming in. They keep repeating is the same script from one customer service person to the next. I asked to speak a manager a few times and get transferred to the credit card department or am told that it is over an hour wait and they can’t hold up the lines for that long so I can’t speak to a manger. I will never be ordering from their company again. Please trust these reviews, find another please to order your furniture from. If I could give them a 0 star review I would.

Review №7

I placed an order of a sectional set in 11/15, 2018 and I was told it will be delivered by 12/3.Then they pushed the delivery date to 1/9.Today is 1/29, still no sofa. I called to check the status, they told me it is now pushed to 2/22.I told them I had enough. I want to cancel my order. At this point I no longer believe the dates they give me.The lady on the phone was super mean she told me I can’t cancel it since it is in transit to their local warehouse. I can only cancel it once the items reach their local warehouse.So let me get the straight, I have to wait for the sofa to reach their local warehouse before I can cancel this order! An order I already paid for 3 months ago?But it doesn’t stop there. It gets better, she told me I will be charged the shipping fee when I cancel. The shipping fee is nonrefundable! I said what shipping fee, I haven’t even receive the items yet. She told me because they have to ship this sofa from a different warehouse to their local warehouse. So if I canceled I still have to pay the shipping fee from warehouse A to warehouse B!Then I told her this is mess up.Her reply: What else can I help you with!Me: What the #$@&%!?

Review №8

Overpriced items that pretty much break the minute you get them. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Review №9

One star is too generous. Bought $600 worth of items online and tried to utilize both the online exchange (which is non-existent) and in-store processes and still do not have what I ordered/need. They have an awful return/exhange policy and are definitely not invested in customer service. Will not buy from PB again.

Review №10

Not helpful at all and hand sanitizer smelt so bad.

Review №11

Never buy from these guys. Terrible customer service. I bought a bed on sale online, OVER 24 hours later, they sent me an email stating they made an error in their pricing and they canceled my order. I spent over an hour on the phone trying to fix the issue. All they said they could do was offer me a 10% a full price item coupon.

Review №12

If there was a 0 star - that is what these guys should get. Not the store but the whole company!!! Overpriced but no extra value!!! Ordered kids study desks - there was no update on when they will ship - nothing! Had to call SEVERAL times to get this delivered. Next, the assembly people did not put together some of the pieces. When they say white glove delivery - it is just a fancy name for crappy delivery. Hom Furniture or any of the other stores have better delivery. And the desks chip soooo easily. I do not even have rolling chairs and in spite of it there are several nicks for a very light use.Also, I got talked into applying for a credit card with the lure of a rewards check. When that came in and I used part of it, there was not warning that I would automatically lose the other part I did not use!

Review №13

DO NOT BUY FROM PBTEEN. I returned the Harry Potter duvet cover, unused and still packaged, on January 13th and still have not recieved a refund. I recieved a merchandise credit, which goes against their own return policy, but they have so far refused to cancel out the store credit and issue me a proper refund. I cant buy the medicine for my sick guinea pig because Ive been waiting a month for a $200 refund! I will never do here again!

Review №14

Always have a great experience when I shop there!

Review №15

Over 3 weeks and bed still not delivered. Pay $140 for awful shipping. Part of the bed arrived on my doorstep with the box top missing and parts exposed to the harsh winter.

Review №16

Awful! After months waiting for a back-ordered item, they broke my desk during delivery. After another 3 months they delivered only the drawers! Months waiting, hours on the phone, hours at home to wait for delivery, nonexistent customer service. Totally embarassing!

Review №17

This helped me get all my stuff that I want to know

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