Billion Auto - Chevrolet in Sioux Falls
4200 W 12th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57107, United States
Review №1

Our visit to Billion Chevrolet was a pleasant experience. We brought our vehicle in for an oil change. They were busy so we had an hour wait. The time went by quickly. We passed the time by watching TV. We also were treated to complimentary hot beverages of our choice. Also available were bottles of water and cans of sprite and coke. The employees were friendly and courteous.

Review №2

I had the best experience. Anthony was great! He made me feel relaxed and comfortable without being pushy. He was honest and the whole transaction felt like I was dealing with a friend. The gentleman that worked on my financing was spectacular. I knew he was working in my best interest. I have never had a new anything but Ive never had a better experience and Im actually filled with joy about my new Trax. Thank you for the great experience!

Review №3

I came in at 4:20 for an oil change and they were able to get me in & out in 30 minutes. Everyone was very friendly and helpful! Thanks so much!

Review №4

Kyle was constantly updating me on the status of the repair.From the estimate, to the parts on order/backorder(Covid) to the finish.Loved the constant communication!

Review №5

I was in and out way quicker than I thought. They said about 35 minutes and they werent far off from that. I was updated throughout the appointment and informed of their findings after I asked them to look at a low tire for me. They didnt push any service on me and I left paying only what I initially came in for. Let me know what could be done about tire, and left me to make that decision on my own. Thanks for the speedy and informed service!

Review №6

This was the 3rd vehicle we bought from Billion. Our salesman Brian is awesome. I will definitely use them again

Review №7

Did a wonderful job keeping a look out for the SUV I was looking for and kept me updated. Highly recommend them.

Review №8

I very strongly DO NOT recommend buying a vehicle from Billion Auto. I recently purchased a vehicle from Billion Chevrolet. I was very impressed with my salesman, Madison. He was great. However, the remainder of the staff I dealt with were rude, unethical, and not customer friendly. I worked through Matt in sales and Phil in finance and they were both very rude and had no intentions on making sure I was satisfied with their business. I was told that my monthly payment would be a certain amount, I signed my papers and left. Later that week, I realized in my copy of papers that my payment was $60 more than what I was told it would be, by Matt. I contact Phil and he was beyond rude. The only thing he kept saying was that I signed the papers, which I did, UNDER THE IMPRESSION that the staff would follow through with the verbal agreement that I had made with Matt as to how much my monthly payment would be. I ended up going into the dealership in person and ended up talking to Matt. I was very upset about the situation, since I had a budget on what I could pay monthly, and they somehow increased my payment without me knowing. At one point in our conversation, Matt told me to “relax a little bit.” He repeatedly told me that he never would’ve told me that number, though he did, since that was the amount I agreed to. Not once, did anyone offer to do anything to make up for their unethical actions. I have told all of my family, friends, and coworkers to NEVER give any business to Billion. Their business practice is all about money. They preach that they want to have returning customers. I don’t believe this at all. They know that they are a large, well known dealership in the Sioux Falls, they don’t care about customers. I will be reporting their business for unethical and misleading actions.

Review №9

The Staff at Billion Chevy were absolutely amazing. They’ve made sure we were happy from when we bought our car to when we needed it serviced. Jeremy and Vinnie in the service center are the best around by far. I won’t go anywhere else. These two are there for you from start to finish. They ensured I had a loaner vehicle when I couldn’t go without. While they were servicing my vehicle which was all covered under the extended warranty I purchased, they got it over to the body shop to take the small scratches and dents out of the car, all covered by the warranty I purchased. My car looks amazing!!!! Thank you Jeremy and Vinnie and the rest of the great staff at Billion Chevy Sioux Falls, SD

Review №10

I had actually never been to this dealership before but I needed some dents and scratches repaired on my 2021 Toyota Corolla and I was told to come here. Josh and Parker were very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns. I also appreciate that I was given a loaner car. Will probably be returning for a wax on my car. Thanks for your service!

Review №11

Between our salesman, Jeff Larson, and the service department, Mike Kaiser, they went above and beyond!! Their organization is second to none. My wife just leased a vehicle from them (after my pick-up purchase) and I’d recommend them everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. These guys are the real deal. Thanks again!!

Review №12

Had a good experience at Billion Auto in Sioux Falls, So. Dak., on 08/07/. If I meet a salesman whom is too aggressive, I tend not to buy. But in Zach Angelo, I found a down-to-earth salesperson, who was very straight forward with all information concerning all of my questions. He was courteous, polite, not at all pushy, which helped with our decisions. He was more than willing to help us out with whatever we needed with our car. I would refer Billion Auto to everyone.

Review №13

Professional. Honest. Friendly staff to work with. Highly recommended!!

Review №14

Nash was very helpful. We found a car we liked and started talking to him. He wasn’t pushy, was very informative, and all around great to work with!

Review №15

This was the best car or truck purchase ever! I believe my initial call was 6 minutes and my order was complete on a Silverado still in transit. They recommended a few options and handled to perfection. We live in Florida and when they were having difficult securing a transport truck to deliver to Florida, they arranged for a driver to drive the truck to Florida, then fly back to South Dakota! This what I call going ABOVE AND BEYOND! You truly are one in a BILLION! Jason P

Review №16

We recently purchased a vehicle from Brothers Auto Sales in Sioux Falls and discovered some issues with it after we bought it. After receiving no help from Brothers whatsoever, we had Billion Chevrolet check it out. They showed us a video of the mechanics inspection, which was awesome, and they fixed everything under warranty at no charge to us. They got everything fixed the same day. I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №17

We broke down on the side of the interstate late afternoon on Wednesday.. We were able to get our truck back on Friday at the end of the work day. We were worked And on an emergent basis. Reina, the service adviser was very nice. Prices were reasonable.

Review №18

Jessica is a young up and coming superstar. She filled in as a service rep and was outstanding. Jeremy handled my situation like the true professional that he is. I met and spoke to Tyler service manager and his people are an extension of him. Top notch!!!

Review №19

Made a final decision here at billion. Mike White is the man to ask for. No pressure and and easy to work with. Siouxfalls location had plenty of cars on the lot. Had great experience and will come back when. Im ready to get another car. Helpful team. Thanks you billion and especially thank you Mike White!!

Review №20

I used to go there for everything service and sales and never had an issue. Though, the last few months the service department has been an absolute disappointment for me. Every time Id go in, there would be a different service advisor in succession of the last one I had dealt with, and all of my records would be lost. Eventually, it got to the point where my car became undrivable, and the warranty I purchased, through Billion Chevrolet, which I hadnt used yet due to the incompetence of Chevys service department, denied my service request on the grounds of abuse and neglect. Their evidence of neglect was my tires were really worn so they wouldnt fix my engine...Long story short, I was refunded the warranty and Im never going back to them. Id rather buy a beater and work on it myself than do anything with this business again.

Review №21

Just disappointed they didnt throw in new tires on the deal

Review №22

Bought a 2021 Trax. Very professional and interested in client, smooth transaction. Check them out. Very satisfied with experience at Billion.

Review №23

Really polite was pleasure to deal with people who are professional.

Review №24

Very disappointed with my recent service . I have been taking my car for an oil change for a while now and have always loved the fast service and proper communication. For some reason,recently my car took a little longer than usual, the customers that pulled up after me got their car done and left. The associate that handed them the paper work,l think he realized that l came before them and politely said Ill be right back with your paperwork l said okay, after about 20 or more minutes later,there was still nothing and this is when l got frustrated. I saw my car brought outside into the lot,meaning it was done,but still no one showed up with my paperwork or atleast came to tell me whats going on with my car. I had an out of town trip l was already late for. Then a different associate came with my paperwork and asked Are you waiting on the Nissan? I said Yeah,it took so long the guys that came after me even left and l was still here for a long time. Was there an issue with my car or something? I was really frustrated,but instead of trying to explain why it took long or why someone who came after me got their car done and l still had to stay longer after they left,the associate rudely said Well am the only one doing paperwork didnt even try to understand why I was frustrated,or address my question and walked away. I was really shocked because l have never had any issues with staff here before and l have never gone anywhere else for an oil change. I just paid and left, l doubt if Ill ever come there again or recommend it to my friends or family.Just because of one person,one day.

Review №25

I had the best car salesman ever and and everybody was so nice and so respectful and was willing to help me get the car that Id like I am truly grateful to God and to everybody at Billion... Blessings to you all🥰🥰

Review №26

Initially, I was simply looking to get a quote on leases since my current one didnt have much time left. However, the staff made a great first impression. Everyone was friendly and attentive to the people that walk in through their doors. And the salesman that ended up speaking with me made the experience all the better. I appreciate the willingness to speak with me like a person instead of just a customer of which they want to get a sale. Transparent and willing to answer any questions I had, it made the experience less stressful for me. This sort of inviting nature of the staff at Billion is what will keep me interested in doing business with them in the future. As well as spreading the word that they were fantastic to work with!

Review №27

We were traveling and needed an oil change. We drove into the express service and were taken care of immediately. Everyone was very courteous and professional. Waiting area was very clean and inviting. Would definatly recommend this dealership.

Review №28

I went in and had a water pump fixed, which was under warranty, along with a sensor module replaced. I brought the car in early and picked it up in the afternoon when finished. I was sent a video of what was going to be fixed ahead of time which was nice and helpful. Thanks!

Review №29

I had a great experience with the guys at Billion, didn’t know how to use a feature and they helped me out as quick as possible! I got a great deal and even got a full tank of gas to top it off!The deal I got on my pickup was jaw dropping, could not believe it! 😃

Review №30

Had a great experience at the sale at the fairgrounds. I saw a vehicle I like on the website, and called my salesman (Bert Vanwyhe.... he is the best!) I paid slightly more than I would have liked, but I am happy with my purchase. Financing was easy and the whole process took less that 3 hours!

Review №31

Did everything on the phone with Zach and he actually delivered the Harley 2 hours from the dealership. Thanks for making the process painless, Zach! Ask for him and hell take really good care of you!

Review №32

Quick and painless. For five stars, Id like to sse free snack option and an optional, purchasable post maintenance car cleaning services.Thank you

Review №33

I arrived to get an oil change they told me it would take 40 minutes an hour and a half later my car was finally done they claim that whoever did the oil change last time didn’t lube the filter well enough and they struggled getting it off… I think it’s because I am from out of state and will probably never be back so I could wait and they serviced other customers in front of me. I unfortunately was sitting there with a major case of hives in desperate need to get out there and get some medication… This just made the situation worse. And there right now I will never go back there.

Review №34

Shopping for the automobile that I purchased I was reasonably trouble free. negotiations of the price that I had to pay went at about the normal time it takes to finish.Time will tail how pleasant the experience will be.

Review №35

Outstanding service to help take care of their customers and to make sure that the customer gets everything that they were offered. Thank you Zach and Derek with everything you two did to help my family I to the vehicle that we absolutely wanted.

Review №36

Unbelievable how bad my experiences have been here. I am usually very forgiving but these guys are just bad!

Review №37

Matt is great, he found us the perfect pickup. I highly recommend him when you are looking to purchase a new vehicle.

Review №38

James and Travis were patient and answered every question I had. Excellent service and response time. Retention is guaranteed.

Review №39

Please, please never use any Billion service. You cant get any worse customer service.

Review №40

Everything has been very good so far with the purchase of my new.pickup. With the times we live in now and vehicle availability, I do find the wait a little on the challenging side. All in all it has been a very smooth process.

Review №41

I had the pleasure of working with Jesse when I found out my car needed $3,000 of work done to it. I called out to Billion Auto and he said they could squeeze me in on my day off which was only 2 days notice for them. I took him up on it and we drove it out there! He got it in right away and helped me get money from my GM warranty so I only paid a small amount. We live 2 hours from sioux falls billion auto but would still drive out there for the wonderful customer service. Thank you again Jesse!

Review №42

Had my Tundra get a routine service. Best thing about bringing it to Billion is they have records of what has been done to it extending beyond my ownership. Nice job guys!

Review №43

No customer service. Second time in shop in a week and half. Picked up car this morning and now have rattling. Do techs even test drive after they do work besides around the building!?

Review №44

Everyone I worked with was very kind and helpful. Anthony helped pick out the perfect vehicle for me and was able to get me to a price point that worked well. He was very knowledgeable and would definitely recommend him and will be coming there again!

Review №45

Billions representative was curtious and took care of my vehicle I was early and they took it right in and had the repair done in a half an hr. Thank you. Jessie and Cheyenne

Review №46

The receptionist was very personable and friendly!! the mechanic explained everything and was very nice and professional!!$

Review №47

It is a good place. Ask for Torey Crager very good salesman and wants to help you find the best car that fits your needs and payments. The only complaint I have is they scheduled to fix my car at 9 and changed it to one 1 without contacting me.

Review №48

Purchased a 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer yesterday! Mike Ulmer is AMAZING!! Highly recommend him for your salesperson. All of my questions were answered, everyone was easy to talk with, great atmosphere, and everyone made it a fun and super easy process! Best car buying experience I’ve had thus far! Thanks guys!! :)

Review №49

Max Hartman made the buying process easy. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I met him at the Hyundai store but he took me to other locations until I found the right truck. I highly recommend him.

Review №50

Our salesman was fantastic his name is Madison Lewis and what a very nice young man and was very thorough and explained the car to us in detail. I would recommend him to all friends and family looking for a vehicle.

Review №51

Jeremy knew we were from out of town and got us on the schedule and vehicle repaired same day...great job!

Review №52

Quick and easy transaction. Chase Hopper helped me get the truck I needed with a payment I can afford.

Review №53

Came for an oil change and was in out in short order with friendly staff, an enjoyable encounter.

Review №54

Got me in quick.Didn’t overcharge and got me back going ASAPAlex was a Very friendly tech I highly recommend him.

Review №55

Came to this dealership first thing in the morning as I needed service done on my trucks transmission as we were traveling through town, the first service advisor said they couldn’t get me in until late afternoon however and when I stated that just wouldn’t work as we had to get back on the road, I began to think of other places I might go. But a different service advisor came to me said he would squeeze me in and get my truck taken care of which he did and I was back on the road in no time. Very thankful for him coming to my assistance.

Review №56


Review №57

They are trustworthy.Its all anyone needs from their dealer

Review №58

I purchased this vehicle while in transit to the dealership, when I reached out with questions regarding the purchase no one from the sales team returned my call. The only person I spoke with was a gentleman from the finance department who called me and had no idea what was going on. I explained to this gentleman that I was pre-approved before beginning my search for a new vehicle and would like my financing to be arranged with my lender with whom the dealership already has a relationship and has worked with in the past. Finance then reviewed my warranty options and ended the call. I was not asked anything regarding down payment or any of the other very important information that shouldve been discussed. When I came in for delivery of my vehicle none of my financing paperwork was prepared and I was asked to write out a personal check for over 75k and that I could go down the street to one of my lenders local buildings to take care of the financing paperwork myself! Which I already asked sales the day before coming for delivery if this paperwork was prepared and ready to go; and was reassured it was all taken care of. Clearly this was all false!! I have never been treated so poorly when purchasing a vehicle in my life!!! I have been treated better from another dealer when purchasing a used vehicle for around 5k!! This was my WORST experience purchasing a vehicle ever in my life!!! If the inventory for my vehicle was available with another dealership I wouldve walked away and spent my money elsewhere when I couldnt get my calls returned!! Unfortunately due to the current state of available inventory I could not walk away from my vehicle!! I will never do business with this dealership and definitely advise any and everyone the same! This dealership does not have any customer service skills I advise everyone to run as fast as they can and take their business and money to a dealership that values their customers or even treats you like a customer period!! I will be reporting this experience to the Chevy manufacturer as well as the BBB and any and everyone who will listen!!! No apologies were even given, simply excuses!! My valpro protective film was placed horribly and makes my vehicle look horrible and they also delivered this vehicle to me with a broken interior airbag piece. Then they didnt haul my vehicle to the local dealership nearest me they had someone drive it over 200 miles absolutely unacceptable!!!

Review №59

Wonderful service and hospitality. First time there. I will be back!

Review №60

Billion completely ruined my friends credit and her moms. They lie. They over price cars that aren’t with what they say. No one should be paying 30,000 for a car worth 16,000 without taxes with 18,000. Their system is so messed up . My advice it to NOT go to billion.

Review №61

First time buying from Billion Auto and Mike was great. Knew what we wanted and understood our price point and got us in our brand new truck.Updating my review-after looking through my paperwork on our new truck, mind you I bought it over the phone and honesty trusted this dealership, we got completely screwed over!*The INCLUDED accessories were added on top of the price, which were not supposed to be!*A $650 delivery fee was added as well, I was NEVER told anything about a fee. I would have gladly driven the 5 hours to pick it up myself!*Was told I needed to put down a $500 deposit to guarantee the deal and would be reimbursed after delivery, that was a lie. Was automatically put back onto the loan without even an option.*And to top it off, the TTL was NOT included in the final price of the sale after it was discussed to be included!I asked to see the paperwork TWICE before I signed, and now I know why. I can blame myself, but I blame the dealership and the salesman even more!Thank you Mike Ulmer for taking advantage of an honest customer getting there very first BRAND NEW vehicle.Appreciate it!!

Review №62

I’ve had great luck with their service department and sales.

Review №63

Have never had any problems with Billion. Have worked with Mike U through a couple leases and have always been met with a great attitude and hes eager to meet your needs. Great place, great service.

Review №64

It would of been kinda nice if a employee would of came up to and assist you instead of standing their not knowing what was going especially someone that had never done a quick oil change place but the people are nice once asking what to do or how to do this my second time coming here and the service was awesome

Review №65

Oil change and rotate tires this morning. Very efficient. Everything done in less than 45 minutes.

Review №66

A great place to buy a new car! They really explained everything so well, regarding the cars features and technology.

Review №67

The staff was incredibly professional and knowledgeable on my issues. Service was performed quickly and overall very satisfied

Review №68

Casey was our salesperson and did a very nice job throughout the process. He was easy to work with, personable, and not pushy about getting a sale. We were leaving for vacation the day we decided on the car we wanted, so he got everything ready while we were gone and we picked up it up the day we got back.

Review №69

Had an appointment. Service work was explained to me via text. Work done in good time. Offered a ride but I had made arrangements. Work done under warranty.Mr. Gomez was efficient and courteous.

Review №70

Everything went smoothly, all associates were ready to help, Mike was very remarkable and I will definitely refer people to him.

Review №71

Very satisfied have done buisness for years always there when i need them

Review №72

They stand behind what they say and more importantly, they understand the buying a car, new or used is a big thing for people. Its always comes with some kind of stress and they strive to keep you free from a lot of it.

Review №73

I bought a used Jeep Wrangler from them and was very disappointed in there 172 point inspection. I think all they did was kick tires and change oil. When I got it home I checked all the fluids and the power steering fluid was almost empty. The engine coolant reservoir was empty. And radiatior was also low on fluid. And the engine oil was over filled by a quart. After I fixed that the very next day the check engine light came on. And that is all so far but I have only had it for two days so I’m sure I will encounter more problems.

Review №74

Billion Auto Chevy in Sioux Falls did an amazing job fixing up my Tahoe! My SUV is not very old at all and when I had battery problems I was very surprised. The technicians there spent, an unknowingly, 3 day adventure into the Tahoe’s electrical brain. This task sounds painfully time consuming and very couldnt pay me enough money to do this. Alex was great in getting us in right away and coordinating this fix, the technician (I don’t know his name) ... god bless him! I perform CPR on tiny humans for a living and this guys job had me so stressed and anxious knowing what he had to do to figure out the Tahoe issue! Thank you guys very much!My only recommendations (because every business has room for improvement) is somehow keeping customers updated on what’s going on and/or the unknown problems that arise while we are in the waiting room (in my case 2 1/2 hours) having no idea what’s going on. Alex was amazing at updating me, when he had time. Alex is very good at his job and I witnessed the frustrations he has to deal with in his role. That dude either needs a raise or he needs another one of “him” so that he has time to drive cars around, take phone calls, triage phone calls, coordinate appointments, update customers, call customers back at the end of the day, oh and everything else he does. Jim was the best also! I was finally at my wits end (like the Tahoe tech) after 2 1/2 hours and Jim drove me home ☺️ He was very nice to talk with and he calmed me down tremendously by the time I got home.Thank you guys!Mindy Warns

Review №75

Great service, friendly staff, In and out in no time for oil change.

Review №76

Our salesman was AWSOME, Mike answered every question we had and made us feel very comfortable and like we were getting a great deal. The only complaint we had is the amount of time we had to wait to talk with the financing officer and sign all the paperwork. We waited for about an hour in the new car dealership to then have to wait for another hour in the used car dealership. Mike our salesman made sure we were comfortable and let us know what was going on through out the process and kept us entertained. Overall it was a very great experience and we will defiantly be back for our next Chevy vehicle.

Review №77

Purchased my 2015 Chevy LTZ 10 Days ago from a wonderful rep named Josh. Could not be happier! There was a few small things that needed attention and now even after the sale Josh remains diligent in making sure Im taken care of. I highly recommend Billion if youre looking for a new or used vehicle. The staff goes out of there way to see to it you get what you want. Mike is another rep at the Nissan store that wasnt even part of my original purchase group and I would hire both of these guys if I ran a dealership. Awesome staff!!! Kudos to Billion, Ill be back👍

Review №78

Torey was absolutely wonderful. He was so helpful and got us through the process with ease. Highly, highly recommend. Amazing service!!

Review №79

With out jackson this woùld not have happened .I give jackson 5 stars

Review №80

Fast and efficient. Got it done in half the time they anticipated. Friendly also.

Review №81

Justin was pleasant to work with and made everything really easy! Thanks so much!

Review №82

On time, efficient, delivered on special requests, personable. Car looks awesome!!!!

Review №83

Jeff was fantastic to work with! He listened to my wish list, gave me options within my budget and was patient with me waiting to find the perfect vehicle. (I lived out of state when I first contacted Jeff to start looking for me). He was very responsive when I called and texted or emailed about vehicles and Im happy to say Im driving my dream vehicle now!I would absolutely refer my friends or family to Billion Toyota, and Jeff specifically for their next vehicle.I never once felt pressure to purchase, and it was a great experience from beginning to end.

Review №84

We have had literally nothing but problems since buying a new Chevy from them. The truck has been in and had to have the same part replaced three times. We bought the extended coverage to cover scratches on the outside of the vehicle and it took them four months to call us back to schedule to get the vehicle buffed and when we finally got in to get the vehicle scratches repaired they wouldn’t give us a loaner car. Then when we came back to pick up the vehicle they didn’t even wash it or buff out the scratches! Do not buy a vehicle from them!

Review №85

Shout out to grant for making my day and finding any way possible to get me in my new Jeep! Good staff!

Review №86

Reina did a fine job explaining it all, but was concerned on the fact that the tires were not properly inflated until she did it later, also having issues with the fact that the recall I had on this was still showing up on my app!

Review №87

Super nice and helpful people! Best place around to buy a new vehicle!

Review №88

Polite friendly service.I wish I had got the name of gal that helped me as she was great!

Review №89

Madison did an exceptional job with the sales process

Review №90

I had a flat tire on my Escalade and went in with just the tire. I was in no hurry... so a few days later they reinstalled the tire after putting a new valve stem on it which was defective. Not only did they put the tire back on my vehicle but they put the spare away underneath and then they washed my vehicle! The service at this dealership is incredible! Its exactly what you would expect from a high-end Cadillac dealership... And then they go the extra mile and surprise you. Thank you Rod and the rest of your service staff for taking such good care of me and my vehicle! As a touring performer I just need this vehicle to work... but its a nice bonus when you roll up looking super sharp and projecting a company image that says were doing just great.

Review №91

People there really awesome did deal on phone it worth the 400 mile trip Darin salesman very help full best deal could fine 🙂

Review №92

Not good. Had to convince them to look at my truck. No idea what the warranty is on a refurnished motor any more, as they wanted to charge me for the diagnostic after telling me they would not pay for the sensor either.I ended up having to buy the part on my own and will install it in a week.

Review №93

I dropped my vehicle off first thing in the morning and it was done very quickly.

Review №94

Had some accessories put on, was done really fast. They followed special instructions no questions ask.. thank u billion

Review №95

Service was great. Got in quickly. Friendly staff. They were thorough and found another issue that wasn’t related to the reason I brought it in and they just fixed it since it was still under manufactures warranty. It was nice to have a courtesy vehicle while it was being serviced. Thank you.

Review №96

Zach was so awesome to work. Thank you so much

Review №97

I scheduled an appointment for a job that, at worst, should have taken 30 minutes. I went over my lunch break to get this done. The cost of these two belts combined should have been no more than $70. I was stuck there for almost an hour and a half and got stuck with a bill of almost $250. If I wasnt late to get back to work, I would have told them to put the old belts back in and drove back home, but I figured they would have had me sitting there another hour and a half and by that time I was still on the clock. Never again.

Review №98

The staff at Billion Chevrolet was very helpful and friendly. Made my experience a comforting and pleasurable event.

Review №99

Great experience, Darin was very easy to work with and wasnt pushy at all like other dealerships I have dealt with.

Review №100

The salesman we worked with was friendly and accommodating, but between him and management they had agreed to putting wheels on our Tahoe from a different vehicle, and then decided last minute that wasn’t okay. I didn’t negotiate other terms due to the fact I “was” getting the different wheels. They didn’t offer to split cost, or to bring us any other offer to make up for the “misunderstanding.” I haven’t ever spent that kind of money and left upset. We ended up buying the vehicle, so it’s not all bad. Just disappointing.

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