Law Motors
2700 W 7th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States

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These guys are awesome. Very kind, courteous, overall professional. My family and I drive nearly 3hrs to buy my truck. And just that right there should tell you somethings. I would definitely buy from them again. I would also recommend them to anyone and everyone I know!!

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The service at Law motors was beyond immaculate and I enjoyed talking to Todd and Tyler During the process of purchasing my new vehicle They were a very big help purchasing a vehicle from out of state. Highly recommended

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LAW Motors is a small, family-run dealership with great customer service and good deals on clean used vehicles!

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I bought a 2010 Chevy Colorado in July 2021. I should have known it was a mistake when I had to fix the blinker. Since I bought it, I have had to replace a cracked manifold/catalytic converter, water pump, and replacing the ball joints in the near future. These items should have been found and fixed before placing it on the lot. I know I bought it as is. My mistake. I just Kelly blue booked the value at $7100. I paid twice for it. A hard lesson learned. Buyer Beware!!!

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Easy to work with,Tyler was generous in his trade offer and the transaction was done 350 miles apart. Signed ,Delivered as promised. I love my new Hummer. Thanks Law Motors.!

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Great service, car buying made easy! Thank you!

Review №7

Do not recommend. I thought they were going above and beyond for me because they met me halfway to bring me my van. But came to find out when I took it in to get checked that it has ALOT of damages nd it will cost me more to fix if its even fixable then what they sold me the van for.

Review №8

Great group of guys to work with. No BS and willing to give a little to make the sale. Defiantly will go back and buy from them again.

Review №9

Law Motors in Sioux Falls has a very positive and helpful environment, and is an excellent place to go to for vehicles. I bought my first car here, and they were very helpful on pricing, previous reports on used cars, and overall information. I would recommend anyone to stop at Law Motors and at least have a look around, you never know what you may find!

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These guys are the truth they helped me get my dream car, and now I’m just patiently waiting for the delivery 🚚 thank you to Todd n Tyler these guys are extremely helpful and the service is amazing they will help you get whatever you need in order to get your vehicle u want and need . A big ups 👍 to law motors and family thank you 🙏 once again.

Review №11

Great people to work with!! Found our dream car and they gave us more for our trade than we were expecting! They went above and beyond. Excited to buy our next vehicle from them.

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Very impressed with service and staff at Law Motors. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a vehicle.

Review №13

Law Motors has been very accommodating and helpful .Buying a car from South Florida.They show integrity and good heart.I will be getting the car on Monday.Thank you Todd , RichBlessingsGabriel

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I bought a car for my son in August of 2020. He only drove it to school and back. We had it 6 months and the last 3 months we have had nothing but problems with it! They assured me when I bought it that it was a good car only 96,000 miles on it. Well we paid 250 to get the thermostat fixed 2 days ago and it broke again! I would not buy from them again! Not very helpful with the situation!

Review №15

Not sure where I sit but I know Im owed an explanation

Review №16

Needed emergency service done on my vehicle and they got me right in and completed it very quickly. It also cost less than other shops around. Very satisfied

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The crew here are all amazing people. Very friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your car buying experience is the best. Im not from the Souixfalls area but would have to say they treated me like I had been doing business with them for years and I will be doing more business with them in the future. Thanks Rich and crew yall are great!!!!

Review №18

We are loyal to Law Motors! The personal and trustworthy connection with Law Motor’s staff is nothing but reliable! Thanks to Tyler for going the extra mile each time we have bought and traded vehicles! We highly recommend Law Motors!

Review №19

Wont buy from them ever again , they lie and scam you and the owner is the worst no wonder why other mechanics me and my partner have talked to said they left working for them at law motors because not just Rich the owner but also because of where they receive there cars and the scams on warranty and they buy junk parts to hide damages to the cars you buy. Trust me when I say we bought once from them about 3 years ago 2005 Buick Rondeview and ended up in 2 months putting in over 2000.00 in mechanic work and paid over 3700.00 for car. NOT EVER AGAIN AND WORD OF MOUTH I FEEL IS ONLY WAY TO STOP THEM FROM THERE B.S.

Review №20

Always a pleasant experience at Law Motors. Tyler works hard to get you best possible deal. Mechanics are awesome. Overall Law Motors is great

Review №21

Great car buying experience! Very informative and helpful. No pressure car buying experience. Will look here first when we need another used car!! Thanks

Review №22

Rich is awesome! He took such great care of me, especially as a first-time buyer. We communicated over email and phone since I am out of state and he really reached his arm out to get me a great deal. Highly recommend!

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Review №24

Very happy with my purchase, friendly and accommodating staff.

Review №25

Buick Park Avenues were last made in the year 2005, and is harder to find nice ones with each passing year. Car Gurus allowed me to expand a search for one beyond my home state of Michigan. Law Motors advertised a low mileage Park Avenue in showroom condition. The burgundy exterior and tan leather interior were just what I had been looking for. Rich Larson was conscientious and responsive in handling the entire transaction. I was on vacation at the time. Rich smoothly handled the wire transfer of the money as well as the other paperwork. He even arranged for the transportation of the vehicle to my home town. The car was exactly as advertised. My mechanic looked over the car, and it checked out great. The entire process was a pleasant one. I strongly recommend this business.

Review №26

They were really nice to me and helped me out with finding the car I wanted as well as making the purchase easy.

Review №27

Tyler was easy to deal with..pleasant experiance

Review №28

The people at Law Motors were friendly and helpful. Happy to do business with them.

Review №29

Tyler was awesome. My experience through the whole deal was very transparent and I felt comfortable through the whole process. They were fast and got me the financing I needed without gouging me. Great cars and very reliable. I give these guys my wholehearted recommendation.

Review №30

I had a very pleasant buying experience with both Tyler and Rich. Will definitely watch for my next vehicle from Law Motors.

Review №31

Great vehicles and great people. Youll enjoy your experience.

Review №32

Very easy to work with and friendly! Will definitely be a returning customer in the future.

Review №33

Had fantastic service, car had to be emergency towed was very helpful in a stressful situation, was very clear on diagnosis and what had to be done and what that cost, excellent communication!!

Review №34

Got a decent deal on my car about a year ago cant complain about the car or service. What I have an issue with us then selling my information to extended warranty scammers because I denied their scan extended warranty. At least twice a day upwards of 10 spam calls a day for the last year. Do not give these people your business.

Review №35

If you are looking for a good deal cruise over talk to Rich!!! these guys will take good care of you!!!

Review №36

Tyler is incredible efficient courteous knowledgeable, I sent him and message with the exact things I wanted and wouldnt do. As we are in a world pandemic he sanitized the vehicle left the info in car, I test drove he had all paperwork done before my test drive as I had expressed I would be purchasing so it was ready when I arrived back..painless easy and most of all I bought this with a local credit union that I will be using instead of my bank of 12yrs.. I BOUGHT THIS MYSELF, may not seem like alot to others but this was a MILESTONE for me and he helped with it and made me feel as though I needed no one with a question..So for this thank you!!!

Review №37

Would never purchase from them because of the way they treat their employees. The owner tries to refuse to give paychecks, threatens to hit a former employee who just wanted his paycheck. He yells and degrades his employees. He also took a dollar off the hourly amount the employee was making. The owner also called this employee every name in the book and mocked him because he deals with anxiety and depression. Would not recommend whatsoever!

Review №38

Having been a car salesman myself, I have found several dealerships that have left me feeling completely disappointed and discouraged with my buying experience. Last year my wife bought a car from law motors and we had a great experience. Yesterday my wife found a pick up I’ve been looking for and it was at law motors. Tyler and Rich met with me and again for the second time I bought a vehicle from them and couldn’t be happier. They are very honest and upfront. I won’t do business anywhere else after being impressed again with law motors. - Chris Johansen.

Review №39

Well I think I got screwed again! I bought a 2011 Sierra 1500 crew cab truck. Asked them to check the brakes, they said they were fine. I took it to the dealer today, 6 days after buying it, $475 later, the brakes were almost gone!! The drivers window sometimes works, they fixed it, NOT! Another $500! Because it needs a whole new harness! And if thats not bad enough!..... the ball joints are shot, another $800+!!! Im going to have to take a loan out to keep it. I also bought an extended warranty for it, and of course NOTHING is covered! What the hell! And I thought Billion was bad! Im very sad and disappointed! Would not go here again!

Review №40

Rich is the best in the business. We both made it simple and easy on each other, for a quick and easy no B.S. sale. I will buy again with Law Motors, I wont even shop around. Ill just let them know what Im looking for and leave it to them. Thanks again Rich, was a pleasure.

Review №41

We recently purchased a fabulous Grand Cherokee at LAW Motors. Excellent service, friendly staff and price of the vehicle was exceptional! We will be doing business again in the future.

Review №42

It was great working with Rich! I would highly recommend Law Motors. I got a great car at a great price!

Review №43

Best place to purchase a car from hard working honest people

Review №44

Awesome customer service!! I will definately go back there for my next vehicle!

Review №45

I was actually part of an auction they did which is owned by the same person. Nothing was as described. Post said drives like they should which was false. I will never do business here again and if you are smart you will not deal with this guy. Caracter is everything and they misrepresented 100%.

Review №46

I couldnt be happier with my car buying experience yesterday. I never specifically considered buying from Law Motors because I thought they primarily focused on financing but I found the exact vehicle I was looking for online and they obviously accept cash so I stopped in. Rich (the owner) went on the test drive with me and was super nice and knowledgeable. He offered the CarFax and went over the complete vehicle history, then they cleaned the car and filled the gas tank. One of the remote batteries was dead so they showed me how to take the key apart and they put in a new battery. I got to pet the office dog while I filled out paperwork which always makes my day better.The 1-star reviews I read are unfair and due to the customers ineptitude which they usually are. In South Dakota used vehicles are sold as-is so once you sign the paperwork Law Motors is not responsible for any problems.

Review №47

Excellent service, great people would definitely buy from them in the future

Review №48

Tyler Larson is a amazing person he helped me out tremendously. Great place to do business thank you.

Review №49

Fast, friendly service...had the exact car I wanted. Black Challenger R/T Plus, Hemi & 6 speed manual transmission!!!Vvvvvvvrrrrroooommm!!!!!That was last week, Tonite we went back and bought a Killer Jeep Overland for my wife. Thanks Rich!

Review №50

Rich and crew were great to work with. They gave me no b.s. at all. I liked that they are a FAMILY dealership, consisting of a Dad, Mom, and Son. They even have a gentle old woofy lying at the door in the sunshine. Ill be sure to check your stock when Im in the market.

Review №51

Visited lot to check out couple cars, guy who talked to us was very sassy. I will not recommend this place to anyone.

Review №52

Tyler made good on fixing a couple things he said he would. Gave me a fair number on my trade and a fair price on theirs. All said and done, Id purchase through them again.

Review №53

Did a great job, getting my vehicle fixed without cutting any corners. Thanks for your help guys.

Review №54

Clean, personable, no pressure and so happy with the vehicle we bought. We would definitely buy from Law Motors again!

Review №55

Tyler was GREAT to work with!! He answered all of our questions and gave a a FANTASTIC deal!!

Review №56

Owner is TERRIBLY hot headed and rude!! Sells lemons and treats their employees like dirt. Would never give them my business nor recommend them to my worse enemy!

Review №57

I moved here to Sioux falls with nothing not Evan a car asuitcase of clothes and when it came time to get transportation I messed up and got a cheap $600 well it broke down I was able to use it as down payment here along with a little cash and now Im driving around the car I love thank you law moters

Review №58

Got me the vehicle I needed with a great trade in value of my current vehicle and Ive had the best experience from a used car dealer Ive experienced so far and addressed every need and concern I had.

Review №59

Good place good people and they try to work with you the best they can

Review №60

Bought a $3700 vehicle cash. Next day it acts up to the point it isnt safely driveable. Research to find timing and phasers are bad. Called Rich he says I have to buy parts and do the work myself but I can use his shop and tools and he will cover cost of his mechanic tearing down to do inspection and costs of fluids. What choice did I have. Then after I do my own work, he looks over the bill and made sure I paid for all the fluids that he promised to cover. It was less than 24 hours after purchase, he should have covered half the parts cost. But hey, the rich get richer right? If he would have covered half the $850 I paid I would have giving a great review for caring about his customers. But instead it was all about him and so my review is here now. Well, it is here, and going on car gurus, facebook, instagram, bbb and every other place I can possibly find including a report to the local best. Offer me half my parts cost back and maybe you can look like you care a little about others. I wont be taken without a fight thats for sure.

Review №61

Bought a 2014 jeep from them. Within days it started to smell like something had died inside the cabin. After taking it back they told us they couldnt find where the smell was coming from and there was nothing they could do for us. Also found out that they didnt even do basic maintenance on the vehicle before selling it to us. None of the filters had been replaced since the vehicle was manufactured. I will never buy from this place again. I wouldnt even let this place service a vehicle I own. Terrible company all around.

Review №62

Very helpful and friendly

Review №63

We never even received a call back. They were going to send paperwork to bank and let us know. Ive called twice and both times they explained to me that they had been busy and they would 1) call back in an hour and 2) call back that afternoon. They still have not called back. This was a month ago.

Review №64

Over priced vehicles

Review №65

The people there are very professional and great service

Review №66

This is the best people ever I would send people to them for there new car needs

Review №67

Great Experience. Great Staff. Great Service

Review №68

I got a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon in March of 2012. Me & my boyfriend were going to Denver but 37 miles north of Cheyenne WY my car broke down. The timer belt shredded, I still had1 more month of warranty on my car. I called Law Motors & talk to the owner, Rich & he said that the warranty is only in Sioux Falls, SD. So we (me & Law motors) shipped my car back to Sioux Falls. That was Aug. 20. I got my car back on Sept. 10!!! They said that they had to put a new-old motor in & in was going to be $1700. Then they called & said that the clutch was bad which it was not bad when I shipped the car back & the salesman say that the clutch was good 3 days before. Anyway, I had to pay $600 for the clutch. 1700 + 600 = 2300 right?!When I got my car back it was $2684.23!!! We sat down & added everything up. Rich said that they were wrong about the total Yea, Right! I had to pay a little more than $2400 & my car isnt fixed. My boyfriend is a mechanic & looks at it when we got home. One side of the radiator wasnt bolted in & the plastic that cover the engine wasnt screwed in!!! My car still has a rattling in the motor &/or under the driver floor. I WILL NOT GO BACK TO LAW MOTORS TO GET IT FIXED & NOT GO BACK TO LAW MOTORS TO BUY A CAR AGAIN, EVER!!!!!!

Review №69

We were desperate for a vehicle and Law motors was more than willing to finance and sell us a vehicle for thousands more than its value. Additionally, within 2 months, the thing became no longer drivable and requires $2200 worth of repairs. You are better off walkin than purchasing a vehicle from Law motors. Their business practices should be against the law.

Review №70

A friend of mine bought a 2012 grand caravan from this dealer and shortly after a noise started coming from the head. This vehicle was built in a Canada so the recalls are void in America. Do your homework before buying check the vin number before buying. The brakes need replacing every 10 - 15 thousand miles as well but once again it was built in Canada. They know all this when they these vehicles on there lot. BUYER BEWARE.

Review №71

Law Motors is fantastic!! Rich and Tyler are truly good people . We will definitely be going back!!! Thanks for everything guys!

Review №72

Better then billion they help u get the best loan payment he find best deal for u go to tyler

Review №73

Excellent place they go far above to help a person out thanks tyler

Review №74

I purchased a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab with 115,000 miles. Once the cooler weather came around I started hearing a knock at start up. Then winter came.... Now the knock is very loud and in the lower end (verified with Mechanics Stethoscope). Based on conversations at the purchase, their a family owned business, and they treat their customers differently than big lot stores. I guess my interpenetration of that was a little off. THEY OFFERED TO SELL ME A $2000 + DOLLAR EXTENDED WARRANTY. I obviously declined and asked them to reconsider. Still no response from anyone at Law Motors. Ill never do business them, and everyone I know will here my story.

Review №75

Great service as always.

Review №76

Bad place to get a car. Never again will I come here. Bought a car from them and a month later I started have problems with an oil leak. Brought it to them to seal it up, and that didnt work because my oil leaks still. My car also dies in the middle of traffic. I really wouldnt trust them or recommend getting a car from here unless you have a mechanic does a FULL inspection of the car.

Review №77

Super happy with Law Motors. Took great care of us!

Review №78

Awesome to work with! Took good care of me!

Review №79

Bought a jeep from law motors rear end was making noise when i test drove it told sales man chad he said bring in on monday they will take care of it i went ahead bought the jeep brought in monday they say rear end is going out i have to pay for it 1600 . then when i did that rich the owner said he would give me trade in value what i payed. try to trade it off for adiffrent auto and they low balled me again STRONGLY SAY DO NOT BUY ANY AUTOS FROM LAW MOTORS IN SIOUX FALLS SD WAS LIED TO AND CHEATED

Review №80

Amazing buying experience here, truly great salesmen and the front desk staff for the parts department is fantastic and very knowledgeable.

Review №81

Geat friendly people... You have to go see them if you need a CAR TRUCK VAN or SUV.... Verry verry helpfull and understanding....

Review №82

Just recently sold my car to them, not only did they give me a fair price, but well beyond I could have gotten anywhere else; also went the extra mile to help me get a 0 balance on the car sold! Should have posted this under my local guide account

Review №83

Vary happy with the car I got from law motors!

Review №84

My fiancé and I bought a car from law motors not even a month ago. When doing the paperwork we asked if the car was check over and made sure there werent any problems and they had said the car was perfectly fine and that their mechanic had looked over the whole car and it was fine. Well I had checked the carfax on the car and there were two recalls on the car through subaru so we took the car in to get those taken care of at the Subaru dealership in Sioux Falls and I had asked them to just do a quick look over the car and Subaru found severe front radiator support damage and my radiator and ac condenser were bent pretty bad on the car that my fiancé and I had no knowledge of. The cars damage was hidden with a new bumper and various other pieces to make it look perfectly fine. Law motors had to of known about the damage to the car if they had there mechanic look over the car top to bottom but didnt say a thing. Subaru found the damage with no problem. And Subaru quoted me $1500 to fixe the car. $1500! I know Subarus price is a little steep because its a dealership but even a local body shop wont be to far from that price. My car needs a new radiator support welded on the car amd a radiator amd ac condenser and law motors does not care they sold me a damaged car. Law motors is a scam and a joke.

Review №85

Friendly, fun, and fair!

Review №86

I tried to buy a car from Law Motors some time ago and the car I looked at upon further review had brake issues. I explained it to Rich and his answer was 1000 dollar car George. What he doesnt know is that driving a car with bad brakes can get you killed! With that kind of attitude I will never buy a car from here!

Review №87

Great cars, great people!

Review №88

Very informative and a very pleasant experience.

Review №89

Excellent diler

Review №90

Not impressed..was looking at a truck, and sent paperwork in.. and never heard anything. And after reading the reviews THANKFULLY I didn’t buy from them.

Review №91

They just want your money, if anything goes wrong it is what it is-(Tyler) not their problem. Poorly ran business.

Review №92

Very nice People!!!

Review №93

Gotten our last 4 vehicles from them. They have treated us well and continue to take care of us and work with us.

Review №94

Friendly sales people

Review №95

Way over priced.

Review №96

Great place

Review №97

Looks for a big body

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