Ponder Auto Repair
915 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

Review №1

Love this place. Close to work, can always get an appointment in a timely manner, work is done quickly and on time, cost is reasonable, and the employees are very nice. Will definitely return next time I need car service.

Review №2

Did a great job repairing my daughters car. They stayed late on a Friday to get it done before the holiday weekend. You do not see that very often. I would highly recommend their services.

Review №3

Its the unspoken rule in this industry that every shop in town is out to lie to you and take advantage of you. Ponder auto is not the exception.

Review №4

Really Professional, respectful & honest. They diagnosed my issue & didnt mess anything up. Wasnt happy about paying for what I knew was already wrong. I cant blame them as its a messy/nasty job, next to plumbing. They gotta make a living. In the end my cars worth less than the repair. I can see why they own multiple shops! Should I need anything fixed or diagnosed Ill go back! Years back I took an old Ford to dealer 4 oil change & it never ran right again. Not here!

Review №5

Took my vehicle there in December 2020 for a transmission issue, called weekly for updates no answers and continue to put me off. 3 months later I continued to call and still no answer or updates. My second vehicle went out and called for update and they havent touched the vehicle and when I told them I needed it or I can take it somewhere else, all I got was come pick it up in the morning. Worst business ever. No wonder small businesses go under if you cant do your job then dont tell people you can.

Review №6

Quoted me $486 for a tie rod replacement and I already had the parts. A 20 minute job costing $486. What a joke

Review №7

Polite, friendly and honest. Couldn’t ask for better service, thank you guys!

Review №8

Great service and repair on my Mercedes SL500. Reasonable price for the repairs they did. Highly recommend Brian and his staff.Thanks for a job well done......

Review №9

Just mite find what you need that no one else has in stock I did

Review №10

Service is reliable and very professional. Got a classic and parts are harder to get and harder to diagnose.

Review №11

Use Ponder’s for any repairs I need. Would not use any other place. They are the best. You can trust them with you vehicle for whatever you need.

Review №12

There are three things I notice right away about my experience with Ponder. First the two guys I speak to when I walk in or who answer the phone are personable and a pleasure to deal with. Second, the work is done right and done quickly which is the most important reason for selecting an auto service. Finally, I’m quoted up front pricing, the final bill doesn’t contain surprises, and the prices quoted are very reasonable. Hard to ask for more than these three qualities in any well run service company.

Review №13

I had great service in every way. The primary problem this time was caused by a computer software issue. They identified it and fixed it quickly. I have used Ponder Auto Repair for 25 years because each time they have done great work for a reasonable price.

Review №14

Brought truck in to have the clutch repaired, my break lights and turn signals worked on my way over there. I asked them to also check the a/c which they did and charges it up. Upon getting my truck back the break lights or none of the other lights worked nor did the a/c. When I called to tell them this all they said was we would be happy to look at your a/c. Well as I see it everything worked when I dropped it off so everything should work just as it did when I picked it up, if not it is THEIR responsibility to fix it not mine. Over $200 in New parts and some melted wires later and I still dont have break lights and they still wont own up to it. So I would not recommend taking your vehicle there!

Review №15

I called Ponder & they were able to get my car in the next day. They called me with cost before performing any repairs. My car was finished quickly & ready for pick up. Great service & customer service was on point also:)

Review №16

Too expensive for diagnostics. More than dealer

Review №17

They got job completed, prices was a little steep I thought but would use again.

Review №18

My daughter had he car towed there because it wouldnt start. She called them once to get an update and was told that they were looking at it. She then called them a little later for another update and they said they were working on it. Never did they say in either of those conversations the amount of would cost. Turns out it was costing $720 to replace the alternator. On many different websites alternators ran $100 and under, which means they were charging $600 in labor alone. Then they tell her that the belt was broken and also needed to be fixed. Instead of calling her to let her know so they could fix it at the same time they quote another almost $200. Im sure they did that on purpose to charge more in labor. After my dad called them to explain to them how this was not right, they decided to bring the price down for the belt. However, they claim my daughter gave them permission to do the work and we are responsible for paying that extreme amount when they never once told her the amount it would cost in either conversation. She talked to them once and they were looking ant it and then the 2nd time they were working on it. Where is the part where they told her the price and asked for permission to work on the car? My husband and I currently live out of the state and put our trust in people like this to NOT take advantage of our daughter. We will definitely not have her take her car to Ponder again after this experience.

Review №19

Wonderful little kids smile after the service is I will refer yall to any body got them a excellent job

Review №20

Great service at reasonable prices!

Review №21

We were out of town buying a camper in a small town about 20 miles from Johnson City Tennessee on our way back home to Otto North Carolina when my truck brakes went out..I had to drop and leave the camper in someones yard that we didnt even know.He recommended Ponders Auto Repair in Johnson City Tennessee.So I drove very slowly to Mr.Ponders they took my truck in and checked it out ...and found many big problems with the brakes..Long story short..Mr Ponder gave us a car to drive home 143 miles away and use while he had to keep and special order in many parts and components in order to get my truck brakes working safely.It took about a week to get back but he and all of his staff..Bob..and Lorie..and others including his son cant remember his name...All gets a 100 %..Plus on doing an excellent OUTSTANDING JOB !!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME _MY WIFE !!! GREAT JOB AT A FAIR PRICE !

Review №22

Great staff and owner

Review №23

Very professional and straight forward. No up selling. Price estimates are very close to final bill. Slightly on the pricey side but you do get what you pay for. I would recommend Ponder.

Review №24

Truck running bad needed it diagnosed. Dropped off before closing had answer next morning. Great to do business with and came highly recommended from great people and mechanics. Will use again if needed!

Review №25

Best automotive repair experience I have ever had. Friendly people and fair prices. They have all my business from here on out.

Review №26

I have used Ponders for a very long time and Ive always been very happy with there service and thry have treated me extremely well and have dropped me off at home when my vehicle needed service and would pick me up to get it when it was finished. This has been extremely helpful to me as I dont have anyone to pick me up or take me back to get my vehicle. I would recommend their services to anyone as being the best in Johnson City, TN. There the very best Ive ever used to take care of my vehicles and I currently have 3 that they take care of when I need service or a repair. You cant go wrong if you use these guys. I will be using them all the time as I have in the past.

Review №27

Ponders has the best reputation of any repair shop around- and it is well deserved. Their work is highest quality and they only do necessary repairs. Trust them

Review №28

Brian, Joe, Bob and all of the guys at Ponders are trustworthy and helpful. They always take great care of my vehicle. I love knowing that my car is in good hands!

Review №29

I am very pleased with the service I received from Ponder Auto Repair. Brian and Bob are great at what they do. Service was performed timely and the cost was less than expected.

Review №30

Did not expect them to finish everything I needed done in one day but they surprised me and did it! Excellent job, and better price than I expected. Very well done!

Review №31

Cant even do a front end alignment on a Jeep with a 3in lift. WOW some auto shop!

Review №32

My experience with Ponder Auto Repair was wonderful! We broke down 7 hours from home, and were referred here by a friend of a friend. We had to leave the car and travel back home, while they replaced the timing belt and all of the valves. They gave quick and honest estimates. Their was an additional problem they encountered and worked with us on cost, since the job we were having done was extensive! Their prices were beyond reasonable! When we were ready to drive back out to get the car, they were even willing to come in on a Saturday so that we could pick it up! They went above and beyond what i would expect a shop to do. The car ran better than it ever has on our trip home, and that was a 7 hour test drive! Once home i realized that they even fully reattached the front fender of our car, which had been partially detached since we have owned it! They really did go the extra mile. I certainly hope we dont break down again, but if we do I hope its in towing distance of Ponder Auto Repair!

Review №33

I was having issues with a window and my muffler. They fixed both of them in a prompt, cost-effective/honest manner and drove me home after I dropped my car off. This is an excellent business and Ill definitely be using them in the future!

Review №34

Very good experience. They seemed to be very knowledgeable on my 07 Cooper. Correct troubleshooting and repair. They also made me aware of other issues and trouble codes and explained the possible ways to address them.

Review №35

Great prices and friendly people to deal with. I am so glad I chose them for my brake repair. Highly recommend!!

Review №36

Older European car, new to me. Started having drivability issues. Two other garages wouldnt touch it. I remembered Ponders, gave them a call. They didnt hesitate to take a look. Found the problem, took care of it for a very reasonable amount.

Review №37

I had another auto repair place give me a quote for this work which was over twice what Ponder quoted. Then prior to picking it up Ponder said the cost was another $200 less than expected. Ponder has done work on several of our cars including a 1997 4Runner with over 230,000 miles. I love their work and they really know how to keep a car running well.

Review №38

I needed a valve cover gasket replaced and check the breaks on my mother in law’s car. I had heard good reviews, but had never used Ponder before. They were able to get me in quickly, evaluated the problems, and called back with a very fair quote. The next day, when I picked up the car, I was shocked the total was leas than quoted. They made some suggestions about some smaller issues they noticed, but never tried to upsell or invent an issue that wasn’t there.Very pleased with the entire experience and will be a returning customer when my vehicles need repair. Well done, Ponder!

Review №39

Great service! Honest, very knowledgeable and friendly! Fast, efficient and the quality of the work is second to none. I highly recommend Ponder for your auto repair needs.

Review №40

Worst place in town!!!! They are untrustworthy and lie. They put cheap parts on your car. If they can get away with not replacing something that is broken, they will and then charge you for if they did replace it. They are crooks. They have screwed me over twice now, that I know of. I will never be going back there or recommending them. If they can take advantage of you, they will not hesitate to.

Review №41

Friendly, quick turn around on my vehicle, honest and fair priced. Ill be returning for all of my future repairs!

Review №42

It took a more than decent amount of time to fix my car but electrical issues on a vw are tricky and the price was reasonable and the staff treated me well. Special shout out to Bob ingrahm for putting up with my sometimes twice weekly phone calls with kindness and compassion no matter how much I bugged him and I bugged him a lot. You have a gem in him Mr. Ponder and I thank all of you for your service.

Review №43

I have been a satisfied customer of Ponder Auto Repair for many years and it is the only auto repair shop I have ever felt safe taking my vehicles. Service has always been completed on time. Estimates are almost always accurate. When repairs have not been done for the price quoted, it was because the cost was less than what we were quoted. Brian is the only mechanic who has ever told me of an issue, and then said if it were mine, I would not spend the money to repair because it will not effect the safety or operation of your car, and will cost you a fortune to fix. I have never had an unnecessary repair performed, or a good part replaced. Wish I could say the same for other places, Brian always stands behind his work, as well as the lifetime warranties he puts on parts he installs. Most shops only provide a 90 day warranty on parts. Brian just replaced a water pump that was installed by him about 6 years ago, and all we paid for was the labor. I trust all of my vehicles to Brian, and have no reservations to endorse him to anyone in need of repairs or maintenance. Brian is a Christian man with integrity and it shows in his business practice.

Review №44

Honest and courteous staff, always fix it right the first time

Review №45

Extremely trustworthy. You can have confidence that the job will be done correctly and if not they will fix it. They stand behind their repairs. Very honorable group of people

Review №46

Great diagnosis and repair of our car. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommend.

Review №47

This was a simple oil change. But, drop simple, and delivery to my work was flawless.The Ponder people are friendly, helpful and get the job done.

Review №48

What a great team at Ponder Auto Repair! If you are not already a customer, here’s what you should know: Honesty and Integrity runs strong in their shop. You will experience true professionalism in customer service AND the repairing of your vehicles. It’s not everyday that you can go into a business and actually see the owner there hard at work! You have my referrals from now on in Johnson City!

Review №49

Ponder Auto Repair is a truly honest shop. My husband frequently uses the great technicians there to survive and check over the vehicles that he sells on his car lot. I would recommend them to anyone. Excellent service, great value, and your getting the truth the first time, they stand behind there word, and take ownership of any problem if it persists. Overall highly satisfied with every visit!

Review №50

Awesome place! Great customer service and pricing. They were super helpful with the multiple car issues I had, always got me in right away, and did a good job!

Review №51

Brian has operated this automotive repair business for several years in Johnson City. He is a very honest man. If you have a problem, he will do his very best to take care of you. He is very involved with his Church and his community. I have no problems recommending this shop to a friend. Brian is a hard working owner that takes great pride in his business.

Review №52

Great business with a great staff! They were transparent throughout and are very reliable. I would recommend this as being the best shop in Johnson City!

Review №53

Brian the owner is super nice guy. His guys are really knowledgeable mechanics and everyone is pleasant do deal with. Its never fun to have car troubles but if you do , take it to these guys.

Review №54

Brian Ponder has taken care of automotive repair needs for me for 38 years even before he opened his business. He is a true professional; always out in front of the technology of todays vehicles as well as knowing the temperament of the older vehicles. Brian and his staff are trained in foreign as well as domestic models. Ponder Automotive Repair can be trusted; they are honest and they have high standards and integrity. You don’t have this many years of success if you are not properly serving your customers; that is why Ponder Auto Repair is successful; they take care of their customers

Review №55

I have been doing business with Brian Ponder for over 30 years. You just cant match his knowledge and service anywhere. He operates his business by the Golden Rule with the utmost integrity. His staff are extremely well trained, very courteous, and I have always been well pleased with their completed service and fair price. I highly recommend them for any of your automobile service needs. You will be very satisfied!

Review №56

Always so helpful! They explain things well and I always feel they are doing the best for me.

Review №57

Wonderful, friendly staff. Was able to get an appointment right away. Service was fast and priced great.

Review №58

They said they did a pressure test on my truck before they worked on it then said it needed a water pump and radiator they replaced it it got hot 5 minutes after I picked it up took it ba ck and then they said it was a blown headgasket which was done not 3 months before hand would not give any money back terrible place

Review №59

Great friendly service. I will definitely use Ponders in the future.

Review №60

I called to confirm an appointment I had made online was told that day wasnt available even through i went back and checked the entire afternoon was still available so she said told me it would be 2 days later I told her what I needed repaired. She asked how I knew this was what I needed I told her a friend had looked at it and I have had same problem on another vehicle. So I proceeded to make appointment and then she asked where I live. I live outside of Johnson City limits so she said shuttle service doesnt go outside city limits. I hadnt asked for shuttle service I had planned yo sit in there waiting room that they offer customers to do on their website she told me I would need someone to pick me up. I told her I dont have anybody that can because my children work during day and rest of my family live out of state. So I wasnt allowed to make an appointment i even told her I could sit in waiting room and that I really needed my car repaired asap as my husband is in hospital and its our only car. Also I have called other garages which hopefully I can get it repaired this week for less then half the amount she quoted me. I wouldnt recommended Ponder Auto Repair. Why offer comfortable waiting area with free WiFi and coffee if customers arent allowed to wait on vehicle while its being repaired especially if customer has no other choice and states they are fine if it takes all day to repair

Review №61

Always meets my expectations, reliable people delivering reliable resultsThanks Brian Ponder for a well run organization.

Review №62

Ponders Auto Repair fixed my car for under original estimate and have great customer service which kept me up on the entire process. Would recommend price was fair too. Also they completed the repair in a very timely manner since its my daily driver.

Review №63

Got me in and out Very professional. Friendly. The cost of the repairs was very reasonable.I would be back for any new repairs from Ponder Auto.

Review №64

Buyer beware indeed. I had a Chrysler dealer charge me for a repair that didnt actually repair the problem. Ponders fixed my car and didnt lie to me about the cause. Moving here was a nightmare until I found our car care guys. Fair prices, excellent work, superb service. Too bad there is no room for another star

Review №65

Ponders is the only place I will take my Jeep for repairs. They are professional and honest. They may be a little pricier than some other facilities but like they say, you get what you pay for. At Ponders that means honest quality repairs and service.

Review №66

I had it towed to their shop because my car was undriveable. After diagnosing my vehicle they told me it would be around $1900 to fix it. I owed them $115 for towing and diagnosing. I found a different mechanics who fixed it for $878 including a $50 towing bill. Im sure they do great work but check your prices beforehand.

Review №67

Our family made a short planned trip to the area. Vehicle lost electrical power coming down the mountain about 30 miles out. Searched Google and chose Ponders for repairs. Had vehicle towed to Ponders without contact because it was after hours. The person I talked to called throughout the process of getting vehicle repaired with prices. I feel the price was fair for our timeline because we were only in town for roughly 20hrs. Made it home safely thanks to Ponders.

Review №68

I dont know how these people sleep at night. Absolutely screwed us out of $300. 2 spark plugs for $300 without us giving the go ahead for working on our vehicle. I will make it a point to tell everyone about this experience.... A cup of coffee and talk about the miscommunication? I only want my car fixed and a copy of the recording where I supposedly said to do it. If I didnt say those words then I will follow through with the next step. Im not going to be taken advantage of.

Review №69

I have gotten every single one of my familys vehicles repaired at this shop on a regular basis for the past ten years or so. They are incredibly trustworthy, their prices are fair and their mechanics are all very helpful people. They have done me many favors, a lot of times at the last minute. I rely on them quite a bit. Wouldnt trust anyone in the tri-cities more than these guys. Great team.

Review №70

Very friendly and helpful. Had a bad throttle body for Ford F-150. Everything seems good now!

Review №71

Had my car towed to Ponders on the 7th of July, today is the 22nd of August just got my car back today. It took 6 weeks to order a part and have it assembled, and then I think I was over charged. Will not be back, should have listen to my family, they had a bad experience with them also. But I guess you learn from your own mistakes.

Review №72

I want to preface this with the fact they did repair the problem that I brought it to them for; however, they poorly informed me on how they were going to do so. I took my car to Ponders to have my hatch repaired (the latch was broken in a slightly more complicated way than I could fix at home). When I was contacted by ponders again, I was told I had two options. Option one being that I could have a new assembly for $480 or an old assembly for $720. From what I understood, they would be replacing the hatch completely. They did not. I would have not okayed the repair if I understood the difference, but they used the word assembly for two different repair solutions which mislead me.

Review №73

Great, even if they didnt fix my problem.the experience was great

Review №74

Ive been a customer of Ponder Auto Repair for more than 20 years. Ive always had 3 or sometimes 4 vehicles to be serviced and repaired. Brian Ponders shop has always provided excellent service and repair. Ive never had a vehicle I had to take back to have the service or repair done over. Brian does it right the first time and does it well. Ponder Auto provides a great service to the public. Ive never thought of taking one of my vehicles to any other repair shop.

Review №75

Took my van in had ecm flashed and reprogrammed they also informed me of a fuel leak and a misfire I didnt know I had the whole team at ponders is a great team very professional and outstanding work will recommend them to anyone and I will most definitely be back in the future thank you and your whole team ponders auto

Review №76

I had a very good experience here. Staff is friendly, they didn’t try to sell me any unnecessary work beyond what I came in there for and best of all they dropped me off at home and picked me up when my vehicle was ready. I plan to use them in the future

Review №77

Great local auto repair shop with the capabilities of a dealer service department. Very pleased with the service Ponder Auto Repair provides. The staff was very friendly, professional, and performed requested services quickly and under the quoted price.

Review №78

Great service and communication. Awesome job on the air conditioning job for our truck.

Review №79

The work was completed quickly and the final price was actually lower than the original estimate.

Review №80

Brian Ponder at Ponder Auto Repair has taken care of my personal vehicles as well as our company fleet trucks and vehicles for over 25 years now. They have repaired and serviced both domestic and import vehicles and we have always received quality courteous service. I’ve even had problems with new vehicles (still under warranty) and taken them to Ponder when the dealership can’t figure what’s wrong with them. Brian’s been able to diagnose the problem and send me back to the dealership to let them know how to fix it and not charged me a dime. If you want an honest reliable mechanic take your car or truck to Ponder Auto Repair.

Review №81

Its nice to have a place in Johnson City that works on European Cars. My BMW X5 just went of out of warranty and I needed a new battery and oil change. I found out Ponders works on European cars so it not only saved me money but a trip to Kingsport to the BMW dealership. They did a great job and informed me along the way of costs etc... Honest people doing an honest days work.

Review №82

Always a pleasure to deal with Ponder Auto Repair. As a customer the past three years with an ancient vehicle (turns 20 soon) they still treat my car like it was new. Last Friday at 4 PM my idler pulley froze and killed the serpentine belt on the interstate (didnt know at the time). Limping home with no power steering and a battery being drained, I called Ponder and Ross scheduled me for the next business day, no small feat considering they usually schedule a few days out due to the volume of cars they fix. By lunch that coming Monday it was ready for pick-up. The service manager Bob is always super helpful in letting me triage repairs (needs ASAP/can wait) and I appreciate that in budgeting time and money to keep my vehicle on the road. And the techs let him know if they see something else that needs attention that is different from what I brought the car in for.As for price, I feel the need to remind everyone that the age of low-cost repairs for relatively simple vehicles is OVER. Used to be you could get a neighbor or the local shade-tree mechanic to fix your car, or do it yourself. The nature of modern vehicles is that they are orders of magnitude more complex than something built in, say, the 70s. Even a tune-up is expensive these days, and for good reason---you couldnt tune up a car every 100,000 miles or have plugs last that long when I was growing up! The technology in the cars, the tech needed to access the systems all has a price. Shops spend a fortune to train techs and owners spend a fortune on diagnostic tools to service modern cars (especially European and luxury). Customers need to take this into account when deciding where to take their family cars. There are choices: you can go to the dealership, you can find a good independent shop (such as Ponder) for a lower cost than the dealership, or you can take your chances on some third-rate shop that may or may not solve your problems, recommend unnecessary repairs, overcharge, not stand behind their work, etc. I can only speak for myself when I say that I have experienced only professionalism at Ponder Auto Repair. They provide excellent work at market price, warranty their repairs and run a fair business. ETSU and Mountain Home VA depend on them. I feel lucky to have them in my corner when the inevitable pops up.No one likes a car problem, and no one likes to pay a lot of money for repairs. But we demand super-safe, tech-laden cars and trucks that are light years beyond vehicles in the past in regards to reliability. I dont care who is cheaper, I want to know my vehicle has been fixed right. And I keep giving Ponder my business because they are fair and honest with me. Thats hard to find these days, in any business. Thanks Brian and Bob and all the employees at Ponder!

Review №83

Dedicated folks

Review №84

The staff were prompt, thorough, and kind. My van needed an alignment, oil, and a serpentine belt. It was done in no time at all.

Review №85

Sketchiest mechanic Ive ever been to. They do not request your consent before working on your vehicle or bother to explain whats even wrong with it. The prices are ridiculous and they are dishonest with their quotes. The lady on the phone is rude, unknowledgable, and unwilling to help in anyway. She simply refused to tell me what was wrong with my car; side stepping the subject while being incredibly short and too quiet to even hear properly. She also spoke with my ex-girlfriend and gave her information about my vehicle without my consent; which is ridiculous. You all need a new receptionist who actually knows how to speak to clients on the phone and to start communicating with you clients about pricing and detailed issues with the car. I will never go back and nor will I encourage anyone I meet to go there. The problem is still not fixed; by the way. Im having a better mechanic fix it for less than half of what I paid these people.

Review №86

Amazing service and very fast!! Took great care of us in an emergency situation!

Review №87

Diagnosed and repaired front axles on my 2010 Volvo C70. I was visiting the area and experienced a terrible shaking from the front end as if the tires were going to fly off the car.Phoned my regular mechanic and was told it was probably the axles.The closest shop didnt service Volvos but recommended Ponder auto repair as an honest shop. Friendly folks and great service were what I found. Mr. Ponder drove my car and diagnosed the problem immediately. They were able to get the parts and get me back on the road the next day. They even had a rental car on site as a previous customer had rented a car but never picked it up! Overall, Im recommending them and I hope you have a great experience as I did. Thank you for your service!

Review №88

Ponders has always taken excellent care of me. I trust them completely, which is rare for an auto repair shop.

Review №89

After having my car for approximately 2 weeks for a fuel issue and the car not wanting to start, the problem still wasnt fixed. I can say they called to verify that it was OK to change the valve cover gasket due to it leaking, and also before any other repairs were done. They only done what I approved to be done. Although, I still have the fuel pump malfunction issue and my car wont start occasionally...

Review №90

Very professional and polite. Reasonable price considering a VW.

Review №91

You guys are GREAT!!!!! We have used you guys for many years and have always been very pleased. The past few times I have needed assistance I have had the pleasure of dealing with Bob.He has been so helpful and pleasant to me.Thank you so very much Bob and the rest of you guys. Thank you so very much,Keli

Review №92

They do great work at fair prices first time Ive done business with them but wont be the last this is where I will go for all my auto repairs

Review №93

Very nice and work done in 1 day. I am upset at the $688 price as I was told by family/friends that this is high.😢

Review №94

Great Shop, when I needed my car opened...I left my keys in the car, they were able to get into my car, without charging me. They are an awesome business. They really care about their customers and about serving their customers. Great business.

Review №95

Have had Ponder Auto Repair fix my diesel truck on two occasions. Both times the work was done to my satisfaction and within the time frame that was promised. I am very well satisfied with Ponder service and have recommended them to several friends.

Review №96

Good work

Review №97

Fantastic service. Honest and trustworthy.

Review №98

Excellent service, honest, and trustworthy! I highly recommend Ponder for all your auto services.

Review №99

Brian is great. These are the most up to date techs in Johnson City. They have the latest tools and technology to fix anything. I would recommend this shop anytime.

Review №100

Good shop. My daughters car had an issue that the dealership and another mechanic were unable to fix. Had it towed to Ponders and they fixed it. Needless to say we will be using Ponders from now on. I dont know if other shops are less expensive, but it is worth something to know that it is fixed right the first time. I believe we would have saved several hundred dollars had we taken it here first.

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  • Auto repair shop
  • Air conditioning repair service
  • Auto electrical service
  • Auto tune up service
  • Brake shop
  • Engine rebuilding service
  • Oil change service
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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