Harrys Towing & Auto Repair
411 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Harrys Towing & Auto Repair

Review №1

Their Great! They came & picked up my jeep for me. They actually got there early. The driver was a super nice guy. He took care loading & unloading it. Would definitely recommend.

Review №2

Dalton was professional, courteous, and polite. Will definitely use them again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone.

Review №3

We were vacationing in North Carolina from Mississippi and ALL THE OIL had leaked from our vehicle. We had to have it towed to Johnson City Hyundai. After arriving on time, two very polite and professional gentlemen, first assessed the situation because the driveway included a VERY steep hill. They managed beautifully without any issues. They were sincerely kind and concerned. I highly recommend their service.

Review №4

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! Ive never used Harrys towing services and after the two experiences I had with a the tow truck driver I would never use the services the way he drive the tow truck! I was on i-26 got was in the left lane, and if I wouldnt have slammed on my brakes he would have hit me he was in a hurry and got in the left lane without even having enough room to move over. He also did not use his turning signal. You should never drive like that when youre towing a vehicle thats why I would never use the services because it might come back wrecked! I had actually forgot that happen and then today he about did the same thing again! I was in the middle turning lane waiting , he was in the right lane so I got in the left lane, he did not have his signal light on to say he was getting in the lane I was about to pull in, then he blows his horn and is looking at me and saying who knows what!!

Review №5

Michael from Harrys Towing provided excellent service in towing my car off the highway to a service shop in a timely manner. He was very nice and polite. I fully recommend Harrys Towing to anyone needing service.

Review №6

I was driving down Market Street this afternoon and the battery on my mustang decided it wasnt going to charge anymore. It stalled at the red light by CVS and refused to start up again. My daughter and her boyfriend helped me get it out of the street and my roadside assistance dispatched a driver from Harrys. They were busy today but it was worth the wait. I didnt get the drivers name but he was awesome and had my car to my mechanic quickly, safely and professionally. I will definitely be calling them if I need anything in the future! (But I hope I dont)

Review №7

Todd was the mans name that came to my rescue today!! We was Super Polite to me and my son and he had a Super Great Attitude (even with it being 7pm) he was dispatched out to tow my Jeep home but with in 1 minute of pulling in and asking what was going on, he hooked it up to his jumpbox and had my Jeep started.. The Coolest Part... He offered to follow me home just to make sure we made it!!. I will forever keep this company in my contacts just in case I need another tow and will definitely try them if I need any repairs (which might be sooner then later) Thank You Harrys Towing & Todd!!!

Review №8

If I could put 0 stars I would. I called through insurance and they used them to get it. The guy scarped the bottom of my vehicle and damaged the bumper. Figured I’d give benefit of the doubt to then find out at the body shop that they didn’t care getting it out of their lot. I had rocks and gravel stuck in the bottom of my vehicle where the parts where, busted oil pan, and my whole protective plate at the bottom that was there taken off, and bumper tore to pieces at the bottom. Would not recommend if you would like to keep your car in good condition and not have to fix more damages. You think it’s their job to not do something like this. I will NEVER let them take my car again.

Review №9

My tire popped today and I had to call my insurance emergency roadside assistance number for help. Michael showed up super fast and he was so nice & helpful. He made everything very simple and stress-free. Thanks again for everything! Couldn’t reccomend them enough.

Review №10

Thank you! awesome towing company, Michael Roberts was so kind and helpful in a time of need. they were 45 minutes earlier than expected time from my insurance. probably the best towing company i’ve ever used!

Review №11

Our brand new 20’ RV couldn’t make it up my sister’s steep driveway in the pouring down rain. We ended stuck in the ditch next to the driveway. Harry’s Towing knew exactly what to do to winch it out . They were brilliant. Thank you.

Review №12

These guys towed a vehicle that was not mine and are charging me for it and trying to put it on my credit will definitely be hiring a lawyer and have fun with this one

Review №13

THANK YOU to Harrys Towing, and especially to Michael, who went above and beyond to help a broke down, stressed out mom and kid. Fast, efficient, and very kind. We appreciate you so much! Highly recommend!

Review №14

Excellent service. Quick response time. Thanks Harrys

Review №15

Shawn stopped and changed my flat tire when I was stopped on the highway. He was very courteous, helpful, and friendly. I was very lucky that he saw me and stopped on his own to help. It’s good to know that there are still nice people that are willing to help others!! Thanks again, Shawn!!

Review №16

Geico said “60 minutes”. Michael Robbins with Harry’s towing said “not quick enough”. Michael was with our car within 5 minutes of us driving away. Very polite. I had a super long day and wanted to get home so we Left our key on the rear wheel for him to find and there was no hiccup. Perfect quick service. I’d give them and specially Michael Robbins more stars if I could.

Review №17

Thank you Harrys- they towed my vehicle to Victory Motors within a hour!!!BAM Super friendly guy greeted me at the pickup and even checked under the hood.

Review №18

Very fast and professional. Definitely would use them again.

Review №19

The tow truck driver was well aware of where I was at and that I needed to be towed out of mud. When he arrived he proceeded to complain the entire time and and basically call me stupid for being stuck in the mud. Very unprofessional very unfriendly if I could leave zero stars I would. Also charged me three times the amount I was quoted over the phone. Never even towed the car only moved it out of the mud.

Review №20

Called to ask about removal of a vehicle parked illegally, gentleman on the phone was very harsh, and even hung up on me after I was unable to understand him, and wanted to ask questions for validation. Tried to call back but my number was blocked as it went straight to voicemail immediately. I tried calling back twice when I realized this. Very harsh, talked to me as if he had 100 other better things to do with his time. 20/10 would NOT recommend using this mans service if you have any questions for him. He won’t answer them clearly and if you have to ask follow-ups he won’t have any of it. 1 STAR

Review №21

Came very fast and loaded my pick up truck from an awkward parking place without any problems. In and out quickly, pleasant driver named Michael, overall very good job

Review №22

Dispatch Guy Shawn Was Cool An Looked Out For Me!...He Even Had One Of His Drivers Stay Late To Help Me Out!...And Most Definitely Cant Forget My Actual Driver Charlie!...Awesome Guy, Easy To Talk To, Fast, And Seems Real Cool...Great Job Fellas!

Review №23

Great service!! They picked up my Maxima for the side of I-26 and towed it to my house in just about an hour or more maybe!!

Review №24

I broke my radiator hose and needed a towtruck. I happen to stop at Adv Auto to grab a couple of things when the associate recommended me this towing company.The level of professionalism exceeds my expectations. He arrived on time! Mr. Hood thank you for the exceptional service sir!!! Highly recommended!!! 10/10!

Review №25

These guys rescued me on Thursday 5-20-2021. Every place in Asheville declined and I was Im Asheville. Their rates are right on with everyone else. The driver was a really nice guy and respectful and thoughtful as well. I would use them again if needed.

Review №26

The driver came out at 10:30pm. He was very fast and a super nice guy. Excellent service. I highly recommend them.

Review №27

Shawn was so knowledgeable. He helped me in a such a fantastic way!

Review №28

Ben is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Was so helpful with our car. Need more like him...

Review №29

Harry’s Towing was a savior when my boyfriends car broke down in the dark. They were very easy to deal with and were super nice when we called. They arrived very quickly and made sure we had a ride coming to pick us up. Even though it was a very unfortunate situation we couldn’t have ask for a better experience.

Review №30

Driver called to argue about my spare tire. When he finally showed up, he said the spare was no good. When pushed, he finally mounted the spare onto the car. I said thank you & he left. Until the next morn, I didnt realize the driver hadnt even checked the spare tire to see if it had air!! It was nearly flat!! Nope .. I wouldnt recommend these folks??

Review №31

Always there to help. Thanks guys

Review №32

When I called they were right on it came and got the car and delivered it great services

Review №33

Drivers are great. Didnt have to wait long.

Review №34

Todd always helps me do things he had to put tire back on tp get pn rollback this other company wont help me. Once mt dog wss in Truck and driver stopped for mw to check on my dog .. Good compassionate drivers

Review №35

Called this company about coming to tow our vehicle that was broke down. the guy was extremely rude and said I would just have to work around HIS schedule and he would come when he had time.Called “Browns Mill towing” and they came right away!!

Review №36

We did not get the name of the driver. He towed our F-250 home. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous. On time no hassles highly recommend.

Review №37

Dude Shawn came out and pulled out our dually on its side.. in a the ice. Truck is still drivable. The man can get you out of anything. 5 stars. Hardly any wait time. Call em.

Review №38

One of their drivers Shawn went above and beyond what a normal tow truck driver would have! He arrived fast and was very quick at his job to get me back home the fastest. Thank you so much.

Review №39

My phone call with this company was enough to let me know not to use these guys. Very rude and unprofessional. Unless you like being berated choose someone else for your towing needs.

Review №40

An honest, concise estimate .

Review №41

Very skilled and knowledgeable. John and Shaun got my car off the side of a very steep hill with no further damage. Would highly recommend. Thanks guys!

Review №42

Shawn went above and beyond for us getting our truck off a bank. We explained to him we had already had someone out that couldn’t get it out, and several tow companies turn us down. He was bound and determined he could get it, and he did just that, he had it out within minutes. We know who to call from now on... Shawn from Harry’s Towing!!

Review №43

Picked my car up quickly and great service

Review №44

Harrys worked with Progressives road side assitance program. John Hood took my request and called me to let me know he was on his way. He called on arrival, and we securely strapped my bike onto his flatbed. We had pleasant conversation. John promptly transported my bike to Kens. On arrival he, along with the team at Kens, got my off the truck and into the shop. John was professional and courteous while doing business with me. If I need a service in the future Ill request Harrys.

Review №45

Super nice! Did not make fun of a woman who hit a fire hydrant! Thank you. Thomas! If I ever need help again, Ill be calling!

Review №46

Broke down and got towed even with an indicator I was broken downLess than 8 hours. I was going to haul it home myself. Thanks for wasting 160

Review №47

I just witnessed Harrys towing almost pausing 2 wrecks on state of Franklin and market today @ 6:15 pm.He pulled out in front of 2 vehicles then in the middle of the road, backed up and almost caused another wreck.To tow a vehicle that had died at a a red light. I took video of this massive cluster. No police vehicles were present. The guy showed no regard to human life.

Review №48

Towing operator was completely professional, great with conversation and made us feel better about having a dead all around 10/10 service definitely would use again if in the area

Review №49

Excellent service! Nice guys, very professional and helpful! Always on time! I wouldnt use any other service!!!

Review №50

Excellent work! After another provider cancelled, Harrys quickly responded and got my flat tire pumped up. Thank you!

Review №51

Thomas McMillan was super-helpful when my husbands truck broke down while driving through TN. He was on time and professional and a great help!

Review №52

Very professional would recommend to everyone 7

Review №53

Great service, fast and friendly!!

Review №54

Their service was quick and reasonable. I would recommend them and use them again.

Review №55

Within an hour...picked up and delivered!

Review №56

Fast super helpful solid price for towing on Christmas

Review №57

Beware of using this business for roadside service... In October of last year their tow truck guy changed a flat on my truck and did not tighten the lug nuts... Causing the tire to eventually spin on the stems to the point that they were almost sheared off... The guy who discovered the reason for the noise I was hearing said I only had a few more miles before the tire would have fallen off... Not only did they not accept responsibility ... They blamed me for not having the tire looked at after it was changed... Even though it was a full size spare and I would have no reason to... Today I found out that the bearings in that same tire have to be re done... To the tune of almost another 300.00... all total this business has cost me almost 600.00 in repairs...

Review №58

Great people

Review №59

Very fast response, they were there within 15 minutes. They even recommended a local mechanic to fix the problem. Would use again.

Review №60


Review №61

Parked in a lot that I’ve never been towed from, and got towed by none other than Harry’s. They are a company that steals from college students by charging an obscene amount of money for nothing.

Review №62

My husbands car quit on him. It was after dark on a side road with no pull offs. The gentleman that towed our car just happened by after dropping another car off and saw our emergency blinkers. He charged us a very reasonable price to tow us and saved us in an emergency situation.

Review №63

They were fast!! Very helpful. My battery was dead. He jumped my car off when cables couldnt. Very pleasant and prompt. Will always use their service from now and recommend them. Ricky Jr. was our service person and he is outstanding! Thank you so much!

Review №64

Always great service. Very dependable.

Review №65

Great work and awesome people.

Review №66

Great guys!!! Great towing!!! Great prices!!! Would highly recommend.. ole boy even showed me how to fix my vehicle which made it very handy and worth the call.. thank you guys

Review №67

Good guys.

Review №68

Geico called Harry’s towing for me because my car was disabled. They Called me, showed up on time, took their care towing my vehicle, and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg. Nobody likes to see the tow truck come, but these guys did a great job for me.

Review №69

Easy to talk to and got the job done. Needed my car towed downtown and they were at the door in no time.

Review №70

Very quick arrival. Only took about 40 min to get there from when i made the call. Very professional and courteous! Thanks for helping my Monday morning get a little better!

Review №71

Ive had the experience of needing their help many times and have always had kind and generous individuals come to my aid. They are State Farms locally preferred first choice.

Review №72

Highly recommend Harry’s! They are super fast, and reliable with their services! Never had a bad experience. The staff is friendly and best prices around the Tri-Cities. The only company I will use for my needs! Thank you

Review №73

Great company. Got here quickly and the guy (Steven I think?) Was great. 10/10 would recommend

Review №74

Only thing I can say from experience is do not call these people DO NOT let them tow your vehicle they torn my car up worse than it was and then wanted to deny it. Has to be the rudest people Ive ever meet dont think they are from Tennessee just saying

Review №75

Wow, what marvelous service. The gentleman came out far faster than the estimated arrival time, he was pleasant and did a great job for us. Obviously this company hires people who care and know how to take care of their customers. Highly recommend these guys, thank you so much!!!

Review №76

Always great service for years ,only wish they did. Repairs , they are very honest and more than fair on the bill typical short tow is 40 . I have no idea what a few of the negative comments are about , I have used them more than 15 times over my life zero issues.

Review №77

Best prices in town & the driver was nice. I definitely recommend them!

Review №78

Excellent customer service

Review №79

Rick with Harrys was very helpful when we were stranded on the side of the road! Id highly recommend! Thanks again!!

Review №80

Harrys was professional and courteous

Review №81

The best company I have ever used Excellent service, honest and prices are unmatched !

Review №82

Get company all around . They do a Great Job.

Review №83

Rick the tower is rude and manipulative. He has towed many cars near ETSUs campus for no reason other than to take money from already poor college kids.He towed my car even though I was trying to get in it while the other tower blocked me. He lifted my car before hooking it up, and demanded $80 to drop it there. I only had $80 but not cash, so I asked if he would wait a minute so I could get some. He laughed in my face and hooked my car up. He pulled out so fast he almost ran over my foot, not that he would care. I had to pay $160 at the lot. I am not the only one that has been through this, as he bragged about doing the same thing to all the other college kids. Overall bad service. I do not trust this company to do anything more than to take my money.

Review №84

Driver, Dan, took forever to show up to pick up car. He seemed to not know how to work the tow truck. Somehow ripped of the gas tank door off on the way. Made a 18yo with no licence get in the car to unload it. Then the lady that works there is just rude and unprofessional. Wouldnt use them ever again. Oh and they call and harass their clients and make fun of poor people.

Review №85

Harrys towing is a decent hard working bunch, I use to work for Allied Dispatch taking roadside calls for names like AT&T and Motor Club of america and so on and anytime we had a local dispatch I always called up Harry to take care of my callers, never had a problem out of him and one night my car left me sitting and Harry showed up much earlier than he said and took real good care of me. His rates are really good and I never had a caller call back to complain about him or his other drivers.

Review №86

Very helpful guys out here.

Review №87

Running a cash only scam throughout Johnson City! I am reporting this establishment to the regularity authorities in Nashville, and perhaps ought to report them to the IRS as well. Picking up cars from public parking lots WHERE THERE IS NO SIGNAGE FORBIDDING EXTENDED PARKING is against the law! Looking over the reviews here and elsewhere, it is obvious that this is a regular scam Harrys Towing has been running for quite some time. No more!

Review №88

Worst. Experience. ever. Not only did they ILLEGALLY tow our vehicle, they blamed it on our apartments parking pass being expired, but it wasnt, we later found it under the seat, crumpled up, with an in date expiration,also when we got it the air conditioning wasnt working and my stickers on the back had been torn off, with little scratch marks. I work with tow truck providers all day long, and pardon my language, this is the sorriest damn company Ive every dealt with. All they care for is themselves and that all might dollar. Proceed with caution.

Review №89

Ricky Jr (driver that rescued me) is an Angel! At the worst possible time my Jeep decided to have a near death experience. I was in an area I know nothing about and surrounded by repair shops that could consider me a dumb female (because I am with cars lol) that they could take advance of. My family was dealing with an unexpected emergency yet I was stuck in a grocery store parking lot unable to be there when I was needed most - also doesnt help it was a Friday afternoon!! When Ricky Jr arrived he did what he could to try and get me up and running without success. I explained my situation to him and how I needed his help in where to go/who to trust/general idea how much repair would cost, etc.Once loaded he advised he was going to try 1 shop before dropping me at shop everyone goes to - he was truly concerned that Id get repair done asap so I could hit the road. To my surprise the shop, Gear Headz Customs was able to take my Jeep right in, test to confirm repair, order part, install and have me out the door in less than and hour and a half (repair alone usually runs 3-4 hours, once you make it into repair bay). Though Im hoping I dont need another tow anytime soon I know theres no other company Id use then this one. Ricky Jr is absolutely amazing!!

Review №90

Good people.

Review №91

Progressive hired this company to pick up my bike that broke down right before a rain storm. They gave a 90 minute estimate of when they would arrive. After 90 minutes of waiting under a small ledge in the rain, I called to follow up. They said that they were in route. 45 minutes later, i called again. They then told me that they were not coming. Over TWO HOURS in the rain at night! Absolutely awful! I slept under a bridge like a homeless person and had to walk 8.7 miles home because of these idiots!

Review №92

Good people one of the top towing services in jc

Review №93

I locked my keys in my car at a gas station today. When I was trying to call roadside assistance, one of the towing employees was getting gas and offered to help me. Really helped me out and relieved some stress. I will definitely be call them if I need their services.

Review №94

Great ppl fast nice

Review №95

Fast, professional, and curteous. Took 15 minutes to get to our location and tow the car back home. We will definitely call these guys first from now on.

Review №96

I thought Harrys towing was very fast and courteous. They just towed my f250 from johnsoncity lowes to my home in kingsport. The driver was there quickly and I thought the whole staff was nice from dispatch, to the guy that called me back, and the driver sorry I forgot your name but keep up the good work.

Review №97

They were so nice and SO FAST! It was getting dark and I am thrilled they came to my rescue so quickly. Thank you!!

Review №98

My truck broke down at tractor supply and needed to be towed. I had no idea who to call so checked with my insurance company. The first one they recommended was Harrys towing. Got a fair quote. Called when ready and the driver arrived witin 20 minutes, hooked my truck up and we were on the road 10 minutes later. The driver was professional and friendly. His tow truck was spotless. After a 23 mile tow we arrived and there were no supprises with the bill. I highly recommend Harrys towing! I didnt get the drivers name but thank you again.

Review №99

The guy over the phone is the rudest person I have ever encountered. The truck drivers are good and experienced, but the customer care is rude.

Review №100

Reasonable prices great customer service

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