Southern Classic Auto Wash and Lube
518 W Oakland Ave, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

Review №1

VIP Package and this is what I end up with. I will not waste my money here again.

Review №2

The oil lube was very precise and fast. I paid for my to be cleaned. the third row in my car did not get touched at all, wipe down, or even vacuumed. I went back inside and asked for a discount, after they told me they could vacuum it out, after being there for almost two hours already. Instead of getting a discount the manager told me to ask for him next time I came back. I definitely will not be back to be disappointed again.

Review №3

I have been coming there for years. I have always been pleased with the quality of service. But I got the VIP yesterday and it was not even close to the job I have ever had. There was next to no one there so there was no need for a rush job either. I will not be back.

Review №4

Shine me up and gave me a military discount but very slow at times

Review №5

A great price on a full job. they added air to my tires on request. Big tip

Review №6

I highly recommend this place. I came in with bo appointment and had my oil changed, several filters changed, and all other fluids topped off. I was in and out in around 30 minutes. The lub techs were great and very pleasant. And I was pleasantly surprised at the cost.

Review №7

Had my daughters brakes and rotors done. Walked me through what they were doing and best price in area. Very professional.

Review №8

A group of very friendly and efficient people from the moment we pulled into the parking lot there was someone working on my car with the intention of having my car washed, waxed, and vacuumed in a timely matter. Great place!!

Review №9

They do a good job cleaning your car for you when you just dont have the time..

Review №10

I have been to this business many times in the past and was very pleased with the service. Today, however was the worst job they have ever done. I dont know if it is because they have sold out or what but the vacuum job was terrible. The interior was no better than when I took it in. If the new owners dont do any better job than han today, I will never go back.

Review №11

Very nice people they were very nice done a nice job 👍👍

Review №12

Dont do a very good job cleaning inside the vehicle for the m.v.p. wash its $40.00 plus tip you would think they would do a better job.

Review №13

Excellent service, good prices for what they do. Good workers. Good and quick

Review №14

Since new ower took overDont care for them not worth 1 star

Review №15

Best car wash in east Tn.

Review №16

They were great car looked good got the oil changed tire rotation windshield wiper blades employees are very nice

Review №17

I got the special and left my car to be cleaned. I picked it up and when I got in my car and left I was so frustrated at what I found. There were still crumbs in the back seat near the car seat and middle seat. My cup holders weren’t even wiped out. Under the seats weren’t vacuumed as well as the passenger side floor. Worst money I’ve spent. I will never be back.

Review №18

The physical cleaning of the car is fine. Unfortunately, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and the inside staff do not wear masks nor do they enforce wearing a mask for the patrons who sit inside. Most did not have masks on in the waiting area today. Very unprofessional and careless.

Review №19

Im ahear head,if their was ansix star they would of gotten it i cant brag enough

Review №20

Very prompt service. At no time did I feel like I was being sold anything.Shannon was very helpful. Highly recommended

Review №21

I was treated with respect and each employee was kind, knowledgeable and no pressure to buy something. They opened the doors for me, pulled my car up for me and were very attentive. Quality work and service! I would definitely recommend Southern Classic.

Review №22

Love taking my car here.

Review №23

Hardworking employees. Cleaned vehicle very well.

Review №24

I work here and they are great with my health conditions.

Review №25

This place is just incredible! I came in to get my car washed and then last minute decided to get my oil changed. DJ took care of me and helped me, he is awesome. He took the time to answer some questions I had, and is extremely knowledgeable. They not only beat the pricing of Jiffy Lube, but also had my vehicle looking brand new. Remember quality takes time folks! But it was a reasonable amount of time. I am definitely coming back and will make sure my family comes here from now on too.

Review №26

Worst car wash EVER!!!! I left with a dirty car and a large scratch!!! Do not use this car wash! Total waste of money and time!

Review №27

Excellent job for a great price! Ive been going for years and theyve never done a less than satisfactory job.

Review №28

I get my oil changed here and they do a great job. They are professional, super quick, and affordable. They stand by their work.

Review №29

I appreciate the hard work, but probably my last time here, it’s takes a minimum of an hour and a half to get a full service, that is ridiculous, who manages this place... who owns it. I would be all over this problem but no, my time is more valuable than waiting 2 hours here. So BR no more business fir you, oil changes unfortunately will go with it.

Review №30

Your car comes out as clean as you pay forEven basic service the car looks great.

Review №31

Quick service and good job.

Review №32

Today is the 1st time I have ever visited and paid for services at this particular Johnson City location. I always use Southern Classic to have my car washed and detailed but I always go to the Kingsport location. Anyways, I noticed as soon as i pulled up to the vacuum line that there were at least 20 to 25 cars total having their vehicles washed!!! I will admit that both lines moved fairly quickly. I paid for the VIP package which cost $31.95 plus tax which is always well worth it but I ended up having to wait in their lobby for 25-30 minutes for my car to get completely done and finished. I guess it is a good thing that 1 of my 3 teenage daughters was having their hair done at the salon next door or I would have probably been a little impatient lol 😆. The only reason why I took one star 🌟 off the rating is because of the wait time. I also tipped the employees whom worked on my car $20 cause I completely understand how hard and tiresome it can be to wash the inside and outside of numerous vehicles on a daily basis. Keep up the excellent work guys!!!!

Review №33

In and out in a flash. Staff was awesome (as always) And the price was reasonable (as always) This is the only place that we bring our vehicles to get oil changes.

Review №34

Awesome experience. Was in and out in 15 mins!!👏👏

Review №35

I needed to have my oil filter changed because another local competitor couldnt remove the filter. Cody had the filter changed in minutes and actually lubed the drive line that the competitor didnt do correctly without being asked. I then had them flush the radiator, change the differential fluid, and change the transfer case fluid. All the work was performed in a timely manner with exceptional customer service. I would highly recommend Cody and this location when its time to have your car serviced.

Review №36

I absolutely love Gail, she treated my car as if it were hers, when she was done detailing, it looked as if I just drove it off show room floor, shes totally amazing, great job Gail!!!!

Review №37

It took over an hour and it wasnt that busy. But the end result was really good.

Review №38

My niece and I took her car to get it cleaned did the worst job we could done it better left dirt on it and she works out of town and I called and the people said 3 days policy and she want be back

Review №39

Great place. They do an amazing job.

Review №40

Easy to find and enter. Great, friendly n helpful staff. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Than if you choose, theres free do-it-yourself vacuuming, an abundance of clean soft towels for that wipe down! Additional auto care products you may purchase as needed! Go! Give it a try, youll get your money¢ worth!

Review №41

Ive used Classic for YEARS and have always been impressed. HOWEVER, the last 2xs have been terrible. Both times I paid for VIP, but got lick & promise. Inside not vacuumed good, still have coffee stains on console, footprints on passenger door, & windows streaked. Tires looked good though.I was there 2 days ago, nice day, I sat outside to watch since last time didnt get cleaned. I heard a worker ask another worker if they would hand them a pad so they wouldnt have to get out of hatch, reply thats not my car. Saw several employees on phones and others making comments about not using phones. But what really got to me was 3 young men standing talking/laughing while coworkers were doing the work. This was a very busy day & I could have overlooked some missed details, but not when some employees were having a party.Manager or OWNER needs to address all of this. Like I said Ive used Classic since you opened, Im not sure you will get strike 3 from me.

Review №42

Fast and courteous

Review №43

This place is awesome for the price. Got a full size truck washed, hand dryed, wiped clean, and the inside cleaned for under $25. You cant beat that!.The customer service is great as well... everyone was super polite! If you want a good car wash this is it!!!

Review №44

Austin took care of truck today, full service oil change/filter. Everything was above & beyond expectations. Good people doing a great job!

Review №45

Wow I am blown away by the customer service values this company holds!! I needed a tire plugged then my spare put away and I was immediately helped with excellence. The manager, DJ went out of his way and Matt (Irish) also allowed me to leave town on time as I was in a rush. They are courteous, extremely reasonable pricing and fast. This will be my Johnson City service stop while I live here. A+

Review №46

It takes them a few minutes on a busy day but it’s worth the wait they work in the hot sun. Car is very clean. Nice professional service

Review №47

Had great, quick and reliable service!! Definitely recommend as a go to spot.

Review №48

I go to Southern Classic for oil changes because they only charge a few dollars more than doing it yourself. Catch things that need to be fixed, top off fluids for free, Ive always been satisfied.

Review №49

Good job and good waiting area. Full service.

Review №50

Very good, they put a brake light and left dome light in the car and cleaned the car very well, and gave me a discount.

Review №51

Under new management and it shows.

Review №52

During this time of Covid in our country, I wear a mask out of respect to those around me. I still try to do business, but do it carefully. If you share this view, you may be uncomfortable with how Southern Classic may handle their interaction with you. I was greeted at my door by someone not wearing a mask and then she stood about 3 feet away when talking to me. As I backed up to get social distance, she moved closer to close the gap. I understand it would be difficult and extremely hot to keep a mask on doing this work. None of the employees that I see are wearIng a mask anywhere, including inside of customer vehicles. They still do good work, and I appreciate them greatly. Just wanting to share that if you are a Covid-cautious individual, this may not be a place for you right now.

Review №53

Fast nice professional. They will try to sell you a serpentine belt every time you go. Thats just part of the business.

Review №54

Great service and they covered every detail. My car hasnt been this clean since I bought it😊. These guys are 👌..

Review №55

Need to teach the employees hiw to clean and wipe down. Also to get their rags and cleaner off the car after wiping down

Review №56

For the price paid for the premium car wash - the attention to detail was sub-par. Interior - windows streaky, armor-all spotty and short lasting air freshener (I suspect it was a spray). Exterior - even though it was auto washed, it was hand detailed by people and not all dirt/spots were removed. Had to clean spots when I got home. For what you say you provide for the price, the least you could do is live up to it. Overall the car was cleaner, but I could have spent the same amount of time and less money to accomplish the same outcome.

Review №57

Maybe it was an off day but I wouldnt waste my time here again. Just wanted the interior done. They hit it with a lick and a promise. Completely missed cleaning the passengers side door and the inside of the windshield looked like it was cleaned with a dirty mop. Missed dusting several areas of the dash. Sorry guys but yall seriously dropped the ball on this one. Ill go elsewhere next time. I doubt any of us will lose sleep over that tho.

Review №58

I have been getting my company provided vehicles washed here for the last 4 years 1-2X a month and this last visit really let me down and motivated my to share the care management has for your vehicle when its in their care. I have a 6 month old vehicle that sometime during their wash process put several moderate scratches on the driver side passenger door frame. I told the manager on duty about it and she confirmed after a lengthy inspection process with their camera system that she did not see any damage to the vehicle when i gave it to them. I didnt give her a hard time about it because its a company vehicle and i do not have any personal investment it in but i would like to see if there is something that can be done to repair the damage. She collected my information and told me the GM would call me, i never heard from them. This place does not care for their customers vehicles, damages them, does everything they can do to blame someone else, and if there is no way to dispute the damage avoids taking responsibility by avoiding the affected customer.

Review №59

Good car wash

Review №60

I got a oil change & had my car cleaned. They did a wonderful job. D.j. , Shannon & Whitney were very nice , friendly & helpful I will be returning. Thank You !!!

Review №61

They do a lot more then oil change! They have good deals n you get a discount for car wash when youve had car services done there too. Bobby was very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns! I recommend them to my daughter because she needs things done on her vehicle as well. Only thing was they couldnt get the tree sap off top of my car because its hard to get that stuff off. But recommended them!

Review №62

Decent $16 car wash.

Review №63

Does your pretty good job

Review №64

I have been taking my vehicles to this location for over 10 years and no complaints. Until lately. Last oil change they over-filled causing me to have to get a gasket replaced costing $75. This time, it took them an hour for a basic oil change. I’ve noticed a lot of new employees which obviously has not been a good thing. While I completely understand it is hard to find good, qualified employees, it’s time for another changing of the guard.No review on wash services because I do not get my vehicles washed there.

Review №65

Friendly, knowledgable staff at this establishment. They dont hard sale to buy services you dont need, but they will inform you. From someone in the automotive service industry, I greatly appreciate and respect that.

Review №66

I paid for the vip. They didnt clean the back that good

Review №67

Ive been here once. Normally I wouldnt pay for this service, but it was a godsend after I injured my back. I bought the basic car wash (interior/exterior) and was quite pleased with the results -- exterior was spotless, windows not streaky, and upholstery looked great.

Review №68

Man you want your car clean to take it to this place my Cadillac come out looking like heaven turning every head in town these guys make a car look great inside and out and if it rains the next day bring it back there washing again for free

Review №69

Staff are great. They do a great job when it comes to detailing my car. Very professional.

Review №70

My wife went in about a week ago to get our car serviced I soon followed behind her when I got there the manager Bobby was speaking with her I stood back to get an idea of what was going on and seen how professional he was treating her he explained in detail so she could understand what services she needed I feel like this place is the only place to get your car serviced I was impressed that he took the extra time to make sure she understood what she was spending money on I would recommend them to everyone and don’t hesitate to send your spouse in alone to get the car serviced these guys will take care of your vehicles southern classic and the mgr Bobby are top notch

Review №71

Awesome place to get a Lube and wash. We did it on my friends car. The Lube staff was very personable and helpful. We got a great price on the Lube, Oil Change and wash. Will definitely go back again. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!!!

Review №72

Great job washing our vehicle but not the best on cleaning the inside. The console around the gear shift is always left uncleaned. I always have to go home and vacuum it and spot clean some of the seats.

Review №73

These folks do a great job on my vehicle weekly. Keeps my car looking new. You can even get oil services among other things done to your vehicle. Its more like a detail shop than a car wash. They do a great job--

Review №74

Workers were very helpful in assisting me out of car and into building to wait. Then again bringing car right to me (Im handicapped) when it was ready to go.Price was fair. Car looked as good as it did on the showroom floor. Reasonable time.

Review №75

This place is very popular and quite busy at peak times. Their staff details cars inside and out and we have been impressed by their quality of work. Waiting room is very comfortable and quiet.

Review №76

Always a pleasure to visit Southern Classic. !! Top shelf service they do on your vehicle in a very short amount of time. Your vehicle is cleaned inside and outside with care. The attendants are so nice to you and such a good job on your vehicle !!!

Review №77

Easy access, affordable, convenient. Have used for 3 different vehicles over the years from a new Escape to my F150. Always clean. Never an issue.

Review №78

Stopped in for a good car wash. They were not extremely busy. Spent over $30 to clean inside and out. Overall, not a terrible experience. However, I think they missed a lot and I could have done better myself.

Review №79

Great job washing and cleaning my Jeep. Good price. Fast. Courteous staff from start to finish.

Review №80

Well, for the second time I had to have my car took back and have my floor Matts recleaned there was still tried milk on my Mats from where a sippy cup turned over and the Mats wasnt even took up to vacuum cause there was still dirt on rugs and there was still dirt in my cup holders and my center screen hadnt even been wiped cause my finger prints was still on it when car came back to me. You take your car and pay good money to get it cleaned and this surely wasnt worth the money .

Review №81

The service was great, everyone was very polite, courteous and very helpful.My car was in very bad shape and need of desperate cleaning inside and out.Now it looks like a brand new car and Im very pleased. 😊

Review №82

Best in Town !!!

Review №83

Johnson City location - Ive always had a great experience. The staff are nice and honestly it would take any of these negative reviewers 3 hours to wash and clean a car like Southern Classic can in 30 minutes. For everyone saying they feel like the staff are pushing services on them: just say no and thats that.

Review №84

Defenitly wouldnt recommend getting their hand wash. Car came out covered in scratches. Car was recently painted too now it looks terrible.

Review №85

Get my oil changed here every time. Great customer SERVICE & very friendly & good work. Will continue to go here.

Review №86

I dropped my vehicle off for an oil change and the VIP wash. The oil change was fine except for the additional charge for a special filter. ($2.00) I can live with that but it should have been included. The biggest disappointment was with the wash. Outside looks okay but the inside is pitiful. Dirt still in the cup holders and in the floor. I will never go back for that price and job quality.

Review №87

Good hospitality great job

Review №88

Great service and decent prices for the average person! Check it out sometime.

Review №89

$30 wash and $10 tip. When I got looked back seat had not been vacuumed or mud wiped off. When I asked the guy about it he said...thats a good as we can do. No offer to do better. Got home and realized they had also taken change and decals off my car. Wont be going back! Outside nicely done.

Review №90

When they said my vehicle was ready, I went to get in, they had lost my floor mats. I looked in the back floor, they had not touched it with anything. The outside still has the dirty swipes left from the automatic car wash. I could have gotten a better wash at the church fund riser!

Review №91

Very good DJ!!! . fixed my car and give me the best options to were find an oil pan . Lucky southern classic to have you DJ !!! . Thank you

Review №92

Great job

Review №93

Great inexpensive place to get a good car cleaned.

Review №94

I use to go all the time and get my oil changed and pay for VIP wash. Oil change no complaints. The car wash is the worst I have ever seen. I will never take my car or my daughters car back to them again!!! If I could get a picture uploaded of my daughters VIP wash Im sure everyone would agree.

Review №95

Absolutely phenomenal customer service and good prices for oil change. A clean, incredibly pleasant waiting area and shop. Professionality from employees.Im here from out of town but a family member recommended this place and I followed blindly to the mark, and I was very much impressed. I will gladly do business with such top-notch, more locally owned, businesses such as this than big chains any day.They also pointed out the corrosion on my battery, and while this is an upsell they charge good prices for the services they do, so them cleaning the battery was a nice addition.If I lived near here, I would certainly come again.

Review №96

I thought it was great. Contrary to what other users say, my car was FULL of dog hair and they got every bit of it up. They were incredibly busy and I was in and out of there in 30 minutes or less with a completely clean car. I dont mind spending $30 when it comes out looking great. I will probably stick with the basic for a while - $16.95 to wash and vacuum? Sign me up!!! Thanks. I will definitely be using them again!

Review №97

Had oil changed and tire rotation. Got in van and light was on for low tire. Took it back in and they said light was already on I had a bad sensor. Told the no they need to reprogram sensor they said they didn’t have a tool to do that. Got my money back for rotation went to tire shop down the street and had sensors programmed and boom light was off. Bad sensor???? Not! Tired of people doing jobs they should not be doing!

Review №98

Excellent customer service. Quick service

Review №99

A really nice place to get a full service oil change. Had a very nice waiting room. Just be careful as they will try to sell you tons of extras and you may end up leaving broke.

Review №100

Good prices with excellent friendly service

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