Tempur-Pedic Flagship Store - Atlanta, GA
3400 Around Lenox Rd Suite 203, Atlanta, GA 30326, United States
Review №1

Today, I had an excellent experience working with Matt at the Atlanta store! Great insight and customer service! No pressure, just good information and consideration of our needs. I highly recommend working with Matt!

Review №2

Had a great experience there. Valarie gave us a fully try out to let us figure out which mattress suit us. She’s really supportive and friendly, will definitely select this store if need to buy some tempur-pedic products!

Review №3

From the moment we walked in we get well treated. Very knowledgeable staff whom helped us out to get the perfecto pillow. Highly recommend.

Review №4

Had a great/easy experience purchasing a bed/frame and pillows from this store. Jase was extremely friendly, easy going, knowledgeable and patient....everything you would want when making such a major purchase! Actually, the entire staff in the store was attentive and friendly. I highly recommend purchasing pushy salespeople and excellent customer service... which is rare these days!

Review №5

This place is great and their service was much better than I expected.It seems like poor service is the default at so many stores now days so I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge a store that gets it right.I typically order most things over the web but a mattress is definitely a product which requires a test drive.When I arrived I was met by Jase and he later brought in Matt to answer a few questions. They spent nearly 1.5 hours with me going through various options between mattresses and bases.They really know their products and patiently answered all my questions without ever having to look anything up.Theyre great guys and seemed to actually enjoy their jobs, which is also rare now days.I also appreciate there was no pressure to buy anything. They didnt try to upsell me or press me to add pillows and sheets to my order.After trying out several beds I wanted time to think about it since its quite a bit of money. Jase said no problem and handed me his business card. The next day I called to let him know which bed I selected and I was able to complete the order over the phone.If I had any complaint, besides wishing the prices were a little lower, its the product names. I routinely had to ask the name of the mattress or feature I was trying out. Corporate sure likes to cram a lot of buzz words into each of their product names. But this of course has nothing to do with the store or the people working at the store.I hope the delivery service is just as good as these guys were.

Review №6

Super helpful and knowledgeable. One of the best customer experiences me and my partner have ever had.

Review №7

We came in here to buy pillows and had a great experience. Our salesman was very knowledgeable about the type of pillow that we should be looking for given our sleeping habits and helped us pick the right one. They let you try out the pillows, and the whole place is very hygienic about that experience. I didnt feel like I was being pressured to buy more than I needed like some other mattress stores - we got exactly what we needed. Overall a great experience, Im sure we will come back here when we want to replace our mattress, too!Jason was our associate - thanks Jason!

Review №8

Jase was awesome! We actually stopped in for a quick second, but stayed for a while! He knew so much about the product and options. It didnt feel like a sales pitch at all and he was so friendly and easy to talk to. I especially felt like he listened to my concerns and questions. We felt really at ease during our shopping experience. We didnt purchase the day we went in because we are moving and dont know our timeline yet, but there was no pressure. Instead of purchasing online, I know we will go back to this specific store to see Jase or Matt when we do get ready to purchase. The experience was worth it!

Review №9

I dealt with Matt last week, he help me out with any and every question I had. Super courteous and professional. Great clean store. With knowledgeable staff.

Review №10

I spoke with Valarie Logan-Harley and she was very pleasant and welcoming from the moment I arrived! Thank you!

Review №11

Valerie and Antonio were amazing. Very friendly and communicative. Allowed us to try out different beds and made us aware of offers available as well as options. Would recommend to anyone.

Review №12

Love the location of this Tempurpedic store - in Lenox Square. Went to purchase one of our favorite pillows, and they are having a 2 for 1 pillow sale now. Nice!

Review №13

Had a great experience here. Matt was so amazing at explaining everything to us. Felt like I was getting a sleep education. And Antonio the store manager was also super helpful. Always great to experience 5 star service.

Review №14

Jase was extremely helpful and was super courteous when trying multiple options. 5 out of 5 stars. Great experience. Thanks for a smooth transaction!!

Review №15

I was very pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail that I received. Staff associate Valerie Logan-Harley listened to my concerns and questions and provided excellent customer service.

Review №16

Awesome store. Jase at this location is so helpful. When my boyfriend first suggested we get tempur-pedic pillows I was hesitant because of the price but once we talked with Jase and he helped us find the perfect pillows for our sleep styles and bodies, I was sold. Awesome store and even better customer service!

Review №17

We had a great experience at this store! After many months of shopping for and comparing mattresses, we decided to go with Tempur-Pedic. Jason was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. After deciding which mattress was best for us, we even went back to the store for sheets and pillows. Highly recommend!

Review №18

Excellent experience! Jase was informative and offered all of our questions! We are really looking forward to our new mattress and pillows. Thank you!

Review №19

Jase was very helpful and stayed late to help us find the perfect fit. He listened to all our questions and provided excellent service. Highly recommend

Review №20

Had such a wonderful time exploring the options in store. Antonio provided excellent customer service and had an amazing depth of knowledge. I’m very excited to purchase my new mattress and base.

Review №21

Great and friendly staffAntônio and Matt were very welcoming and informativeThey seek a great product

Review №22

Great education and experience! We would recommend to family and friends. Antonio was awesome.

Review №23

Had a great experience here. Matt was personable and professional and gave us great information!

Review №24

Matt & Antonio were extremely helpful in helping my wife and I find a new mattress. They walked us through all of our options, worked with us on pricing, and let us know about future deals.Great experience!

Review №25

Antonio was knowledgeable, patient and gave me all the details involving the mattresses and was great in helping me find a mattress perfect for me.

Review №26

Ask for Jase. He was awesome. Super easy experience. Worth the investment for a great nights sleep.

Review №27

I came to this location after grabbing some food with my daughter and was greeted by Matt Murray. He gave me the whole experience on explaining the different type of Tempur materials. We discussed my current Tempur mattress to compare to the newer models they have now; to see what would best fit my comfort.My experience was very calm, relaxing and didn’t feel rushed. I was able to see and feel what would be my future purchase.Mr. Murray was very knowledgeable about the product and it’s past history of their previous makes.Will be seeing you soon Mr. Murray for my next purchase. Also, to get my daughter the Tempur-pedic stuffed teddy bear! And one for my self. It’s so huggable and soft! Thank you.

Review №28

Jase was phenomenal! We weren’t sure about Tempur Pedic walking in but Jase took the time to walk us through all the features of the mattresses have to offer. We were sold. Jase was not pushy and did not try to convince us to buy today. He really wanted to ensure our needs were met and provided us with the information we needed to consider a purchase

Review №29

Great quality great customer service comfortable bedding. Looking for great bedding this is your store!

Review №30

My wife and I had a great experience at Temper-Pedic. Jason helped us to have the full experience of trying different mattresses and seeing what worked best for us. He had us try out a few different versions and was able to answer all of our questions about each one, but was not pushy in trying to close a sale. He cared about us finding what was right for us and was eloquent, patient, and kind. I would very much recommend visiting this location if you are in the market for a new mattress, great people set this place apart!

Review №31

Jase hooked us up with the perfect bed. Very personable and we had a great time during our visit. Thank you Jase!

Review №32

The customer service was great! The staff there was very helpful. Can’t wait to purchase our mattress really soon

Review №33

Amazing customer service! My family and I went and purchased some pillows. Super soft and comfy. Had a great experience.

Review №34

OUTSTANDING SERVICE!Antonio and his team were very helpful, informative and immediately point us in the right direction. They do a phenomenal job! Thanks

Review №35

Came in randomly just to check it out and Antonio Gary educated us on all things Tempur-Pedic. Walking out with two pillows to test it out and hoping to come back for the full package soon! 😇😉 🙌🏼

Review №36

Very easy to take time and get our needs addressed. Antonio was really knowledgeable and helpful and interested in our needs.The private shopping was really enjoyable and recommended.

Review №37

Matt was great and made the whole mattress buying process a pleasant experience!

Review №38

Very lovely experience at the store! Matt was super helpful and informative. I look forward to getting my mattress :-D

Review №39

Very informative, friendly, and exactly what you want in sales people. Definitely coming back and would recommend.

Review №40

Was taken card of by Jason - he is a master, an expert, really made shopping and comparing easy.

Review №41

Matt was very helpful with comparing mattress and find the right fit for us, highly recommend!

Review №42

Had a lovely visit with my husband today at this store. Jason had incredible customer service and made us feel so comfortable and safe with all the luxury covid precautions.They lay disposable cotton liners down to cover the bed and the pillows so you can still have the full experience of discovering your dream mattress and bed.We went to the store specifically to try their adjustable beds and had an awesome experience and left with all our questions answered and confident we would be back to purchase when ready.

Review №43

Jase and Matt were very welcoming and knowledgeable. The store was designed very well. Jase gave us a great experience. Want to go back and discover more about Tempur. Great work, Jase!

Review №44

We came to the store looking for a pillow that would solve our neck problem and thanks to Antonio we were able to do just that. He was very knowledgeable of the products and what would fit our needs and now we get to look forward to a good nights sleep!

Review №45

Great staff excellent experience. I lucked up on BOGO deal.

Review №46

Professional, personable, and tactful. Excellent experience 🏆🏆🏆

Review №47

We purchased some pillows! Great quality and size! Even better customer service! I need more for my quest room!

Review №48

Jase was incredibly insightful and answered all of our questions! We walked out without buying a mattress and he was more than okay with that. Not pushy at all and we will definitely go back and buy from him one day soon.

Review №49

Great experience buying our new mattress! Antonio and Jase were great at answering all of our questions. Even got a great deal on some accessories. Can’t wait for delivery and restful sleep. 100% recommend!

Review №50

So I had to write this review to tell you about this store and their representatives.Walked into the Atlanta Tempur-Pedic store across from Lennox Mall and was met with Jase & Matt.The store itself was clean and both reps had on masks. There was bottled water, hand sanitizer and gloves available at the door. It did not feel like a traditional “department” store. It was a relaxing environment even down to laying on the beds. They gave us our own disposable bed clothes to lye down on. I felt like they not only took the companies interest in mind but our health and safety as well.They were both very hospitable and polite. They took time to find out what it was that we were looking for. What I appreciated is the fact that they listened and showed us a few options that would fit our needs. They were not pushy or overbearing with just making a sale. They also helped us with each option to seeing not just the benefits of each bed but how that benefit would affect our health and overall well being.I found it a very pleasant shopping experience overall and would absolutely recommend this store and both representatives, named above, for anyone’s mattress shopping needs.

Review №51

Everything went really well. Customer service was top notch. Jason Waters and Antonio were extremely professional and courteous. Very pleased with our purchase.

Review №52

I stopped by today because I’m moving in the near future and I’m looking for a new mattress . I had the pleasure of working with Antonio and he was nothing less than amazing . He listened to my concerns and needs , showed me the best options based on my needs and helped me find the perfect mattress! I’ll definitely be coming back to shop with Antonio !

Review №53

My grandmother and I visited this location yesterday and Matt was very helpful. He helped my grandmother choose a mattress upgrade that was just right for her!

Review №54

We were given warm welcome by Jason Waters. He was very knowledgeable and patient. He allowed us to test different mattress in safe manner and answered all our questions. Mattress were very pricey and it is one we are considering buying.

Review №55

Antonio did an amazing job of educating me on tempur-pedic different products. 5-star treatment.

Review №56

Had been wanting to purchase a new mattress since the one we have is old. We were greeted by Matt and right off he gave us the tempur-pedic welcoming showing us the different mattress compositions so we could gather some intel on their quality. He then proceeded to grab sanitary sheet for us at lay on the mattresses and as we were testing them out he informed us what each mattress had and how they differ from the previous one. I have lower back problems and as I informed him that, he made sure he included options that would help me. Needless to say we left with a mattress and some really good sale discount Matt is a wonderful sales rep 10/10. Come to the store and ask for Matt he’s your guy!

Review №57

Excellent experience. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The Covid protocol made me feel safe without sacrificing experience. Plus the product is amazing!

Review №58

Jase was very knowledgeable and really helped me figure out what I needed. The staff was top notch!

Review №59

Great customer service with Jason today! My husband and I are looking for a new mattress and did not know where to start. He was extremely helpful in helping us find the perfect mattress. Come see them!

Review №60

Antonio did a great job! Highly recommend his service.

Review №61

I enjoyed my visit to the store as Jase was very helpful in finding the right matteress for me and my fiance as per our different needs.

Review №62

My partner and I went looking for a new mattress and the stores team lead, Matt, was more than happy to show us what Tempur-Pedic had to offer and educate us on our options. While the price is very steep, the customer service was impeccable and made the experience very pleasant for us. We werent considering Tempur-Pedic before, but Matt has convinced us to put them on the top of our list!

Review №63

Wonderful experience. Jase was excellent.

Review №64

Awesome experience. Matt took care of us. Answered all our questions. Helped us choose our new Tempur-pedic. I would definitely recommend this store.

Review №65

Went in to finally buy a new mattress and was pleasantly educated and served by Antonio. He explained the mattress differences, helped us understand sleeping patterns, and was extremely nice. This was an investment we were glad to make and Antonio made the whole experience a good one. Looking forward to better sleep. If you’re curious about Tempurpedic mattresses, visit this store and ask for Antonio.

Review №66

This was an absolutely amazing experience. My husband and I are looking to upgrade to a King mattress. We went in and had a private shopping appointment with Matt. First, Matt is the absolute best and you should definitely work with him here. Second, they dont work off commission which is amazing. I feel like we learned so much and it wasnt being pushed into anything. Third, we realized after discussing that we found exactly what we wanted here and will be purchasing in the future. If youre looking for a mattress, this is the place to go. The cleaning procedures were incredible. I will recommend this to everyone I know who is mattress shopping.

Review №67

Antonio was very helpful in helping me find the right comfort! Very happy!

Review №68

Jason I believe he goes by Jas? But he was great and Matt as well. Very informative not pushy. Just gave all the information one could want even have updated information about the delivery process and were very nice every time we called for updates about our new bed. Only downfall was the delivery company is separate and I was told by the store in Atlanta that the delivery company would pick up our old bed frame and mattress as long as the mattress was wrapped in plastic. When the delivery company got here they seemed really confused about picking up anything from us. They did say they could take the mattress, but not the bed frame so I had to make other arrangements for that only feedback I could give is to have more communication between tempurpedic and the delivery company as they seem to be different companies and there is some confusion between the two as to what services are actually offered and what the stipulations are.

Review №69

First of all the layout of the store has the look and feel of multiple bedrooms, not the warehouse look of other mattress stores. It made us feel comfortable to really take our time while trying different mattresses. Matt and Antonio took time to explain the differences between their mattresses and answered all our questions. I highly recommend this store.

Review №70

A great mattress shopping experience! Antonio was awesome, and super helpful in answering our questions and guiding us to the right fit. Would highly recommend!

Review №71

Antonio, Matt and Jason were awesome! They took good care of me! I loved my shopping experience and recommend this location and team to anyone looking to sleep better!

Review №72

A very bright, clean and new store with extremely helpful salespeople that were able to assist us in finding the right mattress for our particular sleeping styles. We also appreciated that they had Covid measures in place for us to be able to actually test the various mattresses before making our decision. Our salesperson, Jason Waters, really broke down the subtleties in the differences between the 2 we were most interested in, which made our final decision much easier.

Review №73

The buying experience is TOP NOTCH!! Cameron Herron was our salesperson and he never rushed us and listened to what we were after. We ended up with the mattress we really wanted and at a price that was fair. 10 out of 10Our delivery people were incredible to Narian and Deleon were efficient, very kind, and did an excellent job of not bumping or scraping anywhere in the delivery path (we had just repainted recently). I give them a 10 out of 10Mattress Firm stands behind the products they sell and their customer service is the best we’ve experienced! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Review №74

Thank you, Jason for a wonderful experience! Well versed in information catered to each individual customer. 👍👍👍

Review №75

We had a great experience at Tempur-Pedic! Jason was the sales associate who helped us and led us in the right direction to find the perfect pillows. He helped educate us on the products and was not pushy at all - really good experience !

Review №76

Amazing experience. Matt was wonderful, asked us questions regarding our sleeping preferences to recommend specific mattresses that meets our needs. There is no pressure or up-sale, they do not work on commission. Everything was sanitary, employees wore masks, we had our individual disposable bed covers. Customer service from tempur-pedic is always the best.

Review №77

Our sales representative Antonio was incredibly helpful. Great, personalized shopping experience! Looking forward to our new mattress and pillows.

Review №78

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I went in to buy a pillow and they helped me find the perfect one. I’ll definitely be back!

Review №79

We had a great visit at this store. Jason had awesome customer service, answered all our questions, and made sure we had the full tempurmedic experience!

Review №80

Great location, store always clean, and the employees are very helpful. Jase, Antonio, and Matt are very helpful when it comes to all the products. They are following all protocols when it comes to COVID very sanitized. Keep up the good work!

Review №81

The staff here was helpful with helping us select a mattress and also by following Covid guidelines while shopping. My wife and I were pleased and ended up buying a mattress and some accessories.

Review №82

Jason and the staff gave us a high quality rundown of the mattresses / bases that would be most suitable in our new home. Everything was clean, and they worked extra hard to execute covid precautions.

Review №83

Super clean store, taking COVID precautions seriously. Matt was super informative and patient with us. Buying a bed is a big decision and Matt really helped us feel confident with our purchase.

Review №84

Matt and the rest of the team were fantastic!! Friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. I HIGHLY recommend!

Review №85

Disappointing online experience.So I ordered two king sized pillows online. Tempur-Pedic printed my shipping label, then took the money from my bank account, then sat on my order for 8 full days before shipping it. Im now being given a delivery date of December 30, 2020.Anyone see a problem here?This practice of printing labels so you can show that the product has begun the shipping process, thus allowing you to empty my bank account is a shady practice to say the least.Heres an idea, why not print the label and then take my money when youre actually ready to ship the product?

Review №86

Jason and Antonio answered all my questions and put me on the right path for my mattress decision. Phenomenal customer service, attention to detail, product knowledge. I highly recommend!

Review №87

Antonio was very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful in allowing us to find the right bed that fits our needs. I appreciate him going the extra mile and being safe in terms of COVID-19

Review №88

Excellent customer service. Very informative and no pressure. Great experience!

Review №89

Antonio provides first class service! First time in a tempurpedic store and had an incredible experience!

Review №90

I walked in to schedule an appointment due to COVID protocols and was pleasantly surprised at how good Jace and his colleague were prepared for us. Top notch customer service and A++ COVID protocols. It was pretty much white glove service as there were surgical covers on both the beds and pillows we tried and it was a great experience. All in all, I was just looking but a great product and great experience at the store, I found myself walking out purchasing a new bed. Cant wait to sleep on this new one. Thank you to the Buckhead store and the management for making my visit safe and a great experience.

Review №91

I had an amazing experience at Tempur-pedic. Jace was very knowledgeable and helpful, and the store was very clean, organized, and felt very safe. The delivery was within a good time frame and the bed is so comfy!! Very happy with our purchase and with this store.

Review №92

The two gentlemen who work in this store beat every other place I shopped for a mattress in their knowledge, their service, and to use Publixs tagline, in making shopping a pleasure. They are outstanding sales professionals. If you want a tempurpedic mattress, this is where you should shop.

Review №93

Great service! Very personable. Clean sanitized environment

Review №94

We just happened to walk by and decided to go in and see what tempur-pedic was all about. Antonio was extremely patient with us and explained the different mattress types in detail. We were especially pleased with the COVID-19 precautions, allowing us to actually feel comfortable trying the mattresses. We highly recommend this store and Antonio. Were looking forward to having our new tempur-pedic mattress, pillows and sheets in our home.

Review №95

Antonio was knowledgeable and made my experience nice and easy. When you are finally done looking and ready to buy, call Antonio and he will take care of you.

Review №96

Luxurious experience,go see Antonio & Matt!!! Amazing and beautiful store with the ENTIRE line 😍

Review №97

Excellent team that really went above to understand our needs. Jase is outstanding.

Review №98

Very disappointed in Tempur-Pedic. I ordered two pillows online, then realized upon arrival they wouldn’t work for me. I brought them back to the in-person store and they said the company is not accepting returns. I contacted customer service via phone and explained how my email confirmation stated that there was a 90 day return policy. The rep mentioned that they will not take the order back and I am stuck with the pillows I ordered. I asked how am I supposed to be a raving fan customer of TP and the rep said I would have to figure that out. There are plenty of other vendors to find quality pillows and similar products from. Highly recommend avoiding Temper-Pedic!

Review №99

THE BEST PLACE EVER!!! Antonio the store manager and Jason were both VERY HELPFUL. I have had lower back pain and neck pain for over a year now. I tried SO MANY PILLOWS!! But I could never seem to find any that helped me any Even with regular acupuncture and chiropractor visits I still had neck and back issue. I came into the store yesterday desperate for a bit more relief even if I had to spend $1000 !!! Antonio and Jason immediately directed me to the best pillow for me. I tired it out and seemed ok, but then again I was skeptical because they had a resolution TOO QUICK. I was going to buy the pillow they recommended somewhere else and do some more research but they ended up to be so knowledgeable and so nice I bought the pillow here. The very next day I FELT ALOT BETTER AND I SLEPT SO SO SO GOOD FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONNNNNNG TIME!!! My boyfriend talked down about my pillow at first lol but in the morning in amazement himself he complimented how well I slept! I was so impressed I came back to buy pillow cases! From now on if I need anything that has to do with anything about sleeping I will only come here!! Fabulous experience!

Review №100

Best costumer service around.Got everything I needed.

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