Bed Bath & Beyond
1235 Caroline St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States
Review №1

Im not a big fan of big box stores and less a fan of changes inside them, but I have to say, the new layout was easier and more intuitive and the employees were all very eager and helpful.

Review №2

Artemis and Chappy were EXTREMELY kind and helpful! Both were friendly and had a a great attitude. On the other hand, Alex was rude, short and seemed to not want to be bothered. It seemed that Artemis was newer and needed some assistance and that Alex didnt want to provide it. That was a huge turn off especially if shes to be leading by example to her employees and customers. The store was beautiful. Due to Alex and her bad attitude is the reason for my two star rating.

Review №3

Just want to give a shout out to the two gentlemen working last night. I came in at 10 mins to close and apologized for cutting it so close, but knew exactly what I needed to get. One took me right over to the items and carried them to the register. The other gentleman who rang me up also used my 20% coupon and helped me get the best deal possible. They even carried the items to my car. I really appreciate them both and wanted to be sure they were recognized for just being kind, decent people - thats rare these days. Thanks guys, stay safe out there!

Review №4

Theyre remodeling. Always have a problem finding my trash bags. The service yesterday was awesome. The female security guard is awesome. She went the extra mile and I cant thank her enough for taking the time to help (didnt get her name). Since theyve closed BBB near me, I guess I will make an effort to go to this one. Thanks again.

Review №5

This place obviously has an issue with pricing/signage. I went there yesterday to get a sink stopper. Saw two displays/hooks with a brand of sink stoppers on it. They were both full, had at least 6 or 7 on each hook. One said $5 and one was like $7. It wasn’t like there was one or two there as if someone misplaced them. So I grab the one that according to the display is $5. Wait in line, get to the register and the cashier tells me it’s $10. I’m like ‘no, the sign says $5’ she casually says ‘oh no it must be in the wrong place.’ Doesn’t call anyone to do a price check or anything. So I go and check the price, and it does in fact say as big as day $4.99. There happened to be an associate nearby and I told her the situation. She walks up to the sink stoppers and is all nonchalant saying ‘oh sometimes they just put things on the hooks and don’t fix the label/price’ ..what? Doesn’t offer to honor the price or anything. I was so done I just walked out 🙄 fix your damn signage.

Review №6

The shelves were a little bare in some areas but they still had a good selection (especially of kitchen items). The staff is supper nice. 🙂

Review №7

Found what I needed. Great clearance items with extra percentage off. Some items are rather pricey but overalll love the store.

Review №8

Excellent… the employee that helped me was so INCREDIBLY patient w/ me and EVEN MORE helpful as I was having a difficult time making up my mind… THANK YOU, and Im sorry I didnt get your name, but you helped me with a pet vacuum…

Review №9

Loved it great customer srrvice... great sale.. shop.the dot

Review №10

Has a lot interesting and good products. Always clean in the store.

Review №11

Newly renovated and updated. Looks nice

Review №12

Sweet employees & nice selections

Review №13

Store was clean and organized but I was very disappointed in the limited colors for towels and a few other items......

Review №14

It a nice place to shop, it got thing that Walmart & Target doesnt have, it have the high quality & luxury u want with a high price

Review №15

This store was in total disarray with items in wrong places, no price labels and very untidy. I will not return to this location. Also had to flag down store employees to scan items in clearance section of store since the items were scattered around and had no pricing tags. It was difficult to shop there and I had to return items I bought . It was an awful shopping experience.

Review №16

Wonderful selections to add beauty and styles your home

Review №17

One of the few stores left. They had what I was looking for. People in the store were helpful.

Review №18

The store was understocked and the clearance area was so disheveled you couldnt walk around it. Check out was a mess. The lady in front of me had an issue that pulled an employee away from the register. When that employee stepped away she got trapped at another register doing work while other employees stood around. They opened another line about 15 minutes into my wait. The lady in front of me pointed me to the new line. The staff said she wasnt talking to me as the next guest she was talking to the other line. I thanked the woman that pointed me over and informed the clerk Id been waiting longer than all the other guests. The alternate line labeled returns and customer servic had at least 3 employees were behind the regiter area doing nothing. The line was also getting about 20 people deep at this point

Review №19

Good deals. A lot of clearance items has me wondering if the store is on its last legs…

Review №20

Found the garlic press I needed.

Review №21

No complaints here. Always a great place to visit and never any issues. The staff is quick to open a register when a line forms which is always a welcoming experience.

Review №22

Service was available and effective social distancing. I found things I needed and some items I wanted.

Review №23

I got me a real good cup for a reasonable price and I love it.

Review №24

Small selection. Miss the sale,but staff was very polite.

Review №25

Clean, friendly and found what I needed. Customer service was great.

Review №26

Half of the store was empty, the checkout took forever and staff was not as helpful as in other stores.

Review №27

I love this has everything you need whether your place is large or small. The prices are reasonably

Review №28

Old and out of date. $200 for something at target or Amazon for $50.

Review №29

I had been looking for some bins to help organize my closet. But I also wanted them to match my bed and bathroom. I found them on the BB&B website. When I got to the store, the store inventory and prices matched what was shown on the web. No bait & switch. Also, there was one color that they were out of. There was only the display. Not only did they sell it to me but they also offered a discount because it was a display. A lot of places NEVER sell their display items. I will definitely shop here again.

Review №30

Id purchased a flannel sheet set about a month ago took it home put it on my bed only to discover the sheet set would shed all over my bedroom floor, hallway, and in my hair. I thought the shedding would stop eventually but it just got worst. Well I didnt keep the receipt because of course its Bed Bath and Beyond, a reputable store and who keeps a receipt for a sheet set. So Im stuck with a sheet set I cannot use and out of the money I spent. I didnt want my money back, I just wanted an exchange for another product that will not shed!! Disappointed Customer.

Review №31

Great Service and consistently friendly personnel. They move quickly even when they are busy.

Review №32

Didn’t have what I wanted….☹️

Review №33

Poor customer. Refund policy listed online is NOT valid. Ordered items paid via Afterpay. Received items and decided to return a couple of the items. Read online refund policy and it gave me 2 option either in store or mail it back and refunded to the original method of payment. I choose to take it to the store due to the mailing delays related to the pandemic. Store associate advised me that I will be issued a store credit because I used Afterpay, unless I mailed it back myself then I would receive my refund. What a waste of time. If the website was accurate I would have never made the trip. I called the 1800 in the store and was told that they will process the refund and email me the return label and the store manager would mail it back. Spoke with manager forwarded her my return label via email. She said fedex would pick up @12pm next day and I could begin tracking it. No such luck. Tracking @ 230. No results. Called the store manager Jennifer is off and my items won’t be mailed until she return because she’s handing it personally. So I have to wait on her convenience. Do better BBB. I will spend another dime in their stores.

Review №34

Went to buy some things and the lady behind the register was sarcastic and rude. I wont be shopping there EVER again!

Review №35

Smells nice and great selection. expensive though

Review №36

I still enjoy going to this store but they seem to have less and less products. I think its on its last leg... Not sure if itll be around much longer.

Review №37

Im nor sure whats going on at this Caroline St location in Atlanta. Rhe selections were horrible. Not much to chose from in bedding or bathroom.

Review №38

Store is a mess and customer service is a fail too. One cashier who didnt look to be in a very good working mood. Waited over 15 minutes trying to check out before we just decided to walk out. Pointless in having four people in the front if only one is going to be working.

Review №39

Although I wasnt able to find what I was looking for. My daughter found great deals.

Review №40

Extremely disorganized, like every occasion ive been in there each section looks like a hurricane went through. You cant find anything and the staff cant find anything either. Needs knew management or employees, id rather buy off amazon.

Review №41

Great customer service very knowledgeable

Review №42

I went to this location to purchase a particular item for my bathroom shower in which the price listed for the item was $24.99. Upon reaching the register the item price list as $39.99. Cashier called over manager JENNIFER who advised, “Oh the sticker listed is in the wrong place and I can’t honor price”. I politely put the item back and went over to Target 🎯. Manager JENNIFER needs to learn a thing or too about service.

Review №43

I normally love BBB but they seem to have lost their selection of massagers. Still good for the other things they always have.

Review №44

Bedding store, no cal king anywhere in the store. On the website, doesnt physically exist anywhere in store.

Review №45

Good store. Only one bad thing is this store dose not have the travel size items like the other stores.

Review №46

Shelves were sparse of inventory in places. A lot of kitchen appliance items had empty plastic tags indicating no stock. Employees were scarce to find for help. A recent news article indicated they were in financial trouble. It sure looked like it.

Review №47

Employees are very kind and helpful. They want to make sure that customers find what they are looking for.

Review №48

I went to the register twice to ask someone to help me with a question I had about the shower curtains and no one ever came. I stood there for over 20 minutes. Basically, I had to figure it out on my own. When I went back to the register for a 3rd time there were 4 people just standing around. I will not come back and I just moved. I need a lot of things for my home but I will take my business elsewhere.

Review №49

They had what I needed

Review №50

Pretty standard for a bed bath & beyond store, not as good as target, slightly better than Wal-Mart.

Review №51

Nice store poor but poor customer service.

Review №52

They really go above and beyond. Bed, bath, and beyond that is!

Review №53

Always good service, friendly atmosphere, decent prices. They do price match which is nice and you can use unlimited coupons and split up your purchase. Nice way to save some money! They even accept expired bb&b coupons!

Review №54

I love their SALT brand

Review №55

I go in for one thing and then get sucked into the marvelous gadgets that I didnt know I needed and now cant live without

Review №56

Over the phone the associates were very reassuring , I called three times checking to see if they had what I wanted , being that Im disabled . Once I arrived they did not . Not only did I not get exactly what I wanted , I didnt even qualify for price matching , because of third party affiliations . The two saving graces in that days experience was , that once the supervisory person finished tell me every thing they couldnt accommodate me with . She got on their web page , and found me almost exactly what I was looking for at a lesser price , and then she give me the 20% discount , now I dont know if thats customary , or if she did it for my inconvenience , but I thought it was very appropriate , so I appreciated it . I count all Gods favor as a blessing , but thats just me . After farther discussion with the supervisory person , we decided that it would probably be more cost effective if I purchased the hardware amenities somewhere else . Turns out they had the perfect ones for all me future decor needs . Ones that go with everything . Those are the facts of my experience that day .😀

Review №57

I went in to buy a garment bag and found a good selection of them. Merchandise was affordable. Locations great and parkings plentiful. Public transportation picks up and drops off steps away from the door. Good shopping experience all around.

Review №58

I wasnt able to use my online coupons disappointed.

Review №59

This location is okay. The staff is mediocre and will need to search them out for any assistance 🙄

Review №60

On the ball my wife call and told them what she wanted, it was at the check out counter when we arrived.Speedy check out.

Review №61

Good selection. Helpful and friendly staff. They made me a cappuccino while I shopped! It was for a product demo, but it made the experience feel special when I was just making a quick run for some kitchen items.

Review №62

Helpful sales associates and gifts galore!! If you need it and B,B&B doesnt have it, then maybe you dont need it too bad because they have everything and more, home related. Love this location too.

Review №63

Using COVID-19 health and safety protocol, barriers at the register, and very helpful. I was in and out with what I needed.

Review №64

It wasnt the first time my wife and I have been in the BB&B but this time I felt that I should write a review because we had a really good experience there. We piked up some stuffs and when we went to pay, the cashier gave us a really good tip about fry pans. She showed us a couple of pans much better than that one we piked up to buy. We are so glad because that.

Review №65

This applies to all locations. Its obvious Bed, Bath & Beyond is in financial trouble because they have the worst exchange policy I have ever heard of. If you buy from them make sure you keep your receipt and decide quickly if you want to return the product so you wont have issues

Review №66

The usually Bed Bath and Beyond. I bring my dog and theyve always been nice about him shopping with me.

Review №67

Clearance candles are awesome!!

Review №68

Such nice, helpful and considerate employees here. The only reason I dont give them 5 stars is the limited merchandise due to small size. Usually can find what I need but would like more choice.

Review №69

Great sales.

Review №70

Can find everything I need

Review №71

Terrible customer service! Im visiting from another state. Its nasty inside the store as well.

Review №72

I always find things i love here great customer service.

Review №73

Great s

Review №74

Good clean friendly shop. Got what we needed.

Review №75

Professional customer service

Review №76

The person behind the counter didnt ask if she could assist me instead she said rather loudly with a carribean accent are you lost darling? I assume she didnt see the bag in my hand 😑 however I think asking may I help you? Would have been more appropriate.

Review №77

Covid awareness in place. Helpful staff

Review №78

Nice, needs restocking, but all is good

Review №79

This is the store you go to when you are just looking and end up walking out with a spice rack, a travel water bottle, towels, and a door mat. This place has a bunch of cool stuff, a lot of as seen on TV products, and is a great place to go if you are looking for gifts but do not know what to get people. You can literally find something for anyone here.

Review №80

Not a large selection just ok

Review №81

Love the clearance area

Review №82

The flow of the store is very nice and makes sense. Youre never confused about why an item is placed amongst things from another category. They clearly labeled discount items and sections. I never wondered about the price of anything in the store.

Review №83

Didnt have what I wanted. Dont have 60% of what the other stores have.

Review №84

What more can you say about BBB

Review №85

Standard big box store, but they have some of the best sales and coupons. I buy a good but of my household stuff here. You dont need the internet to get good deals.

Review №86

Before I visited this store, I reviewed its online version. There are bargains both online and in store. The brick and mortar version appears to be in a rectangular shape. Walking around the entire store can be less than 30 minutes. Lighting is adequate, isles are clean, bath area is neat and customer service is helpful.

Review №87

Always a good experience.

Review №88

Excellent store great customer service

Review №89

Worst customer service. No one is ever available and I asked for an item and the woman rolled her eyes. I was really sick and had to move into my place. I ended up dropping my stuff and walking out. I rather never shop there then deal with attitude from employees not willing to help.

Review №90

Good store good deals

Review №91

Cluttered store full of knick knacks and basically overpriced junk. I had never gone into the store before. Had no reason to. I went to interview here. The manager Jennifer gave off a really snobby and condescending vibe from the outset. She begun the interview by complaining about the Atlanta weather in an English accent. She then proceeded to act like a run of the mill menial retail job required someone with a TON of expertise. Cashier with afro at front desk was really sweet.

Review №92

It look like its going out of business

Review №93

Super friendly staff and ladies working at this location. Good options, great sales.

Review №94

Thank u Sal Person for helpingMe.

Review №95

Very helpful clerks.

Review №96

Just went here and had a fairly repulsive experience. There is a high degree of complacency and lack of go getter attitude among the employees AND management. Will not be supporting this business at that location anymore.

Review №97

Its the only place l can find my foot creme.☺

Review №98

The Most Helpful Employees Ive Seen out of ALL the Bed Bath & Beyonds Ive been to and Ive shopped at quite a few!

Review №99

Found all items that needed for my new kitchen with a very polite staff.

Review №100

Didnt purchase anything because what I wanted prices was to high.

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  • Cutlery store
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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