Autos On The Mall
4101 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, United States
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I took my pickup in for a full detail, oil change, tire rotation and wanted to check alignment. Chelsea was so helpful and very nice upon arrival. She took care of everything including a loaner vehicle while my pickup was in the shop. When I picked up my truck it looked brand new. I was beyond impressed with the great job they did. I recommend Autos on the Mall for any type of service. They have a very friendly and helpful staff who work hard and have 5 star customer service. Keep up the great work.

Review №2

I didnt initially go in to trade my vehicle, Scott Baird help me, showed me a vehicle, was extremely patient, even with my situation. I couldnt be happier. I didnt even think that I would qualify, they gave me an awesome trade-in value, a great percentage rate that was far more then I have been pain ever before. Their customer service is top-notch, they listen to what your situation is, take everything into account, and set you up with a better situation than what youre even in now. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I even got to speak with one of the owners, theyre not your normal car salesman!! If youre in the market, or your vehicle its just reaching the end of its life, at least check them out and hear what they can offer. There is no obligation!!! I recently had a problem with my radio, the others werent willing to assist with. Chelsea, and the service guys that work there are phenomenal!! They took the time and patience to help me figure out a solution to the problem. It was something they could have easily said that they dont cover and cant help me with, but they didnt they really cared and tried to help me find a solution!! A great big thank you goes out to all of you 😉

Review №3

Bought a car from Autos on the Mall last week. Best car buying experience I have ever had. Very polite and non-pushy sales employees. Test drive 3 different vehicles and one of them was right off the showroom. The paperwork was quick, easy, and the price was better than the others around town. Great experience.I took another vehicle to their repair shop a few days ago and they had it fixed the very next day. It runs like new again. The assistant shop manager was unbelievably nice and ready to help. They offer a loaner vehicle so that is convenient for sure. The repair bill was very fair and I didn’t walk out feeling like I had just gotten taken as I do with many other shops.I will absolutely be back for my car buying or repair needs.

Review №4

Autos on the mall is a great dealership. Friendly staff that will work hard to get you what you need.

Review №5

Absolutely wonderful place! All of the staff were extremely friendly and quick to answer any and all questions I had! If you are looking for your next vehicle, look no further than Autos On The Mall! You will certainly and definetly NOT be disappointed. Safe to say they will be my go to for vehicles for my family for the years to come! Thank you so much Don and the guys, its truly appreciated!!!

Review №6

I have two things to say about autos on the mall, first of all the sales team was great. they made my wife and I feel welcomed and they answered all the questions we had. secondly, the service team not so much. after purchasing my truck from autos on the mall I asked about an oil change, they said theyd do it free of charge no hassle. so I dropped it off with them and the next day I pick it up I get home and noticed there was no sticker in the window, so I decided to check the oil on the stick. now being a mechanic myself, I know what clean oil looks like and what dirty/used oil looks like. the oil was obviously old oil and never been changed. so I called them back up and explained to the person on the other side of the phone. he said hed have his service writer get in contact with me right away about it in the morning. this morning I get a text from her saying they did the oil change and they have the paperwork to show for it. I explained that just because you have paperwork, doesnt mean it was done. and I explained what happened last night and how ckean/fresh oil should be transparent. and she still argued and said the could certainly do the oil change again. now Im usually not one to go on rants or anything, but instead of arguing with your customer, you accept that maybe they may be right. Im definitely not happy about the situation because now this is the third time I have to bring my truck back there and use up my gas. its a huge waste of my time, my gas, and I have to leave work early for them to actually do the oil change, so a waste of my pay as well.

Review №7

I purchased a truck from Autos On The Mall about a month ago. I set up an appointment, but ended up showing up sooner than I expected, so Kelly Harbin was the associate that assisted me even though he wasnt originally supposed to. He was great in helping me get the truck I wanted at a price that worked for me. Since then, when Ive texted him with a couple different questions, hes still been very helpful and responded very quickly in getting problems fixed.The truck has also been a great purchase. Ive used it a lot more than I thought I might in just the first month of owning it. Ultimately, Im very happy with my purchase and for going to Autos On The Mall to make it. A great company that was very helpful to me.

Review №8

I have brought my vehicle into Autos on the Mall on two different occasions in the past 6 months for service issues. The first time I had them inspect the vehicle, replace the brakes, top off fluids, etc. This most recent time I had my car towed to Autos on the Mall when it wouldnt start and I was stuck at Lewis Drug without the ability to fix it myself.I have been very happy with Gary and his service team both times I have worked with them. Their whole team is friendly and I feel like I am doing business at a small town shop. I have been surprised by how inexpensive my repairs are, and both times I walked out of there feeling like I was truly cared for.I started going to these guys for the service component, but next time I buy a car I know where I am going. I recommend these guys if you want to be treated fairly and feel truly appreciated as a customer.

Review №9

Aaron in sales was great. We stopped in to check out a vehicle we were interested in. He allowed us to drive it the rest of the day to finish our errands. After a day of test driving, we wound up leaving our old car there and drove home in our new car. I had forgot my garage door opener on the visor of my old car, Aaron delivered it to my house that night. It was probably the smoothest car purchase we have ever had. Highly recommend Autos on the Mall.

Review №10

Autos on the Mall was outstanding to work with. From the moment we walked in the door to our final goodbye, leaving in our purchased vehicle. Jason was our salesperson and extremely professional but yet was able to communicate on a level that everyone understood. He definitely had our back and tried to match the perfect car with our needs and budget. Thank you so much to everyone at Autos on the Mall!

Review №11

All i have to say is these guys are a fraud. Theyll give you a vehicle you want and help you out but will sell you a car like in my case that has no heat, needs brake pads and rotors, and tires. They offered to fix brakes free of charge but never did. I need my heater core replaced and its not cheap. I was hoping theyd fix it since they false advertised and didnt say a word. I called a handful of numerous times and emailed but no response whatsoever. Its been a week since i tried reaching out to them. Takes me to voicemail and says they are closed. Pathetic. Bad customer service. The sales guy, Kelly Harbin is not a man of his word and does not help his customers. Trash place to buy even winter beaters from them.

Review №12

My car battery kept dying so I called Autos on the Mall! Chelsea got me in and out within 20 minutes! I am happy to report no more issues! Great service and friendly people :)

Review №13

I came in for a oil change and tire rotation. Chelsea was very nice and friendly and gave exceptional customer service. I would highly recommend getting your service work, etc done at Autos on the Mall with Chelsea she was super. I was in and out of there in less than 40 minutes and she went over the 20 point inspection with me too. Awesome service.

Review №14

I walked into Auto’s On The Mall & was Immediately greeted upon arrival by Walter. The sales & finance team work in my best interest. I’ve never felt more welcomed.Thank you Auto’s On The Mall for a all around great experience.

Review №15

We are so thankful for all of the hard work the team has done for us to get us in our new car were going to recommend you guys to friends and family thank you so much for all your hard work!! We appreciate you all

Review №16

Had my car serviced here, prices were reasonable compared to other shops around the area. Did a great job with helping me when I got there and even washed my car. I only got an oil change and a rotation, but it went quick in and out

Review №17

I went to Autos on the mall, not because I wanted a free gift, I wanted a car from people that know what they’re doing. I got more money on my trade-in than I expected and I drove out of there with a brand new 2018 Toyota forerunner SR5.Steve was awesome, Gary gave me the grand tour of my new car. I am more than pleased with the service, professionalism and the integrity of this business.

Review №18

Great buying experience!! Don was wonderful along with the finance manager. I would highly recommend Autos on the Mall for a great buying experience along with excellent customer service!! Plus they will find the car you are looking for!

Review №19

The team here is great! Whenever I bring in my vehicle they look over every detail to make sure it’s in top working order! From Chelsea the service advisor to a few of the mechanics Ben and Kolby, all the way up to Gary the service manager! Always excellent customer service! Great group of people!

Review №20

Bought a 2010 Pontiac G6 for my son in November 18 from Autos on the Mall. A week after we got the car the timing chain had to be replaced. I went back to them with the $800 repair bill, they paid $150 of it, which I did appreciate. But we had only had the car a week. The check engine light kept coming on, the shop would reset it and it would come on again. the shop, and I, replaced a number of sensors trying to fix the problem. This is partly my fault, I never should have bought this car. On July 9th my son was stopped at 41st and Louise and the car died, then began to smoke. Within minutes it was in fully engulfed in flames. Thank God we had full coverage insurance, and no one was hurt. Now we start over again looking for a car. I have bought a lot of cars over the years, and this one was a problem from the start. This car should never have been on the lot for sale.

Review №21

Worst experience ever at a car dealership! The salesman that helped us was fine. No issue with him. I found a pickup that I was interested in but I wanted to at least know where it was priced at to know of I wanted to pursue actually purchasing it. I was brought in to talk to the event coordinator who just kept asking me questions and avoiding telling me what it was priced at. I finally got him to give me an indirect amount of around 30k but it would probably be a little less. I continued to press on what a little less actually meant. They said we will tell you the price when you are ready to say yes to the vehicle. I dont know anyone that is ready to say yes to a vehicle without knowing a price.

Review №22

The most amazing experience ever. Won some free stuff and got a huge discount and the best car buying experience that I have ever had. Keep it up guys.. Your the best!!

Review №23

Notice how many reviews the 5 star ratings people have written? This reflects the approach of this organization. I am glad I responded to the sketchy mailer to learn that I should never go to this car dealership to do actual business.

Review №24

Easiest process Ive ever experienced when dealing with cars. Best customer service I have ever had and they did BETTER than what I asked for!!! Ill never go anywhere else. Definitely recommend it!!!!

Review №25

Scam mailers. Fraud business. Just Got a SECOND scam flyer in the mail, and the company has made a ton of fake 5 star reviews to try to make themselves look legit.

Review №26

I had an oil change done, but ended up getting my tail light bulb replaced and and my car vacuumed out, at no extra charge! They also were able to determine the source of an issue I had been unable to get fixed with a previous shop. With pick up service, I was able to fit it into my busy schedule with no hassles.

Review №27

My experience here was great! I got everything I came for and more. Staff is super friendly and ready to assist! Very knowledgeable and respectful place!

Review №28

Scam mailers. Fraud business. Hopefully these reviews will help them realize that scams will lose them more money than they will make them

Review №29

Do they really think they will attract customers with a sketchy Money Carlo game?! I Googled the game, and surprise, I had the same exact matches as everyone else! Theres YouTube videos of people opening the exact same numbers. Also, the company where you can get a 3 day/2 night vacation from has a super sketchy website, and I have to pay $15 dollars if I win. I probably would win as my 3 day/2 night vacation has odds of winning of 59,997/60,000! Im embarrassed I even called and thought I won before I Googled it.

Review №30

I was lied to! I went to a gimmick sale at Autos at the Mall. I did not win anything which is expected. How ever I did set an appointment for 9:00 a.m. They had no intention of meeting with me at that time. None of the staff was even there a 9:00 a.m. Also I talked to 20 or more people that also had a 9:00 am appointment. The staff, when they came down did not ask if anyone had an appointment. Do not lie to me about setting an appointment with people. If they are willing to lie to you about setting an appointment with you. Do you want to by a car from them?

Review №31

I live an entirely too busy life and when my car started making a terrible noise taking a turn, Autos on the mall was able to get me in rig but away. Chelsea was so understanding and helpful! They were very straight forward about everything and didnt try to get me to buy or have done anything that wasnt necessary. Id definitely reccomend Autos On the Mall to anyone!

Review №32

Great place! Chelsea took care of me and made everything was done correctly.My car was cleaned and washed! Will recommend this place!Great job guys!

Review №33

Thank you guys for such an amazing deal you gave me!! You guys are the best!! And it was so fun to get all the free gifts that you all have for free. The best ever!!!

Review №34

If possible, this rating should be 0 stars. Why? I bought a car which included 2 years of maintenance (which added more than $2,000 to the price of the car). Problem? Autos On The Mail is permanently OUT OF BUSINESS. Now I seek maintenance elsewhere. I never even got to use the maintenance program. I want a full refund for that unused maintenance program! This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Awful!

Review №35

Great people, Great service, at a reasonable price. What more can you ask for!!! I will definitely be going there again. 👍🏻

Review №36

Great customer service by Chelsea! Wasnt a long wait for my van to be serviced. Was very impressed all around! Will be a returning customer!!

Review №37

I had a car for sale and didnt want to go through the hassle of advertising it, meeting with a stranger to show and test drive it, and getting payment. I didnt need another car, so I put it on consignment at Autos on the Mall and they did all of that for me. They cleaned it, listed it on their website, showed it, and did the test drives. They even displayed it in their showroom. All I had to do is wait for the phone to ring and pick up the check!! Don, the sales guy, said he would sell it within 72 hours and he did! And, at a price higher than I said I would accept. I couldnt be happier!!

Review №38

GREAT Place!! Friendly People & Great Customer Service. I would highly recommend this place.

Review №39

Scam Scam Scam car dealership. Received advertisements in the mail saying we won money (Looked like lottery tickets of some sort). Went to the place and found out that they did this to everyone. Gave scam vacation packages to people that have fees attached. They should be reported for false advertising. (Beware the 5 star reviews. One person said they are fake and Im inclined to believe them.)Edit: I received ANOTHER spam advert in the mail, I still cant believe these guys are still doing it, and to top the cake it looks like they are somehow making fake 5 star reviews like crazy (note all the 5 star reviews just last week))

Review №40

I thought it was Redickuloilus that they wanted $3000 down. Considering my perfect credit score. The apr of 8.25 is bazzirre as well.

Review №41

Aaron was awesome. Treated us great and with respect. If you are looking for a new car its the place to go.

Review №42

Great place to work with! Everyone was so friendly! Definitely doing business with them again!

Review №43

I Went in to get 2 new tires for my car and without asking the service guy came up to me with a 15% off coupon .Great service and very nice people to work with!

Review №44

Stay away as customer service is poor. Dont buy here. been lied to about the condition of purchase.

Review №45

I stopped by autos on the mall to look at a vehicle Then realized they also had a service department so I had my vehicle serviced Everyone was extremely helpful and very polite And professional I would certainly use their services again

Review №46

Anyone that doesnt share this rating is either paid or a false account. This dealership is unethical. If youre reading this holding your winning ticket, know that it is a ploy, that winning on the card does not mean winning in the store. In fact matching the numbers means nothing at all!

Review №47

They have a great selection of vehicles and a knowledgeable staff to help with your selection! If you are looking for a nice used vehicle it’s worth a stop!

Review №48

It is a wonderful place, with its staff always willing to help customers. But your car is very expensive

Review №49

My experience with Auto’s on the Mall was wonderful they got my work done fast and professional and staff was awesome and friendly .

Review №50

The staff at Autos on the Mall provides you not only with exceptional service, but also gives you so many good experiences that will keep you coming back!!! I highly recommend Autos on the Mall, and cannot say enough good things about the staff here!!!

Review №51

Understood my needs & bent over backwards to accomplish them....

Review №52

They provided for all of my needs, they were really affordable, and they are just a great group of people!!

Review №53

Great helpful service. Made buying a vehicle easy.

Review №54

Dear AOTM internet marketing department,Tip: Dont create all the fake Google accounts and fake 5 star reviews on the same day. No one will believe the insane odds that 20 people decided to leave their very first Google review on the same day, nonetheless with not so much as a 4 star...all 5s.

Review №55

Friendly staff, easy to work with, and their car detailing is the best value in town!

Review №56

Staff was very customer service oriented and took good care of us!

Review №57

100% unethical scammers! They sent me a Money Carlo lottery ticket in which the four prizes you could win are $25,000, $5,000, $1,000, and a 3 day/2 night vacation. I won the $5,000 cash price. I was supposed to call a phone number, give my confirmation code, and then visit Autos On The Mall at a certain date and time. But a quick search online showed that they lie to trick and deceive people to go to their shady business. I did not actually win $5,000. It is a dishonest and unethical ploy to trick people to waste time and effort to visit their failing business and then try to force them to buy cars. Im throwing this garbage in the trash, but not before I give them a negative review and I encourage everyone to let them go out of business. They dont deserve your hard earned cash!Oh, and one more thing. The five star reviews are all 100% fake by 100% fake people who 100% never received a prize or purchased a car there. This place is so corrupt that 100% of their business practices are a 100% lie, fraud, and fake.

Review №58

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff! Highly recommend

Review №59

Great spot for used cars !! Good selection and they got me approved at a better rate than my bank !!

Review №60

Awesome service department! Great prices! They value your time and service!

Review №61

I went into the business because i received a promotion in the mail with a Pull tab card. I pulled the Tabs and it showed I won 5000$. The Promotion also said to call the number listed and tell them the confirmation number. I did as it said to do. The lady on the phone could not tell me anything the only thing she told me is I won and when to set up the appointment. I searched this promotion on Google and found out it has been reported as a scam before . I went into the dealer and was sat down. Immediately the guy working with me started asking me if I was interested in buying a car. I think I was asked like 5 or 6 times every time I said NO. He walks me over to a board acts like he is searching for my confirmation number and says I did not win anything here but I did win a prize. He hands me a Vacation voucher for 3 days and 2 nights. 1. The Voucher looks fake and 2. If you read the fine print there are catches all over the voucher. 3. I am pretty sure the vacation prize was the hardest to win on the Promotional Advertisement .Ya you win a prize a piece of paper .... This scam is very deceiving and is not easy to identify besides the fact that I think lots of people supposedly have won 5000$.Update...... 1/31/19 These guys are still sending out the Money Carlo Scam I got another one! I guess I won 5000 More Dollars! haha

Review №62

Even though I am well aware of the somewhat fraudulent nature of the Money Carlo giveaway, there is a chance I won something and I literally have nothing else to do. Also Im penniless so I cant wait for them to offer to sell me a car lol

Review №63

Is the Money Carlo a scam, no, multiple attorney generals in several states have said it is legal. Does it make it ethical? NO. The Everyone wins a prize argument while true, belies the fact that 99.9% of cards make it seem like you won 5000, its the conformation number that decides what u get. Now why have the symbols column next to the prizes column if not just to make it seem like you won 5000. Matching symbols do not correspond to prize Then why even have it appear like it is? You shouldnt have to cause people to misunderstand something to get them to come in. That says alot about you Mr. Billion Jr.

Review №64

I didnt think the owner could get any more slimey. What Im about to say is all verifiable.1st. The owner, the younger Billion guy....enjoys berating and being physically abusive to his wife. I have seen him spit on her face, and at a bar...shove her repeatedly.2nd. The mailer that I received today is 100% a SCAM. All you need to do is google it. Money Carlo mailer. The AG or Attorney General has repeatedly asked the mailer not to be sent AND it is a SCAM. Everyone will get matching numbers. havnt won anything. To prey on people.....just another dealership lying to people for there own benefit. Shame on you.

Review №65

Great people and service, could ask for a better group of people to deal with. Make sure to give them a shot if your in the market for a car!!

Review №66

Old school way of selling cars, be aware.

Review №67

Fast easy great service prices

Review №68

Amazing customer service & great prices!!

Review №69

Very friendly and accommodating to helping my get my car fixed! 10/10

Review №70

I just want to thank everyone who wrote reviews about the 5K scam. I am so glad I read the reviews before going to my appointment

Review №71

This place is a joke. Scam Advertisements in the mail, fake gift prizes for test drives. Went there on the first day of event and they said we dont have the mp3 players in stock. Stay away!

Review №72

Shady business and uses slimey and misleading sale tactics. These people are scammers. Go somewhere else

Review №73

Sent out fake $5000 winning lotto cards all around the Sioux Falls area to get people in the door. This is a crooked business and I will refuse to ever do business with them.

Review №74

Excellent serviceGreat peopleQuality workmanship

Review №75

Employees should feel like scum working for a slimy companyUpdate: Got a SECOND flyer, and there are fake 5 star reviews burying the truth.

Review №76

Great service, fixed it quick even with the holiday.

Review №77

I refuse to trust any dealership that mails out flyers using the Money Carlo Match to Win scam. Do yourself a favor and google it, then think long an hard if you want to trust a dealership like this.

Review №78

Love the atmosphere Great people and super knowledgeable!!!

Review №79

The salesman was extremely helpful.

Review №80

Would give a negative star if possible. They are a scam of a business that needs to lie and be decietful in order to get customers in their doors. Who knows what they are hiding about their cars

Review №81

If they’ll lie to get you through the door just imagine the type of vehicle they’ll sell you. If you get a mailer from them just trash it.

Review №82

Crappy people gimmicks everywhere. Beware!

Review №83

Seems friendly,was there when friend got his vehicle and it was clean and ready.

Review №84

Whelp that didnt last long.......

Review №85

So much scam coming out of this place.

Review №86

Great service & staff!

Review №87

Great service department!

Review №88

Thanks for the great experience!

Review №89

Not many vehicles on the lot.

Review №90

Everyone was very friendly.

Review №91

Got me approved by myself

Review №92

Pos company

Review №93

Very friendly & professional!!!

Review №94


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