J & R Auto Sales
501 S Sycamore Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States

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Great place friendly staff. Prices are good just not what I was looking for.

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Great buying experience! Friendly sales people. Highly recommend!

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I just purchased my second car from Brian. The staff at J&R are all so helpful and friendly! I highly recommend checking them out for your next vehicle purchase.

Review №4

Recently bought a RAV4. The tire pressure light was on but I didn’t think much of it. Went to fill up my tires the next day and realized I had to replace a valve core. It’s a quick DIY fix so I’m not sure why they didn’t do it themselves or at least tell me about it? They had to have known because I’m sure they tried to fill up the tires. If you want competitive prices, then J&R is fine. If you want a salesman you can trust, I’d recommend a place with an ASC certified mechanic.

Review №5

Friendly staff, no pressure, willing to help the car buyer. Will definitely return. Easy to conduct business in a fast and professional manner. Brian and Peyton were extremely pleasant.

Review №6

Tyler was so great to work with. Very honest and open about the whole process.

Review №7

Just bought a new to me 2011 Subaru Impreza, I wasnt expecting to purchase anything today but Im glad I did. Thank you J&R auto for helping me move forward on getting a better and more reliable vehicle.Friendly environment ✔Professional ✔Quick ✔

Review №8

My daughter bought her vehicle from J&R a few months ago, and I was so impressed with the customer service and follow-up care they gave that it was the first place I went when I needed a vehicle myself. I found exactly what I was looking for, at a price I was wanting to spend. The guys at J&R are exceptional, and I completely recommend them for your mid-priced used car needs. An added bonus was that my daughter got the $100 referral check after I bought my car! Thanks, Brian, and all the guys at J&R. You have made another customer happy and satisfied!!

Review №9

Friendly people cleanest place to buy cars

Review №10

You can trust them for good car and good deal.

Review №11

I recently purchased a CR-V from them. I had to drive in from out of state and their salesman, John, worked with me to hammer out the deal before I came including a trade-in.The finance man Ben was fantastic as well. They were both personable and professional in the way they interacted with me and genuinely wanting to help.I drove off the lot with the car I wanted in the price range I wanted.Additional notes: I realized after driving off that I really was purchasing a used car. The windshield wipers were literally non-existent, well at least the rubber. They smeared more mud from the semi rather than cleaning the windshield. It was a simple fix after stopping at an Oreillys. And, the car needs new rear breaks. This can happen when buying a new car. Simply know that the cars are not fully fixed and prepared for the buyer as you drive off the lot.

Review №12

Good buying experience and pretty good deal on vehicle.But vehicle didnt have Bluetooth as advertised online so that was disappointing.Other note, part of the reason it was more affordable was because the tries were pretty bald which was $600 to put new good quality tires on. Only reason II mention this is because I know some people wont look and are dont realize they are get awful tires that are unsafe on snowy roads.

Review №13

Bought a fusion sport for my daughter this Saturday and Tom was great to work with. And the finance guy knows his stuff and explained everything very well. Got exactly what I needed and was outta there in no time at all. Will definitely go back next time I’m in the market for a new car!

Review №14

We had a great experience with all of the staff in the Sycamore store! They weren’t pushy at all, and gave us an amazing deal on our trade! Hoping to shop there again for our next car.

Review №15

We had a blast working with Brian and The Old Guy at the East and West locations. We found the vehicle that is right for us and are very satisfied with our purchase!

Review №16

I just recently bought a 2008 Ford Escape Limited from their East location. This is a great place with very friendly sales staff. They answered all my questions and even called with a follow-up to make sure the car was treating me well. Would definitely recommend!

Review №17

My wife Ashley and I worked with Brian to buy our Chrysler Pacifica. He made the process very easy! Ethan in finance also made the process smooth as can be. We found a great vehicle at a great price! Highly recommend J&R Auto Sales!

Review №18

I have bought 3 cars from J and R now first one was a local trade and was very good. The next one didnt even have it a year and had major issues that would cost me $3000 to fix so decided to trade it in for my current vehicle. After a couple weeks noticed it pops and throws my car forward every time it turns, went to mechanic said it was kicking in and out of all wheel drive, needed breaks and break pads all fluids needed changed. It even had a recall that was not mentioned to me when we bought it, so after spending $3000 on fixing the vehicle Im wondering it if was worth the trade.

Review №19

We purchased two vehicles from them on Saturday. Peyton was very nice & made things easy. We loved the finance guy, Ben, as well. The owner took my 3 year old on a scooter ride and she loved it!

Review №20

My experience at J and R was great. Salesmen were helpful (thanks Tom!!) and we got a nice car for a great price. Thanks for helping me find the perfect car for college.

Review №21

J & R Auto Sales have a wide range of great affordable vehicles. They have great salesman that know exactly how to find a car that meets your needs. Everyone I have referred to this dealership has been extremely happy with their purchase and overall experience. Great work, J & R!

Review №22

The Old Guy Was so nice when we were waiting for our parents he gave us M&Ms.Faith Bumberger daughter of Kent and Jodi Baumberger.

Review №23

I liked the service. The sales guy helped me get a great car. But, when I mentioned a rubbing sound in the rear during a test drive he assured me it was nothing. That nothing has turned into a $3500 complete rear brake overhaul.Moral of the story: Dont trust used car sales people, get your car inspected before buying.

Review №24

I bought my 2004 envoy here 2 1/2 years ago and it is now no longer in workable order. Drove from about an hr away to buy it and didnt even make it home before the check engine light came on for a thermostat and cam sensor. When I did call they did have me bring it up the next day I had off work and fixed it for free.In the short amount of time Ive had it and kept up in maintenance Ive had to fix the power steering, wheel bearings twice, axle rod, oil plug (which they didnt inform me had any issues in the first place of being reworked on a few times in the past and needed an immediate oil change after getting it), fan clutch, water pump, a valve, all but one coil pack, all spark plugs, the thermostat went out again after a few months of it being fixed and now my transmission is shot. That alone is worth over 2000 to fix and I only have 3400 left to pay, so if you have money to sink into a vehicle this is your place to go. If not run for the hills.There customer service is great though.

Review №25

We had a great experience at J & R Auto. Our salesman was very honest and helpful. They have a great selection and are priced right. We will be back for our next vehicle.

Review №26

I work here. Stop by and see us.

Review №27

There is a wide selection of vehicles for any price range. They were willing to work with us to make adjustments to make the sale happen. They were friendly and easy to work with, we will likely visit them again in the future.

Review №28

Drove up and down the strip looking for a car. John stayed late to help us. He even came and picked us up the next day to buy another for my daughter. Great people!

Review №29

Purchased my son’s first vehicle, a 2006 Ford Escape, John, Randy and Ben were great to work with!

Review №30

Let us test drive a vehicle with no issues. Didnt buy, but enjoyed the service.

Review №31

The best new and used auto sales lot, see me at the east side location.

Review №32

Loved coming here. As a first time car buyer, they really helped me look through my options and stayed close to my budget. On top of that, I got a pretty low rate for my loan, which is great!

Review №33

Was told the vehicle was in good working order and was completely went through. Found multiple problems the first week and stuck $800 in to it. When contacting them they said the old as is slogan. When test driving the vehicle it was completely on empty, came back again to drive it and it was on empty still. When he went to put gas in it he put $5 in it and is was still on empty. That should of been my first hint that they put no money in there vehicles. Its a decent truck, but highly disappointed with the issues and the customer service. Have the vehicle checked out before you buy it and you will save yourself a bunch of money.

Review №34

Response to owner: They probably just assumed i was just a dumb teenager well not only am i not going to buy from you i just bought a 20,000 dollar toyota.They didnt let me test drive, they were pretty rude as well. I buy alot of cars and I would just advise not to go here.

Review №35

I love going to j and r auto they help me find the right car and the staff is excellent they answered all my questions and got me into a great car love this place wouldn’t go anywhere else but here always a good experience thanks Brian for helping me find the right car

Review №36

I bought a 2008 F-150 from J&R Auto this past December (2016). The Truck was advertised as a 60th anniversary edition. I came to find out after purchasing the truck that was not true. I presume they did that to drive the price up. Three months after purchase rust began to show. That was not visible before. This is the current condition of the car after 4 months. They hid the rust patched it up and sold it to me. When I bought the Truck I was a assistant Football Coach for the University of Sioux Falls. I will spread the word to my colleagues still at University of Sioux Falls that this is a shady dealer.

Review №37

We drove from Austin MN to look at a Saturn Vue, had prompt fast service. Overall great experience. The staff in each area were knowledgable and helpful with purchasing our vehicle.

Review №38

Sold someone I know a car that was rusted underneath. The fuel lines were compromised and there was a leak- literally could have exploded on the ride home. Crooks.

Review №39

Just recently bought a wonderful, Mazdaspeed 3 from these guys. The salesman was reasonable and the gentleman at the financing desk is a wizard!

Review №40

I just recently bought my new jeep from the wonderful guys and i am just absolutely in love with it and the were the friendliest car people i have ever dealt with i recommend the guys to anyone and a week later i get a call i won a tv from them i couldnt believe i thought santa had brought me the best gift anyways with my new jeep instead i get my jeep and a beautiful tv thank u guys so very much.

Review №41

Everyone there was helpful and honest in their conversations. Great people and will definitely go back again!

Review №42

They have good and nice human relationship, they care for their customer and always ready to listen when you call.

Review №43

Friendly sales staff and very smooth process in purchasing a vehicle. Good selection of vehicles for all price ranges.

Review №44

Really liked the sale rep fast and friendly

Review №45

Very were helpful, friendly and not pushy at all! Made the buying process easy and fast!

Review №46

I keep getting 300,000 miles out of Jeeps I buy there. Great deals, very honest.

Review №47

Great deal on the pickup we bought and friendly helpful staff

Review №48

If youre Latin, dont go, the attention its very poor with us

Review №49

They were very helpful and accommodating while I was searching for a new vehicle. Very nice guys!

Review №50

Bethany and Reese. We were in and out very quickly, and they worked with us to touch up some cosmetics.

Review №51

Purchased a car from them on Saturday the 2nd of April. The total cost of the vehicle was close to $6,000. Was offered a 3 year 36 month warranty for $1,800 which we declined (not really worth it). The car started having an electronic issue later that day. We called the dealer on Monday asking them about it. They said they could look at it (for a charge) so we declined. Hard to believe a company would not stand by a product they sold after a day. Used car dealers are hard to trust and an experience like this makes it even worse.

Review №52

Great vehicle at a great price! Only bad thing was it needed an oil change.

Review №53

Drove after work for a hour to look at a vehicle that had been completely misrepresented. Very Very Poor Experience.

Review №54

They sold me what they called a certified used auto. Within the first 30 days the water pump went out that cost me 400. Five months later both front wheel hub assemblys fell apart. There goes another 750. I can only pray that whoever goes to here for a car takes it to mechanic before buying.

Review №55

Very good service!

Review №56

I wish I could give 0 stars!! Do NOT buy a vehicle here!!! They are out to make a buck with no concer to the customer cost!!! So disappointed we traveled so far to get screwed over. Will NOT recommend them to ANYONE!!!

Review №57

Awesome service.

Review №58

Nice guys, nice cars, fast transactions

Review №59

Easy to work with, very friendly

Review №60

Good dealers to get a car from

Review №61

Overpriced hoagies.

Review №62

Great service, great vehicle!!!!

Review №63

Ready to deal

Review №64

Thanks For The Buy

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Grumpy salesman

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