J & R Auto Sales
2800 W 12th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States
Review №1

What a great place to buy a good used car. John was are salesman and was very easy to deal with was able to test drive multiple vehicles until we found the right one for us. Will recommend j&r auto to anyone looking for a good used vehicle thank you Robert Hudson

Review №2

My wife and I stopped by J & R to check out a van we were interested in. We worked with John and he gave us plenty of time and space to look it over and drive it. After a test drive and looking it over we decided to buy it. Peyton helped us with financing and it went smoothly. Overall we had a great experience and wouldnt hesitate to buy another vehicle from J&R.

Review №3

This was my first time buying a car by myself. The guys made the experience amazing. Very quick and in and out in less than 2 hours. Will definitely be back. (Amy Thompson)

Review №4

Should be put out of business. They sell cars knowing they have issues and then do nothing to resolve it. They also falsely tell u that you cant refund or return the vehicle ...hope they have fun in courtDONT BUY A CAR FROM THESE LEMON CROOKS!!!!Apparently they sell vehicles on the verge of breaking all the time just look at the reviews....also you will notice no response from the owner as they are cowards and have no morality or integrity

Review №5

I had my husband test drive a Toyota Highlander when he was in Sioux Falls last month. He thought it was nice, so we called Scott (who had been working along with Brian with my husband since they have 2 locations) to let him know that we were driving from Marshall, MN so I could drive it.Brian was gone & Scott was at the other location, so he had informed the person working at the 12th St location that we were on our way. Well, I feel badly for Scott & Brian because the man who dealt with us (who tried to put off that hes just a salesman but is really the owner) totally screwed them out of an easy sale.There is no negotiating with the owner in salesman clothing. Its like hes insulted if you dont overly gush about the car, and god forbid you point out that something needs to be taken care of or try to work with him. He says that he can Only get approval for less than what needs taken care of. We got it worked down to I was willing to pay $16,500 for the car (asking price was $16,995) and eat the rest for new front tires. He would only come down to $16,545 and kept throwing a fit, refusing to budge any more. He was impossible and frankly in our experience & opinion was just miserable to deal with. At the time I thought he was a salesman perhaps annoyed he wasnt going to get commission for the sale, so I asked if there was someone who could get the approval he couldnt give. Of course then he admitted he could but then goes on a rant as to him knowing that the car was overpriced but there was a lot of interest in it and that just the car-selling business right now & blah blah blah, just a waste of time with petty nonsense. I found myself trying to calm him down. He was treating us like we were trying to screw him over and I had had enough. I realized he had to either be management or the owner. I figured after being treated so rudely and him sucking the joy out of the experience, I would be annoyed every time I looked at the car if I bought the car from him & the aggravation just was not worth it. So I gave him the key back and said no. He said the car would be there (and as of last week it still was when I was in town and drive past). I called Scott and let him know what happened and that I was willing to work with him, but didnt want anything to do with dealing with that guy & if he could get him to be an adult and take the $45 off, wed buy the car. I assume he told him no as we never heard back. Now I wouldnt trust the owner not to mess with the car out of spite even if he did come down the $45 after the way he behaved with us. I am not saying he would, but the trust is gone.So yeah, Dean cost his employees the easiest sale...over $45. And as of today, the car is still on the website. Sorry, Brian & Scott. We tried. The stars are for you.

Review №6

What a Nice experienceNo pushy salesmanEveryone was kind and respectful just a great all around experience...Thank you Bob and Kristi Hudson

Review №7

An awesome place to deal with.

Review №8

Sold me a 2013 Santa Fe.1. Everything seemed fine till about a week later we had snow and I realized awd was not working.Called them up for help... the help they offered was minimum,I figured out it would be cheaper to fix it myself. Spent over $600 on the part.2. Also within the first or second week a serves engine light came on concerning a fuel injector issue. Still not fixed yetHard to believe that they knew nothing of those problems while in ownership of the vehicle.

Review №9

They buy used vehicles at auctions and there fore price reflects what they pay for each vehicle. In my case I bought a Cadillac SRX for really cheap. Weary of something wrong with it as it was such a low price they were happy to let me test drive it n didnt mind that I stopped at a mechanic Ali g the way and had a cpl things in question checked out and they were both ok with no concern to be had. They even printed out a CarFax report for me.So all in all I walked away with a great deal and they stayed about 30 min past close to complete the deal that night. Thank You

Review №10

I dont recommend buying here cars here not an honest car dealership vehicles have lots of issues all auction buys....

Review №11

Zero integrity! My wife was looking for a car for her sister & contacted Scott. He told my wife car was in like-new condition and hadn’t been smoked in. She asked if there was any damage to the vehicle & he said NONE. They put a $1000 deposit down to hold the vehicle.I stopped to inspect the vehicle & found duct tape patching the molding around the sunroof, 3 major paint scratches/repairs and smoke smell & cig ash damage in the interior. They had no explanation for the damage & acted like they hadn’t noticed it. They refused to refund the deposit even though they didn’t disclose any of the damage. BTW, they were asking high book value for this car!They are crooks & extremely rude! Don’t give these bottom feeders your hard earned money. If you give them a deposit, make sure to use a credit card so you can dispute the charges.

Review №12

Wanted to trade in a vehicle but they dont trade down and thats fine. I was still interested in their vehicle but was told to basically go somewhere else. You think with Covid they would want business. Apparently not...

Review №13

Good deal! Lots of selection in the price range with lower mileage vehicles! Prices are as marked. No dickering.

Review №14

Great experience, customer service, and honesty! Loved working with Brian Smith at J&R!

Review №15

Service was prompt, car is excellent. Would definitely recommend.

Review №16

I have bought a 2008 dodge nitro from here and the air don’t work the engine light came on now it’s giving me problems I just purchased this car not even two weeks ago the step part of the car looked as if someone just glued it on the radio don’t work I’ve called many times to return the car or even get a car that works nothing they shouldn’t sell cars to people if they don’t let them know what’s wrong with the I even told them I wasn’t to happy about the car I’m looking to take them to court for it

Review №17

Terry and Peyton at the Eastside Sioux Falls location were great to work with. Very professional and helpful. I could tell they were ‘t trying to pressure sell me a vehicle and genuinely helped us through the buying process. We love our new Ford Explorer and will definitely look to J&R for any future vehicle needs.

Review №18

Very friendly, got a good deal on a good car!

Review №19

Great experience. Solid service. Will go there for our next vehicle for sure.

Review №20

Just got around to writing a review, but purchased a silver Ford Focus from J & R Auto a little over two years ago. It was an early 2000s model. The vehicle was loud during a test-drive, but appeared to show no other issues. I returned and purchased the vehicle a few days later. Not even halfway home, the check engine light came on. I worked hard to maintain the vehicle and do small repairs, but the check engine light continued to return. Within a few months of purchasing the vehicle, the engine threw a rod and the car was done for. I had always heard both good and bad about J & R, but wanted to give them an honest shot. However, after buying a complete Lemon, I will not be returning there. The only advice I can give someone before purchasing a used car from here, or anywhere, is to have your own auto mechanic inspect the vehicle before you make a purchase.

Review №21

We went there hoping to find a nice vehicle for a reasonable price. Mission accomplished! The staff there are incredibly fun and knowledgeable. They took care of all concerns right away.

Review №22

I had a great experience with J & R Auto this weekend! I went to see a specific car which ended up being already sold, but Jon found me a newer one with more features that was still in my budget. After visiting a few other dealers that day we came back for the first one we tested. We had a pleasant experience working with them to finance our purchase. All in all, they made the whole experience far less stressful than expected considering the circumstances that put us vehicle shopping in the first place. Thanks Jon and Ben!!

Review №23

I found a Jeep Grand Cherokee from J and R Auto, not only was the Jeep a great deal but the service was exceptional! I have been looking for the perfect Jeep for a while and I found exactly what I was looking for at this dealership! The salesmen were super knowledgeable and friendly. Ben K with financing helped me every step of the way, since this was my first time financing a car, I was super impressed with the ease of the process. I would definitely recommend J & R Auto Sales to anyone, I will definitely go to them again whenever I need a different car!!

Review №24

Dont do business with J&R Auto Sales of Sioux Falls, SD. They took advantage of my 17 year old daughter. Unfortunately, I was not there when she purchased it. She had a leaky tire when she drove it off the lot, check engine light came on and radio display stopped working the first week, on a 10k plus vehicle. They wouldnt stand behind any of it until I came down and spoke with Randy. Randy was extremely unprofessional and didnt even have a business card. He said hes been there for 20 years! They finally fixed the leaky tire and the gas sensor but refused to fix the display. I guess so much for using the backup camera.I know how purchasing used vehicles works. However, this isnt the first time I ran into issues with this business. Military Veterans beware, this is not a good place of business if you are looking for a used vehicle.

Review №25

I have purchased two vehicles from J and R Auto Sales. I highly recommend them. At first I stopped by the East location and test drove a few pickups. I worked with Ethan Corbin. He was awesome and very easy to work with. I shopped around a bit and found what I needed at the West location. I worked with the Old Guy Scott. I was given the same respect from him at this location. All around, it was a very pleasant experience and I recommend J and R to anyone looking to get a new vehicle.

Review №26

I worked with Ben. He was a nice guy and easy to work with. I got an 06 Monte Carlo SS. I overpaid for it a tad. But I also got the 1800$ warranty that they sell you. I didnt drive the car 600 miles and there was a major oil leak. I took it into a different car dealer only to hear it was major gasket failure, tires had broken bands and weather crack, and a bad wheel bearing. The mechanic said the car would never pass inspection at Jerrys Chevrolet.Long story short, the warranty company wouldnt cover because they said the dealership should have done a more precise inspection and the dealership couldnt help calling it a freak accident. So I had to borrow 2k just to get the repairs. So I asked for my warranty refund, its now been over 40 days and nothing. Just keep being told to wait. Im giving them the benefit of the doubt because they are friendly people but a person can only be so friendly. I will never go back to them and will try my best to keep anyone I know from going to them. Jerrys Chevrolet is the place to go if you need a reliable vehicle.

Review №27

Stopped by looking for a vehicle for our 14 year old son. We received excellent service from John and Randy. They helped us find a nice vehicle perfect for us. We would recommend them and will be back in the future!

Review №28

Good experience buying from them. The folks were nice and there was no pressure at all. Willing to deal a bit on the price and my wife and I got got a fair deal on our vehicle. We do love our car (2007 Toyota Highlander). The only reason the review isnt a 5 star rating is it would have been nice to have had a full tank of gas when we drove it off the lot and there were no floor mats. Other than that, the car is great so thank you guys!

Review №29

I had been looking for a smaller 4 wheel drive pickup for awhile .I had been watching different auto sales sites,driving around different lots, yet I kept looking back on J & R Auto Sales site.One reason I like J & R Auto Sales is the good experience that my son and I had when we went car shopping there 3 years ago.He bought his very first vehicle there and was very happy with the car and the service. We never felt pressured into buying.His car was voted the best looking vehicle in his High School Class! He still loves driving it! Another couple reasons why I kept watching their website was the selection of vehicles and the fair pricing.The staff there are friendly and try their best in helping you.Even when I accidentally locked the only set of keys inside the pickup I was looking at while it was running on their lot! I did end up buying that sweet red pickup and truly love her!

Review №30

The sales experience of buying a vehicle at J&R Auto was fine - a little pushy, but friendly. Unfortunately, 9 days after I purchased my car, the transmission went out. I bought the extended warranty, so I assumed that when they told me I could have the service done anywhere, I could. Wrong. I was accused of doing “something” to trash the car by driving it a measly 125 miles, and they didn’t want to pay for the new transmission. After a full week, my car was finally at Quality Auto Repair, which is part of J&R. Then it took another 2 weeks for them to put in the transmission - not even a new one, but a rebuilt one. And they didn’t do it right. My battery died because the key wouldn’t come out of the ignition. Turns out the transmission wasn’t connected properly and the car didn’t recognize park. $100 for a new battery, another tow charge, and the service center I wanted to have the car fixed at originally repaired the faulty installation job. Now the warranty company won’t pay for their labor, because Quality didn’t do the work. After the way I was treated by the staff there, I won’t ever take my car back to them. Being called a “hysterical idiot” on the phone by the manager isn’t good customer service by any stretch of the imagination. The last two months have been so stressful that I actually ended up in the emergency room. J&R and Quality are not worth the bother. Buy your car somewhere else - and never, ever trust them to fix your car properly.

Review №31

Tom and Ethan were great to work with in finding our new car. They were extremely helpful and courteous and helped me feel confident with the whole purchasing process. Their selection of cars is incredible and the prices are more than fair. We got our car (that looks almost brand new) with my trade in and my kids think its the coolest car ever! I would recommend anyone who might be looking to upgrade to check with Tom and see what he has available for you. We are happy we did!

Review №32

We purchased a vehicle here the other day. I was impressed with the initial sales person I talked too - his name was Scott. He was very friendly and helpful talking on the phone. When we got there it was nothing spectacular - but they did treat us relatively well. I managed to get him down on the price a few hundred after he commented that I thought you were nice people. Anyway, the reason Im giving 3 stars is #1. Because there were no floor mats. Come on people - you should at least tell us it doesnt come with floor mats. What vehicle doesnt come with floor mats? #2. They didnt wash the vehicle or fill the tank. This might seem small but these are HUGE customer service things 99% of places do - and SHOULD do as a thank you for doing business with them. #3. They forgot to have us sign a page on our loan. So now we have to drive the hour up there, and hour back to do that over Christmas.

Review №33

Not pushy, but friendly staff. Prices seemed in-line with everybody else. Wouldve been nice if they had filled the gas tank when I bought the car though. Said they were having a drawing for a tv for those who left a google review. Cars worked well for the last two days.

Review №34

Another dealership, friendly and professional

Review №35

Went in to look at 2014 Ford Focus and talked to the manager was really nice. Came back a few days later to test drive it and another salesman came out and was very rude right off the bat. I started asking questions regarding the car, I asked how long it had been on their lot (online said 105 days) the salesman said oh only 1 month when called out on his lie he had nothing to say. As I got to looking over the vehicle I noticed the shocks needed replaced immediately, tires were very weather and bald, it was missing the driver side door handle and after a test drive I found a oil leak. When I pointed out the issues to the salesman he got very snotty and rude and said i wouldn’t find a better deal on a car within 500 miles of here. So I went to get the manager who came out and assisted me further. I ended up leaving and taking the salesman advice and going 250 miles away to find a GREAT deal on an awesome running car that didn’t come with a headache right off the bat. Only thing J&R was good for was pointing me in the right direction of another dealership that had actual GOOD customer service and wasn’t selling junk cars for double what they are worth.

Review №36

Been looking for a truck off & on for about 3mths. Never looked @ J&R. Drove through today to see what they had. Looked @ prices, mileage, & condition. Found 2 trucks to test drive. Only drove one & took it home. Im very with it. Customer service was excellent. They were not pushy, answered all my questions & aloud me to test drive the truck by myself. Very stress free. I will definitely do business with them again & recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys.

Review №37

What a great shopping experience. The lot had a large selection of vehicles and the staff was very helpful and very informed. Very satisfied with their support and ease to work with. Highly recommended. Thanks for the Lexus.

Review №38

I would not suggest this dealership, they are over in retail book price for their vehicles. I pointed out issues with the vehicle I test drove, they would not come down in price and tried to low ball my trade in by $1000, I wouldnt recommend this dealership to anyone.i understand as a business, they have every right to set the price but having the consumers best interest in mind isnt what this dealership is based on. Do like what they told us find another dealership, they will probably work with you, thats what the dealer told us after we drove nearly 400 miles to do business with them..

Review №39

Overall, I felt good about the whole experience.I came to the lot knowing exactly what I was wanting. Within 5 minutes of arriving, Peyton came out and greeted me. He was friendly, helpful and responsive.I test drove a couple of vehicles, and really liked this 2009 Yukon with 170K miles. They held it for me for a $100 deposit, until I could get it into my mechanic to check it out, which was close to a week. The mechanic checked it out, and found no major issues; only minor, normal wear and tear.I went back to the lot, and Peyton was not working, so John offered to help. I threw out a price that was considerably under what they were asking, with the intention of working to a price we could agree on, and John said, no. Just flat, no. He then proceeded to discredit my mechanic, on the things that would need to be addressed. I didnt like that, as there was no haggling, discussion or anything. Plus, dont tell me my mechanic is wrong. He was the very stereotype of car salesman that I did NOT want to deal with. I was just about to stand up and walk away, when Randy came over, probably overhearing my frustration.From that moment on, I dealt with Randy, who was very helpful. He worked with me, giving me closer to what I asked than what they were asking, and offered more for my trade-in than I expected to get. He took over, and got the process started until their finance guy, Ben could get there.After that, it was smooth sailing, and I drove off the lot with the vehicle. I have been driving it for over a week now, and nothing has fallen off.I hate buying vehicles, but Peyton, Randy and Ben made the process smooth, and a week later, I dont feel like I got screwed, as opposed to when I bought from one of their larger competitors.When it comes time to get another vehicle, I will definitely check here first.

Review №40

Inattentive on the phone. Wanted to sell my car. Just said come down and didnt even attempt to talk to me. I also came to try to buy a vehicle a couple of weeks ago. When I looked online it seem like there would be some decent vehicles that would fit my needs. Instead of sitting inside and really trying to find the best options, I was taken out in like a hundred degree heat. I was showing a couple Vehicles really fast and when I wasnt sure if they would meet my needs he just told me to look online for other vehicles rather than spending time with me to find a vehicle that met my needs. I ended up going to another dealer that spend time with me trying to find the best vehicle and I bought a vehicle similar to some that were probably on this lot. Seems like if they dont think youre serious they just run you off

Review №41

Staff was amazing. Worked quickly on a fair deal for me. Im glad I got a great car from them. Update in a few months

Review №42

I recently got a 2014 Ford Taurus and I am so so in love. The service was great as well. They got everything squared away quickly and even gave my new car a car wash before I left the lot! I was very happy with my decision of the car and the place to get it from! Thanks J & R!

Review №43

As soon as I pulled in, I was able to look at a few cars before being politely approached by Ben. Every dealership I have been to, workers frantically ran out to me, making me extremely uncomfortable. Ben was outstanding in feeling relatable and had a sense of genuine interest in what I was looking for. Every single employee was thoughtful and made my father and I feel at home. If I ever have the chance, I will definitely be returning in the future to give them my business!

Review №44

My roommate bought a car here. ( 2k over market average under the guise that it had been worked on and was in great shape and the dealership refused to budge on price for that reason) Drove it for a day after purchase and there was a burning smell and a loud clicking noise coming from the car so we both took it to a mechanic. The mechanic told us it would be $4,000 to have the car running normally again and have it not be a safety risk. He basically told us he suspected the transmission might be going out along with other costly repairs.I called the dealership the next day and was directed to their personal mechanic office where we were informed that there was only a small repair that needed to be done. (Lies)It has been 3 months of constant repairs and the transmission blew out yesterday and we are now looking at a $3-4,000 repair.DO NOT BUY HERE. Now my roommate will have to pay off this loan for this vehicle because she cant pay it all off at once while buying another car and paying off a second loan for another car. She is trying to pay her way through her education right now and this is yet another financial strain she will have to bear.UPDATE*** We went to the Subaru dealership in town and they felt horrible for her situation and took the car at full trade in value ( with a blown transmission) and helped her to get a brand new car with very little interest. She is paying a monthly payment that is slightly higher than she wanted but her car is reliable and safe now.

Review №45

The staff were very nice and helpful. They werent pushy at all even when it came to talking about the ASC Warranty option. The Old Man was fun to talk to and also knew pretty much offhand what vehicles had the features we wanted in our price range (without trying to fudge somewhat higher like some do). They even let me take the car home already until my wife is able to finish the last bit of paperwork tonight. Ive only ever had to buy a used car three times in my life and all at different locations, but this was the best.

Review №46

Well I would love to give your business a great review, however the check engine light came on 4 blocks away and I found out the left Catalytic Converter is bad, the o2 sensor is bad, the throw-out bearing began making noise a week later and some suspension issues. The only thing I asked them to fix was to buy me the CAT and I would pay for the install, but they said I am on my own!! I understand this is a used car but come on, 4 blocks away. I can safely say I would no longer recommend them to anyone or buy from them again. Its to bad, I thought I found a decent dealer.

Review №47

Staff was amazing. Worked quickly on a fair deal for me. Im glad I got a great car from them. Update in a few months

Review №48

We were looking for a smaller pickup and found a Dodge Dakota. Scott Purdy was the salesperson we dealt with. He was friendly and not high pressured. When we took the test drive we noticed the air conditioner wasn’t working. Scott said he would get it fixed and he did in a timely manner. It was ready for us to get the next day.

Review №49

Great experience working with The Old Guy buying my 04 Ford Expedition. I will definitely send friends his way. Thank you for your help! My daughter and I love it!

Review №50

A family member recently purchased a vehicle advertised as excellent condition from J&R Auto. Two days later the alternator went out and while being repaired, other issues were found to the tune of $600+. Initially they said they would pay half the bill, but then went back on their word and refused to pay anything. Its pretty sad that they cant stand behind their product, especially when it was falsely advertised as excellent condition. So disgraceful and dishonest.The family member this happened to buys vehicles regularly and J&R just lost a multitude of customers for life. Do not buy from this dealership.

Review №51

Scott was a pleasure to deal with. Shortly after buying my equinox as is the - 7 air temp showed some issues with the started. J & R split the bill when they didnt have to do anything. Awesome services.

Review №52

I just bought a truck from you guys and I love it already. Drives good and everything. When its time for a new one Ill be back to look for another one.

Review №53

Based on our determination and visit of this place, we give them absolutely zero stars, they do not qualillfy to be on our list of Auto Dealerships. We do not recommend this dealership to any persons.-Example, they did not want to do any business with us. They lack competency severely.

Review №54

I ended up driving to Sioux Falls from Mitchell after test driving a vehicle through a private party that ended up needing far to many repairs to be worth the purchase, so as a last resort for the day decided to go check out a 2008 Honda Pilot. After working with “The Old Guy” at the lot, we decided to purchase the vehicle. I picked it up a few days later and hasn’t given me any issues. I will be ending up replacing the blower motor myself but it’s cheap and easy to do myself, otherwise the car has been great!

Review №55

(My husband and I to respond to your comment. My last name is not Eickholt any more) If I could give no stars I would. We made the mistake of purchasing a pickup. We have had it a week with 3 different problems. They clearly do not inspect before they sell them. So now we are out over 7000 in cash with a vehicle that had to be towed and is going to cost over 2000 to fix!! We dont even have the title yet. Thought we would have a reliable pickup for our family for the winter, guess not. Update: the pickup has cost us over 6000 to get it running decent. Worst mistake ever.

Review №56

I just bought my 3rd vehicle from the 12th St J&R location. The last two have had insanely low miles (41k and 51k) and were very fairly priced. Theyve given me very good trade in values and worked with me on the price until we agreed on a fair deal for the both pf us. With my most recent purchase, a loaded 2005 Trailblazer LT, I noticed a couple of issues. They made sure those issues were resolved before we signed the papers. J&R always has a good selection of affordable vehicles and Ive had very good luck with them. Shout out to the old man!

Review №57

It was great working with Tom on our new purchase for our son.. They took the time to find what was the best vehicle for him. This is our second vehicle from J and R , and we are always treated like family!! Thanks again guys!

Review №58

They make is easy and fun to find a car. They also worked with my budget. And they were not pushing

Review №59

We just bought our 2nd vehicle from J & R Auto Sales. We came back for the great service, to be treated fairly with honest information, and browse a nice selection of clean vehicles. We found exactly what were looking for at a great price!

Review №60

I will be sharing this review based onmy experience at their car lot,Sales associate experience,And 2 weeks after owning the vehicle.1. J&R definitely has a great selection of vehicles that most other used lots don’t have, which is nice, but always makes one question their resources, so when test driving the vehicle make sure and drive it like you mean it. I test drove about 5 vehicles, found some sort of potentially costly fix in 3 of those vehicles, in fact one vehicles battery was so dead the vehicle wouldn’t even keep running after jumped. No one at the lot was necessarily “friendly”, I was walking around looking at vehicles for I don’t know how long before a sales rep approached me, and I’ll get to that here in my next paragraph. The vehicles are all fairly priced for the market. Remember though, you are at a used car lot, and the environment is used car lot lol2. My sales rep, Ben, I think was his name, was on a scale of 1-10, a 4, in terms of customer service. He was very efficient in getting keys and jumping vehicles, so that was great, but other than that, I worked with him for at least an hour and he never asked me my name nor did he give me his, instead he called me “buddy” as if I was a child the entire time. Thankfully since I live out of town he was able to come in late and sell me a vehicle, but I’m sure 9/10 salesman would do the same. One thing that really bothered me was that when I asked him to budge on the price he said no (okay that’s fine) so i ask him is there any bone you can throw me, since I’m driving 2 hours to pick this up, he says the best he can do is wash the truck for me, I asked if he could throw a little gas in it, and he said he has a $10 a day limit on his work credit card, now just say sorry i cant instead of feed me some kind of bologna like that. Anyways, I show up to pick the truck up, is it clean, NO. So thanks for nothing guys. Another thing that bothered me, when i showed up to pick the truck up, he started to brag about his sales quota and how much better he is than his colleagues, how unprofessional is that when dealing with your customer.3. Two weeks into owning the truck I have to admit that i am pleased with the vehicle, as it is exactly what i was looking for so of course i would be happy. If i could have found this exact same trim elsewhere I am 80% sure I would have went there.The truck one week into owning gave me a notification that it needed an OIL CHANGE!!! So immediately I had to shell $100 into an oil change, the least a car lot can do is get the oil changed! Seriously, I will not be a returning customer to this place unless I am hard pressed to find a specific vehicle that I am looking for, and this is the last place to have it within a 8 hour drive. Seriously, what car lot doesn’t do an oil change on their vehicle at the least, I understand saving money, but some things will just hurt your reputation.In conclusion, if you find a vehicle here, test drive it like you mean it, to find imperfections. Make sure and check the little things like oil changes (i should have, but for some reason I expected it to be done, as it was with the other 5 cars I’ve bought in the past from other lots). If you don’t like your rep, ask for a different one. If this is the only place with an exact model you’re looking for, then go for it, outside of that, look around.

Review №61

Ben was very friendly and nobody was pushy or aggressive. The staff was very busy the entire hour and a quarter we were there buying our 2007 Ford Freestyle. We are very happy with our purchase. Thank you.

Review №62

Loved the service

Review №63

My experience was great. Got a great vehicle at a fair price. highly recommended

Review №64

We purchased two vehicles on Saturday. Peyton was very helpful and Ben made the finance portion very easy and stress free. Thanks for being awesome guys!

Review №65

Amazing car buying experience! Ben was amazing! If you want to be treated right, buy from them!

Review №66

The people there are very nice and polite I would recommend.

Review №67

Do not buy any vehicles from them. They do not do any inspection on the vehicles they buy. They dont return phone calls. Day 3 of the vehicle we bought from them the transmission went out. Their customer service sucks.

Review №68

Worst decision I ever made! They didnt check anything on this vehicle. Oil not changed air filter beyond dirty. Pulled it off the lot with the gas light on!! Its almost so sad its funny. Leaking power steering fluid and the cruise control dont work. They were no help when I told them about it. I hope that this diverts at least one person from getting into something they are going to regret. So disappointed. I was warned, but did not listen.

Review №69

Less than 5 days after purchasing our pickup truck, we discovered oil dripping from the vehicle onto our brand new concrete garage approach. Turns out the oil pan gasket was bad. Were not engine savvy folks. Thats why we buy from dealerships instead of private individuals. We hope theyve gone over the vehicle and are reputable in what theyre selling. Live and learn but gee, youd think dripping oil would have been discovered during their supposed inspections they talk about on their website.

Review №70

Good condition cars and you can come and take your time to look for a car you like and they will work with your budget🙂

Review №71

Great people to work with on getting an automobile. Will go there next time I need one.

Review №72

Was a good experience. Low pressure and our Chrysler Aspen drives great. Wouldnt work much on price but did some.

Review №73

I bought a 2002 Toyota Camry in November from J & R. Within a week, I noticed oil dripping and soon after that, the engine light came on when the car went into limp-along mode. The car also did not handle well when there was a little bit of snow on the road. My mechanic said the tires were mismatched and also the oil leak was from a valve cover gasket that needed to be replaced. The engine light problem was from a longstanding technical bulletin about the intake and throttle body needing to be replaced. I replaced the tires and had the other work done -- almost $3,000 worth of work. I called J & R and spoke with Randy. He was very sad about my experience. He mentioned that some of the work might have been covered with the warranty packages that are offered to buyers at the time of purchase. I declined the offers because they were around $1,200 to $2,200. The work that might have been covered was around $1,400, so I would have saved a whopping $200. I asked about what sort of inspection they do for the cars they buy before putting them up for sale. He said a visual inspection. However, a visual inspection would have revealed the obvious tire problem and oil leak. Nothing was mentioned about either when I bought the car. Lesson learned. Buy from your local dealer who you know and trust. I drove two hours from Minnesota for this Toyota because my previous Toyota was such a good runner. It needed a water pump replacement so I didnt have much time to spare and my local dealer didnt have anything comparable available.

Review №74

Purchased a 07 pilot said to be in excellent condition. Broke down 2 days later with a bad alternator. Go with a dealer with a warranty. - Update - Key fob also bad, broken air tube, and left head light bad. Do not trust this place.

Review №75

I bought my 2009 mizubushi lancer a little over a year ago and I still love it! The manager Randy made buying a car super easy and still takes care of me and my car till this day! Awesome experience!

Review №76

Great selection of vehicles, and they were very friendly and easy to deal with.

Review №77

Went with my mother, Bev Peckenpaugh, to help her. Very easy to talk to and no pressure. Enjoyable experience.

Review №78

Great selection of great vehicles.

Review №79

There vehicles are the worse and once they sell u the vehicle and find issues they lie about it or had no clue of the issue. Was told the vehicle was fully checked over so far after 3 weeks we had to put 600 dollars into fix the engine ... Then last week put in 1400 more into the engine problems found out all tires are mismatched. Also after the first issue oil was never changed in it. Helpful hint get vehicle checked out by your regular mechanic before buying a vehicle from them. OH YEAH they removed all the negative comments on this website

Review №80

This is my 2nd vehicle from J & R Auto Sales. I recently purchased my 2008 Chevy Avalanche form here and I absolutely love it! The staff is awesome and I would definitely purchase another vehicle from them!

Review №81

Went there with the intention of getting a vehicle I found on their site... I ended up with the same thing but a year newer and a lot less miles for nearly the same price. I loved the salesman wasnt pushy, and gave me space to do my thing looking at the vehicles and compare...

Review №82

We applied online and within about four hours we were driving our new Yukon xl. The guys there are wonderful. Prices are really good too, we love our Yukon XL

Review №83

The sales staff were very helpful in finding us a nice vehicle at a reasonable price. They would not fix any defects and have the highest doc fee of all the car dealers we spoke with.

Review №84

Wish there was a worse rating than one star because they refuse to stand behind any of there vehicles. I bought a car from them for $9999 it lasted around 25 days before the engine blew up. They refused to help me out and long story short I now have no car and cant get another one because I cant afford to pay cash and my credit is now shot. Thanks guys!

Review №85

Very happy with our recent purchase of a 2008 Lincoln Navigator. Felt like we were treated quite well and received a fair dollar amount for our trade-in. Will definitely give them a chance at our business again in the future.

Review №86

I recently bought a 2002 Avalanche here. Very friendly staff and fair prices. Would buy here again.

Review №87

Initial experience seemed good. Until the car got past 9 months to a year. Turns out the car was a lemon. The warranty was also useless! So stay clear of this place. Our car turned our to be a terrible purchase!

Review №88

I bought my Honda CRV there! I was very very happy and happy with the sales staff! Overall great place! I love the no wait oil chance facility which is great for my busy schedule- Love my CRV and had excellent luck with it

Review №89

I strongly recommend looking at vehicles somewhere else. They have poor customer service and will screw you over every way that they can. Very disappointed.

Review №90

We bought a suv from Scott the old guy for my daughter.he was awsome to work with and extremely helpful! I would recommend J&R to anyone looking to buy a car!the water pump went out a week after we bought it and they fixed it!thanks J&R you guys rock!

Review №91

Great place to buy a car, salesmen are very nice and not pushy. Ive bought 3 cars over the years and bought a car each for 2 of my grandkids there

Review №92

I purchased a truck in cash a little over a week ago the sales person was very friendly however don’t let that fool you! They told me it was a nice truck but would not budge much on price! Also upon driving it 15 miles home the service engine soon light came on they told me to bring it back so I did which they told me they would fix it! However that was only problem number one on my third day of owning the truck I could not take it out of park which ended up being a blown fuse which they then sent me a email from a recall that was no longer could and would cost me money to fix! When there mechanic did fix the part for the light it worked great for about a day and a half I should mention that it had to do with the cooling aystem. Two days after it was fixed I started it on my driveway and it overheated and it had to be Towed in! When I called to tell them they sold me a Lemmon and I wanted my money back they told me they don’t just have a give back policy all they could do is fix it well the mechanic called today and the head gasket is bad and I have now been without a truck for 4 days and the worst part is I’m still waiting to hear from there operation manager to see if there is anything that they can do! Needless to say I would not buy a pen from these guys and if you want to see a bunch of clowns at the circus just head on over! Please don’t wAste your time!!

Review №93

I had great service and a good deal for my old vehicle. They helped me get the vehicle I was looking for.

Review №94

Everyone was honest, kind, and not at all pushy to buy their cars.

Review №95

Just bought my 2nd car through here. Super friendly and helped me out greatly!

Review №96

Great first car buying experience. They even changed my oil before picking up the car.

Review №97

They were very professional and helpful Tom was a knowledgeable salesman and I am very happy with the vehicle I purchased

Review №98

They sure are friendly if they can charge you thousands over book price for a car they say has been looked over and clearly has not . If you suggest a fair price for both parties you get treated like dirt even after admitting its marked way over over book. Still came back and tried looking at different cars but got ignored and backs turned. The time before wasnt even unpleasant. Watch out women and youngster old man is deffinately a slickster.

Review №99

Cars have problems like check engine lights they dont wont or cant fix. An to top the cake they like to talk about there customers behind there backs an judge you based on the choice of comfortable clothing on a weekend.

Review №100

Great selection of vehicles, not a high pressure dealership. I have bought multiple times here...

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