1427 Main St Suite A Suite A, Logan, UT 84341, United States

Review №1

The quality is good. However, they are overpriced and have the absolutely worst customer service. I keep giving them a chance over and over with the same results. No more! I would rather pay more somewhere else and have better customer service.

Review №2

The gentleman at the printing station is such a sweet heart. Very helpful. What a great team. If you need any paper services, they will go above and beyond to help you. Highly recommend

Review №3

They always have good deals on paper.

Review №4

It offered exactly what you would expect at reasonable prices

Review №5

I definitely DO NOT recommend for copy/printing services! They were supposed to have our documents printed within 24 hours and it took them 9 days. They told us they would call when our stuff was ready and they never did. They are also very unorganized! Very disappointed.

Review №6

Had what we needed when all other stores were out of our ink type (including Walmart). Polite and cheerful service.

Review №7

The employee that helped me was super nice

Review №8

David who works in the copy & print center is the best. He always does a great job for me. He is friendly and helpful.

Review №9

I went to the Staples to get a few important documents printed. The self-printing machine was having issues and a kind employee offered assistance. She had to help other customers and so this older gentleman employee came to help me as well. There were numerous issues with the printer reading my power-point and it took longer than it ever has to get things working.  And the printer ended up printing my documents multiple times! However, I was understanding as it definitely wasn’t the employeess fault and I understand that things like this happen. However, this very kind gentleman gave me a warm smile and said, “I’m not charging you today. Have a nice day.” I offered to pay and he refused. This was the slowest service I have ever gotten, but also the kindest. I am not just saying this because they didn’t have me pay, but even from the start of our interactions they were so kind. That gentleman -I wish I got his name- was what this world needs more of and he is doing an amazing job representing this company. The young woman was also very kind and helpful. I have never been more pleased with a service and I am recommending Staples to everyone I know from now on.

Review №10

Kevin from printing is the nicest and has the best customer service!!!! Is the absolute best at paper and printing and needs a raise! He is seriously the best person I have ever met at any retail store! Thanks Kevin!

Review №11

Insisted that I had to give my email at check out and now they won’t stop emailing me. Won’t be going back. The fact that I have to give my email to check out is ridiculous.

Review №12

Seriously the best customer service in the printing department! Dave always goes the extra mile. Love the small town vibes of using this place for all of our companies printing needs. Highly recommend.

Review №13

Incompetent copy and print center. I paid for 24-hour service and Im yet to see them complete an order on time. Yet every time I walk in to the store- -- which is a lot because my orders are never ready -- I see at least two people leaning on their elbows on the counters doing nothing. When I ask what the hold up is they claim to be understaffed and swamped with orders. I run a business and have admittedly high standards. When I pay for a service in advance I expect them to deliver.

Review №14

David with the copy department is the best. Very friendly, and FAST! Unfortunately google only allows me to leave one review, I use the copy center for all of my businesses and they come through every time. It is very difficult to find people like David who go out of their way to learn your name, ask good questions about your business and actually suggest additional products and services that will help your business. A+++. Thanks for all you do to help with my business success.

Review №15

The lady who I thought might be the manager seemed to percieve my questions and answered them before I even asked. She was very customer service oriented and willing and anxious to assist. She even asked one of the employees to open another register so that I didnt have to wait which was very nice considering there was only one person in front of me. I was very impressed and I wish I would have gotten her name. She was probably in her 50s or maybe 60s and knew what she was doing. I really appreciated her.

Review №16

Its Staples, so?! Their customer service is beyond awesome. I use their printer service monthly. Dave greets me with a smile and by name. He and Shauna are there to help if you need it. But more than that, they make you feel pleased that you came to their store. I wont go anywhere else!

Review №17

They ruined my order. A lot. Over printing things and then some came out with grainy lettering while others didnt. Even the workers admitted they didnt look good. Admitting it looked bad was the only thing they did to fix it. Wont be going back there again.

Review №18

I get everything I need for my office and also do quite a bit of printing here. They have some people that are more helpful than others, but for the most part everyone I have dealt with has been great. They put out some good coupons and have even price matched for me. I have noticed that their in-store prices are usually better than what is posted online as well. I recently was on a really tight deadline to get a banner printed. I called in to see if it was even feasible to have it printed in the time frame that I needed, the girl I was talking to said she could make it happen. I submitted the design online and she called me back within an hour to let me know that it was ready to go. So fast! I dont know where else you could have a banner printed that quickly on such short notice. They saved me! And thats not the first time. Highly recommend their copy & print service.

Review №19

I love the people here. I get nearly all my supplies here. The coupons are very helpful too

Review №20

Good selection of products. I was particularly impressed with the array of headphones & earbuds. I dont like their enter/exit boondoggle and the employees arent much help. Know b4 U Go!

Review №21

We went here to print wedding invites and although they ended up costing a little bit more than I wouldve like to pay, Nikhil at the print center was very helpful! We were able to get our prints the same day when we told him we would be heading out of town that afternoon and we would love to have the invites to hand out to family members we would see that weekend. Fabulous customer service. But I do have to knock off a star for the retail part of the store, because it always seems like there is no one at the service desk or cash register when I go to checkout.

Review №22

Normally in Staples sales people are always asking if they can help me. Not today. perhaps because I walked quickly to what I wanted picked it up and walked to the cash registers. I was happy with this because I was in a hurry and hated to be asked questions I didnt want to answer the time. It was one cash register open and the person was having problems with a return. Another cashier opened up the second cash register, check me out, and I was gone before the first cash register would have been available. I enjoy that kind of customer oriented service, it was a wonderful trip.

Review №23

We have gone in and gotten prints from the for years and today we go in and ask and they say the won’t do it because it would waste too much ink. They lady wasn’t very nice about it either.

Review №24

I went in to staples to get a replacement for something in a store I manage. Shawna was the employee who helped me and she was such a huge help and did everything she could to make staples customer service above and beyond. She made my experience at Staples great!

Review №25

This is one of the best Staples nationally. People are great to work with.

Review №26

Excellent customer service in the print shop. Employees are friendly and helpful in every way!

Review №27

David was a great help today! He was very efficient in helping us with our quick request. ~Manwaring Chiropractic

Review №28

Not an overly busy place when I go, customer service is really good and helpful and prices are fair and a good deal for office products I tend to buy. Will be going back for office furniture soon and other things as well.

Review №29

This should be a 1 star review, but listen closely! I went to staples to get 220 double sides prints scanned digitally and emailed to me. Staples wanted $1 a page! I asked David (the guy at the scan and copy desk) why it was so much more when it only cost ¢10 a print, he agreed and said he didn’t know. I went to alpha graphics and they did it for ¢2 a page. 7 bucks instead of 220! Staples only saving grace was David, he was the most helpful and gracious employee I have ever met, even under the pressure I put on him. Staples-fix the cost to scan documents and give David a raise, he is the only thing that saved you here!

Review №30

Got a computer bag from here. it hasnt broken yet. so thats gotta count for something.

Review №31

I love going to Staples! I have bought from pencils all the way to computers there. The tech that helped me with choosing a computer was very knowledgeable and didnt try to sell me the most expensive one. He answered all of my questions and never made me feel rushed. They are willing to help you find what you need and the cashiers are great to talk to. I love to chat with them and they are always very polite and care to have a conversation with me. Great job, guys!

Review №32

Just went there and got something laminated. They were very friendly and happy to help.

Review №33

Good store and the management has always been helpful.

Review №34

Excellent customer service. Steven at service desk was excellent. Clean environment.

Review №35

Absolutely horrible customer experience. The girl in the copy and print center did not even acknowledge me until I asked multiple times for her attention (she was talking to a co-worker). Later she continued to chat with her co-worker even when my job was done and waiting on the printer. She even helped another customer and answered a phone call while I was waiting and had asked her to give me my 2 papers that had printed. No sense of priority or putting the customer first. I finally just left without my 2 important papers and I spent nearly 45 minutes there. I am so disgusted!

Review №36

There are people at Staples who will go out of their way to make sure you find exactly what you need.

Review №37

I went to get some copies and laminates and we had friendly customer service and fast work.

Review №38

The Staples in Logan is one of my favorite stores! :D From the outside, one may just assume its a place to buy staplers, paperclips, and desk accessories. While this is true, Staples offers SO much more!Their in-store products vary on a regular basis, always bringing in new items to explore, and their online Kiosk is conveniently placed in-store with many employees happy to help navigate you through the process if needed. The Kiosk offers THOUSANDS of products, gives detailed information about each one, provides estimated delivery options, and is SIMPLE and convenient to use! :)The employees themselves are incredible! I have had the pleasure of interacting with many of them throughout the years, and I am never disappointed. They are kind, respectful, knowledgeable about their products, care about their store and the customers, and work together as a team.Their store is clean and refreshing to visit. Their items are categorized into different corners of the store (so you dont have to run around in search of similar items--they are all close together).And the Rewards program they offer is Fabulous!! Its TOTALLY FREE, and pretty much just a Thank you for being a loyal Staples customer. Why NOT get rewarded for shopping somewhere?? Especially if you dont have to pay to sign up?? If youre going to be spending money in a store anyway, you might as well get something back in return. It just makes sense, and Staples makes it worth it! :)In addition, their Rewards program allows for each purchase to be saved in their system so you never have to worry about losing your receipts! You can let Staples keep track of them for you! :) Always available to be reprinted when needed.Staples Contains (to name a few):Printing services, self-faxing capabilities, a tech counter (able to help with a large variety of electronic needs), furnature, office snacks and coffee, packing and shipping supplies, a UPS drop-off station, school supplies, ink/toner and their corresponding printers, phones, computers, etc. You name it, and it is highly likely Staples has a way of helping you find in store OR order what youre looking for!I have never been so impressed with a store! Staples blows my mind. They offer coupons and Daily Deals in Addition to their Rewards program, and are one of the most HONEST companies I have ever had the privilege to interact with. :)The managers are kind and treat every situation fairly, and with the most respect possible! :)Heston (the head manager) encourages honesty, friendliness, team-work, and respect. He leads by example in this manmer, lifting his employees up and encouraging everyone to do their best, always reminding that customer satisfaction is highly important. He is a high-quality leader creating high-quality employees! :) If there is anything Heston can do to make your experience better, he will go out of his way to do so. He is genuine, completely trust worthy, and encourages his employees to be the same.What an Amazing, Positive atmosphere this store provides! :)Staples LOVES their customers! It is never an inconvenience to assist the customers. They will do everything in their power to make your experience a great one, and if they dont know the answer to a question, they work together as a team to find someone who does.It really is an incredible place! Come shop here!! I know you will love it just as much as I do! :)

Review №39

Had to make a exchange on damaged item and they were so helpful.

Review №40

Have had awful experiences with the short grey haired lady, who I think is a manager... How Im not sure, shes awful. They never have the printer ink that I need, NEVER. I will go in two or three times a week to get it and they never have it in stock. When I got fed up with walking out empty handed I asked this manager lady for help and she was extremely rude, impatient and talked SO LOUD! I was asking simple questions that she didnt seem to know the answer to. Ive seen her be that was with many customers and especially with her staff. One of the checker girls even told me that she was a beach. Not cool staples, youll lose a lot of customers if she stays on staff. Youve lost my business-- not only because of the manager, but because you cant get your ink in stock.

Review №41

Good deals!

Review №42

Very helpful when I came in to use print center

Review №43

This place will meet most of your office needs. Prices are more than the box stores but there is a better variety. I would come here moronic prices were more competitive. If I need somthing specific though I come here.

Review №44

Always very friendly and helpful staff. Great online discounts!

Review №45

Great place if youre looking for office supplies!

Review №46

Very quick and easy.

Review №47

A grest place to buy office supplies.

Review №48

Helpful and friendly. Had what we needed

Review №49

Great office supplies and clearance rack! :)

Review №50

Slow and very unwilling to help! very bad experience. I asked for help since I couldnt find a product after searching the isle they told me to look in and she just told me to keep looking, even though they were not busy at all. i spent about 20 mins wandering the isles with absolutely no help..I then went to the copy and print center to make copies. I informed the sales associate that i had several packets of paper I needed copied. She would complete one and then go organize her her things and do busy work while I waited for her to start on my next packet(there were no other people there, so there was absolutely no reason why she couldnt finish what she was helping me with). I was there for over an hour for what I could have done myself in 20 mins. Before she started I informed her that I only had $50 to spend. When all was done they charged me over $200. It was the most rediculous experience Ive ever had.

Review №51

This of a great place for office supplies.

Review №52

They take good care of you

Review №53

They were super helpful even though it was the end of the night and we were having issues getting files to load.

Review №54

Great employees

Review №55

Clean, easy, friendly

Review №56

Have been getting my office supples here for the past few years. Just bought some white board supplies.

Review №57

They are very helpful here

Review №58

Help with returning damage PC.

Review №59

If you talk to the right person

Review №60

Dillon was very helpful

Review №61

It was difficult to find someone to help me.

Review №62

I like this store.

Review №63

Long lines, prices were not up to date

Review №64

Great service and staff like this store

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  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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