Best Buy
1475 Main St Ste 120, Logan, UT 84341, United States

Review №1

I had troubles with my speaker that I bought on black Friday and they replaced it no problem Best Buy is wonderful! Friendly and helpful associates. They even offered to help me carry my speaker out because I had my two kids with me. I was very happy with my visit. Thank you!

Review №2

This is the place for black Friday!Lets Go!!

Review №3

Loved the curbside service. The lady who helped me was amazing.

Review №4

Nice and friendly environment. People are very professional and willing to help you out at all times.

Review №5

Unfortunately Best Buy doesnt sell dsl equipment but their geek squad are the best for quick education in electronics.

Review №6

Got my remote start for my 4runner here.Dakota was a lot of help in helping me find the right product for my car and installed it pretty fast

Review №7

Had the best experience a couple months ago, and had to write about it! The employee from the Geek Squad who helped me choose a charger for my laptop, was so helpful and accommodating. Didnt feel like a pushy salesman.

Review №8

Best Best Buy we have been to. Went to buy new phones. Ran into a service provider issue about 45mins in. The Mobile department supervisor (Big shout out to Britt) took the time to call our service provider and work out the issue for us! Great service and awesome determination from the Mobile Supervisor to make sure we walked out happy with working phones.

Review №9

I bought a tablet here. The particular one I looked at was an open box item and was marked at a certain price when I was shopping around. When I went back later that day to actually purchase it the price had risen. I had a picture with the old price and they respected that. We all thought it strange an open box item would have gone up in price. The staff were kind, helpful, and respectful.

Review №10

I appreciate the young lady that helped us, and was patient. Was able to help us pick the right options...

Review №11

I have tried well over a dozen times in the past 3 weeks to get a hard to find item. I get it in my cart online only to be told it isnt available in my store and this item isnt available at any store within 250 miles. Looks like this store doesnt really order the things people want. (The items were the RTX3080 and RTX3070 for those interested.)

Review №12

Quick service. Easy to find what you need. Wish prices were a little lower.

Review №13

Ive consistently had good experiences here. I came here about a year ago & bought my first TV. They had no problem spending over an hour going over specs & benifits, as well as downsides. Ive bought the majority of my big purchases here for that very reason. Today tipped that scale even more as I planned on buying an Xbox Series X. I showed up about 2 hours early and the manager was very kind coming out & letting us know that they did not have consoles. Something small but saved time & prevented us from waiting in the cold only to be disappointed. When stock of consoles are back to normal in April Ill be sure to stop by & buy it then here.

Review №14

Kid helping me was awesome with the car remote starter forgot his name sorry

Review №15

The employees have been great at answering any and all questions. If they dont know the answer they will ask each other or Google it. They have been super helpful

Review №16

Always great help and smart advice towards new tech for my family

Review №17

No service. I asked about Fitbit and the Apple Watch. I was told where they were and that was it. As I looked at both watches there were no prices on the Fitbit and they were not activated. I could not demo what they could do. It’s too bad, I would have like to see them work. The Apple Watch did have prices and were activated. I tried navigating though the both of them, they only had the series 6 and they were a little pricey. The bottom line, no service no sale.

Review №18

In the holiday rush they were great at processing my order timely and getting me in and out. I happened to see that they had my product in stock that I had struggled finding for a few weeks.

Review №19

We go into Best Buy quite often but almost never end up buying anything. They are either out of stock or have a higher price point (or both) than other stores.

Review №20

The employees are very helpful and helped me out with any questions I had.

Review №21

Will not answer the phone tried many times and still no answer

Review №22

Great products and services. Weve always been happy going here.

Review №23

Every time I come in the employees are unenthused to assist and generally act like they dont want me here. Which I respect wholeheartedly.

Review №24

Bought a remote car starter. They required me to buy their installation package as well, but their schedule was too full for the next two weeks to give me a date to come in and get in installed, so they said they would call me. They never called so I went back in and talked to them about it and found out that I had been scheduled over and forgotten about. They said that I would be out 2 months now to get it installed.

Review №25

Gouda. Very gouda. But it does concern me that Cyberpunk 2077 is being sold there. On the PS4.

Review №26

We were so pleased with the help we received. He was so knowledgeable and explained in detail the differences of the products which helped us decide what was best for us. They treated us with great respect and didnt make us feel like we werent intelligent. Great experience. Thanks

Review №27

Had a kicker sub installed here. They did a great job at walking me through what to buy and everything. 5 star with that. But he didn’t mount the subs into the trunk properly and it really messed up my trunk. Also he told me to come back two days later to install the amp. I called 6 times and heard nothing back. Had to install the amp myself.

Review №28

I have literally tried calling them 5 times today and was on hold 10 minutes each time just to see if they have a part in stock. You guys should take down your phone number and smash your phones if you arent going to use them.

Review №29

I was not given all of the details I needed when I dropped off my PC dor data transfer. I was only told Id get a text. I made two trips into tge store to get more information, again I needed a full disclosure when I dropped it off. What I gave 4 hours for ended up being a day and a half of you time and mine. Plus two trips from Bear zLake to Logan.

Review №30

Always very helpful and patient with me when I ask the dumb questions.

Review №31

Nice staff! For the most part had everything i was looking for.

Review №32

Edit: When I went in to cancel my order, I found out that there was an error with shipping and they didnt know where it was. They were very accommodating and apologized for the inconvenience by giving me a discount and free expedited shipping to my appartment so that it wouldnt happen again.I ordered a laptop in store on Friday and they told me it would be at the store and ready for pickup on Thursday the next week. I received an email on Wednesday saying the laptop was ready for pick up, but when I went to pick it up they did not have it. I created an account to track the order and found that they hadnt shipped it and were saying that if it wasnt there by the NEXT Thursday, then the order would be canceled. I ordered a week in advance for school and now am going to have start my online courses without a laptop. I wouldnt shop here.

Review №33

Theyre always helpful. If you go here to get tech advice have the decency to buy some of their products.

Review №34

Terrible service. I got an email in my spam about a renewal... something I hadn’t used in over 2 years. I was charged with no warning. Best Buy stay away from this guy from now on.

Review №35

We visited here to get my husband a new computer for school this fall. The employees were super helpful and not overly pushy. They were able to help us quickly and were able to get us the best fit for our needs.

Review №36

DISHONEST!!!Told us our computer would be delivered the NEXT day (for our daughters college). That night we received an email from them saying that the delivery is delayed and they dont know when the computer will arrive. Just tell us its delayed BEFORE we buy it. Theres no need to lie to make the sale!

Review №37

This eternal hold is nonsense! Just pick up the phone already! After being on hold for over 40 minutes, I had to just drive to the store to get help. They are eager to sell things to you, but not to help out with issues regarding billing or fixing things.

Review №38

This store always seems to be out or low on stock. I end up ordering most of what I need online

Review №39

Updated from 1 star review to 3.Ordered headphones online and was shipped the wrong pair. Was told it would take four times as long to ship the correct ones. I asked for free faster shipping as compensation for their mixup, but was told they couldn’t give me anything for it. The correct headphones actually showed up two weeks earlier than they said, and I have no complaint on the product. Customer service rep was good. Customer relations, not so much.

Review №40

I use Best Buy for my phone upgrades and tech buys. Always knowledgeable!!

Review №41

How long does the line need to get before the 3 people at the door pull their thumbs out and help

Review №42

Experience was fine and usually has what I need if they have it in stock.Only downside is everything had to be scanned to get a price. We bought a Samsung monitor and hdmi to display port cable. Service was fine.

Review №43

Theyre being pretty responsible about covid. Free masks and hand sanitizer as you enter. Representatives are always looking to help you out with any questions while youre browsing.They replaced my phone screen cover that had a warranty, and it was really painless and quick.

Review №44

They are always willing to help in any way possible, they always have a coworker ( if they cant) who can explain inside and out about their products, and they can tell what products would work best for me, simply by my wants/ needs. I have shopped here for years, and will continue to do so for a lot longer!

Review №45

The store was clean and associates were courteous and helpful. I got a great deal on my external hard drive!

Review №46

Classic best buy.... I never figured out the discounts in this place.... but still nice to have it in Logan.....

Review №47

Best Buy is always a great store to visit. I spend too much money their because they have great electronics. Just got some games for my family and and air fryer too. Great assortment of high quality product. The employees are always friendly as well and make sure I’m taken care of.

Review №48

I stopped in today to pick up a laptop and some networking supplies and had some of the best customer service that Ive had at a Best Buy. Shyanne helped me find everything I was looking for, including working with me to find the best was to order the laptop I needed in a short delivery time. Great experience overall.

Review №49

Nobody seems to beat best buy on their expertise.

Review №50

I really do like Best Buy. Its always great service. I typically go in knowing what I want and need so I dont need much help but the workers are always very willing to help. When I buy my tv last year, the guy helping us found us the cheapest price after 20 minutes of searching. It was very nice of him since with saved us around $50. I really appreciate that.

Review №51

There was great customer service. I was greeted as I walked in and helped while I looked for a laptop.

Review №52

Worst customer service ever Ive been waiting on the phone for about 40 minutes now. And am still waiting as Im typing this

Review №53

Good place for electronics that you dont trust Walmart for.

Review №54

Great service on black Friday. Had to by a Mac Book pro 16 inch and they had one. Then they took me to a special register and I got to skip the hour long check out line. Boom great service.

Review №55

Waited almost 20 minutes plus for a curbside pick up on top of waiting to talk to someone in the store for over 10 minutes.

Review №56

Great customer service and really helped with finding anything I needed.

Review №57

Was excellent !! I have to visit family members than we decided to get some things from there ...for my surprise they had gloves at the door ,masks , sanitizer ...more than plenty these time of where everything is crazy ....i least if you forget your mask ... Is one thing less for you to stress !! thank you soo much Best buy !!

Review №58

Good products, poor service. I like that Best Buy has good deals and prices, but I went in needing some pretty basic stuff and got different answers from every staff member I talked to. Bought a laptop with touchscreen needing a smart stylus to take notes on, and they sent me home with an expensive one that wasnt even compatible. I went back in and asked for help finding a new one, and they didnt have any in their store. They then googled on their phones what would work for me and suggested I buy a specific pen from Amazon. Upon receiving it, IT WAS ALSO NOT COMPATIBLE. To say the least, Im unhappy with the knowledge of the employees at Best Buy. And dont even get me started on calling their customer service.

Review №59

I have a hard time with businesses that tell you what you want to hear just to get your business. I was looking for a Dell 27 monitor and Best Buy had one at a great price. So I ordered online and had it shipped to my nearest store. They said it would be there by 2/14. With no word or update from them, I called and they informed me it is now expected by 2/19. If you pushed your expected delivery back almost a week, wouldnt you think to at least notify the customer. Just a poor way of doing business and it will be the last time I purchase anything online from them. How sad

Review №60

Going in there was pretty much a joke. I I went in there to ask a question about a product I was looking at buying. I had done plenty of research. When I walked in there I pretty much educated the salesman on the product. When I asked him questions he would just refer to what was on the information card. I just wish they were a little more educated on their products so I could get more information from them instead of teaching them about the products they sell

Review №61

Have most hard drives both mechanical and SSD. Stock many types of memory and power supplies. As a service provider in the I.T. industry Best Buy has provided very reliable and helpful service.

Review №62

Very friendly and ready to help you with any questions you may have

Review №63

I have loved this store in the past. They had the best customer service ever when we purchased our home computer. Unfortunately, that was not the story today.When we walked in the store we asked if someone could help us in routers. The salesman was awesome and helped us put together a mesh system which is a new way to get a better signal throughout the entire house. He suggested a three-way system with a $300 price tag along with a small router that was on sale for $65. He picked up the products he told us the price he matched the tags. And he was awesome. But when we got to check out the $65 router ring up at $99 we told her that the salesman and the sign said $65. She called the manager he was literally the rudest person. He told us he had to pay $500 for his so we should stop complaining. And that people change the price tags So there was nothing he could do even though the correct price and tag did not even exist. I understand that things get moved and priced wrong it was more that demeanor he had over $30 when we were spending $400! We still purchased the items as The cashier and sales clerk were amazing. But a simple I’m so sorry things get put in the wrong place that is our fault let us take 10% off would have been appreciated. Next time we’ll just get it on Amazon.

Review №64

I like the selection of their electronics. Unfortunately, DVD and blue ray players are becoming less needed, so their selection wasnt very good.

Review №65

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always greeted at the door and the store is always exceptionally clean. Prices are always competitive if not also lowest.

Review №66

My wife and I made an appointment a few weeks in advance to get an iphone 7 battery replaced. When my wife went to the store they told her that we had made an appointment for a non-apple product despite the fact that the store had made the appointment for us, specifically for an iphone 7, over the phone. Rather than try to accommodate for the stores mistake, the associate then proceeded to explain to my wife that the replacement would likely break the phone, resulting in an additional $150 charge to fix the additional damage. Given the casualness with which the associate handled the situation, along with an open admission, that there technicians would break the phone, I will not be having my electronic products fixed by the Geek Squad anytime soon.

Review №67

Its a best buy

Review №68

$30 for an HDMI to display port cable that is criminal.

Review №69

DO NOT TAKE ELECTRONICS HERE FOR REPAIR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!They shipped my laptop to a service center in the Midwest (supposedly nobody knows where it is or has ANY contact information with them) a month ago, after promising that I would have it back in two weeks. Now, they wont give it back to me at all.They use reclaimed parts at the service center with a 30 day warranty. I told them that I do NOT want it repaired. Now, they cant tell me where my laptop is, or when I will get it back.DO NOT go here for repairs! Go to PC Unlimited or literally ANY other place for repairs!!!Products here are fine, but expensive, if you want to buy them.

Review №70

Fairly normal.

Review №71

Changed this from a 5 star to 1. Customer service has absolutely gone down hill. They just don’t care anymore. They mess up rewards, misleading ads and prices, at the end of the day they are after your money and not customer loyalty or retention. That will be my last time shopping at Best Buy. Elite-plus basically means nothing.

Review №72

Update: dropping stars from 4 to 2Typical over promise and unxer deliver. They were factory resetting the floor model computer they squared me away with and loading all their protection on it. Was supposed to get a call first thing this morning. Never heard from them. Yesterday the tech said that with 2 hours left in their shortened business day he couldnt do it same day but could have if they were open till 9. He needed up to 5 hours. They opened at 10 today. Didnt hear from them by 3 (10am-3pm is 5 hours and assumes they did nothing with the 2 hours yesterday). They closed at 6. Never heard from them.Original: This would have been a 1 star, or 0 star, review yesterday. Let me explain.I had sent out a laptop, through the geek squad, on 2 separate occasions, over the last 18 months under the geek squad protection plan. Each time my laptop came back with new problems or new damage. It was a battle to get them to own their errors and fix them, so much so that after each repair I set my laptop aside for montha because it would reignite these extremely frustrated and angry feelings. My experiences with their geek squad staff, the customer service, and even their over the phone help were atrocious. I had gotten about 9 months of use put of my laptop and then it turned into a paperweight for a year and a half because trying to deal with best buy and geek squad was such a miserable time.I went back today to try again to get my laptop running smooth and correct as I prepared for fall courses. I asked for the geek dquad manager and got JORDAN. He listened to my situation and the whole story and immediately went into resolution mode. He went straight for a fix that should have probably been done the very first time I took my laptop in. He credited me what I paid for it, helped me shop a new laptop and even reduced the price as much as he could so that I could have a new computer and a protection plan at the value of my old computer. He succeeded. I now have a brand new laptop, the same model as my old one in its current version, with a protection plan an all I really paid was tax. I can now do computer work without worry, without it triggerinv frustration and anger and I feel so relieved that I can do the work I need to without issue. I was FULLY prepared to write off best buy as a company forever. They were truly miserable to deal with up to this point.JORDAN was exceptional today and I felt a responsibility to share my experience and sing his praises. He has earned a little of my trust back with the company. Not much, but enough that I will give them small business and opportunities to built off this positive experience. If you have issues with geek squad, JORDAN is the man to talk to.Thank you JORDAN. You were the person I needed 18 months ago.

Review №73

Curbside pickup is broken. Couldnt find any number to call. Pickup inside worked ok.

Review №74

Brief visit. I was only in the store for one thing. Quick help from the staff determined they didnt have the one I wanted and I was back out quickly

Review №75

Best Buy! The name says it all. Just bought a new phone there and Britt was great helping me with the purchase and set up!

Review №76

Usually has what I need for home audio and phone/watch accessories.

Review №77

Great store with helpful employees! I bought my wife’s New IPhone here and every part of it was smooth and easy... then I started wandering and ended up buying a new 4K Ultra HD TV!

Review №78

This is the best store for electronics and appliances! The floor manager Amy was especially friendly and helpful :)

Review №79

Always the best!

Review №80

The selection is okay, but not as good as Best Buy locations in Ogden or SLC. The staff is polite and helpful. The store is pretty clean. The manager ensures the staff always mention Best Buy financing and Credit Card which although annoying it makes sense since thats how Best Buy makes their money. I bought a TV with a group of dead pixels and returned it the next day, the inspected the screen and allowed me to exchange it for a less expensive model and refunded me the difference without any issues. Thanks!

Review №81

I came in this store looking for monitors. Best Buy seemed intrigued by my offering of digital currency. And so plastic was displayed and I left with my consumer goods. I would be willing to engage in the act of capitalism again with this vendor.

Review №82

Logan store is a positive experience everytime I go. The employees are helpful and not pushy. Been going to this branch for more than a decade. Impressive to keep customer service high over a long period.

Review №83

I like bestbuy and the atmosphere there the people were also very helpful. The one drawback was it took a while for them to find the computer I wanted in their stock however that is probably because it was right after the holidays and things had been hectic Im sure.

Review №84

I wore a blue collared shirt. Got asked to help someone so I did. Id give myself 4 stars...2 for my outfit and the other 2 for my creative answers.Big plus they price match.

Review №85

Britt was so helpful! He knew the answers to all our questions and I felt like he was very honest about the products-he wasn’t just trying to sell the most expensive item to us. He went out of his way to price match and ended up getting us a KILLER deal! That guy deserves a raise!

Review №86

Two different prices on items. One on line and one at the store. $30 difference on a new DVD. What a deal in got buy shopping the store. Look on line first, could save you some money. Screw Job!

Review №87

It was good I was able to use their price match deal which I would suggest using if you can and saved 14$ on a purchase

Review №88

This Best Buy is great. I usually order online and pick up in store and they are always super fast. Ive had a few times where something online has a higher price than in-store and theyve automatically decreased the price to match the lower in-store price, which is surprising.

Review №89

Attentive sales people, answered questions but not always as knowledgable as they present themselves to be. My husband chose a laptop that runs in windows 10 S mode. The salesperson said that means store mode nope! Secure mode. And for checking out it seemed the cashiers were less than enthusiastic about checking him out... no line just had to wait for someone to say i do it.

Review №90

Id give a zero if I could. Worst customer service ever. Employees standing around. Wont help you find what you need. When you finally do. There is no cashier. When you ask about it, you are ignored. I put the stuff on the counter and walked out. Went next door to OfficeMax and got the help and cashier I needed. Great job OfficeMax!!!

Review №91

Terrible phone support, do not buy total tech support, customer service is a joke, do not open an account. You have been warned!

Review №92

Fast, courteous service. Very helpful! Store clean and well organized.

Review №93

Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable staff! Make sure you grab someone otherwose theyll let you be. A+++

Review №94

Empty shelves!

Review №95

I got a new car stereo installed in my wifes van. I got a killer deal on the receiver and they matched the online free installation. They ordered everything and set up the install date. Everything went smooth and the installer was really cool and showed me how everything worked. I got home and my wife loved it. If you need a new stereo go to best buy.

Review №96

Terrible experience with their Geek Squad. I called to ask how much it would cost to tell me what is wrong with my computer. The employee told me $0 for a free 15-minute consultation. I told him what was happening with my computer, he agreed it was likely the one of two things I thought was wrong. The employee was confident theyd be able to tell me what was wrong within my consultation.I arrive for my appointment and tell the employee what the computer is doing and what I suspect the culprit to be. He turns on my computer, puts it against his ear like hes a modern -day Pocahontas, says its likely one of two issues (the same issues I told him at the start!) and tells me I have a few options. He tells me the first one is $200 to do a diagnostic. Without telling me the other options, he blinks and asks, Sooo did you want to do that? .. I tell him my surprise in what feels like bait and switch and tell him $200 is a long ways away from the free I was quoted to tell me what was wrong. Then he tells me theres a $100 option to tell me what is wrong. Again, a loonngg way from $0. I asked to know who I made the appointment with who was so misleading, but surprisingly they cant tell. I asked for their manager, who had the day off on the busy weekend. There was absolutely no apology of any sort. Just more, Soo do you want to buy it? Is there anything else? Is there anything else? At this point Im so disgusted, I wouldnt give them a dime.

Review №97

Had to buy a new laptop. Robert with the geck squad was very helpful

Review №98

The salesman was extremely helpful and answered so many of my questions. Clearly he knew what he was talking about.

Review №99

Great place to get electric and questions you have about that type of thing answer

Review №100

I love this place! Always helpful and and has been super cool. Thanks dudes!

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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