USU Campus Store
650 N 800 E, Logan, UT 84322, United States

Review №1

Pretty good service and experience, items are a little more expensive.

Review №2

They are a good place to find gifts for friends. I always send Aggie gear to my friends who live out of state. They usually have game day shirts on sell. Today I picked up a handful of colorful pens from the clearance section.

Review №3

Website = terribleStore = decentMost PAINFUL process buying a book online. Like holyNoah Hansen is a great man and deserves a raise.

Review №4

Staff is helpful and friendly. Prices are reasonable. They work on Saturdays too, even for short day. I think they could sell so much more variety of stuff not just mainly apparel. We purchased a t-shirt but size was smaller than we hoped and they didn’t have any larger sizes. We had to return the item next day.

Review №5

I went in to get a last-minute gift today and an employee named Tiffany was absolutely amazing. She spent a significant amount of time patiently showing me everything that might suit my needs, and she was very friendly and non-pushy. She gift-wrapped what I eventually chose and was always cheerful and helpful even though I spent a very small amount of money. I would go back in a heartbeat to get anything I would need from this awesome bookstore.

Review №6

The tech support in this store absolutely destroyed my laptop. I took it in for a simple diagnostic, and they returned it to me in a condition that even apple support can’t fix. I had been using it minutes before dropping it off, and now I can’t even get it to turn on. And the battery isn’t dead, so I know it’s their fault.They lead me to believe they were certified in Mac support, but clearly they don’t know what they’re doing. I will absolutely never go to them again, since their mistake is costing me thousands of dollars and school material essential for my education.

Review №7

I expected the cap I ordered to be shipped from the campus store, it was in fact shipped from somewhere back East. This info should be available at the time of ordering. I can’t do anything about it now but I won’t be order from WSU in the future.

Review №8

Great swag and low prices!

Review №9

Dont buy from this store if there is even the slightest chance that the book will need to be returned. They would not accept a brand new book with its receipt that I attempted to return within 48 hours of buying it. Much safer to just go with an online seller where they will usually accept returns. Also, the prices are generally much higher here than online.

Review №10

Trying to get an 64GB SD card but it was $37 vs $12 online or $15 at WM. More than 3 times the markup on students, that is a little bit shameful in my opinion. An airport would have better pricing than that.

Review №11

I ordered some graduation announcements at the beginning of April, but the Store botched the shipment and they werent delivered. After we tracked the announcements down, the store said I could pick up my announcements in person that Friday. I went in and they then said that they wouldnt give me announcements until the originals came back in the mail, which would take 3-4 business days, which would be after graduation. So essentially I paid the bookstore to not have any graduation announcements. Theyve been a really frustrating company to work with.

Review №12

Even with all the crazy business of the beginning of the semester, associates are very helpful in helping you find books and are efficient in checking lines of people out quickly.

Review №13

The staff are always helpful and super on their game at the beginning of the semester.

Review №14

USU book store has everything that you would need for school. The staff that works there is very knowledgeable and helpful. Books are organized well by author and alphabetically so it makes it easy to find your text books. They added more cashiers so you are usually in and out quickly, they are also a certified Mac dealer and offer great discounts for students buying their next laptop

Review №15

The staff is usually super helpful and nice. But theyre not always staffed accordingly-if its a busy part of the semester some times only 2 registers are open.

Review №16

Great place to buy USU merchandise and clothing! Prices run a bit high, however.

Review №17

I would check other online resources like Amazon because theyll usually be cheaper. Its a good place to go to if youre desperate.

Review №18

Fun store to shop for Aggie specific items.

Review №19

Awesome aggie selection, good prices and a ton of discounts

Review №20

This place is okay. the text books are really expensive and amazon is probably a better place to look for them. The staff is good and some stuff is decent priced.

Review №21

The people who work are super nice. Every thing is overpriced

Review №22

I ordered a single textbook from the Campus Store for my first semester at USU, and had it shipped to my home. I placed my order and got a confirmation email on August 3, and proceeded to wait for my package to arrive. By August 22, it still hadnt come. I called the store, and they told me that they had just processed my order that day, and it should be at my house by the 29th. I paid for 5 day shipping, and will now be moving to Logan with no textbook. Staff member who assisted me on the phone was condescending, unwilling to help, and unapologetic.

Review №23

Its nice to know I have a place to go if Im looking for any kind of school supplies. However, its pretty expensive, especially if you start looking into Aggie gear.

Review №24

If you go ahead of the crowd and actually plan for your semester... You will always get what you need here. The staff will help you the best you can.

Review №25

Its nice to be able to get books all at the same place. Most are at competitive prices, but double check amazon just in case!

Review №26

Everything will cost you an arm and a leg but they do have nice Aggie gear

Review №27

A few custom editions aside, their whole inventory can be found on amazon for less than half their price.

Review №28

Great place to get all of your aggie apparel and school supplies.

Review №29

The best place to get anything Utah State. They now carry Nike and Hurley Aggie clothing which is great.

Review №30

Nice staff, and they have a lot of useful things for school. But their prices arent always the most competitive.

Review №31

Go Aggies

Review №32

Christmas Sale was 20% of everything! Love great deals on Aggie gear.

Review №33

This place is a scam. The textbooks here are WAY overpriced, you can find them just about anywhere else on the internet for way cheaper. Of course there are occasionaly books for courses that are unique to utah state and are only carried by the bookstore leaving you with no choice in those cases, but apart from that dont waste any of your money on this place.

Review №34

Lots of Aggie gear and clothes. Good place for college supplies.

Review №35

Its overpriced - never rent from this place. If some snow falls on your textbook you rented, its counted as water damage and you end up having to buy it and cannot sell it back to them. Rental contracts are ridiculous, books and merchandise are overpriced, etc. Youre much better off to use a cheaper and better place like Chegg or Amazon.

Review №36

Good customer service and Aggie gear!

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Review №38

Nice Place for Shopping.

Review №39

Overpriced but decent

Review №40

Best place for students! They dont charge sales tax!

Review №41

Incredibly expensive, better off finding your books and supplies online for way cheaper

Review №42

Great books high prices.

Review №43

Wish they had more books and less baby clothing.

Review №44

Great place for everything Aggie.

Review №45

Lots of stuff!!

Review №46

Overstaffed and expensive

Review №47

Overpriced but they have good stuff.

Review №48

A little expensive, but good!

Review №49

Good selection but expensive

Review №50

Staff are very helpful!

Review №51

Reserved a few of my books for last semester online and picked them up the next day.

Review №52

Good bookstore.

Review №53

Overpriced books and school supplies. Go elsewhere!

Review №54

I love books!

Review №55

Great student support

Review №56

Always has great apparel!

Review №57

They do have everything you need for your classes and more, but at a price. Most products cost a lot more than what youd pay at Walmart or Amazon.

Review №58

Good choice of books, little expensive for some

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  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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