Expercom - Apple Premier Partner
1545 Main St #120, Logan, UT 84341, United States

Review №1

They gave me exactly what I wanted and for an affordable price. They responded within a appropriate timeframe. Will definitely use them again. The only thing that was out of their control was that I would have liked for the computer to have been built with the most updated software so that I wouldn’t have to do it, but that’s minor and not a big deal.

Review №2

I have been a customer for several years. I purchased a computer from them about 6 years ago, and then various items since then. I just purchased a new MacBook Pro. I called them up and ordered it over the phone. It arrived the very next day. The customer service is excellent, and I am very pleased with the quality on my new Laptop.

Review №3

This is my first experience with Expercom and I am very impressed and pleased. The USU campus store wouldnt honor the warranty on my almost brand new computer and the Expercom techs got working on it right away and honored the warranty. I will be buying all my Apple products from them. They not only solved my issue but they were very professional about it. Sent me messages everytime there was an update. Very polite too! Thank you so much, guys!!

Review №4

Had such a good experience today! Jaron was so helpful! We went to two other stores before Expercom and were so grateful to finally find a place where we felt so comfortable! They helped me the whole process of finding, purchasing, and setting up my new phone. LOVE IT THANKS SO MUCH

Review №5

I just purchased a brand-new, high-end Apple iMac 2020 (and yes, its fabulous :) from the good folks at Expercom. An Apple Insider review of the new iMac lineup tipped me off to their existence, with a coupon code good for a 6% (approx.) discount. Who could resist an offer like that? I couldnt. I mean, Apple rarely - if ever - discounts their hardware, AFAIK.One benefit of using Expercom is that they can configure (& test) your Mac with additional memory (in models that can be upgraded, of course) for about *1/3* the cost of the (breathtaking) prices Apple charges for OEM RAM. The savings on memory alone can add up to some serious change ($750 in my case). Typically I upgrade RAM myself, but this was cheaper and easier than DIY. Expercoms shipping rates are very reasonable (low, even), too, and I also got a big discount on AppleCare+. Sweet!Since my system was customized both with more RAM and with a VESA mounting bracket (which must be installed when the system is built in China), I ended up having several telephone interactions with Expercoms excellent Ogden, Utah-based customer support staff. Each time I called, I was quickly connected with a live person (and not some interminable menu tree) who was able to efficiently respond to any requests or questions I had. Expercoms systems give them detailed insight into where your Mac is in the manufacturing and shipping pipeline, so I always knew the status of my system. I ended up receiving my new iMac ahead of the estimated delivery date, about 16 days after placing my order. It wouldnt have been any faster had I ordered the system directly from Apple... just way more expensive!Ill definitely be doing business with Expercom in the future, and can confidently recommend them to anyone whos in the market for a new (or pre-owned) Mac... as well as iPhone, other Apple products, software, service (both in- and out-of-warranty), support, data recovery, etc. In short, Expercom provides products and a personalized customer experience thats almost indistinguishable from dealing with Apple itself. First-rate all the way.

Review №6

Very helpful and friendly staff. My visit was quick and easy. The store was clean and organized. I had no trouble finding exactly what I was looking for.

Review №7

Love this place, so happy I found them when looking for my new Macbook Pro 16. Not only did the beat every competitor on the price, they obliterated them, which allowed me to get a more powerful computer than I originally planned!I spoke with Jacob over the phone and he was super helpful and extremely transparent with the whole process. He said that the order could take a few days to weeks for it to ship since it was a custom configuration. However, I woke up the next day to an email stating that my order had been shipped along with the tracking number.Ill definitely be ordering again from Expercom in the future.

Review №8

I purchased (well, initiated to purchase) a computer mid-november. It took about 20-30 days for them to ship it. Meanwhile, much better deals/prices became available. Even this would be okay if they replied my three messages about the status of the order. I sent them three messages with zero replies. They are mute to customers.

Review №9

Great price and service, I received my MacBook Pro in 2 weeks from ordering. Great!!!

Review №10

Item received as promised. Excited to get to work and play.Thank you!

Review №11

Very helpful! Fixed my mac when I had no idea what was wrong with it.

Review №12

I have worked with Expercom to purchase and maintain my personal computers for several years now. The experience is always very positive. They work hard to get me the computers I need, not the computers they want to sell. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to all things Apple, both hardware and software. Most recently I purchased the new iMac and they saved me hundreds of dollars on upgrading the ram! Its time that I write a review and thank them for the great service!

Review №13

Great prices on apple gear and very responsive to customer inquiries. My order took a while to ship, but that was due to apple manufacturing my custom iMac, not Expercom. When I asked about the order, they responded within an hour or two. Will be using them again!

Review №14

Ordered a MacBook Pro 16GB custom order and was delivered in 2.5 weeks awesome

Review №15

This company is amazing to work with! It was the only place I could find the MacBook I urgently needed in-stock. I called customer service and Greg was able to help assure the order processed as quickly as possible. It was shipped the same day and a huge relief!

Review №16

Great advise and service, best price when you consider warranty, tax, and shipping.

Review №17

Ive been buying Macs through Expercom for many many years, everything from reconditioned to brand new. These guys have always delivered professional service at a reasonable price with great customer service. Highly recommended as an alternative if you need extra services, dont want to brave the crowds or be one-in-a-million buying direct.

Review №18

I had an issue with my MacBook keyboard and saw that with my warranty, Expercom would fix it because theyre a premier partner with Apple. I took it in and had all my questions answered and they were accommodating to when I needed my laptop back. They have emails and text alerts to let you know of any updates or when its done, which was nice.I also brought in an old desktop that needed some help and they were friendly and nice and even had the technician come and talk to me about the process and to give me an update. I will definitely be coming here again for any other Apple needs.

Review №19

I can’t begin to express my frustration and disappointment with this whole experience. I made my order on Nov 21. On November 26 I received an email notifying me that my order had been processed and would be shipping shortly. After one week went by with no detail, I started getting worried and reaching out to Expercom to inquire about delivery. Emails were not answered promptly so I called as well. I was assured that I’d receive a tracking number later that day or the next. That didn’t happen, so I called again. The guy on the phone explained that the order would ship directly from China and that once it made it to the US, it should only take another day or two. I was again given assurances that I’d be receiving a tracking number that day. Another lie... I had also asked Expercom to expedite the delivery process considering the inexplicable delays. It seems that they decided to do the exact opposite. On Dec 8 I finally received that tracking number I’d been promised. It showed that my order was sitting at FedEx facility in Anaheim and would be delivered on Dec 13. I called Expercom one last time in hopes that they would actually do something to rectify the situation. Once again they have failed.My friend laughed at me when I first told him where I had purchased my product. Although it’s no laughing matter, I should have never given Expercom my business. I will never make that mistake again. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THESE JOKERS... they need some serious improvement when it comes to customer service and delivering on their promises. Worst holiday shopping experience ever. Hopefully there are no problems with my order if and when it actually arrives.

Review №20

The best service I have received in a long time. Absolutely will do my shopping here. Very pleasant

Review №21

As an older adult, I have come to truly VALUE companies, who train their personnel or simply hire employees that appear to have the patience of canonized saints (THANK YOU, Douglas!) when working with people (like me), who were not brought upon the ‘tit-of-technology. Seriously!

Review №22

I just had my AirPods fixed, and everyone that helped me was so so helpful and friendly. They are all awesome employees and made my experience perfect.

Review №23

I used to work at apple, when i buy stuff now i get it on expercom, they are apple authorized and have as good if not better service than youd get from apple... i like that they are a smaller company and their prices are often the best youd find online or in store. thanks!

Review №24

After reading Karim Haddads review ill have to say my experience with Expercom is pretty much the same, except I still dont have a tracking number.Cannot say id recommend using Expercom and dont understand why anyone ever would. Just buy from the Apple site. Paying the extra sales tax is worth a stress free customer experience. Youll get your computer faster, and theyll communicate with you professionally.

Review №25

I got a great deal in a MacBook Pro. The website was easy to navigate and the response and shipping were well ahead of the lead time the company advertises.

Review №26

I have been an Exprecom customer for years and years. I appreciate their support, customer service and excellent prices. I highly recommend this company!

Review №27

Shipped on time, price was right, and people were helpful! Great place to order a MAC if you want to save some green.

Review №28

Placed an order for an iPad in early May. Arrived late July with NO outreach or explanation from the company on the delay. Would have been better ordering through Apple directly, paying a little more, and getting it in early June.

Review №29

Honestly one of the best experiences buying an apple product that I’ve ever had. The staff was very helpful and genuine which is something you sadly don’t find a lot these days. Will definitely be buying (and referring) all my future apple products here.

Review №30

Good alternative to the Apple store, and delivery was faster than expected. some delay due to Apple manufacturing, and Expercom updated the order form. An email would have been even better.

Review №31

The customer service and email response took a couple days (but still very helpful) and the order itself took exactly 12 days to process, but overall it was work the lower cost compared to other vendors (including Apple). 3 stars because of the time, and disappointment from the 2nd gen Apple Pencil being out of stock.

Review №32

WOW ! what amazing service. They are very personable like a small family. They went WAY OUT of their way to provide special services to accommodate my special shipping needs. They truly care.

Review №33

Discount is nice but not when you have to wait more than a month to receive what you bought. Taken the pandemic into account I’m not too upset but when the workers keep telling me it will arrive in two weeks and it doesn’t, it’s quite unprofessional.

Review №34

I struggled to place the order, the online system rejected my order twice without giving any reason for the rejection, and of course there is no support number to call or chat box, so I sent a message and after 2 days they got back and said I had made a mistake with my billing address - this is something one would reasonably expect the website app could pick up and give one immediate feedback so one did not waste so much time and effort.Secondly, given the time wasted on getting the order processes, I requested and paid for overnight delivery as needed the laptop delivered by a certain date - for some reason Expercom ignored this and it took 6 days to get the laptop delivered after the order was successfully placed which meant I missed the deadline for when I needed it.Logistically it was a nightmare dealing with Expercom!!

Review №35

Expecting has treated me well more than once but this is my first review. I had come in for them to help me with a used phone last year that I bought out of state and they helped me negotiate with the other business to get the proper repairs done without me having to spend a dime. And gave me a loaner phone to borrow. Glad to have them vouch for me in negotiating with that other company.This time, I needed to get a battery replaced per Apple’s replacement program ($50) and so I booked it to be fixed at Expercom through Apple’s website. The appointment was smooth except that the phone they’d helped me get fixed didn’t have a Apple Screen, it was third party. So when the techs at Expercom we’re putting it back together, it was weak & cracked.They gave me a free loaner iPhone 6s (I have a 6) while they shipped it to Apple to replace the screen. It took 5 business days for the mail.Today I came back to re-download everything & get my old phone set back up. Since they had to remove my screen after they broke it, they replaced it for free! Thank you so much for treating me well after making a mistake.They even helped me figure out an issue I was having with contacts not showing up—now I can see them all! Yay!

Review №36

Best place to buy your Apple gear. Excellent customer service and fast shipping. Great prices too.

Review №37

Great service! I ordered a computer from Expercom and had a billing issue on my end. The Expercom team helped me resolve the issue quickly and even honored the sale price from my first order!

Review №38

This was supposed to be 3-6 day shipping. Needed it for a very particular reason by a certain date. Received a notification of shipment 10 days after ordering it. Then, in tracking the package, it still has not gone out and I will now miss the deadline. Easy ordering, but I will likely not use this company again for my purchases.

Review №39

Ive been using Expercom for all my Mac needs for years. No need to go to Salt Lake when they have everything I need right here.

Review №40

Troy was THE BEST! I drove my friend to this store to fix her phone and he was so helpful. Not only did he fix the phone in a short amount of time, he was a great conversationalist, and gave my friend extra info on how to set up the loaner phone so she didnt have a headache setting that up on her own. Im definitely going to bring my Mac computer in to get that fixed.

Review №41

Very quick and easy service! I was impressed with the depth they went into to make sure my phone was fixed correctly! I will be referring friends and will continue bringing my apple products in! Thanks!

Review №42

Every time I’ve come here, I’ve had to wait in line for 10-20 minutes to be helped, even when hardly anyone is in store. They’re chronically understaffed.The prices are about what you’d pay anywhere else, so the only reason to come here is if you have an Apple specific issue and don’t want to drive to Ogden.The workers are kind and as helpful as they can be though, so no complaints there.

Review №43

Misrepresented their business. Billed me credit card to have the money to order my product. Lied to me about delivery on 4 occasions when I called to inquire. I paid for 2 Day FedEx shipping. IM STILL WAITING FOR MY PRODUCT SIX DAYS AFTER IT SHIPPED. Listed by Fed Ex as International Economy. Worst buying experience of my life. Stay very far away from them. I will contact Apple to have their Premier Partner status revoked.

Review №44

Exceptionally bad service, will not honor the shipping vendors they use or take responsibility for their customers’ lost products. Very cold and inconsiderate and delete their reviews. Do not make the mistake of being their customer. Stay away!

Review №45

The staff here is very good. Jeremy helped me most recently, and he is incredibly helpful. All I did was buy a charger, but he responded quickly after I arrived, cleaned my phone’s speakers and charging port, and was really open to answering all the questions I had about Apple. If you want expert advice and killer customer service, this is the place to go!

Review №46

My preferred place to go for my apple products, ships pretty quickly and has good deals. If you want a custom build it takes a bit longer so be prepared or order earlier!

Review №47

We have had three iPhone 7s suffer the dreaded iPhone 7 no service issue. The staff at Expercom have been very helpful and resourceful in helping us resolve these issues at no cost under Apples warranty and recall processes. In all cases a loaner phone was provided and our phones were returned to us earlier than expected. We appreciate the friendly service.

Review №48

Actually i got a haircut but expercom looked nice so have some stars anyways :)

Review №49

Not sure if this was Apples issue, or Expercoms, but slow shipping of a computer. Missed shipping date. Inaccurate tracking info once it was shipped (important, as one needs to be present to receive it). Failure to answer emails. Decent phone support. Short return policy (in fact, none, since its purchase date, not receipt date, and shipping delays ate up the two weeks).

Review №50

Fantastic experience! I wasnt really sure what bells and whistles I should put on my laptop so I called Expercom and Cassidy patiently walked me through my many options. It was painless and well within my budget. They told me if would be here in 6-12 days and it was here three working days later! Expercom will be my go-to for computers and peripherals forever, I think.

Review №51

Received my new late 2019 Apple MacBook Pro 16 today via DHL, coming directly from where it had been assembled, arriving brand new and packaging in perfect condition.Ordered my Apple MacBook Pro from Expercom prior to Black Friday but with a nice purchase incentive not found elsewhere for the configuration I desired.Communications with the folks at Expercom were quite pleasant and professional, they answered all my questions and concerns and promptly. My expectations regarding delivery and order where more than met - they were exceeded. Expercom, nice to do business with you. Highly recommended.

Review №52

Overall the purchase experience was quite good, and the prices over purchasing directly from Apple were excellent. I ordered a custom configured MacBook Pro 16 and knew going in that it was going to be a while before I received it, since it had to be built to my configuration and then ship directly from China.The issues I encountered was trying to obtain accurate information pertaining to shipping and delivery. I had email and phone conversation with Expercom and unfortunately, I got a different answer each time. Some saying it had shipped, it was due to ship, etc. I finally received the Mac almost 3 weeks after I ordered it, which was no surprise whatsoever and perfectly fine with me. It just didnt jive with the info I got from Expercom.Moreover, the day after I received it, I got an email from Expercom telling me it had shipped, and giving me a FedEx tracking link. Hmm. When I clicked on that link, it told me it was an invalid tracking number. Double-hmm.This may have been an aberration, but Expercom should try to be a bit more on top of shipping info, IMO. Provided they can exert control over that aspect. Perhaps not.But overall I saved over $400 on a custom configured MBPro, and I have no complaints in that regard at all. If need be, I will purchase from Expercom again.

Review №53

I ordered the MBP 16 from Expercom after seeing posts online about the their Black Friday deal. I was at first very hesitant in purchasing from them because I have never ordered from them nor am I a local that have visited their store. Nevertheless I ordered a specd out MBP and was given an estimated delivery window. I understand that because it was during the holiday season, there may be tons of delays in getting custom ordered things. I emailed Expercom multiple times and was served with the utmost respect and was given as much knowledge as possible. Even at times I doubted their credibility because I was told my items were shipped but they didnt get a tracking number from Apple and was informed that my item was shipped via DHL which has never ever happened to me before. At the end, they were right and my item arrived via DHL and from my history of ordering other stuff from China, DHL really doesnt have the best tracking system. Nevertheless, my item arrived a whole 9 days before the last day of estimated arrival window. Will order again from Expercom if the price is right!

Review №54

I recently had some trouble with my MacBook and Expercom was able to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot and make the necessary repairs I needed. I love working with Heather as she is incredibly patient and explains things very well. We are so luck y to have Expercom here in Logan. They are definitely a quality business.

Review №55

I ordered a new MacBook Pro over the black Friday sales and while the laptop is perfectly fine and worth 5 stars the communication throughout the process is appalling, which is why I am only giving 2 stars. Firstly I emailed the address on their website to ask about the MacBook exchange program and I never heard back. Then when I placed the order it said it would take 3-6 business days but my order didnt come for 2 weeks. During that time I contacted expercom 3 times asking for updates on my order and it took 3 days to get a response. The responses all came at once andwere varied and even some were unfriendly. When I finally got my shipping confirmation the tracking link linked to the wrong page. I was given a DHL tracking number but the link took me to FedExs tracking page. Lastly, the laptop was delivered to the wrong address and was signed for by my neighbor. Luckily we know our neighbors otherwise it couldve been lost. I am usually not as paranoid about my purchases but when Im buying a $3,000 computer I expect better communication.

Review №56

Great price! Saved even more than Apple Black Friday event. Order said pending for a while, but turns out they leave it pending until order is ready for shipping. 5-7 days free shipping turned out to be 2 days. I will definitely shop here again!

Review №57

They took a while to send me shipping confirmation, and from what I understand from the customer service rep who emailed me, that was due to the distributor.They also shipped my iMac, a $1600+ product, to the wrong apartment number, even though it was correct on my order. Luckily UPS and my leasing office were able to sort it out for me.

Review №58

Cracked my display pretty badly a couple months ago and got a quote from them. Finally got around to taking it in. Dropped it off at 2 in the afternoon and picked it up at 6 pm the next day! Way impressed by how fast and easy it was! The quote matched what I paid exactly unlike some places that upsell you!

Review №59

I was having trouble with a sticky delete key on my MacBook, which slowed down my typing and was driving me crazy. Everyone that I talked to on the phone or when I was in the store were very informative and helpful. Once the problem was diagnosed, I had to leave my computer with them. Hard to part with it, but in less than 48 hours I have a new keyboard that works great . . . All covered under the warranty. Thank you so much!

Review №60

I love these guys. I’ve been ordering computers from them for over 10 years and have never had an issue. They get me my product cheaper than Apple and with top notch customer service.

Review №61

NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT!!This place will blame Apple about everything. but when you go with Apple there is not problemWhen you decline their service because the time that they take they say THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW APPLE WONT LET US CHANGE IT!!BUT THEN CALL APPLE AND THEY DONT HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH CANCELING!!!THERE IS SOME PEOPLE HERE THAT WORKS REALLY GOOD

Review №62

I have been very impressed with the staff at Expercom! No matter the issue Im having for my iPhone or MacBook, they always find a way to fix it and do their best to keep costs as low as possible. I highly recommend taking any issues with Apple devices to them!

Review №63

Computer arrived ahead of promised date in excellent condition - no incidents.

Review №64

Expercom had a $300 off code on 9to5 Mac. I thought it was too good to be true. I got my new 2019 15 MacBook Pro 5 days after ordering when I was expecting much longer when shipping was only a penny. I will be telling friends about Expercom.

Review №65

They have impeccable customer service!! So accommodating. I had been dealing with an iPhone that was freezing and Verizon wasn’t doing anything to help me out. After calling them I got it taken care of that day. Great business!

Review №66

Great service. needed consultation and Douglas answered all the questions.

Review №67

Garrett Wright has by far the best customer service we have seen in town. Great deal on the product. We had a slight issue with the Mac we purchased but the whole staff was great about dropping everything to help. They honestly out-do any actual Apple store and I definitely recommend 100x.

Review №68

Wish I could do negative stars! You get told on the phone sure come down we can repair wipe your item. Asked how long and even price. Get to the store and told NO it is 5-7 days.2nd this has happened. Really thought the first time was an error and they apologized. This time went over things and times step by step. I really do believe this place tells you anything on the phone to get you in the door!Last time I made the mistake everything took longer and cost OVER estimate even told in store. WILL NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE again!

Review №69

Everything seemed great and nice when I first got there. Its a nice looking store, and I was seen almost immediately after I got there. The battery in my iPhone was expanded, so it needed to be replaced. They went to the back to look at it. When the lady came back, she told me that the battery wasnt Apple so they couldnt do anything with it, being that they are an Apple store. They recommended that I go someplace else or simply buy a new phone. Because Im a poor college student, I went someplace else. Then, the people at the other place looked at my phone battery and not only said that it is in fact an Apple battery, but that they think it was the original battery the phone came with. So either the workers at Expercom are too incompetent to recognize a battery made by the company they work for, or they were extremely disrespectful. They lied to me to try and convince me to spend unnecessary money on buying a new phone. Apparently, I am not the only one they have tried to coerce into buying more products. I felt taken advantage of as a college student who was trusting enough to believe their workers.

Review №70

Great products and easy to follow.

Review №71

We are older and somewhat tech challenged with our phones. Jesse Killpack was so gracious and competant in helping us with simple details in our phone use. We tried to pay him for valuable time spent with us but he refused. We are so grateful for his expertise and kindness.

Review №72

Consistently good service and fair prices. Very responsive to questions.

Review №73

Straight forward service, which you can appreciate, and they have a very knowledgeable staff. Apple has some tough policies and that should never influence someone’s review because you signed up for it. Expercom is a trustworthy place in my eyes and they will do all they can to give you the best results.

Review №74

I always use Expercom because as a loyalty member they offer me a very nice price on their products. I have bought many computers from them and have always been happy with their service. And saving the cost of the tax is substantial on a multi-thousand dollar computer! Thanks Expercom

Review №75

Discounted over the Apple Store price, 100% satisfied. Would absolutely purchase from Expercom again.

Review №76

Ive been a customer every since the old days, when they used to sell refurbs and other Mac stuff. The service is personable, professional and accountable. Always taking time with their answers. And their prices are unbeatable, especially if you buy from outside their state!

Review №77

Ive taken two different laptops and an iMac in for warranty repairs, and they got done quickly and without drama. Theyre really good about keeping me apprised of the repair and parts status.

Review №78

My 2012 MacBook Pro’s display suddenly began flashing a question mark late on a Friday afternoon. I am a student and had a big project due by Monday so I was hoping for a fast turn-around. I took it to Expercom first thing on Saturday morning. The diagnostics were run quickly and the repair was completed in less than two hours. I was also informed that my battery was at about 70% life but was not pressured to have it replaced. The staff were friendly, helpful, and professional.I was very happy with the service overall and will use Expercom for my future Apple service needs.

Review №79

I was finally convinced to buy a Mac after another laptop crashed. My experience at Expercom could not have been better. Heather was extremely patient and helpful. She was able to explain the different options available in a way that I understood without any pressure. She really made purchasing the Mac a pleasant experience.

Review №80

Fair prices - Quick delivery

Review №81

Expercom has proven themselves an invaluable asset to me. As a corporate officer with purchasing authority, Expercom came through with not only large volume discounted pricing, but they delivered on time! Their customer service both via phone and email are exceptional.Expercom is a trustworthy company, and for those of you with larger volume requirements, I would call them and ask for Greg. Greg understands the needs of corporate and he answers your questions expeditiously.I will be going back to Greg and everyone else at Expercom, and IMO, you should also.

Review №82

One of the worst places I’ve been. Bad customer service, I knowledgeable staff, very slow. I have to debate if I would rather drive to salt lake or come to this place. Would not recommend.

Review №83

Just brought in our 2012 Mac Book Pro with the expectations that I was going to have to drop at least a couple hundred to get it up and running again, so I wasnt thrilled to say the least. The staff was very friendly and thorough with the diagnostic and then said that this year had issues with the hard drive cord, so it could be replaced for free, on apple. I was thrilled! They were very quick and kind, all of the employess were asking me questions/being friendly. I will be returning here for all my future apple needs.

Review №84

Worst place ever! Had a phone problem so went in to have it fixed. They said it was a common problem and all was under warranty. They even loaned me a phone. After 3 weeks waiting they called me and said it was fixed. Went to go get it and that’s when they told me it was NOT under warranty but would cost 150 to have them fix it and I’ll need to rent a phone. What???No thanks. Worst service ever!

Review №85

Dealing remotely with Expercom is like dealing with a local store. Theyre easy to reach and answered my questions honestly. Im extremely happy with the way they expeditiously processed my 2018 iPad Pro order. Needless to say the iPad Pro exceeds my expectations. -- love it.

Review №86

They repaired my MacBook air in a week. I was really satisfied by their servvice.

Review №87

Would love to give this place a higher rating but... came in with my laptop to figure out why my storage was so full. Without looking at my laptop at all I was told that I could either figure it out myself or pay a $129 service fee to have them tinker with it and maybe find something.I just wish the guy would have taken 2 minutes to sort through my computer and see if he could find anything. I was disappointed I was rather abruptly dismissed and given an ultimatum of paying $129 or just doing it myself.

Review №88

My iphone 8 needed to have the IOS reloaded to determine if software was causing a microphone issue. Jeremy was able to explain pleasantly and with good clarity the what and how of the process that Apple requires when a device is being diagnosed. I also worked with Heather earlier in the day, she was professional & courteous also. Jeremy was the one there when I picked up the phone. I really appreciated his clear explanations as the phone came back to a useable state. Thanks!

Review №89

Extremely satisfied with the customer service at Expercom.

Review №90

They sold me a laptop that doesnt work right. It gets extremely hot and shuts down randomly. They refused to give me a refund. 1399$ down the drain.

Review №91

Prices are fine. The personnel are stellar. Always a pleasure to buy from Expercom.

Review №92

This place is good for nothing. Super useless. Nobody knows how to fix anything. I’ve come here multiple times with different Apple products (phones, MacBooks) and they have never been able to help or fix any of my devices.

Review №93

Expercom was so helpful! They are kind and willing to help in anyway they can! I’d recommend them to anyone! I️ needed help with seeing what was on my hard drive and they didn’t even charge me! They are so great!

Review №94

I am a much experienced Mac user for many years. This is the third Mac I have purchased from Expercom over the past twelve years and each has been a positive experience even with the rather long wait for shipment due to the pandemic hitting Apple. Need a Mac... Call Expercom!

Review №95

The price was right but the process was bumpy. Setting up an online account didnt work, had to do it over the phone. I did not receive the shipping notification until AFTER I received the order. The shipping carrier left the item at the door without knocking or ringing the bell and without requiring a signature

Review №96

Expercom has been a big help to me over the phone as well as when I have brought my computer to their store in Logan. They have been friendly and have gone above and beyond what I expected. The staff is well trained and competent I have bought four computers from them: iMac desktop, 2 MacBook Pro, and a MacBook Air for my granddaughter I have been happy with my computers and my granddaughter loves her air.

Review №97

Great service and people!

Review №98

I am not an apple fan boy by any stretch of the word. but Expercom made it simple to get memory for an older 2009 Imac to be upgraded. the only charge was for that of the memory even tho they spent 15 minutes doing the installation and diagnostic it was a free service on top of paying for the memory.obligatory, they didnt insult my family history or nationality.

Review №99

Thanks I appreciate the quick and professional help

Review №100

I appreciate the quickness in reply and taking care of my order.

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