Serra Chevrolet
1170 Center Point Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35215, United States
Review №1

Poor service department. I tried calling the service department here repeatedly, only to have no one ever answer the phone in the service department. I went into the service department in person. I had a recall notice on my Chevy pickup that I wanted to address, and figured maybe going in would get it resolved, since calling repeatedly didnt work. Went to the service desk and met with the woman working there. I told her I was there trying to get a recall issue fixed and a service appointment made. I also told her that I couldnt get anyone to answer repeated calls to the service department. I figured, that might prompt a basic apology. Instead, what I got was just attitude. She told me, Well we are really busy. Arent we all really busy? Isnt that just your job? Sorry, I asked her do her basic job. She still wouldnt scheduled a service appointment. She said she wasnt sure if the recalled air bag part was in stock at the store. I asked if she would check, while I was standing there. She got huffy, and blew me off. I was then told someone would call me from the parts department when it came in and I could schedule an appointment then. So, repeated calls no one could bother to make an appointment or answer the phone. Go there in person to more poor customer service, and still no appointment to fix my safety recall. What a pathetic excuse for a service department. I will never buy anything or ever go back there for service. This Serra experience was completely opposite of what I encountered when going to Serra Toyota. My advice, send your Serra Toyota service manager there to teach or fire the incompetent service employees at the Chevy location. No surprise, I never received a phone call back from these jerk offs. I ended up making one phone call to a competing Chevrolet dealer. They fixed my truck no problem. Look elsewhere if you actually need service

Review №2

We were traveling through the area whe we had some check engine codes come on several at one time.We called On Star and they sent us to Serra. It was close to closing time but the shop foreman checked the codes an got us under way.Great to deal with.

Review №3

We have purchased two cars with this dealership and had great experiences both times. Vicki (sales) and David (finance) are incredibly professional and customer service oriented. We have also used the service department and had a great experience. Highly recommend this dealership.

Review №4

Very nice staff. Had a great experience. Go see Clarence to buy your next car.

Review №5

Typically can always receive same day service. Great people in their service department.

Review №6

I took my car in to be diagnosed because the check engine light was on... was told that I needed a new battery and that is what was causing my problems. I bought the battery it was installed I picked up my car on my lunch break and before I could make it back to the job which is only 4.5 miles away the check engine light was back on. I called and was told I would have to bring the car back for another diagnosis. This time when I took it back I was told it would be $600 to fix what was wrong with it after I gave the ok to fix that then I was told that did not fix the problem it would be another $2,500 plus the $600.........

Review №7

They did an awesome job!! I’ve had some not so great experiences in the past but I always feel as though just as we are prone to file a complaint, we should also be prone to giving credit where it’s due. On my last visit I fully expected to spend an arm and a leg however the staff was able to locate and resolve the source of the problem at an affordable price. They also identified an additional mechanical issue that also cost little to nothing to repair. When I left my vehicle was driving much better than when I came in and felt is if it were brand new. I’m so grateful for the work that they did & the customer service that they provided. I would recommend their services any, day anytime.

Review №8

I am a repeat buyer. Love this dealership and their staff. Just stop with the turn over of sales reps

Review №9

Friendly Staff! Had a great salesman named Chevy! Wonderful buying experience

Review №10

Pressure sales tactics to the T. Wouldn’t let me look at cars. Textbook sales. Not transparent. Even chased me out the my vehicle once I left. The sales market is to hot to be so pushy for a sale. 🤦🏾

Review №11

Inquired about a car and was told specifically that it was on the lot ready to be looked at. I drove over an hour to get there and was met by someone completely different from who I talked to who had no clue what I was talking about. He then informed me that most of the cars on the website arent actually on the lot and the person I was talking to wasnt even in state. He then made no effort to help me look at anything else, basically saying I was SOL. I dont really ask a lot but if Im driving over an hour to look at a car Id at least like honesty about if its even there. I was told it was being looked into but still havent heard back. Sketchy at best.

Review №12

Top of the line service of my cars and clerks are friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №13

For starters my car was recently a loss and I am suppose to receive money from Serra Chevrolet from my cancellation of my service contract that I have not yet received. I keep calling and I can never get in contact with the person I need to talk too. They are quick to take your money but not give you money that you are owed. I would never do business with this dealership. They can really get a zero star rating if it was up to me

Review №14

I got financed there but when I wanted ti trade in they wouldnt and my credit is higher than it was before.

Review №15

They quickly got to my car and explained what was wrong with it clearly.

Review №16

Serra did not honor the agreement negotiated for the purchase of the used car. Would not do business with Serra again. Robert Holt is the Used Car Manager we worked with.December 31, 2020Serra Chevrolet reconsidered – I assume this was due to my original post. Robert Holt (used car manager) addressed his concern to the general manager. After further talks an agreement was reached between all parties. We would will be willing to deal with Serra Chevrolet in the future. Would like to thank Robert Holt for his assistance.

Review №17

Dont ever go hear expecting to be done in a couple hours just know you will be here all day maybe longer they will lie an say whatever just to get a sale.If you coming with a budget dont get your hopes up they will change the price at any moment ... Only thing good about the place is the customer lounge .They do not honour agreements will take your car after signing everything a easy lawsuit but hopes this helps the next

Review №18

Experience was me in and out in a timely manner

Review №19

Comparing prices online and the availability of the vehicle we were wanting, Serra was the only option. No pressure and friendly employees that were able to answer any questions we had.

Review №20

Best experience when getting my car serviced was none other than Serra Chevrolet . I had an appointment, I was running a little late , I called the service dest to inform them of my delay . I was connected with Breanna , best customer service ever , when I arrived I was taken in as tho I was never late. 30 min and I was ready . I will forever have my car serviced there.

Review №21

They apologize for the long wait and gave me a discount so that was good. And they did not do any unnecessary work very honest.

Review №22

The experience was very pleasingUpdate:Just received my vehicle back, after being there since Tuesday, November 03, 2020. They gave me a car to drive until they fixed the problem. When I got there, they had my nice ride detailed in and out. Gotta Love It!!!!

Review №23

Nice place small prices awesome people and nice cars.

Review №24

I purchased a car last weekend from Serra Chevrolet they did everything to help me get into a car I am very pleased with the service I received while there and Vickie Edwards the salesperson was awesome‼️‼️

Review №25

Wasted 3 hours on my off day and a credit check just to be told I wouldn’t be able to get the car they tried to make a deal with me on and would work on the price with me then proceeded to try to talk me into buying a car I didn’t want, tried to get the person I was with to talk me into buying the car I didn’t want and just laughed when he was told no. Very unprofessional and not true to their word. Will never be back. Carmax is where to go and Serra Chevrolet has proven that.

Review №26

We had such an Incredibly Awesome Experience in purchasing a Vehicle from Serra Chevrolet! Kay Womack, Dallas M. and Robert Purdy Yall are All Equally Amazing and a Wonderful Blessing! A Special Shout Out to Kay for her Kindness, Patience and the Quality of Customer Service she gave so Generously, too! She made it such a Special Moment for My Husband in this purchase! Kay, Dallas and Robert made Us feel like Family! I Honestly urge anyone that needs a Quality Vehicle from a Quality Auto Dealership to go to Serra Chevrolet! Thank Yall, again, for being such a True Blessing from God!

Review №27

My husband walked into an apparently empty dealership, granted it was before 8 am, but not a soul in sight. According to the website their service dept. opens at 7. He was having serious problems with his recently serviced 2018 Chevy Silverado. As we live in the Knoxville, Tn area thats where it was serviced originally. It has a lifetime drivetrain warranty, Which weve had to use a few times already. (2nd oil pump since purchase). He was traveling for business, destination Mobile.He finally located someone and was told hed have to wait several hours and that they had a two week backlog of service. I understand waiting your turn, but they could have at least run the diagnostic and given him the option of leaving it and continuing on. They wanted $200 to run the diagnostic, which they said would be waived if there was something wrong for them to fix. Then there was the warranty issue, they wanted him to provide paperwork showing the coverage, which of course he didnt have with him. All they had to do was pick up a phone and call our dealership to verify, but no, apparently it was a task to herculean for these people.For a service dept. they are sadly lacking. Rethinking the whole Chevrolet experience.

Review №28

Very easy out of town purchase, everything was ready as I expected and I was in and out, best car buying experience ever

Review №29

Great people. Tessa is a real sweetheart and will take care of you. Will return.

Review №30

Got my first first car thanks to the wonderful people at Serra Chevy. The service was perfect and quick. I will never forget the moment.

Review №31

Great people to do business with. Very family friendly all around good people.

Review №32

It took way too long just for a simple oil change. Then I ask for a price check to get work done on my vehicle and the guy never looked it up. He informed me that they were instructed not to work on my vehicle due to the fact the machine was working right for vehicles under 2005. Also the price for an oil change with no vehicle inspection was just too high. I only went to the dealership because I thought the price would be reasonable and I could trust the mechanics when they did a vehicle inspection check. Which I didnt receive

Review №33

The best car lot in Birmingham no matter the credit or down payment Vickie is the best she make you feel like your shopping for a car with family

Review №34

Insanely disrespectful staff. They just let the phone ring and ring. Hang up on people. Exceptionally difficult to deal with. Never sent the title off to the car I purchased six months ago. Car is now totaled and I’m stuck with the loan because they don’t want to do their job. I’d rate Negative if I could. Do yourself a favor and buy a Ford.

Review №35

They should give a complimentary car wash

Review №36

I had my vehicle worked on by this Chevy dealership. They were very difficult to get in touch with to start with. The estimated repair date was a week earlier than it was actually completed which put us in a bind schedule wise. They did not keep us updated on the car and we’re difficult to maintain communication with. When I went to pick up the vehicle the interior was filthy. Worse than I had left it. When I started my vehicle it was completely empty with the gaslight on. I was given a seven dollar voucher “ for my trouble.”I’m very frustrated with my service here. I’m not sure how the sales side of this particular dealership is but I would definitely not use it in the future because of the trouble I had with my car repairs.

Review №37

Tess and the mechanics who worked on my vehicle went out of their way to make the service experience as painless as possible. I appreciate the lengths that were gone through in order for that to happen. Will definitely be back.

Review №38

Great car thank you all for your help

Review №39

I just had a very poor experience with the Serra Chevrolet Service Department. I initially brought my car to them last Saturday because my tire monitor light is staying on even though all the tires are good and have sufficient air in them. That was verified by a tire company. The service rep told me that their corvette specialist doesn’t work on Saturday so I need to make an appointment for a weekday. So I did. I got there for my 4 pm appointment and the young lady told me she would have some check it, probably something simple. Well after 20 min, she and a technician told me they couldn’t find what was wrong. I asked where’s the corvette specialist? The other guy pointed to him. He was there leaning against a truck with his hands in pockets. I asked why he didn’t do a diagnostic on my car since that’s why I came back today? He proceeded to make excuses like he probably would not be able to fix it today even if he found the problem. The he tells me he likes to have those vehicles in before 3 pm. I reminded him that I was there on time for the appointment I was given by the service rep. So I left work early today for him to diagnose my car and got nothing but excuses why he wouldn’t even attempt to do it. Awful customer service😡

Review №40

They had my truck in and out but have not called me in for my recall. It has been over a month now.

Review №41

Reggie was respectful, knowledgeable and sold me exactly what I wanted.

Review №42

I didnt have any problems at all. It did take longer than normal even with an appointment. Overall experience was good.

Review №43

Walked in for an oil change. Service was good and timely.

Review №44

My Son purchased a new car that needed a motor within 90 days time and cant get a loaner. Its been 3 weeks with no help from Sierra trying to get it resolved our help with travel.

Review №45

Always friendly service.

Review №46

It was a awesome experience there dealing with all the people there

Review №47

Customer service was great. Tessa is a credit to your organization.

Review №48

The customer service sucks .. I don’t know why they get too many good reviews .. watch out !!!!

Review №49

Update related to the service department: I made an appointment online for a basic oil change and tire rotation. Since I purchased my vehicle here, and have a “lifetime” powertrain warranty through the dealership , they require that all service be performed at their shop. I arrived for my appointment, only to be told their was no record of it. Tessa, the service manager, states that she tells all of her regular customers to call into the service department and not to use the website or app for appointments. That’s great that they knew to do that, but my car is new and I don’t need service that regularly. Keep in mind that I had taken off work in order to have this done. I ask when the next available appointment was, and she says in about two weeks or so due to workers being out with Covid. I leave and call back the next week. No one answers after several attempts. I call the main number and get them to transfer me to the service department and no one picks up. At this point, I decide to schedule an appointment with Edwards, who was able to schedule my appointment within a few days, which was my next off day. About a week or so later, Serra sends a message stating I missed a service appointment with them. I don’t know what type of games they are playing, but it’s bad business. I’m sure they are going to try to say that my lifetime warranty is now void since I went to another dealership but I tried my best to schedule service through them. Hopefully I will never need to use the extended warranty in the first place.Update: In early April, I upgraded my 2016 Equinox to a 2020 Equinox. Christie Taylor was my sales consultant. She was professional, quick and friendly. Between her and Brendan, they worked out a deal for me that paid off my old vehicle completely with no negative equity transferred to the new vehicle and with no money down. I couldn’t have asked for a better deal! I am very happy with my new car, and highly recommend Christie Taylor at Serra Chevrolet for your car buying needs. This is my 2nd vehicle purchase from Serra.My 2007 Impala was deemed a total loss after a minor accident. Since I knew I wanted another Chevrolet, I decided to check out Serra Chevrolet. My sales consultant, Lloyd Shaw, was very friendly, patient, and was able to help me get into my new Equinox within a few hours. From start to finish, the transaction was very smooth and stress-free overall considering what I have been through in the past with other dealerships. Im pleased with my car buying experience and highly recommend Lloyd Shaw at Serra Chevrolet.

Review №50

Very nice

Review №51

It was pleasant , wasnt there too long.

Review №52

Vicki was AWESOME! Upfront and open! No surprises! Worked her magic and got me a great deal! Also a big Thank You to Mr. Musso! Great conversation about cars and God! We need to have lunch one day and continue the conversation.

Review №53

This place is great I love the salesman they really worked hard to get me what I wanted Phil Resse was so good because I had to wait a little longer than expected he brought me lunch it was the best experience ever

Review №54

I recently bought a Buick Enclave from Serra Chevrolet. My salesperson was Diana, and she was great! There was no high pressure sales, they were more than generous with my trade-in, and they stuck to the bottom line price we verbally agreed on. The process was easy, and everyone was very helpful and professional.

Review №55

Very helpful and professional salespeople.

Review №56

Quick service and great customer service representative

Review №57

Really bad service

Review №58

Fabian did a wonderful job helping me. Excellent service. Committed to putting me in the best vehicle for my situation. Felt confident in my decision because of him. I would highly recommend going down and seeing him at Serra Chevy!

Review №59

Brought my SUV in for warranty work. Made the appointment the previous week. Easy to schedule. Nice staff. Greeted at car. Took twice as long as estimate. On the plus side, waiting area was nice.

Review №60

I would not recommend this shop to anyone. I took my truck their because the check engine light was on and they tried to give it back to me after repairs with the light on 3 different times. I had to have my truck towed back to them, they paid for the tow but I still ended up leaving with the engine light on. I ended up taking my truck to another shop to get all the repairs done correctly. Just because it’s the dealership doesn’t mean they do a good job, lesson learned!

Review №61

Great place to get a car from that was within my budget will recommend others to get a car from here.

Review №62

Customer service was great!

Review №63

Was expecting a very long wait time on my oil change but they got me out of there pretty quick.

Review №64

Great ppl ,polite and friendly staff .Best detail shop around and Mr Eric Musso best in the business.Recommend purchasing a car from him if your looking for deal

Review №65

Pleasant., friendly atmosphere

Review №66

I have a great experience every time I’m there the people are great especially Christina. She was very polite, professional, and most of all understanding. She made sure to help put me in the ride I have now. Thank you Chevy and thank you Christina for providing me and my family with a way to put food on the table.

Review №67

Sam Reese was amazing! He made sure my deal went through he even got them to come off the price for my truck when the deal was about to fall apart. That lowered my payments from the first deal and it was under my budget price. Amazing person and great customer service. Thank you Sam we will make all our deal through Serra Chevy from now on.

Review №68

Salesman treated me like a 2nd rate citizen

Review №69

Great staff with helpful employees

Review №70

First time here and no regrets. Fast and friendly service.

Review №71

Had a wonderful experience at this dealership. Mr. Austin Tingle assisted me by showing me several vehicles. He was very informative answering all questions. Very nice & very professional. He went beyond his job in be so helpful. I will be keeping my eye out for my next vehicle to buy through him. I would encourage anyone to go to this location to buy their next vehicle.

Review №72

Tessa is the BEST! Great customer service! I will recommend to everyone!

Review №73

I got to give it to Sam. He did a awesome job with helping me purchases my vehicle. I enjoyed the time I spent. It was worth the effort. I appreciated his service. Thank you Sam for all you do.

Review №74

Fantastic experience! The guys there went above and beyond to get me in the vehicle is wanted at the price I needed!

Review №75

Its a such a great place! I had a great experience there and the staff were great! Fabian Cruz helped me out and he was amazing. He was super reliable and I trusted him to give me a great deal!

Review №76

I was very impressed with fabio Cruz at Serra Chevrolet. I knew the vehicle I wanted and, Cruz found it for me. He did not try to change my mind. He also took the time and explained all the features and how they work. I appreciate the respect I received from him. Recommend

Review №77

Lloyd, Jason, and Nick have been awesome. They’ve been really patient and understanding as this was my first big girl purchase. Didn’t know if I’d qualify with no co-signer but God worked it out. Bought a car!

Review №78

Amazing- Awsome- ask for #VICKY - Second to NONE! Driving off lot with what works for me.. No wasted time... Lovely experience -what I expected from a salesperson. 🥳🥳🥳

Review №79

Mrs. Vicki Edwards was absolutely incredible! From first pulling up till leaving the lot she was there with me every step of the way. To anyone looking to have a personable experience ask for her! Thanks again Mrs. Vicki!

Review №80

Always wondered about the salesmen at car dealerships, now I know. Austin Wright has been helpful and friendly when promoting Serra Chevrolet. Hes a very helpful young man and takes his job seriously. Glad he takes the time to help customers. He will get my business!

Review №81

Austin Wright, that man there has some patience. I looked at twelve cars before I realized I didn’t even have my form of payment 🤦🏻‍♀️, stupid me. But, I came back, and there he was, standing there waiting like he had been waiting for me. Looked at three more cars, and finally, found my new automobile. He was fantastic, knew all the specs about the vehicles, and set me up!! Thanks, Austin! I’ll be sure to be coming back!!

Review №82

It wasn’t a long wait by it being on a Saturday morning so that was a good thing.

Review №83

Fabian Cruz is the most helpful, patient and knowledgeable person. He is very friendly and will answer all of your questions. He listens to your needs and will help you find the perfect car for you. Its all about the customer with him and that is very rare these days. I for sure recommend him 100%. Thank you so much

Review №84

Super nice people and we’re incredibly flexible and helpful. Got to sit and talk about God with a few of them. Incredible experience. 10/10 service.

Review №85

I had a great experience when I was there. I highly recommend Antonio Alvarez. He makes you feel comfortable and confident about the car you are about to purchase. He knew how to answer all my questions and didn’t have a problem with it.

Review №86

Huge thanks to Vicky Edwards and the rest of the Serra team! They truly make you feel at home. I couldn’t ask for a better truck buying experience. Vicky fought tooth and nail for me every step of the way. I drove over 2 hours and I’ll gladly make the trip for my next truck.

Review №87

Vicki and Jaylon really help me in getting into my new vehicle! Really appreciated the help.

Review №88

I had the Opportunity to Meet A Gorgeous & Awesome Young Lady by the Name of Christie Taylor !!! Treated Me Like Family!! She did an Awesome Job. Go by Serra Chevrolet on Parkway East for Your Nexts Car !!! And DONT FORGET TO Ask for CHRISTIE TAYLOR !! Where She Treat You Like Family. Momma E Thank You!!

Review №89

Huge thank you to Shannan Letts for helping me purchase my dream car!! She was extremely helpful and straight forward. She kept me updated over the phone and made sure everything was ready to go when I drove the 2 hours to see the vehicle. She made the process easy and painless. Thank you Shannan!!

Review №90

Timely and budget friendly

Review №91

Where do I begin.... Vicki Edwards and Brent really made my day. I purchased a Dodge Charger R/T for my baby girl today and the experience was unexpected...They really work hard to get my note under 350 ( this include warranty and gap insurance) a month and gave me top dollars for my trade-in.I will be returning in April to purchase another vehicle for my son😍😍😍😍

Review №92

My car radiator recently went out and I sat down and talked to my mom and it was Time for a new car, we searched everywhere on Car Gurus and everywhere. I came across a picture of a guy named Antonio Alvarez, we ended up visiting this place and actually met the guy! He’s just a helpful as his videos look! Guy took me around the whole lot showing me what fits me after he asked what I liked, looked for, wanted. He showed me some great selections! Will def be back soon!

Review №93

They took care off my issue with no problem

Review №94

Well first off I had been communicating with your sales staff for a week in regards to 2 vehicles that I wanted to test drive. I told the staff that before I got there on Saturday that I planned to purchase one of the vehicles after I got to test drive them. I have an 800 credit score so I really meant that. I drive 2 plus hours one way in the rain only to arrive and one of the vehicles not be ready. But I was told earlier in the week that both were ready. The one that I did drive had mechanical issues so this was a wasted Saturday for me.I know it is their job to get people in the door but just be honest with your communication.

Review №95

It took long time to get my paper work to get my tag my car had after market weels until this day i havent got the key to unlock the wheels

Review №96

Christie Taylor and Brenton Bush made the car buying experience exceptional. They were attentive and helpful. I will do business with them again.

Review №97

The people are nice but thats about it. I contacted them yesterday to see what they can do for my budget. They said they are confident and promise they could get me the truck I wanted at the price I can afford. I told them are they 100% sure b/c I dont have time to waste since it is over 30 miles from my house. They even ran my credit and said I was approved for the 0% for 72 months. BTW the 0% for 72 months is a complete and utter joke. They said you wont get the rebates if I choose the 0% but if I went the regular way and pay interest and get the rebates, get this, its the SAME thing. It doesnt, in what so ever way, save you any amount. It is a HUGE gimmick and this was confirmed by another dealership manager. Besides the interest rate, after going back and forth for over 2.5 hours they still couldnt meet the budget price I could afford and this is AFTER they promised and were confident they could do it. Now Im still without the truck, I was promised, and out gas money, for driving 60 plus miles, 3 hours out of my time, and to top it off now my credit got hit hard b/c of all this with nothing to show for it. But like I said the dude was nice and thats why they got 2 stars. But other than that they will waste your time and will lie to you to get you in the door. WOW what a sucker I am!!!

Review №98

Thanks to Christie Taylor I am riding in my new 2019 chevy equinox, her service was well done and also saved 8k on my brand new car. She is highly recommended

Review №99

Went in and same day was approved for a 2019 Chevy Sonic. Ours sales lady Christina Presnell was very friendly and helpful. She got us exactly what we needed as soon as we walked in the door. Everyone I experienced here was kind and friendly as well. Took great care of me from start to finish.

Review №100

Fabian Cruz made this a very easy and stress free purchase. He is very trustworthy and has the best deals. I definitely recommend him when visiting Serra Chevrolet.

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