AutoZone Auto Parts
4991 US-280, Birmingham, AL 35242, United States
Review №1

Very friendly and helpful employees. My wife’s van broke down while in town for a soccer tournament. They helped with checking my battery and alternator and eventually helping me pick out a new battery. Keep up the great customer service!

Review №2

Went to TWO other locations before this one to get a simple diagnostics and they gave me the same I dont want to work attitude. Drove 31mins just to come to THIS location and I WISH I came sooner!!! That beautiful young lady was sooooo helpful!! She seen I had my child and made it her business to make SURE that my car was safe for us to drive. She didnt comprise her health nor ours and I just couldnt be more THANKFUL for her!!! Dont waste your time at other locations. THIS IS DEFINITELY THE ONE!!!!

Review №3

The folks at this Auto Zone are the nicest and most helpful folks ever! They even came out to help put the steering wheel cover on because I wasn’t strong enough to pull it on. Blessed to have selected this store.

Review №4

Friendly people working there and are willing to help if you need it to find something.

Review №5

A great big shout out to Larry at the Inverness Auto Zone for saving us on our Motorhome by helping us with a deep cell battery to run the 12 volt system! Thanks Larry, you saved the day for us.

Review №6

Great service and took my leaky oil container off my hands!

Review №7

I always find good products at excellent prices!

Review №8

Helpful employees, very kind to a complete beginner to cars like me. Helped me figure out what I needed, and made sure it was working before I left.

Review №9

I am leaving a 3 star review because 2 associates were very helpful and gracious. One however, was not. I entered the store and advised a female associate that I thought I had a bad battery, as my car barely turned over. She asked me to wait just a minute for assistance. While waiting, an older associate (I am 67, so he was in the general age range of myself), advised me they could not change a battery in the rain. After a pause, I said, Im sorry? He repeated they could not change a battery in the rain. After another pause I asked why. I was told it was raining and was probably going to rain all afternoon. I said Exactly, and what am I supposed to do? The associate said he would give me the tools to do it (in what I took to be a sarcastic voice). At that time another male associate walked in and the man asked this associate if he would change a battery in the rain. He said, Sure. The female associate then came out and tested my battery. It was fully charged and was not the problem. I thanked her and left. She and second male associate were very helpful and handled the matter very well. However, I could not believe that the other associate had told me yall would not help me because it was raining (which it was, not a downpour, but not a light rain either). I had walked in without an umbrella using only a rain jacket. I am retired from Alabama Power Company and I wanted to ask him when it was storming outside and his power went out how he would have felt if our linemen had said they wouldnt work because it was raining. Thats not how you treat customers. Perhaps we could have offered him some hooks and tools to go climb the pole himself. Perhaps this is some corporate policy, but given the positive response of the other two associates, that apparently is not the case. He just didnt feel that helping a customer was worth getting wet over. Not sure Ill be back. The other associates were great, but I dont think I will trouble the other associate with having to serve me. I wouldnt want to put him out.

Review №10

Helpful staff decent prices.

Review №11

I was here 05/23/20 just before 6 PM. I needed new windshield wipers, and I was helped by a young Hispanic man, maybe around 20 years old. He was very sweet, polite, and knowledgeable. He answered my questions and gave me his honest opinion about which brand I should buy and why. Then when he was checking me out there was a tall (maybe 6’2 ish), around 60 in age white man standing by the register who I greeted and was making small talk with. I mentioned I was from NJ and he pretended not to have heard me and said “you said you’re from South Africa?” and he began laughing. I stopped responding immediately after that comment because I was uncomfortable, and he said “sorry I couldn’t hear you over that face mask” and he continued to laugh loudly. None of the employees in the store were wearing a mask, and I wish Auto Zone had better safety measures for protecting their employees and customers but I did not mind this at all because I was in the store for maybe 5 minutes. This would have still been a 5 star review if only that man had not said what he said. What ruined the whole experience was the older man who very comfortably made a racist joke and then he also heckled me for wearing a mask- on my own face. This is the first google review I’ve ever written. I regret having not raised hell that day because that man made me feel so uncomfortable and angry, I just stormed out of the store without responding and I should have. So I’m writing this review because if you’re a woman of color like me, or maybe if you’re just someone who decides to wear a mask out, you could be subject to this mans very insensitive and racist remarks. I’ll never shop at this store again.

Review №12

The customer service was lazy and almost didnt want to do their job but after talking he perked up. He was able to answer questions and show me the part I need. Customer service is big to me. I can take awful products or food but I wont take bad customer service. Cusfomer service goes a long way.

Review №13

Larry and the folks at AutoZone #4975 (HWY 280 in Inverness) went above and beyond to help me with a battery situation today. They could not have been more helpful and friendly with my issue! Major thumbs up to this crew!!!

Review №14

Great service, knowledgeable service people.

Review №15

Its a great store! Just dont ask them to Price Match Walmart :-D

Review №16

Always have most automotive needsNever has disappointed and they will ship product to you home and mostly beat all dealer. Pricing

Review №17

Larry was the best!! He took the time to pull up information regarding my car and was very helpful throughout my visit!

Review №18

Check engine light onAsk them to borrow the code reader for suchPlug in under dashFollow stepsTake it inside when doneThey will explain codes to you

Review №19

The team members were very professional,knowledgeable and went out of their way to help. Larry is the greatest!

Review №20

Great place, had all I needed

Review №21

Great customer service!

Review №22

Great customer service and will go to great lengths to get you taken care of

Review №23

Very helpful, quick to diagnosis and replace battery

Review №24

Thanks Mr. Joe for the great service.

Review №25

Good parts

Review №26

They had the car cover that I was looking for. Walmart and Target did not.

Review №27

Clean store. Good service

Review №28

Return motor starter some defective order no one return call

Review №29

Thank you Rick for going above and beyond to help me with my car!

Review №30

This was my second trip to AutoZone trying to get a replacement on a battery that was within warranty. I didnt have the phone number so I had to come back. This time, even though I had the phone number they didnt feel like going through two pages of customer profiles and then searching for the correct vehicle in those profiles, so they just told me to forget about my hundred-dollar battery and get out of their store and stop bothering them. They even lied straight to my face and said my battery was good. Just because the tester says its good doesnt mean its going to hold a charge and anyone with a brain knows that if I got it charged yesterday and its on 65% today its a bad battery. So, I went to a store I knew would not have stuck-up employees and they honored the warranty. I lost a lot of my time on this nonsense but you are not taking my $100 no thank you sir.

Review №31

Very helpful staff (I believe his name was Larry) helped me find and install exactly what I needed.

Review №32

Good store plenty to choose from on your automotive needs, always seem to have what I need, staff friendly and check out time is good.

Review №33

Man at store very helpful and gave great advice thanks autozone

Review №34

Always deal with his auto parts place best prices in toen

Review №35

A little on the pricey side, but good people good selection.

Review №36

Not a bad place. Pretty good service.

Review №37

Very friendly, nice & accommodating. Stopped in today to purchase a new battery for my car. Had my two small kids with me. Did not even know they would actually replace the battery for me! And service with a smile - Pablo was awesome, efficient & helpful.

Review №38

Friendly staff

Review №39

Brad was so helpful! I went in to get my check engine light read, afraid my transmission was failing. He told me it was just a spark plug or an ignition coil and lent me tools and advice on how to fix it. He’s awesome!

Review №40

The staff was really helpful and the products are fine… If you need something in a pitch AutoZone is a good place to go… Otherwise just get it online

Review №41

Went in with a dead battery. Battery under warranty, great service, in and out in 30 minutes. Thanks guys, highly recommend this store and it great service team...

Review №42

I dont remember the employee name but that man was super nice

Review №43

I prefer autozone to other parts stores as it seems the products they carry are usually better quality than the others. The staff have always been nice to me and have always been helpful. They are a little more expensive on a lot of items so I do price shop a lot, but they always price match so its never usually an issue

Review №44

Great service! Quick, convenient!

Review №45

Usually never have an issue with parts stores. About a month ago I had gone to another store and had a check engine light test done and was told it was my EVAP system. They printed out a sheet with the part on it and told me to come back when I wanted to get it. Well today I swung into this store with my parts page. Was told by the gentleman behind the counter we dont carry this part, you can only order it from the manufacture yeah, on my 1997 JEEP WRANGLER. What makes it worse is I went out to my car and about 20 seconds after him telling me that I had found the part on the AutoZone website, literally just googled the part with autozone after it. Guy was just unhelpful and really didnt try or seem to care, when I clearly had a sheet from one of their stores with the part on it!! Took my business to Oreillys.

Review №46

They came out to test my alternator, Joe was very blunt and just showed me the monitor display as if I was supposed to know what I was reading . When testing my battery, I read the percentage but the very bottom said ‘replace battery’ in opposition to the good percentage result . I asked if it was bad and he just bluntly said ,”Need a new battery. Wanna look at prices ?” He guided me to the batteries and that was it .

Review №47

Friendly and helpful staff. Went in for new battery about 20 mins before the store was closing (@8:00 on a Sunday night) and they were kind and installed the new one for me. I was in and out in 15 mins. 👍🚘

Review №48

Staff was very helpful, prices on parts I was seeking were well within reason.

Review №49

The workers are nice but this location is painfully slow. I go all the time and without a doubt it takes 5-10 just to check out. Crazy I know but it’s true.

Review №50

Stupid staff closed 5 minutes early because they didnt want to be there. Had the part I needed and wouldnt let me purchase the parts because they were to lazy to stay open till the appointed time. Staff suck. Spend your money somewhere else.

Review №51

They almost always have what Im looking for and are in fairly convenient location. Staff is always nice.

Review №52

Went in for a battery and the guys behind the counter seemed clueless. It seemed they were pushing me to buy the most expensive battery as well instead of listening to my needs as the customer.

Review №53

Love AutoZone. Great customer service from the workers and great prices.

Review №54

Good place to obtain Parts in auto supplies for my car. When the parts have not been in stock they have been able to order and get them delivered within 1 to 2 days.

Review №55

Very good place to get parts and the workers are friendly and helpful

Review №56

Its okay

Review №57

Brad and Antwan were fantastic. They were both very nice and helpful.

Review №58

This is an extremely nice friendly autozone

Review №59

Very knowledgeable staff who actually walked me to everything I needed!

Review №60

A go to, if you need help with your car, great staff.

Review №61

Very helpful, not to make it stand out from any other autozone.

Review №62

Good store

Review №63

Good service, they have anything you need for your car.

Review №64

Tom helped diagnose a problem with our car battery, and also looked up the warranty on the last one we bought. Great service 👍

Review №65

Always have what I need for my car.

Review №66

Outstanding service, kelp looking until he found the correct part.

Review №67

Joe Bath and team was very helpful and pleasant.

Review №68

Sales person Daniel was very friendly and helpful.

Review №69

2nd time taking my SUV, they said they didnt check for engine problems or fuses when I took it there a few weeks earlier and they did. Lazy workers 2nd time????

Review №70

The employee was very helpful. Thank you sir for your help.

Review №71

Hans was very helpful and provided outstanding customer service.

Review №72

Went in to get a battery and windshield wipers replaced. Super nice staff, very helpful!

Review №73

Quick, helpful, and had just what I needed

Review №74

Nice big store and not crowded.

Review №75

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Review №76

Everyone is very helpful. Great customer service!

Review №77

Walked in letting the gentleman at the counter know my service engine was on and asked if I can get a service engine check. He rolled his eyes, told the employee Pablo in the back he needed to watch the register, grabbed the device to check my engine and walked outside. I had assumed this meant he was going to check it but clearly he lacked an extreme amount of communication. Once he checked it he walked back inside printed a piece a paper out and handed it to me. He never proceeded to tell me what the issue was. I am not great with cars so after staring at the piece of paper clueless I asked so what does this mean? He responded pff I dont know but it looks pretty bad. You better go to the dealership and see what they can do. Did not get the gentlemens name but he had glasses and blond long hair. All in all it was horrible.

Review №78

Very helpful, friendly and easy to work with. Great store.

Review №79

Great service and great prices/products.

Review №80

Well kept. Knowledgeable staff.

Review №81

Had what I needed

Review №82

Found what I needed at a reasonable price!

Review №83

Possible new employee. Service was slow

Review №84

Excellent service. Joe changed out a battery for me that was still under warranty.

Review №85

These folks are so helpful!

Review №86

Very helpful advice. Saved me some cash!

Review №87

Fixed my lil problem and was nice about it.

Review №88

Very helpful team.

Review №89

Very nice people and professional.

Review №90

Great location and nice, helpful employees.

Review №91

Great sales people!

Review №92

Needed new battery. Salesman helped me find my warranty and replace it for free and helped me fix my windshield washer fluid hose!

Review №93

Get the AutoZone. Card that earn you points when you buy and save in the long run.

Review №94


Review №95

The manager, Thomas, is an expert at terrible customer service. I was forced into buying a part that my car did not have, and they couldnt find record of me having the part ordered the very next day. When asked for help on figuring out the issue with my car, he bluntly and rudely replied by sending me to Honda.

Review №96

Fantastic customer service

Review №97

Great service & store management!

Review №98

Nice people working here

Review №99

Great staff very helpful

Review №100

Good selection of parts

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