ABC Auto Parts
1128 Pinson Valley Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35217, United States
Review №1

I’ve been here a couple times, but only if I can’t find it elsewhere. Their prices are super high even for level B and C parts. Service is hit or miss. Sometimes they help you right away and sometimes they ignore you like you used to bully them on the playground. For my time and money, I’ll stick to Pull-a-Part.

Review №2

Bought a engine. had bad parts on it. owner sent new parts. they were the wrong parts. spent a ton of money on parts that should have been with the engine ( and were missing ). went to bring the engine back for core at least. they said it was missing parts. couldnt tell me what parts. and ignored me completely. there a joke!! YOUVE BEEN WARRNED !

Review №3

This place is very unprofessional! We got a fender and a door, and they tried to give us a door that was just as bad as the one we needed to replace! Said it was just a work van (so who cares right), and it absolutely is not “just a work van”! Then my husband picked out another door that they would have to dig up, and it would be ready the next day or two. So he paid for both fender and door expecting to get the door the next day or at the very least the day after. He called the next day and they said it would be done the next morning. So he called the day after (now two days) and they said they were pulling it now, so we get there over an hour later, and no one even tried to go out and get the door yet! And then my husband even had to show them where the door was! Again! And they were not busy at all. Ridiculous they can’t get anything done unless you have to call multiple times or show up. While we are sitting here waiting now over 45 minutes, he’s had to show them where to go AGAIN and just getting the run around and of course we can’t get a refund. This place should be embarrassed! Also to add the part puller has a bad attitude and a foul mouth.You shouldn’t talk to your customers the way they do. I’m surprised they’re still in business!

Review №4

READ👇🏾I have picked up parts from here before via Uber and NEVER encountered the racial disrespectful and rudeness exhibited over the phone to me as I just did on today! I called this business to price a motor for a vehicle of mine while Im driving down the road passing this place. There was an older man that answered, from the beginning he was very short and seemed to not care to really deal with me. He asked me what kind of vehicle it was and I gave him the year, make, and model of my car. He places me on hold, came back, answered, and asked me the same exact question again! So I told him. He then tells me that they dont have it and that I would need to know the 8th digit of my VIN# for him to determine the size of my engine. I told him I know that info and of that digit being a 6. He then states well that helps, he goes on to tell me that there is another place that has (5) of them and that I needed to take the number down. I asked this man to hold on a sec and that I was driving my car and needed to pull my notes app up. Theres a brief silence then Im saying hello 2 or 3 times and he then rudely says Maam Ive given you the number Im not gonna wait while your talking to someone else. ??? I try to explain to him I was quiet trying to get the number from him.The Man gets loud with me and says the number quickly and hangs up in my face. *** So I call back and ask to speak with the Manager or store owner this same RUDE old man places me on hold and then a friendly lady answered the phone, I then tell her that I was holding for the owner she says okay, places phone down. After about 5 or 6 more minutes the same man comes back to phone. So I ask to speak to manager again, and explains to him who I was that called that he so rudely and abruptly yelled out information to me & hung up.** He then tells me that he was too busy answering phones assisting OTHER people that needed help (as if I wasnt calling for help as well!) Then he says that he did hang up because he heard someone else speaking and Im like Sir, Im in my car alone. I also stated to him I didnt understand why his tone was so short, nasty, and just plain rude!!He tells me that he didnt care if I liked it or NOT, and that he wasnt changing his tone or words for me AT ALL and also that he didnt care of I took it up with the Manager!! He then gets even louder with me and says he dont care for my tone either! At that point I refused to allow this man to continue to disrespect me and speak to me in such a manner. So I then gave him what he gave me and hung up in his face. I refuse to argue with anyone in a business refusing me of service, this mans tone had blatant racial undertones in his voice!! To anyone Black reconsider spending your black dollars in Tarrant with these people!! Im a local known Vlogger who goes out of my way to feature businesses and share my reviews on Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to bring them more foot traffic. Im Never rude or disrespectful with people, the nerve of this guy, he has NO IDEA what he just did and WHO he did it too!If I was the owner and read this about my business I would feel horrible & embarrassed to have someone upfront representing me in such a negative way!!Follow me for more reviews on the food scene, venues, and businesses on all mentioned above social media accounts! Be blessed yall!

Review №5

Ive used this place a few times. Good service, will give you a good price. Negotiable.

Review №6

Very professional with great customer service skills. Very I’m formative.

Review №7

Very expensive and rude I will stick with pull-a-part from now on

Review №8

Parts taken off and ready to walk out door 30 day warranty

Review №9

Do NOT GO HERE ! I Would Not Recommend This Place, All There Parts Are Lemons And Dont Let Them Touch Your Car The Owner Is Rude, And You Will Be Waiting A Long Time.

Review №10

Been awesome for the 40 yrs ive been going

Review №11

The owner is very friendly and you cant beat the prices

Review №12

They obviously have a lot going on. They had a verbal altercation with a customers daughter.. You would think they would know more about cars. They deal with cars and parts. They sold the wrong part then replaced it, but tried to give the same part that was brought back as the replacement. They seem like decent people. They just need to get it together

Review №13

Worst service ever, sell parts that dont work, unprofessional. My advice, go anywhere but here. Ill never do business here again.

Review №14

Very helpful. They go the extra mile to help people.

Review №15

If I could do negative 1 stars I would’ve horrible customer service you call they play on the phone and kept putting me on hold the parts are lemons and they’re just hillbillies with junkyard

Review №16

Very bad service.. over priced parts

Review №17

My service was great Wil be Back soon

Review №18

Syd is very helpful

Review №19

Did people there are very helpful and the man ordered exactly what I would recommend this place.

Review №20

Love Sydney of he doesnt have it he is going to give you a list of other businesses that he shows to have it. His staff always are super busy and still take time out for the customers in the store. They work super hard

Review №21

The best place to get auto parts new or used. My friend Sid who owns it is the most helpful man I know in the biz. If you live anywhere near Birmingham, Alabama go by and check him out.

Review №22

Sid the owner is an amazing guy....he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to parts for any vehicle out there

Review №23

They didnt have what I wanted but I was in and out within an hour including walking out to the yard to look at an engine, had several people ahead of me

Review №24

I have not even been to the shop. The only reason they are getting such high praise from me is because of Tonya! The woman needs a raise. She was so helpful.

Review №25

Mitch Clements and his crew at ABC Auto Parts are the best, most helpful people I have come across in years! I am new to the area and needed help with my rim. I called other places and was sent to ABC Auto parts and I see why! They went above and and beyond to help me. As a young female, I appreciate their helpful and straight forward type of service so much! I recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience!

Review №26

I have never done a review I Will read them. I feel I need to on this issue though. I needed a AC line for my Nissan Sentra the part has been discontinued and no one in 30 mile radius had one on there lot I told him that as well. He told me to give him few and call back. I did and he had found one on his lot. He wanted $75 for part and not money back if doesnt work. I told him no thanks newer Nissans for this part is $18.00 all day online. Long story short. I waited 2 weeks pull aparts got my year car in a couple weeks later and I only paid $14.52 out the door!! This man is a rip off in my opinion.

Review №27

I called them one day to price a starter for my 2016 Hyundai Accent and I was told that he didnt have it but he could order it and have the starter the following day by noon, this was on a Wednesday. Im Iike cool ! The next day Thursday I call all day until it was time for me to go to work at 2 and a lady there told me that when the delivery guy came they will call me and let me know. Needless to say I never got that call. Now its Friday and Im calling them and they wont even answer my call. Smdh🤦 EPIC FAIL👎

Review №28

ABC Auto Parts is one of the most Lively parts place that I ever been in everything is moving the customer come in PA purchase his part and hes going with in 10 minutes I waited an hour and 10 minutes but it was well worth it due to the fact that I was purchasing a bumper and the pools they overworked due to the fact of the customer flow yet they are getting the job done as soon as possible and I was highly impressed and I will be going back to ABC parts place eventually

Review №29

Good store

Review №30

Called them up they had my part made me pay up front cause i live no where near this place which was fine ...first quote was 65 bucks by the time they got my info it was now 99 bucks no explanation cool i pay ...a third party was picking the part up Wednesday they was ok with it. So today gets here and the driver picks up my part had to wait over 1 hour no excuse or nothing . foul language disrespect ... only go here if you have to .

Review №31

They had the part I needed but they gave me two different prices an when I called them out on it they split the rwo prices which was crazy..

Review №32

A GREAT Group of folks around there, plenty of character and good news

Review №33

Today was my last visit to ABC. Its always a Bait and Switch with Mitch. He tells U over the phone a low competitive price. He always has some excuse to Charge more....Had been a customer for years..Quoted $15 charged $25 Typical.

Review №34

Bougth a car from sid and it was a nice ride and most all my parts I buy from him👍

Review №35

This is the worst place ever , they used parts that didnt go to my radiator just to get my money, when I got home and put it in the car my car ran hot , then he had the nerve to tell me that I was a liar ....never again , I will never spend another penny with this shade tree place ever again. If you dont have the right parts to fix it correctly , then dont bother , but instead you have me sitting there for an hour trying to piece one together , just to swindle me out of my money

Review №36

Can always find the parts I need here. Was a little hectic as I was there during a busy time and had to wait for my parts. But got a really good deal.

Review №37

Good 👍

Review №38

Its a junk yard. Nice people good prices

Review №39

I have been kind of happy with them in the past but this last trip I drove 40 miles one way to pick up a fender that they said they had and they have not even bothered looking when I got there they did not have it they did say they found one somewhere else they would just cost a little bit more unhappy

Review №40

Just bought a 4.2 F-150 V6 motor he told me the motor was good when I got there it took him 45 minutes to show me the motor. I knew something was fishy and I drove all the way from Huntsville, after I told him I will be there in an hour and 45 minutes. Do not buy from this place they sell bad parts he will not give my money back. A horrible place to shop I am very disappointed I am out of 2500 just labor in the motor

Review №41

Called ahead of time to check on a transmission. They said it was available. Went to purchase. Waited over an hour after getting bit up mosquitoes. It was NOT the right transmission. VERY disappointed

Review №42


Review №43

Very rude and ugly anytime you call. They act like it is an inconvenience for you to buy something from them. I have never experienced such rude and hateful attitudes. Talked over me on the phone saying Blah blah blah while I was trying to ask for a part. Then told me my vocal cords were going to lock up.

Review №44

Looking for wheel

Review №45

Great customer service usually has parys i need if not no problem with assisting in finding it else where

Review №46

Very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend using this place!

Review №47

Sooo unprofessional. Put me on hold for 15 min while I listen to their unimportant chatter in the back ground. When I finally spoke to the man he made fun of my name and said ur parents must have been drunk when they named you.. then was rude when I was asking about a part. He explained to me that it was expensive-like I was dumb. I finally f****** hung up on him. How rude!! Dont buy here unless its an emergency. And dont bother calling, u will have to drive there for them to take u serious.

Review №48

Good place for your wife to work if she like to make more money by sleeping with the boss. he a low down person dont care who he hurts to get what he wants DONT BUY PARTS FROM ABC BAD PLACE BAD OWNER

Review №49

Always a good call

Review №50

Most of the time this place has exactly what I need they are good with parts Motors and whatever you need.

Review №51

Great place! Sidney and Mindi are Awesome!!!

Review №52

I worked here and i busted my butt to make sure my customers was happy and helped💋💋🌞😁

Review №53

Very unprofessional and rude is an understatement. I don’t see how he keeps people or customers. He’s a prick and has horrible prices. Would not recommend. If I could give zero stars, I would.

Review №54

Ive been here three times, and none of those times has resulted in me buying parts.First time, went to buy a Civic cylinder head assembly, was very specific about what I needed. Guy said he had a great one already pulled. I show up, its not pulled, he wont let me back to see it or pull it. Fine. Wait 1.5 hrs for some to help, just to be informed they dont have one.Second time, go to buy Miata bumper parts. Lady I dealt with was very understanding, told me right away that shed take me out there, but it was in bad condition. Sure enough, wrecked. So actually not a bad visit.Third time, go back for another Miata bumper part, same lady takes us out, nice as ever. The part is actually in good condition. Pull it off, go back to check out, and the lady asks the owner for a quote, he says $22. I inform him a NEW one is $18. Doesnt respond. The lady repeats what I said, and he shrugs, mumbles Ok. Doesnt even bother to look at me, or say No deal, sorry. Lady is stuck awkwardly holding the part..

Review №55

Great prices , great good parts and friendly service

Review №56

Mitch Clements is a liar & sells bad auto parts. He will tell you what you want to hear to get your money then turn the tables on you once you realize what you bought is no good. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMING JUNK YARD, TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE.

Review №57

I was a kid when I use to come up here they would let me hangout ,this always was very good part store and the people there are very helpful as well as professional

Review №58

Curtious and friendly environment.

Review №59


Review №60

Great place and fun honest folks! they really helped me out !

Review №61

One of the male employees was so rude that I left. I refused to give him my business.

Review №62

Awesome service the best in town

Review №63

Grate help friendly people

Review №64

Great deals on car partd

Review №65

Father and husband have been here and always had an attitude towards them.. very rude!

Review №66

Great prices crazy people

Review №67

Love the environment and cid the owner

Review №68

They were way too high on the part I needed

Review №69

The owner is rude and hateful to the customers and his employees, over charges and does not honor his word at all

Review №70

They have the things i need whenever I do business with them!

Review №71

Great prices!!!

Review №72

Great place nice staff

Review №73

Always got what u need

Review №74

Very rude and unprofessional.

Review №75

Great service.

Review №76

Friendly people but . just overpriced for used parts !

Review №77

Good cheap prices

Review №78

Large selection but very used parts.

Review №79

Nice and fast service

Review №80

Great job.

Review №81

Expensive old parts,didnt buy and wont

Review №82

Very rude unprofessional

Review №83


Review №84

Pricey and slow,but good

Review №85

Very rude and unprofessional

Review №86

Great staff!

Review №87

All the parts u need

Review №88

Nice people

Review №89

Great service

Review №90

Loved it!

Review №91

Owner is so funny

Review №92

Terrible service

Review №93

Like it

Review №94

If I could give a 0 I would the worst experience ever no customer service skills and waited 1hr for a starter to get pulled got it and installed it did not work at all... Had to go to OReilly anyway whr I was trying not to go in the beginning to save money my car crank right up like they say u pay for what u get never again will I go to ABC again waited a lot of time

Review №95

Stay away from this junk yard you will sit and wait like you are a piece junk in a trunk.The boss man is always aguing with the customers.. Never

Review №96

Excellent service if you do not have loq you are looking for help to find

Review №97

You dont find many pieces

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  • Address:1128 Pinson Valley Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35217, United States
  • Site:http://www.abcautopartshouse.com/
  • Phone:+1 205-841-8661
  • Auto parts store
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:8AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8AM–5PM
  • Friday:8AM–5PM
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  • Sunday:8AM–5PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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