NAPA Auto Parts BIR007
5465 US-280, Birmingham, AL 35242, United States
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Good selection of parts. The guys behind the counter know their stuff.

Review №2

Went in a few days ago looking for some new bulbs and the young men working were extremely knowladgeable and offered great advice on which product to go with. I believe their names were James and Blake. Two of the nicest and most helpful auto part employees I have ever seen. Those two without a doubt have the napa know how!

Review №3

I brought my vehicle with air conditioning issues (quoted on other places about $850.00 on repairs. They troubleshooted and fixed the issue. Problem was a damaged relay. Less than $100.00 repair. Never had issues again after it. I will take from now on my vehicles to them. Very honest and reliable people. Wish everybody would be like them. I highly recommend this shop.

Review №4

Heading into Birmingham from out of town, I had some engine problems. The staff here were incredible. They were able to find a part I didnt think was available for my volvo and fixed my car and got me on my way. They helped me get a rental and kept me in the loop. The fee was very fair and the work was prompt and perfectly done. I love these guys. I wish I had them in Columbus, Georgia. Thank you for your help.

Review №5

Was looking around for some windshield wiper fluid and found this place close to home. Decent front lobby with plenty of stuff for your car but you can tell they are serious about parts.

Review №6

These guys are great! Im always leery of the auto parts place when Im alone, since Im a woman and I know some places try to take advantage. The nice man at Napa listened to the tale of my sketchy car and decided to just test my battery. When he found that the cable things were loose, but my battery was fine, he tightened them for me and just told me to come back tomorrow if that didnt help. No Talking down to me or trying to sell me anything. Perfect experience!

Review №7

My daughter had a terrible shaking in her steering. Her boss suggested Automasters due to good experiences he has had there. They told her the tire she was driving on was dangerous because it had developed a bulge. They also told her she needed new rear brakes. Im sure most of you are like me tired of being ripped by dishonest repair places. Well, to my surprise this place was honest, they told her exactly what was wrong, and fixed it right, and they gave me a reasonable price. I highly recommend Automasters for that reason. Just give them a call, talk to them, I think you will agree. Im so glad we have the ability to review places now. It feels great to get one that does you wrong, but feels even better to help a company who chooses to treat you right. Thanks to Brooks and the whole gang for taking care of my daughter. I will be back!

Review №8

Very healthful professional just know everything about parts .

Review №9

Terrible service. I brought my car here to get the starter fixed for the second time recently. When I got my car back, it had an odd squeak at the end of every start - it had never done this before - so I brought it back and told them the problem. They claimed that the odd squeak was not from the starter and that the installation had not caused it after keeping the car for a day. Now, a month later, the car, about 1 out of every 2 times, will not start but will just run the electric starter and make a grinding sound. Obviously, it isnt the starter that has a problem...

Review №10

The Inverness store has two guys working at the parts counter that knows their parts

Review №11

Went there with a flat tire, valve stem extender was the cause, they didnt charge me anything for the visit. Great bunch of people working there.

Review №12

Only place in town that had any of the parts that I needed for my Lexus IS300, and not only that, but at a QUARTER of the price that other places wanted to order it. Definitely got my business next time.

Review №13

Clean, organized store with knowledgable staff. Great selection!

Review №14

I bought more brake fluid than I needed and misplaced the receipt. It was the Napa brand and unopened. When I tried to return it, the counterman said, with a flippant attitude, that Napa wouldnt take anything back without a receipt. No in-store credit...nothing. What a terrible customer service experience. Is Napa living on the 80s? I have too many choices to do business with a place that doesnt have a better system.

Review №15

These guys couldnt fix a rigged election. They overcharge for their parts so you buy your own, then void the repar warranty (without notification) because you didnt use their parts. Had them do a simple ujoint and driveshaft job and they botch it and blame it on the parts. The shop manager Tom has the IQ and personality of a freshly dropped dog turd, and is about as trusting as a rattlesnake with a pet me sign. I wouldnt even recommend these guys to al qaeda.

Review №16

Good and quick battery check and replacement. Technician messed up the after-market alarm a little.

Review №17

Sales associates were very helpful

Review №18

Very helpful staff! Friendly!

Review №19

Not very helpful with a large staff that appeared not to be busy!

Review №20

Very knowledgeable people here.

Review №21

Excellent knowledge of car parts

Review №22

Excellent. Thanks

Review №23

Good and fast.

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  • Address:5465 US-280, Birmingham, AL 35242, United States
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  • Phone:+1 205-980-5112
  • Auto parts store
  • Trailer supply store
  • Truck accessories store
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  • Monday:9AM–3PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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