8568 E 49th Ave, Denver, CO 80238, United States
Review №1

Nice selection, not many employees now a days but is good because they dont bother you like at best buy while your shopping

Review №2

I took my daughter into the salon today to fix her hair from it being fried and falling out. Julie did an Amazing job! She was super sweet, listened to what my daughter wanted, and left my daughter feeling absolutely beautiful! The other ladies were nice and welcoming, very pleased with their service

Review №3

Prices were high. Even the clearance. Nice clean store though.

Review №4

HAFSA in the jewelry department is amazing at what she does! I came in looking for a bday gift for myself and she was happy to help! Her cheerful attitude made the experience so much fun! Thanks Hafsa! You’re terrific (:

Review №5

Good store to shop for fairly inexpensive clothes of good quality. Store was not too busy when I was at the store. Son bought 2 pairs of work pants at a good price. Checkout was quick

Review №6

Hardly anyone there to help you and price .I wanted to buy some skecher dlites and they would not use my coupon because it was only for online purchases so tried to order them online and they still wouldnt use the 40% of coupon. So I gave up and ordered from ebay for $29.

Review №7

Nice store, modern, easy to find help. Order online and pick up in store worked very well.

Review №8

How is this place still in business? Uncrowded store, and a bit run down and worn. Staff was very helpful. I would never think to shop here anymore if it wasnt for the photo studio. I think they be need to find a way to take back customers from Kohls

Review №9

JC Penney and their customers would benefit from installing self checkout counters. Wait times to checkout sometimes exceed 10min. Other retailers do far better. Store is clean. Lacks inventory. They spread the inventory they have across the shelves so they look filled. I will say that every employee that walks by you or near you, greets you. I like that a lot. So, I bought a shirt and stood in line for 10min to pay for it. Still good bargains. Its hard to walk in and not find something to purchase.

Review №10

Ok First I Love JC PENNEYS, but I when I go in the stores they have a very small and limited amount of Big and Tall for men. I asked about some shirts in regular mens department but they dont carry the same color or style in the Big and Tall section, not even online. This saddens me.

Review №11

The workers there are so polite and courteous. Hi-5 to them for helping Sporting me

Review №12

Good promotions running all the time.

Review №13

Went to 4 JC Penneys today. 90 degrees out and theyve got the air on low, sweltering inside, not very conducive to trying on clothes. They also dropped Adidas and Nike. Booo.

Review №14

Closed too early. And ran us out before we were done shopping. The lady that checked us out was nice

Review №15

Good prices nice store people willing to help

Review №16

Its been many years since Ive been in a JCPenney... I wasnt even sure they were still around! I didnt shop here, just picking up an on-line order, but wandered through the store briefly. The prices are much higher than I remember. This store and very empty, so I guess others find it the same. Cant really rate the store compared to others.

Review №17

Weird hours but not sure if it’s from covid. They had nice things, it’s the cleanest penny’s I’ve ever been in, and the workers are nice. Just can’t believe how expensive they price things considering it’s a struggling retailer...

Review №18

Great mens dress apparel selection for the area.

Review №19

Customer service was amazing and its very clean!

Review №20

Good place. Thank you. 👌👌👌👌👌

Review №21

Store was kinda empty in product. Not quite the same since Ive been in a pennies many years ago. But the cashier was nice And the sales prices were awesome just not much of a selection.

Review №22

Found what I was looking for and took advantage of a few good deals that I saw

Review №23

Brandi working in the men’s department helped us find the perfect outfit for a wedding we were attending to ! She was awesome !!! Great customer service

Review №24

I love the way Page styles my hair in the salon!

Review №25

Lots of variety, attentive staff, clean

Review №26

Great location, Store is pretty well stocked and the staff is friendly.

Review №27

Good shopping experience, smaller store than Aurora Mall location.

Review №28

Always friendly knowledgeable and great service

Review №29

I theroughly enjoyed my JCPenneys shopping exapade. Sales clerk Ashton was helpful when he offered to help find my mom a jogging suit for her birthday. Ashley was helpful when she gave advise on which shoes to purchase and where to find the dressing room👗 ect.

Review №30

The photo center was great, it was the second time I went but was such a better experience this time around thanks to our photographer Jade! She was great with my daughter and very professional and helpful🙂

Review №31

Hafsa in the jewelry department was a delight!

Review №32

Loved yourstore and fast check out with real people.

Review №33

Not a huge store but well stocked and arranged. Employees are helpful

Review №34

Out standing.went to buy a bracelet and got there early before they actually opened .I believe the lady that helped me was a manager.there employee wasnt there yet.she went out of her way to help me.above and beyond. Thanks.

Review №35

Sad to see the changes.

Review №36

Customer service was a little but very helpful

Review №37

Employees were nice but, couldnt find what I needed.

Review №38

The portrait studio does good work.

Review №39

The JCPenney salon is better than Floyds 99 and Roosters both in price and convenience. If you have limited cabbage up top like I do you need to go to a true salon or barber shop. Ive been cutting corners for convenience at sports clips and it has been noticed by my co-workers. I have nothing against sports clips but its designed to get you in and out quickly...and their recent price increases made me look elsewhere.Floyds and Roosters are high quality but you pay twice as much for the same haircut. Youre paying for the experience at those places but you can get the same level of haircut at JCPenney for $18.My stylist and the manager in JCPenney both consulted on my hair and the look I was hoping to get. They gave me options and the result was great. Now that they have free neck trims within 30 days theres no reason to go back to sports clips or the others.Great friendly service and I cant believe I forgot about them...I was always happy in the past with JCPenney. Plus I scored a great price on some big and tall work out clothes...highly recommend.They should work on their marketing, hidden gem here.

Review №40

Luv Jc penny

Review №41

The salespeople were nice but it seemed like they kept discrediting the items I liked and pushing for far far more expensive things and ultimately prevented me from buying anything.. will come back in the future though

Review №42

Selection isnt as robust as I was hoping for this location.

Review №43

I recently ordered some clearance items online. Out of everything I ordered there was only a pair of khakis that did not fit. I thought rather than do the exchange by sending it back, I would go to a store and see if they have a bigger size that would fit me for the khakis in the same brand that is on clearance. I found the khakis brand on clearance easily and the only bigger size on the shelf was 2 sizes bigger. I tried them on anyway and they fit good enough. I never have done exchanges at JCPenny before so I took both khakis to the checkout. I had to wait awhile because there was only 2 cashiers open. Then the cashier I had asked if it was an exchange and told me I had to go to the back to the customer service. When I had first walked in the store and when I went to the checkout, there was a security guard standing there that had of saw i had an item in plastic and should have known it was an exchange. They did not say anything to me. I feel like they could have told me I was going to have to go to the customer service. The customer service clerk had her back turned when I got there and I had to speak up to get her attention. Next, rather than simply exchanging the one khakis for the other one, she did a refund on the one and then I had to pay for the other one. I have worked in retail before and know that it was not the way she should have done it. I already spent entirely too long in the store and didnt want to spend anymore time so I just paid and left.

Review №44

Shop on line. Very little is left in the store.

Review №45

Decent selection good service.

Review №46

The bag 🎒fee is in place for single bags 🎒.

Review №47

Garbage. They pulled up the receipt for my return and then pretended they didnt have it.

Review №48

Great inventory of rings but I didnt like being told by 2 different employees tht yes I could try on a ring from the box that they could cut off the plastic ring thing holding the ring in the box I jus had to ask the manager to do it at the jewelry counter and than he said no he couldnt do that at all. So I didnt get the ring since I couldnt try it on to ensure it fit properly. Yes I know my ring size but I have been losing weight so I assumed it might change my size ring.

Review №49

I went shopping for Xmas but unfortunately most of the things that I got were not on sale. They had a big sale for Black Friday and when I went to pay the cashier said that you needed a coupon to give me the sale price. I had to put everything back and waisted all my time. I will never shop at peony’s again. Bad customer service and wrong prices most of the times.

Review №50

Was able to find some nice sports coats for 85% off !!!

Review №51

Gotta love the Penny😘

Review №52

The store is smaller but does have a Sophora. Unfortunately I wasnt able to find anything I was looking for given their limited selection. The staff was nice enough when telling me they didnt have anything I was looking for, though.

Review №53

I love shopping @ JC Penny’s. Nice clothes @ a good price.

Review №54

This is about the photo department.Katrina is really great all around. From customer interaction, tentative, responsive and great with babies and kids. I cant say enough great things about her. She even has your budget in mind and trys to save you money. She takes great pictures and has great suggestions to fit skin tone to what your wearing.

Review №55

Good prices and friendly people

Review №56

I love shopping here. I really hope they dont shut down

Review №57

Great service and saving

Review №58

Wow! I hadnt shopped here in years! Exchanged a Christmas gift, and was completely fascinated by the changes inside this store! Well be shopping here more often, and kuddos to the staff, for a easy exchange and checkout!!

Review №59

They had amazing sales all throughout the store, and the two coats that I needed to return were returned with no problem at all. But the store seemed messy and it needed to be a little updated. Also theres no carts to put children in. So I would have had to take my stroller into the store as well.

Review №60

Purchased items for my home that l needed

Review №61

Got some make up from here. The girl who helped me was a amazing wish I remembered her name. Amazingly helpful and had a ton patience.

Review №62

Would NOT recommend. Rude parents have no control over their children and let them run a muck. Horrible, annoying experience.

Review №63

The clearance deals right now are insane, I bought a 190$ mens blazer and with coupons I paid 8.56$. I almost didnt believe the cashier when she gave me my total..

Review №64

Their mens sizes make no sense. I keep coming here because every looks great but I never end up buying anything because I cant find what Im looking for. This is my last time trying. I will buy online.

Review №65

Good place to go to find some killer deals. Their sales are awesome and in general good quality of clothes. I hope they dont go bankrupt anytime soon.

Review №66

Staff is super friendly, but a little sparse, and you have to walk way in the back for pickup when you order online. It would be nicer to have the pickup in front to save time, especially since the home/pickup desk wasnt staffed when I arrived, and wasnt for quite some time as I waited.

Review №67

Im impressed, the store was larger than expected. It was bright, clean and neat. I was able to find the different departments I needed fairly easy. The back to school selections were well layed out. There could have been more associates to ask questions, thus the 4 stars. Ill be back to shop more often as it was a good experience overall.

Review №68

Selection was not that great. Definitely didnt have what I was looking for in cookware. The selection was essentially the same thing in different boxes.Staff was not very engaged or helpful. Probably wont come back unless this is the only place with what Im looking for.

Review №69

A little thin on floor help, but great inventory choices and fabulous prices. Super quick checkout, even though the store was busy.

Review №70

Cashier was great had me download a coupon and got a big discount

Review №71

JCPenney sales team are very friendly and knowledgeable. We are glad we found everything we needed and more. They deal in nice furniture and their prices cant be beat! Recommended!

Review №72

The lady at the makeup counter was so helpful! We found the perfect foundation for my daughter and it was a great experience.

Review №73

Could not the shoes I wanted. In my size. The person who was suppose to helping me kept running from took me 1 hour just to able to try 1 pair of shoes.

Review №74

Visited today to pay on purchase for a pre-sale. Very courteous sales lady, Anita, actually called previously to remind me. One thing I really like about Pennys is if they advertise an item, its there when you visit them. (Never sold out or unavailable). The savings today was extraordinary.

Review №75

Im not impressed. I was in particularly looking for a stylish brown leather-ish coat. No such luck. Which is weird because every store I went to had one at various malls/outlets. The one young staff didnt know who to help, other than vague pointing. Oh well. I still like JCPenney... Just maybe not so much this store. (Im out of state anyway)

Review №76

Its been years since Ive been to this place. Took my 15 year old son here and I was astonished by the fact that he loved it. I must say that JCPenney didnt go down the path of the dino-department extinction. They obviously understood that you must evolve to survive. See, evolution IS fact!

Review №77

In town for work and needed a single process touch up. Manager was able to squeeze me in same day and within a half from the time I called... Always forget about JCP... Great service!

Review №78

Easy pickup of catalog items ordered. Got some elegant, barely lavender stretchy jeans, normally $50, for under $10 on the sale rack! These will replace the more obnoxiously lavender, too small jeans that I will now return to old Navy. Great prices.

Review №79

The sales people were nice. The clothing was in order and pretty easy to locate my size quickly. I was in a hurry. The checkout was kind of long but the cashiers hurried through the line. The store was clean

Review №80

We have our photo cards made here every year. They are always great about accommodating us and our dogs.

Review №81

Seriously! I bought a dress, took it on vacation, wore it, came homeamd washed it. It was shredded. I take it back to the store. This is within 9 days of purchase. The employee was totally surprised and shocked that this happened. She said that sadly they cant take back anything that has been washed.??? She was doing her job. I kindly asked to speak to a supervisor. Eventually I got a credit back to my card.

Review №82

Excellent selection, geared to the local demographics, and good prices. Very accessible, and staff is very good about providing assistance if you need it.Watch for sales/clearance, and you can get some great bargains!

Review №83

They have nice clothes & lots of savings.

Review №84

Typical department store. More checkouts and distributing them around the store would be more helpful.

Review №85

Good service

Review №86

It was ok bathrooms are very dirty or old not too sure and prices are only good if you download the coupon

Review №87

The lady at the front desk of Mac Vera when I came in at 6:40 pm 11/09 was not at the front desk when I arrived. When she showed up about 15 minutes later she came rude with an attitude. Very unprofessional and she definitely get a different face to represent a brand . She then got an attitude for making me wait which is crazy to me . VERY unprofessional and should definitely be employed in a warehouse some where since she lacks customer service needed to represent a company. LUCKILY a more professional lady named Alejandra from a different make up artist from a different stand came to help and was great, lacked what MAC couldn’t provide which was good customer service . It’s just sad that a rep acts so childish to the point a different person has to step in . Terminating her would be the best option she’s awful . Just my opinion though

Review №88

Page is the best Styliest in Colorado hands down.

Review №89

Very nice place to buy different gifts for Christmas and the lady at the jewelry dept was very helpful and went beyond to help me make the right choices.

Review №90

This is a very large free-standing JCPenney. I was a little surprised at the amount of stock in the menswear Department. Had a little problem trying to find a sport coat. Very nice and clean store, abundant parking, I would recommend.

Review №91

Great service, amazing savings

Review №92


Review №93

Horribly understaffed in the return and customer pick up department. Have had a bad experience with one of the associates there on two separate occasions. Customer service is lacking.

Review №94

JC Penneys at Northfield is wonderful employees there are absolutely the best!! Customer service is awesome because of the employees there especially in the jewerly department most wonderful ladies,helpful with everything you need love this place,if your visiting JC Penneys please go to the Northfield location,because Town Center At Aurora Mall not very helpful or friendly actually they are quite rude!!!!!

Review №95

Customer service is wonderful and they always have really good deals on everything. I love shopping here for my clothes

Review №96

Havent been to jc Penney for at least 15 years was fun

Review №97

I walked thru the whole store and didnt find one piece of clothing I liked or a pair of shoes. Ive never had that problem I can always at least find a top or two. I did find only one purse that I liked.

Review №98

This place is amazing, they have very good price,good quality clothes and all you need.

Review №99

Usually have a good experience, however this time the associates were too busy to care. A little boy was playing in the nail polish & painting another kids leg & the floor! I informed the associate who didnt address it. 😏

Review №100

JC Penneys is the best. Everything seems to last a very long time.

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  • Address:8568 E 49th Ave, Denver, CO 80238, United States
  • Site:https://stores.jcpenney.com/co/denver/clothing-stores-denver-co-2966.html
  • Phone:+1 303-576-6661
  • Clothing store
  • Department store
  • Furniture store
  • Jewelry store
  • Shoe store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–9PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–6PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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