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I have shopped at this store multiple times and have spent a good amount of money. The staff has been great in the past, however I had an issue with a $59 tank top I bought several months ago and only wore it once and the woven sleeves came loose. I took it back and the manager/sales associate, Jill said that they hadn’t had any other complaints about that specific shirt. I asked if I could exchange it and her response was “I will let you exchange it this time but if it happens again, there’s nothing I can do”. Guess what..... It happened again so I took it back along with a dress I returned and she said “I already told you, there’s nothing I can do”! I mentioned that I could never wear the shirt again and she chose not to do anything. In my mind, I would have contacted the Distributor to let them know the issue and I would have offered store credit or an exchange. But apparently good ole’ Customer Service doesn’t exist anymore and their customers aren’t worth going the extra mile! Thanks for the great customer service Jill! 🙄 I will never shop there again and will make sure my friends don’t either!!

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I always have a good experience at this store and love all the clothes. I don’t feel judged for not being very fashionable. Jill is especially nice, helpful and patient!

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Very cute boutique, with lovely people helping.

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I was so excited to go shopping here. They tout being all about moms and it showed! Upon walking in I was greeted by two young ladies, once I told them what I was looking for (trendy, yet appropriate clothing for my new mom bod) one of the girls quickly started grabbing outfits that fit exactly what I was looking for. As I made my way back to the dressing room I noticed they had toys, diapers and wipes available for my little one. As I was trying things on, my personal shopper Callie was honest and helpful. I ended up buying several items that fit into many different parts of my life. I felt so happy leaving the store from the great service, cute clothes and attention to details specifically for moms. Thanks Evereve, you are doing everything right.

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Maybe its just me... But this place is just weird. I got a gift card for my birthday last year and went in the store by me to shop. While for some, the styles they offer are not for me. I then went online to shop and found a few things. Two necklaces and an awesome sweater/ sweatshirt hoodie thing. The other dress I got was way too big. One of the necklaces, part of the Giving Key selection, is amazing. The story behind how theyre made and the meaning behind each is something that I can really get behind. The other necklace was in a knot so bad even I couldnt undo it.The return process is not set up for the 21st century. I had to pay for the postage back and still have not heard if they received my items or what the status is of my return. Needless to say, one I get my gift card refunded and get another Giving Key necklace, I wont ever be shopping with them again.

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Mixed bag. I’ve found a few things that work but overall the blouses have quality issues. And I felt like lately their fashions are for teens not adults. Sizing is difficult and I’m average size.

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The store was great last fall, I found so many stylish things that would fit my new mom body. This fall I went to this store again and everything they had was sized for girls that dont have any curve to their body, not for women or moms at all - things that didnt look right on anything other than a stick bod., They didnt have anything that didnt look like something a clown would wear. Super sad.

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Awesome store with the softest clothes ever!!

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One of my favorite places to shop!!!

Review №10

Over priced and poor service

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