Review №1

First time here and it is a really awesome place!! The aquarium and the super high ceilings with all the animals was really a cool thing to see! Plus we scored some awesome stuff and phenomenal clearance.

Review №2

This is a very nice establishment. They are pretty much all set up the same. The exhibits were very nice and Alaskan oriented. However they were out of stock on quite a few items. They did not have camping fuel so I had to buy a different stove. Also had limited sizing on rain gear. Overall I just was not too terribly impressed.

Review №3

Poor customer service. Wasn’t approached for assistance any time during my 45 minutes there. Great view though

Review №4

Great place to kill time. So much stuff to see.Clean bathrooms, high prices but so much stuff you will find what you need.

Review №5

Nice merchandise. Clothes. Hunting and fishing needs.

Review №6

Wow! Impressive theme. Good staff, had what we needed.... what else can you ask for

Review №7

I love this place. Very friendly staff. Clean and organized store. Usually find what I need easily. Glad to do business with them.

Review №8

The staff were amazing, so kind and helpful. Sadly they are out of most everything we needed and limited appropriate attire for women.Overall; clean store and kind staff

Review №9

No bass fishing here Alaska...but the store was wonderful just to walk around in.

Review №10

Bass pro is a great place, one of the best I have been to. I get it though that they are short staff. Every one is pitching in to help both the customer and their own team. I saw one of them from another department came and helped with registers. Despite the long lines and many passing by it is hard. Im not talking them up. I just understand because everywhere I have been to, is understaff. They are trying though

Review №11

Clearance racks were loaded with great buys. I was approached twice by staff to inquire if I needed assistance finding stuff. Store was clean and seemed like there was plenty of staff on shift.

Review №12

Great customer service and good prices. Even had 3x in stock in lots of clothes. Will be back.

Review №13

Beautiful store to walk through high-quality products trusted brands. There are a lot of workers everywhere so there’s help when needed but they don’t harass you as you browse through. They have the Santas workshop going on which is a lot of fun for kids. They have lots of sales every department has its own clearance area. All your fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, etc. gear that you could think of it’s here. There’s lots of fitting rooms.The fish tank is gorgeous stock filled us fish. There’s lots of areas to sit and enjoy the decorations its very cool. Theres lots of taxidermy work on display.

Review №14

If you need gear for the back country of Alaska, this is the place to visit. Bass Pro Shops has some of the best displays both inside and outside of the building. The live fish tank with native Alaskan fish is great to watch.

Review №15

I came in to get a rod and reel for salmon fishing, and Daniel was a big help with showing me the kind of gear that they had.

Review №16

Friendly people and great staff. Was only looking for some winter clothes items and found what I needed!

Review №17

A good store that would be even better if they actually had what you were looking for in stock more often.

Review №18

Great location, smaller than some but very well stocked and laid out. Staff are very friendly.

Review №19

Cool things to look at. Friendly staff for the most part. They are missing the price tags on many items and what they have in stock on many things is limited. Prices are so-so.

Review №20

If you had 10,000 and 30 minutes. No problem here.

Review №21

A very nice Bass Pro Shop, items basically what you would find at any other one in the country. Wide selection at may office ranges. Fishing, camping, and gifts. Lots to see and enough displays to keep kids entertained.

Review №22

The shoe department people have poor customer service just because we dont look like we have money doesn’t mean we dont. Dont judge a book by its cover

Review №23

Whats not to like... except the lack of ammo... love this place.

Review №24

I like that they carry so many big and tall sizes. As a big guy its nice to find clothing that doesnt just get bigger around the waist. Which I need, but I am also tall and have broad shoulders.

Review №25

AWESOME! A hunters paradise . Great place to bring the whole familyPrices are definitely reasonable and the staff is super friendly

Review №26

Ive been to many BPS stores from Orlando, Charlotte, and even Springfield. This place is simply on point, with everything you need, expert advice, licenses, gear, you name it. I only regret it wasnt here when I lived here many moons ago!

Review №27

Awesome service but short on having some items in stock.

Review №28

Was just driving around the Anchorage, Alaska area and decided to stop by Bass Pro fishing accessories and they had some good stuff for sale since is Fathers day weekend.

Review №29

This is an awesome store. Amazing paintings on the walls, huge collection of taxidermy animals, and a live aquarium. Good selection of products, competitive pricing.

Review №30

This place is amazing, although the clothing selection could be better

Review №31

Very Beautiful outdoor sports shop. The workers are very helpful and friendly.

Review №32

What a superstore. The selection was great. Staff are warm and helpful.

Review №33

Even if you just stop and browse, well worth stopping in.

Review №34

Loss prevention, Jesse, at the Anchorage store will stop you for wearing a mask and accuse you of stealing. Will never go to bass pro again.

Review №35

Today I stood in line at 845 am to buy ammo... just to have a store employee and 3 of his family members cut in line in front of me. After all of them used his club card to buy 8 boxes each nothing was left. Just to watch the employee go behind the counter and start work. Hands down the shadiest bass pro I’ve been to. Take your time drive to the nice part of anchorage (South side) and go to cabelas, sportsman, anywhere but this specific bass pro. Multiple times now I’ve had instances like this with incompetent employees. If your gonna go here find one of the older guys (60+) in the gun department who actually give a damn.

Review №36

Lots if great deals going on service was good too

Review №37

Is not about the place its about the credit cards its the worst customer service I never have I have for help and nobody help me that is so bad that this kind of store working with people like this who dont know how appreciate the customers de aguas a simple question en Dayton Wyoming Im so disappointed the first thing I want you do cancel a credit card

Review №38

If youre looking for boats, hunting and fishing gear shop at Bass Pro Shop. No RV section here only boat accessories. No deli here either, so bring your own coffee. The place looks great and easy to get around the store.

Review №39

Nice big store! Every thing you ever would need in the bush, plus more. Very appealing inside, especially the giant aquarium with game fish!!

Review №40

Got some good deals but unfortunately did not have most anything in my size.

Review №41

Love the art

Review №42

Somewhat spendy but not much more than others

Review №43

Where men….and women shop! Great stuff and great prices!

Review №44

Bass Pro is an outdoor enthusiasts dream store. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №45

Came in to purchase a firearm,handed the guy my ID.he asks whats your address?while looking at my identification card,something that has never happened while purchasing a firearm. Made me feel like I was up to no good.didnt sit well with me

Review №46

I went to purchase my first shotgun from this store. They explained everything to me about gun rules and care. I trusted them as professionals. I even bought all the accessories with the purchase. When I got home and looked at my New Gun it had gun powered all down the barrel. After one empty pump, it was completely jammed. I have had a veteran look at it, and a seasoned hunter, and they concluded that I was sold a Used Gun. Now when I think back to this purchase, they probably saw a naive woman and off loaded some faulty equipment. I know the receipt says No Refunds. But what do I do when a large company sells a used gun as a new one, and its broken to boot. Any advice appreciated.Update. Still dont know how the gun got like that. But the store manager was able to fix it for me. Updating review to 5 stars. :)

Review №47

Loved this store. Huge selection. Loved the decor!

Review №48

Fishing tackle gets 5 stars. Gun counter none.Helpful polite staff in the fishing Dept. Some items priced competitive.Got avoided completely at gun counter by 3 employees, while other customers got assisted. . . Felt weird being the only non Caucasian customers, and also the only ones not getting assistance. :0/

Review №49

No help from front desk or employees when looking for a cargo net for my truckThe only one that offered to help was a guy named Rafa in the glasses section kudos to him

Review №50

Fairly disappointed, I know everyone is having supply issues but seriously they didnt have one airgun in stock.

Review №51

1000 times better than cabelas.

Review №52

Friendly staff and easy to find the items I was looking for.

Review №53

Robert in the fishing dept was very helpful and showed me everything I would need to fish in Seward. Thank you

Review №54

Great experience with the firearms department!

Review №55

Good service, about what you would expect at a Bass Pro.

Review №56

Its bass pro, and it is amazing. My only complaint is there was no bass in the big tank. :(

Review №57

I would recommend you visit this store!

Review №58

Terrible Customer Service!!!!!!Too long of a tale to tell..suffice to say I will think long and hard before dhopping at Bass Pro or Cabellas

Review №59

Stood at the counter looking at fishing reels for a half hour from about 6:15 PM until about 6:45 PM on Friday with not a single employee to help. If anything they avoid customers as much as possible. Wife stopped an employee earlier to ask if they sold masks and employee replied yes & then walked away. Maybe let her know where to look. Unfortunately the service is terrible which is sad because it used to be good.

Review №60

This is more of an Alaskan zoo than the actual city zoo. Pus, they have a variety of fishing gear, hunting gear, camping gear, outdoor apparel, etc..

Review №61

Best outdoor or outpost shopping 🛍 experience I have ever had!

Review №62

Seems very short staffed causing long lines at checkout. Too bad it’s so difficult to get people to work.

Review №63

Anytime I go here the staff are more than pleasant. And, they are also very knowledgeable in the department that they are specifically assigned to. I cant how many times a sales associate helped me to correctly size myself for boots, or any other type of outdoorsman style clothing. Always look forward to going here!

Review №64

Decent prices and pretty helpful staff. Have spent hundreds in the last few weeks alone and always feel good about it at this store. If I had any complaints, they need better customer service on their boat motors side of the store, I was ready to throw money on one of their few big ticket items at the store and stood around without even a greeting looking for help and there were multiple employees coming and going from the desk who didnt even look over at me. Went to a local shop for my motor who actually had comparable or better prices, so not a loss IMO. Still a good place to shop for gear.

Review №65

No flip up sunglasses. For a fishing outlet, you would think they would carry alot more flip up sunglasses.

Review №66

Fun place for big boys and girls of all ages! Theres a toy for just about every outdoor enthusiast to find.Found the ammunition that I was looking for for my pistol. Had an unpleasant experience with the gun sales staff talkin poorly of the weapon that I chose to buy just last week. They were trying to upsell me on the highest priced version of the same weapon.

Review №67

This place is the bomb!

Review №68

Horrible customer service, unfriendly people. Try sportsmans or cabelas much nicer and friendlier.

Review №69

Great outdoors indoors

Review №70

Wonderful! Loved the decorations!

Review №71

I waited for 45 minutes at the fly fishing part,But no one came.Isnt it too much.I spoke to the service desk once and to the working staff twice no one came.

Review №72

Chris in the tracker center helped my friend get set up for her first Alaskan fishing pole. Showed us ties, taught us how to do things properly and what gives him luck. He went above and beyond and helped us tremendously..not to mention while fishing in hope we limited out tying the hook he taught us how to do.Will be always coming back to basspro for fishing gear. I hope you guys are able to keep Chris around for a long time.

Review №73

Love Bass Pro. The only downside is, if I spend a dollar in spending 300.

Review №74

Great store; good selection of what I was looking for as well as a good price range. They have quality products so they dont have what I would call inexpensive items but they great products at a reasonable price.

Review №75

Way way way over priced

Review №76

If only they would have more than one register open at a time10 min shopping40 min in line

Review №77

Very nicely done on the inside of this store. Been to it 3 times and all three times Not Busy. The place reminds me of a huge log cabin with everything you would need to have

Review №78

Excellent assistance and great info on Mastercard. Also love the free goodies for signing up for the Bass Pro, Mastercard. Thank you.

Review №79

Being told to leave because I wasn’t wearing a mask.... call me me an anti masker or what ever label you want. I’m not sick. No question to if I can wear a mask! Never again! Bass Pro and Cabelas have for ever lost my business!

Review №80

Love shopping here

Review №81

Very helpful staff.

Review №82

Bass Pro is one of my favorite stores ever! Sometimes I just stop and walk though the store for a while, watching the fish, happily running into friends, or looking at new items. The store and rest rooms are clean as can be; the workers are just amazing! If you cant find something that is just a few feet or several aisles away, no problem. Someone will walk you right to it. I always especially enjoy visiting Santa, too! By all means, youll be glad you stopped at Bass Pro!

Review №83

Love this place. All your sporting goods needs in one location.

Review №84

Walked in and a staff member came up to us and said we was just asked to leave another store which Did not happen then he said he didnt know which store asked us to leave but he wanted us to leave because of his made up story

Review №85

Great shopping experience. Go check it out. We needed a small knife, and a pair of pants.Great selection for outdoor gear, and outdoor wear.The knife guy really helped us out, so I want to let him know that he is appreciated. Hes very knowledgeable about any and all knives in the store.Thank you Bass Pro Shops.

Review №86

Nice place to take our dogs to visit.

Review №87

Pleasant experience, helpful staff!

Review №88

Great sales and helpful with all fishing and hunting needs.

Review №89

Brandon and the marine service center went above and beyond the call of duty for us. Great customer service. Thank you snd well be back. Fitzgeralds

Review №90

Great service, prices and lots of stuff. Highly recommend for hunters, shooters, fishers and campers. Great store

Review №91

This place sucks. Makes you wear a mask

Review №92

Good selections of merchandise....very clean. Nice helpful employees. 😊👍👍

Review №93

Great place to find all your out door needs. Giant selection. Plenty of staff to assist. Honestly seems like they have to many employees. They almost harass you. I would recommend anyone who likes the outdoors to check it out.

Review №94

Absolutely ridiculous the amount of time i waited in line.

Review №95

Pricey but great quality.

Review №96

The workers here were very helpful.

Review №97

No one to ask questions2. Only line to check out was across the store

Review №98

Great store inside, people are friendly. Just a shame you cant get ammo anymore, their always out. Prices are fair on most things bought some spf clothing they seemed to run a little large the medium was quite large on me.

Review №99

Awesome shop, just love this place

Review №100

Very big store but didnt have what I needed seems unfortunate because I only go during fall.

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