Walmart Supercenter
9400 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80231, United States
Review №1

Ive been to the bakery 3 different times still unsuccessful in getting a cake order. I went today and was advised they were on lunch, I asked the other associate to have them call me when they returned and I left my information. No one has called Ive tried calling the store 5 times no one in any department has answered. This is not my local Walmart so its not an every day trip I cam easily do. Its like pulling teeth to order a cake or finding anyone you can understand!!?? Terrible to say the least

Review №2

A really nice big store w thousands of products, they just didnt have what I needed. Another disappointment. 😕

Review №3

The man in the automotive department was a little bit rude when I simply was trying to verify that they were, in fact, out of the battery that my car needed. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t completely missing it before I went somewhere else.

Review №4

This location is busy and they focus on sanitary conditions. Had to exchange a product at the customer service the clerk was efficient and friendly. Nice to see at a Walmart Super Center. I will return to this location.

Review №5

An excellent tidy place in terms of goods and workers and meets all needs Good luck to all👏🏼👍🏼🌹

Review №6

Too many empty shelves.I couldnt believe they didnt have any can great northern beans. UGH

Review №7

Came here to get a simple money order. Waited 20 minutes in line only to be told the machine was broken. There were no signs anywhere indicating this was the case. Mohan in the money center said he told me before I got up there but he never once looked at me or spoke to me the entire time before I got up there. Someone here is incompetent and it shows.

Review №8

Clean, friendly, and big! anything you could think of or need is there and easy to find

Review №9

Able to find what we were looking for. Cashier was very helpful.

Review №10

Lots of parking, one of the only places I can *always* find distilled water and my favorite chocolate chips. Theyve added even more self checkout lanes, so I can usually get thru line fast.

Review №11

I had been waiting for 30 minutes for assistance at the fabric area, and no one came to help me horrible service

Review №12

The crew here is awesome the manager was very generous and kind. And the pizza was on point

Review №13

Absolutely no customer service, the money center was closed 2 hrs early and I asked about it and they were rude, acted like I was ignorant because I should have known better than to ask them anything! They did finally answer me, and referred me to another store! I attempted to call the other location to not run into them already closed as well but after calling every Dept about 15 times each no one ever did answer!! Does any Walmart in Denver even answer the phone anymore, I can never get anyone to pick up, terrible customer service

Review №14

Good grocery section. And shelves were stocked good throughout the store.

Review №15

I came for a pickup order, I’d to call a number to pick up my order. 1. Nobody answered the phone (I’d to talk to a worker in the parking lot) 2. It took me over 20 minutes waiting for the order when it should be ready for pick up

Review №16

The shelves were not stocked But the customer service in electronics is always good.

Review №17

No hand carry baskets anywhere. Few registers opened. Meh

Review №18

Typical Walmart chaos and poor organization. But, cant beat the prices on some goods so I make myself suffer through the experience of going here from time to time.

Review №19

This is the WORST Walmart I have ever been to. Half of their inventory is out of stock and doesnt seem like it ever restocks. They were out of ice for a week for goodness sake. Ice!!! Its water!!! Frankly, I probably wont come back to this location ever again. There are much better ways to waste my time.

Review №20

Went there this morning and asked an employee who was standing chatting with another employee in the vitamin aisle where i could find beta carotene. her helpful reply was do you have the app? i replied my phone was in the car- she turned her back on me and walked away.as for the self checkout section, nearly 1/2 of the scanners have been out of service for weeks- used to be a decent store- dunno what has happenedwill be going to the store in centennial- farther away but lots better

Review №21

A lot of empty shelves. Several items I had on my list were not available I had to go to King Soopers to retrieve them. The store was clean and the employees were helpful.

Review №22

Amazing customer service, shelves were stocked and I found what I was looking for very easily!!

Review №23

The woman was very pleasant, at money gram services...helped me with what I needed...I would definitely go back....

Review №24

The customer service at this location is always a pleasure to deal with. On one special occasion Jen, the store manager went out of her way to make sure everything was taken care of with an issue that we were having. Professional, courteous and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks again to all the hard working employees that ensure the a pleasurable shopping experience!!! We are very happy. Thanks again.

Review №25

Great place to shop. Walmart usually has what you want for decent prices. I love shopping at Walmart. I almost always can find what I need and want there. Who doesnt want to save money [and] live better?

Review №26

I found that Walmart have lower prices on some meats and meats that I shouldnt find. They have a selection of local goods and others that are worth trying, but I havent found Floridas Everglades seasoning yet.

Review №27

I don’t normally give bad reviews, but my hubby and I were waiting to get something out of a case and had to hit the button multiple times with no response… when I finally found someone, I was perfectly polite and the guy rolled his eyes and scoffed…. Then he bregrudgedly walked over to open the case for the multiple customers that were waiting!

Review №28

Its a Walmart, but its a lot more clean than some Walmarts Ive been in.

Review №29

We went to the service desk we were help to place an order two items for delivery she was so helpful I was an easy purchase and love the help that we got thank you

Review №30

Over the last week, I’ve tried calling this Walmart probably 8 times, have yet to speak to an employee, I’ve sat on hold for almost 30 minutes. Literally just trying to get ahold of Auto Center and no one picks up the phone!!

Review №31

Didn’t let down as usual. Everything that was needed was found.

Review №32

This is one of those Wal-Marts where you worry which customers have guns. But they keep it clean and the checkout lines are fast.

Review №33

Just waited in the sporting good section for over 20 MINUTES to still not receive help I hate this location

Review №34

Good Walmart, as usual. Just the pharmacy took an hour to have a prescription ready which was slightly annoying, but otherwise everyone was nice and helpful.

Review №35

Wal-Mart is always a great place to get basics at the best prices.

Review №36

Every time I shop the whole staff and I mean everyone! is always professional and courteous which is what keeps me comfortable in coming back!

Review №37

I went in to get a refund on an order i had made online. Cody and Sylvia treated me awesome. They were very polite and helpful. Thanks Walmart customer service team!!!!

Review №38

Walmart has great prices, but their staff has an attitude! This was not the best Walmart Ive ever visited.

Review №39

Worst customer service experience ever by a lady called Cherral just today. I got a jersey that was on sale for $3.00 and I really liked it but all she said was “ You can stand here the whole day and no one is coming to help you” Acting like I am the one who put the sale price on the jersey. I asked her if we can go sort it at customer service but she didn’t even want to, all the while clutching the jersey onto her like she wanted it for herself! Was really disappointed with the service and I really liked the jersey.

Review №40

You talk about excellent customer service! We had to return a broken tv. There was a young man in management training that was absolutely wonderful. He took the time to help us even though customer service was closed. This type of service is what will keep me coming back to Walmart!!!!

Review №41

I spent almost half an hour to waiting assistance open Shelf With LEGO toys department….. nobody shows up

Review №42

I was not happy about a manager of money services. Luckily the store manager, I’m sorry I do not recall her name, but I remember how she looks. she was in a casual outfit, short red hair and glasses. She was attentive and caring. She took the ownership of my problem into own hands and solved my problem. I am very thankful for her and she is being there the only reason I give three stars otherwise that would be only one star

Review №43

Clean and actually had a sufficient amount of cashiers.

Review №44

This Walmart is awesome but everytime i go in they are understaffed and theres ala huge line.

Review №45

I Its a great place to go to get food and stuff like that but the pharmacy is really busy all the time sometimes we have to wait an hour or maybe even longer but I dont order it before I get there and sometimes it doesnt go through so just be careful with the pharmacy Joes trying to make it better but, They need more staff to support him Hes The pharmacist.

Review №46

Service is pretty much non existent. You are totally on your own from finding your purchases to self check out. Sam Waltons spinning in his grave

Review №47

Plenty of handicapped parking and easy access. Excellent service and pricing, carry a wide variety of products from automotive, sports products, pharmacy, OTC products, clothes, kitchen, small appliances, office, shoes, groceries, in-house bakery, to name a few. Sometimes a little difficult to find some help, but when you do they go to great lengths to help you. The only place they need improvement is in the fresh produce department. It can sometimes be a little pricey and always seems to be at its peak of ripeness,you better be going to use it within the next two days.

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Review №49

Meh its a Wal-Mart. I dont like checking out my own stuff. Hard enough to manage a kiddo but trying to keep kid in check while scanning items. This Walmart was average compared to others. Nothing special nothing really bad.. just meh mediocre.

Review №50

Don’t ever shop or work at this Walmart. Terrible service, people there don’t know the policy. They food get old fast

Review №51

Theres a guy name David and a ldya named Tamisha or Danisha that are really good, most of the employess here are helpful. David was ready to clock out I didnt know so I aproach him to get a headset wich they are lock, so very polite says to me Ill Open it for you but she will take care of you I apologize and he says no problem is not you fault, I saw him how he was helping another costumer to buy an electronic so I asked him wich headset recomend to me, so he gave me his options and why he recomend those items, again very polite, so He hand my headset to Danisha or Tanisha and she was also very nice and polite to me and other costumer she was attend before me, and many of the employes here are really nice!!!

Review №52

It aggravating the shoplifters have forced Walmart to put phone cables and chargers in locked cases. Had to wait 10 minutes for a clerk just to review and decide which unit I wanted. Law reform is long overdue.

Review №53

I always choose pick up option for the iui s location. I have had only the best experiences with the staff. They are courteous n quick!

Review №54

Super clean & always well stocked.They even have a full service hair salon 💗.

Review №55

This walmart was barely stocked and things were all over the place (not in right place) and the workers were all unfriendly (0 customer service). Safe to say I will not go back to this location.

Review №56

Friendliest staff ever at a fast food restaurant?

Review №57

What can you say about Walmart that hasnt been said before? They have everything you need and a ton of stuff you do not need, but end up buying anyway.😁

Review №58

We shop at Walmart every other week, we always spend more than we planned because we always find all the odd stuff on our list.

Review №59

Its a Walmart. So expect rude ppl and no customer service

Review №60

Nice one it seems Its bigger than the others Supercenters.

Review №61

Always find what I need and then some

Review №62

You can obviously tell this king soopers is in a rich neighborhood. They sell cloths and have several aisles just for wine and best of all a pokemon card vending machine.

Review №63

Nice store and associates. Clean and taken care of

Review №64

This is my favorite Walmart Supermarket in my area. They can help with bunch of stuff and have what you need.

Review №65

Its a Walmart, not sure of what to add. Despite having nearly a dozen self checkout booths the checkout wait can be suprisingly long. I wish theyd add another dozen in the space that all the empty cashier booths occupy.

Review №66

Very clean. The lunch plates from the deli were very fresh.

Review №67

Bad management, poor service in the Tire Center & its Sloooooow service, understaffed, and not friendly. If you need the Tire center, I suggest going to a different location.The rest of the store- once I needed three things from Walmart (auto care, beauty, kitchen departments) & they were out of stock of ALL 3 items, it sucked n was incredibly inconvenient & annoying, having to drive 15-20 minutes to the next supercenter. Again, bad management.Food n produce, Ive had the same problems, fresh produce not bring in stock. But you gotta love walmart for the best, cheapest prices around. No one beats them, except maybe the Dollar store, n sometimes Family Dollar (theyre the only ones who carry the printed paper towels that I like.)>:¤}

Review №68

Average storeRecommend Walmart at south Hampden better

Review №69

I just wish there were more electric carts so my mom could go shopping with me more often

Review №70

Good place to get just about anything from clothing to housewares to camping equipment

Review №71

This Walmart is a little messy, but the staff is helpful and friendly, just know if you’re going late at night the are bringing freight to the floor and can jam up some of the aisle’s!

Review №72

Oil prices remain cheap so that is good, but I asked for a specific service that they forgot to do, so thats a bummer.

Review №73

Not a bad place to shop, associates do their best to help you and answer your questions.

Review №74

Nice clean able to find things okay. However there are many inoperable kiosk

Review №75

Always a great experience workers there are always helpful

Review №76

Omg, it feels very homey although they could do better inventory management.

Review №77

Love the employees of the store. Was a mgr. Before cancer. Walmart is the best.

Review №78

Good selection of sporting goods and fishing gear.

Review №79

Got what I needed, in & out pretty quickly.Was not harassed to show my receipt when I exited. lol

Review №80

Good prices and no issues checking out. Had to return a shirt that didnt fit but quick return.

Review №81

Loved how nice the people were I wasnt expecting that but it was clean and Friendly we were in on business and stopped by to get some things the people were extremely helpful and honestly in walmart thats rare

Review №82

I didnt really care for this Walmart because they didnt have anything I wanted I was looking for a tv stand a charger and fruit I left empty handed

Review №83

I dont know why I ever expect any kind of customer service. Walmart overall is a horrible company. When you cant even address customers when they are talking and looking directly at you is absurd. Absolutely sad and ridiculous.

Review №84

Really just your average walmart. the employees have always been helpful for me

Review №85

Workers are hard to get answers from at night cause they all have headphones on. I was just looking for beneful dog food and they had that section blocked off with boxes for stocking. But since the workers have headphones I left to another Walmart

Review №86

Long story but cashier Krysanna was rude to my daughter and when I told her not to speak to my child like that she decided to spray window cleaner on one of my bags. Didnt realize until after I left what she did. Called the store a bunch of times and no answer. I called corporate and they promised to take care of it. But it doesnt seem like they did anything to her. I guess they dont care if she tries to poison their customers.

Review №87

Congested a bit. Slightly better organization can be done

Review №88

About what you expect from a Walmart. This one seemed busier then most as they had lots of products in the isles. Most likely for over ight stockers however. At the time of my visit they were out of rely-on diabetes test strips however but I managed to get everything else I needed at the time. Would give it a 5 but its really the same as any other Walmart, nothing special at the moment.

Review №89

Sort of a run-down, crime-riddled area of town and this Walmart reflects that in a mirror-like fashion. However, unlike the Lakewood or Denver locations, this Walmart has reached a special level of ghetto which has caused it to unlock the ability to have Playboy limousines park off the street next to it. This fact effectively trumps all other possible negatives or positives and earns it an automatic, undisputable 5 star rating because EVERYONE loves a nice set of breasts.

Review №90

I see theyre good people are nice always find what

Review №91

OMG, 1st grandbaby and we went shopping!!!!

Review №92

Great prices and the produce is very good at this store, most of the time.

Review №93

GORGEOUS!!!!!! Just be sure to park in the 2nd main lot ot will save you a 30min walk

Review №94

This review is specifically for the employee in the Electronics section of this Walmart that helped me pick my wireless headphones. Not only did he approach me to ask if I needed any help finding what I needed, he actually had extensive knowledge of the different types of headphones and was able to answer my questions about another product for calming anxiety and better sleep so confidently and just was so personable and knowledgeable! It must have been clear that I was stressed and sleep deprived because he even mentioned a wellness app called Head Space which honestly caught me off guard of how extremely caring and helpful he was beyond just Walmart sales. Literally the best customer service I have had in Walmart or in general in such a long time! Grateful for people and interactions like this.

Review №95

Needs more cashiers take 30 mins some times or longer to check out. Also needs more self-service machines with cash in them 80% or more are always all card. The cigarette counter needs a sign for 15 items or less because sometimes I go just for a pack and have to wait behind someone with a cart or two full.

Review №96

This SUPER walmart is one of the best one. Place is clean and there r more than ONE cashier! I dont have any problems with what I need when I go for groceries or anything else. Some employees need to learn customer service and be a bit more courteous.....

Review №97

Great experience no delays. Variety ..

Review №98

Never enough checkers always have 2 or 3 checkers and 7 people in each line !!! Not everyone wants to go thru self check out with a whole basket full of groceries !!!

Review №99

Fabulous because I used the self checkout, that guy was very helpful and nice lol

Review №100

The store really needs some cleaning. It was a mess. But the customer service was good. And I found what I went in to get.

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:9400 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80231, United States
  • Site:https://www.walmart.com/store/3566-denver-co
  • Phone:+1 720-748-1000
  • Clothing store
  • Department store
  • Craft store
  • Discount store
  • Electronics store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Supermarket
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:5AM–11PM
  • Friday:7AM–11PM
  • Saturday:7AM–11PM
  • Sunday:7AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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