500 16th St Mall #265, Denver, CO 80202, United States
Review β„–1

Easy to get in and out. Its a small store but they were quick to help me in and out. They offered to upsell some branded related items, but not in an annoying way. The associate suggested I tried the shoes on while in the store which turned out to be an excellent call. Thanks for that 😊 Id come back for the product selection and service. Thanks for the good experience.

Review β„–2

Solid place to find some good shoes. They offer most well known brands aside from Nike and can order any shoe they dont have in stock to be sent to your preferred address.The staff is respectful and are willing to help find what you need, especially now that the pandemic has caused a drop in foot traffic around the 16th St Mall.

Review β„–3

Extremely small selection of shoes for men with slightly larger feet. I had great customer service there, but just very small selection

Review β„–4

I got attentive service right as I walked in, and the people working there were fun and conversational as a bonus. The staff member I talked to knew immediately what I was asking for, and engaged in nice conversation about other models from the same brand. Very knowledgeable staff.

Review β„–5

A great store with amazing people! Definitely recommended if you need good shoes!

Review β„–6

Staff is super helpful. Did not pressure sell but did explain accessories available. I explained what I was looking for and they made recommendations even pointing out items that were on sale or lower in price. No pressure sales. They happly brought out like 4 pair of shoes.

Review β„–7

Great staff her name started with a K very helpful

Review β„–8

Fantastic staff, great selection of shoes, and a definite revisit!

Review β„–9

Fast and friendly visit. Ebony was super nice knowledgable, helping me navigate which shoes were made without animal products and recommended a good spray to keep my new shoes in good shape. I wasnt made to feel uncomfortable when I wasnt interested in the upsell on socks, which is something I dread when shopping in retail.

Review β„–10

Would never step foot into this store again. I have been a few times. Employees treat the job like social hour and do not greet people who walk through the door. They act as if helping customers is an inconvenience. Prices are high and definitely not worth the hassle of the shopping experience.

Review β„–11

The manager EJ was there when I visited this store and has trained his employees correctly so that when I walked in I was immediately ask if I needed help. The staff is also very knowledgeable about the product they and dont forget to ask for some free stickers.

Review β„–12

Always a great shopping experience. My favorite store at the 16th st Mall.

Review β„–13

This place is horrible, not a family establishment. I was cursed out of the store by the MANAGER with my husband. But that wasn’t it the manager had to physically push me out (while I was walking out on my own because cursing me and my family wasn’t enough I guess) he pushed me while holding a BABY as well as I’m currently pregnant. WOW! Thank god we recorded the whole thing so we posted a video of this incident.

Review β„–14

I am very confused by the reviews saying the sales people are bad here.. I unfortunately didnt catch his name, but whoever the young man was working the opening shift at 10am today (April 13) was AMAZING. Very knowledgeable. I told him what I was looking for in a shoe, plus my size, and he knew the stores selection inside and out! If I grabbed a shoe, hed either run to the back to get it in my size or say (without even needing to check) a polite, Im sorry but the largest that one comes in is a 7. He worked with my budget and was very patient and helpful. I really wish I caught his name, but I really wanted his manager or boss to know hes doing a fantastic job! Thanks!

Review β„–15

Probably the best place on the 16th Street Mall for shoes. There is always somekind of sale. Paul the sales guy was very helpful in finding something in my size as I have a wide foot. Very polite.

Review β„–16

Absolute outstanding service the two employees were extremely nice and got me too the pair of Vans slides that I was looking for right away I wish I got the mans name and the young womens they deserve a raise you guys are killing it! EMPL 549961 I hope this was there employee number on my reciept date 03/09/19 17:51 customer num: 2490201

Review β„–17

Hands down WORST customer service experience of MY LIFE!! Walked in & 2 employees were on their cell phones, actually thought they were other customers. 10 minutes & not 1 offer to help so I took the shoe back & asked for my size. They seemed irritated to have to actually work & be interrupted from their cell phones. Then she brought out 1 size I asked for and a size smaller & proceeded to take the shoe back to the display. I open the box & its only 1 shoe so I asked her & she said yeah the other ones up front while ROLLING HER EYES!!! I walked out & would never return to this place. The absolute lack of customer service was appalling.

Review β„–18

You should change your hours was here by 10 on a Tuesday only for it to be closed came back and the manger kicked me out said her computer isn’t working WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY LIFE

Review β„–19


Review β„–20

I usually buy all my vans from here well today i went to do a return and the employee tried to refuse it there was nothing wrong with the shoes I returned still in box and I literally was arguing to get my money back. Poor customer service!!!!

Review β„–21

Really nice place to get todays-fashion items, not too pricey

Review β„–22

Small store, but good selection.

Review β„–23

They have a nice selection. Not the best customer service but overall a good experience.

Review β„–24

Let a reveiw about being cursed out with my wife by the manager but journeys had it removed...what a shame

Review β„–25

Garbage be careful of salesmanship of their sales associate, Nate he is a complete crook and horrible sales clerk.

Review β„–26

Wander your asses over here. #ScratchCollectiveApproved

Review β„–27

Good selection of shoes

Review β„–28

Love this place ! That lady Bramble and guy Nate are horrible employees , though.

Review β„–29

Best place for teens!!

Review β„–30

Perfect workers!!

Review β„–31

They have a variety of shoes for everyone.

Review β„–32


Review β„–33

I love this place

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:500 16th St Mall #265, Denver, CO 80202, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 720-932-5464
  • Clothing store
  • Shoe store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:12–6PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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