Saks OFF 5TH
Westlake Center, 400 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Review №1

Loved the store! Very large with mens, womens & childrens apparel & shoes. Some giftware & jewelry. Discounted prices on designer duds.You will want time to shop.

Review №2

There is absolutley NO Saks appeal here!What a HUGE, lonely and lackluster store! Is this how the glamorous Saks 5th Ave company wants to DEGRADE their brand after all these decades? If I didnt see their sign, I would think Ross Dress for Less has expanded big time! Lots of really cheap looking clothes on the floor, pretending to be marked down. JUST FEEL THE FABRIC! For the last 2 decades, I shopped at Saks in Manhattan and San Francisco. Their extravagant and artistic stores are what makes the Saks shopping experience.There are so many things wrong with this store that Im not sure where to begin! There was 1, YES only 1, person working at check-out on the night when I was there. And YES, it just opened! The 1, YES just 1, security guard working at the mall entrance was so BORED that he stared at his iphone throughout the entire time I was in the store. The security guard might behave more spirited if he were actually guarding worthy Saks merchandise.When they announced Saks was gonna open 2 years ago? I thought maybe it was a JOKE?Now that Ive seen their Seattle store, it is a JOKE! When compared to a real Saks shopping experience.I really REALLY think this store will be in trouble in a short time. Because the people who can afford Versace will not settle for less. The people who can NOT afford Versace will look at the $600 bag, marked down from $1500 , as out of their reach. Well, they can still go for the $24 T-Shirts, but the design and VALUE suck at ANY price range! Did the Saks executives who planned the store realize Zara and Nordstrom are actually in the same building.Saks OFF 5th Seattle is definitely my most DISAPPOINTING shopping experience of this year.I REALLY REALLY miss the food court that was there for more than 15 years. Ive gotten to know some of the vendors over time and I supported their business as they provided quick, warming meals. Even on the slowest night, that food court had more ENERGY than this highly questionable store.Examine all the store photos people posted here. You never see more than 5 people inside the 36.000 square feet store. Think for a minute. If any of these people had NEVER been to a Manhattan or San Francisco Saks, they will think to themselves So this is the LEGENDARY Saks store I hear about...mmm...This completely lackluster Seattle store is the exact same kind of MISTAKE when Saks actually opened a very beautiful store in downtown Portland, Oregon in the late 1990s. Sadly, after a short time, they realized no one would buy any merchandise that was over $500!Why didnt they just leave the mall the way it was when it had more foot traffic BECAUSE people had good reasons to go there?So the best thing Saks can give Seattle is this cold, THX 1138-looking store?(An update 10/30, 11 days after it opened. Tonight, I decided to stop by Saks and take a second look. There were more employees on the floor than shoppers. Not even 1 customer at checkout! So I went downstairs to Nordstrom Rack, there were nearly 100 shoppers!) Im gonna upload here 2 photos that I took while shopping at the REAL Saks in Manhattan to help illustrate my frustration with this discounted Seattle Saks. BTW, Ive worked with visual design and branding all my career. The real Saks in NYC is stunning and elegant! Look at the picture of their bathroom. Superb design doesnt have to be complex and yet it completely takes your breathe away. The next photo shows a display for designer Cesare Cunaccia. Its just a wall display, but it features a strong explanation of the designers philosophy using a charming mix of graphics and simple props. Very tastefully and artfully done. (I must admit, the price tag on that Cesare Cunaccia outfit did take my breathe away as well.) Great store design is more about imagination and immersion, than just money. After all, retail is about making people feel excited about something.This empty Seattle Saks has a lot of explaining to do. (The 2 photos below are taken inside the Manhattan Saks to help illustrate my point)

Review №3

Do NOT EVER EVER EVER order through them online. Their logistics systems is A MESS as is the customer service department. Somehow, they mixed up the shipping address with a different zip code used for billing AND the package landed in ANOTHER STATE on someone elses doorstep. Customer service was not helpful and agents gave different answers and promised follow-ups that never happened. If you shop with this company, you can ensure that the amount you spend will be a write-off. Read TrustPilot - plenty of terrible reviews. Honestly, if I could give a -1 star, I would. Dealing with the incompetency of the customer service department is enough to give you high blood pressure and emotional distress.

Review №4

Horrible Customer Service for their online business that is based from a call center in another country, where they just parrot generic answers. Don’t expect to get your package in time, either. I ordered a jacket with 2 Day Air and it was delayed, going to arrive 14 days later because they could not find it in the Seattle warehouse, so I called, emailed and DM’d via FB to see if I could be sent a different jacket that could arrive sooner.Nobody could help me.They ended up canceling my jacket and refunding - SO THEY SAID. But, the jacket still was shipped out to me and my card was RECHARGED for the jacket.And Customer Service has done NOTHING about it.Their Facebook Page has numerous cases like mine.It is the Holiday Season and many are struggling due to COVID, and they are choosing to purchase gifts on your website, yet they are encountering numerous issues with the shipping. And nobody is listening or responding to your customers’ complaints.I am shocked and disappointed.

Review №5

Fantastic place cause easy to shop

Review №6

Shopping galore... We love the quality and the price of the merchandise.

Review №7

The downtown location is pretty empty now and so it is very easy to shop there. they have great sales with 40% off of the lowest prices. love the place ; parking downtown is a little creepy though

Review №8

Such a cool place! Cant wait to go back soon

Review №9

I love it its my moms favorite great costumer service !

Review №10

Pretty good selection with noticeably more sales and discounts being offered now. Its a pity that we cant try stuff on now.

Review №11

I return several items during the return period. I received a refund on everything except 1 item. Saks off 5th refuses to give me the refund for the item that they missed... I provided the tracking number and they received it...but still say that they are not going to return my money!!! its over $100... I am going to tell everyone I know! If I could give them a -100, I would!!

Review №12

Mehhhhh over charged me 14k earrings that made my ears turn green and bleed. Not 14k taking them back. Empty store with weird inventory.

Review №13

Excellent prices and great staff!

Review №14

I ordered a Clarins exfoliating cleanser, which is fairly small. It came in a HUGE box with a lot of packaging :( I have another order on the way, Im hoping the packaging will not be as excessive.

Review №15

Great prices, dressing rooms closed.

Review №16

My Favorite Store forever

Review №17

They let us use their bathrooms when my kids needed to pee quickly

Review №18

If youre looking for the store that has free quality clothing had slashed pricing then you found the right place. Really nice, nice, friendly, helpful people work here. Its a treasure chest you just have to keep digging in to find the right gem. LOVE - LOVE - LOVE

Review №19

Always a fun treat to shop here. Staff is good but sometimes have trouble organizing pre sales and communicating across sales team. Management is good. I wish they carried shoes over size 13 but that is not always realistic. I have found great deals here. Try on some Joes jeans or some of the Saks brands. They are pretty good for quality and the money.

Review №20

Good place to shopping

Review №21

Really nice selection, great variety, brand names lower prices. Clean.

Review №22

Great prices on a mix of styles from NW conservative to NY bling. However time will tell yet about quality. Will update after a few washings.

Review №23

Outstanding selection. Great customer service.

Review №24

A lot less crowded than Nordstrom rack. Made for a more pleasant shopping experience. The mens selection was ok nothing amazing. It didnt seem like they had a ton of employees working and that seemed a little odd but didnt bother me as I didnt need help.

Review №25

The worst experience when I visited Seattle. The guy who worked there apparently did not care about the customers and had a very bad condescending attitude.

Review №26

Minimal mens selections but great sale prices.

Review №27

Joey and her team were absolutely wonderful to work with. They helped me with a shoe purchase and also informed me of upcoming sales in store. The store is so well organized and clean in comparison to Nordstrom rack and other discount stores. A much needed shopping heaven in downtown Seattle!

Review №28

Convenient located in Seattle shopping area. Friendly staff, good deals and always best brands.

Review №29

Finally found my Christmas outfit after three + hours at Macys and Nordstrom.

Review №30

Great fashion for incredible prices. Take that and mix in excellent customer service and you have a winning combination.Shout out to Joey for going the extra mile.

Review №31

Staff was so rude will never spend another dollar at this establishment.

Review №32

Good experience with the staff. Nice selection of clothes. Very reasonable pricing.

Review №33

Good service and great prices.

Review №34

There are a lot if poor reviews on this location, but it really isnt that bad. They had quite a bit of good deals and high end brands (Gucci, Prada, and Burberry over 50 percent off) and a bunch of other miscellaneous things. The staff here is very nice, the store is quite clean, and I honestly dont think this store deserves low ratings compared to what I saw.

Review №35

Got there 20 min before closing, we were in process of buying some things and were willing to spend lots more money cause we were visiting out of town but we were kicked out of the store .... very disappointing.... love the store in Portland OR way more now.

Review №36

Couldnt find a sales associate to help me in the shoe dept or the clothing dept. Had to really search to find a guy putting away clothes. Bathroom is clean, probably because you have to find someone to unlock it for you. Meh.

Review №37

To add to what someone said earlier about being kicked out, yes, you will be kicked out if you are there 15 to 20 minutes before the store even closes. I had some stupid woman approach me saying in the most snobby voice ever, Um were closing. I wished I had told her no, you close 15 minutes from now!Just wanted to update. Not sure if it was the same girl, but the idiot sales associate was trying to correct me on how to pronounce Moschino by pronouncing it wrongly. All she has to do is look up a Moschino ad on Youtube to see that its NOT pronounced Mo-shino instead of correcting a customer who knows what they are talking about.

Review №38

SAKS is a big liar. I took tons to make purchase and did not get gift card back. I had made four calls to its representative. First agent told me they are going to mail a new gift card for me and refused to tell me the tracking number of the letter. After two weeks, i received nothing and gave them second phone call, the representative told me they are going to issue me a new gift card and sent me through email. One week passed, still nothing received. The third representative told me there was no existence of the new gift card and then told me they could give me the tracking info about the previous mailing letter and asked me to wait longer. I asked to speak with the manager and was told that the manager is unavailable to speak with me. That is my first and will sure to be the last shopping experience. i will also tell everyone who pass by me not to do any purchase at SAKS.

Review №39

Want to buy nice stuffs, this is the store

Review №40

Wonderful to walk through at 10 am by urself :)

Review №41

Gorgeous jewelry and clothes.

Review №42

Shady advertisement protocol is a big turn off and I would not do business with a company that makes it so diffucult to unsubscribe to the emails they send. Every third email I get is from Saks and unsubscribing at the top of their ads does nothing. I feel like the quality of product and customer service and how well the company stands behind their products is key in receiving my business or not. The email deal is quite frankly BS.

Review №43

Saks used to be really fun to venture around but its just depressing now.

Review №44

Decent mens shoes selection. Bathrooms are hidden

Review №45

Wonderful staff and a large shoe selection.

Review №46

I went in to Saks off 5th for some designer shoes and some stole. Joey and Matt were extremely helpful. Joey the manager helped me with a return and made it very easy and Matt was really helpful with picking out and finding some amazing shoes. He also checked me out and was so efficient and quick. He has amazing customer service. I will be shopping at Saks off 5th instead of Nordstrom rack from now on because the store is immaculately clean and organized and you can see all of the employees making sure everything is neat and organized. WELL DONE!!!

Review №47

Great prices and selection

Review №48

Not a sole around. We looked for someone to help and there was no one.We were there at 1030 on a weekday so it was not a busy time. Dresses on the rack werent zipped. Very underwhelming.

Review №49

The candy store was sweet

Review №50

Better than Nordstrom rack.

Review №51

It was ok, found more stuff at Nordstrom Rack

Review №52

Nice store, but there is no high end designers here. Aside from suiting and accessories, for men, the best they have is a few Versace Collection polos. So disappointing. Nordstrom Rack surprisingly has better premium options. I just dont get why when stores move into Seattle/Bellevue, they give us the low end, low option versions of themselves. Whatevs.

Review №53

Ok Im totally a shopper of the Off 5th in Colorado and NJ - shopped there often and while messy and overfull theres always a treasure trove of leftovers from the actual Saks store (think Century 21 in NYC style). So I was excited for the opening here, but what a huge disappointment! Its basically a curated down collection of all the usual brands you can find anywhere. The designer goods offered are minimal and lackluster for the pricing point. Theres no digging or off the rack style offerings it feels like a bad outlet mall thats trying. There were like 10 shoppers in the entire store when I was there - staff gets 5 stars for being nice and enthusiastic but I left after 15 minutes - its just no fun to look here at all. Went down to the actual Rack in the basement where designer digging is fun and surprising. Cmon Saks what gives - is this really an OFF Saks store?

Review №54

There is high end designers for women like they sell Christian Louboutin, YSL, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Valentino , Fendi and more cute high end shoes, love their clothing section, I think it’s more curated than Nordstrom rack, Nordstrom rack doesn’t carry high end shoes, barely and they’re not that nice, in other words ugly, especially the downtown location, customer service is so good here, Zach which I was so surprised that he was so professional and had excellent customer service and he told me this was his first job but wow with his customer service skills and Brandon Lee who is very helpful with shoe choices are both super great sales associates and they really give you the best customer service here, Nordstrom is slowly depleting with that, I guess since they’ve been around for so long, I love to shop here because they really take care of you too plus they have some discounts on top of your purchase! I love the handbag section too coz they carry premier designers! Clothes I was able to buy a pair of leather skinny pants for a great deal , it’s all about the hunt but I swear this store is 10 times better than the rack! Lots of better selection and I would say it’s doesn’t look like rejects! They clearly put the good stuff here!

Review №55

Good prices and brands

Review №56

The tag is switched on my item, such a sloppy job! Now I have to send it back, just received it an hour ago, sigh*

Review №57

Good place

Review №58

Very sophisticated

Review №59

Great service!

Review №60

I cant afford anything on Fifth so I go here.

Review №61

Beautiful stuff but still very expensive.

Review №62

JUNK. Who do they think Seattle is. Looks like they are sending all the stuff they cant get rid of to Seattle

Review №63

Low quality, sweatshop-made attire sold at luxury prices

Review №64

Smaller than I wanted, small selection

Review №65

Lived up to all the hype

Review №66

Ok but messy

Review №67

The worst customer service ever

Review №68

Cheap looking clothes, didnt have my size.

Review №69

Wasnt impressed with their setup and racks were messy and hard to go through.

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Review №71

Too expensive!

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Review №73

Prices unbelievable

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Review №75


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Bargains galore!

Review №78

Layout is a bit confusing.

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