Review β„–1

People are starting to feel comfortable of going out and hit the mall 😁😁😁😁I love this Mall it is bigAlthough i have seen a lot of stores were close , it was been replaced by mostly places to eat 😁😊but my family always enjoy shopping in this mall

Review β„–2

Good food good people good prices

Review β„–3

Its a very well appointed Mall with a great choice of stores. Clean and modern. If you like Malls or find yourself needing to get something from one, this is a lovely choice.High praise from me because I do not like shopping at Malls.

Review β„–4

If you ever visit Seattle.. There are WONDERFUL Malls outside of Seattle. And the Westfield Southcenter is one.. Great Food, Wonderful Shopping, and theres a Movie Theater... Go exploring!!

Review β„–5

Somehow feeling more and more good shopping experience like in Vancouver BC, or Irvine California, diversity of food selections covered most Asian cuisines. Culture sense were centralized here, comparing to Bellevue, Edmond and Seattle. Its modern and lively.

Review β„–6

So much selection, good quality fresh treats. Just be careful though, it can be easy to want to try everything and rack up a bit of a bill. 😁

Review β„–7

Great mall with a variety of different stores. Many shops you know and love and many shops you may not know yet but will soon love like the $10 legging store..

Review β„–8

Havent been to a mall in almost 6 months! Man it smelled so good! I love mall vibes and most of all the Barbie truck was outside!!!!

Review β„–9

Very large mall and surounding retail. Prettymuch anything you could want restaurant wise.

Review β„–10

Im not much of a shopping mall person. In fact, I havent been to this particular mall since I was a kid. Wow! I was impressed. The improvements made on this place were wonderful. There were many new and unique stores to browse in and a wide selection of food choices for you to reboot your shopping energy. Wear comfy shoes if you are in the mood to really go nuts. There is so much to see and do here that you could spend all day shopping and then take in dinner and a movie without ever leaving. Highly recommended. Indoor skydiving anyone?

Review β„–11

Way too crowded! The mall was packed, especially by the food court. You wouldnt know if theres a pandemic going on! Long long lines at every eatery. Junk shops selling things nobody needs. Too much bright lights, junk stuff and too noisy, too crowded. The stores were virtually empty of shoppers tho. I couldnt wait to get out. This place gave me a big headache!

Review β„–12

Lots of shopping and dining options for the whole family. We visited Seattle, but mostly for the near by national parks and sceneries, and less on the city. Staying near South center was the best decision, many hotel options, easy driving and parking, the Southcenter mall and near by complexes has all the diverse food options (Dumpling, Ramen, Sushi, grill,...) from major restaurants. The shopping was fun as well.

Review β„–13

This retail complex has a wide variety of shopping alternatives as well as a large food court part that I enjoy. Everything was well-organized. Each floor has a customer care representative who can point you in the right route so you dont get lost. You had complete access to the comfort room. One of my favorite aspects of this shopping area. They were friendly to the environment.

Review β„–14

I don’t go to the mall often because I don’t like crowds, especially with COVID19. Very clean and not overly crowded. Following COVID19 guidelines with numerous hand sanitizer stations throughout. Went to get my child’s ear pierced and got some delicious food. The Asian section of markets and restaurants is fantastic!

Review β„–15

Best mall within the Seattle metropolitan area. Good variety of shopping, entertainment, and food. Theres a movie theater, Round 1, the only Jollibee around, and numerous stores you cant find at other malls nearby. Somewhat notorious as a place where fights break out - be smart and youll be fine.

Review β„–16

If youre looking to buy something, this is certainly one place to look. Many stores of many varieties along with lots of food options. As far as malls go, this is rather nice on the inside and is very well upkept. Its also prime as far as areas go. There are tons of stores such as Target located relatively near. A must visit if youre passing through the area and want to go to a mall.

Review β„–17

Nice mall. Very much alive. Typical businesses and a large food court.

Review β„–18

This is a beautiful mall. I always find what Im looking for.

Review β„–19

Yawn... I like this place better when it was called Southcenter.. I am not trying to sound all high and mighty however it just seems like this place is always busy and that you have to park quite a ways out for the building. Once you get inside its like okay however theres lots of like third-bit stores and tons of people that seem to always hang out there and use it as some sort of clubhouse meetup place. Fairly annoying and loud groups of people present there consistently. Good if you need to buy something right now and you need to find a place that sells what youre looking for.

Review β„–20

It was really huge shopping center !Because of COVID-19, I couldn’t eat inside the building unfortunately. Only take out !But So many brands and foods and clothes &shoes , So many interesting stuff was there !

Review β„–21

A great place to stroll, and even better when shopping is on your mind.

Review β„–22

So many great stores. to have some really cool stands like a cotton candy stand that makes custom cotton candy heads like Pikachu they also have places in there like virtual reality. and tons of stores my favorite happens to be the Lego store

Review β„–23

Ate at food court...very clean and food was tasty and hot.

Review β„–24

Great mall has tons of comic stores and anime shops if you’re into that stuff and lots of good food options to choose from. Definitely going back

Review β„–25

A gorgeous mall! Three floors with many many shops, and an expansive food court, topped with a movie theater. Very cool!

Review β„–26

Super fun! πŸ’– Went there with my mom and dad and we had a blast :) Its a HUGEE mall so be prepared to walk for HOURS! πŸ˜…

Review β„–27

Busy. But can get most things under one roof. Great outing place for family

Review β„–28

Best shopping mall in the entire area! Great parking options tons of space. Great shops the theater is awesome nice staff etc.

Review β„–29

A very nice wide open safe mall.

Review β„–30

Nice enough mall but terrible security. Stopped for food and some quick shopping after flying in to seatac and my car windows were bashed in and luggage stolen. In broad daylight. Officer whom I filed the report with stated this happens numerous times a day.. Enter at your own risk.

Review β„–31

Excellent area for restaurants and shopping. Feel relatively safe during visits but if you don’t like crowds then this is not the place for you. Parking can be challenging at times so put your walking shoes on to get to your destination once on-site.

Review β„–32

My first time there. It was nice experience.

Review β„–33

This is a Huge mall. With Lots of cool stores like daiso. The Food court is very good with lots of meal options, like the new mochinut donut shop. Also the 3rd floor is dedicated to a movie theater.

Review β„–34

Its a pretty mall. But it can also be really crowded. Not much can really be done about it. But it feels stifling when it.I like the assortment of shops that are there. There are some fun stores. The food choices are also nice and varried.

Review β„–35

Went to JC Penny and looked at dress shirts. Had the style I wanted but not in my size. Nice mall though

Review β„–36

Huge indoor shopping mall located near the airport has a bunch of stores ranging from clothing to CDs and music and more. Two food courts and a large arcade and bowling fun center awaits and adds more than just shopping options when coming here.

Review β„–37

Loved this mall with its clean feeling environment and great smells! Stores associates were very friendly and knowledgeable. The parking area was a highlight to the mall due to the fact that the weather in the area is generally 🌧️. Overall lots of stores opened up and thriving! Go spend some cash!

Review β„–38

I dont know if individual stores have updated hours on the mall website but I didnt see signs outside stores or restaurants that werent open.I prefer to go early but dont want to walk around for 1-2 hours waiting for places to open.

Review β„–39

This mall has EVERYTHING!food court is off the chain and best variety. None if that same ol mall trash. The theater has a mini IMAX and good seating.And easy to get to on I5 or I405.

Review β„–40

Nice place to visit sadly the best shops have long gone. But good diversity of stores not just bogged down with clothing stores like other malls

Review β„–41

I visited for just short period yesterday. To go in and get a massage at Oriental Massage to get a 20 minute back massage to back and 20 minutes to the feet. It is a great way to take off some stress from a hard day at work or long time on feet, after all your shopping. πŸ‘žπŸ‘ŸπŸ’†Michael the owner was great.

Review β„–42

Very good place to purchase a variety of items ranging from mobile phones to salmon. Very good number of well-known brands. Well maintained, lack in proper security.

Review β„–43

Just really fantastically bad service and behavior from staff and management of the Mall itself. Today 10/20/21 the mall closed many hours early, leading to hundreds of people walking up to doors, trying to get in, being confused and milling around. Turns out that they closed for some reason around 4 PM. Instead of doing the responsible thing and announcing this anywhere (social media, or even just putting signs up on the glass windows at entrances) they just kind of left... Everyone confused. I ended up having to call security because I was trying to get in with my wheelchair. They slurred into the phone that the mall is closed. Really, really embarrassing stuff. And thats just today.Last week we visited and decided to use one of the complimentary wheelchairs instead of me packing mine into the car. Theres no actual security on the floor where theyre supposed to be, so you call a number and they ask you where you are to get one brought to you, or to return one. We called twice, got assured that one was coming, sat for a total of about 40 minutes before calling a third time and finally getting someone to come out. Every time a different person answered and assured us that someone would be right there.If youre going to offer accommodations for the handicapped, have the respect for them that they deserve. It does not take 40 minutes to wheel an empty wheelchair to Nordstrom. Its really not that hard to accomplish the bare minimum, and yet here we are. I wish this was a one time occurence, but Southcenter is just really poorly run and its internal mall staff are either poorly trained, overworked, or likely both.Dont treat the disabled like this, its not okay.

Review β„–44

Tons of shops and a huge mall made it fun to explore without feeling like youre in a sardine can. WARNING!! The parking spots are INCREDIBLY narrow, so keep that in mind depending on the (or value) of your car! I was scared my Audi would get scraped on either side. Thankfully though, it wasnt.

Review β„–45

Im in love with this mall and joked that next time Im in town I was going to stay at the hotel next to it. So much good food options here, not enough time.

Review β„–46

Nice clean mall. Not too crowded. Plenty of shops and restaurants.

Review β„–47

Very impressive mall this place is huge we didnt even have time to look at everything but forever 21 had two floors. That was cool. Nice food court. Very clean.

Review β„–48

The mall is big. Wonderful shops. Very clean. My only concerns , had a hard time finding information signs telling where the shops where located. They have two floors and the clientele can be a bit sketchy. Just be aware of your surroundings.

Review β„–49

NO ONE HERE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU. I REPEAT. NO ONE HERE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU.I left a bad 9 months ago and Im here to do it again. Nothing about this mall has changed since. A lot of the employees have toxic, bad attitudes. Also, it feels like a struggle to get someone to look you in the eye. Passive aggressiveness is rampant here. Its mostly the same typical weird behavior that youll constantly encounter in king county.The employees dont even try to fake it. Like at least pretend that your bubbly and enthusiastic. I dont expect you to roll out a red carpet out for me, but I shouldnt be getting better customer service at McDonalds. The only way I can rationalize it is that they either become apathetic; theyre just teenagers, or they just learn the contagious toxic behavior from others.Communication doesnt stop at what you say with your mouth. And nothing is ever going to change because the managers dont care. Maybe I should just assimilate and be like yall. Never coming back.

Review β„–50

This is a fun mall with lots of shops and restaurants. This mall is very much alive and has great snack stands all over.

Review β„–51

Big mall with many niche shops and great restaurants. Tons of parking, though this mall is very busy, so finding a spot can take a little bit of time.

Review β„–52

This place is so huge some of the businesses have two locations. It’s the best place to wonder around for a treat on an in climate Weather kind of day. There is a Disney Store. Just outside is a glorious Cheesecake Factory. Did you know you can step in and order a delectable hunk of cheese haven to go? Lots of shops for new apparel or gifts. What a great Mall.

Review β„–53

Tons of restaurants and interesting shops. Not just tons of clothing and phone stores. Some of the food court places could improve their quality some, but it is a food court.

Review β„–54

Has alot of stores in it and plenty of local shopping around as well. It also has lots of snacks and boba tea. Also restaurants all over around within a mile. Nice area.

Review β„–55

Nice large mall with plenty of stores.

Review β„–56

Good selection of retail stores to choose from. Lots having 40 to 50 percent off sales in store. Drawbacks were that it was hard to find a parking space and the mall was crowded. Because we found it a challenge to social distance, we went to one store only to get what we needed and left directly afterwards.

Review β„–57

This place is nice, clean stores, typical mall

Review β„–58

Sad to see that Ivars seafood bar is gone!!Always used to love to stop by there and have some fish and chips!Will be sorely missed 😟

Review β„–59

A large, fairly busy mall. Not great if you need to keep personal space from people. If you want to window shop and spend a lot of money on a day out this is an excellent place for it, they even have a hidden Sears!Whether youre here for a movie or a snack at the food court, this place sure does have a lot for you!

Review β„–60

Huge mall.. Use the map else youll never find anything. And definitely hit up the tequila bar

Review β„–61

Clean and bright. Lots of people. Went to the AMC theater and dinner in the food court right before. Great place to hang out with friends and family

Review β„–62

This is a nice mall. It’s is quite large and Tukwila has a lot of other big box stores, just about everything is here. There are also some great restaurants in the mall, and the food court isn’t bad. Malls definitely have been struggling, but Southcenter seems to be doing well.

Review β„–63

It was nice going back to my favorite mall.

Review β„–64

Large mall. Easy to shop. All the stores seem to grouped together. It made some of the wings more congested than others, but it also made searching for a particular item painless. I was looking for sneakers and all the shoe stores were side by side. Was able to not just find the shoes but compare shop prices in seconds. Busy mall though. Needs a little help with cleaning in the walk way but with the amount of foot traffic, I can see how that would be difficult to keep up. Prices were better than Seattles.

Review β„–65

Always come here when I visit Seattle!

Review β„–66

They have a good variety of stores, but they should have more maps to locate them.

Review β„–67

This is the best shopping mall in the Seattle area. Good shops, good food, and clean. Highly Recommend!

Review β„–68

The BEST mall around, Most mall owners dont know how to run a mall and their the reason most are dead, At least the owners HERE know how to run a mall, Hopefully this is one of the FEW malls that never die as we need indoor shopping ESPECIALLY with the hot heat and rain and wind snow etc.!TONS of Variety too! Nice and Modern also :D Sears exists yay!

Review β„–69

Gotta love this mall. Bit of a maze, but you can stay entertained all day wandering around here.

Review β„–70

Very conveniently located close to SeaTac Airport. I came in from a long flight from Guam (via Hawaii) and it was a great place to stop over, get a quick bite, and pick up a local SIM card for my mobile.

Review β„–71

The mall was nice. I enjoyed visiting the stores that are not in my city especially shopping at the ones with great sales. The food was beyond delicious. My friend and I thought the food court couldve been a little bigger in perspective of restaurants/food vendors. There was plenty of sitting space but the number of food choices could have been just a little bigger. Overall, I enjoyed visiting there.

Review β„–72

Ideal place to shop with family and friends. Good choice of food.

Review β„–73

Was pleased to see many shops open.. a lot to do. Good times

Review β„–74

I rarely visit malls but this one looks pretty nice and they have huge food court and AMC theater

Review β„–75

Awesome place to go if you never been I just went for the food its pretty good seafood city has good stuff too check it out and potato corner

Review β„–76

This was the best mall we went to lots of high end as well normal shops with the addition of seafood city market next-door

Review β„–77

Nice to have a vibrant mall with such a variety of shops to fit every need or want.

Review β„–78

Nice mall! Got several store I never heard of before and theyre dope. Need several more store options, but you can find what youre looking for most of the time.

Review β„–79

Going to the mall on a Saturday night reminded me of being a kid, and have fun malls can be!

Review β„–80

After this quarantine. It feels good to finally go out. Having so much fun

Review β„–81

This mall has everything. This place has a movie theater and two floors of expansive shopping and dining. There are so many cool unique shops and restaurants, if you are in the SeaTac area trying to burn some time or want something nice, definitely come to this mall.

Review β„–82

Spent the day here with the family when it was over 100 degrees out! Overall a safe clean place. Loved that a theatre was attached. Plenty to do and see here

Review β„–83

This is my favorite mall to visit when I’m in the sea-tac area. It’s big, clean, and has lots of variety with stores. I’ve never had any bad experiences with workers, and the food here is good as well. Highly recommend!

Review β„–84

So I went to Rockett burgers and I order 2 order of chicken wings . I ask for ranch but they only give me 1 . So when I ask for one more they say I was gonna be a dollar extra .. then I ask! I order 2 dishes and you are only giving me 1 side of ranch ? Not only that but youre changing me for a side a ranch .. when I think every order should have a side a ranch at least.. ?? I think Idk but I dont recommend you go there unless you bring you ranch lol !! Food is good but service not good at all ..

Review β„–85

This place has the Grill City, Chow King and Jollibee! What more can an American Filipino ask for more. I visit this place not often enough from Portland, and I always get Filipino food enough to last for 2 weeks. I wish theres one in Portland. πŸ˜€

Review β„–86

I am glad this was the first mall I had been to in over 18 months.Warm and inviting....people were notch!!

Review β„–87

Came with the intentions to shop, but the fact that so much has changed. They made so much room but customers dont have any places to sit. They need to make arrangements for rest areas within the mall. I went in wanting to shop but walking around the new mall, and nowhere to rest unless you go to the food court or find seats in an area amongst other people.

Review β„–88

Standard American mall. Usually has fun events and a bunch of stores and kiosks that come and go.

Review β„–89

Bus service was great. The mall was clean and not too many people there. The clerks were helpful but not pushy. I found exactly what I went there for. JC PENNY however seemed to not have much stock in womens dress shoes but I did find a good selection at Sears.

Review β„–90

I have noticed the malls are not what they used to be I had a hell of a time finding what I wanted in fact I did not find what I wanted at the mall sent to a couple of different places where I didnt find the Seahawks items I wanted but I will say this there was an Hispanic snack place there it had a really good drink I wish I could remember what it was called but it was coconut and cinnamon and it was nummy they were very nice here

Review β„–91

I am just not a fan of the really big crowded super malls. I am sure Southcenter is a fine mall. It would make an awesome location for a zombie apocalyptic movie!!

Review β„–92

I love this mall. I just hope they add more tables on the weekends to the dining area as it gets hard to find a place to sit and eat.

Review β„–93

Dressed for Christmas! Easy to find the stores. It is very clean, inviting, and bright. Location is central, tons of restaurants around. Easy on/off the 5.

Review β„–94

I love this mall, the sushi place in the back is amazing and offers all you can eat. I also get the machine donuts that just moved in.

Review β„–95

Hand sanitizer everywhere! Clean facilities, good temperature, well lit... A good experience overall

Review β„–96

Great place to hang out near the airport. Best place to beat the traffic early and spend time on a Friday evening prior to your flight! Has really cool shopping centres and food court.

Review β„–97

They have new stars new vendors and also new food that I love it

Review β„–98

This is the family lounge/play area for your children! This is the most disgusting carpet Ive ever seen in a public facility especially one designated floor Children!This is unacceptable and downright revolting!

Review β„–99

The only good mall in the Seattle area, with a good selection of shops and food. Now stellar, but Covid be like that - but the mall is making a good recovery.

Review β„–100

Love it! I love taking my family and we got right in for Santa pictures! Santa was super nice and took time out to greet our little 3 month old daughter it was great!

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