Bed Bath & Beyond
2600 SW Barton St, Seattle, WA 98126, United States

Review №1

Fantastic experience. I only had to ask one sales person if they had the item I was looking for. They said yes and then took me to it and showed me the different ones they had. Great Service.

Review №2

I was honestly astounded at the great service I received. I just stopped in for a quick gift pick up. I had a question the knowledgeable staff helped me with and upon checkout they even helped me with a coupon for my item. I needed to secret the gift into the house, so they helped me bag it up (it was an awkwardly large item that didn’t fit in a normal bag) and cover it so I could bring it home in secret. Upon leaving I was honestly astounded and the high level of service I received from just a quick trip to grab and go. Such friendly, helpful people!

Review №3

I placed a order online and didn’t see it was going to another store for pickup. It was for a heating blanket for a senior citizen. After the salesgirl explained the situation,I asked if they had any heating blankets similar. I would even pay more money. She didn’t even bother to take 1 minute to check. She just said “nope all sold out.”Very dismissive. So I went over to the blanket section to see if I could find a warm blanket and wouldn’t you know, a section full of heating blankets. I informed the manager about the situation and she said they might of just came in. I said they are different brands and lots of varieties. She said I should always ask a manager and not bother with the girls up front. They make it a point to greet you thru out the store but no one can actually help you make a purchase. I was going to go home. I informed the girl upfront and told her in case someone else is inquiring about heating blankets,they would know they did have a full section and it would not be a lost sale for the store. She just shrugged and said “sorry about that.” Well, I guess that’s why people shop at Amazon!

Review №4

I was welcomed at the door and directed to the products I was after

Review №5

I love this store. Always go here when i cant find anywhere else. The only thing that i dont like is, they ask if Im joined in the rewards program. I have signed up multiple times, only to find out every time i go in, no info on me. This last time, i went in to buy summer out door lights. When asked about my info for rewards, i said yes, and entered phone number. No info in system yet again. I wasnt mad, but frustrated..i just said to the clerk, i dont understand why this keeps happening. I immediately heard a male voice coming from somewhere. Is there a problem? Repeated several times before i even knew who was talking to me. I dont even know who this person was. A manager im guessing. I explained & in short was told that it was my fault that I had to confirm an email before it became active. What? Never told this before. You get discounts for phurchases when signed up. I had to step out of line, suspend my transaction & there was no email. Im like just forget it, let me buy my stuff & get out of here. He didnt give me a coupon for my purchase, for my trouble...just left me there. I probably will avoid going here now. Not customer friendly. He made me feel like i was a problem. They asked me, They offered this program. I didnt ask for it.

Review №6

A very good and well stock Bed Bath & Beyond in Westwood Village in Seattle. Walked in and was immediately asked by an employee if I needed help finding anything, which he found for me right away.

Review №7

I loved!! I really found what I was looking for and they take care of you all very well

Review №8

Great store...could use some organization and product knowledge

Review №9

I was able to get the perfect most granny cart. Not too flimsy, not too heavy. Very helpful customer service. The other item is currently out of stock.

Review №10

Nora helped me order a product, it was pleasant and efficient.

Review №11

25% off your purchase!!

Review №12

Clean, orderly. Easy to find section you are looking for. Excellent selection of kitchen accessories

Review №13

Good selection of high quality products and everything you could need and more.

Review №14

Nice Manger, she very kind

Review №15

Ok. Not a whole lot of selections.

Review №16

It use to be my first choice for all household products, but I think in some areas the quality is more like an average department store, like Target. It used to be a couple of notches above Target. To be fair, I like the dishes and towel selection. The people are very helpful and polite. Im not a fan of some of the kitchen products or bedding anymore. The last time I purchased sheets, I returned them. I typically purchase Pima cotton with the highest thread count. They felt scratchier than normal and I had two sets rip in a few months.

Review №17

Not bad, didn’t make a purchase so that’s why 4 stars.

Review №18

Its chill, not great or bad, pretty convenient, decent prices, decent store size and options.

Review №19

Quality items in this store...I love taking advantage of the coupons too!

Review №20

The staff was very helpful and courteous

Review №21

The Westwood village store actually didnt have what I was searching for.

Review №22

Good selection, friendly staff.

Review №23

The people were helpful and I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this store.

Review №24

Great customer service while doing a return.

Review №25

The people that work there are great! I mentioned that I just moved to Seattle and the manager made sure that I knew if I got any coupons to come back for a price adjustment -- I ended up getting $200 back because of how much I originally spent.

Review №26

I go in there when I need something that I cant find anywhere else and its close to my all and its very reasonable on their very clean

Review №27

Like this place.I can see all I need and I want on this store.

Review №28

I love this store! They have everything you could possibly need. The employees are so helpful and nice. Great deals and don’t forget your 20%-off coupon. 😁

Review №29

Enjoy shopping here. Fair selection SodaStream and Keurig products.

Review №30

Bed Bath & Beyond for some reason doesnt come to mind when Im looking for a household item but twice now I found exactly what I was looking for here when I couldnt find it anywhere else. First, it was a very nice light weight step stool. Then, yesterday, I found a nice juicer/reamer to hand juice my oranges and lemons I got on vacation from California. I was very pleased. I could look around this place for hours with their selection of home items! Customer service is great too!

Review №31

This is a fun place to go to. Fun and very full of pretty much everything you could need. Got tons of stuff for Christmas from there. Super nice people and very helpful. the employees there are always very friendly and willing to help you out. If they have any sales they will let you know if you ask about it. it takes a little bit to get used to the layout, but usually you can find everything you need just by looking around. I like this place. Definitely a good place to go to get stuff for your house or for presents for friends. Good stuff. :)

Review №32

I went in late night to purchase a comforter. While looking, we were assisted by one of the staff members who was absolutely amazing!! She took the time to help my wife and I pick out the perfect comforter that worked for both of us! Although she had other tasks to complete before closing, she put the customers first and because of the customer service, not only will I return to shop here. Ill recommend this location to others!

Review №33

GREAT shopping for a great variety, helpful and courteous staff

Review №34

Earlier this week, I picked up a tiered serving tray for about $30 from B. Smith that is very beautiful. The layout of this store is great, as are all the BBBs. I hope they can survive whatever is happening to close the stores.

Review №35

This store has the friendliest and most helpful employees! Whenever you walk thru the door they always welcome you.There is a lot of great inventory and found exactly what I needed .

Review №36

Best of everything

Review №37

Extra staff in the store to assist me. Helpful and friendly. I was in and out in no time. Love those 20% coupons too.

Review №38

Nice selections. Friendly people who are interested in serving you. Would recommend shopping there.

Review №39

Love the app and the great selection.

Review №40

Its a very nice store in Westwood village in West Seattle. It has plenty of parking in a fairly good staff. Although, it looks to me like they could use a couple more people. Whats the checkout line was quick and they had everything I need. Nice place.....

Review №41

Sales help was very helpful in getting me what i needed. I was given the display curtain cause they were out of the color i wanted. Its a little pricey but good quality stuff.

Review №42

I like that the store is dense, without being cluttered. Very European feel. Why waste space? And you cant go wrong with 20% off coupons.

Review №43

Lots of selection, prices vary from reasonable to expensive so worth double checking against other stores that carry the same items. This store seemed to have a lot of items out of stock.

Review №44

Item I wanted (x5) only had 1. Help sought. No more in stock, discontinued even, but could and did order for delivery. Great service even with wandering customers seeking inspiration in their search for a Christmas gift

Review №45

Easy pick up of on line orders, great service

Review №46

Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Prices marked clearly. Fun place to browse. Lots of useful products

Review №47

They did not have any clean supplies like the downtown Seattle location used to have.

Review №48

Good service

Review №49

Fast and friendly service

Review №50

Had to get a nice pot.

Review №51

They are always very helpful and courteous

Review №52

Nice people. Courteous. You just have to buy something you need if it is on sale. But some stuff you can not find anywhere else. Good idea to stop first then shop around, then you may come back. One minor complain. You have to ask two people for an inventory item, one of them may say no, we dont have it, the other takes you to item, but they are very nice and pleasant people.

Review №53

Love this place. Came in to buy a grill I saw on TV and was hesitant. The associate assured me that if there are problem they will replace it within a year. Mind at ease and love my new smokeless grill

Review №54

BBBs aren’t my preferred place to shop, but they are functional. You can find home goods like brooms/mops, bath mats, small appliances, towels, etc. (I went for a toilet seat). The store is pretty small, so you won’t usually have a large selection, mainly the low-cost to middle of the road options.The cashier was super nice on my trip.

Review №55

Looking for specific item. Found it and found a comparison that set it to a best deal. Have many varities to choose from. Awesome. Friendly staff

Review №56

As a person who gets overwhelmed easily, i always forget how packed these stores are.aisles are not good to get shopping carts around. def not good for someone with disabilities.but the workers seemed nice. store was labelled clearly.

Review №57

I find household items of good quality and when I forget my coupons, they can get honored when I return with my receipt.

Review №58

This place is so jam-packed with stuff, its not a pleasant shipping experience. Went for sheets, all the good (not scratchy) ones are very expensive. Hard to find a deal. Not a lot of staff on the floor to answer questions or check prices. Pretty much a place to be avoided unless you actually have to touch the product, like sheets.

Review №59

This is my comfort food layed back go to place. ❤👍

Review №60

Always use my 20% coupons to pamper thy self

Review №61

I just had the most helpful employee. Her name was Beasia (sp). Store does not carry item any longer but she took the time to order it for me and shipped to my home. Sweet person. Thank you.

Review №62

I was excited to buy the new shark rumba but what a terrible experience!STAFF was so rude and when i asked maria to help me she ignored at the front counter and continued to gossip with co worker.The bigger one with glasses then a young lady came to do a return with the reciept the Id her and refused it without id .I am confused about that return with original sales reciept id?Are u kidding me .Then wen the lady tried to get the right size the item she was returning they called security on her who was this obnoxious circus guy who was harrassing her for no apparent reason !This behavior is totally unacceptable!Racial Profiling at its WORSE I will never spend another cent in here!

Review №63

Everything as seen on TV, nothing you actually need. Pretty much everything is cheaper on Amazon.

Review №64

Clean and friendly staff, the location is with in a nice shopping center

Review №65

One of my favorite stores I hear theyre going away though

Review №66

Helpfull staff.

Review №67

Very helpful staff! Staff was committed to assisting me to find perfect gift for my mother.

Review №68


Review №69

Didnt have most of my items.

Review №70

Large array of literally everything.

Review №71

Whats not to love??? Great help/advice. Super products, just too much to take in in 1 visit. Whew, I have to keep myself away or Ill go broke!!

Review №72

Bed Bath & Beyond has the best kitchen accessories selection, this is the place I go to get my kitchen supplies.

Review №73

It was very helpful, and so was the staff

Review №74

Great store. Employees are knowledgeable and efficient. The manager of the store trains The staff well.

Review №75

I love these stores so much but I was treated rudely crib the manager at this location and for absolutely no reason at all

Review №76

Waited 30 minutes for an employee to ask if I had any questions. Left after nobody cared to check on their employees. Walked into the parking lot and ordered the product I was interested in off of Amazon.

Review №77

Meh, its ok for the usual. Good service though

Review №78

They had everything I needed. Glad theyre back open.

Review №79

Great place got what I need great customer service 👍

Review №80

All BB&Bs are fun, but Westwood Village is about as easy a one to get around as there is.

Review №81

I found here what Ive been looking for... the garlic and herb mincer like no other. Thank you Bed Bath & Beyond!

Review №82

Great customer service

Review №83

I love there is a good assortment of things and very nice ... the price is right and there are very good promotions ...

Review №84

Its tucked away in the back of the shopping center, so far back that for about 6 months I was sure it has closed and been replaced with something else. I should use my GPS more often! Its your typical BB&B. It seems bigger on the inside, almost Tardis like in that regard. Plenty of selection from the low, mid and high price points in just about every category of stuff.

Review №85

It seems it is more costly than other stores

Review №86

What a great store! A great shopping experience.

Review №87

The servicing agent was extremely curtious, helpful and efficient and processed my order very expeditiously.

Review №88

Love this place! So many cool things to get here

Review №89

This store has fantastic customer service reps that are super helpful, knowledgable and proffesional as well as great deals at the entrance and in the aisle ways. When checking out I randomly mentioned an item I was looking at online but they didnt have in store. Immediately, without hesitation, the women that was checking me out instantly remembered that they had just recently recieved the exact same item I was looking for as a return because of a small chip in the corner. I followed her to the other side of the store and sure enough the exact entry way bench I had been looking for was sitting there marked down....way down, due to the chip and horribly damaged packaging. I got a $100 entry way bench for 22 bucks because this employee was so conscious and knowledgeable of what they had in current stock and her willingness to help me caught me by surprise in the best way possible. I spoke with 3 different employees that day and all 3 had great attitudes and appeared to be willing to do anything within reason to assist their customers.

Review №90

Like take care of your buying Needs. Great customer service 😃

Review №91

You can find amazing discounts, along with a 20% single purchase coupon.

Review №92

Great prices and customer service.

Review №93

Help found me what I was looking for

Review №94

Great service and wonderful staff..products selected..and hassels..

Review №95

Love love love this place!!! Lots of great things.

Review №96

I can totally find what Im looking for at an affordable cost. My only complaint is that this store tends to be messy, whether its shelves not organized correctly or items not placed where they should be.

Review №97

Smaller version of their larger stores, doesnt have everything in store but they can order for you. Good customer service.

Review №98

Very helpful and friendly staff!

Review №99

The staff is very helpful. Everytime I visit i leave with what i went for and more even if it is not on hand in the store.

Review №100

I like this location for the cleanliness and item availabilty. The downside to this location is that they dont have enough floor staff. Several times have I been here and there hasnt been anyone readily availble on the floor. You can always find a staff member at the register but its a bit of a hassle if you have to walk all the way across the store.

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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