Amazon 4-star
2101 Westlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

Review №1

Excellent service from staff. The layout was really well done. Every corner is inviting brightly lit and its like going into a Barnes and Nobles with much more variety for most types of people finding at least a couple things they like. Of course, all well reviewed items that you can likely find on probably for cheaper. Ha. Great place to get ideas though.

Review №2

My visit was AWESOME,. I was spoken to from the moment I entered the store and by the time I reached the sales counter I had been assisted by a total of 4 floor sales persons.. and an added bonus EMMA, the counter person assisted me and with her knowledge of the stores daily sales and her being easy to speak with I ended up leaving with 2 pet wireless GPS devices for Xmas presents.. and with a whooping 40% off👍

Review №3

The service is top notch and the products are super fun to look at. A popular spot in my Amazon tour and also convenient place to grab last-minute gifts. I love Amazon and Amazon 4-star!!!

Review №4

Customer service was terrible. I was just walking around trying to see what they had, but was constantly being bothered by the employees coming up and repeatedly asking if I needed help with anything. No matter how many times I told them I was just looking around and would let them know if I had any questions, they wouldnt stop harassing me.

Review №5

This store is so cool! As the name implies, it sells items that are 4 stars or more on Amazon. It has a really wide array of items. There is something for everyone and there is special prime pricing. Definitely recommend checking this place out!

Review №6

This place was just like walking into a Barnes and Nobel but with so much more. What made this place a 5 star was the employee service and ease of checkout. It was nice to be recognized as a Prime member.

Review №7

Very cool store! All the stuff you want! Amazon pop-up right next store.

Review №8

Great store to check out of your in the area. The store has hundreds of items you didnt know you needed. From good books, to kitchen utensils, I never know what Im going to find, but its always good.

Review №9

I have to say the experience was excellent. It was my first time at this store and I was returning a couple items. The person behind the counter was super helpful and made it easy for me. I want to give them all the best, they were just wonderful.

Review №10

Great cross-section of items from electronics to toys to household goods, books, stationary, and even beds. Its pretty convenient to be able to pay through my amazon account and easy returns as well. Staff is always friendly and welcoming. Only negative (which is not important enough to dock a star) is some items are in a few different places in the store, for example headphones. It makes it hard to know if Im comparing the full availability of a given product or if more is available elsewhere in the store.

Review №11

Jeff and Ruth in this store are professional and friendly. This was my first Amazon store I visited. Jeff kindly explained to me how it worked and items the store carried, and highlighted functionality of the store. Ruth helped me to shop for a fountain pen (though I did not end up with buying). I had good experience overall.

Review №12

Very unique & high end online/in-store/pick-up/drop-offAll the 4 services are in 1 store. Nice job AMZN.

Review №13

Interesting story thy we came across but accident. Its a good place for you to test all the Amazon Echo products. Its interesting to see what people are buying online. There are some good sales for Prime members as well. They mentioned that Prime members from Canada can also get the discounts. Pretty cool.

Review №14

Very kind staff! Great discounts for Amazon Prime members. Had a cool experience with contactless payout using my amazon app!

Review №15

Although I thought it was going to be bigger, it was still fun to see everything they had. Theres a variety of things to look at from books to electronics to kitchen items. And everything is rated 4 stars and up!

Review №16

Love the concept of this store! Having only 4-star and above items ensures that whatever you buy from the store is certain to be good at what it claims to do. Well played Amazon!

Review №17

The description stated Department Store, it was like a convenience store.Parking: Good Luck street parking or pay for garage parking.Small store, so not many items.Clean store.Not crowded during our visit.

Review №18

It’s just OKAY. I’m not quite sure what the purpose of the Amazon 4 star store is though. They have a lot of variety of different products, books, toys, electronics and kitchen wares that they are selling there. I was just curious about the store so I went in to look around and see what it was all about. Staff was nice though.

Review №19

Cool place. Lots of home goods.. and stuff.

Review №20

Go there often - one if the best customer service in seattle as an establishment.

Review №21

I visit Amazon 4-star to pick up trending items featured on The prices are the same as what you will find online, but the selection is limited compared to what you may be used to. The customer service has always been excellent and I can usually find what I need when grabbing a last minute gift.

Review №22

Amazons brick and mortar store that offers products that are highly rated on its website. Prime members still get discount for the products offered.

Review №23

Like a normal store but with highly rated Amazon products, no food or snacks, small too.

Review №24

Neat place!

Review №25

Beautiful store, and informed staff. I enjoyed visiting this store and will go back again soon.

Review №26

This place is like scrolling on your phone... but in person. Super addicting and fun. Cant want to there are more of these in Texas.

Review №27

Very nice store. Has a good variety of products that are 4 star and above. It’s an absolute must if you are touring Seattle.

Review №28

Im spoiled. My only complaint would be that the checkout process could be more automated. This is coming from the perspective of having walked over from Amazon Go, right before I was in Amazon 4-star. Id like to see the same technology implemented here.

Review №29

Really cool store, not like anything Ive seen before! Worth checking out if youre in the area

Review №30

Its an in person Amazon store. WoW(sarcastic).

Review №31

Really great spot to pick up your packages from. also had some great deals on books. major shout out to Emma who works at this location. she was really sweet, super helpful and we had a wonderful conversation about books and life. Excellent service and great experience all around

Review №32

Cool place with lots of stuff. Books are especially discounted.

Review №33

It has really eandom stuff in it, good for just walking in when you have alot of time on your hands and you just happen to find something you like

Review №34

I can meet new trend in this store.

Review №35

There were a wide variety of items available. It’s interesting to see the selected reviews for each item. Ultimately I didn’t buy anything because I a just visiting Seattle and almost nothing was less expensive than just having it shipped home directly.

Review №36

It was a good to see a variety of top rated products. They were running some offers and very friendly staff.

Review №37

Novel idea that likely will work for tourists more than locals. Inventory choices are like a thrift store, only brand new - you have no idea whatll be in stock. I suppose not unlike Sharper Image or Brookstone, only more practical?

Review №38

I give Amazon 4 star 5 stars! Customer service is excellent and theyve got a very large selection of items that are the same price as on Definitely recommend a visit.

Review №39

Easy returns and helpful friendly staff

Review №40

I always wondered what a physical amazon store would be, and I must say its better than I expected. Very modern feel and lots of unique products on display. There is a heavy theme on Amazons own electronics, but what do you expect, they are competing with Apple. I expect to be back again shortly for some Christmas shopping for those few items I want to put in my hands before purchasing.

Review №41

Great store... Be careful though, youll walk out with something you didnt know you needed (and probably dont)... Anyways, you get the Amazon Prime discount even if your prime account is from a different country, just show your membership at the counter.

Review №42

I went into get a amazon basics usb C cable, quickly found myself lost in all the quirky products. Favorite is the kitchenware.

Review №43

A mini version of amazon... I was expecting one of the item I thought popular to be there and it is 😀

Review №44

Absolutely wonderful Experience!The young lady behind the counter, I cant remember her name but she was Fantastic!She showed me another way to pay for my blender. From my Amazon Account! The lady that helped me in the store as well!😁✌️

Review №45

Very Friendly staff. Social distancing well maintained. Lot of great items. The order in which they are placed is little different but everything is easy to find. Good place to browse for all the holiday gift options.

Review №46

Right next to Amazon re:invent building. This is the very example of Amazon retail store. It is very close to Amazon campus, the sphere, the first Amazon Go store. A hidden gem for your Amazon tour

Review №47

If you love Amazon, you need to go here! It will be the best thing to happen to your dying bank account.

Review №48

Staff saw that I was carrying multiple items and offers a basket, great service

Review №49

Not bad. I give it 4 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №50

Very pleasant store, super helpful, great products.

Review №51

What a cool little place! Ive now been there twice and Im so glad I found this spot. I recently moved to Seattle and Im finding all these Amazon shops really fun. Its nice to look around and see the 4-star items that are available in person. The service is also da-bomb. Its been a long time since Ive seen that level of service a retail establishment, especially for a larger retailer.

Review №52

Like the products they sell, its a 4 star stroe.

Review №53

Love this store. Biggest and brightest gadgets on the market. One can never have enough money when going here

Review №54

This is a cool place to check out especially if youre interested in Amazon products. All the stuff in the store has a nice demo unit to take a look at. It also just so happened to have switches in stock so I picked one up here when I could t find it anywhere else.

Review №55

Super fun experience to be able to go into a physical Amazon store! Definitely recommend to check this place out of you like shopping on Amazon.

Review №56

Pretty good instore deals. I would recommend peeping in for a good deal if you walk across an amazon 4 star store

Review №57

A great place to see new technology, startup or entrepreneurs products of the usa

Review №58

Great customer service. My greeter was informative and personable.

Review №59

I am a regular customer of this Retail Stores. The thing that I like is the great quality of products at a very affordable price.

Review №60

I just have to say... the cutest staff member I have ever seen is Logan. Absolutely adorable, great customer service... he’s such a gem and deserves a raise! ;)

Review №61

Really cool store with plenty of items like kitchen items, home decor, tons of smart home items, a whole kids section separated into age ranges with appropriate toys for each age, board and card games, computer accessories, a large selection of physical books, and more. I noticed probably half of the items had a lower price for prime members, which I think is due to the lack of shipping cost, so they can pass the savings on to you. Moderately sized place, probably around 1000 sq ft.

Review №62

Good service and impressive selection

Review №63

So easy to drop off returns!

Review №64

This place is very cool and convienent most of the time. However lately they have been inconsistent with the Amazon pay feature. I always use this payment method but the last two times I’ve been asked to use my physical card after already using my mobile wallet. They say it is for security purposes but none of my friend have to do the same. I feel like I’ve been singled out somehow.

Review №65

Got a 20% discount... that was a plus

Review №66

Everybody working there was super nice! Plus, it was super cool shopping in person from amazon. They had great deals

Review №67

Helpful staff. Various selections

Review №68

Great customer service! Every person on the floor greeted me. I was able to browse in relative peace. Also, I was offered assistance when I looked perplexed. Great COVID safety. (I held the item and the rep scanned it from behind the glass.) Bonus: if you’re a Prime member, there are a few items on discount due to being a Prime member. A great overall shopping experience.

Review №69

It is a physical amazon store with things that have a 4 star or above rating on Amazon. If you pay with a card that you use on your amazon account, they can find you and then you will get prime pricing if you currently have Amazon prime. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №70

Great products, discounts for prime members, friendly staff!

Review №71

Got to admit love this store. Employees are young and helpful. Stocked with popular and highly reviewed items only. Amazon please do not replace your employees with robots...and open more of these little stores.

Review №72

Close to Amazon Spheres, a perfect place to go and actually see all those 4 star and greater rated items on

Review №73

Great for discovering things, or if you happen to be looking to get something THAT day. Employees were nice and accommodating.

Review №74

Super friendly staff, good selection of goods, clear layout, always able to find something interesting.

Review №75

Its weird having a shop that never has a consistent theme or purpose. I cant imagine a reason to go in other than Im buying a gift and I dont know what to get or Im returning something. The returns are very useful though, so thats cool.

Review №76

Nice people there, not crowded.

Review №77

Liked the shopping location. Excelled customer service,

Review №78

Nice store and service

Review №79

Nice to walk in and out buying something that no need for a card or cash its Awesome.

Review №80

I thought Id need an app to enter and purchase things but didnt. Very helpful staff led me to what I was looking for immediately. Seems Amazon is getting brick & mortar figured out, too.

Review №81

Friendly workers and very good with the social distancing here at the shop. love my experience there!

Review №82

Good selection of physical products to try before you buy.

Review №83

Amazing store and the staff was awesome and very helpful found everything I was looking for and a few things I didnt know I needed thanks.

Review №84

Its good collection of products but you can buy everything online as well.

Review №85

Chill place to sit at the small park, also go and check out the stores they have.

Review №86

We had a good experience here. Staff were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely come here again.

Review №87

If the top things sold on as Amazon was a physical store you have this place. They are constantly changing items depending on what is trending. Instead of looking at pictures of items you have the chance to actually feel quality if items.

Review №88

All the staff was very nice and helpful. Theres a variety of products with the best reviews on Amazon and sometimes they have very good Amazon deals!

Review №89

It was an easy in and out with the exception of the parking!! Great customer service.

Review №90

They need to have more stuff

Review №91

Great selection of trending items.

Review №92

This is pretty much if you took a webpage of Amazon’s best selling items, and then turned it into a physical space. It’s cool to see but not worth going out of your way for. They do have great discounts for Prime members.

Review №93

Amazons 4 star store is only a 3 star. Good idea in theory but that store is somewhat unorganized and its hard to find things and the store contents are electic and a Mish mash of things.

Review №94

I dont know why this store exists. Its like a small warehouse which someone came and sorted a couple of things so you can buy something!!!

Review №95

Very helpful staff, good selection of products especially home goods.

Review №96

My goto store for shopping books and board games. It is located at convenient distances in the seattle downtown. Though i wish they had more catalogue and space. Staff is super friendly and helpful.

Review №97

Nice staff. Cool products!!!

Review №98

Loved this. Wish there was one in the Bay Area!

Review №99

To be honest, Amazon prime is already dangerous to my bank account. Now they have a brick and mortar store with curated, popular, top-rated products? Hey Amazon! Why dont ya just take my wife and kids to!!??!!? The vibe here is very inviting. I will say that I does get quite packed. They have so many products and so many people in one place. It can get difficult to navigate. Still an amazing store!

Review №100

This place is just cool. I love it. Great deals for Prime members too.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:2101 Westlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 206-223-4277
  • Department store
  • Book store
  • Electronics store
  • Home goods store
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–6PM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:11AM–6PM
  • Saturday:11AM–6PM
  • Sunday:12–6PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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