L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates
156 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, United States
Review №1

This place is really good, their chocolate is super high quality and professionally made.I tried the chocolate praline with hazelnut which was delicious. I also took their chocolate chip cookies which were delicious, one of the best I’ve ever had. They are made with good quality dark chocolate and walnuts and is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend.Also- for those of you who like dark hot chocolate, theirs is one of the best out there!

Review №2

Some of the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had! I got their milk chocolate and it was ready in under 3 minutes. I really want to go back and try some of their others. I will say the only drawback is the size/price ratio. This tiny cup was $5, so not sure how often I’ll end up coming back due to that but definitely a very wonderful cold day splurge treat! They also have a beautiful array of chocolates to try.

Review №3

Just stopped in here for the first time. They have a wide selection of chocolates. Even one from Bolivia. The staff is very knowledgeable and helped us find what we wanted. Their hot chocolates are great. They even have soy milk as a substitute for .75 cents more.

Review №4

The worst customer service ever. The only reason it even got a star is because their chocolates are good. But if you want to order it for delivery, especially if there is an occasion and you need it on time - DO NOT ORDER! Because with two days delivery (I paid for delivery), it came 8 days later missing the event it meant for!!!! Not only that, because the order was perishable the cookies were spoiled and hard.When I called customer service, not only they were rude, they refused to do the refund or redeliver the order. Would NOT recommend!

Review №5

I’m from Switzerland originally and really missed a good chocolate mocha - This place has the BEST milk chocolate mocha and white chocolate mocha in town!I come here quite often but the service is VERY unfriendly! I truly believe that they are hurting your business!

Review №6

Very clean and neat location. Friendly staff. Delicious chocolate.

Review №7

Its so small in there but its essentially a chocolate shop, so thats understandable. It was such a nice experience. The shop mightve been tiny but it was lovely. Very beautiful with the lights. The service was excellent. The ladies were so nice and friendly.I really liked my Burdick Blend Dark Hot Chocolate (though, to be honest, Ive had better). The Chocolate Mousse Cake was good. The mousse part was excellent but the cake base was dry. I did enjoy myself overall and would recommend it to any hot chocolate lover.

Review №8

This place is for true chocolate lover and nerd. They have a wide selection of single origin chocolates and their monthly changing hot one is to die for. Additionally, you will be spoiled forever after trying their Mocha. Very pretty sweets too.

Review №9

I tried out their chocolate praline which was really tasty.Their chocolate chip cookies are magnificent, they are tasty and rich with plenty of chocolate.Their store is beautiful and has a large variety of chocolates and mixes for chocolate milk.

Review №10

Stepping into the store is like being instantly transported to a small village in New Hampshire. I adore their hot chocolates in the winter and their iced hot chocolates in the summer. Spring and Autumn you can get either or both depending on the weather. Get the 50/50 hot chocolate... half milk and half dark. Experience a little happiness by yourself or with a friend.

Review №11

I searched for years to find the best hot chocolate in NYC. I lived in the country with my grandmother in Trinidad and there was nothing that came close to the special way she made it. Thanks to the exquisite way my hot chocolate was made here I feel like I was back in grandmas kitchen. And the customer service is amazing! They actually say Thanks when they get tipped. Lovely experience.

Review №12

Great handcrafted hot chocolate drink and chocolate bars, etc. Delicious!

Review №13

Nice place to get homemade chocolates with a unique flavor. The shop is nicely laid out with a small sitting area to enjoy chocolates and drinks. Dont miss out on the chocolate mice!

Review №14

I have been a fan of L.A. Burdick Chocolate ever since my love brought me a surprise sweet gift from here, several years ago. They have all sorts of handmade chocolates, from Bonbons, Truffles, Caramels and few other delectable and adorable items.I got to go to an event at L.A. Burdick for Chocolate & Coffee Pairing. I was so excited for this event at one of my favorite chocolate shop! I have always enjoyed their sweet goodness, especially their cute little chocolate mice.I got to try The Burdick cake, Linzer Torte, and several Bonbons. They were all very tasty, high quality, flavorful and made with love and care.We went back to L.A. Burdick a few weeks later to get a gift for my friend who loves gourmet food. And for someone like that, this is the place to get a perfect delicious gift. Who can say not to chocolates made with highest quality of coco, with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavoring. They are all handmade (except for one). They do not use mold, which require more talent and most of all, love. My friend was super happy to receive the gift, of course.We will be back for more sweets and coffee in a near future… And they also have hot chocolate, perfect for cold months! Read my full review of the cafe and food on my food blog, foodlovergirl.

Review №15

Great place to get gifts for loved ones. Chocolate is really well made

Review №16

Rude staff. Very disappointing service. We decided to cancel the order

Review №17

A hidden gem in soho! Amazing chocolates and a must their hot choco

Review №18

Very nice & cozy place to have coffee or tea after shopping :D

Review №19

Fantastic mocha cake and milk chocolate mice. Excellent and friendly service.

Review №20

Wicked expensive but totally decadent and worth splurging if you are into chocolate. Their Iced Mocha was sooooo good. And hey, its NYC so expect expensive...and hope for as delicious as this shop.

Review №21

One of many fine online chocolate places with a retail presence-- the retail presence beckons you with fresh baked chocolate cookies and even the milk chocolate hot chocolate is extremely rich. The dark chocolate hot chocolate is probably crazy, but my taste buds were already overloaded!

Review №22

Adorable chocolates, friendly staff and a chill decor make this a comfortable stopping point. They have a single vegan chocolate option which is a rather mundane square.

Review №23

If you like chocolate you should try chocolate from L.A. Burdick. I personally love dark chocolate. Here is one of my favorites and I prefer to take it home. But you can stay there as well and enjoy a nice ambience with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. And don’t forget to try chocolate cake or little chocolate mouse!

Review №24

Best hot chocolate ever! I love all 3 flavors (white, milk and dark hot chocolate). Their cakes are fabulous too

Review №25

Go some time and have the best chocolate experience!

Review №26

Lovely. Little pricey but worth the melt-in-your-mouth chocolates

Review №27

😍😍😍 best dark chocolate period.

Review №28

Great coffee I order a cappuccino and it was amazing the taste of Roasted coffe and we also order a chocolate mousse that was great

Review №29

Love the atmosphere so much! Background music is so French style! Cozy and nice chocolate!

Review №30

Review of hot chocolate: thick, flavorful, just the right amount of sweetness. The best hot chocolate this side of the Atlantic.

Review №31

The bonbons were so good!

Review №32

Good spot but no Wi-Fi.

Review №33

Excellent chocolate but little selection of milk chocolate.

Review №34

I love their chocolates and this location is no exception. No details were spared. The staff was polite and friendly, the place was clean, and the goodies were neatly organized. The chocolates, oh my! And the drinks were insanely good! A must visit if youre looking for good chocolate!

Review №35

Best hot chocolate ever !!

Review №36

Best mocha Ive ever had, and cute treats that are also delicious :)

Review №37

Friendly staff, great location, and awesome hot chocolate. They have a frozen version too, along with all the typical chocolate shop desserts.

Review №38

Best dark hot chocolates!

Review №39

The hot chocolate here is simply divine.

Review №40

The hot choclate with milk good

Review №41

Service is always good and that are always pleasant while supplying you with as many samples as you would like. We visit a few times a month. Really recommendable place for a good selection of chocolate, either if its gifts or just for some deserts or snacks!

Review №42

Great tasting chocolate. Probably the best place in NY to truly great hot chocolate or buy a hot chocolate powder to enjoy at home. Has approximately ten seats for patrons so if you arrive at buzy hours you may not be seated for a quite long time.

Review №43

Great place and I cant wait to go back and try the chocolates! Lots of flavors. Adorable atmosphere.

Review №44

Found this place out of the blue and fell in love with it. The Single Source Dark Drinking Chocolate was to die for, the complex flavor with a good balance of bitter and sweet was phenomenal. The Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cake was also very good and was a great accompaniment with the Drinking Chocolate. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Review №45

Great hot chocolate!

Review №46

Best hot chocolate I have had in recent memory! Super good service too. Put up with all my questions. :)

Review №47

Not sure what the hype is.I didn’t find the chocolate to be that great. There was no long lasting cacao taste that stayed on the palate. One was supposed to have a scotch flavor but I couldn’t really taste it. The other was supposed to have a cherry taste - so they told me.Each very small piece was $2.50 and up.The chocolate bars are around $9 for 3 oz. didn’t try those.If you want to pay for premium chocolate, there are much better places to try around.They have some tables so it’s a nice atmosphere to have a coffee and a piece of cake or chocolate.

Review №48

This is the best hot chocolate I have ever tried! Still need to go back for deserts 🥰 but be careful, the hot chocolate can been too thick

Review №49

Beautiful handmade chocolates, outside of the ordinary.

Review №50

This is a fantastic chocolatier. Top of the line hot chocolate beverages. An exceedingly clean small shop. Some of the finest quality chocolates (handmade) Ive ever tasted. Gift wrapping for chocolate boxes looks very fine. L.A. Burdick is expensive, however it is a superior experience. Highly recommended, even if you only try two or three pieces.

Review №51

Pricey, high end chocolate, but you get what you pay for. If you appreciate chocolate then it is worth a try. These chocolates make excellent gifts even if you dont splurge on the wood box. Ive bought many boxes of these chocolates over the years and they have been consistently good. Ive only tried their pastries once but they also exceeded my expectations.

Review №52

L.A. Burdick chocolate is an experience. Every bonbon is the perfect size, and the chocolate coating is never a chore to bite through on your way to a tasty filling. The cardamon caramels warm my heart- I have tried caramels elsewhere and can honestly say I only like Burdick’s.

Review №53

FAVORITE. Consistently wonderful chocolate shop, a true gem in NYC. Impossible to find a seat when its very busy (there are about 8 seats total!), but definitely get a cup of dark hot cocoa and try a few delicious bonbons (Earl Grey is my favorite). They dont advertise it, but they are also ethical! L.A. Burdick supports farmer-owned chocolate producers, so you can feel good about supporting them!

Review №54

Beat Hot chocolate ever!

Review №55

Simply the best hot chocolate on the planet. Get the milk hot chocolate. A small is plenty! Limited seating but cute environment.

Review №56

Received a beautiful Trio Collection in a basket for Christmas 💗Im in heaven! 🤩The quality is amazing‼️👌

Review №57

You would think you were in Italy! Delicious chocolates, lots of flavors to pick from, two locations! Cozy spot to people watch!

Review №58

Be very cautious ordering from them. We ordered chocolate for a friend for Christmas with what we thought was a delivery date of 12/23That was the “ship” date not delivery dateSo although we paid for expensive shipping it arrived after the holidayWe we called to inquire the worker was rude and hung up on usNot the company I used to enjoy working, deceptive and disappointing

Review №59

My favorite dark hot chocolate! Can’t miss this if you’re cold and walking around in SoHo.

Review №60

Very adorable decor. Really sweet staff. Yet on the pricey side. Would only revisit on a special occasion.

Review №61

Amazing heavenly goodness in my tummy. My happy place.WARNING: This place will ruin all other hot chocolate for you. Enjoy at your own risk.

Review №62

Burdicks has some incredibly finely crafted chocolates at high prices. I recommend then chocolate mice or elephants. Most favorite hot chocolate in the city, I recommend getting the half milk half dark hot chocolate. The place is spotless and the seating area, while small, is quite intimate and friendly. Its part of a small chain of chocolate places.

Review №63

Their hot chocolate is the best ever. You have to make it half dark and half white. You cannot go wrong with their pastries either.. all in all this is a great place for dessert. This one is probably a little smaller than the LA burdick in Boston..

Review №64

Just happened upon this place in Soho and it felt like I was transported to Paris at some charming spot off the Chan De Lise. This place obviously caters to discerning chocolate lovers with hand crafted amazing little pieces of heaven which are as delicious as they are elegant. Usually when you get meticulously sculpted chocolate like this there is at least one filling that does not taste good but not here...from caramel, honey, dark chocolate ganache to fig and port wine - they are all phenomenal and the texture is so smooth and pleasing to the palette. Now combine this with the coffee and you will want to stay for a while under pretty while lights. The Americano was rich and flavorful with just the right brightness. The caramel latte adorned with art was also memorable. Finally Lynn was super knowledgeable about the entire product line and made you feel at home. We will definitely be back!

Review №65

Pleasent spot in a great part of Manhattan. Lovely coffee, and from all reports, the chocolates are exceptional.

Review №66

Their hot chocolate is amazing!!! So thick and creamy! It’s extremely rich, a small was perfect.

Review №67

Really delicious chocolate. Ive gotten a box of truffles and bon-bons for about $25 multiple times and have always been very happy with the purchase. The flavors are very vivid, and there are quite a few chocolates in even a small box. The reason they can fit so many is that theyre very small --thats worth keeping in mind if youre buying these to share, or if you value quantity over quality.

Review №68

A 5 stars service and beautiful shop. The chocolate are also 5 stars quality. A very peaceful place in Soho

Review №69

No expiration date on the chocolate bar

Review №70

Tried their milk chocolate bar. It was a good but didnt blow me away. The staff was very nice and helpful l.

Review №71

Cute little chocolate spot. The iced chocolate drink was delicious, and the hot dark chocolate was rich and filling. Highly recommend to come visit after dinner.

Review №72

Incredibly delicious and uniquely flavored chocolates. They made the most adorable milk chocolate and dark chocolate pigs for lunar new year!

Review №73

Great selection of homemade chocolates. Excellent service, friendly staff! Recommended!

Review №74

The original Burdicks in Boston was a special occasion, magical house of treats when I was a kid. Like stepping into a European dream. This branch does not disappoint. Best hot chocolate in all the land!

Review №75

My favorite place to get holiday gifts! There is something very special about every piece of hand made chocolate they sell. Be sure to try the hot chocolate!

Review №76

One of the best coffee ☕️ I ever had. Took mocha with white chocolate. Absolutely blissful🙏🏽👍.

Review №77

High fidelity chocolate

Review №78

Excellent little shop for quick coffee and light dessert

Review №79

Amazing place , hi 5. The stuff tastes better than it looks. Chocolate cake in coconut and almonds is amazing

Review №80

Heavenly single-origin hot chocolate. Pricey, but delicious. Great place to buy gifts.

Review №81

Very interesting place about chocolate, pleasant atmospher & staff!!! I will return when the weather gets cooler °

Review №82

Absolutely love. The best hot chocolates and service is excellent

Review №83

Great selection. I would recommend one of the boxes with the little mouse for a special occasion.

Review №84

Madagascar spiced hot dark chocolate, perfect NYC break.

Review №85

Great single origin hot chocolate. Outside of the great Italian hot chocolate locales in the city, this place is the best.

Review №86

Comfortable place, perfect service and wonderful chocolates.

Review №87

Wonderful vegan chocolates! The marzipan is great.

Review №88

Best chocolate place in the city. They have single source chocolate!

Review №89

Always a treat to visit & enjoy their artistry at the new cafe-styled location.

Review №90

Lovely shop with delicious chocolate and tea.

Review №91

I kid you not, once you try there hot chocolate you will get disappointed every single time you drink hot chocolate anywhere else. I guarantee it! So if you are not ready to never EVER put up with mediocre hot chocolate ever again, dont come here.

Review №92

The cutest little chocolate gifts you can give, plus killer hot chocolate, great for a date spot, and cute little hand sandwich options too.

Review №93

Spicy 🌶 hot chocolate and brioche toast with pave-yumm!

Review №94

I cant say enough of their chocolates. And definitely get the hot chocolate!

Review №95

We had the spicy chocolate and it was great, very rich in taste. The atmosphire is nice and we spent two hours sitting and enjoying the place and the cool looking ceilling.

Review №96

I agree with Alan. Expensive for small amount of hot chocolate. Mediocre, nothing special

Review №97

One of the best chocolate shop in NYC. Just fantastic. Highly recommended 👍

Review №98

I can finally move back to the city, now that a Burdicks location has opened. This is smaller than the Boston locations and less professionally staffed, but the best place for chocolate in New York.

Review №99

This place has the best hot chocolate around I think it has the best in NYC

Review №100

Everything is on a little expensive side but who minds to shell out a little extra when its L.A. Burdick. Their hot chocolates are probably the best in town

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  • Phone:+1 212-796-0143
  • Chocolate shop
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  • Tea house
Working hours
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  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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