185 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, United States
Review №1

I love the candy especially the liquor ones!!!

Review №2

Beautiful store.. You can buy lovely candies 🍭 from this shop as a gift or as a treat to yourself.Shop is very clean and bright, has a great positive vibe, and the variety of the candies are very rich.Highly recommended to take a look 🍬 🍬

Review №3

The employees of the store were behind pleasant and helpful. They answered all your questions and did not push customers to but anything. If you sign up for a free points account, they give you a small sample, and the candy was also delicious. It was slightly on the higher end, but very good.

Review №4

Loved everything about the store! Decor, assortment, customer service Odalis R was so, so helpful! Helen

Review №5

Sweetness overload for a Sweet tooth! Very stylish and out of this world flavours that will surely entice you and your palate... an Exquisite experience!

Review №6

The candies are great, I did a big purchase not long ago and the staff was very helpful. We even received small complementary gifts (part of their promotions). The staff is friendly depending on their customer. I recommend the Strawberry Hibuscus gummies, even my parents who are not fond of candy loved them. A must-go store after you finish your shopping in the Oculous.

Review №7

Delicious sugary treats you can gift or buy for yourself. They had a fabulous hello kitty event!!!

Review №8

Beautiful store and tons of variety. A bit pricey but luxury candy makes a nice gift for someone. I was lucky enough to attend the Sanrio event! :)

Review №9

Cute and friendly place for very unique candy! They have things like juice pressed gummy bears and customizable candy chests.

Review №10

Nicely curated store with a unique concept on candy.

Review №11

High end designer candy store that doesnt accept cash. Unfortunately this is the only candy store near my job. The selection is nothing special. Id rather go to a mom and pop candy store but nowadays those are hard to find. The sales people are nice though.

Review №12

Son gifted me for my 76th birthday.

Review №13

They have a very unique selection of candies and some even have alcohol and are 21+. Sure some are pricey but theyre excellent in quality and taste.

Review №14

High end gummy candy, lots of flavor choices with very cute shapes (sea creatures, fruit, frogs, beer bottles, roses, and many more) Great for small gifts - teachers, birthday present toppers, stocking stuffers, party favors... quaint store on the upper level of Oculus. Stop in for a sample.

Review №15

My favorite store. Everything smells sweet.

Review №16

I’ve walked by this store so many times and am definitely not disappointed that I decided to enter. Their candy tastes absolutely delicious, do try the Bubbly bears and Rosé all day. Other flavours are good as well (even the non-alcoholic ones).

Review №17

Fun little shop, well kept, with a friendly staff. Their manager (whos name I am blanking on), has the personality of a ray of sunshine. Love the chocolate covered toffee pistachios.

Review №18

A bit pricey but WORTH IT!Stylish candy boutique featuring childhood candies from ALL around the world.Sign up for free membership account and get a free sample taster packet every month featuring popular and new release candies.I love getting the bento boxes.Packaging masked you feel like you just went shopping at Tiffany!

Review №19

Wonderful store. Helpful & knowledgeable staff. They always let you sample to see what youd like before you make a purchase.

Review №20

TWO WORDS: Alcohol Candies. Awesome Location, great selfie spot, awesome staff and excellent products even the non-alcoholic ones. Good prices.

Review №21

It is a beautiful modern looking store inside Oculus. (If you do not know, that is the new transportation center and shopping mall near where the twin towers were.) There is very expensive candy with some interesting flavors. Staff was pleasant but did not seem excited to sell. I guess that can be good because there was no pressure to buy. I spent about $30 for something that I will probably give away as a gift.

Review №22

Mental note: This is the perfect place to buy that “small gift” you’d give a teacher or a colleague. They offer sweets in decorated boxes.

Review №23

Staff are super friendly! And the candy is so yummy! I just wished there were more sugar free ones. Maybe in the future?

Review №24

Awesome staff there helped me figure out the best deal 14.99$ for a smack ton of choices, plus they got some real funny things that are rad for gifts. Well done its sugar!!

Review №25

I been here twice so far and the manager is really nice and so is the food can’t wait to come back !

Review №26

I was recently invited to an event at Sugarfina in the World Trade Center and I have to say it was truly an awesome night. I was greeted by odalis (sales person) who was so warm and knowledgeable about all of their products. The store was so beautiful and well lit with lots of interesting combinations of delicious candy and liquors and even some extremely esoteric sweets that made my mouth water. I loved every minute of being at this sugarfina location and I’m looking forward to returning as soon as I can. Thank you for a wonderful evening and friendly and thoughtful service...

Review №27

Pricey candy store, but they make a nice gift.

Review №28

I went to this Sugarfina location 7/24/2018 after work and the vibe there was friendly before I even began to browse their selections. My main reason for going there was for a Candy for a Cause event for the Children Tumor Foundation. I found out about this event on the WTC website.Im not typically a candy eater but the young lady at the candy station completely sold me on the champagne gummy bears! And it was for a good cause so I purchased a few and some chocolate. I even signed up with Sugarfina to receive rewards on purchases.They were all so nice and friendly and Im looking for to visiting again!

Review №29

The sweetest shop! The candies are expensive but worth it. Love the champagne baby bears, PB & J caramels, birthday cake caramels and atomic bombs sour candies. Found a new favourite with their free samples. The presentation put into the boxes makes for excellent gifts.

Review №30

As a native New Yorker I usually speed walk and ignore anything thats not in front of me but I happened to wander into this store one day. And Im glad i did. When I first walked in I noticed two of the employees speaking in what i believe to be Spanish and French. Then a little lady approached with a free sample. From there we began to converse. The little lady (Marie I think her name was) was so intelligent and does so much for minority communities. I intend on going back just to speak with her and inquire how I can help her change the world.

Review №31

This store is quite small and the concept is cute, but when Im not greeted I feel some type of way. It wasnt until I was ready to check out that I was finally offered a sample of candy.Now according to the website, it is a candy store designed for adults. Im not saying that all adults are alcoholic, but the candy doesnt have it. If I want to buy regular candy, then I will go to the dollar store... Oh well, I gave them a try I guess.

Review №32

Very nice upscale candy store. They specialize in teddy bear gummies in a variety of flavors. You can ask for a sample of a certain flavor you like before you buy. Most are sold in small clear plastic squares. I had bought the rose champagne teddy bear gummies along with the peach bellini ones before - recommend giving it a try. :)

Review №33

I loved Sugar fina and normally go to Rockfeller center but the wtc one is on my way so that I went twice this week. One girl worked here was rude and not helpful . I could buy more but she makes me feel so bad. Go other sugarfina place if you want to get treated well. The one in Rockfeller center has warm people. I may not buy sugar fina any more since the experience I had today makes me feel cheap. I felt the brand has a positive image based on the past experience and it is so easy to be damaged by the people who is not nice.

Review №34

Great candy selection and beautifully presented store

Review №35

Fun selection in cute packaging....pricey tho

Review №36

Tasty delicious sweets. You can ask the employees to try taste some of the candy they offer.

Review №37

Great service. My daughter loves the sweets.

Review №38

Yummy candy and employees were very nice

Review №39

A wide selection of flavours. Very inviting and colourful.

Review №40

Nice fun selection. true eye candy

Review №41

Charming store theme! Loved it

Review №42

Good candy. Didnt feel that welcoming.

Review №43

Super, super expensive candies. There are panels that say taste a free sample: I stayed there 6-8 min and nobody came to offer me a sample. ..

Review №44

I enjoy the vodka infuse candy

Review №45

Their boutiques are amazing and the candys they provide are soooo delicious :-* :-D ♥♥♥

Review №46

Cute, good-looking jelly! Girls will surely like this! but quite expensive

Review №47

When I went in, everything seemed, well normal. I was looking at all the products, when someone working there repeatedly asked if they could help me, I said no thank you and she rolled her eyes at me and kept glaring at me while I was looking. I felt uncomfortable and left.

Review №48

If your on a diet this is not the store for you. everything in here is so tempting! but i never get disappointed when i walk in here. they have a bunch of variety of things

Review №49

A luxury candy store. They offer a huge variety of goods at a high price point.

Review №50

Expensive and delicious. A candyshop for the grown ups.

Review №51

So cute and delicious!

Review №52

Pricy but good gummies

Review №53

Cute little spot. Rose Gummi Bears!!!!!

Review №54

Love this place

Review №55

All the employees are extremely racist save your money don’t go there

Review №56

Candy was delicious

Review №57

Nice place

Review №58

Love the place

Review №59

Very friendly and helpful

Review №60

Nice store

Review №61

Trust me you want to try!

Review №62

Very expensive

Review №63

Great service

Review №64


Review №65

The local is not to big but it is cozy and elegant, the personal was nice and respectfull, you can find a lot of different flavors in the store, the prices are a little too expensive but it worth it at all. I really love suggest fine. / The place is not too big, but it is cozy and elegant, the staff was nice and respectful, you can find many different flavors in the store, the prices are a bit expensive but worth it.

Review №66

Do not waste time.

Review №67

At the entrance is a lady, giving out free samples of bears with a champagne flavor, inside there are boxes of jelly beans and chocolates, it is very spacious and clean, the lady at the door is very, very friendly. A spectacular place because of where it is located.

Review №68

Very pretty place

Review №69

Delicious! Valley!

Review №70

The paradise made of sugar. The bad thing is the prices there are chocolates from $ 5 the piece onwards. But there are very nice things to give away.

Review №71

The best sweets

Review №72

Everything is beautiful and rich !!!

4.3 Rating
  • Address:185 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 646-630-8139
  • Candy store
  • Chocolate shop
  • Confectionery
  • Corporate gift supplier
  • Gift shop
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6PM
  • Sunday:10AM–6PM
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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