The Book Table
29 Main St, Logan, UT 84321, United States

Review №1

This is one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon in Logan Utah. There is a wide variety of books and they have lots of them. Everything is fairly well priced especially the classics. 10/10 best book store in Logan

Review №2

What an ecclectic and exciting store. Current and exciting books for new and becoming readers. Books for hobbyists, educators, students of many disciplines. Lessons for multiple instruments and fun activity kits. Wow, just wow!

Review №3

My family and I love The Book Table! We dont live in Logan, but whenever were in town we always go in. Awesome selection of games, novelty toys, puzzles, and they sell books too. My son and I love to go to Main Street Guitars in the basement, which is a great guitar store with some high quality instruments. Tons of things to look at, and a very unique experience on Main Street in Logan. It would be easy to burn an hour or two looking around. Definitely check it out if youre in the neighborhood.

Review №4

Great place for gifts, white elephant gifts, gag gifts, books, and random stuff. Its even a fun place to just browse. They are a little prices but its a fun place and interesting place.

Review №5

Love this classy little corner of Logan. What you couldnt find in the department stores youll find here with a much more personal experience. Just check it out 😊

Review №6

What a great place to find gifts! A huge selection of toys, books, decor, etc., and everything I looked at actually had a price tag (unlike lots of toy stores). Reasonably priced and fun to shop at.

Review №7

This building is really cool. It has balconies inside and an elevator. The store is so much bigger than it has any right to be but its worth it. The bathroom is pretty neat.

Review №8

Great place to get kids books and toys for stockings at Christmas.

Review №9

Its really cool that in a world like we live in now theyre still nice shops around like that. Buy educational books and guitars. Quite eclectic but it works. Im just glad this place is still open

Review №10

Great store! Large, 3 story store of books, puzzles, games, toys, music books, instruments and home decor. Easy parking on the street or behind the store.

Review №11

The Book Table is full of unique toys. Our kids love to explore the shelves. We also enjoy the music book selection and instruments. A local favorite for our family.

Review №12

Some of the best toys for toddlers in town. Love all the options from other countries too. Upstairs is now all puzzles now and theyre really going for it! Puzzles of all types. Great store!

Review №13

Such a cute store with many amazing items. The second floor was sadly quite empty with many empty shelves. It is kind of sad to see. I will definitely come back for gifts, children books, and home decorations for sure! They also have chocolate and fudge I want to try in the future. Great experience there and wish that they can get more business.

Review №14

I love the atmosphere here! Its fun to wander around and find lots of random treasures. Theres tons of books but also games, toys, home decor, candy always a good place to go to find gifts for my nieces 👍😁

Review №15

Ive always loved book table. Recently they redid the interior and things are much nicer and more organized. They have a wide variety of books, board games and toys. Definitely a go to for any occasion requiring a present.

Review №16

The Book Table is an amazing store! They have such cute decorations, good books, and tons of games and toys. Some people give them grief for not having as many books as they used to, but I think that whatever they need to do to stay open and do well, they should do. I would highly recommend going in and taking a look around. The store is really big and there’s so much to look at!The upstairs is also super cool. It’s amazon overstock up there so there’s all sorts of cool trinkets and stuff. You can find anything up there.

Review №17

This awesome store has just about everything you can imagine. Not to mention theyre only dealer in the northern area that sells Gibson guitars! from books to games to outdoor sporting. If you have enough time you can bind yourself upstairs in their Amazon overstock area where they have all sorts of other treasures. I highly recommend you find yourself at the book table!

Review №18

When you are having a bad day, just head down to the basement, pick up a guitar, and start playing. This place is awesome. Something for all ages. All of the staff is super friendly as wel

Review №19

Cute shop. Has a little bit of everything it seems. My kids loved the toy selection and they had some good books.

Review №20

Good selection. Some items were priced a little too high I think. But for the most part it was good

Review №21

Nice variety of puzzles.

Review №22

We LOVE the book table! Best place for books, toys, board games, card games, AND all our musical instrument needs. The employees are always so helpful!

Review №23

Terrible customer service! The staff seems bothered by customers. Tried to check out had to find a register open with a person, every register there was had no one. The upstairs is a mess, disorganized, and weird random stuff. I wouldnt really call this a book store, books are the least of what they carry. I would call this a junk and trinket store. Sad because I wont be shopping here anymore. I only saw one other customer in the store! I thought they would want customers, seeing how so many businesses are going under in this town. Guess not

Review №24

The guitar salesman is phenomenal and very informative and friendly.

Review №25

Fun little book store and music store. I mean, its a small town type of bookstore but it offers a huge selection of books, toys, trinkets and household accessories. It almost feels like a mini hobby store when you travel to the second floor. Downstairs you will find the guitar store, great selection and even some rooms to practice in. Customer service has been great for me so far.

Review №26

Super fun to look at, especially the second floor. There are amazon overstock items that are sold for way cheap! I was a little picked over though which is why I have it 4 stars.

Review №27

Friendly and helpful staff. Excellent selection of puzzles.

Review №28

I love the book table. Its super rad and has provided me with hours upon hours of fun from lessons to playing hide and seek. Great place.

Review №29

I come here for music and instrument needs - they usually always have what Im looking for! Decent selection at pretty great prices.

Review №30

The Book Table has a lot of great books, but they also sell instruments, games, toys, and a ton of bits and bobs from Amazon overstock. The people that work there are quite nice(although, that beautiful girl quit recently, so the whole atmosphere took a serious hit).

Review №31

The Book Table is my go-to for sheet music and music books. They have rows and rows of music and lesson books to choose from, always very well stocked. The staff member over the music is always very helpful.The toy store on the second floor is second to none in the valley. There are more toys that you could dream up, all the ones you remember from your childhood, some for every different kind of child. Different places for the kids to play, including a castle equipped with Melissa & Doug kitchen sets.My other favorite thing about The Book Table is their beautiful window display, especially during Christmas. Downtown Logan is that much more beautiful and attractive with The Book Table.

Review №32

This store is a fun place to go if you are looking for an adventure. Especially the top story of the store. One never knows what one will find up there. Unfortunately I feel whoever is doing the pricing is confused as to how to do their job. I have found some deals there that I almost felt bad walking out of the store paying so little for the items I have bought, but on the same note I have found things I did want and then saw the price and gasped. Over all though a good fun place to go. I would recommend it to the adventurous fun loving soul.

Review №33

Love the variety of toys you can find at this store that you can’t find at the chain stores.

Review №34

Fun place!

Review №35

Fun easy shopping with mom

Review №36

Such a cute store filled with all sorts of items, even stuff for non LDS people. The employees are polite and the store was clean. Definitely will be returning for some birthday presents!

Review №37

I always liked this place as a kid, but sadly their customer service is not great. Every time I asked for help finding something, the employees seemed put out. As I looked around, I saw only about two other customers in the whole store. One employee even completely ignore me at one point. Granted I had a lot of questions since it is such a big, full store and it can be hard to find things. Customers should be treated kinder though.. especially those with several kids who just want help finding a couple things so the kids dont go wild touching everything.

Review №38

Such a fun place to explore. They have sheet music, lessons, instruments 🎸 to buy or rent, some books, classroom stuff, scrapbook supplies, but the best part is THE TOYS!!!! So many fun games and toys for all ages.

Review №39

This is literally my favorite store in Logan! It is so cool. There are tons of supplies ranging from toys to teacher materials to lds items to musical instruments. There is a playhouse upstairs for the children to play in while you shop around. There is so much stuff. The toys arent boring either there are so many options there are even miniature chairs. If youre looking to upgrade your playroom go here, if you need teacher supplies go here, and if you need to sink back into childhood memories go here. Love this store to pieces!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Review №40

The name book table is a bit deceiving as this is not really much of a book store; there is a small section of books which are mostly LDS. They seemed to be trying to wear too many hats and could not manage all the merchandise: There were games, books, musical instruments, puzzles, and crafts all of which can be found at other stores in town that specialize in those products.

Review №41

Just Okay about wraps up the book table.Pluses: they have a great selection on musical instruments, sheet music, school supplies and books that are hard to find, and some great arts and crafts.Minuses: Their staff is the opposite of helpful in most cases. The store is big, and it seems they are usually understaffed, or that you have to go looking for someone to walk upstairs or to the front then the back to find someone to help you. This is a big deal if you are towing 3 kids along! When you do track down a staff member, they are usually helping someone else and unable to multitask, and are a little rude.Bottom Line: I go there to get items that only they carry. If I know I can buy it somewhere else, I do, and wish there was a better alternative for school supplies and music supplies in town. Usually I prefer shopping with local merchants instead of a big box store, but not after many experiences with them.

Review №42

A lot of various books.... not sure what, for some reason I always make a B-line for the toy section, the guitar store downstairs, or the massive mess of random that is their upper level. the books are probably the least interesting part of the book table

Review №43

Not a book store! Gift, game, and junk store (especially up stairs). Staff is always rude, at least when you can find them. Im surprised this place is still in business the way they treat customers.

Review №44

Its a great place for me because i can go down stairs and play the guitar, a bass or the drums, i would totally reccomend it. :-)

Review №45

There are lots of cool things in this store! Im not sure whether its a book store, music store, or toy store, but its always fun to explore and look around at everything they have to offer.

Review №46

I love this store for all the other things they have besides books. They have all the instruments. They also have toys.

Review №47

Bought a pennywhistle that did not play correctly, but was not allowed to return it. I left it there as it was worthless. $12 wasted, but I guess that’s what you get for a $12 musical instrument. The one I made out of a pvc pipe plays better. This used to be a great store, but it has gone downhill in the last couple of years. The floor creaks with every step, and it is so crowded with stuff. There are still some good things being sold, if you can find them.

Review №48

This store tries to be a book, game, music, and toy store which results in just an okay selection of all of them. A whole lot of their books are religious so if youre not Mormon, that really cuts down on your choices. They do have some recent releases of popular books if thats what youre looking for. There is an okay selection of card and board games, plus they often have expansions of those games too which is nice. Things are a little more than youll expect to pay online, but if you like shopping locally, this is a good place to look for games (which is the only reason Ive ever gone in here). The toy section is nice, my only complaint there is that last time I went in, part of the ceiling was falling down. I heard they remodeled since then, but it didnt leave a very good impression. And lastly, I havent personally shopped the music section, but i have friends who really like it and buy all their guitar strings here.

Review №49

What an awesome bookstore - this is a classic bookstore, great selection of books and music, games, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Love to visit every time I am in Logan.

Review №50

Great if you want to spend 2 or 3 times as much on books. Disorganized and honestly, gross store past that.

Review №51

Great little shop in downtown Logan with a large selection of toys, instruments, books, and other things for kids of all ages. The staff are always friendly and helpful.

Review №52

I love buying board games from this store and the selection for music and books is amazing. Only decent bookstore in town :)

Review №53

Great place for books, games and a fun place to take the kids

Review №54

They have a very small selection of books. The books they do have are mostly religious. They do sell/rent instruments, which is supposed to be a good program.

Review №55

The store has a great selection of sheet music but by no means should be taken seriously as a book store.

Review №56

We love this store! My kids love the unique toys and I love the great selection of LDS products.

Review №57

Awesome place with such an amazing variety of things.

Review №58

Friendly people, great atmosphere and great merchandise. Found stuff I couldnt find or didnt even know I needed here.

Review №59

Filled with many an written adventure. Lol

Review №60

Excellent staff, great selection, overall wonderful store.

Review №61

I know some people that work here! Theyre awesome!

Review №62

They have a great section of LDS books!

Review №63

Logans best choice for purchasing guitars locally.

Review №64

I wont be going back to this place. I walked in 5 minutes before closing to get some supplies and was needing scotch tape which Im sure they have but rather than help me find some they told me I needed to leave because they were closed!!! Really??? You cant help me find a little scotch tape??? Needless to say, not worth my time.

Review №65

Not a good experience.....

Review №66

What a great and awesome bookstore i just love it

Review №67

Not ok

Review №68

Very fun and festive place!

Review №69

A pretty big place, with lots of stuff, but with a small town bookstore feel.

Review №70

Why is there no prices on their website, or am i just not looking hard enough.

Review №71

Very friendly staff. Things may be a tad overpriced.

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Review №73

DO NOT go upstairs. :)

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