Deseret Book
1309 Main St #150, Logan, UT 84341, United States

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Love this store. Such cute things, good books, family stuff, etc.

Review №2

Awesome rooms, pet walking areas, and clean/ professional environment.

Review №3

The staff at Desert Book are always friendly and helpful. They were able quickly help me find what I needed.

Review №4

My wife and I came into the store yesterday to buy both of our first pairs of temple clothing, and unfortunately our circumstances placed us in more of a hurry than we wanted. But the women in the temple area were amazing at helping us get everything we needed very quickly. We were in a hurry, but they still managed to make it a great experience for us buying those for our first time. I wish every store had employees like Deseret Book.

Review №5

This is a great place to go to find religious books, scriptures, decorations and more. They workers are always incredible friendly and willing to help you find whatever you need. They even have childrens toys, and other things that make great gifts. They also have an art section with paintings of temples, Christ and other religions things. The shoot also has a very. Calm atmosphere.

Review №6

Clean and nice store. Just what I needed.

Review №7

Love this store, I like to go and look around. The staff is so kind and helpful!

Review №8

Friendly and helpful staff. Prices are normal for a bookstore.

Review №9

Called for online shopping. The attendant was so helpful. She took time to help me figure out the sizes and products I needed. Then went and pulled them, let me pay by phone and had the bag waiting for pickup. Super accommodating and helpful.

Review №10

The employees are so friendly and genuinely nice! Love the environment theyve created here 🥰

Review №11

Love this place, feels so good! Things can be expensive there but at least underwear is inexpensive. Being there made me want to go on a mission.

Review №12

I always enjoy coming here. Not only am I a book worm and constantly searching for the next book that catches my attention, but there is also a sense of calm and peace that pervades the store. It is very gladly received by those in need.

Review №13

Great place to go.

Review №14

Great place to fill all your religious shopping needs. The atmosphere is peaceful and the employees are so helpful and kind. Definitely a place to feel the Spirit, especially looking at the artwork

Review №15

We bought scriptures for my grand daughters baptism. The faux leather set had excellent quality, and the store embossed her name on it for free. Embossing takes at least an hour, so if you buy the scriptures later in the evening, you might have to pick them up the next day.

Review №16

Great Missionary discount!

Review №17

Excellent service! The staff are incredibly kind, and helpful. We were visiting from across the country, and do not have many experiences with these stores. This visit compels us to continue to want to visit if they have what were looking for.

Review №18

They were willing to answer my questions.

Review №19

Very friendly and helpful staff, very organized store, easy to find what Im looking for!

Review №20

The staff was very helpful!

Review №21

Has a really good religious vibe while you shop. You feel very at peace and costumer service will take care to help you find whatever youre after.

Review №22

Nice place!

Review №23

The place to go for LDS materials and books, the chocolates are very good as well.

Review №24

I love the good products offered at Deseret book.

Review №25

I always enjoy shopping here people are so very friendly to you and very helpful

Review №26

The sales person was friendly and helpful in checking in the back for additional stock for me. An interesting assortment of books and pictures are available for reasonable prices. Will definitely be going back often.

Review №27

Love this place

Review №28

What a wonderful place. Clean, friendly helpful staff and many items you can find nowhere else

Review №29

Very helpful staff.

Review №30

Helpful staff, trying their best with covid-19. Dont always have what you want in stock, but the free ship-to-store option online is great.Not usually very crowded, which is nice.

Review №31

Friendly, fun and Christmassy. Dont forget to buy chocolates.

Review №32

This bookstore has a very helpful staff and a large selection of art and books. When you walk into the store you are always greeted by a friendly person who is willing to help you. The store is always clean and well organized and the shelves are always stocked with plenty of merchandise.We are from out of state and this Deseret Book is always a place we visit when we come to Logan.

Review №33

Great selection of books and other items. Great service.

Review №34

Good place to buy LDS products.

Review №35

Good store to get religious books rings. Necklaces, tie pins, if your LDS this is a good store..

Review №36

We like Deseret Book. They have a lot of things the kids like, and they have lots of great books to pick up. The parking can get a little hairy sometimes, but we like to park there and visit the other stores as well. Good prices and uplifting books. The candy is good as well!

Review №37

Great. Book store

Review №38

They are great thanks for everything 😊💖

Review №39

Id give a 5 star except I think a lot is overpriced. This last visit was to put my daughters name on her scriptures. The staff was great! And they did a really good job. Thank you!

Review №40

A very nice clean, very helpful and friendly store clerks. I would recommend it to any one.

Review №41

The selection is excellent. This is one of the best Deseret Book stores. The staff excells in service and courtesy.

Review №42

They had everything I needed, from church books to small gifts to temple clothing.

Review №43

Very helpful staff and peaceful music and environment!

Review №44

Wonderful place. A great Christian bookstore. If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints it is a great place to purchase faith promoting media.

Review №45

This is a awesome bookstore! Love the layout and content. We have waited a long time for this bookstore

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Review №47

Always a good feeling whenever I walk into Deseret Book! A sweet lady was there to greet me and help me with whatever I needed! Great stuff and great service!

Review №48

Very friendly. I enjoyed bring in there store.

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Review №50

It was awesome. I went in for clothes and came out happy. They were nice and helpful. Waited in line for a minute, but it wasnt long enough to be annoying.

Review №51

If you are a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints this is a shop that carries inspirational religious books, scriptures and journals, accessories, temple religious clothing, art, home decor, seasonal decor, church manuals and other books that may be popular amongst the population. Employees are friendly and professional and always well dressed or groomed.

Review №52

I love this store. The employees are helpful, friendly and knowledgable. I can find anything I need from Baptism to decorating ideas for my home. They have the cutest seasonal items for me and they make great gifts for my friends. Christmas is my favorite time to shop because of the feeling I get when I walk through the door. If you havent been to a Deseret Book in a while, give them a try. You will feel a spirit you dont feel in any other bookstore.

Review №53

I love this place! Everyone is so helpful! Theyre always ready to give great advice about what to choose for what topic you may be looking for or great at finding answers about products. Theyre great at helping in every way!

Review №54

The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Review №55

Beautiful store and great service

Review №56

It has certain religious materials I need and use. The staff is very helpful.

Review №57

Deseret Book in Logan is a perfect place to go if your looking for gifts to give to someone. Since it is a combination of Deseret Bookstore and LDS Distribution center you can get the new scriptures at cost as a baptism gift personalized with their name on it, or you can go in the book store and get a beautiful painting or other gifts. It is also a good place to go if you are looking for current books. It is definitely a good place to shop. It has a wonderful atmosphere, great customer service, and you can usually find what you want there. Deseret Book Logan is awesome!!

Review №58

Love this place! Easy to find always has what I need.

Review №59

Nice people. Great service.

Review №60

I love this store. They always treat me so well, even when I just talk to them about random stuff thats going on in my life at the moment. They really care! It is always clean, smells delicious and there is a great atmosphere. You can find presents for anyone!

Review №61

Shopping at the Logan Deseret Bookstore is GREAT!! The staff is friendly, helpful, and competent. It is the best source for LDS materials, inspirational products, entertainment, and provides a way to bless our families as we travel through life.Also, the store is a pleasant place to shop. It is brightly lit, organized, and clean right down to the water fountains! We are fortunate to have a Deseret Book including the Distribution items right here in Logan!

Review №62

This is my go to store for all LDS books, artwork, music, temple bags, magazines, and miscellaneous items. It has a store attached to it that sells garments and temple clothing. I often find gift items and home decor when I shop here. It carries food items from the Lion House like their famous roll mix. It has chocolates and other candy items as well. You can pay for subscriptions to church magazines there. It has a HUGE variety of manager scenes at Christmas time. It is also the place to buy official church scriptures. They do inscriptions here on scriptures. You cannot beat it for LDS items.

Review №63

Clean, well organized store with very friendly customer service. Everything is reasonably priced as well.

Review №64

Love the atmosphere there.

Review №65

Very helpful staff and very clean

Review №66

Got a CD Insights into a prophets lifes about pres. Nelson..very good listen for our traveling weekend.

Review №67

The best place to get religious material and art for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Review №68

Everyone is very helpful and goes out of the way to make sure all your needs are met.

Review №69

I currently have a broken foot. When I got there I needed some help finding something. There was no one to be found. When I approached the counter to ask a question the staff was unfriendly and short. When I went to check out the and I got to the front of the line the checker told me I would need to go to the other line because she had something she needed to go do so she left. Then I got in the other line and waited again. When I got up to the check stand she was back just standing there doing nothing. Eventually the other worker told her to go lock the door which she did. So when I went to leave she unlocked it and was very short with a couple of customers who politely asked oh, you are closed? The last serveral times I have been to the Logan store I have not been able to get help when needed and the people who have helped me seemed annoyed I needed help. This has not been my experience in other Deseret Books but it seems the Logan one must be understaffed or something.

Review №70

The people here are great they helped us get what we needed and answered all are questions

Review №71

Always a great place to buy some books or rolls for a family party!

Review №72

Deseret Book is always such a peaceful location, which focusses on our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Such a gift to the world!

Review №73

I really like the inventory they have there and the friendly employees too. HELPFUL AS NEEDED...

Review №74

Great place to shop. They have so much there for a lot of occasions such as missions, lesson helps, personal growth, books for children, etc.

Review №75

Theyre always so friendly here!!! Its a very peaceful and calming experience here at Deseret Book!

Review №76

Nice store for church merchandise, and nice people working there.

Review №77

I give this business 4 stars because of price... Its on the high-end for a bookstore/specialty LDS goods merchant, and it rarely offers coupons, sales, or discounts. The friendly customer service at this location is great, though!

Review №78

Awesome store and staff they are very helpful

Review №79

So many good books

Review №80

Very friendly staff, easy place to shop.

Review №81

Comfortable, quiet store to visit. Friendly staff.

Review №82

Great place to get books. Such a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Their selection of LDS books and other wholesome media is great. The clerks are helpful and knowledgeable. Im never disappointed.

Review №83

Everyone there is so nice! And really helpful.

Review №84

Great place to get the things I like

Review №85

Wonderful. Great customer service. Lovely place to go.

Review №86

Beautiful store packed with lovely books, pictures, and almost everything that you can ever need to learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as well as gifts for anyone in the world! (Of the faith or not) Wonderful staff that are very friendly and helpful as well!

Review №87

Excellent as always! So glad theyre open!

Review №88

We found what we were looking for we always do a great place.

Review №89

My wife and I love window shopping here. They have good variety of LDS books, music, movies, games, and other unique things like pioneer clothing for treks. There is a distribution service with temple clothing too.

Review №90

The workers were super kind and very helpful. The store was clean, well managed, and had a good atmosphere.

Review №91

Staff always willing to help you find something

Review №92

Nice selection of books, church materials, pictures, teaching aids, home decor, and gifts. The staff is always attentive and friendly. The store is always well organized and clean.

Review №93

A great little bookstore. Having the registers far off to the left of the stores was a bit odd, because they werent right by the entrance, but able to find everything I needed and browse a little more. Plenty of fun things for the Mormon, Christian reader.

Review №94

Best mint chocolate bars. Pioneer clothes. Fun kitchen stuff. Lots of great books and even quilts.

Review №95

Love going here!. Excellent customer service! Great variety of reading material for all ages as well as genres.

Review №96

A religious bookstore. mainly catering to LDS people, however they do carry many other religious works for other Christians. this is a great place to get gifts for your religious friends or for LDS missionaries.

Review №97

Very good and helpful. Nice costumer skills

Review №98

Hands down my favorite bookstore in Logan! Its super open and easy to find things! And it just has a really uplifting feeling. Plus the staff is always happy and really helpful. I love Deseret Book!

Review №99

Good place to get work clothes and furniture but a good place to get things on a budget

Review №100

Always love this deseret book! Staff is helpful and friendly 😊

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  • Address:1309 Main St #150, Logan, UT 84341, United States
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  • Phone:+1 435-752-0033
  • Book store
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Working hours
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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