Jenson Books
1189 W, 1700 N Suite 100, Logan, UT 84321, United States

Review №1

Loading was MUCH BETTER than when I delivered books from Goodwill. Goodwill used OLD cardboard totes which one of them broke open and had to be scooped up. At least I was DONE that day!They have 4 docks. You check in at side door,IN BETWEEN buildings.A little SLOW. However,done & out.

Review №2

Ive had great success in finding books! It has a great atmosphere as well and great deals. They have new and used books and games. I love this store. This is my 2nd visit in a week 😅

Review №3

This is a charming used bookstore!! Dont be fooled by its smaller size - they have a good selection and AMAZING prices! The lady at the front desk was very kind and helpful. This may be my new happy place. We will be coming back!

Review №4

I had a difficulty with a purchase I had made from Jenson Books, but when I contacted them they responded quickly and helpfully. I will definitely go back to them.

Review №5

Good alternative to thrift stores, but not much turn over in the books visit occasionally

Review №6

Really great bookstore to find books for kids, teens and adults! Prices are amazing for the quality of books you can find here. Will definitely be coming back

Review №7

Better selection than I was expecting. Great prices and very friendly customer service. I’ll be telling my friends about this place.

Review №8

It’s a really nice little hidden wonder of a book store! Found some book series there for really good prices!

Review №9

Love the selection and atmosphere! Will definitely come came!

Review №10

This is the cutest book store and they have everything! Being conscious of “buying-used” is a big deal to me and they have an excellent selection of good-condition, well-priced books! Plus Amma is super helpful and so so friendly!

Review №11

Such a cool bookshop! And a great selection, too. Stopped by last week and got two LOTR DVDs for a great price. If they could just hook me up with an extended Return of the King to go along with them, I would figure out a way to give them ten stars haha

Review №12

If you live close enough to get to this book wherehouse it is a must on your bucket-list and will totally change your view of bookstores.

Review №13

This is such a cute book store! Amma was really sweet and helped us out. They have a great selection of really cheap books. Really loved this place!!!!

Review №14

They have great service! Amma was super helpful and sweet! They also have a great selection of books with amazing prices! I definitely will be coming back!

Review №15

Has such wonderful service and a great selection! Amma is especially helpful and so friendly! The used books are in great condition! Overall experience was incredibly pleasant...will be visiting again!

Review №16

Such a cool find. We just moved here and are glad to have found a decent bookstore

Review №17

Great bookstore!!! (sorry for the previous misunderstanding :/ )

Review №18

Seriously the best little bookstore. They have a great selection of books and movies for SUPER cheap! I think Ive bought a current total of 31 DVDs from Jenson Books and Ive also been able to pick up some great kids books for little cousins. I would recommend this store to everyone 100% of the time. (You can also donate old books!)

Review №19

This place is awesome and super cheap! I bought a health and math book. Definitely coming back again!

Review №20

The phrase best-kept secret may be a bit cliché, but that seems to be what Jenson Books is. Im actually glad that its not very busy when I go to browse. I like the $15 per bag book/DVD sales that have happened periodically, but the store allows you to see the whole selection of books and DVDs in a nice environment. As one who declines to get on the subscription streaming bandwagon, but still likes movies, $1 movies is like a dream. I look forward to more exciting visits.Lost a star because of the exchange policy--if you bought an empty case with no DVD inside, thats on you. But the price is still awesome and I still greatly appreciate the store, particularly now in an era where there seem to be so few similar options available.

Review №21

Such a cute and welcoming atmosphere. This store is unique in the fact that their selection changes often, so you wont see the same books twice. I love stopping by as often as I can, and usually dont walk away empty handed!

Review №22

Holy smokes, I went to their physical store here in Logan with a friend. It’s a small part of what looks like a shipping facility. When we went in, there was a reception desk instead of shelves. The guy at the desk asked if we had an appointment and I was almost ready to tell him we were lost, but after we explained that we were there to browse for books, he led us to a collection of shelves in a small area between some office rooms.It’s definitely one of the strangest book stores I’ve seen, but they had some great deals and there was even some manga! It was a ton of fun and the people were nice! I hope more people go there and the folks at Jenson books widen their selection of books available in-house.

Review №23

This is heaven for anyone that loves books. So honestly, dont go here.Theyre all mine!

Review №24

This place was SO fun! Tons of books to look at!

Review №25

Ordered from here and even with covid messing with deliveries right now, I got my book so fast. Amazing selection, and super proficient, you love to see it.

Review №26

Their online selection for used books is massive on Amazon and eBay. I love to order from them when I get the chance. Their customer service is wonderful as well! Theyve always answered my questions and found solutions when I had an issue. I recently found out they opened a physical location. Too bad I dont live close enough to visit....*sigh*

Review №27

Hey there. I ordered a set of old, second-hand books from this seller on the website. My order was cancelled two days later, without any explanation, and Im assuming that the seller does not want to fulfill the sales agreement due to higher shipping costs than what they are charging. I have placed a repeat order for the same items via, and am waiting to see if this company will actually sell me the books for the price that is posted???I will be complaining to Amazon about this sellers sales tactics if my second order is cancelled, and I will provide an update shortly.Thanks for reading this!

Review №28

Jenson books has such a great variety and awesome prices! I loved getting books there to start my classroom library.

Review №29

I’m so happy they opened up a store! So many options and such amazing prices this place is unbelievable!

Review №30

I went to this place in person and they actually have killer deals. They have manga, which I thought was extinct from Logan after Hastings died. It’s a cute little place that I would highly recommend. They don’t have a huge selection in store, but if you live in Logan and want some killer deals on manga, then this is the right place. They have One Punch Man, HunterXHunter, and MHA among others.

Review №31

Ive never been to their brick and mortar store but I ordered a book through an online third party that was supposed to be fulfilled by this company. I never received the book or any notification why it was taking so long to ship (from Logan to Provo).When I checked back with the third party seller the order had been cancelled and the book was listed for more than ten times the price I paid.Had they sent me an email explaining that the book had been incorrectly priced I would understand. They didnt, however, and Im left with a very poor impression of how this company is run.

Review №32

Still waiting on my Amazon Prime 2 day delivery that was ordered on the 5th. Though its not long delay, the notifications are bad and I could have had the book in 1 day if I had known about this company. Obviously not able to fulfill Prime Orders.

Review №33

Decent prices friendly service

Review №34

I purchase avery good book from this Amazon dealer. I received the book today and the pages on the bottom were mildewed. Terrible book quality!

Review №35

Where am I? What IS this place? How did I even get here?

Review №36

Great people was offloaded in short order.

Review №37

I could spend hours here looking at books and buying two way too many!

Review №38

Exceeded my expectations on the DVD I bought......... AWESOME !!

Review №39

Bought a book from this company on Amazon, and they forgot to take the sticker from the thrift store where they obtained it. Huge mark up! Disappointed, will not buy from them again.

Review №40

I suggest if you’re going to sell me a book on Amazon for $11.72, you remove the Deseret Industries Thrift Store price tag of $1.50. That’s a pretty HUGE markup and profit. I’ll make sure to never buy from you again

Review №41

Book came in paperback when advertised as hardback. Had a Deseret Industries tag on it for $1.00. I paid $9.36.

Review №42

The book I ordered was said to be in good condition, it was a used book club book. Had a price of $1.50 on it. And I wouldnt of paid that for the book. Very disappointed!

Review №43

Book was delivered to wrong address. Had to go find it myself. Will not be ordering from this company again.

Review №44

Great book reseller

Review №45

Very friendly!

Review №46

Worst people ever

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Review №48

Unorganized place

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