Dollar Tree
233 N 48th St Ste K, Lincoln, NE 68504, United States
Dollar Tree
Review №1

I went there for thing I know Dollar Tree sales and didnt find a bunch of the items. The store was such a mess I had to pick up items to see what the original item on the shelf was. Very low stocked. Is this because of management? I dont see how else it would be this bad. Whoever makes the orders to the distributor and whoever manages the store to train or guide the coworkers to tidy up the place is what seemed to be the issue. You can always change for the better.

Review №2

Dollar tree is definitely one of my favorite stores. Im surprised often by the quality of the stuff they sell. For a dollar you would expect it to be a pretty bad quality product. And some of them definitely are. But the majority of things I thought have been better quality than Ive expected

Review №3

We’ve shopped at this Dollar Tree location for years. It has become a disgusting, dirty, and unorganized chaotic mess. There appears to be no one in charge, and if there is, s/he is doing a poor job of managing. Dollar Tree has opened up nice, fully stocked, and CLEAN stores all over Lincoln. Maybe corporate might want to look at this embarrassment and get it fixed — shoppers will return if you just clean up this mess!!!

Review №4

Staff was amazing, but goodness what a messy and unorganized store. They probably had what I wanted, but what a mess.

Review №5

Store is so messy! Doesnt appear to be straightened at all. Cashiers are the nicest!Manager hides in office!! He must not like his job! No smile!

Review №6

Store was very dirty, floors covered with black Marks, and there wasnt a cart for me to use as walking with a cane. There was no one else I saw with a cart either.

Review №7

This particular location is one of the bigger ones. I appreciate the fact that they are one of the ones that are open until 10p. Huge help for us parents/adults that have a CrAzY kind of schedule. Helpful that there is a bit more of a variety, however, I am not a fan that what I went there for is now not available anymore (at any location it seems). Yet, I can now purchase it at most local grocery stores for a higher price when it wasnt offered there before. This flipping game being played with products and/price/stores isnt working.

Review №8

Sad to say it was not clean, Im shocked shelves. Entry just entering was filthy. Sorry

Review №9

Well....stood at the ballin counter for maybe 10 minutes for a few balloons to be done. And 1 cahier was on her personal phone texting. She had to be told by another employee I was there for a while.

Review №10

This store is utterly disgusting! It’s always filthy. The shelves are never stocked and the lines are ALWAYS long! It’s always one checker.

Review №11

I was running other errands so I stopped by this Dollar tree off of 48th Avenue. Never again!The store was like 150 degrees inside and there were customers lined up into the aisles waiting to check out.They need more cashiers!Ill stick to the little Dollar tree by my house instead!

Review №12

Very good and very nice store alot bigger than the one by me and more things to look for and buy wish I could shop their all the time

Review №13

The manager was not pleasant at all. In fact she was rude.

Review №14

This store never has no more than one cashier at a time you guys need to hire somebody or get your people under control because evidently theyre hiding out somewhere people dont have all day to stand in line because you cant get your employees together and please dont say that theyre stocking because I walked around this whole store and its only one guy

Review №15

Ive been going to this store for almost 10 years now and I have yet to walk in and walk out and not buy anything if I could I would definitely go here daily because its only a dollar $.... Every single item...yep one Dollar! 💵 😍 🛍

Review №16

Really friendly people however the store needs a clean..

Review №17

Dollar tree is always my go to for snacks for my grandkids.

Review №18

Great selection for snacks

Review №19

I found what I needed but the place was in serious need of some cleaning. For whatever reason, trash and empty boxes were scattered about in every aisle. The floor also looked like it hadnt been swept in a week or more and looked like it hadnt been mopped in well over a month! I promise this IS NOT an exaggeration.

Review №20

It was fun shopping because I havent been there forever and it wasnt over crowded

Review №21

Victoria the manager does a wonderful wonderful job love her store love her personality shes always working so hard shes the best thing that happened to that store

Review №22

Excellent store, very friendly staff

Review №23

Friendly staff. No lines. Store was stocked. Thank you

Review №24

Love this place. You can find lots of bargains every time you go there.

Review №25

I love to go inside during season changes and grab new decor for the outside of my place. Great decor for the price of everythings literally a $1.

Review №26

Big store with a really good selection of items. Very impressed with the staff.

Review №27

They need more help

Review №28

My family dropped me off and waited while I ran into DT to get candles and glitter. It is a LARGE store and I asked a clerk where the aisle was and a second clerk jumped into advise me and get me to the area quickly. I was checked out quickly and back to my family in about 6 minutes. Loved the store! There was a lot of things that I wanted to check out, but I had to go. I will be back!

Review №29

This was my go-to dollar tree for years. Moved to a different side of town so it has been a while since Id visited. What the heck happened?! Its dirty, and unorganized. There are unpacked boxes sitting next to empty shelves, it smelt terrible in there. Broken items sitting on the shelves next to baskets of random go-backs. Just sad to see my favorite dollar tree look like this.

Review №30

Love the bargains. Everything 1 dollar!

Review №31

Didnt have what I went in for that most other DT stores have. Very disappointed

Review №32

I made some garlic bread and thought it tasted weak , told a relative and they said to get minced garlic .I found some at Dollar Tree.So Ill have to try garlic bread again soon.

Review №33

Busy but have great cashiers

Review №34

Busy --because its in the middle of town in the evening, but they opened another lane right away once there was a line forming.

Review №35

Shop here all the time. Very busy store, pretty squared away for how much stock they move. This Dollar Tree Does NOT have a freezer/fridge section. Any issues Ive ever had were associated with being short on staff. Overall reliable place, that just needs more bodies to keep the lines moving.

Review №36

Every dollar tree is a little different, this one seems to keep a good stock of cleaning supplies and hygiene products. The craft and home goods can be hit or miss.

Review №37

I got some good prices on all purpose cleaner. that seems to work well for me.I got a good price on some snack foods. one of the snack foods was a knots product typical Knots packaging they had an average size package, but there was not very much product in the package. there were some other snack foods that I fared better with at Dollar tree. shop wisely here, and you can get some good prices. the store was very clean. the shelves seemed to be well stocked.

Review №38

The day after Christmas and they already have Valentines day and St Patricks day stuff out.

Review №39

Yes its unorganized and yes theres always like 1 or 2 cashiers. But honestly its a Dollar Store. You get many people who go in a dollar store bc everything is a dollar, on top of people who just dont like working here so theyre always needing more staff or so I would think. I go here for candy most of the time but I also like their little trinkets and decor they have. A good store for crafters.

Review №40

I love coming here when I am in a pinch for cash and need something right away. EVERYTHING is a dollar, always. You never know what you might find while you are in there each time you go because the inventory changes from time to time, so there may be some surprises also! Love it!

Review №41

Didnt have what I was looking for but found a couple of things

Review №42

What can I say great store..

Review №43

They have a very big variety of supplies especially if youre into crafts heres your place!!!!

Review №44

I love Dollar Tree. This one had very helpful people. The selection was off from the store I was used to. This store said they had no control over inventory. I did not know that. I have had good experience with the frozen food section. I do not buy the breaded items or sugary pastries or ice cream so I have no feedback on those items. The store was clean and well lighted.

Review №45

This store is do dirty. And the shelves are bare. I will drive farther for a better one. Never again

Review №46

Love this place for snacks....

Review №47

We will not be shopping at this store in the future. It looks like a bomb went off inside and its filthy. Many nearly empty shelves and boxes and trash all over the floors. Such a shame, as this used to be such a nice store. The past month or two it has gotten so much worse. One star is generous.

Review №48

Disgusting, the employees arent very nice, had a hard time finding some things

Review №49

Nice selection of every items, love shopping here for holiday items.

Review №50

Always have empty shelves and inventory is always piled around.

Review №51

My cashier Susan, was pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable of her store. I love a cashier who can work and talk at the same time. I will be going back! Thanks Susan!!

Review №52

The store was slightly dirtier than usual but overall great experience!!

Review №53

The staff were very accommodating and polite.The store was clean and organized. I will be shopping there again soon.

Review №54

Very surprising to find some brand name things for only one dollar. The floors are dirty, and the place looks low maintenance, but still an overall good experience. To find bottles of Coke for only a dollar, and rockstar energy drinks all for one dollar makes it worth it.

Review №55

Always has good stuff. Great Halloween selection. Store isnt the nicest one in town but employees are!

Review №56

Dirty! Filthy!

Review №57

Exactly what was advertised.

Review №58

Great selection on everyday needs. Quite a selection of products from food cleaning birthday supplies kitchen gadgets medicine paper products. Just about anything you need except clothes for $1

Review №59

Great place to go if you need a variety of things that cost a dollar each.

Review №60

They have a great selection of toys and trinkets for children! I also really like that they have seasonal selections of decorations and gifts.

Review №61

Diane is a beautiful help

Review №62

Everything is a dollar or less a good place to get for items that you might take for a lunch out and dont care if you dont get back or just throw away and some items you would keep and use at home

Review №63

The store looks AMAZING.A few weeks ago this store looked AWFUL shelves were messy bare I was so disappointed because I couldnt find any of the things I usually buy and in fact told one of the employees that the store SUCKED.Today I found most of everything I went in for.The shelves were nice stocked clean.Had some new things.Faces were different looks like some new employees very nice very friendly very helpful.For sure a 10..Good Job

Review №64

This is a typical Dollar Tree. I stop there for paper kitchen products, greeting cards and little toys for the grands. Keeping in mind that you get what you pay for, you wont be disappointed. Usually there are not enough clerks at the check out counters.

Review №65

Dollar tree was clean, the lady a young woman was friendly and very helpful. I did not get her name but it was who opened the store on friday jan 4th. She should be commended for her efficiency and attitude. She was a great help and had a clean store.

Review №66

Super messy and not organized! The manager does not take care of this store!

Review №67

Enjoy a lot shooping at this store. Have fun stuff and cashiers are super friendly.👍👍

Review №68

Shelves always look like they are going out of business😢 They are missing out on a lot of sales!!You Need responsible people working there!! Such a shame. The store used to be Awesome!!⚘

Review №69


Review №70

Most clean and organized dollar tree store Ive ever been too!

Review №71

It was very the help I needed....i was n and out ....!

Review №72

Nice little store, have a little of everything

Review №73

Great place to find good small things at the lowest price.

Review №74

Selection isnt as good as the one on 27th and like all $ 🌲s they need to turn the air up but the employees are always nice and courteous.

Review №75

Everything IS $1. Only place you should ever buy gift bags and calendars . Also has a good selection of cards.

Review №76

Not the cleanest or well put together but everything 1$ cant beat that otherwise staff is pretty decent.

Review №77

Was a quick stop, staff was busy restocking, but still took time to smile and and be friendly.

Review №78

My experience at the store is always good. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №79

Store was dirty!!!! Manager was rude to a lady that asked a question and then rude to me when we asked for balloons!!! I do not not recommend this store, go to one of the others.

Review №80

Truck comes on Tuesdays, so Im told, so thats the best day to go and find new stock!

Review №81

Occasionally rude employees. Wide selection of cheap odds and ends. They accept EBT cards. Great place to get cheap glassware and greeting cards.

Review №82

The lady at the front line was absolutely amazing, Super pleasant

Review №83

Only one cashier working when I was in. Line of about four customers behind me. Pretty fair on speed.

Review №84

Great place to shop for cheap deals but the Bathrooms need to be cleaned and it would be nice if they stocked the shelves at night because its hard to get thru the aisles when people are stocking and boxes are in the way. Staff is friendly.

Review №85

It was good service.

Review №86

Aisles were very crowded & kind of disorganized. Things were hard to find. Front entrance floor mat was very dirty. Benefit of doubt, they need some additional help to get store back to its normal state.

Review №87

On the way home and open late, I love this location

Review №88

Good store for all

Review №89

Everything is $1 or less. Can find some great stuff here.

Review №90

Always great I go in needing a couple things and walk out with the whole store

Review №91

Busy with holiday shoppers, but checkout still fast.

Review №92

Good for buying most of the stuff.1$ for any item which is really goof

Review №93

I really appreciate the nice help and everything truly is a dollar

Review №94

Shelves were mostly empty, aisles full of dollies with boxes, hard to get through the store. Extremely disappointed. Heard clerk at checkout say manager was due in an hour ago but hasnt shown up?? Very disappointing experience.

Review №95

Lots of Xmas stuff on sale

Review №96

Lots of stuff and its all a buck and established is super friendly and

Review №97

As advertised. But beware the employees and customers. Not a bad place to get cheap stuff.

Review №98

Its ok because its the Dollar tree but the employees usually seem depressed and slow moving. Best place for helium balloons though!

Review №99

I get lots of generic meds and other house and toiletry items here. Cheaper or same as Wal-Mart in many cases. But stock up when your faves are in, because it can take ages to get out of stock items back on shelves!

Review №100

Great prices awsome selection of product fresh snack foods and drinks friendly fast service

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  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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