Walmart Supercenter
4700 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68521, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

Store in the middle of a remodel, Which was not the problem. I asked four employees what department my item would be located in. No one knew. Disappointed that you still have to pay for cosmetics in that department plus the rest of the items in the cart OR pay again if you dont want to hold up the line in cosmetics. ONE LIVE CASHIER with long line so decided to use the self checkout. Had questions but no employees around to ask. Left all my items and am glad to pay more to a company that values human cashiers, knowledgeable employees, and a one stop payment. Its great to talk to cashiers and get a connection!

Review №2

Rearranging item placements make it very hard to find what I need. Had pallets of items to restock shelves everywhere during busiest time of day! I couldnt get cross isles. Had to walk down 6 isles squeeze around pallets in the middle. Walk back 6 isles to get the damn shredded cheese I need!!

Review №3

I like going to Walmart. Very reasonable pricing as long as you look dont just grab the first item you see you have to take the time to look. They have everything from clothes to groceries to electronics to books crafting and sewing its amazing to go to just one store for all your needs

Review №4

This store is a complete mess. Under-construction,I am a disabled senior and could not find a handicapped parking spot. 90% of the cars did not have a plate or place card.I cant go through self check with a full cart.there were 2 cashiers.The line was so long, it was approximately 20+minutes. This is unacceptable.

Review №5

The usual good trip but WHY do you have to move stuff around?

Review №6

I wasnt going to review this store cuz they always out of stock with alot of stuff but David and Mel both went over and beyond to help me with a few issues I was having. Both these people are very nice and friendly. Which made my nightmare a lil more easy to bare. Thanks again 😊

Review №7

Unbelievable loss prevention.. I feel very targeted they put in all the self check outs so I use self check out and an employee sat behind me the whole time making sure I ring up all my items. My family and I are from outta town just traveling here from Arizona and weve never been treated like that in Arizona I will not be shopping at Walmart in Lincoln or Nebraska again

Review №8

Walmart on 27th in Lincoln, NE sold me this air mattress which was clearly opened prior to me buying this item and resealed to look new. There is a distinct smell of smoke, blood stains all over this air mattress, and holes which have been taped up. They refused to give me a refund and would only allow me to do an exchange. After this experience with this air mattress I did not want another one from this store.

Review №9

Listen I understand nobody wants to work. If you hire people stop looking at their backgrounds and just hire them you got homeless people standing outside with signs if you offered them employment they wouldnt have to suffer and folks like me dont have to bend down to pack my groceries. Hire more people. This is insane...

Review №10

They are currently doing work on the flooring so everything is getting moved around alot, but I usually go to this Walmart because they normally have what I need when the other walmarts run out.

Review №11

Walmart is always stressful. I go there once in awhile. But the new set up from the remodwl makes no sense. Its sooo annoying

Review №12

They are currently remodeling and its a mess. Shelves are half stocked and things are in disarray. It felt as if I was in a maze.

Review №13

Nice clean store even though things are a little crazy right now because they are moving things around. The staff helped me find what I was looking for. The staff is helpful and friendly. Shout out to Walmart employees...your ROCK!!!

Review №14

Lost my 🙀 in illle three. Dont know where he went. But the snakes are yummy. ,🍿🍿🍿🍿😋😋😋

Review №15

You have to wait in line almost everytime you go there. Ant there are employees everywhere but getting bbn one to help you is close to impossible. And now another remodel grrrrr.....

Review №16

This was an OK Walmart. There are probably certain items that people in the area most often buy, but I think an increase in essentials for newcomers to apartment living or dorm living would be beneficial. The nearby college brings a number of students in and outside the area, so being stocked this time of year would be great.

Review №17

Did my Christmas shopping today!. Found everything I was looking for. Good day....

Review №18

So not like checking my self out staff walks around you like your like youre stealing stuff just make it so much easier if we have more cashiers checking people out

Review №19

This is the first time that I have been to this location since it’s renovations and I must say I am HIGHLY DISSAPPOINTED!! The aisles for the grocery sections are all mislabeled and don’t reflect half of what’s down the aisles! Although the aisles are more narrow, the shelves need to be restocked! The few stickers on the floors are apologetic about the appearances but are unable to truly assist(because they don’t know themselves)! Don’t get me started on the open ceilings and wiring (OSHA violation)! Although could go on, here’s a suggestion: Shutdown for 24 hours (check your stocks…you can afford it) Have everyone assigned to this location to come and set this location properly!! To avoid any embarrassment to Walmart I will refrain from photos…wouldn’t want you to be SHUTDOWN due to obvious violations!!!! You are welcomed

Review №20

Very nice and clean looks like they get alot of business to keep that up good job

Review №21

I am visually impaired and requested assistance to shop and was denied by being told to go to a specific person and that person said no it is the previous departments responsibility and sent me back to self checkout who told me not my problem. I literally wanted 5 items but those items would have totalled $75-100 since one was a small electronic device. Well I left with nothing as the other items were medicines so now if I get sick due to not having my medicine whose problem is it then.

Review №22

A have to stop for necessities. We usually go a different location but this one was okay except for the makeup and beauty section being secluded and hard to get to (the entrance). But the employees were very nice.

Review №23

This place needs to max out on employees. Its one of the busiest Wal-Marts in Lincoln and they run out of things so fast! However, I grew up going here and at least the setup doesnt look messy. They also have more variety than some of the other stores here. Good place to stop by for essentials if theyre in stock.

Review №24

This location is very well put together

Review №25

1st time at this location in 2 years. Crowded, disorganized and our young female checkout person 063 was disrespectful when bagging purchases. Ie : putting 5lb bag of potatoes in bag on top of loaf of bread, then denied doing it. She definitely needs more training in bagging as well as being courteous to others. I will NOT be going to the northwest location again. Both the SE and Jamie Lane locations offer much better customer service and a better overall shopping experience.

Review №26

Expect to find Walmartians in their natural habitat. Worst Walmart bar none in Lincoln. Why 2 stars? The eclectic group of people make for excellent people watching, you soon realize life can get much worse.

Review №27

Quick stop for replenishing soda and get diner sandwich

Review №28

If you need something out of a locked case, forget it. Waited 35 minutes for a $7 cable. After two employees gave up looking for someone with the keys, I had to call the store and ask them to make an announcement over the loudspeaker. Still waited another 10 minutes after that, Only reason the employee finally showed up is because somebody in electronics wanted something out of a different case and mentioned I had been waiting. Just go somewhere else.

Review №29

I only gave them a 3 stars on this visit because its Sunday and I needed quarters to do laundry. Walmart customer service said they dont sell quarters! Last time I went to my bank they told me there is no longer the coin shortage we experienced during COVID-19. Oh and FYI Super Saver wont sell quarters either! Car wash is your best bet on a Sunday.

Review №30

Ugliest Walmart. Almost no cashiers . Terminals on check out working badly or out of order. Rest room is not working .

Review №31

Excellent- service, nice place to accumulate all the things that you need for your daily life!

Review №32

Total joke from management, worsr experience in my life dealing with walmart, great employees working hard, management is a mess at best, good luck

Review №33

Horrible customer service whenever I go to this Walmart. I was there today and the employees at the electronic was very rude had an attitude aswell. This isnt the first time I had to deal with the employees rude and lazy behavior. I will not be going back to this Walmart.

Review №34

Good food and good prices. Not as pricey as some of the other places but just as good as the expensive places

Review №35

Great store to do some shopping in. They are about to get a face-lift to look even better.

Review №36

It was a madhouse in there. Construction is also taking place inside the store. I would have given 1 star, but I could tell the employees were working hard.

Review №37

Robert, the Maintenance man in Lincoln, NE on North 27th asked if I needed help. He spent 10 minutes assisting me and gave me some helpful hints. He had a warm and genuine smile and made everyone happy to be greeted by him. Thanks Robert. Great job.

Review №38

It was ok no help or anyone close to talk to to get help ur really on ur own

Review №39

Do not ever order something from the photo center at this Walmart. My order is weeks late so I talked to Walmart support and they said that the order is at the Walmart they just aren’t processing it. I have called every day for the past 3 days and the order still isn’t processed. When i ask them a question They just keep transferring me to another person who doesn’t know the answer. So frustrating.

Review №40

This has to be the worst walmart in the country hands down. The staff is rude and apathetic, and combative probably because of the crowd this particular walmart attracts. This place isnt safe after dark. Theres always people passed out in their cars in the parking lot. Theres always homeless people begging in the adjacent 3 intersections to leave, the other day 2 of them were loudly comparing their track marks at one of the said intersections. The parking lot is poorly laid out causing traffic and general chaos. The store its self is ALWAYS short on products and picked bare in many departments, mainly soft lines and on top of that the store is absolutely filthy in more ways than I care to elaborate. Truly lincolns finest. Just take an extra 10 mins and go to the one of 85th trust me its worth your sanity.

Review №41

On Sunday only self check out till 9am or after. I hate self check out. If I hadnt been so tired I would have left my cart and went to another store. Dont mind self check if a few items, but weeks shopping NO WAY.

Review №42

This location is not open 24 hours. They are currently remodeling the inside.They have a Grocery Delivery service. I put my order in at 3:00 p.m., paid an extra $10.00 & my order was received by 7:00 p.m. the same day.

Review №43

Nothing is where it normally is honestly I wont stop there again

Review №44

Rather spend my $ on locally owned/opped

Review №45

All the Walmart super store or grocery your employees are great your stores love them...ABC Roofing Supply# 194. Rich wood

Review №46

Get our pictures from here and usually has most of what we need if in a hurry but i prefer to support local

Review №47

Dizzying layout, air conditioner appeared broken, the store was not only warm but humid. Guy watching the self check outs appeared board with his job, he just stood there, maybe he wasnt enjoying the warm working environment?

Review №48

Great movie and Lilo and stitch collectables always best service

Review №49

They had what we needed and the lines werent awful long.

Review №50

Excellent! Too less of lanes, but that is always the case.

Review №51

With it being the start of summer outings, its understandable that demand is going to be high. However, its WalMart there needs to be a supply! Especially on a Thursday heading into the weekend, so if your looking to stock up outdoor gear I suggest calling to see if its available!

Review №52

You know the deal its Walmart you never no what youre going to find or see😲

Review №53

Seen one Walmart seen them all! Always have the usual items of needs!

Review №54

Attention Walmart shoppers thank you for shopping at Walmart

Review №55

Not organized at all, and never stocked with much. There signage needs to be fixed throughout the entire store. I’m from California and just moved here and this is by far the worst one I’ve been to.

Review №56

It certainly is not the best Walmart in Lincoln but it is a Walmart. Many items are usually sold out or missing. There are better Walmarts locations in town in my opinion.

Review №57

This place is surprisingly friendly for the neighborhood its in. You would think lower income neighborhoods would have a little more aggressive people do to the large amount of people that come through the door. However this is not true. They have more knowledgeable and kind staff. People just seem to appreciate people better. I dont know what it is about Nebraska but the rules of logic always flip around however I would always recommend this place if you have questions especially in the electronic department. The electronic department here is phenomenal. I would recommend this place to anyone

Review №58

If you know a Walmart, you know this Walmart. Has the same stuff, same shenanigans. Does what it ought without frills. Staff are available but are amenable to friendliness. Dont be difficult and you can get help with anything you need. Supercenter so its got automotive, kitchen, hobby supplies, garden, and groceries.

Review №59

No charged electric carts and only one available that was charging.Need more and newer in storesReorganizing not good, could not find what I wanted and cart battery died

Review №60

If you need to replace a phone this is the place to go. Breaking your phone is already stressful. Brandon ( mobile specialist) was so much help. Helped us pick the best phone for us. Not the most expensive! Activated it for us an put the screen saver an case on too. In less than 20 minutes. Best phone experience I have EVER had. Thanks brandon

Review №61

Stopped off for groceries and was anticipating staying in rv overnight in parking lot. However, signs were up allover warning about being towed if we parked there. It looked a little sketchy, and management could have been worried about safety. Anyway someone posted it was ok for RVs. Didnt want to take a chance so we found a nice rest area near Milton. BTW they have a tremendous assortment of alcohol. Beer, wine, hard liquor etc.Q

Review №62

Just average. I mean its Walmart. They always have the bare minimum amount of employees working the registers and are often out of the stuff you want or need. I notice more and more they are trying to make it so they only carry their own brand. Thats not a good thing because most of the time their brand sucks.

Review №63

Super nice staff. Very helpful and friendly.

Review №64

The aisles are always a mess here. There are soo many people its hard to get around the store. Also, because of high amounts of shoplifting, the store has implemented extensive security devices and checkpoints that make shopping here a huge pain. I drive an extra 20 minutes to the east or south Walmarts to avoid this store.

Review №65

Dont like the self check outs. It feels like you are being lazy.

Review №66

Good store, just dont get their eggs got deathly sick off them .

Review №67

Wish it had a little more selection of some items but other than that good

Review №68

Had a quick and easy exchange by friendly customer service staff.

Review №69

Great place I only got stared at by everyone because I was wearing a catgirl maid outfit and sucking on a pacifier also they have a subway

Review №70

This location is better for clearance items being updated more often.

Review №71

Its 27th walmart. You only go there if you have to.

Review №72

The customer service representative could of been a little bit faster with my returned item.

Review №73

Went to Walmart to get household items. Ending up buying fresh groceries too. I remembered that I need eyeliner so I took my cart in the beauty section. I grabbed a lip gloss as well. The policy is that the beauty products are to be purchased in that section only. The line was ridiculous but some people were told they can check out at the self check kios. When I asked why some people get to move to a faster lane and others dont I was told it depends on what you are buying. I said that interesting because there is no sign to designate what items you must buy there versus what items can be purchased in self check. Must be what you look like to determine where you buy your beauty products. Wont be returning not worth feeling like a criminal to save a few pennies.

Review №74

I do all my pharmacy business there they bend over backwards to be kind and helpful

Review №75

This is a good place to get groceries I guess

Review №76

Pretty laid back and u dont feel hurded like in others

Review №77

Its Walmart. Nuf said.

Review №78

Convenient, also on bus route. Its just simple from downtown!

Review №79

Cant find a thing in new store set

Review №80

Great prices. Staff is usually friendly and willing to help you if you need something.

Review №81

Hard to find what I wanted. Rearranging the store is causing quite a problem. I ask a clerk question and what you see is what you get was her response! Rather rude I thought.

Review №82

I usually dont post these, but I was really happy about my experience there on 4/8/21. An employee named Jim stopped what he was doing to help me find an ingredient i had been looking all over Lincoln to find. He was incredibly helpful & friendly.

Review №83

As Walmart supercenters go, this was cluttered and confusing. Staff seemed overwhelmed or distracted. Really trying to be all things to all people and not succeeding.

Review №84

Great prices and great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Review №85

What a rude lady at the customer service.. I wonder why the 27th walmart is the worst on to go to.. Plus all those rag heads that work there...

Review №86

It fun, more things

Review №87

It’s most definitely a Walmart. Mediocre quality.

Review №88

Didnt have any of the stuff I wanted out of stock

Review №89

After going to two other Walmarts & three other retailers in two days to buy a specific item(that seems to be a shortage of & is a high theft item) I found an associate who knew that the camping propane torch was behind the locked glass case in sporting goods dept, and not on the shelf. All that time, driving, gas wasted because other two walmart stores associates didnt know. SMH

Review №90

Denison as a whole is amazing. Its unfortunate that they never have cashiers.

Review №91

Good low prices. Just a shame there is only 2 or 3 checkout persons at a time. I know some workers are pretty slow but, get a couple people in front of you with a good amount of food at the self checkouts; on the phone, yelling at kids, talking to workers or friends or just taking forever. I now wait in line now longer than the time I shop. I guess this is the future.

Review №92

Your employees need to keep the Jesus freak stuff to themselves and not try and talk to customers about how they need Jesus

Review №93

Items to far back on shelf, had a lady ask me for help cause I was taller than her. I used another food item to get it off shelf for her. The item that I wanted was in pet section and couldnt reach so didnt buy it.

Review №94

Ordered pickup and had to wait 27 mins after i called and they brought out to people who was there after me. And i got there and called in right before my time

Review №95

Not enough checkouts going, couldnt find help when needed, kids playing in toy isle opening toys

Review №96

Very poorly stocked tons of empty shelves

Review №97

This place has gone down hill bad in the last few years. I dont usually go to this one since I live south of Lincoln. I couldnt find anything I needed and it looked like everything in the gardening area has been thrown or misplaced with not much on the shelves. This used to be one of the better Walmarts 10 years ago, but not today!

Review №98

Being a large city, it has a decent selection to say the least. But by no means did they care about the cleanliness. Floors were crazy tracked with 👣 dirt. Looked as if it was from wet footprints, but it hadnt rained. Please dont get me started on the bathrooms, I quit honestly was disgusted by every stall.😳 😬 🤢

Review №99

This location is poorly stocked and poorly staffed. It feels dirty in this store and the parking lot.

Review №100

Walmart is awesome place to shop. Its really going to suck when they close down all the stores the guy in the pic is collin jeffords who once worked for Walmart.

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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