Bonnie Brae Liquor
785 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209, United States
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I work nearby and usually just stop in to grab a snack if the day is slow. Friendly staff, huge stock, tons of great options! I love a liquor store that puts some effort in to their none alcoholic selection too. I did swing by after work to stock up for a BBQ I was hosting and was happy with the beer and hard seltzer options, they even offered to help me out to my car.

Review №2

What can I say? They deliver, have decent prices and always have what I want in stock. It’s really never within that hour time frame but I don’t care, either way it’s convenient and someone else is bringing my liquor to me while I’m sitting at home. No complaints here and I’m grateful they even go out of their way to provide this service.As for the customer service, every person that has delivered to my home has been more than friendly. They’re just handing off my alcohol and I’m sure they’re in a hurry, so I don’t expect them to go above and beyond. They just hand me my stuff, I tell them to have a great day, they say it back and that’s that. This is my go-to liquor store when the weekend hits, I’m sore from a long work week, and I just want a lazy day with some wine.Edit: I just received a delivery and there was a red-headed gentleman delivering my wine. He was so kind and provided the best service I have gotten from a liquor store. He was really sweet and really stood out so I just wanted the owner to know how awesome he is! They delivered right on the dot and I was super impressed, thanks!!

Review №3

They really have dumbfounding wines, and it is moreover absolutely sensible! You wouldnt lament visiting this wine shop!

Review №4

I went into Bonnie Brae Liquor because their website said they carried all the rye whiskeys I was considering. They were the only store around that had them in stock. Sure enough they were all in stock and as soon as I started browsing an employee asked if I needed help and gave out suggestions. All the tips were helpful and useful. All the clerks genuinely wanted to help, not just upsell. This place is now my go to for spirits.

Review №5

Good selection, and actually some good prices on different alcohols and wines compared to even the big stores. Been going here for decades and its always been the same, consistent, friendly, and reasonably priced liquor store.

Review №6

The place to go if you want to have a huge variety of beverages to choose from. The selection of Spanish wines is mesmerizing. A must in Denver!!! Highly recommended!

Review №7

Advertise a burgundy for 179 then tell me it was in the wrong spot. Nope it was labeled right and everything. They are crooks trying to mark bottles up at the register. 2011 chambertin. Thats exactly what the price label said where the bottle was pulled from. Then the customer service was aweful. No trying to make it right. It was just F you pretty much. I must be blind as a bat. Never shopping at any bonnie Brae stores again. Have a nice weekend

Review №8

Very helpful in giving insight into anything youre looking for. Staff was all very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help me out. Great selection to pick from.

Review №9

YovveMade itit perfectly clear she wasn’t willing to except an online order and she was rude about it not

Review №10

Awesome biz! friendly staff and great selections. Dylan runs the beer section and help me select some awesome craft brews. Cant wait to make this my regular store!

Review №11

Affordable, large selection, friendly staff, clean and inviting!

Review №12

Such kind staff and a great liquor store!!

Review №13

Monday evening 06/07/21 I encountered a dangerous delivery driver for Bonnie Brae Liquor at the intersection of East Bayaud Ave & South Jackson Street. Not only was the driver going above the posted limit, but they also had no headlights! It appeared as though the front end of the vehicle was in rough shape. Any business that is willing to jeopardize public safety wont be getting my business!

Review №14

Wonderful selection, knowledge staff. Support your local small business.

Review №15

Awesome selection and the staff are always super friendly and helpful.

Review №16

Great selection and they carrie Tequila Dos Artes and Tequila Señor Artesano, 100% blue agave.

Review №17

Unknowledgable staff wasted my time. Called to verify stock and price on two specific bottles of bourbon before driving 30min. The employee verified that they were stock and provided pricing over the phone for both bottles. Excitedly, I jumped in the car and headed down right away. Upon arrival I was told that the bottles were not available for purchase, although in stock and pricing was verified before I wasted an hour driving round trip. Literally, bottles in the back, upset customer in the front, yet no sale. Hard pass on Bonnie Brae, go to a liquor store that values your time, money and patronage.*response to owners response:Seeing as these were allocated bottles, I called to confirm before driving to your store. I understand there can be discrepancies between computer stock and actual inventory. However, these bottles were physically in stock, yet would not sell to me even after confirming stock/price over the phone and in person. BTW, you used to be my local shop for about 10yrs when I lived around the corner. Found both on the shelf elsewhere that evening, without the pretentiousness.

Review №18

I had a great experience here, I went in with little knowledge of what I wanted and Frank was kind and extremely helpful. They have a wide selection made up of mostly local and small batch brands. I cant wait to try out their delivery options soon!

Review №19

Awesome selection, especially for wine. Has stuff you dont see everywhere!

Review №20

Spend your money elsewhere.I would love for this place to be my liquor store of choice since it is two blocks from my house. I can overlook the price hike on certain spirits but I cannot ignore the complete lack of customer service. I looked online before walking to the store for a specific bottle of bourbon. After searching for a few minutes I asked the first staff member that I saw and he told me to ask the front cashier because he did not know (or care to look) and said that they could check the inventory. I asked the woman working in the front of the store explaining that I had looked online. She looked it up in the computer and then looked at the shelf and told me that she would say since she can’t find it that they are out of it. I try to support small businesses but I will not even buy ice here in the future. If all you are offering is a convenient location, good luck. I can order delivery from a number of stores, buy online or shop at one of the other stores close by.

Review №21

Staff helped us pick out a terrific bourbon and chardonnay. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Great local place to fulfill all of your liqour needs.

Review №22

They are always quick on delivery and on Christmas Eve Eve when they were slammed they went out of their way to get us our delivery on time. Absolutely amazing service and everyone is always extremely nice.

Review №23

This place is amazing. Friendly staff and the best selection of beer, wine, and liquor I’ve seen in Denver. Not to mention the great delivery service they provided me. 100% coming back!

Review №24

Clean and nice staff. Great variety of things!

Review №25

I love Bonnie Brae Liquor. Best Liquor store ever!

Review №26

Good selection. Good prices. Easy parking.

Review №27

This place is really the best place to go for a wide variety of choices as well as quality product in all price ranges. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and always happy to give a recommendation.

Review №28

FINALLY!! Super helpful friendly service. Great rewards program

Review №29

Just ordered for my sister who lives in Denver from my home in South Carolina. Wonderful, efficient and with a great selection! She had her delivery within and hour! Amazing! Made both of our Friday nights! Thank you!

Review №30

Very well organized store, unfortunately I found better deals in a local and smaller liquor comparing the same bottle of wine (30% cheaper)

Review №31

Great liquor store, with friendly staff!

Review №32

Staff does not like to help you find what you are looking for. If you know your way around, great. Otherwise I suggest going elsewhere.

Review №33

I live on university and Alameda and love their store. helpful and friendly and reasonable parking

Review №34

Good selection but not everything, for more obscure or specific bottles you might have to go somewhere else. For everyday alcohol needs, Bonnie Brae is perfect

Review №35

The nicest people plus the best selection and prices around. Their delivery coordinator Garrett even noticed it was almost my birthday and sent a little happy birthday note with the delivery. 10/10

Review №36

Good beer selection and rewards program is WAY better then Total Beverage.

Review №37

Love supporting this local store with great beer selection and new choices regularly.

Review №38

The staff is so incredibly helpful, and the selection is excellent!

Review №39

Great employees here. Large clean store.

Review №40

Very friendly staff

Review №41

Great local store with large selection and helpful staff

Review №42

Ordered from Grizzly, fast delivery. Same price like everywhere else.

Review №43

I mean delivery... Brilliant

Review №44

Dropped in here to pick up a bottle of wine for a birthday gift. So helpful in picking out the perfect bottle of white wine! Great selection and wonderful employees!

Review №45

Great service. Delivered to Halycon.

Review №46

With a friendly staff and a wide selection of drinks, this is a great establishment. Bonus! Great ice cream right next door 👍

Review №47

Great store, but getting there is a pain in the arse with traffic and construction right now.

Review №48

Terrible customer service. I called in to cancel a delivery order because something came up and I needed to leave my house and was argued with that I picked that time. I requested he cancel the order then was hung up on.

Review №49

Waited 5 hours for an advertised 1 hour delivery. After being unable to reach them for hours via either phone or email, they finally answered and told me that they just werent going to deliver it and cant give me a refund until next week. They said it was due to a suspicion of fraud (which is fair since I just moved), but rather than cancel the order or contact me to clear it they were going to just charge me and not make the delivery

Review №50

Small liquor store with a good selection.

Review №51

Great selection and friendly staff

Review №52

Ordered delivery and it came way fast! Good customer service will order here every time Im in town

Review №53

Ordered off Grizzly, guy never delivered and didn’t call when outside. Never had a problem before from other shops. I rang up and the guy instantly said it would take a further hour to deliver, and suggested I cancel! Waited for an hour! Terrible! Beware of delivery from here!

Review №54

Great selection of products. Ordered a couple times via minibar and drizzly. All the drivers that showed up in Bonnie brae labeled vehicles have been on time and professional.

Review №55

Huge selection. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. We always walk down with our puppies to grab a bottle of wine, as they are dog friendly (dogs must be leashed, of course!). Highly recommended.

Review №56

Came in looking for a nice bomber and was a little disappointed. However their whiskey selection is great. I like that I can take my dog in to pick something up during a walk.

Review №57

Customer service rep/sales specialist pointed me in the right direction. He was friendly and courteous. Will be back again!

Review №58

Convenience at the cost of variety. They used to be better but they do deliver.

Review №59

My car is broken down and I just didnt feel like walking with all the joint pain. So they dont have what I want. I go with a recommendation. Its blech. It was twice as expensive. And I could have gotten two of what I wanted from Argonaut for the same price. Lesson learned.

Review №60

Solid neighborhood shop for everything you could possibly need for my bday and Superbowl...same weekend! :)

Review №61

Best Home Made Icecream parlor there is!They Still Make Rum Raisins!!!

Review №62

Fine drinks and fine folks.

Review №63

Worst experience I’ve ever had don’t waste your money with these people they don’t care they don’t want your money nor do they want your patronage they say they can deliver within an hour and I’ve waited over an hour multiple times I will never do business with these people again I called and they pretty much told me to cancel my order so I hope this helps you not to be disappointed

Review №64

Its a great place to get your booze..

Review №65

Great selection of specialty rum.

Review №66

Very boring selection of beer. Typical --consisting of mostly huge commercial brewery beer and mostly ales and lagers at that. Prices no deal. Yawn....Decent wine inventory, but watch out for the review tags—they leave up reviews that apply to vintages other than what is on the shelf! classic bait and switch. When I inquired about this, they blamed the wine reps. Of course.

Review №67

The crew that works here always gives me recommendations for wines and cocktail recipes. Very helpful and never pretentious.

Review №68

Big selection and reasonable prices for the most part. They carry my favorite michigan beer jolly pumpkin which is hard to find here

Review №69

Great, friendly service. Selection is awesome and store is clean.

Review №70

One of the best whiskey selections in town...

Review №71

Great, friendly service. Selection is awesome and store is clean.

Review №72

Great selection good parking

Review №73

I tried to get delivery this store twice times diferent days and NEVER give me delivery service, arguing are very busy.I think, this store do not give service people with foreign accent.I never will call again, or visit this store.

Review №74

I work and shop here! Great place!

Review №75

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Review №76

Knowledgeable staff and excellent selection

Review №77

Nice selection of beer and spirits. Found a few beers that are not available in my area.

Review №78

Great staff and always have a great selection

Review №79

Clean organized, long term employees .

Review №80

Bad customer service

Review №81

Selection and coupons. Nice staff

Review №82

Solid selection, wish they would switch things up a little more often on the beer front.

Review №83

Awesome liquor store!

Review №84

Nice bro

Review №85

Love it

Review №86

They deliver

Review №87


Review №88

Friendly and fast

Review №89

Great selection

Review №90

Awesome for the family

Review №91

Awesome place !!!

Review №92

Good selection

Review №93

Varied offer of wines and spirits

Review №94

Good place to get your drinks

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  • Address:785 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-733-7261
  • Beer store
  • Liquor store
  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–10PM
  • Thursday:9AM–10PM
  • Friday:9AM–10PM
  • Saturday:9AM–10PM
  • Sunday:9AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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