Divino Wine & Spirits
1240 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210, United States
Review №1

My favorite wine shop in Denver. Staff is always friendly and helpful, without being overbearing. Fantastic selection!

Review №2

Fantastic place to get high end beverages and elixirs. Great wine selections and one of the best curated selections of Bourbon I have seen in Denver. Added bonus the people who work there are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №3

Excellent location. It is, in fact, a liquor, wine, and beer store. The tranquillity of the setting was very soothing. The security officers were really nice and welcoming. Its nice to have a bottle of wine that I purchased from them. I enjoy visiting this shop because of the extensive wine options they have acquired. Ill definitely return to this wine shop.

Review №4

Divino is hands down the best place in Denver to pick up a bottle or 5! Not only is their excellent selection hand-picked by all of the employees, but also every staff member is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! Every time I go a different staff member is willing to answer questions, or make solid recommendations in the range Im looking for. Additionally they offer me honest, genuine thoughts and opinions, when I ask. And just to note- if you arent looking for assistance, theres no pushing and you can peacefully browse.

Review №5

We walked in and had no intention of purchasing anything, just browsing. I have been set on another company for a while until I tried this place. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and did not hesitate to help us! He immediately started a conversation and helped guide me to what would be my new favorite wine. We ended up leaving with a purchase of seven bottles and three wine glasses!

Review №6

A must-visit for any wine lovers! The owner is a great host whose passion is wine, and he makes sure that it becomes your passion as well. He is a phenomenal and gracious host for this extended tasting. If you are in this area and you like wine, you must stop at this Wine Shop. Thanks for another great visit, and I hope to see you again next year!

Review №7

This hidden gem is the best liquor store on S Broadway. The service is top notch - numerous occasions I have strolled in with wine requests and they assist me right as I walk through the door. They also have a great selection of beer and liquor! There also is a neighborhood discount for locals like myself. Highly recommend anyone to stop in this spot!

Review №8

The staff and owner at Divino have always been friendly, knowledgeable, and sourcing excellent quality wine, beer, and liqueurs (grappa fan? The selection here is astounding). The monthly $10 wine selection is my go-to for a quick no idea, grilling tonight, this looks good- ALWAYS great wines. They upped their customer service to above and beyond to adapt to the Now Times, offering call ahead ordering and pickup. Ive tried many new wines, as well as few great rye whiskeys, and they have my past orders available to help me find that one wine I had from Sicily last year. They are part of the neighborhood for ten years or so, and hope this review helps a few more folks to stop in and keep them going for another decade.

Review №9

Always have what I come in for...Clean and staff very friendly and knows their wines🍷🍷🍷😎

Review №10

While I did not find the exact liqueur I was looking for, the guy working explained it happened a lot and was working to find out why they didnt have a popular item in stock. He then went on to suggest a couple other liqueur that was local and expressed their qualities that help me make an informed decision. Fantastic and cozy place that I would recommend anyone go to.

Review №11

Super helpful and friendly staff - always willing to take time to help me find just what Im looking for (even if I dont know what Im looking for!!).

Review №12

I hope to see you again next year!

Review №13

Best selection in Denver! Went there for the first time today and will not be shopping anywhere else. Whiskey selection was on point, was even able to snag E.H Taylor Small Batch on a whim.Unlike other liquor stores, this one is super clean and very COVID conscious. They even had masks on hand if you needed. Great service from Ryan who helped me and my fiance pick out a few new bottles of wine.

Review №14

This place is the bees knees. Love the tequila and the hippie is my new go-to lol

Review №15

Booo! Your company shows up as paid ad as the only business

Review №16

This has become our favorite neighborhood wine shop (and we have several to choose from!) They are great at suggesting wines with very little to go on, and I dont think Ive had anything yet that I didnt enjoy. They will also keep a history of what youve purchased previously, which is very helpful when you just cant remember the name of that wine... Prices are reasonable. Super cute shop.

Review №17

I love this place. They have a great selection of spirits, including a fair amount of amari and other bitters. The wine is organized by place of origin which can be a little intimidating if youre not necessarily a wine person. Fear not! The staff are all nice and helpful, and theyre happy to help you find something youll like. Ive liked every wine that theyve recommended to me.They carry (and label!) vegan and natural wines at reasonable prices. Small but well curated selection of beer/cider/mead, with more thats not on display if you ask about it. Im not a sake person so I cant comment on the quality but they have that too.They also do have handles of Titos and white claw if thats your thing.If Divino were a bar, Id hang out there.

Review №18

Great variety and extremely helpful in finding just what you need to pair with a meal. Also an easy stop by to grab something on a way to a dinner party or when you need a gift. Love, love, love this place!

Review №19

$12 for two airplane bottles of Maker’s Mark. And they make you put on a mask in a time (mid june 2021) where the rest of the universe doesn’t care anymore.I purchased the $12 mini bottles of Maker’s Mark anyway because I have low self esteem.

Review №20

Im not a wine drinker, but this place has all the wine you could possibly want--and a staff that actually knows what theyre talking about. Luckily for me, they also have a better-than-decent selection of whiskeys, tequilas, rums, and gins! The staff always is prepared with guidance--whether its for taste or for pointing my dumb face in the right direction for what I want.

Review №21

The staff is so knowledgeable on what pairs with what and can always help you fine something new you will enjoy!

Review №22

Great local spot with high end selection. If they dont have it and you want it, just ask! Theyll order it for you.

Review №23

Incredible wines for all price ranges, And unbelievably knowledgeable staff

Review №24

Great selection, friendly staff and beautiful interior. I like the cocktail ideas they have set up and the $9.99 wine selection. I got the fixins for a chocolate cherry Manhattan 🍒😋

Review №25

Great selection. Staff is super knowledgeable and the pricing is better than you would think for a small wine shop.

Review №26

Great wine and liquor store that has a lot of nicely displayed bottles with price coins letting you know what each one costs. Parking in the street and behind the building.

Review №27

Well organized and good selection

Review №28

Been coming here for years, absolutely love this place. I can walk in and say what beer do I want to buy? and the guys know me well enough to just hand me a sixer Ive never seen and say you want this one -- its fantastic. Great wine and spirits selection too.

Review №29

Great selection and service!🌝

Review №30

They were gloved up, and had hand sanitizer and gloves available at the front of the place for patrons. Gabe found me two bottles of great wine, then suggested a cheap I am looking forward to.I ask you, in these times, What else is there?

Review №31

The best wine store I’ve been to in Denver. A great selection of carefully curated wines between $10-$20. Lots of unique organic and natural wines. Not snooty, and NOT overpriced. None of the big name wines you’d see at Costco or a grocery store. It’s great. Every time I go in, there is a new selection of wines I’ve never seen. Highly highly recommend to people that like good wine

Review №32

Great range of wine, spirits and beer - from basic to special occasions, they have plenty options. I visited them nearly every month in the past couple of years, and the staff have always been helpful.

Review №33

A beautiful space ran by experts who remember your name. A thoughtful and ever-rotating selection of Wine, Whiskeys, Craft Beer and more. If you consistently pickup a certain item they’ll keep it stocked for you by request. The best liquor store I know of.

Review №34

I love this place! Fantastic customer service and recommendations whether you are spending $10 or $100. No attitude or condescension here, just great advice.

Review №35

The store, the staff and the wines are all super sexy. Get some.

Review №36

Great wine shop. Check out their 10 wines for under $10

Review №37

Good atmosphere and not snooty! I know nothing about wine but had to pick some up for an event. I went in and told them what I was told to bring and they got it all dealt with. The price was good too.

Review №38

Very knowledgeable, helpful, and unpretentious staff, with excellent quality wines and good variety. Also, they have lots of very good and interesting Daily Specials wines for under $11. A great variety of quality liquor as well. If you are hosting a dinner and want wine pairings, bring in your menu, and their recommendations will truly enhance your meal! Ive done it several times, and their recommendations were spot on. Buy twelve bottles of wine and get 10% off (or a thirteenth bottle for free).

Review №39

As always a go to spot for everything nice and at a very fair price. Most definitely the greatest employees! They will order the things you want as well.

Review №40

Really good selection, service, and experience.

Review №41

The staff are extremely knowledgeable and make the best recommendations. I love shopping here.

Review №42

These guys are awesome, businesses wise and personally. They have or can get spirits you didnt think you could find again, an amazing company

Review №43

Simply *****the best. Committed to helping the consumer if it means educating, guiding, or wrapping the gift. Serving this community for many years. The Saturday tastings are a bonus. Wide range of wines and quality offerings in all price ranges. Lovely offering of fine liquor for that gathering or a gift.

Review №44

Fanatic selection of wines and spirits, they even have a small selection of beer. Will definitely return!

Review №45

Perfect wine shop! They have a will curated selection and good prices! Love the$10 section and it has never led me astray.

Review №46

A+ wine and very nice and knowledgeable employees

Review №47

Great shop with fair prices. Really enjoyed talking bourbon with Jason.

Review №48

I love this shop.Easy to miss if you arent looking, but worth the stop.Great selection of quality alcohol. Changing variety of some options and regular access to quality of all varieties. Liquor, wine, beer, cider, whatever with alcohol. Sorted by type or region. Friendly staff always there to talk through some options.

Review №49

Best liquor store in the Mtn states, period. Very unique liquors and wines at reasonable prices. Have your standard fare too if desired. Great service.

Review №50

Best wines and liquor in Denver, sold by the best crew. Saturday tastings arent to be missed. Id give it 10 stars if I could.

Review №51

Always helpful and friendly. Great selection. I love shopping a Divino.

Review №52

I trust the folks at Divino. They pick great product to sell at a wide range of price points. I get the sense that most everyone there has tried most everything they sell. They carry good selections of Colorado-made wine, spirits, and beer. If youre looking for amaro, this is a place to visit!

Review №53

Absolutely amazing selections. Great people and an awesome store. Tastings hosted each Saturday are the icing on the cake.

Review №54

Probably the most well-crafted liquor stores in town. And conveniently located two doors down from Dos Luces Brewery!

Review №55

Great service and excellent selection!

Review №56

Denvers premier assortment of fine wines, tequilas and bourbons. An amazing room, full of more selectiins and options than any other liquor store in town. You will be amazed at this space and all the neighboring business. Great food in the area and if you need any computer help, Tech Social Nation has 22yrs knowledge and experience in business IT Consulting, now available to us all, for our home pcs and home network. Drop your computer off. And pick up wine for dinner..

Review №57

This is one of my favorite liquor stores in Denver. Its beautiful inside, and the staff is so friendly and helpful when you need assistance finding something or need a suggestion. Sign up for a membership to get discounts!

Review №58

Well designed liquor store with a quaint and friendly environment the owner was friendly and well-informed answered all my questions the whole experience very enjoyable

Review №59

Love you guys. Always helpful with great suggestions in any budget.

Review №60

The staff were extremely knowledgable about the products they were selling. We came during the (FREE) wine tasting between 2-6 on Saturdays and ended up buying all three of the wines offered during the tasting. We plan on making this place our go-to place in the future for wines, bubbles, and spirits!

Review №61

A lovely small botique liquor store with seemingly the best versions of all spirits and a sizeable liquor and wine selection. Beer is not a priority here, it seems - they stock a fair number of cool bombers and the obligatory beers and a couple neat crafts but not a huge selection on that front — but this is well balanced by seemingly the very best of all liquors and a very friendly and helpful staff (+1 star).

Review №62

Check out the 10 under $10 rack and the wine of the month. Staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable of all of the wine in store.

Review №63

Great selection of wine but they also have a big selection of beer if you walk to the back.

Review №64

This is a great store with a knowledgeable friendly staff and cool selection. They had a nice selection of whiskey so I could pick out a great Scotch for my dad, and I found an interesting white wine for my mom.

Review №65

Great wine selection and friendly staff

Review №66

Rachel is awesome - great selection of natural and organic wine. Very knowledgeable and adorable store.

Review №67

Dreamy staff offers extensive knowledge about wines in a friendly and accessible way. Great whiskey selection

Review №68

Love this place, educated staff, good selection, very helpful in selecting wines, easy parking, even gift wrapped it!

Review №69

Very fun wine and bourbon tastings!!! Helpful staff and very affordable huge variety of wines!

Review №70

Great place with s really helpful staff. My local shop and i recommend it to everyone.

Review №71

Great selection and very knowledgeable staff. Great price range too.

Review №72

Super amazing selection of all things wine spirits and beer. These guys are nerdy, funny, unpretentious, but some of the most knowledgeable in the biz.

Review №73

Great selection of wines, nice staff.

Review №74

Smart and helpful staff. Found a great summer water wine, Hog Wash.

Review №75

Nice boutique liquor store with good wine tastings on the weekends.

Review №76

Great wine store with friendly staff and all ranges of prices / styles of wine

Review №77

The staff is wonderful great wine selection super friendly affordable

Review №78

Nice selection from affordable and up.

Review №79

Great staff, great selection. Meinklang Austrian wine sold here!

Review №80

Friendly knowledgeable staff seem to know every liquid in the store. Always time to chat about your, or their favorite wine or scotch.

Review №81

Nice shop but you have to show up early for wine testing. Once the bottle is done, they did not open new ones. Bit cheap I thought.

Review №82

Great selections and helpful staff.

Review №83

Always very helpful in finding new wines and beer.

Review №84

This place is just all about wine and nothing else. Thats ok if thats what youre looking for.

Review №85

Great staff and selection of wine & spirits.

Review №86

Great boutique liquor store, wide selection of wines and liquors. Also a few fridges offering excellent beers

Review №87

Great selection of wine and hard alcohol.

Review №88

Very friendly help to pick out wine at very reasonable prices. Competes with the grocery stores.

Review №89

Always a great selection available!

Review №90

Good selection or wine and liquor. If you want help choosing something, you have to ask for it.

Review №91

Excellent selection for all budgets

Review №92

Full liqour store and discount for nearby residents!

Review №93

Best wine shop in Denver hands down.

Review №94

Excellent knowledgeable staff!

Review №95

The people there were really snooty. Not friendly at all.

Review №96

Friendly staff and wide variety of wines

Review №97

Theyre like the Southwest air of liquor stores - whereas the other options are terrible, dirty and unfriendly...these guys are knowledgeable, friendly and offer great value.

Review №98

Great wine selection

Review №99

Love this spot!

Review №100

Best store in Denver.

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  • Address:1240 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210, United States
  • Site:http://www.divinowine.com/
  • Phone:+1 303-778-1800
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Working hours
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  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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