Alameda Liquor Mart
9660 E Alameda Ave #103, Denver, CO 80247, United States
Review №1

What can I say? You have to go there. The selection is enormous. And quite comical, I might add! Lol

Review №2

Always or at least 94% of the time stocked on everything clean nice and helpful customer service from cashiers.

Review №3

High prices but nice customer service. The Hispanic man who works afternoon and evenings is very nice. They dont sell sticks tho, only backwoods

Review №4

The have the most outstanding choices on alcohol. They carry everything

Review №5

Great selection and decent prices, would get a five-star but the clerks could be better trained in whiskey or product knowledge.

Review №6

I came into the store to such a welcoming environment. All the personal is incredibly friendly and is always in the mood to help you out and explain anything about you are looking for. They made my experience more comfortable and made me confident in what I was getting. You rock Alameda Liquor Mart!!

Review №7

Always shopped here because they have a great selection and never marked up their allocated bottles to crazy prices , maybe a little higher than MSRP , but not secondary pricing .........Until now selling a $50 bottle of Weller CYPB for $899 its highway robbery and complete greed. I spent roughly 10k here last year and will not be shopping here ever again.

Review №8

Great selection of liquor and they got that 1800 Crystal

Review №9

Pretty good selection of foreign and domestic, helpful staff and clean facilities. Good local liquor store.

Review №10

Great selection of craft beer and wines. Clean and good helpful employees.

Review №11

Outstanding selection. All they gotta do now is order Curacaoua (if I spelled that right)

Review №12

Great selection of Colorado made products

Review №13

Huge selection, nice prices, friendly service.

Review №14

It was great. Open 24hours and the staff was helpful and friendly.

Review №15

When I went there, their credit card machine was not working, if I didnt have cash I would not have been able to make a purchase. Polite employees.

Review №16

Great selection, close to home & friendly people!

Review №17

These guys are great. I go there and they have a wide selection. At times they have sample vendors that promote there liquor and a guy and friend offered me two small shots of Family Jones liquor. He gave me some gin and I believe whiskey as I bought a few beers and went on my way to have a better day. I wish you boys would have some flask funnels ordered. But, not many places often have those in stock. No big deal. I love your customer service and the way you run your business. Keep up the good work.

Review №18

Well stocked with great prices. What you want is always on the shelf unlike other want to bes. Staff is helpful and professional.

Review №19

Great prices and selection

Review №20

Really nice staff. Lots of choices. This store is huge.

Review №21

Huge selection of alcohol. I could spend hours in here. Customer service was spectacular.

Review №22

Great selection of liquors

Review №23

Wide variety, no customer service and extremely high prices.

Review №24

One of the most convenient shop on the area with the helpful employees. Puja gives an outstanding customer service.

Review №25

Great prices and I got a few free gifts my first time in there

Review №26

Was in and out quick clean and very friendly

Review №27

Great deals on liquor

Review №28

Prices are a little high but they have a descent selection

Review №29

Huge selectionThey didnt have Guinness Extra Stout

Review №30

Great variety of liquor and beers. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №31

I was absolutely flabbergasted, when I went into this big beautiful Warehouse liquor store that has so many things, also things Ive never even heard of wonderful selection, but I cannot give anything more than one star because this place does not sell any Mikes hard Lemonades products, one of the most popular drinks in this country and this place does not sell not an iota of Mikes products strangely unacceptable

Review №32

They treat so nice and know who i am when i come in. It is nice when they call you by your name. I like it.

Review №33

Sooooo....over the holiday season I spent over $400 here. I purchased several $30+ bottles of wine, several cases of beer (Colorado brewerys), a couple of $50 bottles of bourbon, and a wonderful single malt scotch. Today I stopped by to drop a few more $$$. I liked the selection of higher end bourbons and single malts I saw on my previous visits. I was next door washing my car and remembered I was out of beer, I had a an hour or so before my lunch date, so I decided to go shopping. Upon entering the store I realized I needed to visit the mens room and inquired if I could use the facilities. To my amazement I was told they did not have a public restroom. I expressed my need (I am an older person and at times when I have to go, I have to go...), to which I was denied more sternly. I left. Next door theres a donut shop, I found relief. Bought a cherry fritter ($3), which I felt was necessary for use of the facilities...So the point here is; If you are going to deny an old person the courtesy of using your restroom, I will take my business elsewhere. The attitude you displayed at my second request was uncalled for. Sorry guys, there are other places I can go that will be happy to allow me to use the bathroom. By the way, all the other major liquor stores have public restrooms. Take the hint.

Review №34

Great people, whole family and tom

Review №35

Ben was a great help! I inquired about Rose wines and not only did he show me several options, he also suggested choosing from the cooler as it should be served chilled. Not only was I able to get a wine from a well known area in France but my date was extremely pleased and made for a great night. Great selection, extremely clean and very knowledgeable staff! Thanks!

Review №36

Owner helped with loading car and finding items not on shelves yet. Friendly and very helpful. Great location.

Review №37

Great selection and friendly staff, what more could you want?

Review №38

Great varieties of alcohol

Review №39

First time there. Huge store. Great selection. Handie capped free parking out front. Pleasant person at counter. Good prices. Great selection of imported beers. Try it. You will go back for sure.

Review №40

Great store! Bright and inviting. Large selection of beer, wine and liquor. Love the wine and bomber cooler! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Tons of sales! Thanks for being open Alameda Liquor Mart!

Review №41

Love this place great serviceFun bottles

Review №42

Franklin the one with the long beard hes very helpful always know what I need every time I go into the store. always has a smile on his face and willing to help out.

Review №43


Review №44

I actually really like this liquor store. It’s in a good location and is always nice and clean. Unfortunately the last two time we have gone, they have been closed during the hours that they are supposed to be open. Both doors and online say they will be open Sunday 10am-8pm. It’s very disappointing because now we have to find another store to go to. Please at least put a sign up or change hours on google saying you will no longer be open during those times. I guess our money will go elsewhere.

Review №45

The guy behind the counter was a real douche. I went in to inquire about a bottle of Eagle Rare. After a condescending response about where the bottle was located (behind the counter), I asked about Blanton’s (long-shot, I know). The man behind the counter responded “I have it, but I’m not selling it to you”.Very unprofessional and unkind. He could’ve just said they didn’t have it in stock. It wouldn’t be weird as it is super hard to find. I will NEVER darken the door step of this establishment ever again.

Review №46

These guys are absolutely amazing. Very knowledgable and helpful. They make great recommendations if you are having trouble deciding and they know their inventory very well. Great Selection and Service...they go above and beyond. One of my most favorite things, aside from the staff, about this store is their rewards program.

Review №47

Employees are always so charming and helpful. Thank you.

Review №48

Great selection of beer, especially in the Beer Cave. Definitely worth the trip if you want lots of choices. The new owners have really turned things around, and they usually have good sales and liquor taste testing on Friday or Saturday. Theyll special order something for you if you request it.

Review №49

Quick close to home and great prices. Enjoy coming here for all my liquor needs.

Review №50

Me and my buddy came in here having no idea what to get. When we walked in we were shocked about how big the selection was. They have a cooler cave full of crazy different brews. The staff was super friendly and was very knowledgeable about their products. The guy that helped us explained everything in detail and didnt seem to miss a question. This will definently my go to place from now on.

Review №51

They have anything you could ask for.I decided toget some spicy rum...yumTo add it to my egg nog. Wheeee😜

Review №52

They have a really great selection. When we have parties, we always come here. Its always clean and organized inside as well.

Review №53

Amazing selection of beers and just about any other kind of beverage you can imagine. Wish this place was closer to my home.

Review №54

Close to WG reasonable prices. Prices not as good as Wallabies.

Review №55

Good liquor store, buy the Midas Touch beer from Dogfish Head if they have it. Its the only place I have found it in Colorado.

Review №56

Good size. Nice staff. Great selection!!

Review №57

Selection was good and employees were nice. But the cop/high school bully who was hired to work there had an obvious attitude problem. Raising his voice to a customer that didnt speak English didnt really make me want to come back.

Review №58

Best price on moving boxes is the area. They could have more staff. The wait was 15 - 20 minutes on each visit.

Review №59

Good selection and reasonable prices on the expensive vodka my wife likes.

Review №60

The best selections and service.

Review №61

Friendly people, decent prices. A lack of selection with certain specialty alcohol but nothing major. They have all the normal stuff

Review №62

Nice, clean, open liquor store. Had the beer I was looking for so thats a plus. Would come back here. Also, clerk was friendly.

Review №63

Wish I would have taken a picture. This store is very well organized with a friendly staff, and a wide array of options.

Review №64

Friendly staff and great selection, especially if local craft beers. Competitive prices.

Review №65

Great selection of beer, wine and spirits. Clean store. Friendly staff. Good location.

Review №66

Theyre always great!

Review №67

New owners and new low prices. This place has it all. Friendly staff. Great selection.

Review №68

Great selection, convenient location, friendly staff!

Review №69

Great owners, staff & selection of beer, wine & spirits.

Review №70

We just wish you had 1.75 of bulliet

Review №71

All kinds of Wine. Great selection.

Review №72

Our local liquor and beer store. Has a huge variety and you can request specific beers from different breweries outside of CO. Love this place! Also has a beer cave!

Review №73

Best liquor store around! Beer cave is awesome! Make sure you get a points card!

Review №74

Great selection, dope staff

Review №75

Friendly staff, great selection, new management have made the store amazing and really care about what they do.

Review №76

Great Selection...Sad to see Store Closing Sale Signs

Review №77

Prices are reasonable...they have a good variety

Review №78

Excellent and large selection with super friendly service.

Review №79

Good selection. Sometimes staff is not knowledgable about the inventory but will look things up.

Review №80

They have many rare beers on the shelf. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №81

Staff was very helpful.

Review №82

Convenient liquor store with very good beer selection and good wine selection friendly staff

Review №83

Prices could be better...

Review №84

Good to see them open again.Nice store.

Review №85

The new owners are great and they have a great selection.

Review №86

Nice selection of good craft beers and wine at reasonable prices.

Review №87

Big selection, wonderful, helpful staff .

Review №88

Great selection of wines and beer with a lot of local and regional micro brews.

Review №89

Really helpful staff.. I got exactly what I was looking for.. Thank you

Review №90

Very friendly staff, nice variety of wines.

Review №91

Love my liquor store, best ever!

Review №92

Nice employees and a wide variety.

Review №93

They have a really wide selection of beer. I enjoy shopping here.

Review №94

Big store with great variety of liquors, wine, beer and other supplies.

Review №95

I wish it was open later. Never busy. Great selection of cold beer and 🍷 🍺

Review №96

Had a very hard to find bottle of wine., at less than the market price.Conclusion ... Great selection, great value

Review №97

Best selections around

Review №98

Nice staff. Helped me find a specific wine.

Review №99

They have the best selection of beer in the area.

Review №100

Nice place good customer service. They just close to damn early.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:9660 E Alameda Ave #103, Denver, CO 80247, United States
  • Phone:+1 720-502-4897
  • Beer store
  • Liquor store
  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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