Crazy Mountain Brewery
471 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80204, United States
Review №1

Good beer. Lots of choices. They don’t serve food and food trucks are only here on the weekends. The beer garden is nice. If you need a cold beverage this is a good place to stop but I wouldn’t call this a destination.

Review №2

Drove here on a Sunday, Google and website listed hours as open. Ghost town. Doors locked. Place looked deserted. Unless this is a bring your own beer and sit on the sidewalk type of brewery, I think this place is closed.

Review №3

I am here for a beer festival week. Hitting up all the local breweries. Crazy mountain brewery was having truffle cheese shop in house. Pairing cheeses with beers. Amazing job guys.

Review №4

Be sure to try the rotating nitro tap selection. The taproom has nice range of great tasting beers in a clean, friendly atmosphere. Staff was knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №5

Not a bad brewery, didnt stand out too much, but I enjoyed my visit. The Crazy Mountain Amber Alert was good.

Review №6

Great space, I love the windows peeking in to the brew room. Great happy hour prices - $3 beers for almost anything on their tap list. Try the pilsner or nitro rotator for something heavier. Parking could be better, and like most of Denver, the signs are confusing.

Review №7

In from out of town, thought it would be a cool place to check out. Seeing as how they’re only open for 4 hours a week you’d think they would abide by those hours or have a sign posted. Nope. As I approached the building a man in the window looked at me and walked away, and the doors were locked after 12p.Surprised there are any positive reviews at all with it being operated this way.

Review №8

Great beer and their patio is awesome!

Review №9

Tried to visit recently on a Saturday at 4pm. Not only were they not open during posted business hours, but I could see through the window that they are undergoing a major renovation. They are not open and likely wont be for some time.

Review №10

Location in Belmar was trash and I doubt this one is much different. Just avoid it and save yourself the rude service and mediocre selection.

Review №11

Nice place and unique flavors. #crazymountainbrewery

Review №12

Great beer and great staff. First time there and will definitely be back.

Review №13

Being renovated but still awesome.

Review №14

Second time Ive come and they were not open during posted hours. Update your stuff!

Review №15

At the time of my writing this, they have $1 beers for an hour around lunch. How can I give anything leas than 5 stars for that? The beer is decent too. Not mind blowing, but even for the normal price, it’s decent.

Review №16

This is a sharp place. Lots of choice, well done.

Review №17

Did a brewery vacation in Denver and, after drinking a lot of beers at many locations, I felt these guys have the best beer in the Denver/Boulder area. Quality ran consistent in all styles. Service was a bit lacking at times but the beer was solid. I will make it a point to down a couple again at Crazy Mountain when I return to Denver!

Review №18

Excellent beers and some of the nicest people in the industry. Can’t wait till the taproom reopens.

Review №19

I havent really experienced the whole place/menu because I only came for a Yelp event, but I actually really liked how clean and pretty the place is! Its a cute place to do a get-together or come with a couple of friends to chill. I definitely want to go back and see more of it!

Review №20

I recently visited Crazy Mountain for their lunch happy hour and got $1 beers. Such a good deal! And after a few beers, I may have spent too much money on their merch...its just all so cute and comfortable. Definitely check it out!

Review №21

Colorado is full of craft brewers. Some are big, some are small, some are good, some are great. Crazy Mountain is outstanding. Whether you are visiting Colorado or live on the Front Range — no trip is Denver is complete without a visit to Crazy Mountain Brewing Company. The people, the ambience, the food, and of course THE BEER is outstanding.There are many great craft brewers in Colorado, but few have the heart, soul and passion of Crazy Mountain. Cheers to them!

Review №22

Fantastic service! Kevin, the bartender is excellent, courteous, kind and efficient! Great vibe and offering of beers...

Review №23

Only stopped in for a quick beer, but they have really good stuff and the staff is super nice. They have the requisite industrial decor, but it doesnt feel forced, if that makes sense. Definitely worth a stop.

Review №24

Great beer, great service. Big shout out to their best bartender, Hannah. She poured me a sour ale with a perfect head while fighting off a bear with her other hand. Top notch, all American speak easy. 10/10, would drink here again.

Review №25

Great place for a wide variety of beers, I liked the sours the best. There was live music while we were there and beer that you could purchase to take home as well as snacks. Staff was really friendly and offered samples on all of the beers I had questions on. Overall great experience!

Review №26

Forgot all the water at our table. Saw the manager come in and got onto customers since their toddlers were moving around, and she was rude about it. If you have kids, stay away or be prepared to get yelled at and deal with that stigma even more.

Review №27

Great beers, nice atmosphere. Loved the rustic decorations. The band there was great and nice sound. Hope to come back and enjoy the patio!

Review №28

If you are on the craft Beer taproom Tour then make this one of your stops. They have a nice venue, warm and welcoming - cool vibe. As you enter you met by the main fixture, which is their bar top. They happen to be off the main drag (but not too far at all) so you have to take a bit of a detour to get to them, Id say its worth it.The place has a refreshing atmosphere and is clean and well kept.They have a good selection of beers on tap and the ones we sampled (about 9 4oz/5oz flight) were very good and enjoyable.There was a new bartender training and she was really charismatic, friendly and just full of energy it made the experience all the better!

Review №29

The beers are decent. Service is good. The barbecue is good. What was majorly disappointing is the food portions are seriously weak. What they call a platter is much better described as a small plate. For what you pay, the portion size is super pathetic. If you go, drink the beer but skip the food and eat somewhere else.

Review №30

Went here for some good local craft beer and live music. Atmosphere was great and the beer was excellent! Lots of beer variety, the staff was knowledgeable on their beer and very friendly. Will go back again!

Review №31

Great place to have a beer. Only $3/pint during happy hour. Great beer!

Review №32

I love this place! Their beer is amazing and the staff is always friendly! Its always clean!! My favorite denver brewery:)

Review №33

As always, love the beer, love the beer tenders, too! Great friends and great ambiance! Thanks guys!

Review №34

Horrible Service, Bad Food, and mediocre beer.I was happy another brewery took over this space after Breckenridge moved to their new location. However, I was unbelievably disappointed with just about everything about my visit.First, it was a Saturday evening and the place was medium busy. There were several open tables but the first thing the waitress says to us is that shes slammed and behind. Um, the place is not that big and was not even full, how could you consider this slammed??? Then, when we could finally have her attention to order, she was condescending and rude.We ended up ordering the sampler appetizer to start and check out the BBQ. First, my chicken wings were cold, practically ICE cold! Guess they just pulled them out of the fridge and felt it was not even necessary to pretend to heat them up. The ribs were super charred, which I can like, but resulted in them being totally dried out. We had planned to order dinner but after the poor appetizer and the lackluster beer, it was time to go and enjoy our evening someplace better.Then there is the Beer. I have been to over 100 craft breweries in Colorado alone. So I was excited to try Crazy Mountains beers as I have not had a chance to visit their original Edwards location. We got a flight to sample a few, before selecting a beer, and were just underwhelmed by all of them. None were interesting, memorable, or unique. I feel like Ive basically had all these at other breweries.At 0 for 3, we for sure will not be returning.

Review №35

Best happy hour in the city! $2 beers from 4-6pm. Staff is always friendly and willing to educate you on any beer. I think they have food trucks come Thursday- Saturday.

Review №36

5 Stars because the beer is good and especially because they have $5 growlers (their growler otherwise $8?) on Sunday! Great happy hour on weekdays, 2-4!

Review №37

Great beer, friendly staff. Live music pretty often. Patio is great in the summer

Review №38

This location has nothing on their original location in Edwards, CO. Even though Breckenridge moved out everything here still tastes like Breckenridge beer? And if youve tried ANY other breweries around Denver, you would know Breckenridge is basic, uninspired and uninteresting beer. This new location is definitely a step back for Crazy Mountain and has damaged my opinion of them.

Review №39

I bought a 6 pack of the Sheamus Amber Ale at King Soopers and the beer tastes good. I dont know if Crazy Mountain is force carbonating, or using a primer to carbonate, but 4 of the 6 beers in that 6 pack were WAY over carbonated. It was like drinking an Alca-Seltzer. The first one I opened went all over the kitchen. I tried to chug the second one and looked like a rabid dog with foam coming out of all of my facial orphasis. With the next 2 I was able to pour it into 2 glasses and wait for 20 minutes for the foam to settle, then combine them and drink. I would recommend these bottles as a great party prank when youre stuck at a party hosted by your wifes friends and their husbands that spend the whole evening talking about college football and their glory days of second string varsity high school football. Otherwise, take it easy on the carbonation there Crazy Mountain... The beer is delicious.

Review №40

Great beer, friendly and engaging staff. Good selection as well

Review №41

Great selection of beers. Delicious quality. No food on site.

Review №42

Second time here and both times had awesome bar tenders. Tonight I had cole. Very attentative and honest about beer choices. Recommend for anyone in the area looking for a good beer!

Review №43

Decent beers and love the new beer garden. But since they closed the kitchen it seems like theres never a knockout food truck.... Miss the early bbq days.

Review №44

In all honesty their beer was decent but the food and service was horrible. This was my second attempt to eat here because the first I was told the kitchen was closed on a Saturday afternoon. I had to ask multiple times for a water and the server seemed to be inconvenienced by me even being there. When the food came out, it was cold and dry, by far the worst brisket I have ever been served. The salmon was luke warm to the point where I thought it was designed to be served that way, it wasnt. I will never return and doubt that it will be open much longer unless something changes.

Review №45

Great happy hour prices/selection and polite staff. Trivia is also fun, although its not through Crazy Mountain themselves.

Review №46

Middle of the road on everything.After this little brewery took over the previous breck brewery, its patrons had high hopes that they would remodel, upgrade, and bring something good to the neighborhood.What they delivered: same.Same bbq, same dingy environment that makes you feel like you need to wash your hands after walking around, same green awnings out front.Your beer packaging designs are exceptional - maybe your tap room should be too?

Review №47

Good beer selection, great staff, nice atmosphere, but a little out of the way. Could be 5 stars if they had a kitchen rather than a food truck.

Review №48

Good beer. Not too busy. Recommend

Review №49


Review №50

Best brewery food Ive ever had. Great beer selection plus rotating taps.

Review №51

Beer was good, mac was average. Service was terrible unfortunately. Took forever to get a water, and when my friend ordered a flight it took an extra 20 minutes to arrive. Definitely gonna try it out again, maybe it was a bad night?

Review №52

Great beer, friendly staff, and great happy hour. Trivia is early enough that you can be home in bed at a reasonable hour.

Review №53

I absolutely love it.

Review №54

Good beer. Nice people

Review №55

Came in for the grand opening in cherry Creek. Big space, good tunes, chill vibe.

Review №56

I like this place a lot. I used to be attached to Breckenridge Brewery when it was at this location. Whenever I was driving within a 2 mile radius of Brek, I made a point of hittn it for a pint. Now I do that for a Crazy Mountain brew.On Monday - Friday between 12 noon and 1:00, they offer the year-round brews for a buck, as in $1.00. Best deal in town. My preference is the Horseshoes and Hand grenades on nitro. Its a very respectable ESB style brew.Dig it. Drink it.Ooooh ooooh... one more thing! Growler fills of the core brews are only $5 on Sundays! Crazy! Right?!

Review №57

Great beers and great atmosphere. Dont forget $1 beers noon till 1 Mon threw Friday

Review №58

Nice tap room location and some great beer choices - loved the variety!

Review №59

Crazy Mountain is great! Great beers, great merch, and great bartenders. I wish this was my local spot!

Review №60

Good beer, nice outdoor patio, friendly staff = Ill be back!

Review №61

Call before you go. Website/Google hours of operation are more of a suggestion.

Review №62

Excellent staff, the only brewery in the neighborhood with a $3 happy hour

Review №63

Beer was good and the bbq was pretty tasty. They ran out of chopped brisket but the sliced brisket hit the spot. The pilsner was my favorite beer.

Review №64

Beer is good. Lots to choose from (about 24) and like others have said- the happy hour is probably close to the best in the city (3.00 beers for their regular beers (12 ale, coffee stout, belgian, few pales, few IPAs, amber, wit, etc.) 3 stars only due to the fact that there has only been ONE bartender working all 4 times ive been here. There are probably 35-40 people here and there is only ONE person working the bar during happy hour. I see 4-5 different employees wandering about but not helping on bar. Seems like its managed from a distance. Both bathrooms out of paper towels- those kinda things that closer/better management would change. But if longer wait times between brews provides for a 3.00/beer broad selection happy hour then its def worth it!Also- AMAZING outdoor area thats finally open! Worth a stop in the S. Broadway area if youre hitting up Trve, Baer, Banded Oak, or Black Sky

Review №65

Had two different beers including the IPA. Crisp and tasty.

Review №66

Just going to have to downgrade my review to a 1. I think they need more staff, as it shouldnt be 10 minutes sitting at the bar with no service.

Review №67

Decent sized tap room, great relaxed vibe. Try their Laywers, guns and money!

Review №68

Really good beer. Very friendly staff.

Review №69

Ive been a fan of CMBCs beer, particularly their Lawyers, Guns & Money Barley Wine which in answer to my prayers, was put out in a can.Naturally I was excited when they took over Brecks former brewery on Klamath after they moved south to In Bev Acres.Im sure CMBC will prosper there and produce some stellar brews. Well worth your time for a visit.

Review №70

Jess and Andrew are two of the best bartenders out there.

Review №71

Pilsner 4.9abv very good ; MtnLvg Pale Ale 5.7abv all bitter Zero floral ; this location is the old Brecknridge BP; no growler fill at bar; no WiFi; no bike parking; no patio; service really needs to learn multitasking; impression is of a place that really does not have it together.

Review №72

Great beer and the BBQ food is also very good!

Review №73

Great place ! Love the beer! Good ambiance!

Review №74

That beer dun made my belly happy

Review №75

Great staff. Great brews.

Review №76

Great staff this evening.

Review №77

The beer was great and the service impeccable!

Review №78

If you are a semi truck driver and you have a pick up or deliver there be prepared to try your skills..... crazy

Review №79

Close for private party, Nothing on the website to indicate it was closed to the public.

Review №80

Awesome people, awesome beer, would recommend to anyone

Review №81

Cool atmosphere and live music.

Review №82

Good beer. Friendly staff

Review №83

Great beer. Great vibes.

Review №84

Favorite brewery in Denver!

Review №85

Beer quality has much to be desired.

Review №86

Great staff and great brews!

Review №87

Great place for a great beer!

Review №88

Great beer and nice remodel

Review №89

Not friendly staff. Pretty upset with my experience in general.

Review №90

Great happy hour prices!

Review №91

Good beers, friendly service, chill atmosphere

Review №92

Great prices on good beer

Review №93

Amazing beertenders and beer selection!!!

Review №94

Ok beer, no in house food, and located on a busy industrial street.

Review №95

Great beer and fun place

Review №96

Beer was ok. Got the smoked wings and they were wiggly and not very smoked. Left the place smelling like old fryer grease. Probably will not go back.

Review №97

Good atmosphere and beer

Review №98

Does not, in fact, have food trucks on the weekend.

Review №99

Great local brewery

Review №100

Fantastic brew.

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