Argonaut Wine & Liquor
760 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203, United States
Review №1

Great customer service and incredibly fast response/delivery time! Sent my friend a bottle of wine as a thank you gift, and Michael at Argonaut immediately gave me a call confirming my order and to make sure someone was home to receive the order. The bottle of wine got to my friend within 10-15 minutes. I was AMAZED. One of those ordering & customer service experience you have to write a review for. Thank you so much for being prompt, professional, and timely in helping me with this request! Incredible!

Review №2

The selection here is ridiculous, in the best of ways. Kentucky bourbon? Check. Any type of beer you want to try? Check, with 10x options. Wine? How about two floors worth of selections. And its priced better than any small store nearby. Im so glad to have this store available.

Review №3

A large number of the citys most well known wines are acknowledged at this wine store! It was one of my beloved minutes, and I completely delighted in watching it.

Review №4

I discovered a very good wine shop close to my home. This wine shop is really cool because of the personalized service. If you run out of wine, you can purchase a bottle from this store, or you can grab some drinks and relax. Thank you so much for the extremely useful and exceptional service you provide. You are cordially invited!

Review №5

The staff, especially the beer guys are so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They spent some time digging out a very random beer out of the depths of the storage room for us. They also were able to identify another random sour beer we were seeking within 0.5 seconds of seeing the label. Although they didnt have it (through no fault of their own), they were able to recommend something just like it/better. I highly recommend my friends to come here, We will be back, thanks!

Review №6

People here are so friendly they have great help great service and they have everything you can possibly be looking for

Review №7

THANK GOD FOR BOBBY BLENDS! Halle•FUCKING•lujah 🙌🏾Homeboy has great energy and is super helpful

Review №8

Phenomenal liquor store. Huge selection, good prices, and the staff are always friendly and helpful. Good single-malt Scotch selection, including some cask strengths (Aberlour, Glen Livet) and small distilleries (Edradour, Glenfarclas).

Review №9

We visited Denver and wanted to stop at a liquor store to find some items that are made locally in CO. We stopped in the Gin isle and were greeted by a gentleman who was so incredibly knowledgeable about each Gin they had. He was able to recommend several items that are all locally made in CO, and some that are made outside of CO. He spent about an hour walking us through each Gin and their flavor profiles. It was the absolute best experience I have ever had at a liquor store. Typically most liquor stores feel uninviting. If I lived in CO, this would be my go to store. We were unfortunate to not get the gentleman’s name but he worked in the beer department.

Review №10

My truck battery died in this parking lot on Tuesday morning. The owner could not have been more rude or inconsiderate. He had the nerve to waste our state resources by calling 911 over the matter. The officer and I had a good laugh. Fortunately Aaa was there promptly. There are many fine coffee and wine establishments in Denver. Please choose one that treats their patrons with dignity and respect.

Review №11

Pretty good selection. Might find more out of the way selections than youre used to. Good neighborhood shop. Smaller than Total Wine, but has the basics and lots of local fair.

Review №12

UPDATE: After posting, was reached out to by Mark, the GM of Argonaut, and he authorized the refund of my full deposit. As such I am raising my review to 3 stars. This kind of follow through is increasingly rare to witness these days and I am thoroughly impressed. If you do get kegs from Argonaut be sure to know the ins-and-outs of the return policy. While I cannot speak for the staff members I spoke with, I can say that Mark is the kind of guy you want to give your business to. I am not sure if Ill be back, but should you have any issues, reach out to Mark. @Mark, thank you sir, you have my utmost respect.ORIGINAL REVIEW: Do NOT get kegs from here. They dont tell you that the keg deposit is no longer refundable after a 30 days. Go to total wine instead. They are WAY cheaper and actually are a stand up company rather than the shady stuff this place tries to pull. The brewery always refunds them regardless of the time.

Review №13

Great selection. Delivery options for the local area are phenomenal.

Review №14

This was a fantastic experience of being in the wine shop. William was very welcoming, engaging, charismatic, and knowledgeable about the wines. He took the time to share his passion for wines and storytelling. We tried delicious wines that he was very generous to offer us. There were folks from Italy, Germany, and Venezuela at the store wine tasting, and William was translating in four languages at the same time, which was mind-blowing!

Review №15

If they dont have it, do you really need it? Probably not. Their selection of beer, wine and spirits is huge. Parking is free, location is in the heart of Denver and the everyday prices are always the lowest around. They also have a rewarding point system for any of you frequent shoppers.

Review №16

The delivery man came to the store and it was very professionally dressed and we had a very nice pleasant short but sweet conversation but it was nice to see someone takes care and how they present themselves to the world very Swift good service I will be back

Review №17

Argonaut has always had a huge selection of wines, but it seems lately it is lacking in interesting selections in the liquor department. Mostly what you see on the shelves are the main stream brands you can get anywhere. It would be nice to see them put the same effort in the liquor isles that they do in their wine.

Review №18

What a jewel of this towns wine shop. It was only a week ago when I bumped into this wine shop unintentionally. I was amazed at the massive selection of wine that they had. Theyve got wines of all kinds. My favorite was sparkling wine. It really tastes good. You could also sample their good old wines for free.

Review №19

PARK Coworking orders our community kegs through Argonaut. When I call Jill last minute cause I didnt realize it was empty after a resident happy hour she sends Eric to deliver and makes my life so much easier. Thank you guys for always having our back!

Review №20

Great liquor store! Went in today and there were a ton of staff members available to answer questions and help me find what I was looking for. The selection of wine and liquor is great. They are a local store that weve been going to forever.

Review №21

I have to give a shout out to Bobby B. Blends and Scotty for being so amazing helping me with my purchase this evening. So incredibly helpful! These guys deserve a raise!

Review №22

Incredible selection of craft beer, not too crowded today. Best prices in town 🍺🍻

Review №23

Best liquor store in town hands down! Doug has been so helpful every single time I’ve come in, he makes it a point to show me what’s new and upcoming in the ever growing beer culture of Colorado. If anyone is looking for great beer suggestions make sure you try to score a moment with Doug!

Review №24

Sometime ago I was here and totally impressed with the remodel and staff. My recent visits have been a total antithesis. Ive had to call while I. the store waiting for help to get someone to help. So many staff persons rushing about.but to busy to stop. Still one of the best selections of liquor just wished they had the customer service that was here before.

Review №25

Ive found that people who sell alcohol are generally really cool. In fact I dont recall being given attitude in any wine or liquor store, ever, other than here. Specifically the guy in the front directing traffic today. I also saw him chastise one of his cashiers. To be fair, Ive only been in here a couple other times and the people seemed nice, so Im not going to give 1 or 2 stars. But, I would never go back. Anyone can sell a bunch of alcohol. Good customer service is nonnegotiable.

Review №26

Best selection of liquor Ive personally ever seen in a single store, especially wine.Would be 5 stars, but the staff can be a tad intrusive sometimes. Not a deal breaker, though

Review №27

Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. They had a great bourbon selection. They has Buffalo Trace in stock. Reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №28

Great liquor store, fantastic selection. Staff is friendly and helpful

Review №29

They also have a rewarding point system for any of you frequent shoppers.

Review №30

Not only is everyone there always very helpful, but when I managed to lock my keys in my car multiple employees helped me including out. After a long week of work, I have been really spacey and one employee named Bobby who was helping me did the one thing I didnt think to check and opened my unlocked trunk door. I appreciate his and all of the other employees patience and understanding after a very long and stressful day.

Review №31

Argonaut is my favorite beer and wine store. I will go out of my way to get there. They have an amazing selection of beers, including some hard to find items in their singles section. And their sparkling wine section is not only better than most, but also significantly cheaper.

Review №32

Thank you Jacob! Came thru quicker than expected😁😁😁This place is awesome. Theres a wide variety of drinks and snacks they also have boars head deli and cheese selections. Ill definitely order again!

Review №33

Biggest liquor store in Denver. Always stocked with what I need. Im ready for Sunday tailgating after todays haul.

Review №34

Love this liquor store! Very knowledgeable staff.

Review №35

Great liquor store in the area with a vast selection. Best liquor store in the area. I was happy to find bottles of chilled Rombauer in the refrigerated wine section.

Review №36

So glad I found a place in Denver that sells Boulevard Wheat by the keg. Fast service!

Review №37

Real deal - Expert staff, amazing selection, and specials galore! Doug went above and beyond today! Also fun to talk to and great insight on tequila and gin. If youre looking for bourbon, make sure you talk to John.

Review №38

We have been visiting this wine search for a year and think it is an extraordinary business conveying incredible wine and extraordinary worth with astounding help. The wine is of incredible worth and a wide reach accessible. An absolute necessity visit!

Review №39

Had a little mix up with the store. But Mark the general manager is making things right. Very good job sir!

Review №40

Never coming back again the cashier was very very very rude to my boyfriend and I. Never coming back again. And there was oneOf youre workers was giving 2 African American men a very hard time! Not cool

Review №41

I alway find lower prices here. Love it.

Review №42

Huge variety, and very helpful staff. found a specific brand of local wine for us in like 30 seconds. well be back!

Review №43

Everyone in Denver knows about this liquor store. The staff are super friendly, incredibly helpful, and very knowledgeable. Very reasonable prices & the widest selection of every imaginable intoxicant.

Review №44

Excellent selection of wines. Very helpful staff. Bright and pleasant environment.

Review №45

Thank you very much once more!

Review №46

Great place to buy wine or any other alcohol. Very helpful employees.

Review №47

Argonaut Wine & Liquor sells booze. Pedestrian wines. Big hard liquor selection and much of it is mid to top shelf. Lots of commercial beer variety. Not much IPA.

Review №48

Argonauts has an incredible selection and different deals all the time. They are responsible with sales- everyone must present an ID.

Review №49

Great selection. Good pricing. Knowledgeable and helpful. Plan on coming back!

Review №50

In here a lot. Great people, great service, great selection.

Review №51

Good selection, find several new and interesting beers

Review №52

Great selection of everything you may want.great+fast service

Review №53

Great place for ALL your booze needs! Super friendly staff, very knowledgeable but didnt come off as pretentious, which seems like a rare combination these days.

Review №54

Try something new to celebrate the Broncos wins.

Review №55

Friendly, helpful staff. Crazy selection. Go there!

Review №56

Me (and Especially my Parents) have been LONG STANDING CUSTOMER(S) of yalls establishment (been so even before the Newly renovated building). Yall have great selection, great prices, and are very knowledgeable....... MOST OF THE TIME!!!!I can admit that I rarely Ever get carded even when I do buy cigs or alcohol..... but being even so, I am aware that as long as I dont physically pick up any alcohol, I am not required to show proof of age.... YET TODAY MY FATHER WAS DENIED SERVICE DUE TO ME NPT HAVING MY ID EVEN THO I DIDNT TOUCH ANY LIQUOR OR BEER

Review №57

Great selection, good prices, friendly staff. If they dont have it, theyll order it for you.

Review №58

I cant say enough about this place. The selection is awesome, the staff are wonderful and courteous. The prices are great, too.

Review №59

Great selection and even better prices the employees are cool people to boot.

Review №60

This is the best liquor store in Denver! HUGE selection and helpful staff.

Review №61

What can you say that hasnt already been said? Argos is the OG, and best liquor store in Denver.

Review №62


Review №63

We spent our second anniversary here last month. The experience was simply the best. From their accommodating usherette to the elegant place and their best tasting wine, everything was amazing! We love it here. The romantic place, their beautiful and serenading music, makes every moment special. Again, thank you so much!

Review №64

Great, large selection of all alcohols!

Review №65

I want to shout out Jennifer and the receiving manager (I didn’t catch his name) for being so incredibly helpful with things that typical customers don’t ask for! They have been my serious heroes of this past week and I want them and their supervisors to know 🤠

Review №66

Favorite liquid store yes i said it liquid. They have a wide variety of liquids favorites are they kind that make ya have a warm belly.

Review №67

Great selection. I have both gone in and used their delivery. Either way it was great.

Review №68

I love argonaut! They have all of the essentials and are alway super friendly. I recommend argonaut to everyone!!!

Review №69

This place has just about anything and everything you could possibly want or need, with friendly and helpful staff as well!

Review №70

What a place! A piece of Colfax history before Colfax was even somewhat safe, let alone cool.

Review №71

Whoa... what a store! Endless beverages in an aray of prices. Knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Review №72

You know how you go to a store planning on buying just 3 items but you come out with 9? This liquor store is like that. Its like an alcohol wonderland filled with lots of foreign, exotic, and local choices.

Review №73

Good people..good product..decent price.

Review №74

Its the best liquor store in Colorado

Review №75

Cheapest package store downtown. Has a huge selection of hard to find beer too!

Review №76

It’s a hit or miss with customer service at Argonaut. This last cashier made me feel like I was the scum of the earth for buying liquor. She said she didn’t have a problem but her eye rolls and snears are enough make you question if going in again is worth it. I don’t feel comfortable coming back.

Review №77

Great liquor store but employees shouldnt ignore a customer and just walk away without explanation while being asked to help find a item.

Review №78

We live out of Denver and were trying to arrange some wine as gifts for friends. After contacting a number of stores in the Denver environs, only getting mediocre responses we came across Argonaut. WOW what a difference, these people were super friendly, helpful and efficient . Plus they have huge selection of both local and international offerings to choose from. Would highly recommend.

Review №79

Awesome liquor store!!!! Has just about everything you could want!!! Tons of single barrel bourbons! Will also order Blantons for you.

Review №80

Always fully stocked. Staff very helpful and friendly.

Review №81

Im always tired of them giving me a hard time the workers and theyre not very helpful and it seems like they sell me old beer thats been sitting on the shelves for months. And the six packs there are very very expensive even for domestic beer. Im not going to be coming back here anymore always support your local liquor stores.

Review №82

Cool liquor store, great place to get your kegs. Small selection of bourbon but thats alright.

Review №83

Massive liquor store. Beast deals in town. Hands down.

Review №84

Very nice workers. Had 10.00 off.😁

Review №85

I went in the other day looking for some tequila and whiskey and was helped by Stephen. He went above and beyond to make sure I left a happy customer. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and was able to give me a couple great options at my price point. They have a great selection and awesome staff. Would definitely recommend!

Review №86

I’ve lived in Denver for 5 years now and I don’t know why it took me until now to visit this place. I went in looking for a notable Colorado whiskey, but instead left with a bottle of Balcones (a hard to find whiskey, even in its home state of Texas). I definitely plan to come back. The selection alone in the liquor department is fantastic. I hear the wine and beer departments are great as well. Thank you for bringing a little bit of home to Colorado for this displaced Texan.

Review №87

Argonaut has been and will continue to be a stable for me! Family owned and operated and the best selection in the area. Delivery, pickup, etc...The most convenient way to buy your booze!

Review №88

Great store! I was impressed by both the selection and how friendly and helpful the workers were. I spend half an hour browsing and choosing beers to buy and could have spent far more if it wasnt almost closing time. Will definitely return soon!

Review №89

I think Argonaut is the worst liquor store in Denver. Their selection is limited, and their prices are high. If you are really into wine and spirits, go to Total Wine, on Colorado and Evans. They have a much better selection, and better prices.

Review №90

Great selection, good prices. Parking lot can be a nightmare but meh

Review №91

Whole lots of selections plus they had my blueberry beer!

Review №92

Best liquor store in town! Steven is the one to ask for! He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I won’t shop anywhere else in Denver because of him!

Review №93

Best wine and liquor store around

Review №94

Love this place. Great selection. With knowledgeable people.

Review №95

Lebanese wines are not easy to find. Especially the lower price point bottles. Not everyone is drinking $65-80 Chateau Musars.Argonaut on Colfax consistently has 3, from Ksara, Musar, and Kefraya. $15-25 range.Bring in some Ixsir red please!

Review №96

Knowledge staff and good prices.

Review №97

Great store with a huge selection. The staff was super friendly and helpful.

Review №98

I do not feel safe shopping this establishment any longer.

Review №99

Darin, nick, alex, Alan and Rick big shout out to you guys always good service

Review №100

Great selection and great prices! Excellent selections of wine coolers, my personal favorite.

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  • Address:760 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-831-7788
  • Beer store
  • Liquor store
  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Identifies as veteran-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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