Prost Brewing Co. & Biergarten - Denver
2540 19th St, Denver, CO 80211, United States
Review №1

I was greeted by a smiling “Cheyenne” behind the bar. She let me try three different beers off the tap before I decided. Obviously a German themed lager house, mostly.An excellent beer garden and seems to very family friendly. Has a beautiful view of downtown and some games to play outside. It was a hot summer day when I went so they had the misters on.Would recommend!!

Review №2

Beer really good.I’m torn between 2-3 stars because of the food.The Döner Kebap is a joke.While there are lots of varieties out there, this is a not even close to an authentic German Kebap.It looks like they are making it from a lamb patty instead of grilling it from a rotating stick.The sauce is horrible and the size for $12 is ridiculous. It fits in the space of my missing tooth ;-).I’m German and have had hundreds of Kebaps. I was so excited to get one again after a year not traveling and I’m so disappointed that they sell this worse less piece of nothingness.I will be back because of the beer and try the curry wurst next.Let’s see how they can screw this up

Review №3

I love this place!! Lots of beer options, outdoor seating with heaters, dog friendly, corn hole and ping pong table. So happy we found this place. The only negative that I can think of is they play their music really loud outside

Review №4

This place is our new hang out! Family friendly with a section that has outside games. Joel, the manager, walked around and met all the guests! Cool vibe, great food, great beer.

Review №5

Really great spot! Beer was on point. I had the Helles. Could drink this all day long.

Review №6

Great beer here! We came even though Google Maps showed it was Busier than usual. That was a big lie! My guess is its picking people up from the apartment building next door and counting them.Seat yourself and a very relaxed, chill place.

Review №7

Great German-style beers, indoor seating is open to the outdoors and outdoor seating has lots of umbrellas the staff can set up for shade. They only have pretzels for food (which are good!!), but there are plenty of walkable food options around the area!

Review №8

Very good beer and really nice people running the place. Get that schnitzel sandwich.

Review №9

On Tuesday evening I was here to celebrate my birthday. No one asked me if it was my birthday, but I thought they would know. So we get beers and it was weird because there were 14 dogs running around. The beer was amazing. I finished my beer and the tender yelled LAST CALL. It was 9:23. They close at 10 pm on Tuesdays. Again, it’s my birthday and no one asked. They then went around hounding for empty glasses like looking for Atlantis. It felt like they wanted nothing but else to leave. Anyway, 2/5 stars

Review №10

Cant be a brewery if youre out of most of your beers... Not the first time thats happened in my life and not a super big deal until it is an actual *literal majority* of your beers. Also, the representative at the register had extremely poor customer service when inquiring for what is actually available for purchase. Then for the next 20min at 645pm on 5.21.21 she sits there staring at us...from what we infer as an indication to leave. Pull footage and see attached. Unnecessary to treat your patrons with such disrespect when all we wanted was to know the available selection of beers for purchase. We left shortly thereafter and will not be back. Been her multiple times as an actual real Colorado native. Take a class on servant leadership.

Review №11

Great spot to grab a beer and food with nice views of downtown. Very clean, tables spaced out, and plenty of staff so you dont wait long for a drink. The Highlands have become annoyingly overrun and parking is a nightmare, but thats a Denver problem overall - not something to ding this place for.

Review №12

Great place to spend a couple hours on a hot day. The beer is very good and tastes authentic to me! Amazing patio with a lot of umbrellas for shade which I appreciate very much.Highly recommend stopping in and trying a few beers you might not ordinarily get elsewhere!

Review №13

Great beers and views. An 8oz beer for $5 is steep but everything else is wonderful!!!

Review №14

It was a warm, but pleasant midsummer August night. The larks were larking and the beer was flowing. It was my friend Eriks birthday. Wishbone the dog tried to sip my beer but was taken aback at the salty sour taste of my Gose.Nobody offered Erik a birthday beer and they even called last call at 21:15. We had to chug our beers and leave as they were putting chairs up. They reminded us 3 times that our time was diminishing and we had to leave with a half buzz.

Review №15

Family gathering with wide range of ages. Service…there was none. Beer was okay…better can be found in the metro area. Parking was terrible. Staff was more into their conversations than conducting business or serving customers. I will not return…there are a number of choices out there that understand what service is about.

Review №16

The bartenders at Prost refused to serve me, a 62 year old grey haired grandma because I didn’t have an ID! I seldom bring my wallet because my bald headed husband with a grey beard always pays. Our party of 4 had to go elsewhere even though the Biergarten was pretty empty. Ridiculous!

Review №17

Really good beer, and a fun place to drink it! We will return! Thanks Boyd, you are the man!

Review №18

I walked in with a dog and went to the bar not knowing the procedure. A woman immediately walked up to me saying “there’s a sign at the door. wait there” Once we went back to the door, she eventually walked up to us saying there was an hour and a half wait... with a restaurant AND patio full of empty tables. She said she does not take names or numbers to be on the list..? Okay, so we asked “how do we get on the list?” And she responded “if you’re going to be like this, I will not seat you”... GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Will not be back and still very confused about the experience. Female with a backwards hat... Interesting attitude for a workplace.

Review №19

Authentic German beers. Nice outdoor patio, but its right on the highway and LOTS of dogs, but the patio is split so there is a no-dog area. Indoor space has big group seating tables. One suggestion... Laminate your QR code and secure it to all of your tables. Easy way for patrons to see your menu and know what they want to order!

Review №20

Doner Kebab was not even close to authentic. After living in Germany, and having these from a dozen different places, this wasnt similar to any of them. This had more in common to a hamburger taco, then a doner. I understand that with lower volume a rotisserie of meat is impractical, but it just wasnt very appetizing. Service and atmosphere were good though.

Review №21

We really enjoyed the beer here. There was a food truck out front so we were also able to get some snacks. This is a great place to visit and enjoy a German beer.

Review №22

We stopped at Prost on a whim on our way to dinner. They had a fun atmosphere and the staff was so nice. Sophia was the best, and we’ll definitely be back next time we’re in Denver.

Review №23

People beer and place were perfect. Only reason for four stars is that the food was not.

Review №24

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! My girlfriend and I went on a Sunday afternoon, and the staff was absolutely amazing. They took into consideration each patrons requests. They were willing to let you move to open tables, that provided a better view, or more shade. In my past experiences with other restaurants or breweries, they are not willing to sanitize another table so you can get more comfortable. We truly enjoyed our time there. Oh yeah!! The beer was outstanding too!

Review №25

Meh, not a good place to go if you’re expecting good beer or service. Staff are very slow, beer is subpar, full of college kids.

Review №26

We had a great time here. Lots of outdoor seating a good selection of German beers and cool glasses, mugs, and even the 68 oz. boots! Got a Pilsner, a seltzer, and a beer that comes with a flavor shot of raspberry.

Review №27

I have been coming to Prost for years now and was very excited to take my family there. We were immediately greeted by a very hostile worker upon entering. She told us last call was in 45 minutes when all we wanted was 1 beer. She proceeded to stare us down the entire time we were then until we felt so uncomfortable we had to leave. I am in the customer service industry and was appalled at the poor treatment my family received for no reason. I’ve seen a few reviews that have had similar experiences. (It was the lady with the backwards hat)

Review №28

Good beer and cool deals each day of the week with lots of seating and games.

Review №29

Really love the German and Belgian style beer here. Feels like a great community spot with big tables, bar snacks, and tons of variety. Friendly staff who will help you find the right beer.

Review №30

Tasty German classics with a great view!

Review №31

The beer and atmosphere are very good. Know, while it doesn’t say it on the website The Trailer German Food truck isn’t here on Mondays. We found out after arrival.

Review №32

Prompt to pay 25% tip on the close machines without going through an edit screen is kind of ridiculous.

Review №33

Great beer, great atmosphere, and great service.

Review №34

Came here 2 nights ago, staff are very rude, beer tastes flat, and unless you’re older than 70, be prepared to show your ID for EVERY beer your order… funny how no other bar in the Denver area, or any bar I’ve ever been to in the US only cards the purchaser, not to mention I’m 39 and don’t look a day under 21… annoying manager too- time to replace him.

Review №35

Great German style beers, friendly staff and good music.

Review №36

A few friends and I stopped by Prost Brewing after a hike recently. I had a delicious and refreshing pilsner. They have a really cool German pub vibe, large beers (liter or half a liter), good music, fair prices, and lots of seating so the wait time wasn’t too long. Check it out sometime!

Review №37

Prost’s light lager may be the best in all of Denver. Great german beer brewery.

Review №38

Great for the beer and seltzer collection, plus it is a nice place to hang. It is the reason this place gets 4 and not 3 stars. The staff at the bar were super friendly and offered great recommendations.Their kitchen needs work though: the fries were delicious, the spatzle macaroni and cheese was okay, and their ruebens were universally panned at our table (owing to the fatty and gristly meat). I had the currywurst, which was more wurst than curry. It was also okay, maybe a little overcooked.

Review №39

Unfortunately, we were not provided great service and beer was not the best. My wife ordered a pretzel and cheese cup, appeared it was just a frozen pretzel warmed up. I had brought friends to the brewery because of there love for German beer. Disappointing to say the least.

Review №40

I went there last night, pretty much only to try their Rauchbier - not gonna lie. and that was all I’ve had. I gotta say, though, that the one single pint alone was enough for me to give them 5 stars. because that’s a very singular kind of beer that I personally highly appreciate and it’s just SO HARD to find quality, true Rauchbier out here in America - I mean, that specific smoked flavor that, honestly, so far I’ve only tried in imported beers straight from Bamberg (where it was originally created). so, you see, I’m very picky.and that explains why the 5 stars. I was so happy after my very first sip. their Rauchbier is totally faithful to the real German’s style taste.the customer service is also great - the environment in general is very pleasant. I’m 100% coming back soon - this time to try the others! :)

Review №41

NOT DOG FRIENDLY.. I walked in with two dogs. A lady rushed up to intercept me to say it’s a 1.5 hour wait… it was 75% empty at the time and it was me and just a plus one… they were completely unwilling to seat us and didn’t have any good reason for it either. When I asked why, pointing out that it was so empty, she said I was being rude and told me “not like that”… still don’t know why I wasn’t seated to this day…

Review №42

Great beer, food and views!

Review №43

These numbskulls denied my wife entry simply because they didnt recognize that her passport (shes Venezuelan) was still valid. Her passport is currently her main form of ID and should count as a real ID. The first bartender (lets call her Karen #1) snatched my wifes ID from her hands and then said it wasnt valid and shed have to get her supervisors approval. Then the supervisor (who I will call Karen #2) took one look at it, and said it wouldnt work and also complained about the writing being too small. She said they had to be strict because they had been busted by the authorities for not validating peoples okay, they screwed up in the past and they decided to take it out on my wife just because shes a foreigner and they dont understand how passports work...? just saying. Ill get my beer elsewhere thank you very much.

Review №44

Authentic German beer, in the Dschungel of Denver breweries I decided on this one and loved it. Great ambience despite being close to the highway

Review №45

Love Prost. Great beers, chill atmosphere, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, friendly staff. Perfect for a few beers on a nice day.

Review №46

Definitely worth another visit on our next trip to Denver.

Review №47

I love going to Prost with my dog. I tried going today 1/10/21 with my dog and found out that they were forced to change their dog policy to only allowing dogs on the uncovered portion of the patio. I was here back in Oct and had my dog inside so its definitely a new policy. I decided to take it in stride as the host informed me that they had a heat lamp outside. I went outside and the heat lamp was off and all the tables that were uncovered were covered in snow/ice. I decided just to leave as I didnt feel it was worth staying. Ill definitely be back, but after COVID is over I think. :(

Review №48

Great spot with excellent variety of beers.

Review №49

Tasty beer, great atmosphere, and a beautiful view of the city on the patio.

Review №50

Very German. Good beer, good atmosphere and good service.Recommended.

Review №51

Cannot express how much I love this place!!! I have never had a bad experience here. The staff is truly amazing. So friendly and they have the tastiest brews!!! I highly recommend

Review №52

Love this place. I visit here everytime I venture out to Denver. Great beer and atmosphere! Fantastic views of downtown and a nice open deck! Highly recommend!

Review №53

Fantastic authentic Greman bier! Highly recommend to any true brew enthusiasts!

Review №54

Fantastic true to style german lagers. nice open tasting room and helpful staff.

Review №55

Great beer, atmosphere, location...but very poor attitudes and service. Place is still decent despite the issues

Review №56

Nice German feel, good beer

Review №57

Lots of families hanging out. Very welcoming vibe. Great table/bar service and an awesome food truck out front along with a b-ball court and small playground next door. You can order out for food as well. Table games are offered plus big Jenga. Also a selfie/gif station by the front door. Clean bathrooms and a water station. Delicious beers on tap! I recommend trying their ipa.

Review №58

Hands down my favorite brewery in Denver if for nothing else but their devotion to creating authentic German style beers. Their Altbier...awesome, their hefeweizen... excellent, but I come here for their dunkelweizen.. absolutely unmatched in the Denver area. Parking is in the gravel lot by the apartment complex on the south side. So come in and enjoy a BOOT of Bier!!!

Review №59

Bier is awesome.

Review №60

Prost has one of the few really good and authentically- brewed Weißbiers. The other beers are also in the same class. They have the proper glasses for the beers, a nice touch - my 1l of Weißbier was served in a proper Maßkrug. The surroundings are simple and tailored for groups of friends. Excellent place to go for a beer with a group opf friends. Theres a food truck for those with a hunger for more than beer.

Review №61

We had a nice time. The Biergarten was a great place to hang met some nice folks from Sweden and the misters kept us cool on a really hot day. The beer was good and the kids enjoyed a craft lemonade.

Review №62

Great spot to grab beer with a view.

Review №63

The beer was great. The pretzels were hotter than the sun!

Review №64

I had a great authentic German beer! So good! Great place to hang out! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable!

Review №65

This is a very casual place with a simple but delicious beer menu. I was there on a Wednesday and it was pretty empty but enjoyable none the less. Not giving it 5 stars because it took a lot of effort to get a bartender to grab me a beer.

Review №66

Had a good beer and very pleasant experience.

Review №67

Very poor service. We were pretty much ignored and then was asked if our service dog had the proper paper work. He was clearly marked with a service dog collar and doing his job for my husband’s health issues. BTW, it’s illegal to ask that.

Review №68

I moved to Denver (in part) for the breweries. Prost is one of my favorite. For authentic German beers in America - Prost ranks near the top. Ive drank beer in Germany and although the atmosphere is American... The beer is German. And thats a good thing!Dunkleweizen (dark wheat) - spot onKòlsch - awesomePils - awesome

Review №69

Delicious German beer. No food service. But there are usually food trucks outside for meet-eaters. Outdoor and indoor sitting areas.

Review №70

Truly some authentic German style beers here. Beers are served in their intended glass style and size, but you can always ask for a maß (1 liter mug). Season beers like the Märzen are worth the wait. Tap room has a great beer garden feel with plenty of seating and plenty of games and TVs. A must visit for anyone looking to explore Denvers beer scene.

Review №71

Good beer, good people. Pilsners are always on point.

Review №72

There was a group of young adults in Prost Brewing Company around 2pm today(2/21/2021) for their friends 21st bday - I sat there and watched them make a big deal about it. They were excited, and made the choice to order multiple 2L boots to celebrate - I overheard the staff make them aware that the boot had to be returned intact, or they would be charged for it. This was not an ordinary glass, it was a giant 2L glass boot for beer. You guessed it, they came back to the bar with a broken boot, and threw a fit when they were told they were to be charged. A gentleman named Sean Lynch(became aware of his name because I see his review below mine) started spewing homophobic slurs, and cursing/yelling at the whole staff. Emma Milek, whose review is also below timestamped at the same time as Seans, also joined in on berating the staff with obscenities. When they were asked to leave, they began yelling and elevating the obscene gestures until they finally made their way out of the building. It was disgusting behavior that is unjustifiable, and shouldnt be tolerated by ANYONE. They made one final pass by Prost moments later, and tried to make a scene, before jumping in a car together and leaving.Good on the staff for asking them to leave. A safe space is always appreciated!Amazing beers, Professional staff, beautiful view, and if youre lucky enough to catch the Pupusa truck - treat yourself! Cheers!Sean, and Emma - you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Review №73

Great spot. Get a liter of the Pils. Sit outside. Look at the skyline. Life is good. The pretzels, too, are real good.

Review №74

Cool place but I didnt love any of the three beers I tried.

Review №75

I like the beer when I buy it at a liquor store and would like to visit but many recent reviewers have had horrible service. In contrast with older reviews of a critical nature, I dont see a response from management or the owner. Why?

Review №76

Great environment friendly service and amazing view! German style beer and experience!

Review №77

Ales are my favorite style of beer and those are the focus here. The second size up is a liter but the pour was more than that. I enjoyed drinking on the patio overlooking Denver during a sunny afternoon.

Review №78

My favorite brewery in the area!

Review №79

Good beer but they sell out quickly. Lots of size options which I can appreciate. Usually has a food truck option too. Nice view of Denver.

Review №80

Loved all the German style craft beers!

Review №81

These guys can’t get out of their own way. Their beer is good, and the location is good. However, the service is terrible. I’ve given them 3 second chances, and they blew them all. Fool me 3 times shame on me, I won’t be coming back.

Review №82

Came here to seek shelter from the snow and stayed for hours. Great session beers that come in all sizes. Low key vibe and decent pretzels, they were kinda cold be it was kinda a cold day so that happens.

Review №83

Excellent beer though be prepared to face limited choices. Constantly changing food truck allows you to eat without being beholden to a specific menu. Just make sure you look up which food truck is parked outside beforehand as the menu offers no food.

Review №84

They have decent beer and service. What I don’t allow in my service book is towing. The towing company they hired are towing everyone even if it’s almost closing time, 4 people including me were just hanging out at the towing company’s lot waiting for us to pay $300 a head. Shame on you. I’m a beer-tender at a decent brewery I’m spreading the word around if you don’t address this issue!!!

Review №85

Love the beer and the space. Great place for a lunch date with a friend!

Review №86

The Dunkel is one of my top favorite beers in the greater Denver area. Good atmosphere with German beer hall style benches.

Review №87

VERY clean during covid. I felt extremely safe. Spaced out well, masks enforced, and friendly staff. Also, thank you for staying dog friendly!! This is so important to so many right now!

Review №88

First tap of the 2020 Oktoberfest Beer! Im drinking it right now! 1st customer on the soft release hahahah! Its delicious! Prost!

Review №89

Beer is good, but service is terrible. I dont know if there are just not enough servers, but all youre doing is taking beer orders. Each time Ive gone, it takes around 20 minutes to be approached by a server for your first order, then good luck getting more. We sat for an hour and a half with empty beers and decided wed go elsewhere, then it took another 30 minutes to actually get our server to come over. She looked at us while we waived asking for checks multiple times but walked past. The good beer gets the three stars, but service is poor. First time we were there we also heard one server walking around yelling about how people are broke and dont need to eat out, I guess she had gotten a bad tip, but unprofessional none the less.

Review №90

Maybe Just not my style of beer but I drank half and couldn’t take any more. I got a grapefruit beer. The atmosphere was pretty, as were the views!

Review №91

Great beer and great service. Cant complain about those. The only reason I could have to give them a 4 star review instead of a 5 star review is that when I go to a Biergarten I hope to also find some good food. So okay, this is a craft beer pub instead of a Biergarten. Got it. The beer was REALLY good. German quality German beer. Food trucks?

Review №92

Love this place, as both of us are Germans and love German beer. Definitely recommend this place.Warning, however, DO NOT park behind the brewery as we were recently towed (even though there were no signs)!!!!! Made it for a very expensive tab, but will not stop us from going here!!!

Review №93

Annoyed at the poor service. Im eating my taco from the food truck order a beer. It would have been nice to get a heads up from the staff that they actually kick you out at 10pm.I took a sip of my beer and at 959 he had his hands on my pint glass. At least offer some water ... or give me the chance to chug the beer I just paid 8 dollars plus tax and tip. I havent been to a brewery were they wait til the last second to take your glass away.Just felt like sharing my experience it was so annoying and such a disappointing experience. For sure I wont be back not that it would affect there business but I cant handle rude staff plenty of great breweries in town.

Review №94

Very slow service, our table had drink rings all over it, and there were a lot of Cheerios underneath the table. It didnt look like there were many employees and they all seemed busy so Im guessing the managers just arent utilizing enough people to properly run this place.

Review №95

I hate to do this but have too as a drave injustice has been done. My brother in law just turned 21 today and has been so excited about coming to Prost for a beer. After talking to the manager Prost refused to serve him as he still has a vertical drivers license (that is still valid). Due to COVID he is unable to get a horizontal ID till after his 21st birthday which is today and now cant get a great beer from Prost. I really expected more understanding during these trying time from Prost and to refuse a potential future German beer enthusiast like this is kinda rough. I was informed by the manger that he will be refused at every location however we have been to three establishments with zero problems. Sorry Prost but these are the facts.

Review №96

Not to sure did not come here for drinks had to work here but they did have das boot

Review №97

It was amazing

Review №98

Youll love it! On a bright, sunny day their outdoor patio is perfect for enjoying a beer or three. Ive been there a few times and have had only positive experiences. You can see the Denver skyline in the background, which is a nice touch.

Review №99

Poor service, dishonest menu prices. Servers seemed more interested in each other than the customers. Beer was good though after 45 minutes of waiting.

Review №100

We went to Prost when looking for a nice patio to hangout. The beer was excellent and the atmosphere was wonderful.

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