Total Wine & More
3905 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210, United States
Review №1

I’ve been a very good customer there for quite a while. Great selection and great prices. My last trip there I was disappointed at service. I was getting one of my favorite tequila that I had gotten there before. Price looked right at two different locations where it was advertised. As I brought it to the counter it was $8 more expensive. When I brought it up I was questioned and had to go take a picture of the tag and show cahier and customer service. They still did not honor their advertised price. I am attaching a picture of the tag showing $54.99 which is what I always remember paying for it. At counter they wanted to charge me $62.99. I am not one to give negative reviews but I believe in honoring the price you advertise for your products.

Review №2

Been here many times. As others have said parking is a mess, but they have a great selection. If you are looking for something specific they probably have it or can get it. Friendly enough people, but finding them throughout the store is unlikely and check out is not speedy. Im unsure if the lack of staff is due to COVID-19 or otherwise.

Review №3

Nothing compares to the selection and prices at total wine. Combine that with their rewards for extra money off and youve got the best liquor store around if you ask me. Now they deliver right to your door as well.

Review №4

I am not a drinker or connoisseur, but Total Wine & More has a pretty good selection of wine, spirits and anything else that you can think of when alcoholic beverages are needed. I think this place gives other big places (Argonaut comes to mind) a pretty good run for their money. Interior is very well lit and items are pretty logically displayed and stored, so its easy to find items you are looking for. Plus helpful and friendly staff are all over the store, and they seem to actually enjoy working there. Theres also a classroom-like space in the back that looks like it can be used for wine tasting, group use, etc. (it was closed when I was there). Oh, and the prices seem pretty reasonable, unless of course, you are looking for the really high-end stuff. One problem outside of the store: the parking spaces seem REALLY tight - I drive a Honda Accord and I felt boxed in - so dont park next to big vehicles. Recommended!

Review №5

Love the customer service a nice gentleman helped me get all the beverages that I needed the employee AJ was a wonderful help thank you

Review №6

Great place to buy your alcohol and my Seagreams VO whiskey is cheaper here than any other liquor store I have been to and its not close to me either.

Review №7

Im a bit of an allocated bourbon hound. This is the only local place I can find a few of the brands I like. Reasonable prices and really friendly staff. They have a decent selection of other adult themed beverages, but my poison is the brown water so cant really speak to other types of beverages. Check em out if youre in the area.

Review №8

I needed help with a big fundraiser and Shane and Derek were the best! They helped me pick out the best wines at the best prices and, right down to the gentleman that helped me load the boxes, they were friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Its a bit of a drive for me but, they have definitely won my business going forward!

Review №9

So glad to have this store in Park Meadows. Huge selection of practically anything uou want. Great selection of higher end wines. Prices are the best and really fair.Staff is knowledgeable and helpful.My go to place for wine and spirits.

Review №10

Wines galore! I love the “Buy 6” get a discount. I enjoy exploring the different variety offered as well as with the spirits. I can’t wait to come back and pick out another set of six wines to try. 😋

Review №11

Total wine has an amazing selection of every kind of liquor, wine and beer. The prices are soo good, but the number of employees really make this an experience. They are helpful and check in consistently. If I was closer, I would visit weekly.

Review №12

Im a big fan of Total Wine, even though it is a huge national chain. I think they claim to be locally owned, which Im sure is true in some respect, but it is a large warehouse store. Id rather shop at a locally owned neighborhood place, but they do have a terrific selection and a really helpful staff. I am a huge fan of Sam, the guy who orders their beer. He has been incredibly helpful getting me set up with unusual and hard to find local beers for my kegerator. Sam alone makes it impossible for me to give this fewer than four stars.

Review №13

Great selection. I just think its weird that if youre at the register with someone you get carded too even though they just let anybody in the store. Seems strange to wait til check out if youre going card everybody anyway. Just a thought. This place is well stocked with plenty of high end and hard to find stuff. Plus all the regulars at decent prices.😁

Review №14

This place is the best place for finding rare beverages and introducing you to new brands their price per unit is unmatched and I will always travel the 24min 8 mile drive past 50 other liquor stores just to get to this location...5 stars is underated 💯💯

Review №15

Great staff, very knowledgeable and friendly. The staff is always ready to guide you in the right direction, and offer suggestions.

Review №16

Very courteous! Staff suggested a delicious Scotch in my price range, and also helped me exchange other items. Thank you for your time and effort!!

Review №17

If the manager wasnt so rude Id give this 5 stars because my mom & I love this store $ patronize it weekly for our vino. Recently we had an amazing worker who was so kind to us & then a nasty girl who evoked her stonchy boss. Theres a way to provide customer service with class & his threatening way wasnt it.

Review №18

The selection of wine is fantastic & there are certain significant stand out employees that make customers, especially regulars, feel welcome & supported as they make their selections, true customer service with a friendly & helpful smile.

Review №19

What a selection! Friendly cashiers too.

Review №20

Its like Costco or Sams club, but only liquor. Place is awesome. I only really come here when there is a limited time spirit or when theres something new because they are sure to have it.

Review №21

This wine shop was our first stop after checking in to our hotel. What a great way to begin our tasting exploration, and we tasted more wines in one afternoon than we ever imagined! The owners kind and warm nature, followed by the opportunity to indulge in some beautiful wines, make this experience a must!

Review №22

A refreshingly high level of customer service. From an educated employee to two terrific employees that checked inventory quickly and expertly and retrieved bottles the requested from the wine manager, Janor, I received great recommendations and friendly service. Even my checkout attendant was friendly and swift. Very professional and a positive experience finding three different types of wine!!

Review №23

My husband and I drive 20 mins away to Total Wine because of the awesome prices and selection of wine. On top of the already great prices we get coupons and discounts for our purchases. Recommend going to find anything and everything in the wine department, at Total Wine!!!

Review №24

A fantastic but busy place to visit! An awesome laid back and fun staff of people. I have literally never been helped by someone in there that made me feel unwelcome and when someone couldnt answer my question they made sure to find the right source and stuck around to learn and enjoy a fun conversation. A fabulous selection of choices and great prices to boot! Be patient if you pull in from Evans, it gets really packed with pedestrians and vehicles. I recommend coming in off Bannock and parking on the other side of the building and enjoying a short walk.

Review №25

I drove all the way past other stores because on line said they had my favorite wine in stock. However, when I got there the shelf was empty. I asked for assistance from a staff member and manager himself found the wine. I was super happy and grateful for him taking the extra time to satisfy a customer. We even joked about him not having to climb the ladder. A very cool experience.

Review №26

Amazing selection of all types of spirits, with some Ive never seen anywhere else. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and their recommendations are always excellent!

Review №27

Im not thrilled that national liquor store chains are allowed in Colorado but its not the fault of Total. They have the best prices and selection that I know of and they do carry many local products. Ive recently acquired a taste for NA Beer and again the prices and selection are unmatched. However, the selection of these NA beers could use improvement.Not enough to ding a star but the NA beer section and shelf space is shrinking. Also, out of stocks are too common.

Review №28

I had a superior shopping experience today. I have just begun storing wine in my cellar, and I am focused on developing my own tastes and recognizing what I enjoy most. I knew I wanted to try more Bordeaux, and I knew I wanted to develop my taste there. Fortunately, Travis found me staring and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I explained my thoughts, and we discussed the differences in left and right bank. Ultimately he expanded my own desire to try different wines, and I ultimately purchased more than I originally planned to, happily so because I had a direction for my wine preference developing journey. He encouraged me to come back and try other variations we discussed for the future. I’m excited to not only try what I have, but also to try more and develop my tastes in order to build my cellar further.

Review №29

You guys always have what Im looking for and much more. Thank you to the staff for being so willing with your suggestions to pair wine with my upcoming family meals.

Review №30

Prices are best in town. Theu always seem to be out of the beer I want, but no fault of theirs. 😊

Review №31

They have a very large selection of everything. They even have a humidor, and rooms for tastings and you can books the rooms for small events. Their Seasonal/Limited Release beer section is really good, tons of wine to choose from, and a really nice collection of spirits. And, as with most places, they do have a Rewards program. I highly recommend!

Review №32

Good store. Very clean. Excellent prices. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Review №33

I was there for an interview. The store has great customer service employees are very energetic willing to help customers taking customers to the item you definitely will be happy picking up your spirits and wine at this particular location the store manager is a wonderful man Joel great job

Review №34

Great place selection extraordinarily large yet they have good help helping you choose the right one.

Review №35

Big store employee could be a lot more helpful and not see so upset all the time

Review №36

Been running around for the last 3 days looking for my favorite red! Found it here in several different sizes AND a set of beautiful Italian fluke glasses. Today, I’m happy.

Review №37

Good selection of wines but they are rarely the lowest price for spirits, wine or beer. If you are close and need a variety of alcohol then this is a good place to go.

Review №38

Great selection but the manager was quite rude and they locked the doors 15 minutes early on a Friday night.

Review №39

Huge place. Adult beverages galore 😎 anything you want theyve got. Very clean store. Very knowledgeable staff.

Review №40

I usually never write reviews but I was very uncomfortable here. Nice store but if you’re brown or appear “younger” they will follow you. They are not discrete about it and it made my friends and I extremely uncomfortable.

Review №41

This total wine is amazing! There is an amazing selection, and if you don’t know what you want, there is knowledgeable staff that can help. Travis is the best! He has made recommendations and I’ve loved ALL of them!

Review №42

Sometime you just need a drink. All good, youre Total ly covered here no matter your wants. If you dont find it here (at a great price too) then this team will find it for you. Tastings, too, so you can test that new something before committing. Bravo Total for being there.

Review №43

Me and my fiancée were visiting from Palm Springs, CA. Let me just, say the difference between the store in Colorado VS California is night and day! They are so friendly in Denver and helpful too! They actually ASKED ME if I needed any help, which i did! In Palm Springs, the staff actively try to avoid you and the cashiers aren’t happy that you exist. Next time we’re in Colorado, we’ll be back at the Denver Total Wine eager to get our buzz on! Shout out to the amazing staff! God bless.

Review №44

Well stocked. Friendly and helpful team.

Review №45

Great selection of wine and liquors. Always so hot in this store.

Review №46

World-class organization. Great selection, great prices, and a knowledgeable, friendly, and professional staff. I find the same quality in every store across the country which is indicative of great company leadership.

Review №47

Amazing choices!! Friendly and professional help is always available to you around most any corner of the store!! Free samples of wine and beer at designated times.

Review №48

Has the best bud light seltzer and rolling rock prices in town. The most knowledgeable and helpful staff and checkout is always a breeze. Favorite location

Review №49

My favorite place to shop. It has an extensive selection of fine wines, spirts, and brews at the best prices anywhere. The staff is excellent also. This is where we go when it’s time to stock up for holiday get togethers.

Review №50

They have pretty much everything that you need/want. Except primo beer.

Review №51

Wow, thats all I can say. Do yourself a favor and walk through the front door, thats thats it will take.

Review №52

I definitely will not be back I walked around the store for 30 minutes without being able to get anyones attention or help to find the product that stated it was available online On my way out I made one more attempt to ask someone and the young man with the ponytail literally turned around as I was walking up to him

Review №53

I first tried this store online a few months ago during the pandemic because you could get free delivery with a $100 purchase. That worked fairly well because their prices are competitive and the selection broad. (Even though the app can be awkward.)Then, I tried ordering online with parking lot pick up when I did not qualify for the free delivery; it was also good. Now, I have been to the actual store a few times, and it is the best. There is much more in store than online. The selection is very broad and well-organized. Everything I can imagine from a few dollars to a few thousand. Some of the staff are wine educated (as am I), and mostly, I buy midrange wines, and keep 50-100 bottles at home in a cooler. I buy a little liquor, and they more than satisfy my needs. Total on Evans is one the best wine stores I have ever seen. The perks and discounts, while not a game-changer, are average. We, in Colorado, are lucky to have stores like Total.

Review №54

Great service and great recommendation from the manager, to try a new cognac!

Review №55

Great configuration, good customer service, best prices and outstanding inventory.

Review №56

Came this wine shop solely for the reviews. Ryan is a 10/5 star guy. He is super knowledgeable and super passionate about his wine. Loved getting the opportunity to learn about some wines I had no prior knowledge of before walking in today. He also paired me with the perfect wine (I was actually looking for the wine specifically but just used description words instead of the name of it). Overall a fantastic experience and I would recommend making it your go to.

Review №57

Great selection of wine and spirits. Picked up the classic Ardbeg 10 Islay scotch and paired it with a Punch Classics cigar. Wonderful place. I can easily say this place is better than my local Tipsys in Littleton.

Review №58

Great store and selection. Staff very friendly

Review №59

Nothing less than a Wow experience you can expect from this newly opened outlet! The price advantage I got was close to 30% compared to other shops. Being a visitor to the US, I was search on the web for good wine shop. Learned about Total Wine and more and decided to do my shopping here. The huge collection -as they say 8000 wines, 3000 spirits and 2500 beers makes this one the go to shop for almost every popular international brand. They also have an amazing collection of cigars.I also learned that they have wine tasting events here. Helpful and courteous staff made my shopping a great experience...

Review №60

If you like to shop at Walmart, youll love it here

Review №61

Definitely not an in and out experience. Almost overwhelming, in a good way. Huge selection.

Review №62

Theres more wine here than hairs on my head! Friendly staff and good prices.

Review №63

Always have what I am looking for.

Review №64

Great store and great values! Ever since they opened thats my go to place for wines and their selection is excellent! Customer service has always been top notch.....

Review №65

Kind, helpful, and determined. I was looking for something that I guess had been misplaced or something, and Jim worked his butt off to find it. Big fan!

Review №66

A beautiful store with a very large selection of fine wine. Definitely enjoyed my time shopping here. Staff is kind and helpful as well.

Review №67

Wont be coming back to this store again, or this chain. I was walking out of the store, not buying anything, and was asked to provide my ID so that my wife, who was buying something, could buy whatever she was buying. The logic of that remains clear only to the store management or the company, as she could have walked right back in 2 minutes later, by herself, and could have completed the purchase. Would they have cared then? No, of course not. The logic? There is none. Fear of legal liability is beyond bogus as an explanation.

Review №68

Excellent selection of alcoholic beverages. A great place to go get a variety of wines at all different price points. Next week will be going to investigate their sake selection. Aside from The good prices, the service there is some of the past of any liquor store in the area

Review №69

Best spot in town for not only wine but beer and liquor. Great selection, reasonable prices, and super helpful employees! Make sure to sign up for the rewards program to earn points.

Review №70

This place is HUGE! It felt like a Whole Foods of LQs!I went looking for something I struggled to find at other spots - After getting lost inside looking at pretty much everything, I found the beer I was looking for and was out the door pretty quick!

Review №71

It literally has all the liquor I could ask for. Strangely enough, I didn’t see any Law’s, but I may have missed it. I was able to get help (from a guy also named Will) with all my questions, and he’s given me great recommendations to consider in the future.

Review №72

Clean store. Good maintainance. Just dont forget to have an id.

Review №73

Go to David! He knows everything there is to know! Great prices too!

Review №74

Not only do they have a truly stellar selection, but the staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. Very impressed with every detail of this store!

Review №75

Best prices in town. Great selection, and they even have quality cigars!

Review №76

Great prices. Great selection. Clean

Review №77

The staff is really helpful and they have good prices.

Review №78

Huge. Insane selection of beer. Went for a quick trip to the liquor store and I ended up spending 40 minutes in there.

Review №79

Impressive place - the selection of Argonount (actually much better) with top notch customer service..

Review №80

This a great Liquor store, prices varieties in not just wine, rum, Vodka, Beers, employers a really helpful and great price

Review №81

The staff was a bit rusty on finding Blue Ice vodka and straws

Review №82

Good selection of wine and more. Friendly staff who are always on the floor ready and willing to help which is nice. I would definitely recommend you driving even if out of your way to total wines as the selection and prices are worth it!

Review №83

Amazing as always!! Beautiful store. Great prices. Associate at checkout was totally awesome - loved her sense of humor!! 🤣👏👏👏

Review №84

Excellent customer service, with the friendliest people I have ever dealt with. Call them to see if they had a specific item that I have been searching for a year or more. I have a taste for specific Liquors that are kind of hard to find, but looked online and their website came up and they had what I was searching for immediately. The gentleman on the phone was very professional and a very cooperative. At checkout the gentleman assisting me was also very professional. Talk to some of the staff while I waited for someone to bring me another bottle and had a great conversation with the staff while waiting. They made sure I was completely satisfied 100% before I left. This is a liquor store that I can work with when I need to find specific items and this may be my spot to get refreshments for the holidays and to bring in the New Year! Thank you very much and keep up the great work.

Review №85

Awesome, ridiculous deals. Thoughtful helpful staff.

Review №86

Fantastic staff and huge selection of beverages!! They were really knowledgeable and gave me their suggestions. Highly recommend everyone to come here

Review №87

Very busy and somewhat disorganized but lots of helpful staff, huge inventory and highly competitive pricing

Review №88

Liquor heaven. And all the people know what they are talking about. Can give you great recommendations based off your descriptions. Been there multiple times and always came home with great wine bottles and whiskey.

Review №89

This place has the best selections of wine I have ever seen. Also some of the spirits they offer are TOP TOP shelf.The selection of beer is insane! The problem I have is most of the beer is warm. I get it would cost a lot of money to keep all that beer cold. However, every time I have been there the cold beer section is picked over and a lot of empty spots.

Review №90

I feel like all the staff here are my friends and have knowledgable recommendations that always end up with a great match for my taste buds. They are so professional and courteous and you can tell they really know their stuff.Total Wines also happens to have an unbeatable selection.

Review №91

Just recently visited this location and was pleasantly surprised at the selection of spirits. Here are my pros and cons.Pros - nice selection of Japanese Whisky and RumsCons - would like to see more local ciders and a bigger selection of Italian wines.Besides the sticker shock of the sales tax applied this was a nice new addition to my spirits destination. Looking forward to when they open back up to be able to utilize the sampling events that are usually held there.

Review №92

Excellent service and selection. We need more locations in Denver.

Review №93

This is definitely the best liquor store on the south side of Denver. They seem to have a lot of selection that I cant find at any other stores for wine, beer, or liquor. Their wine staff is very knowledgeable and helpful so if youre not sure what to get, just ask one of them and theyll take care of you.

Review №94

Great selections and great prices. We shop here often but usually afternoons or evenings and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Went in the morning and staff was not very friendly or helpful. :o(

Review №95

I was followed by a gentleman with a manbun! I havent shoplifted in this guys lifetime. I will pay more money to be treated like d$+)I was o44

Review №96

It is big and they probably have what you want. The staff is awesome too. But, the beer is not cold. When I find a brew I want to enjoy, I will want to drink it soon.

Review №97

Curbside pickup a little convoluted. Emails should clarify the unusual location.

Review №98

Fantastic service every time! I drive about 25 minutes to this location, even though there are closer retailers near me. The prices are reasonable and easy to stock up on all my faves. Curbside pickup is very fast and it’s easy peasy to place the order online via the app. I recently tried delivery for the first time and was so excited that my address was in the delivery area. The associate who delivered my order followed my delivery instructions perfectly and was also extremely professional and kind. Always a great experience here! Just getting ready to enjoy a glass now! Because wine not! 🍷 Cheers!

Review №99

Great selection and amazing prices!

Review №100

Love the selection and value. Can always find what Im looking for.

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  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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