BrandsMart USA
I-285 and Peachtree Industrial Blvd, 5000 Motors Industrial Way, Atlanta, GA 30360, United States
Review №1

Cool place! You can buy anything you need for living room and playroom. Not all brands there are. The price is so-so, but it’s convenient for purchase.

Review №2

A nightmare because of Normas attitude when checking out but a nice experience thanks to the manager Jorge and the lovely Aaliyahs customer service.We just come to buy some stuff and so we decided to buy an Italian coffe machine as the offer was extremely good, and also some more stuff. At the checkout, unfortunately an employee called Norma started to doubt that the item was not in offer, so I had to took a picture and I showed it to her. Probably for her was not a very good day because she was not open at all to fix the uncomfortable situation she created keeping us waiting and coming back with no solution, no empathy, no apology but with an attitude that nothing has to deal with the word CUSTOMER SERVICE. She was not open to help at all. People go to stores to buy not to be ignored and treated like that dear Norma, take a break!What was going to be a nightmare became a pleasant checkout, a manager called Jorge fixed everything in a bunch of seconds letting us be helped and checked out by Aaliyah which was extremely nice, helpful and polite.

Review №3

I only shop here for the appliances because they have most of the brands and competitive pricing. However, not sure if it’s worth it for the awful and lack of good customer service that you receive. Their delivery center is even worst. They always reschedule and never call in a timely manner to schedule delivery. If you can find the same pricing somewhere else you are better off!

Review №4

My experience with the purchase of a washer and dryer was ok. The reason Im giving 3 stars is because my delivery date was scheduled for 10/22 which was Friday and no washer and dryer was delivered. I was told that delivery for my area was changed to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I asked if I could get it the next day since it would be Saturday and was told there was nothing they could do. This was completely unacceptable!! It was an inconvenience. I had someone sitting at my home all day. I feel they didnt look to see if we could have gotten our items delivered and thats just what we were told.

Review №5

Spent $4557 in appliances. Those exact same models at Home Depot were $5848! That is a 22% savings! AVOID delivery! I tried that route an was extremely unhappy.

Review №6

Delivery driver did not have the steam setup for our dryer, and did not deliver one of the sets of hoses we purchased with the order. It’s been like pulling teeth to get in touch with someone who can help. Spent hours on the phone talking to about seven people and still don’t have a clear answer about what’s going to happen. Better off going to Home Depot

Review №7

Prior professional remodel subcontractor for 5 years. The staff didnt know this. My mother in law had a very professional experience here shopping for her appliances. There was no over explaining or talking down as if we were dumb. Our salesman was very cut and dry, kind, and professional. He worded things so they were easily understood but not so overly simple they would feel insulting. Our cashier was a absolute Godsend he was quick and efficient also very polite, and we were out of there in no time! I was very pleased with professionalism and the ease of the entire experience I will continue to refer this place. Great job everyone!

Review №8

My first time here and I was very surprised at how well stocked and the large selection of products. I bought a freezer and the staff was extremely helpful. He went to the warehouse to make sure it was there. He informed me of the rebate couple to insure I remember to ask for it at checkout, and the loading dock assisted us in getting it loaded into our car. I definitely will be doing business here again.

Review №9

I took off day of work waiting for delivery, delivery window 12-4 they shut off 630. Asking for tip and forgot to pick up the old appliance. And now I have to pay again to get rid of the old one. What a great service if you call that Service.After contact customer service it’s all take care of. Good job thank you

Review №10

The customer service at this location sucks. I called and the guy instantly has an attitude and did not want to assist me with getting information about my delivery and install. He then hung up on me after I asked if I could speak with someone else. I have been waiting on my dishwasher for about 7 months now. It took my washer and dryer about 5 months to get here. My install was supposed to be between 8 and 10 on today. Its 11:15, no one has called to say, hey we are running late! Now, the store will not answer the phone. I will never purchase from brandsmart at this location again. I may never purchase from brandsmart at all. You get McDonalds customer service at this place. Just horrible. I am very disappointed in their service.

Review №11

They should take the Smart out of the name.Customer Service is quite possibly the most useless department I’ve ever encountered. I have now had 2 delivery issues…First experience: was told driver would arrive between 1-5pm. Delivery arrived at 10pm as I was about to head to bed. I called multiple times to get an update on delivery. I was told that they could not do so. When the delivery showed up, I asked what took so long and whether there was a ton of traffic. I was told there was no traffic. They were just running late. Would been nice to know between the hours of 1pm and 10pm.Second experience: had a delivery which included a washer dryer hook up and haul away. They left the new unit without hooking it up. They told my tenant that they weren’t responsible for hook up. Also told my tenant the truck was too small for haul away and that they would need to take care of it. They didn’t tell them to reschedule a haul away.Spoke to customer service about the issues. The first person I spoke with would be better suited cutting grass. Customer service was not this person’s strong suit. After 45 mins of back and forth I finally got a hold of someone helpful. That took 45 mins of my life.Save the headache. Order from a reputable store that has puts customers first.

Review №12

Great prices but horrible customer service! I’ve ordered from them 3 times because of the great pricing on appliance packages but they never deliver within the timeframe that they promise to and their customer service employees have no training. I’ve been lied to about notes being added to the system and told that they can make things happen that simply can not be done. Their employees just want to make the sale and don’t care whether or not they can actually deliver. Don’t trust any of their associates unless you see it in writing with company letterhead (even the managers).

Review №13

Similar appliance sale/purchase experience as what seems like an ongoing and recurring issue for many unsatisfied paying customers like myself, amongst this particular brand smart company. Zero integrity with delivery date deadlines, no communication on already paid in full appliances later said on back order, deliberate lies confirming delivery. Seems as if ALL deliveries have issues because not one review says there appliances were delivered on time, install, and satisfied customer. One would believe there would be at least one good review in relevance to appliance department. Aside from the “contact customer relations” auto response, could myself and these other unhappy paying customers get a resolution to what will be implemented to get the obvious problem corrected within this department.

Review №14

I purchased a washer/dryer combo from the Doraville location (North Georgia) on July 3rd and it was supposed to be delivered in two weeks. Two weeks later I only received a dryer and they tell me that washer is on back order. After checking in periodically over the next TWO MONTHS I’m finally told the washer I ordered has been discontinued! Brand smart didn’t even have the common courtesy to call me and give me a heads up instead of me “waiting” for my washer to arrive. They offered me a mismatch replacement which I declined. I requested a refund for the washer and accessories they charged me for only not to get all of my money back. I called the store and corporate office several times just get the run around and to be left on hold. I was even hung up on! Very unprofessional company who will sell sell you items they don’t even have in stock in a heart beat. I’ll never patronize them again and will be encouraging my friends/family not to as well. You’re literally getting what you pay for here - poor service.

Review №15

I wish I could give any minus review point.The WORST! WORST! service ever I experiencedI have been waiting for all day for my washer delivery.I have been waiting for all day for my washer delivery.The washer is not in stock, so salesman has to cancel the delivery and notify me.Until I call for an hour, he didnt even have no idea.  SUCKS!!!BE AWARE GREGORIE JOSEPH.DO NOT TALK TO HIM.THE WORST SALES GUY.===========================================================Now after 1month from my purchase They do Not even answer my call or return my call.WHAT A CROOK!!

Review №16

Poor customer service, does not even come within the time 4hr time frame they said theyd come by which forced me to stay at home all day AND had to cancel my plans, and the people who came to set up were extremely demanding, asking if I had medicine for headache (from a customer at that, utterly unprofessional and rude. What do I look like to you, a doctor?) And he wasnt even polite, he just looked at me and just said something for headache?, of course I misunderstood him thinking he was asking I had headache and when I said Im fine, he proceeded to snicker at the fellow delivery man I asked something for headache and she said shes fine. He then said water? The way he said as if I owed them some kind of service was extremely rude. He then asked bathroom? I think your employees need to be educated on basic etiquette and work ethics. Or do your delivery people go to every house asking for service, food/drinks, medicines, and use the utility in the house?I was planning to buy a dryer in near future after the washing machine today but the horrible customer service makes me wonder if buying it from this place is worth it

Review №17

Upgraded rating as my relative finally got items delivered -- third times the charm! Great deals but horrible delivery service. Let’s face it — the place wants people to buy the goods and carry them away. They don’t have the personnel to bring it to you, let alone the confident to install and remove the old. So they keep missing delivery windows because they can do whatever they want — they can deliver it whenever or never. It’s so frustrating when you’re an older person and you cannot install it yourself.

Review №18

I had to give an one star in order to post this review, but in reality it is ZERO! I have always been very wary of these type of stores, but wanted to give it a try. I honestly see now why Ive had those feelings...the customer service is TRASH! They follow you around the store and when you finally give in and buy something, you become completely on your own! We purchased a fridge and an extended warranty. When it came time to call in a repair, it was like a ghost town or as though they went out of business. No one wanted to answer the phone, we were routed to Florida and we reside in Georgia, and they hung up on us numerous of times. I started a live chat to later be told to call LG! So the moral of this is ALWAYS go with your first instinct to save you an unnecessary headache and high blood pressure!!! It only takes one time for me...

Review №19

One star is generous! Never order appliances.Sales people dont explain the process just so they can make a sale. Then everyone just tells you what you want to hear and passes you off to someone else who also cant help. I can deal with an appliance shortage if they would have decent customer service.Ive been talked to so rudely by multiple people at the store and customer service line. When you ask for someone above them to try and get it fixed or to cancel the order for a refund they transfer you to a line that no one ever answers! Its impossible to get it fixed.Then they blame it on the customer for choosing something special order - that was never explained at all during the buying process or I would have chosen something else. Its a standard product, nothing fancy or special about it. That was April and its now almost August!I finally got an email that they were being delivered. Got an email,call and text and confirmed. The window comes and goes so I call and they claimed they still dont know where it is, when it will ever be in existence and that they never sent that correspondence to have it delivered! They dont know their own head from their ....

Review №20

My wife ordered a washer and dryer and paid for the shipping. She even received an email stating that the washer AND dryer would be delivered on time as scheduled. The delivery driver called her 30 minutes prior to arriving to inform her that he only had the washer. There is no dryer. After sitting on hold for 30 minutes trying to reach a customer service representative, we find out that the dryer is on back order for the next month. There was no heads up in advance. They just took our thousands of dollars and never once reached out to us to let us know that what we bought was not actually in their possession. Upon cancelling the order all together, we received the most inpatient and distasteful customer service I have ever received. This company is a joke. And I highly recommend others to just spend the extra buck or two at a more reliable store.

Review №21

I purchased the install of some appliances which Brandsmart was unable to complete. I spoke to the Appliance Sales rep ( I believe her name was Maxine) who sold me the install. She said that they would refund me the money for the install. We even spoke to I believe the manager. They made it seem like it was all good. Three months later I still dont have my refund. Corporate Customer care and the Store Customer Care never pick up the phone.... Great savings... terrible customer service...

Review №22

I bought 2 TVs at different times, and thought that I was buying new. Both TVs developed screen problems. One developed a darker area on the screen, the other, the screen would become green with total loss of video.The Chamblee, GA store did not want to exchange them because the one month warranty had expired.I suspect that these were refurbished units that they sold as new.I will never buy anything else from them and recommend others to stay away.I own Samsung and LG TVs for over 5 years, and have not had any issues with them.

Review №23

I came here because I thought …. It’s a good deal, appliances aren’t that important to me! Well thank goodness they aren’t important to me….! Brandsmart cannot deliver on promises they make and the delivery team is terrible…. Good luck if you get anything from here you can’t pickup yourself!

Review №24

The worst customer service ever! They sent me to a full voicemail. They hung me up the phone several times, they transfer me from one representative to another. Finally when someone is able to help they talk to you in a rude manner. I bought a GE fridge in February this year, since then I have been a lot issues with it. The water dispenser is leaking all the time, the bottom drawer does frosting and ice. I will never buy any other appliance with them!

Review №25

The worst sales process! I ordered a washer and dryer set along with a refrigerator 5 months ago prior to moving into my new construction home. On the day of delivery, I only received the washer and dryer. The delivery guy told me that the refrigerator was not on the delivery order (this was upsetting). So I immediately called the sales department to inquire about what happened to the refrigerator and why it wasn’t delivered. The guy explained that this particular brand was not in stock and would be available a month later. I’m baffled by the fact no one informed (in advance) me about the refrigerator not being in stock. If I’d would have known this, I would have switched out the refrigerator for another brand that was in stock at the time. This place is a joke. I do not recommend this shady place to no one.

Review №26

There are a lot of great products here. The customer service was excellent. Bryan was extremely helpful and very detailed about the product that I purchased. Highly recommend this place for electronics. 👍

Review №27

I’m a pretty patient person bun this is insane. We tried calling them because the delivery that was SUPPOSED to be delivered wasn’t. Then before we could tell the whole story, they said “hold up hold up hold up”, and transferred us where we waited over 20 minutes until hanging up. Every few seconds, it would go back to ringing, then they’d pick up and put us on hold without a word. At one point we heard laughing as they put us on hold again. This is worse that the DMV! Never going to brandsmart for ANYTHING and can’t recommend it at all. Why?

Review №28

Great selections but that is only good thing. Dont purchase any extended warranty. They dont honor them. There statement was you didnt get proper policy but their salesman promoted the plan. After three separate issues with warranty issues on three different purchases. Seems like a scam.

Review №29

I thought I was the only one who had issues with Washer/Dryer delivery! Brandsmart has great prices but delivery is TERRIBLE! There is no communication at all when they are running late..they confirm then never show up! The store employees are very rude and so unhelpful! Service is so bad it’s not worth going for the prices! DO NOT SHOP HERE!! You will be lied to and ignored!

Review №30

The sales process was smooth and the salesman Richard at Doraville was knowledgeable and attentive to my needs, helping me find the right product.However I was told the delivery came by to my house twice yesterday and that they called each time. I was home all day didnt receive any calls or texts and, after checking the cameras, confirmed that no one came by.So I called up today and asked for a new delivery time and told me it would be another week. Im baffled by this. You had my items on the truck yesterday and now they will sit for another week in the warehouse?BrandsMart, please consider the following for a smoother process.- Serve first customers first since Ive been waiting longer than someone receiving a delivery early next week.- When your delivery staff are ready to deliver my someones stuff have them show up AND call AND leave a voicemail AND leave a text because it seems to me that none of that happened for me.- Have staff in the call center who can override things for issues like this since none of them seem to be able to.- If only staff in store can override things...well, actually have someone pick up the phone or return calls.I have already emailed the customer service email. If you see a response below its just an automated cookie cutter response that probably didnt read my review.To the BrandsMart people who are reading this... Can you expedite my delivery and try harder to let me know youre at my house and ready to deliver than what you did?

Review №31

I purchased a washing machine two months ago doing the install major damage done to my home by installers. The washer was left in the middle of my family room because they were on able to install. I am still waiting for reimbursement from damages every time I call Brandsmart I have been getting the runaround for two months. I have made several visits to the store to see a manager and I’m always told no Manager is available .I highly suggest do not do business with this company please go elsewhere they have the worst customer service ever.

Review №32

We have purchased multiple products from Brandsmart and until this weekend had not had a problem. We will now re-think EVER buying from here again. We waited a week for the dishwasher to arrive (no problem) and was told sometime between 1 and 5 (again no problem)...1:30 we got a text that the driver would be at our house in 30 minutes....Over an hour+ later he finally arrives...Drops it off and says I dont install and left it in the garage. My husband had called to clarify BEFORE we even purchased the dishwasher to check on the cost & timing for installation. The woman on the phone told him if you purchase the kit it would be installed and Sept 25th was the date. We did purchase the kit for our washing machine and everything was great, installed, on time, no problems! Then when my husband called to find out why we have a dishwasher and no one to install it. The gentleman on the phone was not at all helpful, said the other lady was wrong...We not only had to purchase the kit but also special dishwasher installers had to be scheduled and if we pay more and he can schedule someone to come install it but the earliest would be October 11th. Ugh! If we had just ordered it online and not spoken to anyone, I would understand but we Specifically called to check on cost & timing! Very poor customer service & communication within the company!

Review №33

I have never been treated so poorly as a consumer. My experience has been dreadful. I understand that appliances are in and out of stock. I am not complaining about that. The service I have received has been awful. I have never been given the runaround like I have with Brandsmart. I have sat at my townhome on three separate occasions waiting for a delivery or at least a phone call. I can never get the manager on the phone. The salesperson promised my appliances that were delivered would be installed this week. I have not been called and I am still waiting. I spent over $2000 with this store. I am telling anyone and everyone about my experience and will never set foot in this store again.

Review №34

Went to the store and ordered a refrigerator. It was supposed to be delivered on Friday 8/6. We got a call in the last 15 minutes of the 4 hour window informing us they would not be able to deliver the product…mind you this is at 6:45 in the evening. Spoke with a representative who said they could have it delivered on 8/7 afternoons explained we needed it by 8/7 morning. Representative said they would have the manager call us on the morning of 8/7 to see if they could move it up. By about 11 o’clock with no call, I contact the store to be told it’s now scheduled for Monday…with no explanation or apology for the customer service. This place is a joke of a business.

Review №35

Ive been looking for raycon earbuds. Everywhere Im seeing them for $99. Some places doing a little bit of sale I tried to order them online with the discount sale couldnt get it so one day Im here and I see them for $69. sold!

Review №36

Called the appliance department today, spoke with a salesman about a washer and dryer that I was interested in buying, asked him how much was the combo, how much would the delivery fee be, and how soon could it be delivered to me... the guy was so arrogant and sarcastic it aggravated me. Just unnecessary behavior from him. So, I literally went to another store and bought the same washer and dryer in cash, paid $240 more for the washer and dryer, but the customer service from the other store was phenomenal. I even bought a 65” TV, as well. I am big on customer service and will not spend a dime of my hard earn money on a company that fails to deliver great customer service. Wish I knew the salesman name, because I would have posted it. Moral of the story... deliver great customer service skills to people, because they would be more willing to buy from you... it leaves a lasting impression, and you could potentially gain a loyal customer.

Review №37

Richard was very nice and helpful! We knew what we wanted so we just had to pick from the choices we were given. Paying and pick up was quick and easy. We will be back!

Review №38

This place is clean. Some of the workers are nice and enthusiastic yet some dont talk to you or ask if you need help. So it depends on the worker and their attitude. Some of the items especially tablets and some phones they dont carry them no more so I dont understand why they still have them on display. But other then that this place has items in stock depending what your looking for. So the experience is really on how the employee treats you.

Review №39

Very bad organization. I bought a refrigerator for almost $2000. They told me there were 2 in stock. I waited a week for it ti be delivered and the day before the scheduled delivery they called me saying they don’t have it in stock and I’ll have to wait until they have it back which could take weeks or months. They didn’t do anything about it, not even offered something else in replace. Very very disappointed.

Review №40

Why sale anything that you do NOT have in stock! we ordered about 4 month ago and we still did not get our appliance. We were told that it was just going to take 4 weeks. We keep getting text messages in regards to delivery. They told us that is just a system error. When we finally tried to cancel the order they give us the run around. We got it from the Doraville store and they have the worst customer service!! please stay away! save yourself a headache.

Review №41

To Who it May concern:Regarding Cordell, Tovel, Jasmine, and Keisha of the Stockbridge, GA location (05989)Outstanding Service!The FUTURE of any brand or company is determined by its LEADERSHIP. Also, the ability to relate and communicate effectively with customers is a quality seldom found on the retail floor. I personally witnessed the above mentioned display those abilities. In fact, in such a manner that I felt compelled to post this review. Its been a while since I have found this level of service in a retail/department store, which says a lot about the customer service climate in general, but I digress..The Corporate Headquarters in Florida should find a way to show appreciation to these individuals directly. I imagine that a commendation, plaque, and verbal praise in front of their peers in the workplace are in order. As well monetary bonuses. Just saying.This group in particular gets it. Dont let this opportunity pass Corporate. Customers rarely remember to take the time to leave positive feedback. And you know this man. .

Review №42

Love the prices here! They have alot of items for everyone. Not to crowded

Review №43

Unfortunately, I had a bad experience. Ordered washer and dryer set, waited the given time frame for delivery, about a month. No report or updates, waited again for another month. Nothing. Called in and messaged - they changed it to another set and gave me a set delivery date of today. Messaged in to ask about it, and the date was changed again. Ill never know if they would have actually updated me or just showed up when I was out?? Either way, not what I was told nor guaranteed. I just finished talking to a customer representative and was told i will get a full refund in 2 days. If not - that will be a BIG mistake.Im not sure if this is normal or I just had a very bad experience, but it has definitely turned me away from choosing Brandsmart again.

Review №44

I spent a pretty decent amount of money in there over the years so they must be doing something right

Review №45

They missed delivery on Saturday. No communication from anyone. Had to call multiple times to get someone who had an update on delivery times. Delivery was pushed back to Monday. I told the guy I would have to take off work which I couldn’t do. He said someone would contact me. It never happened. Will not do business with this company again.

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Review №47

BrandsMart USA trash company!!!! Thieves sold an washer online that was clearly unavailable and now won’t pickup the useless dryer and magically keeps getting pushed off!!! They are thieves nothing good to say about them.

Review №48

I purchased a washer and dryer set back in July. I received my washer and dryer was on back order. I was told the dryer would be delivered in August, then that date changed to September, then October and finally I called today and spoke with customer service and was told the new date is November. I called back again to speak with the sales department and spoke with someone there and was told “the dryers been in stock”. On top of that they are charging me for accessories to hook the dryer up. Terrible customer service.Update: I reached out to the email provided below in the response from Brandsmart and they were extremely unhelpful.

Review №49

DO NOT BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY!!! I purchased a Gemini GSW-T1500 PA speaker with the extended warranty. The speaker stopped working after 3 months. I contacted Brandsmart, Gemini Sound Support, and Warrantech; Gemini stated they would replace the speaker but will not pay for shipping. Shipping is $300; $100 more than the value of the speaker. Brandsmart nor Warrantech will cover the cost of the shipping so that I may receive a new speaker because the one they sold me is a lemon. I am stuck with a piece of equipment that I can not use and there is no one locally that can repair this speaker. Warrantech has very poor customer service and is not helpful. IT IS A SCAM AND I HAVE BEEN DUPED OUT OF MY MONEY!!!! SHAME ON YOU BRANDSMART AND WARRANTECH!

Review №50

Found everything I needed for our upcoming family trip to the mountains. Everything at great pricing.

Review №51

I bought a new dryer on their website on 06/21 and it was scheduled to be delivered today 07/01. Everything was going great when the delivery men called at 9:45 to say they were 30 minutes away and they asked if I had a cord and the silver connector. I told them I had one from my old dryer that I got a month ago so it was all still here and he assured me that he’s got me and would install it no problem. When he brought the dryer in he said it was a 3 prong cord and he couldn’t work on those. I tried to get him to but he said that he wasn’t insured to and he would get in trouble and he left. I installed it with the cord I had and couldn’t get the dryer to start. I called the delivery men back to tell them the dryer was broken and they told me to call the store. I called customer service all day and was bounced around multiple times. I was told they weren’t going to come back to install it since it wasn’t a brandsmart cord. They wanted another $40 to come back and install it. I freaked out and said I already paid $420 for the dryer and for it to be delivered and installed. He said he would speak to the manager and the manager called me to tell me it would be $75 instead of $40 since they have to charge me for the parts. I went to Home Depot for a new cord since maybe my 1 month old one was broken but the brand new cord didn’t get the dryer to start either. When all hope seemed lost I called one last time and finally talked to someone with some common sense who didn’t understand why they didn’t install it with the cord I had when they arrived. He arranged for a new technician to come on July 7th so now I have to wait another week to find out if this dryer is broken and then wait longer for another dryer if it is. The headache wasn’t worth the $75 I saved and I should’ve just gone to Lowe’s.

Review №52

Excellent customer care. I was greeted and asked if I needed assistance within minutes of entering the store. Huge selection of items. Very enjoyable shopping experience. Ill definitely go again.

Review №53

We ordered our appliances 3 months ago..Washer Dryer and Refrigerator was supposed to be delivered Monday.. This was confirmed...Only appliance delivered was the Dryer....My husband inquiried now the rest will be delivered Saturday.. As of now we still dont have our other appliances... We canceled our order due to no care and lack of customer service...We took our busines to Home Depot best Service Ever.......

Review №54

Quincy at this location was very helpful with my order after I found out my items would be delayed for another month. His manager, Richard, was very help with getting my issues resolved as well. I appreciate their diligence with resolving my issues, and I am thankful that they were able to get my items sent to me in a timely manner.

Review №55

Huge store with a great selection of appliances & furniture at great prices. Will definitely be back again

Review №56

Super big store, they had a whole section dedicated to wine coolers. They also have a lot of other electronics, a huge variety of laptops, phones, and tablets. (not even close to their full selection of items)

Review №57

The store music was so loud I couldnt hear the sales reps. I purchased a TV, paid for delivery and the TV does not work. Im very disappointed with BransMart. Youve got to do better with your customer experience.

Review №58

If I could give a negative rating, I would. I bought a fridge on May 15th and was told it will be delivered in 6 weeks. It is August 13th and no fridge. Most of the many times I called to inquire about the status of my fridge delivery, I was on hold for at least 30 minutes and my call was usually dropped at the end. Now that the delivery is finally approaching, noone called to confirm the delivery, so I still have no idea when it will be delivered. Please spare your time, money and energy and buy appliances anywhere but BrandsMart.

Review №59

Worst Customer service I’ve come across in my life and I try not to exaggerate. I and my wife paid Cash for a Samsung smart fridge to be delivered a certain day. Come the day delivery drivers pull up and I’m watching them offload the fridge carefully. It’s a 4-door French style fridge with Smart screen. When loaded unto a dolly and tipped forward to Start to roll, the date literally falls off. I have pictures. The delivery guy panics and asks me if I saw it. Yes I did and it wasn’t your fault. They either gave me a bad fridge for almost $3000 or whoever assembled it did a terrible job. They took it back promising a Manager would call me in seconds to reschedule another fridge. 24 HOURS LATER, nobody calls me to say ‘Hello...Hi..’. So I called. And they shunted my calls from one shop in south Florida to another shop in Texas and kept dropping or playing music for me. I spent almost 4 hours listening to music or Customer reps talk to them selves and ask about there children. TILL NOW, 6.52am on Mon July 27th, I have no idea what my family will do with our food or drinks. We are moving in today and will have to throw away all our food and drinks. Needless to say that for the rest of my home decor, security, equipment and purchases, I’m totally done with Brandsmart USA. Bestbuy never disappointed me before and if nothing, they have real customer service who service the customer!

Review №60

I went shopping with a friend today and he opened a Brandsmart account! The deals were awesome and our shopping experience was wonderful until we were approached by a salesperson named Mohammed Abdul Chaudhury. As a woman helping my male friend shop I found myself uneasy with his demeanor towards me avoiding eye contact and ignoring my presence. We walked a little still shopping and I asked another salesman to assist us..this man was kind and helpful to us both but here comes Mohammad stalking us and I told him we wanted a salesperson who might offer a happy approach to assisting us and he turned his back mumbling something sarcastic laughing and I’m guessing crawled back to his hole!!!! Not respectful to women…clearly but our encounter with him was rude! Remember…it’s your money and shopping experience..walk away from this guy!!!!!

Review №61

Only great thing about this place might be the price. Don’t expect a basic service and decent attitude.

Review №62

Glenn and Marcus delivered our new dishwasher. They were awesome. While chatting Glenn said he saw we were expecting a microwave to be installed when our remodel is finished. He suggested we go ahead and have the outlet installed as they dont do that. Great advise I will follow. Nice guys.

Review №63

Their entire business is selling and delivering appliances, and they absolutely suck at it. For a month we were told a washer was going to be delivered, and it never did. Every time we tried to call to get status updates, we were hung up on or told we could not be helped. And we have still not been refunded our money.I know most companies are terrible these days, but this one takes the cake. Shop anywhere else except BrandsMart USA.And all these replies to the plethora of poor reviews asking to email your customer support? Why? Your customer support is 75% of the problem! Unless youre going to give me and these other people what they are looking for for half the price, whats the point? Dont bother replying to my review of your terrible company if youre not actually going to do something about it.

Review №64

I purchased a 43 inch television(not sure would fit in available space)... Sales associate asked if I had a store card? Response:No... Associate remarked: You get six months free financing, would you like to apply? Reply: Why not? Purchase less than $300, ( first purchase @ BrandsMart)... Approved for $3000, probably to never use again)... T V to large for space... Returned T V less than 1 hour later... Return @ one location, credit for return @ another location... Thinking forward, I decided I did not want $3000 of available credit linked to entity of no use to me... When going to cashier for credit, I requested the transaction voided and line of credit dissolved! No one in BrandsMart in Chamblee/Doraville, GA knew how to void transaction and cancel line of credit!! (store manager(?) included!!! Associate Norma was going to refund the amount, requiring my signature to authorize refund to line of credit I requested to be cancelled!!!! I stated: No, I will not sign, I want this transaction voided not refunded!!!!! Norma flung the signature pad around and forged my signature to proceed to refund amount against my will!!!!! In GA any consumer has 72 hours to cancel any contract!!!!! This unacceptable and unauthorized act by Norma forced me to have the account opened, shifting the responsibility to me to close the account to reflect differently on my credit report!!!!!! This was by far the worst attempt @ a professional business transaction I have encountered in my 65 plus years!!!!!!! If you choose to spend your money with a professional business concernSTEER CLEAR of BrandsMart!!!!!!! Truthfully: Alton K. Edwards

Review №65

Great store. One of my favorite places to go. Huge selection of merchandise and reasonable prices

Review №66

I have been shopping at this place for over twenty years now, never have a problem, great deals and prices. Wonderful customers services.

Review №67

Yen was a horrible sales person by far the worst i have ever experienced i went looking for a fridge i forgotten my measuring tape i asked to borrow hers while browsing around and she said that she knew what fridges where the sizes i need and that she had been in this business a really long time. I however wanted to look around still then she proceeded to tell me which options she had avaliable and said that i probably couldnt afford stainless steel french door which was the one i was looking for i left the store decided to go somewhere else but on my way out i found one that was the right fit and a very nice gentleman sold it to and gave me a great deal. Yen you cant assume what your costumers spending limits are!!!

Review №68

Super friendly and knowledge staff. I bought the warranty that they had offered (covers installation) and Im glad I did. Installers came to my house installed everything. A get a call like 3 weeks later (yesterday) and they tell me to come in store for my in store credit. I walked in and the manager Tony too care of me as if I was a celebrity! He put together a solution for me and walked me step be step on the installation process on the new item I bought. He then shower me that if I had not purchased the the plane I would have had to pay another $800 . Again because of Tony and friendly staff at this location they have message me a customer for life. Thank you guys for the phenomenal customer service.

Review №69

Deshawn & Willie did such a nice job with my dishwasher install! We live pretty far from the store, so we were first on their route. They noticed that we were missing a second piece, & rather than rescheduling, they were able to dig up that piece in their truck & continue with the install. They were pleasant & professional.Thank you both! We appreciate you!

Review №70

Received an email yesterday that ALL of my appliances would be delivered. When the drivers come this morning they state they only have the dryer. Called the store to see when the washer will be delivered the lady states she doesn’t know and to call back tomorrow. Called again later on and got another rude representative who clearly did not feel like working and she says the washer is on back order. So brand smart is it so hard to notify your customers when there’s a delay or back order on an item?

Review №71

Worst store ever!!!!!!! They’ve delivered a dryer which wasn’t working, went trough hours of calls to get a new one, had to wait a week, when the day finally came they didn’t show up… called and they said the truck had broken! Instead of coming on the following day said the next available day is in a week! That’s unbelievable! My advice is: stay away from them!

Review №72

Im glad I trusted my gut with this place. Ordered a washer and dryer and once delivery came it had all kinds of dents and scratches. The delivery driver called their boss and said theyll give me a discount on the dryer but not the washer, which was sketchy. I declined delivery and told them to take both of them back. They said theyll redeliver in a couple of days and told me to call customer service to reschedule. Called customer service and spoke to some rude guy reassuring they will redeliver in a couple of days and then he hung up on me rudely before ending the call. This is when my gut feeling kicked in and I canceled and went paid a couple hundred more and ordered from home depot. Home depot used professional carriers and came with no dents or scratches. Take it from me and pay the extra $200 to prevent future headaches. From the look of the reviews Im glad I made that choice.

Review №73

Ordered a Kitchenaide oven OVER SIX MONTHS AGO AND STILL DONT HAVE IT.They’ve offered no refund, no help, no communication. I’m going to be speaking with an attorney to get my money back.AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Review №74

Pls dont go this place theyre not legitimateBusiness (acceptance credit).

Review №75

I was looking for appliances for the kitchen remodel.When I went to talk to the salesperson he said that there were two people ahead of me and that about 75% of what they have on the floor was not available.I know thats not their faultBut it makes for a frustrating shopping experience which I took somewhere else.

Review №76

They have the best sales. You can find quality items.

Review №77

It take Forever !!! to speak to the right service customer representative. Do not recommend.

Review №78

Great customer service. Staff is friendly. Only problem I have with it the place is it is very loud.

Review №79

No trouble finding a good replacement for my microwave that died. A friendly associate was nearby to load it in my cart. No wait checkout with a friendly cashier. The guy at the door loaded it into my car with a smile. In and out in 10 minutes. That’s what I like!

Review №80

POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I had trouble with the product I bought here and called the customer service for assistant, but what I got was an unhelpful answer and the employee were so RUDE !!!! I will never comeback to this horrible place .

Review №81

I did not know I would have such a great experience at BrandsMart USA. Also,I did not know the prices would be so reasonable. Im truly happy that my coworker took me their and Im looking forward to enjoying my new appliances. Thanks Kehm and BrandsMart

Review №82

The sales people are more interested in profit than satisfying the customer.

Review №83

TL;DR buyer beware: they will use the pandemic/supply chain issue excuse with you when the in stock item you have paid for and confirmed delivery for just...doesnt show up.Wish I could share a glowing review of our new refrigerator that was scheduled to be delivered yesterday, but an hour after our delivery window ended, when we finally got in touch with someone at customer service who didnt hang up on us (third try), we were told the refrigerator was out of stock. The rep claimed their automated system schedules deliveries for items regardless of whether they are in stock. That...cant be true. The logistics company reached out to confirm a delivery window for an appliance (that we paid for specifically because it was in stock) that doesnt exist? I cant imagine the kind of chaos and anger that would create every day if that were true. Guess our fridge fell off the truck, was stolen, or was oversold. Anyway, when we finally got to a sales rep to help us get a refund or switch to another allegedly in stock fridge, he tried to sell us a smaller fridge for more money LOL. We got a refund through our credit card so as never to have to speak to anyone at BrandsMart ever again and are eagerly awaiting our new fridge from Costco. Im in the home industry myself and just cant get over BrandsMart lying about whats truly in stock and making us wait around all day for nothing when we urgently need a working refrigerator.

Review №84

Still good prices for tv and even furniture

Review №85

Cecil and Thomas were the installers who came out today to hook up my washer and dryer. I was very pleased with their professionalism and attention to detail. They double checked their work and ensured everything was running smoothly before leaving. Im especially appreciative of them, as this has been a two-week process since my time of purchase to get everything in working order. @Brandsmart- I recommend you only use your own installers rather than third parties. The third parties were not helpful and do not show the same professionalism. Many thanks for Cecil and Thomas.

Review №86

Glenn and Marcus did a great job installing our Bosch dishwasher. They found a problem with the previous dishwashers plumbing and corrected it.Barbara was a fantastic salesperson as well! Great customer service and product knowledge. They did a great job and we will be back!

Review №87

Was supposed to get a delivery on Tuesday from 3:30-7:30pm calledbrandsmart at 8pm told me they were on their way never showed up. Called Brandsmart following day told me they would be here Friday instead now have to wait extra days. Asked for some type of discount or something , and the lady on the phone started yelling at me saying “what do you want me to do” not professional at all and would Atleast like to have let know that it would be delayed when I called first time. Do better brandsmart HORRIBLE customer service

Review №88

Shirley the store manager and two other employees TC and Denis did a great job of getting my appliances installed by a deadline. Initially they didnt have any appointments available for another two weeks but Shirley, TC and Denis worked together to get the appliances installed by that Monday. They are an awesome team and I would highly recommend their services.

Review №89

It’s a hit and miss with them.If you end up having to deal with their customer service agents please brace for a boatload of indifference and coldness.I hope for your sake that everything works out smoothly in store so you don’t ever have to interface with their customer service team at the call center.Would never do this to myself again.Thanks for the learning experience Brandsmart.God speed.

Review №90

I would give 0 stars if I could, customer service people are very very rude and unprofessional. Ive called regarding my delivery service for 3 appliances that I got. During the delivery process, they damaged my front door and didnt even put it back correctly.When I called customer service, and started talking about my issue they hung up on me twice in the middle of the call.3rd time calling, they are just transferring me left and right and nothing is getting resolved.DO NOT BUY FROM HERE

Review №91

We had excellent help finding the right item.

Review №92

Loved this place. It was my 1st time. Like their products of electronics. Going back definitely. JBL Wireless Speaker (small) $29.99 great sound.

Review №93

It was great! I need help and was able to get it no problem....

Review №94

Horrible horrible experience that is still ongoing. I purchased a W/D that’s was in stock with my debit card. I was informed by the sales lady that a third party would call me to arrange a delivery time (the first LIE). A week later, the call center calls to confirm a Monday delivery at 9am, I asked for another time. The call center representative there was no option to alternate the time. She forwarded my call to the store and of course no one ever comes to the phone. ***Ensure that sales person tells you what time THEY have selected for your equipment to be delivered.*** And to add she also told me they don’t have the dryer I ordered in stock anyways. (Second Lie from the sales person)Trip 2 to store for same transaction.Went back to the store for the second time to get a refund. A Manager didn’t address his sales person and offered me a Saturday shipping a week later.Saturday comes. The delivery men come with one washer, no dryer and none of the additional hosing needed to assemble the appliancesTrip 3 to the storeSame manager stated the delivery men are lying. Calls someone on the phone to say I am irate and I want a refund.He proceeds to tell me to wait for an email and thats how I will get my refund. I requested a receipt of my refund. He presents me a paper with his contact and a listing of my full amount.Today I receive an email, for a credit for less than half of my paid in full amount.And it is very convenient to call me a Black, single Mother, with my two boys, irate instead of providing me service in which I lawfully paid for.I have asked for corporate and have been ignored several times.

Review №95

Brandsmart has great deals on everything such as washing machines TVs etc

Review №96

We were excited to get the exact washer and dryer on a great sale price. Got rid of our existing w&d and got the laundry ready for new tenants. Pushed the delivery out so that we could be ready for them.Friday before confirmed delivery date, we got a call - out of stock and itll be several weeks to get them. Not acceptable, so they called back with a Tuesday delivery. Then Wednesday delivery. And now out of stock again for several weeks.Trevor was our salesman who told us that they had them in stock and put our name on the units.

Review №97

Alot of specials ....must go and get them... very good prices

Review №98

Good price and location

Review №99

I wanted to commend the knowledgeable and courteous TV delivery man Antoine. He arrived exactly on time, did a meticulous job, and was out before I knew it. The store itself is always a pleasure to walk through, and the sales help and management are by far the best in Atlanta.Brandsmart for the win!

Review №100

Always pleasure to shop at Brandsmarts u.s.a at least twice a week coming round see the deals

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