853 Oak St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, United States
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Trevors fix my washer good I give him 10 stars be bless sweetheart thank you so so much

Review №2

My reviews are 100% based off of experience and not feelings.I ordered from this particular RAC on Wednesday/Thursday. I ordered a laptop for school since my laptop had recently been stolen and I had to get some school work done. My laptop was suppose to be delivered Friday. I’m a consistent customer, meaning I called multiple times that day to check if had been delivered. It was suppose to between 12-7. I spoke to someone after what was my 5th time calling to check delivery and an employee informed me he couldn’t get the delivery driver on the phone while telling me it would be delivered first thing the next day. Now , my leasing office closes at 5/7 on most days so I informed this of the closure and asked to have the delivery driver contact me when he was outside so that I may get it.The next day I called at 10 to check delivery time and the lady informed me it would be delivered by 12-3. 3 rolled around.. NO laptop. I called again to check, the lady informed me it still wasn’t delivered and that it would be delivered by 6. She also informed me they were “backed up” but my package would be delivered BY THAT DAY. 6 came , 7 came.. NO LAPTOP. It has been 4 days and I’ve called and checked every second but my item still has not been delivered and I keep getting empty promises of time delivery. This is very frustrating. Hopefully, my package will be delivered by Monday because if it’s not I will be requesting a refund and this review WILL NOT change. So far dealing with this company for the first time , I suggest you ease into dealing with them. I will update or keep my review by Monday.

Review №3

They were great very helpful

Review №4

This people have raised up the prices. PEOPLE YOU CAN GET THE SAME THING AT WAL-MART WHY CHEAPER. Then tell people that it will be a day before Thanksgiving before they can deliver. What about the week before Thanksgiving its a whole week before the holiday kick in

Review №5

Ryan was very helpful and everything was fast and smooth process

Review №6

The staff was amazing great customer service my whole family rent to own this location.

Review №7

Devus was incredibly helpful in delivering equipment we needed for a conference booth before a setup deadline. He went above and beyond and our whole team was impressed with his caliber of service. Because of our interactions with Devus, we highly recommend this Rent-A-Center!

Review №8

With the exception of Tasha, the rest of the staff are nothing but bullies. They don’t do business at all, instead they over charge you for USED furniture. Switching up monthly payments every month to get more money. Not to mention, we had to file a police report due to one of the representatives (Devon) also claiming to be a regional manager made a threat to my fiancé in regards to retrieving furniture. STATING “he will do what he has to do” in regards to taking back the furniture today. The manager (Ryan) has made the experience a POOR one, with having no customer account knowledge, and having no regard to customer needs. NOT at all Professional, and by no means they way a business should be operated.

Review №9

The district manager Cindy, had me waiting for well over a month pertaining to a job position. Kept giving me the runaround to refer and talk to the other manager who was out sick by the way for a duration of time. When I finally spoke with him and I asked him if they had been avoiding me, he told me he said well Cindy decided to go another route. Which really kind of made me feel uneasy, because it was completely unprofessional. All she had to do was let me know from Jump Street, because she knew all the while if she was going to hire me or not. Instead of having me waiting, thank God that I dont depend on man as my source, and thank God that he supplies me with more than two incomes already. Poor management and Im professionalism. I understand now that my skill set and work ethics exceed working for some people!

Review №10

Went in the store today had a great experience with (Jason) about the deals they have..I’ll definitely be back on the 1st of June mostly because of the great customer service I received from him..

Review №11

Rented two tables for an exhibit booth at a conference downtown (like we do in many other big cities with Rent A Center). It took 6 phone calls over 4 days to get something lined up. Then, they arrived 4 hours late to deliver and didn’t have all the parts needed to put everything together. Then, they never picked the tables up after the event was over and called me 10 days later asking if it was ok to pick them up. This is after I spent 10 minutes talking with 3 men from the store (including the store manager), when they finally delivered everything late, confirming the pick up date. No price break was offered and I’ll be shocked if they don’t try to pin everything on me if the tables went missing after the conference. Total lack of professionalism, communication, and basic business practices. Steer far away from this store- it is a disaster and should be shut down by corporate.

Review №12

Had a great time speaking with the manager me and my twin brother will be renting for the first time..cant wait hope we like it.....

Review №13

They help me get what I need never had a problem I get off late sometime in they stay open for me never hassle me about anything I call in and make payment with no problem they are always nice to me thanks RENT A CENTER TEAM!!!!!!

Review №14

I will be calling corporate tge entire time im on the phone the young man attitude ia very rude and if this is not a job u like then ypu shoulf quit he made me feel so uncomfortable online i didnt wanna rent any more

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DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE!!This is literally the WORST Rentacenter Ive ever dealt with in my life. They are completely incompetent and inefficient. Every time you call you end up talking to a different person that knows NOTHING about whats going on in the store. When i first decided to rent here I was promised my furniture would be delivered the next day (which ended up taking over a week, then called me the next day trying to charge me for another week as if i had actually HAD the furniture the whole time...ridiculous!). Although I was annoyed, I dealt with it because i was happy with my TV once i actually got it. After about a month I called to get them to pick up a couch a week ago because i no longer want it. Ive spoken with several people all stating they would take care of it Friday, Monday and then Tuesday....STILL no one has shown up and this is going on over a week. I called again because after looking at my bank statement i saw that i was double charged $130 dollars this week for my furniture and they conveniently coulnt find the charges in their system so i now have to dispute this with my bank. After that I was also told they would schedule me for Friday again to pick up the couch (finding out that i was never even scheduled before, this is now going on over a week), well see if that actually happens. If they dont pick the couch up Friday i will be setting it outside and they can come and get their crap whenever theyre ready, but it will no longer be in my space thats for sure. I couldnt care less what happens to it either way. After this Ill be taking my money elsewhere and renting from Aarons or another company that actually KNOWS what the hell theyre doing.

Review №16

They lied about cost. They wanted 250 a month to rent a new refrigerator with an ice maker. When I paid , i was told 72 for the 16 days left in the month. I could see 100 or 120 but 250, there is just no truth in advertising anymore.

Review №17

Horrible service

Review №18

Ryan and his staff is awesome sauce !!!!!

Review №19

I never had anything rented

Review №20

To much money and calls

Review №21

Got my house on point yall

Review №22

I was next door to the rent-a-center

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